100 Weirdest Websites That’ll Make You Confused

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100 Weirdest Websites That'll Make You Confused

Weird things can be the best remedy when you are stressed, exhausted, or bored. Various irrelevant and weirdest websites on the Internet can blow your mind with such a different and unruly bunch of topics. There are such websites that would make you question your own sanity. These websites have some crazy stuff in them that would make you laugh like crazy, and you would think twice if that can really happen. In fact, there should be a warning on-page of these websites that there is no turning back once you start clicking or reading the content on these sites.

100 Weirdest Websites on the Internet (2021)

Internet is also a wonderful place, you can get information about the world here, plus it also has websites where you can read and see weird and unusual content. When you visit such websites, you would think that who would invest so much money and time in creating such kind of website.

When you open the Internet’s weirdest websites, you would see that these websites appeal to a huge number of audiences and people love watching this unusual stuff. As per reports, more than 634 million websites in a year, and out of them, at least 10% of them are unusually weird websites. This data tells that people like checking out different kinds of stuff; hence, such websites’ popularity is increasing tremendously. Ridiculously weird websites you should bookmark right now. If you are craving weirdness, then don’t worry; here is the list of the weirdest websites for you. These websites would not only entertain you but also drive you crazy and force you to imagine all different kinds of things that you can’t even think of. Here is the list of some of the most hilarious and weird creations on the Internet:

1) 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com


The founder of this website is for sure mentally sick as the things that he has posted on this website are so out of the ordinary. This website can be given the title of the best pointless website made ever. Please help the founder as he really needs it.

2) Zombo.com

Zombo.com | Weirdest Websites That'll Make You Confused

This website is liked by people who love African accents. Although there is an English voice in it in a different accent, it tells you about the website itself. When you open the website, you will hear a voice saying, “Welcome to Zombocom. This is Zombocom; anything is possible at Zombocom. You can do anything at Zombo; the only limit is yourself.”

3) Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer

This website for sure is very strange and blows your mind. When you open this website, you might also get a little scared. Click on the website’s link and move your mouse; as you move your mouse, you will see a new, unusual picture on the screen.

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4) eelslap.com

eelslap.com | Weirdest Websites That'll Make You Confused

You can’t even imagine what this website is about. As you open this website and move your mouse, it would slap someone on the screen. The more you move your mouse, the more slaps that person gets on the face.

5) Isitchristmas.com


Like, seriously, someone made such a website? When you open this website, it tells you whether it is Christmas yet or not. So, for example, in July, it would say “No,” and if you open this website in December, it would say “Yes.”

6) Ducks Are The Best


In case if you like 1980s quality computer graphics and ducks, then do visit this weirdest website as you might like it. With every movement of your mouse, the ducks will increase on your screen until you can see nothing but just a feather.

7) The finger, deal with it

The finger, deal with it

It is a big-time useless website where the site just keeps moving the middle finger. Every time you move the mouse and close the tab, the website would flip your bird any time.

8) Weirdorconfusing.com


Nothing as such in the weird website as when you open this website, on the main page it is written, “Sell me something weird or confusing please” and as you click on please it will take you to a different page to actually sell you something unusual.

9) Somethingstore.com

Somethingstore.com | Weirdest Websites On The Internet

This website is weird yet cute; here, they ask you to pay $10 for an unidentified product, and within a few days, you get a surprise parcel in which they keep a gift for you. This is good for people who missed out on childhood Christmas loot.

10) Can’t Not Tweet This

Can’t Not Tweet This

Well, a piece of advice for the readers, this website is actually not worth opening. You might have seen numerous times when websites and blogs show you share buttons everywhere you go, annoying you to share a link. Unfortunately, this website has followed this trend, and they state that until you tweet this website, you would not be able to do anything on it.

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11) Procatinator.com


When you open this website, you would see cats playing and relaxing, along with that they play a song that you might like. The weird thing is that there is nothing to do on the website; you just watch cats and listen to a track that you might not have heard of ever before.

12) The Quiet Place

The Quiet Place

If you are fond of sitting at your desk and staring at your computer screen, then you might like this strange and weirdest website on the Internet. All you would require to do is sit back, press your space bar and enjoy reading.

13) Cat Bounce!

Cat Bounce! | Weirdest Websites On The Internet

Please do not open the link of this website as it is a bizarre website. When you open this website, you would see cats bouncing all over the screen. If you had a bad day, then this site might work for you if you like cats.

14) Z0rde.com


Open the website and press F5; you would get to see some uncommon gifs and videos. Make sure that you keep the volume down when you open this website, as the videos might be odd. Also, the video continues to play even after you close the website.

15) Internet Live Stats

Internet Live Stats

Although people find this weird, it is an informative website. Here, you can get the current stats of people using the Internet, emails sent, tweets made, Google searches, and much more. But, the point is if that data is accurate or not?

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16) heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com

Hemansings | Weirdest Websites That'll Make You Confused

This website is said to be the epicenter of the known Internet. It is really one of the ridiculously weird websites you should bookmark right now as it has HeMan and some of the best jiving ever. Visit this website whenever you have spare time.

17) Godhatesshrimp.com


Maybe yes, and you might be sure once you read the content on this site. They have posted a hilarious blog about the church’s objection to the molluscs. It is also written that that prawn eaters would burn in hell; isn’t that too weird?

18) Stealth Boats

Stealth Boats

This website is custom-built to the images of stealth boats. All you need to do is click on the image link to enlarge the image of these hard-to-see boats. When you open the website, it might seem that there is nothing there, but they are so stealth that it is pretty tough to see them.

19) Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty | Weirdest Websites On The Internet

These websites come full of weird surprises; as you move the cursor from your mouse, you would feel relaxed seeing an image mobbing along. Later, there is a surprise when you move the cursor faster; they start playing loud music, and as you move, the music will continue. Before opening this website, ensure that the volume is turned down.

20) Wutdafuk.com


Literally a useless website. Do not even waste your time opening this website, as the only thing you would see is “WTF” written in different colors. Maybe the founder wanted to dedicate this video to someone special. Unfortunately, you don’t be that special one to open and waste your time on it.

21) wwwwwwwww.Jodi.org


It is one of the weirdest websites as when you open it, you will see various numbers and patterns, you click anywhere and move forward, and later it would feel like someone whispered a secret in your ear and that too in a language that you would have never even heard.

22) Endless Horse

Endless Horse

After seeing this website, you would want to meet its founder; there is nothing on this website except an endless horse. The main page of the website has a horse that does not end. The more you scroll, the horse gets even bigger, and you just keep scrolling.

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23) Corgiorgy.com

Corgiorgy.com | Weirdest Websites That'll Make You Confused

If you love dogs, then you might not say this website is weird. It is a cute website where you see an orgy of little dog fun. This is basically for kids and not for adults; maybe that is why adults watching it say this website is as weird as there is nothing else except cute dogs coming on the screen.

24) Emergencyyodel.com

Who does not require a yodel? In case if there is any kind of emergency, then you can go to this website as a yodel is what you need in such kinds of situations.

25) Ninja Flex

Ninja Flex

Words are less to explain how unusual and pointless Ninja Flex’s website is. There will be two images as you open the website; you click on them; one would say Ninja, and the other would say Flex in a weird voice. Doesn’t it seem strange that someone actually paid $20 a year for registering its domain name?



Your style of saying no might change after visiting this website. Thinking to create such a weird website is in itself proof of how unusual people can think of. There is a blue button on the website that you need to press, and you would hear a weird sound saying a big “No.”

27) Electric Boogie Woogie

Electric Boogie Woogie

Here comes another weird website that would make no sense to a normal person. It is just an animated version of Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie and nothing else.

28) Corndog.io


This website makes absolutely no sense as you would just see raining corndogs. Seriously! Who made this website and why? Although this background looks good for a website that sells corn but especially making this website in which there are just corns is useless and baseless.

29) Fallingfalling.com


It seems that the Internet has started to trip when you see the colors falling on the screen. This might seem weird to some, but a lot of people enjoy and feel relaxed seeing such kinds of visuals.

30) anasomnia.com


This website was launched in 2008, and it does not work on mobile devices and modern browsers anymore. It works on adobe flash and computers. You might find this site slightly creepy than weird; there is a whole lot of uneasiness and anticipation while you see this website.

31) Bury Me With My Money

Bury Me With My Money | Weirdest Websites That'll Make You Confused

After watching this website, you might want to bang your head in the wall. As you open it, you would see men falling and in a weird voice saying, “Bury me with my money.” You should check out the name of the founder as he might need help!

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32) Paper Toilet

Paper Toilet

You would have never seen just toilet paper on any website, be it the manufacturing company of toilet paper. But, on this website, you would just see toilet paper, and as you move the cursor, the toilet paper would also move. Needless to say, it is the Internet’s weirdest website.

33) TheUselessWeb.com


This is the master of weird websites as it has made its own list of such websites. When you open the site, it states, “Take me to a useless website please,” as you click on please, it will direct you to different kinds of weird websites.

34) Passive Aggressive Passwords

Passive Aggressive Passwords

It is a bizarre website, and do not ever try it while setting up a password for any of your accounts. It asks you to enter a password and, after that, gives unusual comments on your password. This site can also be referred to as funny and entertaining as well.

35) rainymood.com


Some people might find it weird, but many people also find this video soothing. They have a voice of rain on their website, which you can play and listen to as rain makes everything better.

36) essaytyper.com


Say no to cheating is what we have learned since childhood, but this website is all about cheating. This website types a whole essay for you as you click on it and press any button; it automatically starts writing the essay on any random topic.

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37) Quick Draw

Quick Draw

Weird yet interesting website. It can be a nice and helpful website for kids, and they can learn to draw here. They just give 20 seconds to draw whatever they say, and if Google can guess what you made, then you win.



Do not waste your time opening this website as it is utterly useless. Words are less to explain how senseless and weird this website is. As you open its main page, you would see HEEEEEY and HOOOOO written in bold letters, that’s it!

39) Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet

This website crosses the limit of weirdness. You might have heard about the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. This website answers this question, and the only thing written on this website is NOPE.

40) Every Day I’m

Every Day I’m | Weirdest Websites That'll Make You Confused

On the website’s main page, it is written Hustlin. As you click on it, music starts playing; you can sit and enjoy the beat. There is nothing on this website as it is the same music that will play on till you click again.

41) Omfgdogs.com


This website is weird for adults but is cute for kids. Sweet little dogs are running on the screen, and there is nothing more on this site. So, you can say that it is weird for many people just to see dogs running on the screen and nothing else.

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42) Random color

Random color

If you want to learn a different kind of color, then it is a great website for you. As the name suggests, when you open the website, it will show you a random color. As you open the website again, you would see a new color. It becomes tough to understand that what is the point of making such websites?

 43) Crossdivisions.com


It is a hypnotic website that might make you feel sick as the pattern goes on and on and on. The tunnels are expanding, gradients and moving, and then they add a red tone that adds to the overall weirdness. This is a useless and pointless website that makes you feel awful when you look at it.

44) Patience is a virtue I Welcome

Patience is a virtue I Welcome

No one would want to visit such a depressing website, and you can’t even think about what this website offers. The main page of the website states, “Loading, please wait,” and the page never loads. This website is all about testing your patience, but who would want to wait sitting on a website to load the page.

45) Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue

Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue

There is no fun in seeing the color change from red to blue and vice versa when you refresh the tab. What would you call such kind of a website? Weird or something more than that. This is a must on this list as the founder made it especially to get this website added on such lists only.

46) Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer

Have you seen the screen of people doing ethical hacking or programming? They have made a similar type of screen, and as you type, some different kinds of typing starts which portrait as if you are hacking a website. One word for this website is “Non-sense.”

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 47) Haneke.net


Do not use your brain while visiting this website as you would not understand its purpose and what to do on this website. So just sit back and enjoy seeing the screen as no physical and mental stress is required while using this website.

48) Zoomquilt.org


You don’t know where this website will take you as it has a different kind of picture that moves and takes you into some other world. If you are into hallucinogens, then it is a must-visit website for you as it has a trippy artwork that would take you deep into them.

 49) Move Now Think Later

Move Now Think Later

The main page of this website has a giant checkers board, and they have a few circles on it that move on their own, and you cannot control or stop them. This website is a must on the list of the weirdest websites on the Internet as after looking at this website, you would say it doesn’t need to be on the Internet.

50) The Long Doge Challenge

The Long Doge Challenge

One word for this website is “irrelevant.” This site is made for testing your patience, as they have made a very long dog, and wow is written on it. As you scroll down, the dog will get bigger, and on the side, the number of count of wows would be written; it is only a waste of time.

 51) PixyLand


This website is weird but relatively less as it is based on a person who is sharing why he became Peter Pan. This website is since 2000, and there is just one page on it, and it is written on the website that they are making more pages. Who knows how many years it takes to create more pages on the website?

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52) Trash Loop

Trash Loop

On this website, you will see a bin in which you have to put the trash, and as you put the trash in it, there would be a weird sound. After just a couple of seconds, the trash will again come out, and you need to repeat the same process.  

53) Thomas.Com

Thomas | Weirdest Websites That'll Make You Confused

This is one website where writing and drawing go hand in hand. As you try to draw something, it would start writing along with it. It is interesting, and you can try it once.

54) omglasergunspewpewpew.com


It is weird but good for kids. It is tough to explain what goes on on this website. But, you would see a cute critter in the galactic realm that hits with a gun to the stones and other things coming its way, and the sound that the gun makes while firing is very funny.

55) Koalastothemax.com


It is weird because there is no sense why this website was created. On the website’s landing page, you would see a big circle; as you click on it, the circle would divide into 2, 4, 8, 16, and so on. You would go mad clicking on it, but the division would not stop.

56) I have a bucket

I have a bucket

It can be a great website for you if you love sea dogs; if not, then definitely it is weird for you. Once you visit this website, you would seriously never want to separate the bucket from the sea dog. There are two images on the website, in one the sea dog days, “I has a bucket”, and in the other image, it says, “Nooo they be stealin’ my bucket.”

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57) Do not click here

Do not click here

They themselves warn you that do not to click on the link, and as you click, it would take you to another page. On the next page, there would be a senseless statement written, and along with that, it is also written do not click here. As you click on the link, it will take you to the next page and so on.

58) Pixels Fighting

Pixels Fighting

You might be aware that the Internet is made up of pixels; all the websites and images you see are made of pixels only. On this website, you will see nothing but pixels fighting which is like one of the weirdest things to watch.

 59) MapCrunch


You like traveling, check out this website as you would see a lot of new things. This is really a weird website because as you click on the arrows on their main age, it will show you different houses and buildings. You can’t understand what the meaning of it is?

 60) Instantcosby


Why do people make such websites? On this website, you would see a character called Cosby, and every time you click on the page, you would see a different picture of Cosby doing different things.

61) hristu.net

This is a nice website along with being weird, and you will see different kinds of things which a man lives for. You might like visiting this website as it has a few things that might please you.

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62) The Women Wilson Quiz

The Women Wilson Quiz

Can you guess a movie by just listening to the Wow sound? This quiz will put your skills to the test as it is pretty tough to recognize the movie’s name after listening to the sound of Wow. So try the quiz and see how much you will be able to guess.

 63) Will Robots Take My job

Will Robots Take My job

You must have heard various times that artificial intelligence or robots might replace our jobs in the coming years. If you are also concerned about the same thing then, go to this website and type your job role, it will show who will replace your job.

 64) The Magic Button

The Magic Button

This is a weird website, yet it makes you feel good. As you open the website, There would be a tab stating, “Make everything OK,” as you click on it, the page would start loading with a statement, making everything ok. After a couple of seconds, the loading will stop, and the screen would show, “everything is ok now.”

65) Find the Invisible Cow

Find the Invisible Cow

A gentle piece of advice is that please do not try to find the cow. You will hear someone saying cow without stopping on this website, and you have to search the cow by following the sound. I think no one would have found the cow; if you are able to, then please let us know.

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66) Republique Des Mangues

Republique Des Mangues

I think this website was created as a trial by someone who wanted to check if he could build a website or not. You would just see a floating mango in the sky, which is very weird and strange to see, seriously, what was going on in the founder’s mind while creating this website.

67) Pleaselike.com

pleaselike | Weirdest Websites On The Internet

It seems that the founder of this website might be a Facebook lover. On this website, the only button you would see is the like button. You can like, or unlike as per your choice, except this, there is nothing on this website. This makes it a must on the weirdest websites on the Internet.

68) HelenKellerSim

Just a piece of advice that does read about Helen Keller before visiting this website. On this website, you would read all those mean middle-class jokes which a lot of people find odd and unpleasant. You can have a look; it might be interesting for you.

69) RGB


Open this website at your own risk because you need to be out of your mind for seeing it. On the website’s landing page, in the bold letters, it is written RGB, and as you click on R, it would say and say on. This website is completely senseless and a big-time waste.

70) Do nothing for 2 minutes


Some people might find this website weird, but many people feel that it is very relaxing and soothing. When you open the website, you will listen to the sound of waves and a sea on your screen, which gives a good feeling to many.

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71) DrunkRonSwanson

One line for this website is that these are things for which the Internet is made. You need to go and check out this website to see what this has for you.

72) Partridgegetslucky


Alan Partridge is a hero in the UK, and there are a lot of people who just love it. But, if we talk about this website, there is nothing much to see; all he is doing is a little dancing on a track. So, creating this website is useless and odd as there is nothing much to watch or do.

73) Falling Guy

Falling Guy

A guy is falling from the sky, and you cannot save him; this is what this website is about. Quite interesting, no? The founder must have lost his brain while creating this website and wants others to lose their brains after watching this website.

74) zombiepassions.com


It is a horrific website and very strange for most people. People who like zombies might like this website then you will like this zombie dating and social networking site. Who creates such kinds of zombie dating and love sites, and people are registering them. What has happened to the world?

75) Ouaismaisbon.ch


This website is really funny and weird. You would see identical faces who make different kinds of voices. When you listen to it and see their expressions, you would die laughing. It can be said that it is weird, but it cannot be denied that you would love this weirdness.

76) Corn dog on corn dog

Corn dog on corn dog

After seeing this website, one question that would come to your mind is, “Why was this website created?” It is one of the weirdest websites as there is an image of two corndogs on a plate with some mayonnaise, and that is it. In the background, there is some weird music playing, which you might not like.

77) FeedtheHead


This website is just like its name. All these weird websites have one thing in common: their names clearly depict the content of it, and the same goes for this one as well. Check out the website, and you will see how weird this website is.

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78) HypnoToad


There is a toad that seems hypnotic as there is a droning sound in the background that you might find soothing. This is a strange website as who would want to see a toad doing unusual things.  One thing is that the toad they have made is really cute.

79) Pet the Dog


If you adore dogs, then this website might not be weird for you. There is a cute dog on this website that is waiting for petting. As you click on the dog, it will start swinging, so you can pet him slowly and gently. It is weird but still worth visiting once.

80) Limmy.com


Limmy is a well-known comedian from Glasgow, Scotland. He is also a digital designer and has created numerous innovative and funny interactive artworks. On this website, there is a genuinely rude xylophone. So, when you play the piano, ensure that you have headphones on and do not let your kids play with it.

81) The Most Seconds

The Most Seconds

This website makes no sense because they are just counting the number of seconds you stay on the website plus, it also displays the number of seconds a total number of people have stayed on their website. It sounds confusing; once you go and visit the website, you will get to know how useless it is.

82) Nohomophobes.com


This is one of the weirdest websites but has some sense in it. They scrape Twitter and display the number of times a homophobic word is used in it. They aim to show the usage of homophobic language in our daily life.

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83) Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos

This website has some weird photos that would make you question yourself why? All the photos are unusual, with a story attached to them. However, you might find it interesting if you like seeing awkward and strange things.

84) Dotcom

As you open this website, you would feel that either the page is loading or the website is under construction. But the reality is that once you open the website, you would see just a single sentence stating “Add parameter to the URL” that is it. There is nothing else on the page, no links or sub-links, just this verdict, and white background.

85) Tane.us


This website is relatively a more interactive version of the site “deal with it” meme unlocks what the creator calls “mysterious, nonsensical” animation and music. If you are wearing headphones then make sure that the volume is turned down.

86) Hosanna1.com


This is a nice website that is tasteful and heartfelt. It gives great learning to web designers and content managers because the way it has been designed is pretty beautiful. This website proves that weird can be cute sometimes.

87)  ThisMan.org

This website is pathetic and weird. You would see nothing except watch your dreams. There is a big no to this website as there is nothing funny in it, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

88) ILoveYouLikeafatLadyLove Apples.com

Thi website should be mentioned at the top of the list as it is a completely pointless site. The art and the music you hear are very depressing and disturbing, and you have to wait until the time you feed her enough apples.

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89) Chrismckenzie.com

This website is very strange as all you see is a pink-colored smiling cube, and you can change its position as you move the cursor of your mouse. There is no fun in doing that; seriously, it is very boring and sheer time waste.

90) Boohbah.tv

Explaining the description of the weirdest websites on the Internet is one of the toughest things ever. When you open this website, make sure that you put your headphones on and be ready to watch the silliness that you might have never before.

91) Mockery.org

On this website, they test IQ for people but not the normal one. You need to be stupid for taking this test as it is not for ordinary people. You will have to out of your mind while you take this IQ test.

92) YouFellAsleepWatchingaDVD.com

After seeing this website, it looks like it has been created for people who fall asleep on the couch. People who actually do this might relate to it, whereas others might find this website weird.

93) TimeCube.com

Someone has put a lot of energy into creating this weirdest website on the Internet. There are different challenges of math, astrophysics, major religions, English grammar, and sanity on this site. It also gives an excuse to children to avoid school.

94) Thenicestplaceontheinter.net

It is weird but heart-warming as well. Here, people from all around the world throw some love for lonely hearts. It is a nice place on the Internet as people get love from unexpected people, which some might find weird, and a few would feel good about it.

95) FeartheGayChicken.org

Understanding this website is not easy for commoners; you would need to have a different mindset if you want to visit this website. There is a chicken in the hoodie sporting the rainbow flag symbol qualifies as ‘out there.’ Thus, do not waste time visiting this website.

96) What’s Going On?

Be ready to see a man with yellow hair and weird clothes perform a song; it might be pretty addictive. The character on this website looks like a He-Man; he sings different kinds of old tracks that you might like.

97) BrainWash

It can also be said that this website is weirdly comforting. There is a live webcam that shows folks laundering their clothes and drinking coffee. This site gives a new meaning to the idea of living freely and vicariously.

98) ShayeSaintJohn.net

This website shows that you can overcome any limitation if you have any sort of creativity in you. By watching this website, you will realize how crazy the founder would be. It would insist you think more and more about the mindset of its founder.

99) MichaelJFoxNews.com

Apart from being weird, there is only one thing that can be said about this website that it is an offensive website made for a noble cause. Rest you can visit it, and you will get to know the rest of the story.

100) WhitePowerMilk.com

This website is bizarre and, along with that, a little disturbing as well. You would see a parody of supremacists, but there are no NSFW pictures or anything on that website. It is actually weird and can be placed on the list of the top 10 weirdest websites on the Internet.

Explaining the description of the weirdest websites on the Internet is one of the toughest things ever. When you open this website, make sure that you put your headphones on and be ready to watch the silliness that you might have never before.

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After looking at these weirdest websites of the Internet, it can only be said that do not start your own weird websites as others have to bear it. Jokes apart, some of the videos make you laugh, teach you, make you feel relaxed, and actually, some of them are weird. But it is fun to watch unusual things and experience something new.

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