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55 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

Written By Sushma Singh

Making ends meet can be tough, especially when you live in a big and expensive city. A lot of people want to make more money than they do at the moment, but how can they do that with a full-time job? Weekend jobs are the best ways to make some extra cash as some jobs pay surprisingly well.

Whether you are searching for a weekend job to pay bills or to kill time, there are a lot of best weekend jobs for you that you can pick up. You can either take a part-time job or a remote job as per your convenience and requirement.

If you are looking for a part-time weekend job to make some additional money, then don’t worry. We have compiled a list of some excellent weekend jobs that can help you make a good amount of money to meet your additional expense.

55 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

The best part-time job is one that has high-income potential, requires less or no cost for getting started, plus it should offer flexible working hours and location. All these factors were considered before preparing the below list:

1. Delivering food

These days, there are numerous delivery driver options as the demand for delivering food and groceries has increased tremendously. In addition, there are a lot of new apps that allow you to work as a driver on your own terms, such as Doordash, Instacart, Grub Hut, etc.

The best is that people order more during weekends and Friday evenings than on a weekday, hence the potential earning increases. You can easily earn $15 for an hour by just delivering food to people.

2. Freelance Writer

55 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

This is one of the best weekend jobs to make extra money as there is no investment required in it, plus you can work from anywhere in the world and as per your schedule. For becoming a writer, you need to have a good command of the English language and have expertise in a particular industry if you want to earn higher rates.

Therefore, if you like to write, this can be a great weekend job for you to earn $25 to $200 for one article. You can either search for a job online or can make your own clients and write for them.

3. Blogger

55 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

Numerous people make their living through blogging as it is a great way to earn extra income. The income potential in blogging is unlimited, and the idea of blogging is really pretty simple. You can start a blog on anything you like, such as sports, education, cooking, women empowerment, etc.

To get more traffic on your blog, you need to post new stuff regularly, plus your content should be informative and unique. Once you are able to get a lot of visitors to your blog, you can earn more than $400 in a day through the ads and sponsorships that you will get.

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4. Proofreader

Do you like reading and possess a talent for correcting errors? If yes, then proofreading is the perfect weekend job for you. For most proofreading jobs, you do not require any certification or experience, and with the explosion of web content in the market, proofreading is very much in demand.

Your role as a proofreader would be to read the content that others have written and check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, usage of punctuation marks, sentence formation, etc.

5. Play online games

You might get surprised to see play online games in the best weekend jobs, But yes, this is true that you can earn by playing games as there are several games that give you rewards if you win, and you can transform them into cash or gift cards. So this might sound like the best part-time weekend job to people who love playing different types of games.

There are various applications where you can find games that pay you for winning.

6. Graphic Designer

If you become a freelance graphic designer, you can work as per your own schedule and remotely as well. For becoming a graphic designer, you need to have a good eye for design, plus you should have some knowledge about the software required to create the designs.

Nowadays, rather than reading text, people prefer watching pictures or videos; hence, the demand for graphic designers is high. If you are creative and have a talent for graphic designing, then you can earn a good amount of money through it by just working on weekends.

7. Driver

You can earn an average of $15 to $30 an hour if you become a driver in Uber, Lyft, or any other company. Numerous people travel on weekends to their friends, family, clubs, bars, hospitals, etc., and they book cabs for that. Therefore, if you have a smartphone and a driving license, then you can apply to become a driver in any big company.

The good part is that you can earn good money plus the working hours are flexible so you can choose to opt for the timings when you are available.

8. Social Media Manager

If you like spending time on social media platforms and are good at handling them, why not make it a source of income? You can get a job to manage social media accounts for small businesses, as this is one area where a lot of businesses need assistance.

You can increase your earnings by working for more than one client at the same time. Furthermore, you do not need any experience for getting a job as a social media manager; therefore, this makes it a weekend job to earn extra income, especially for college students.

9. Event staff

Many events happen on weekends; thus, you can be a part of it by helping the organizer in various activities and earn money from it. It can be more beneficial for you if you live nearby a convention center, concert venue, or weekend wedding hotspot as you will be able to find the job easily, plus the traveling time would also be less.

You would be able to earn around $10 to $15 an hour, which can be a good amount if you spend 4 to 5 hours in a day. However, you can benefit more if you get a job in a sports event or Concert Avenue as you would be able to see the show without paying anything.

10. Translator

If you are a pro in two languages, then why not use this knowledge to earn some extra income. There are a lot of translator jobs as well in the market that pays a pretty handsome amount of money to the translators. There is a lot of export and import in between different countries, so various business people need people who can help them translate the conversation.

For example, if you line in the U.S. and you want to speak to someone in France about a deal, you would not be able to do it without taking help from a translator. Thus, there is a huge demand for translators in the market but remember that you should be well-versed in writing and speaking.

11. Digital marketer

You need a certification for becoming a digital marketer. If you are already a certified digital marketer, then that is great, but if not, then you would have to take a course either online or from any institute near you.

Digital marketers create ads that you see on social media platforms; big companies have a big marketing team that makes it tough for small businesses to compete. Hence, people are ready to pay a good amount of money to digital marketers for running ad campaigns. You can earn more than $1000 in a month per client as a digital marketer.

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12. Tutor

You can become a teacher as well if you have great knowledge about any specific subject such as math, science, English, etc. This can be the best part-time weekend job as there is no investment in it and the earning potential is pretty good. You can easily get a job on any online platform, and you can start teaching there. They pay you on an hourly basis, and the average wage is $20/hour.

The pay depends on various factors such as the subject you teach, the class you are teaching to, experience, and the platform you are working for.

13. Caterer

Like others, are you also search for “Best part-time weekend jobs near me,” but that would not be the case for you if the option straight away comes to your home. If you have a love for cooking, then you can also start with catering services. Initially, you can begin with small events on weekends; later, you can expand it depending on the clients and demand.

You can earn around $15 an hour as a caterer, but this is a time-consuming job, plus you would have to reply to the emails and answer calls on weekdays as well.

14. Waiter

There have been many celebrities and successful businessmen who were waiters before gaining such success. People choose this profession because they get to earn a good salary plus people a lot of people pay tips, and secondly, you get free of cost amazing food without paying anything.

You can either work for a full day or can also work on an hourly basis as per your requirement. The average pay for a waiter is $20 for one hour, so if you spend even four hours, you would be able to cover up a lot of expenses.

15. House Cleaner

There are many people who are working and do not have time to clean their house properly, but they are ready to pay to get their house clean. You would be surprised to know that you can get $25 to $50 for an hour for cleaning one house.

Not everyone can do this work as people who love cleaning and know the tactics to keep a home organized and well-managed would opt for this part-time weekend job.

16. Fitness Instructor

Are you a fitness freak and do exercise regularly? Then instead of becoming a participant in the gym, become an instructor. You can either work in a gym or can take online classes as well. Various people opt for online classes because they cannot step out of the house or are comfortable doing exercise alone.

You can pay more than $20 for an hour, and if you have a lot of clients, you can earn even more. Although, the job hours are not flexible as most people do need early morning or evening slots.

17. Tour-Guide

If you live at a place where many tourists come, then why not become a tour guide. Usually, people travel on weekends; hence the demand for tourist guides is high during weekends, and you can benefit from that. You can easily earn $15 for one hour, and your role would be to show people museums, parks, forts, waterfalls, or other kinds of attractions.

But, before opting for this job, remember that you should be well-versed with the area or venue to answer the tourists’ questions.

18. Music Teacher

This is again a very interesting job, but you should have good knowledge about the instrument you wish to teach to become a music teacher. If you know how to play guitar, piano, violin, drum, or any other instrument, you can either take the classes online or take classes at your home.

There is no fixed price in this job as if you have a lot of experience, you can even charge $100/ hour, but if you are a beginner, you might get $20 to $25 for an hour.

19. Landscaper

You can also opt for a landscaping part-time weekend job as well for earning extra money. You can also offer some other services such as trimming, mowing, weeding, planting, mulching, etc. It can be an excellent job for you if you love being outdoors and do not mind a list of dust and dirt on your clothes.

If you are creative, then you can also do creative landscaping as well. You can easily earn $15 to $20/ hour. You can search for a landscaper job either online or send flyers to your neighborhood to get direct clients.

20. Work as a mover

This is a great job, particularly for boys. Usually, people move from one place to another on weekends; thus, the demand for movers is high on weekends. The job of a mover is very laborious such as moving furniture and other belongings; hence they get paid really well.

Thus, if you are not afraid of lifting some heavy stuff and other belongings, then this is the best weekend job for you. You can also apply for this job on the websites that offer the facility of shifting the entire belongings from the old house and arranging them at the new residence.

21. Bookkeeper

The income potential as a bookkeeper ranges from medium to high. There is no experience or certification required for applying for a job as a bookkeeper. There is a high demand for freelancer bookkeepers these days; hence you can grab this opportunity and earn good money.

A lot of freelance bookkeepers help small business owners in organizing and tracking financial data. You would be able to earn around $18 to $20 in just one hour that is pretty decent. While searching for jobs, you need to ensure that you do not apply for a full-time job, search for a freelance or weekend job only.

22. Sell crafts

If you have skills and lovemaking wooden crafts or decorative pieces, you can sell them at a really good price. There are a lot of platforms where you can sell your products, such as online, create your website, sell it to local sellers, or at exhibitions.

The demand for these handmade products is increasing because people search for unique items and want to decorate every corner of their place beautifully. Once you are able to create a market, then there is unlimited income potential in this business.

23. Data Entry

This weekend part-time job is very flexible, but the income potential is relatively low. The nice part is that you would not need any certification for applying for a data entry job. You can work as per your schedule; all you need is to deliver the work before the deadline.

Your role would be to prepare and sort documents of data entry; after that, enter the data into database software and ensure the accuracy of the data that was inputted.  If there is any discrepancy, then obtain further information for incomplete documents.

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24. Photography

Numerous people do a photoshoot on weekends. Therefore, if you have a passion for photography, you can turn it into side income by doing event photography such as clicking pictures on birthday parties, social events, or you can also contact any real estate company and click-site pictures for them.

You would have to invest in a good camera, lenses, and lights to become a photographer, but the returns are also good. Don’t worry if you don’t have expertise in photography; you can learn basic skills online or by doing free photoshoots of your friends and family.

25. Virtual Assistant

55 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

The income potential in this job is decent, but flexibility is low as you will have to work as per your client’s requirements. You would not need any prior experience or certification to apply as a virtual assistant.

Several business owners need an assistant who can manage their flight and hotel bookings, managing social media, scheduling calendars, receiving phone calls, etc. You can apply as a virtual assistant if you can manage all these things and ensure that you apply for a weekend part-time job only.

26. Item Flipper

If you are one person that loves doing things that you can completely control, then this can be the best part-time weekend job for you. You would have to go to thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, or other such places and buy products at reasonable prices. After that, you can resell them at a good profit margin, and if you want to increase your profit, then try and improve them so that you can sell them at even better rates.

27. Search Engine Evaluator

There is no experience requires for becoming a search engine evaluator, plus the job is very flexible. However, some algorithms work to rank your website on the first page of Google when you search for the related products, but there is a human element as well involved in it.

That human element is called a search engine evaluator. Your role as a search engine evaluator would be to review search results for accuracy and quality. You can earn around $12 to $15 an hour in this job.

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28. Web developer

This is another great part-time weekend job as you can choose projects as per our time availability. Your role as a web developer would be to create, update and maintain websites for your clients. In addition, you would be responsible for the appearance of the website and checking the technical aspects such as how much traffic the site can handle, etc.

You would need some experience and certification to apply as a web developer. In this job, the earning are relatively high as you would get about $35 for an hour.

29. Online Store owner

You will need to spend a lot of time if you wish to become an online store owner. However, there is no experience required, there is complete flexibility, and the income potential is also high.

This e-commerce opportunity is called dropshipping, and in this, you would not have to maintain any stock; you would work with a supplier and have the products shipped straight away to your customer’s place.

The process is very simple, the customer would buy the product from your website, you will contact the dealer, and they will send the product to the customer directly, and you get the profit.

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30. Personal Chef

This job is for people who love cooking as they can go to the client’s place and cook meals for a family or individual. As per the average rates, a family of four pays approximately $200-$300 to a personal chef who prepares fives meal for a week.

There is no investment in this business as they would get their own food items; all you need to do is go there and prepare scrumptious meals for them. If you live in a big city, you can also get pay jumps quite soon if they are impressed by your food taste.

31. Rent out a room

Several people have started this business recently. If you have an extra room in your hour that does not get used, you can clean that room, click its pictures, and post on sites like Airbnb. People would contact you if they like your property, and through this, you will be able to make hundreds of dollars a month.

In fact, you can also start another part-time job along with this as this business has no or very less involvement.

32. Brand Ambassador

If you spend a lot of time on social media platforms and have many followers, you can earn extra money by becoming a brand ambassador. Several brands pay social media influencers for promoting their brand by talking or using it on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

There are times when small brands might contact you to endorse their products. If not, then you can also send them emails asking if they want to collaborate with you.

33. Weekend Receptionist

Several doctors, companies, and other service providers need front desk staff for the weekend to greet customers, handling calls and emails. Although there would be less flexibility in this job, there would be more stability as they would look for a person who can work for them every weekend so that they do not have to search for them every now and then.

The income potential in this job is medium to low, but the good part is that you do not need any experience to apply for it.

34. DJ

If you know how to use the DJ console and pump up the crowd on your tracks, then becoming a DJ can be the best part-time weekend job for you. You can get a lot of work on weekends as people usually plan events and parties on weekends only. Events from school, college, or any birthday or wedding party need a DJ to keep things exciting.

Once you play in a few shows and if people like your work, you would start getting work without much effort.

35. Customer Service Representative

Do you like talking on the phone like many other people and connecting with them? If yes, then this is it. You can become a customer service representative where your job would be to help people with the queries of the brand that you will work for. CSR jobs are high in demand as every small or big business has its own customer support centers such as banks, airlines, online shopping companies, apple, Samsung, etc.

The job might not be high-salaries, but you can get a job easily and work on weekends as per your availability.

36. Personal Assistant

Various professionals hire personal assistants as they need help with their administrative work, such as handling emails, calls, bookings, planning meetings, scheduling calendars, etc. You can also search for a job if you have managing skills within you and work for a doctor, author, lawyer, artist, etc.

This can be a great job for you if you want to pursue your career in any of these professions. For example, if you want to become an author and become a personal assistant to them, you can learn a lot working with them. Plus, you might get a good business opportunity as well from them in the future.

37. Caretaker

You can also become a nanny or caretaker to a child, any senior in the house, or a pet. There are many websites where you can see people looking for people who can come to their place and take care of their kids or adults. You can apply for a weekend job, and you will get a job easily as these jobs are very much in demand these days.

The income potential in this job profile is medium, and there is no experience required to apply for this job.

38. Cashier

Wherever you go shopping, such as departmental stores, clothing outlets, grocery shops, or anywhere even in museums, there are cashiers. This is one job that is always in demand as people need a cashier for their stores who can collect cash and give a record of it by the end of the day.

There is a lot of rush in stores on the weekend; hence they need more people so you can get a job easily near your house in any store. In fact, you can also find a job where you like spending time, such as in a clothing store, footwear outlet, jewelry shop, etc.

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39. Petsitter

This is the most interesting and exciting job for a person who loves spending time with pets. Multiple people have pets but do not have much time to take care of them. You can either go to their place or can also ask them to leave their pets at your place.

You can do this for weekends as several people travel on weekends and want someone to take care of their pets. The income potential in this job is medium, and for starting a job as a pet sitter, you can send your resume and cover letter to potential clients or apply for the job online.

40. Computerized college note-taker

A lot of people are not aware of this job type. Your job role as a note-taker would be to attend classes and take notes for deaf people. Apart from earning through this job you can learn a lot of new things that you might not be aware of.

The people who have worked as note-takers earn around $35 for one hour after the first year. This might be a time-consuming job, and the flexibility is also less as you will have to go to the class as per their timings, but the earning is good.

41. House sitter

Quite an easy job as people pay you to take care of their empty house. People from middle school or high school love these kinds of jobs as they have to stay at an empty house and do just the small work such as watering plants, collecting mails, and keeping up the lawn.

There is no experience required in this job, the income potential is relatively, and the flexibility is medium. It is the best weekend job for people who wish to study on the weekend or do another work from home as you can do additional work while doing this job.

42. Online Surveys

55 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

This is a pretty decent job, but the salary is really low in it. Your role would be to share your opinion to help brands deliver better products or services; in return, they either pay your cash or gift cards. If you take out time to fill a lot of surveys, you will earn $50 to $100 in a month. The more surveys you fill, the more money you will be able to earn.

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43. Food taster

Thinking of a job where you need to taste good food all the time, such as chocolates, shakes, crisps, and whatnot. But, the job of a food taster is more than that as they do not just tasty food, plus it requires a particular qualification as well. They have to evaluate everything about the food, such as look, taste, smell, consistency of foodstuffs, and much more.

After tasting food, they also have to tell what is lacking in the food or how it can be made better. Food tasters obviously need to have good taste buds, and they should limit themselves from stuff like alcohol, cigarettes, and too much spicy or oily food.

44. Work at a senior living center

Senior living centers need people who can look after the seniors, taking new entries, cleaning the center, accounts, and other such things. You can apply for the job as per your interest, but the flexibility in these kinds of jobs is low as you will have to spare your complete day in you apply for this job.

If you have no certification or experience, then the income potential for you in this job would be low, but if you have certification, then it can help increase the hourly rate.

45. Hairstylist

If you have a certification and love styling hair, why not turn this passion into a profession. Hairstylists earn pretty high these days as everyone looks for a person who can give them a new and better look. You need to create a portfolio to get new clients; hence, you can initially do this by styling your friend’s or family member’s hair.

Once you create a portfolio, you can upload that on your social media platform or apply for a job in the salon for weekends.

46. Security officer

You can also become a security guard as the demand for it is high and the supply is relatively low. Except for the unarmed positions, there is no experience required in this job role. One drawback of this job is that the flexibility is less as you will have to spend at least a shift time whether you opt for the day shift or evening.

47. Travel agent

If you love traveling and have in-depth knowledge about geography and the best places to visit, then this would be the best part-time weekend job for you. You can do bookings for airlines, railways, cabs, ships, hotels, etc., for your clients, you can also advise them about the best places to the country they are traveling to.

You can either start your website or can apply for the job online. There are a lot of agencies that seek people who can handle their clients and do bookings for them. This is an interesting job, and you can earn a good amount of money through this part-time job.

48. Retail Sales

The footfall at the retail stores is pretty high on weekends; hence the store owners need people who can work for them on weekends. You can grab this opportunity and work as a retail sales officer; you can search for a job in the sector you like, such as clothing, pharmacy, jewelry, grocery, etc.

Usually, no or very little experience is required for applying for a job as a retail sales officer. If you work in a sales office, you can earn commission plus hourly wages, and your earnings would entirely depend on the sales you can convert.

49. Makeup artist

This job is similar to a hairstylist, and you can fix your working hours as per your availability. Along with a lot of flexibility that this job offers, you can earn a pretty good amount of money as a makeup artist. These days people need a makeup artist for even small functions like birthday parties, anniversaries, get together and of course for their own wedding.

They are ready to payloads of the amount to look their best on these special occasions. You can create a portfolio and either work as a freelancer on weekends or can also work in a salon.

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50. Become a YouTuber

If you like creating different kinds of videos and people love the stuff you create, why not make it public and earn money from it. You can create videos on anything you like, such as cooking, makeup tutorials, uploading motivational videos, or anything you like, such as dancing, singing, etc on YouTube.

It is important for you to get more followers and views, which can only happen if you post the videos regularly. Once there are a lot of followers, then you can earn even more from the ads and sponsorships that you will get.

51. Computer Support

You can do a customer support job if you are good with computers or work with computers as a hobby. Your job role as a computer technician would be computer installation, hardware or software installation, routine maintenance, or any kind of troubleshooting clients might need.

If you apply for a job as a computer technician, they might ask you for certification or experience. But, you can also start your website and offer freelance services on weekends. So, you can earn really well as a computer technician plus there is a lot of flexibility as well in this weekend job.

52. Bartender

Making drinks for others can help you make a good amount of money on weekends, and the best part is that you can choose the shift timing at your convenience. Clubs, events, and parties boost during weekends; hence getting a job at bars and restaurants becomes easy.

As a bartender, your job role would be to deliver excellent customer service, maintain a safe environment, keep the bar area clean and maintain an accurate cash drawer. You can easily earn $600 to $800 working three nights a week.

53. Interior Designer

You can also become an interior designer if you love decorating every corner of your house in a unique yet elegant way. For becoming an interior designer, a certification is required. The major role of an interior designer is to visualize and sketch design plans as per the customer’s goals and budget.

If you have a lot of clients, then you can make a decent amount of money through it. For getting clients, it is essential for you to make a portfolio and a website.

54. Life Coach

You can become a life coach if you yourself have a complete understanding of the principles of success and their applications. As a life coach, it is essential for you to have good communication skills, awareness, listening skills, friendly and approachable. You should be enthusiastic and should have a good sense of humor as it helps gain more customers. You can give classes at the weekend either online or face to face.

55. Massage Therapist

If you know well about massage techniques and points, then why not use this knowledge to earn money. You just need to provide a massage of 30 to 45 minutes, and you can earn a fair amount of money per message.

You need to provide massage based on clients’ requirements and problem areas. Listen to the client carefully and give the massage accordingly. You can either start working at a spa on weekends or provide freelancing services.

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These were some of the best part-time weekend jobs that pay surprisingly well, plus would also help build and improve your skills. These jobs are a great option for people who want to utilize their extra time, earn extra pocket money, and learn time management. Part-time jobs not only make you confident but also help develop interpersonal skills.

So, which part-time weekend job is best suitable for you? Apply today or start something of your own and earn extra money.

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