30 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in India 2020

How can you make money fast isn’t the unanswerable question of all times? Well, here we are with 30 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in India.

Numerous ways in India can make you build fast money and make you super rich quickly. However, some of them are practical, but some ideas are only useful to read in books. It can be a daunting task for you to know what all ideas you should embrace and what not. This is why we have become across with all the efficient money-making ways in this guide.

What if someone informs you about the ways through which you can make ample money sitting at your home, chilling. Doesn’t it sound great? If you are also looking to earn decent monthly income and want to know about the fast money making ways, then you are redirected to the right page and article.

Business/Jobs you should never get involved in

This guide does not motivate anyone to get involved in any unauthentic or illegitimate activities. You all might be aware that a very quick way of earning money is to get involved in criminal activities and scams. Never get involved in any of these kinds of activities just because of your greed for making fast-money.

It is also not advisable for you to waste your time and effort into data entry jobs. All these kinds of jobs are mostly scams. Instead of investing your valuable time, money, and efforts into any of the dubious job or business, take a personal loan (if you need money immediately) and work hard repay it as soon as possible.

Things you need to earn fast money online?

You will be able to accomplish your dream and fulfill all your desires of making money online only if-

  • You are eager to learn a new skill and always looking for a scope of improvement.
  • Accepting feedbacks as it can only make you a better version of what you are currently.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to commence online business. One of the best parts of all these money-making ideas that we are going to enlighten you about is that you do not need any initial investment, to begin with, these businesses. Or, if required for some of the businesses in this list, the investment is minimal.

30 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in India

We have done comprehensive research and then made this list of the most effective and efficient ways online that can help you build money at a faster pace. Listed below are the 30 ways to make money online in India-

1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of earning enormous money, whether you have a blog or not. You can partner with businesses and brands within the content of your website.

Opting for affiliate marketing means that you are allowing companies to insert web links to your website. While you mention the product or service on your website, you link those products or services using a unique affiliate code. You will receive this code at the time you sign up for the affiliate program.

When visitors go to your websites and but certain products or services once after they click on those links, you earn commission out of it. You also have an option to sign up for an affiliate ad network that offers a bunch of affiliates in one place.

2) Google Adsense

You must have seen Google ads whenever you visit a renowned website. The Google ads could be seen on many URL’s and blogs, that too for a good reason. Once your websites start bringing in a huge amount of traffic persistently, Google ads will prove to be one of the most lucrative ways of earning money.

It is not that you can only set up Google ads on a popular website, but you can also set it up on any basic site. Another best part about it is that Google ads are straightforward to set up, be it any website.

It is just like a revenue-sharing opportunity not only for large websites but also for small and medium websites. The websites place these ads for certain goods or services relevant to the content of your site and target your potential visitors. You will get paid for the ad displayed and clicked on your website’s page.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of Google to track your page views, traffic, and earnings on your behalf. Google ads also ensure that you are at ease as it is not comprised of any upkeep or maintenance charge to keep it up and running.

3) Freelancer

30 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in India 2022

If you are patient and willing to learn more, you can find several jobs that can help you become filthy rich. Currently, several websites are offering freelance opportunities to many people with distinctive skills. You just need to have expertise at something, whether it is programming, designing, marketing, writing, or any other field.

There are three most significant skills required to become a successful freelancer is-

  • Core skills or Core competencies
  • Marketing
  • Communication skills

Unless you are good at marketing, you will not be able to publicize your work and draw the attention of the clients, which is necessary to boom your business.

Freelancing websites require you to create a personal listing in which you need to mention all your qualifications along with the skillset, through which you will be contacted directly by the interested clients. Some popular websites that provide jobs to freelancers are upwork.com, freelancer.com, worknhire.com, outfiverr.com, etc. There is a huge potential to earn from freelancing websites.

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4) Publish Books

If you are a polished writer and fond of reading, you can go for a self-publishing book option. Always ensure to give it a thorough proof-reading, and check if there are any grammatical errors. You also have an option to opt for the professional editing services that offer editing, proofreading, formatting, and all other services that you would require before you need to publish your book.

Do not forget to design the cover of the book that suits you as well as the audience’s taste.

Once you publish the book, the next crucial step is to follow the apt marketing hacks to behold the eyes of the customers.

Now, it is very easy to publish a book on your own as you do not need the support of a good publishing house. You can simply publish it through a plethora of platforms for electronic books available online such as Kindle direct publishing, Pothi, Patridge Publishing India, nationexpress, etc.

Several websites are available on which you can upload your self-published books such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, and many such websites.

5) Online Courses

If you are a good influencer and you are proficient in teaching, you can start a website or an online course. Once you established the online course, always do proper marketing as it is the only way of bringing traffic to your platform that you have set up for ‘online courses’.

You can choose whatever niche you are skilled at be it cooking, dancing, writing, tutoring, etc. Some of the renowned platforms where most of the people have set up their online courses portal is through teachable.com. Not only this, there are many other websites where you can upload your course material and utilize the platform to earn handsomely.

6) Blogging/Writing

Content writing is a highly paid profession if you are able to deliver a good quality of the work and working as per the correct guidelines. If you have an expertise in a specific niche, you can build strength in that domain and boost up the revenue. You can also be an all-rounder, that is covering multiple niches. This will provide you more opportunities, increase your network as well as the scope of learning new things.

There are bountiful writers who are earning huge money by establishing themselves in blogging and content writing. Usually, the writers charge on per word basis. Hence, it entirely depends on you that how much you earn in a month, more words you write, more you will be able to multiply your revenue. You can open your free blog at websites like wix.com, wordpress.com, blogger.com, and many similar websites.

If you have sufficient funds to apply for a domain name and a web host (creating your own website), you will probably be able to bring more traffic as compared to posting your blog for free on above-mentioned websites.

Many people are earning decently and charge between 0.5 INR per word, which goes up to 8 INR per word, depending upon the expertise, experience, and knowledge of the writer.

7) Consulting

You are not required to hold expertise in a domain you are choosing to become a consultant for. It s just that you have to more knowledgeable that your client and students. This business has a huge potential which can make you earn magnificently if you give proper time and efforts to this field of business.

You can choose among numerous streams which are available for consulting such as marketing consultant, financial consultant, image consultant, sales consulting, software consulting, environmental consulting, etc. You can enter into any consultation careers depending upon your knowledge, and interest.

The consultants charge fees according to the time. Usually, it is on an hourly basis. You can become a consultant if you are persuasive and have competent skills. You can find the clients online as there are several websites available through which you need to set up a free account. Some of the best consulting groups are Ignition Consulting Group, Echelon Front, inVision Edge, etc.

8) YouTube Videos

30 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in India 2022

YouTube is a widely-known platform which is used by everyone. Due to this fact, there are many people who are making ample money through Youtube. If you have heard of PewDiePie, you might be aware he is the world’s richest YouTuber with more than 20$ USD net worth. Not only him, but there are also many Indian YouTubers as well who have earned enormously. Isn’t it enticing?

The best part is that it is feasible not only for specific people but for each one of you. You are required to open a free YouTube channel. Once your channel is opened for public, the next step is to record and upload videos on a topic that is popular and trending.

A survey was conducted in 2019 and it was found that 2 types of people are successful as a YouTuber. One, who makes funny videos with full of entertainment. Second, who makes a helpful video for a mass audience which could be related to anything such as tech-savvy people, mothers, housewives, students, or any other.

You must grow your channel by following appropriate marketing campaigns required to create and promote your videos.

9) Stock Market Trading

The stock market is one of the ways of creating revenue that can make you filthy rich very soon. However, it is imperative that you should have complete knowledge to pick the right stock. The only catch is that you need to invest some money initially in this business.

It can indeed make you rich quickly, but having hazy information about this business can also make you lose money extremely. So, it is always advisable to invest a small proportion of money and invest more time to learn the basics and enhance your knowledge of stock trading. Once you scrutinized this business’s risks and possible gains, that day you become eligible to invest in this field of business.

10) Become an Online Tutor

30 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in India 2022

It is not difficult to apply for an online tutoring job. If you are qualified with a 4 years degree and have expertise over a specific subject, you can apply for this job. If you have any additional qualifications, it will help you to bring more clients and earn ample money.

Online tutors are paid as per the number of hours they teach students online. You just need to know how to conduct online lessons (watch youtube videos if you are not sure the way to teach) which takes place in a digital classroom. It includes video, audio, and a feature through which the students can directly contact their tutor and clear their doubts.

Numerous tutors are making a good amount of money and charge Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 per hour. Some of the renowned websites where you can start your career as an online tutor includes bhrattutors, Tutorindia.com, Myprivatetutor, etc.

11) Build Apps and Sell Them

Some app developers have become so rich by building certain apps and now those apps have made millionaires out of their creators. To name a few apps that have the highest sale revenue across Android and iOS platforms including Netflix, HBO Now, Spotify, Tinder, Line, and Pandora Radio.

It has become a high source of income if you have the knowledge to build new apps and follow the effective marketing hacks to sell it and make it popular. If you are not aware of how to make apps, you need not worry! As you can take the help of several tutorials that can help you design applications that work for tablet, and smartphones.

12) Make Effective Use of Social Networking websites/apps

Ever since we talk about social networking sites, how can one forget Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the 2 platforms that can be utilized for drawing customer’s attention towards your products or services you are dealing in. There is huge potential and many people have started using them as money-making machines by charging more than Rs. 10,000 for one Facebook or Instagram post.

You can get directly paid by the admins to promote someone else’s content on the Facebook page. Or you can also utilize this opportunity to promote your own brand.

There is a considerable value of Facebook marketer, or professional Instagrammer these days. To become one of them, you need to create an alluring Facebook page, get involved in freelance social media marketing, and sell products and services on Instagram.

13) Open an Online Store

The very first thing before you think of opening an online store is to validate the idea fully, set up the store, procuring products, and finding customers. Let’s understand the whole process comprehensively.

To open a digital store or e-commerce store, you must be having some sort of products to sell be it electronics, men and women apparel, designer jewelery, furniture, or any other category.

Once you have decided what product to sell, the next step is to choose an ideal e-commerce solution to you. You can go for Hosted, Licensed, or Open Source e-commerce solution. For a beginner, a hosted solution is suggested. Whereas, if you require full customization and expect to do heavy programming to configure with the site.

The next crucial thing is to apply for a domain name through which customers find your online store. Set up your store with multiple payment options and market your business.

14) Buy and Sell Domains

Many people have started renting out their website has good traffic. You can get ample buyers for those websites as they would prefer to take the website on rent rather than building it from scratch and invest some months or years in building their own domains.

These websites are often chosen by people who do not want to buy their won website, they take it on rent for a specific period. It is often needed by people dealing in real estate inventory.

You can also sell your domain if you own a domain with a special name and have a good SEO score. You can buy expired domains and sell it to the people at a higher price who are searching for those type of domains.

Honestly, this business of buying and selling domains is not that easy and is quite tricky. Until you have profound knowledge, do not get into this business as you may end up losing your money.

15) PTC Sites

Some people are earning through PTC sites. Although you may not be able to make huge money, it is one of the easiest ways of making money online without putting many efforts. These are paid to click sites where you just need to sign up and you will get paid for the ads you are going to view. Isn’t is simple?

There are some reliable websites through which you can earn guaranteed income such as Clixsense, Neobux, InboxDollars, Scarlet Clicks, and GPTPlanet. The most important thing you need to consider before investing your time into PTC sites is that always ensure the authenticity of sites. As there are many fake websites that are disguising people and do not pay for the ads that are viewed.

16) Traffic Exchange

It is always an excellent idea to join traffic exchange websites that pay you for the sites you will surf. It does not pay you in the form of cash but serves as a good medium to increase the sales of your blog or websites. This will bring in more visitors to your websites, which will boost your revenue. In simple words, they provide visitors to your website, which creates more traffic rather than paying you by cash directly.

If you have to build a new website, joining manual traffic exchange websites will help to promote your website, which will bring more traffic and hence increase sales, and profits.

17) Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is one of the ways from which you can make money while you are sitting at your home. Certain websites pay you for filling surveys. You just need to sign up, fill out your profile, and to give your views/comments on ads, products, or services. Consumer feedbacks help the companies to make more revenue and experience better sales as they know the flaws before launching their product in the market.

This is why the companies pay you for your time that you have invested in filling out surveys. However, this business will not make you earn a hefty amount, but still, you can take your spare time and fill surveys to make fast and hassle-free money.

You have numerous companies from which you can choose to take out your spare time and fill online surveys but make sure to select a reliable company such as MyPoints, Swagbucks, 20/20 Research, Valued Opinions, PineCone Research, and LightSpeed Research.

It is also significant to know about the top online survey sites that are known for their authenticity, including Prize Rebel, Global Test Market, MySurvey, Opinion Outpost, etc.

18) Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one stream of business that help you build lots of money online. Dropshipping has actually made millions of dollars for many entrepreneurs not only in India but all over the world.

Dropshipping is a business where you buy products from drop shipping websites such as Alibaba.com and book online orders from the customers. You need to have sufficient investment to start with the dropshipping business as you need to, but the products in bulk as you will only be able to crack a low priced deal if you order the goods in huge quantity.

Always make sure that you are buying the products that are trending and preferred by the mass audience. Once you have decided on a dropshipping niche, the next step is to find the Dropship Supplier, who will be responsible for the delivery of the products to the customer’s doorstep.

Choosing your selling platform is the last and one of the most crucial aspects of this business. This can be the leading factor in determining the sales and profits of your dropshipping business. Always go for a website that has huge traffic, as more traffic means more sales. This is a coherent way of increasing the possibility of success.

19) Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

MLM companies are also known as network marketing or direct sales companies. To generate revenue from Multi-Level Marketing, the first thing you need to do is to sign up with a recognized MLM company and become their partner. If you have sufficient funds to invest in this business to keep up the adequate stock, this business opportunity can make you extraordinarily rich.

The real way to make money from MLM is by recruiting a wide number of distributors who are competent in selling the products. Once you have appointed those distributors, you earn a commission on every item sold by distributors working in your downline.

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20) Deliver Parcels for E-Commerce websites

Highly reputed websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and SnapDeal often face the troublesome situation for delivering the items to their customers within the assured timeframe. You can sign up a contract with these companies and assure them the timely delivery facilities to every customer who will order any product from their websites.

These big e-commerce giants are ready to pay you a considerable amount for the delivery, which can make your earn tremendously if you are able to provide timely delivery to the customer.

21) Costume Jewellery

As you know, the demand for costume jewelry is increasing these days rapidly. This industry has seen a significant boom from the past few years solely because of youngsters prefer costume jewelry made up of different material that could match up with their clothes. Mostly youngsters cannot afford to buy precious jewelry as they have countless clothes which they want to match the jewelry with, hence they crave costume jewelry, which is affordable and has become a symbol of elegance.

Once you start manufacturing the costume jewelry, you can sell it online at different websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and other popular sites. You can even use social networking sites to make it widely recognized and increase the sale of your jewelry.

22) Virtual Assistant

If you are proficient and have expertise in helping businesses or entrepreneurs with tasks ranging from data entry to customer service to research. You can promote different products and services of other businesses through researching and creating posts for guest blogging campaigns, writing follow up email sequences for newsletters, creating landing pages for webinars, and managing her social media platforms.

Even one website named as VANNetworking is founded and established by one of the successful virtual assistants and is loaded with various job leads and valuable tips that can help you become one affluent virtual assistant.

23) Sell your Photos and Videos

Are you fond of snapping an impeccable shot? If yes, then this turns out to be a lucrative business opportunity for you. One of the most effective ways of turning your passion into a source of income is to start selling your magnificent photos.

You can tie up with certain websites that buy photos from the people clicking perfect shots and videos. Every website may be following a different payment structure, so always ensure to talk about it before signing any contract. Trust us! Some professionals charge a hefty amount for selling their photos and videos.

To name a few stock websites that facilitate the entire process for photographers and videographers to upload their work and earn well are 500px Prime, Shutterstock, SmugMug Pro, Fotolia, and iStock.

24) Start Your Own Website

Want to earn passive income even while you are asleep? Create a website and earn while sleeping. Building up a website is not difficult, as it will hardly take half an hour if you have a basic idea of how to create and register it. Even if you do not have any idea of creating a website on your own, you still do not need to agonize. You can simply watch a video on youtube or read about the process of ‘how to create a website’ on Google.

You need to choose a web hosting plan, select a domain, and finalize the. One of the best platforms where you can start your website and choosing a hosting plan is Bluehost and WordPress.

Some of the successful website ideas that you can build up to include reselling web hosting, online learning about a specific topic, service websites, job boards for specific niches, small online stores with a focus on dropshipping, affiliate blogging, etc.

25) Create Software Reviews

If you are tech-savvy and hold a strong opinion about modern or trending software that is currently in use by a mass audience, you can get paid for writing or creating such reviews. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, doesn’t matter! As you will be paid for writing each review.

There are certain websites that pay up a huge amount for writing software reviews are Software Judge, Vindale Research, E-Pinions, Dooyoo, Shared reviews, and many others.

26) Translation

If you know a foreign language other than English, you can opt for this stream of business. One of the best things, if you get into this profession, is that the demand for interpreters or translators is vast, and you can get bountiful websites that are always searching for skilled translators.

You can also become a freelance translator and work with an array of companies, individual organizations, and private clients. The average earnings of the interpreters are very high and can make you affluent very quickly depending upon your command over the language, knowledge, and experience.

27) Write and Publish Kindle eBook

Now publishing an e-book has become very easy through Amazon Kindle Store. Kindle has made it very easy not only to publish but also made it easy to market your book much faster. You might not believe that it hardly takes 10 minutes to publish an e-book through Amazon Kindle Store that makes it visible worldwide in less than 48 hours.

If you are skilled in creating value and writing fiction or non-fiction, you can impeccably turn this passion into a great scope of earning.

28) Podcasts

30 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in India 2022

You can make and operate podcasts from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and a microphone of above-average quality. The best part about creating a podcast is that you do need to devote your time to podcasts every day. You can record several episodes at once and upload it as per your requirement as they are not live.

If you do not have your own products or services to promote, you can make money by promoting other businesses’ products and services as an affiliate and earn a commission. The commission can immensely vary depending upon the recognition and popularity of your podcast. Larger the audience in your podcast, more income you will be able to earn in the form of sponsorships and product mentions.

29) Conduct Internet Research

Could you imagine in your wildest thoughts that you can get paid for surfing the internet? Yes, there are websites that actually pay you to use the internet. You can get a decent passive income every month without putting much effort.

Now you might be thinking, why do these websites or companies pay you for surfing the internet? These websites want to track your online behavior so that their clients can do better promotion of the products and services they deal with the people living in your demographic. For instance- a company may be looking to hire a person of a specific age group in a particular region or income bracket.

Some of the companies that assuredly pay you for surfing the internet if you are a perfect fit for them are Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, Wonder, mobileXpression, Small Business Knowledge Centre, and Smart Panel.

30) Review Websites and Apps

If you are internet savvy, that means you can understand the pre-requisites of a perfect website. Moreover, you speak fluent English and have excellent writing skills, and you are a perfect fit for this job to earn extra. You do not need to give full time to this profession, as you can perform this job in your spare time.

To get involved in this business part-time, you just need to have a laptop, microphone, internet connection, and an updated web browser. Usually, each test takes between 15-30 minutes to complete, and you will get paid an average of Rs. 500 per test.

Numerous websites are available that will pay you to review and test them out. Some of them include Respondent, User Testing, Testing, Time, Userbrain, UserZoom, Validately, and What Users Do.


All the ways that we have mentioned above are more sort of the tip of the iceberg. Any of the ways you chose, if you give it sufficient time and do not give up on your efforts while doing it passionately, you will be able to explore and build multiple online income streams.

You can read several success stories for inspiration and never give up if you are not able to accomplish what you have dreamt of in one attempt. Trying and putting through all your efforts is imperative and the key to success.

Numerous people in India are making full utilization of there spare time and make bountiful money.

Sushma is a dynamic and knowledgeable personal finance expert and entrepreneur with a rich background in business and finance, holding a bachelor's degree in the field. Her passion for financial empowerment and a drive to teach others how to navigate the world of online money-making, create passive income streams, and achieve financial freedom sets her apart. With a focus on user-friendly apps and engaging games, she guides readers through the most profitable and enjoyable digital earning opportunities.


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