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192 Free Directory Submission Sites List

Using a Directory Submission site for generating high-quality backlinks is the most used Off-Page SEO technique. It helps boost the ranking of the website in Google and on many other search engines.

It is a methodology comprised of the submission of website links or URLs, including all website information in a web directory under a particular category. You can choose from free directory submission sites or pay as per your choice and preference.

Obtaining a backlink on these directory submission sites is one of the most advantageous SEO methods as it aids gain traffic on the website, which further helps your website progress. In fact, SEO experts also recommend directory submission methods for enhancing the SEO search.

Free Directory Submission Sites List

What are Directory Submission Sites?

It is effortless to understand about these sites if you know what a telephone directory does. In directory submission sites, instead of telephone numbers, there are numerous website links and information. This data is classified in various directories as per the niche or section they belong to.

The major benefit of these websites is that they boost the search engine’s ranking, which eventually increases the traffic. The primary role of web directories is to enable website owners to submit their website’s information on the web directory.

Thus, it is a place where the websites are listed.

Types of Directory Submissions

Majorly, there are three types of directory submissions; let us have a brief look at them:

  • Basic Directory Submission- In this single URL, a single description and various titles are submitted to distinct categories.
  • Manual Directory Submission- In this program, several descriptions are worked for multiple titles and one URL.
  • Multiple Directory Submission- For this, numerous internal URLs of the identical website with various titles and descriptions are submitted.

Advantages of Web Directory Submission in SEO

Directory submission is one of the most helpful SEO approaches that are used. It has various benefits, which is why bloggers and SEO experts do it. Here are some of its major benefits:

1. Boost Link popularity: For generating high-quality backlinks, directory submission has become an essential SEO practice. Search engines rely on backlinks, and these sites can contribute to acquiring quality backlinks for your website. It is a proven method for SEO ranking and link diversity.

2. Better search engine ranking: If you list your website in top directories, your website will get the required exposure. As per the experts, it is the best way to boost the search engine ranking and create links.

3. Page indexing and blog post: With directory submission, search engines would give you page indexing for sure. Once the submission is made, the search engine will commence locating your website via backlinks created from another website.

 4. Traffic generation: Needless to say, if you use the appropriate keywords, it can influence your Directory submission listed in the search engine. It automatically transmits the target group to your site despite having a good search engine rank.

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Types of Directory Submission Sites

800+ Free Directory Submission Sites List

There are several kinds of Directory submission sites, and with the help of them, you would be able to obtain quality backlinks for your website. There are eight types of submission types; let us know about them in detail:

1. Free Directory Submission Sites: These sites are free for directory submission, but there is no certainty if the administrator would approve your link submission or not. The detriment of free sites is that they take a lot of time to give results.

2. Paid Directory Submission: If you opt for the paid listing, this can help you quickly generate backlinks. You would have to pay a fee to the site administrator for submitting your business information here. These websites charge an annual or a lifetime package for providing facilities of Directory Submission.

3. Automated Directory Submission: There are various tools and software available online that can be used to submit these directories.

4. Manual Directory Submission: This is a slightly time-consuming and tough method as here you would have to do the complete task on your own.

5. Nofollow Directory Submission: This method is not very successful because people never got the desired results. If you have submitted the link in this Directory Submission, you would have to take a calculative move.

6. Dofollow Directory Submission: If you want to increase the blog ranking, then this method enables you to get SERP. A lot of bloggers are using this method for getting organic traffic to their blogs.

7. Niche Directory Submission: This unique method takes in RSS feeds, script and software, blogs, Web designers, Web hosting companies, SEO companies, and other online businesses in its functional domain. Every niche directory submission trades with a specific subject you would get in the category under a general directory list.

8. Reciprocal Directory Submission: When you activate the directory connection, you would also want to submit a link. The directory administrator will approve this link, and then you will acquire backlinks.

These were the types of directory submission sites; you can choose one as per your business needs and usage. Now, the next important thing to know is the steps to make directory submission.

How to Submit a Website to a Directory Submission Site?

1. The first thing you need to do is pick the best directory submission website from the list.

2. Elect the website where you wish to submit your website or blog.

3. After that, take the category that goes perfectly with your blog niche.

4. Once you choose the category, click on the submit link button, and your blog will be submitted to the directory.

5. Still, there are a few steps left. Once you click on the submit link button, you will see various options on the screen to narrow down your selection.

6. The last step would be to click on the add article button. After this, you need to add the details like title, description, and URL.

This is how you can submit a website to the directory submission site. Now, here is the Directory Submission Sites List from where you can choose the site.

192 Directory Submission Sites List

Here is the list of Free High-Quality Directory Submission Sites List and paid sites to choose from:

Sl. No. Websites
1 FreeAdsTime. org
2 WallClassifieds. com
3 Gigantic List. com
4 Advertise Era. com
5 HAd. com
6 Finder Master. com
7 ClassifiedsFactor. com
8 Rectang Lead. com
9 Blog Directory. org
10 St Andrews Directory
11 Blogs Collection. com
12 Active Search Results. com
13 Sami Direct Employee Directory
14 Free Web Submission. com  
15 Wamda. com  
16 Touch Local. com
17 Biz Wiki. co. uk
18 Yalwa. co. uk
19 Alive Directory. com
20 Gainweb. org
21 Web Squash. com
22 Sites. net  
23 Tsection. com
24 New WebDirectory. com  
25 Pegas US Directory. com      
26 All Free Things. com  
27 Synergy Directory. com    
28 Cyprus Net. com
29 The Free Directory. co. uk
30 Webs Directory. com        
31 H Log. com
32 Busy Bits. com
33 Cipinet. com    
34 Britain Directory. biz        
35 Evolving Critic. com
36  Web Directory. com
37 ABC. org        
38 Pakranks. com  
39 Thales Directory. com        
40 Pro-Link Directory. com
41 The Web Directory. co. uk    
42 Submissionu. com  
43 Secret Search Engine Labs. com          
44 Hot Frog. co. uk
45 Brown Book. net 
46 Directory Bin. com  
47 Nex US Directory. com        
48 PR Directory. com
49 Canada Web Dir. com        
50 Deeplinks Directory. co
51 Quality Internet Directory. com  
52 Dir. org. vn      
53 A-List Directory. com
54 Free Directory Submit. com
55 Directory Fire. com
56 Website Services. biz
57 Tags Hub. com
58 Quick Links. net
59 Information Crawler. com    
60 Latest Sites. com
61 World Web Directory. com          
62 Abraham Search. com
63 Link Pedia. net    
64 Free To Prank Directory. com
65 USA Websites Directory. com
66 All States USA Directory. com    
67 Shop in USA. com    
68 WlDirectory. com
69 Search Newz. com
70 Anaximander Directory. com    
71 The Great Directory. org
72 The Net Directory. com  
73 PR  Plus. com    
74 UK Local Search. co. uk      
75 King of The Web. net
76 Hit Web Directory. com    
77 Unamenlinea. info              
78 Ldm Studio. com  
79 Directory Free. com      
80 Above All Directory. com    
81 Add Link Free. com        
82 Cafe At Lantico. info          
83 Sound Directory. com                
84 Skoobe. biz
85 More Funz. com  
86 Info Listings. com    
87 Free Web Directory. biz    
88 Piseries. com    
89 Texas
90 Cyndi’s List
91 Submit Express  
92 Active Search Results
93 True Local
94 Giga Blast
95 Hot vs Not
96 Free Index
97 Links Live  
98 Gype  
99 NI Business Info    
100 Hot Frog
101  High Rank Directory    
102  Botid
103 Crazy Leaf Design
104 Rampant Scotland
105 Alive Directory
106 Charity Choice
107 D Look  
108 The Good Web Guide    
109 Start Local    
110 Sites Web Directory          
111 Split    
112 Directory Vault                
113 A-List Sites
114  Hit Links    
115 Apple Gate
116 EDom  
117 Directory WS  
118 Local Life    
119  Sites  
120 The Trade Finder
121 Gain Web  
122 Opendi      
123 Add New Link  
124 Free WD      
125 The CGI Site                      
126 Sergiu Ungureanu  
127 UK Childrens Books
128 BLP Directory
129 Web HotLink  
130 Add Your Links Now
131 Abstract Directory
132 Luxury Scotland
133 Red Alto
134  NI          
135 Vendors  
136 Advance Australia Fair
137 Text Link Directory    
138 My Local Services
139 Link Nom    
140 Botw
141 Royal Linkup
142 Londinium        
143 UK Best 
144 PB Lake  
145 ACE Web Directory  
146 Local
147 One Million Directory  
148 IRail    
149 Yyool  
150 Medical Health Sites          
151 Weddo
152 Advanced SEO Directory
153 SMS Web
154 Find UK
155 The Local Web        
156 Idaho Index        
157 Gloucester Shire    
158 Bob Sources
159 Global Irish  
160 In UK
161 The UK Franchise Directory
162 Deaf 
163 Finest   
164 Atoz Pages
165 Dawsoneng              
166 Store Zone
167 Digi London  
168 Marketing Quotes
169 Directory
170 Digi Britain    
171 Business Line Directory  
172 Article Side  
173 TFWD        
174 National Directory
175 Yellow Book      
176 Vere Directory      
177 Bristol Online  
178 First  London
179 Valley Connection 
180 Ready To Find          
181 Aus Everything      
182 Page Nxt    
183 Construction  
184 Click  Choice
185 Jacko
186 Find in Australia                
187 All The UK      
188 Rowman            
189 Site Trawler
190 Website Library          
191 Go Add URL
192 Submit Directory

Things to consider while making directory submission

800+ Free Directory Submission Sites List

There are a lot of things that you should check upon before submitting your site to directories. Here are some of the recommendations and tips:

  • The first thing that you should examine is that the directory is indexed or not? As if they are not, then there is no point getting listed in it. Plus, check if the directory is cached by big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. For optimizing your website, it is essential to submit your site at the website that has a high DA
  • The titles and descriptions target numerous terms such as your brand name, main keywords, related keywords, synonyms of main keywords, long-tail keywords, etc.
  • Another thing to check upon is the analytical questions that the website offers before listing. Ensure that these questions are unique as this is the method you can particularly categorize your business and related information in a very less time. For checking how effective, the website would be, always see its outbound links available on the category link pages.
  • Try and opt for a manual directory submission service provider and avert using automated submission tools that make 1000 submissions in a minute.
  • For checking the site listing’s authenticity, do mark the web directory’s domain authority as a vital point for submission. This step would assist you in performing a quick searchable directory.
  • Do not solely depend on directory submissions only; you can use other techniques, such as guest blogging, social bookmarking, etc.
  • Read the guidelines of the directory submission site thoroughly. Every site has different rules. They have a large category from where you need to select a suitable one for listing your website. If in case you select the wrong category, then your site might be rejected or removed.

Do’s and Don’ts of Directory Submission Sites

When you submit your site to directories, then you need to know their do’s and don’ts as well:


    • Submit your website to well-known directories as it increases the traffic. Also, the backlinks’ quality should be good as they, too, increase the website’s optimization process.
    • Choose selective words for your anchor text and avoid spammy usage. Do not be repetitive with the anchor text against every link. Choose distinct keywords and change the description in each link.
    • Check that the directory you select should provide a unique category structure that would assist in better organization of the information when you submit your website into categories. This helps locate required information quickly.
    • Do remember to check the domain authority of the directory
    • The title and description that you opt for should be on point and appropriate. Remember to put the main keyword in the title that is used in the anchor text.
    • Do a quick search in the directory to see if the website is not already listed. It would save you a lot of time.
    • Always keep quality in mind while building links. Rather than opting for various non –quality links, one single quality link is better. As the links from high PR directories help drive more traffic to your site
    • Refrain paying for the links and choose one-way links via directory submission
    • Keep track of your submissions and regularly check your approval status. Numerous free directory submission sites might approve your site instantly, while some might charge you to submit your website on a few top sites.
    • For tracking the performance, it is essential to document your work. Documenting would help you know whether the SEO strategies are working in your favor or not.


  • Remember that the directory that uses the ‘rel=no follow’ technique for your link is of no use as it does not help in the optimization campaign. Search engines do not follow that link to your site. At times, redirects are also not considered for backlinks by a search engine.
  • Keep your site away from link farms, bad neighborhoods, and free-for-all (FFA) link sites as they can harm your site.
  • If you see that the directory is not approving the site without reviewing it manually, do not submit it in that directory. They use some automated scripts for doing it.
  • Do not submit mirror sites as they comprise identical content but have different URLs.
  • There are many directories that do not accept sites if you have submitted in the same month. They might show an error that “Domain already exists.” But, if you have not listed it yet, then choose a more relevant category and then submit it.
  • Do not submit the same URL more than once as it is not considered a good practice.
  • Do not opt for the site that redirects to another address
  • Wait for the site to get completed before submitting it as; if you see an under construction notice or the site is incomplete, then do not submit sites to such a directory.

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Directory submission is one of the best ways to create high-quality backlinks for any new website. It has various benefits, but its major benefit is that it raises the domain authority, increases SERP rankings, boosts traffic, and diversifies your site’s link profile.

Choose the best paid or free directory submission site and avail the benefits.

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