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Time 100 Most Influential

Time 100 Most Influential

From leaders in technology and politics to influencers in culture and science, certain individuals have stood out for their significant impact on society this year. They have shaped the way we live, think, and interact. In this article, we have compiled the list of Time 100 Most Influential of 2023, along with a list of their journeys and achievements.

Time 100 Most Influential

Time 100 Most Influential of 2023

Influence is the power to impact thoughts, behavior, or decisions. It shapes opinions and guides actions in social, cultural, political, or personal aspects. The Time 100 Most Influential segment yearly honors individuals excelling in their fields, leaving a significant impact through their influence on people and society. It categorizes individuals as leaders, innovators, pioneers, titans, icons and artists.


Leaders inspire, guide, and empower, steering their teams toward success with vision, integrity, and effective communication. These inspiring leaders are mentioned in Time 100 most influential list:

1. Olena Zelenska

Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska speaks about the war's impact on her family - BBC News

Olena Zelenska, a Ukrainian screenwriter, and the first lady, never sought the spotlight. As a mother of two, she didn’t anticipate becoming a symbol during the nation’s wartime. Despite this unexpected role, she courageously answers the call as a warrior for Ukraine’s people.

She could leave with her family, and who could blame her? But she stays, defending freedom and democracy. She stays for her children and the future of all Ukrainians. She truly deserves to be on the Time 100 most influential 2023 list.

2. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Brazil’s Lula da Silva, explained

Brazil elected a climate champion, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. As President, Lula aims to strengthen Brazil’s global standing, emphasizing democracy, justice, and economic fairness. His pivotal role lies in addressing the climate and biodiversity crises, especially in protecting the Amazon.

Lula also has a track record of reducing deforestation, and his leadership is crucial in this decisive decade for climate action. He is among the most influential people in the world of 2023.

3. Hakeem Jeffries

Leader Jeffries Floor Speech on the Fake, Fraudulent and Fictitious Censure Resolution

Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic leader, gained widespread support from House Democrats. His passionate remarks ignited enthusiasm not only among Democrats in Congress but also resonated across the country. Leading with values and vision, he prioritizes people over politics.

As the first Black congressional leader, Jeffries has made history, and under his leadership, Democrats are making strides in advancing their values against Republican extremism.

4. Evan Gershkovich

100 Days in Russian Prison: Evan Gershkovich’s Family on His Detainment | WSJ

Under Vladimir Putin, reporters in Russia face imprisonment, beatings, and murder. In March, the Kremlin added to its war on the press by charging Evan Gershkovich, a Wall Street Journal reporter, with espionage. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine ongoing, independent media fled Moscow to avoid persecution. Despite the dangers, Gershkovich remained, reflecting the risks journalists face.

5. Janet Yellen

Inequality of the Economy: Interviewing Secretary Yellen | The Problem With Jon Stewart | Apple TV+

No one is more prepared than Janet Yellen to lead the U.S. through a financial crisis. Serving as the President’s chief economic adviser, vice chair and chair of the Federal Reserve, and Secretary of the Treasury, she’s been a central figure in finance for a generation. Her integrity and analytical skills are widely admired. She rightfully made it to the Time 100 most influential list for 2023.

6. Sherry Rehman

The climate crisis disproportionately affects countries like Pakistan, which bears minimal responsibility for global emissions. Despite contributing little, Pakistan suffered severe flooding. Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s former Minister for Climate Change, advocated at COP27, securing historic funding arrangements for vulnerable countries.

7. Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell is now the longest-serving Senate leader in history, and there’s a reason for it. He consistently earns the overwhelming support of his colleagues every two years. Known for his mastery of Senate rules and impactful transformation of the federal judiciary, what may go unnoticed is his willingness to negotiate and pursue the greater good by collaborating with the other side.

8. Anthony Albanese

Anthony Albanese, Australia’s Prime Minister, champions the voices of the marginalized, particularly Indigenous peoples, supports those in need, advocates for ambitious climate action, and steadfastly upholds democracy amid unprecedented challenges.

9. Margrethe Vestager

As the E.U.’s digital czar, Margrethe Vestager challenges tech giants like Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Meta. Since 2014, she has led a global crackdown on Big Tech’s market power, imposing fines and implementing stricter rules. She has achieved recognition as a prominent figure in the Time 100 most influential list for 2023.

10. Joe Biden

Joe Biden Launches His Campaign For President: Let's Finish the Job

Joe Biden has spent almost 50 years in politics, beginning on the New Castle County Council in Delaware. He served as a U.S. senator for 36 years, then became the 47th vice president under Barack Obama. After a break, he returned as the 46th U.S. president.

11. Samuel Alito

In June 2022, Samuel Alito, a long-standing conservative on the Supreme Court, completed a fifty-year effort to overturn Roe v. Wade, reshaping U.S. reproductive health. His Dobbs v. Jackson decision stirred renewed political debates, impacting a new generation of women. Alito’s legacy was solidified in 2022.

12. Gustavo Petro

Gustavo Petro became Colombia’s president in August 2022, leading a historic political coalition with ambitious plans. Pragmatic in wielding power, he forges broad alliances, emphasizing peace, addressing drug policy failures, promoting fair wealth distribution, and prioritizing environmental care in a global climate crisis.

13. Gina Raimondo

Gina Marie Raimondo became Rhode Island’s first female governor and is now the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. In her role, she’s revitalizing U.S. manufacturing and tech infrastructure, leading efforts to boost microchip production, fortify supply chains, and enhance national security.

14. Oleksandra Matviichuk

Oleksandra Matviichuk, a renowned Ukrainian human rights lawyer, has dedicated herself to defending democracy. Leading the Center for Civil Liberties in Kyiv, she documents Russia’s war crimes, contributing to her joint receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize last year—the first for a Ukrainian.

15. Fumio Kishida

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida addresses the Philippine Congress

On March 21, Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed anger at the atrocity in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. Aged 65, he understands war’s pain, having lost relatives to Hiroshima’s atomic bombing. In response to threats from Russia, China, and North Korea, Kishida transforms Japanese foreign policy, addressing historical issues with South Korea, increasing defense spending, and reinforcing U.S. alliances. He really deserves to be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

16. Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain, long dedicated to supporting vulnerable people, now leads the U.N. World Food Programme. Based in Rome, the WFP reached over 150 million people in 2022 with vital food support. McCain’s extensive experience positions her well for the challenging and rewarding role.

17. María Herrera Magdaleno

Mexican activist María Herrera Magdaleno, 73, leads a movement born out of tragedy—four of her eight children have been missing for over a decade amid endemic violence from drug cartels. Facing little help from the justice system, she joined a movement of families taking matters into their own hands. She founded a national network that guides families in investigating disappearances.

18. Olaf Scholz

When Chancellor Olaf Scholz labeled the Russian invasion of Ukraine an epochal turning point, he committed Germany to rise to the occasion. Despite occasional delays in Berlin’s response, Scholz has initiated significant changes within a year, reversing postwar pacifism, increasing military spending, and supporting Ukraine with arms.

19. Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the 16th and current President of Nigeria, previously served as Lagos State Governor from 1999 to 2007. He played a key role in restoring democracy in 1999 after opposing military rule.

20. Min Aung Hlaing

Myanmar army chief vows to 'deal decisively' with resistance in rare speech – BBC News

Min Aung Hlaing, a Burmese politician and army general, has led Myanmar since the February 2021 coup. He serves as chairman of the State Administration Council and took on the civilian role of prime minister in August 2021. Under his rule, Myanmar has become the world’s second-most authoritarian regime. He definitely should be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

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Innovators are creative individuals or organizations who introduce new ideas, methods, products, or processes, driving positive change and progress. The following folks are part of Time 100 most influential 2023 list’s innovators section:

21. Bob Iger

Bob Iger, Disney’s C.E.O., on How the Movie Business Is Changing | DealBook Summit 2023

For a century, Walt Disney Co. has captivated, educated, and motivated people worldwide with unmatched storytelling. Bob Iger, its leader for almost two decades, stands out among admired CEOs. His leadership is marked by significant acquisitions, culture-defining films, innovative distribution platforms, and impressive financial outcomes.

22. Sarah Kate Ellis

GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis talks LGBTQ social media safety

As the president and CEO of GLAAD, Sarah Kate Ellis is a vital voice in modern politics, actively advocating for equal rights. Facing over 450 anti-LGBTQ bills in 2023, she highlights their harmful impact and links them to increased violence against the LGBTQ community.

Through her work and example, Sarah Kate consistently stands up for what’s right in the face of the historical mistreatment of LGBTQ individuals.

23. Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappe Top 30 Goals That Shocked the World

Kylian Mbappé is more than a soccer genius. He embodies a real-life rags-to-riches tale. Raised in Paris’ tough suburbs, he gained global fame by winning the 2018 World Cup at 19.

Despite considering a nine-figure transfer from PSG to Real Madrid, Macron urged him to stay for France’s sake, and Mbappé did. Grounded by his mom’s truths of “respect, humility, lucidity,” he maintains a realistic view of fame, understanding its fickleness. He really deserves to be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

24. Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne Monologue - SNL

Natasha Lyonne, an American actor, is renowned for roles in Hollywood hits like the American Pie series and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. She received acting opportunities right after leaving school and garnered awards, including a ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ nomination.

25. Monica Simpson

Monica Simpson on abortion bans and those seeking to retain power | One-on-one with Stephanie Ruhle

The Dobbs decision of 2022, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion, shocked millions, but not Monica Simpson. In the South, access to reproductive care has long been limited. Through SisterSong, Monica transforms these challenges into effective organizing, celebrating strength, and demanding equality.

26. Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder, beyond being a comedian, is a keen observer of human behavior. In shows like Nathan for You and The Rehearsal, he explores the absurdities of human interactions, making you think, laugh, and think again. He truly deserves to be placed in the Time 100 most influential 2023 list.

27. Wanjira Mathai

Wanjira Mathai fights for justice and Africa’s future, armed with sharp analysis, love for people, persuasive skills, and an inviting smile. Whether in rural communities or international settings, she focuses on the restoration of land, livelihoods, and communities.

28. Hidetaka Miyazaki

Dark Souls III - Opening Cinematic Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC

Hidetaka Miyazaki is a video game director and president of FromSoftware, renowned for creating Dark Souls. His games feature addictive gameplay, challenging difficulty, and impactful visual storytelling, making him the spiritual father of the Souls-like RPG genre.

29. Jerrod Carmichael

Rothaniel Jerrod Carmichael is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and filmmaker. He’s released three HBO stand-up specials: Love at the Store (2014), 8 (2017), and Rothaniel (2022). Additionally, he co-created, co-wrote, produced, and starred in the semi-biographical NBC sitcom The Carmichael Show (2015–2017). He definitely should be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

30. Catherine Coleman Flowers

Catherine Coleman Flowers, a child of Lowndes County, spearheads the fight for environmental justice. Exposing systemic neglect, especially in places like Lowndes County where over 40% lack clean sanitation, Catherine’s efforts led to the Biden Administration allocating $50 billion for wastewater issues, focusing on underserved communities.

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31. Sean Sherman

Sean has significantly influenced the revitalization and revolution of Native cuisine in the U.S. His Minneapolis restaurant, Owamni, and nonprofit, North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems, contribute to this effort. Sean inspires a new generation of Indigenous chefs to honor their culinary heritage and decolonize their diets.

32. Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek | Top 10 Points | 2022 US Open

Iga Swiatek is a professional tennis player. As she climbs to the top of the sport, she shows vulnerability and courage. Relentlessly improving her game, she credits supporters and advocates for mental health while supporting Ukrainians defending their homes.

33. Kate Orff

Kate Orff’s work aims to repair our warming planet through innovative design, challenging the notion that landscape architects only work on land. Leading the Living Breakwaters project for a decade, she reduces storm surge risks along Staten Island’s coast and revitalizes its ecosystem.

34. Dimie Ogoina

In 2017, when Dr. Dimie Ogoina raised concerns about a new form of Mpox in Nigeria, the world initially overlooked it. Recognizing its significance, he persisted, documenting potential sexual transmission and publishing in scientific journals. In 2022, as the global Mpox outbreak occurred, Dimie’s insights became crucial for preventing and controlling outbreaks. He really deserves to be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

35. Andrea Kritcher

Physicist: Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Proves Clean Energy Future Is Possible

Nuclear fusion holds the potential for limitless clean energy, but mastering the physics is challenging. In August 2021, an experiment at the National Ignition Facility in California fell short, prompting Andrea Kritcher to seek improvements. After more work, Kritcher’s insights contributed to achieving the first-ever controlled fusion ignition in December 2022, a physics research milestone and a step toward fusion power.


Titans, whether in mythology, business, or sports, embody strength and dominance. From ancient Greek legends to contemporary realms, the term evokes power, influence, and significance in various contexts. Here are the distinguished titans of 2023:

36. Angela Bassett

Angela Basset as Bernadine Getting Revenge | Waiting To Exhale | HBO Max

Angela Bassett, captivating and gifted, has made her mark in theaters, on stages, and on TV screens worldwide. After small roles in The Cosby Show and Spenser: For Hire, her breakthrough came in 1990 with notable TV roles.

Notably, her portrayal of Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do with It (1993) earned her an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

37. Laurene Powell Jobs

The David Rubenstein Show: Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs, a modern-day Emerson, tirelessly advocates for humanity. She’s an exceptional gardener, knowledgeable about plant life and thriving conditions. As a specialist and generalist, her Emerson Collective engages in a vast range of philanthropic efforts, from immigration to journalism to entrepreneurship.

Illuminating solutions to complex problems, she addresses climate change, education, and poverty, envisioning the best version of America and the world. She rightfully made it to the Time 100 most influential list for 2023.

38. Lionel Messi


Lionel Messi, 36, needs no introduction for his goal-scoring records and championship wins. What truly impresses me is his sustained greatness over numerous years, a rare achievement. His dribbling is like magic, and his angled passes are artistic. Messi’s awareness and anticipation are almost incomprehensible.

39. Padma Lakshmi

Everything Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR

Padma Lakshmi is an Emmy-nominated host of Top Chef. She has authored award-winning cookbooks like Easy Exotic and contributed to Vogue, Gourmet, and Harper’s Bazaar. Additionally, she has written a syndicated column on fashion and food for the New York Times.

40. Johan Rockstrom

10 years to transform the future of humanity -- or destabilize the planet | Johan Rockström

As the Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Rockstrom pioneered planetary boundaries– guidelines to keep humanity safe. Identifying nine crucial limits, including Earth heating, ocean acidification, and ozone layer degradation, he emphasizes the need for new business models focusing on circularity, regeneration, and justice.

41. Beyonce

Born on September 4, 1981, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, known simply as Beyoncé, is an American R&B and pop artist, actress, and fashion model. Her fearlessness, talent, beauty, and artistry will inspire Black female artists for generations to come. She is among the most influential people in the world of 2023.

42. Patrick Mahomes II

Born on September 17, 1995, in Tyler, Texas, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II is an NFL quarterback. Setting new standards, his sidearm throws and plays inspire young players nationwide. He’s a hard worker, appreciates the cerebral aspect of the game, and recognizes his platform as the Super Bowl-winning MVP quarterback.

43. Elon Musk

Elon Musk, a renowned entrepreneur, gained global fame as the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. He’s known for early tech investments, and he recently took X (formerly Twitter) private. Comparisons to tycoons like Jobs, Hughes, and Ford highlight his success and unique style. He really deserves to be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

44. Gina Prince-Bythewood

Gina Prince-Bythewood believes in the power of stories as her life’s purpose. Throughout her career, she’s committed to uplifting narratives, especially those featuring Black women and women of color, seeking the truth in storytelling.

45. Karen Lynch

Most Powerful Women: Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch, as president and CEO of CVS Health, aims to simplify, personalize, and make healthcare more affordable. Leading since early 2021, she facilitated widespread COVID vaccinations, particularly in vulnerable communities. Karen also initiated efforts to reduce the cost of women’s health products and expanded CVS into primary care.

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46. Shou Zi Chew

Mr. Chew assumed leadership at TikTok in May 2021 amid concerns about the app’s connection to China. He studied economics at University College London, worked at Goldman Sachs, earned an M.B.A. from Harvard, and interned at Facebook. Fluent in Mandarin, he became involved with DST Global, investing in a Chinese news aggregator that later became ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company.

47. Ozlem Tureci and Ugur Sahin

In 2020, the remarkable tale of creating a COVID-19 vaccine came with an equally inspiring human story. Ozlem Tureci and Ugur Sahin, a German couple with Turkish roots, were researching mRNA for cancer treatment. Upon learning about COVID, they used mRNA to instruct cells to build a replica of the virus’s spike protein, developing a vaccine in partnership with Pfizer.

48. Deborah Lipstadt

In the Book of Proverbs, a hymn praises a woman of valor—strong, righteous, and fostering a home for Jewish values. As U.S. special envoy, Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt embodies this, tirelessly working to protect Jewish communities and combat rising antisemitism globally. She is a noted entry in the Time 100 most influential 2023 list.


Pioneers are often characterized by their willingness to take risks and venture into uncharted territory. These are the individuals from Time 100 most influential 2023 list’s pioneer section:

49. Doja Cat

Doja Cat - Paint The Town Red (Official Video)

Born on October 21, 1995, as Amala Zandile Dlamini, Doja Cat is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles with South African roots. She gained attention on SoundCloud, releasing her first song “SO HIGH” in 2012 and signing with RCA Records in 2013. Her debut EP, Purrr!, followed in 2014.

Doja’s breakout moment came in 2018 with the viral hit “MOOO” and she never looked back. She is a skilled technical rapper with a strong melodic sense and a bold visual presence. She has been honored with a Grammy Award and various other accolades.

50. Mikaela Shiffrin

Moving Right Along - Season 2, Episode 1 | Dialing It In

Mikaela Shiffrin is a dominant force in skiing, making history as one of the most successful female skiers. At just 18, she became the youngest Olympic champion in slalom and secured four consecutive world championship titles.

In the 2022/23 season, Shiffrin surpassed Lindsey Vonn’s women’s World Cup wins record of 82 and Ingemar Stenmark’s overall mark of 86, held for 34 years. Her 53 World Cup slalom race victories are the most in a single discipline, outpacing Stenmark by 13. Shiffrin continues to leave her mark as a skiing phenomenon.

51. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid Runway Walk #international #bellahadid #trending

Born on October 9, 1996, in Washington, D.C., Isabella Khairiah “Bella” Hadid grew up in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and former model Yolanda Hadid.

Bella started her modeling journey at 16 with a Flynn Skye commercial. In an industry struggling for cultural relevance, Bella stands out. With almost a decade in the business, she has featured in major collections worldwide.

52. Sam Altman

Sam Altman on OpenAI, Future Risks and Rewards, and Artificial General Intelligence

Sam predicted that the rapid advancement of technology would lead to the creation of a powerful tool: artificial general intelligence (AGI). Recognizing its potential for both good and harm, he co-founded OpenAI to responsibly introduce AGI to the world. Initially, a nonprofit, OpenAI adopted a capped-profit model when funding fell short. He is among the most influential people in the world of 2023. He definitely should be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

53. Niloofar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi

In Tehran, Mahsa Amini faced severe charges for not wearing her hijab properly, leaving the police station in critical condition. Such incidents are common in Iran, but details often go unheard due to victims’ fear of more abuse. This time, reporter Niloofar Hamedi exposed the story, sharing images of Amini in a comatose state.

Elaheh Mohammadi covered the funeral, which turned into a nationwide protest. Despite their courageous journalism, both Hamedi and Mohammadi now languish in Evin Prison on absurd charges of conspiring against Iran’s national security, highlighting the harsh suppression of journalism in the country.

54. Thom Browne

Thom Browne, a world creator, constantly redefines menswear and womenswear, reshaping fashion norms through design and storytelling. As the Chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, he challenges conventions, infusing thoughtfulness into every detail.

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55. S.S. Rajamouli

Naacho Naacho (Full Video) RRR - NTR, Ram Charan | M M Kreem | SS Rajamouli | Vishal Mishra & Rahul

SS Rajamouli is renowned for grand films like RRR, Magadheera, and the iconic Baahubali series. He’s become synonymous with spectacular cinematic experiences, putting the Telugu film industry on the global stage. RRR achieved global blockbuster status, with the song ‘Naatu Naatu’ winning prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

56. MrBeast

$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!

Online personality MrBeast, or Jimmy Donaldson, boasts over 219 million YouTube subscribers. Known for extravagant acts of kindness, like giving away a $100,000 diamond or organizing real-life Squid Game challenges for $456,000, he’s gained widespread recognition. He is among the most influential people in the world of 2023.

57. Elizabeth Maruma Mrema

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema achieved a major environmental victory, leading countries to agree on conserving or restoring 30% of the world’s lands and waters by 2030. As the U.N.’s executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, she united 195 countries’ negotiators in a non-legally binding agreement. The deal aims to increase financing for developing countries, eliminate harmful subsidies, and safeguard Indigenous communities’ rights.

58. Britney Schmidt and Peter Davis

A significant Antarctic campaign led by Britney Schmidt and Peter Davis employed a hot-water drill and an underwater robot to examine the Thwaites glacier’s underside, providing crucial insights into its instability. Published in Nature in February, their research included troubling footage of bottom-up glacier melting and a nuanced understanding of glacier deformation. They rightfully made it to the Time 100 most influential list for 2023.

59. Sam Rivera

Sam Rivera is innovating an approach to assist around 7 million Americans with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). As the executive director of OnPoint NYC, he provides non-judgmental support, clean needles, and essential connections to care. This includes offering medically supervised injection spaces at three locations in New York City.

60. Robin Zeng

Creating sustainable transportation needs a worldwide effort, and Zeng Yuqun, also known as Robin Zeng, will contribute significantly to decarbonization. As the founder of Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), the world’s leading electric-vehicle battery provider, Zeng supplies major automakers like Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Ford.

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61. Edward Reynolds

Ed Reynolds is a program manager at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). He led NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), deliberately colliding a spacecraft with the asteroid Dimorphos on September 26, 2022. The test was aimed to determine if we can deflect space ordnance heading toward Earth.

62. Margaret Mitchell

How we can build AI to help humans, not hurt us | Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell, a prominent figure in AI ethics, challenges the notion that AI is all-powerful, suggesting that exaggerated claims benefit companies. In 2020, she co-authored an influential paper arguing AIs like ChatGPT reinforce societal inequality. She is now creating innovative AI guardrails while also being a prominent critic of unaccountable tech power in the AI debate.


Icons are individuals widely admired for excellence and influence in fields like entertainment, leadership, and art. They make a significant impact on culture, society, or their industry. These are the icons of the Time 100 most influential list:

63. Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge Wins Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series | 2023 Golden Globe Awards on NBC

Jennifer Coolidge, born on August 28, 1961, in Boston, Massachusetts, is a character actress and comedian, famous for her role as Stifler’s mom in American Pie (1999). After studying theater at Emerson College, she joined improv groups in New York and Los Angeles. Coolidge’s breakthrough came in American Pie, and she continued in Legally Blonde and various TV roles.

Known for her bold comedic style, she embraces diverse characters with humor. Coolidge, a versatile and talented actress, has left a lasting impact on film and television.

64. Ke Huy Quan

Ke Huy Quan is overcome with emotion as he accepts Oscar - full speech

Born on August 20, 1971, Ke Huy Quan, also known as Jonathan Ke Quan, is an American actor. He gained fame as Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) and Data in The Goonies (1985). After a hiatus in the 1990s, working as a stunt choreographer and assistant director, Quan returned to acting in Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022).

His performance received widespread acclaim, earning him various awards, including an Academy Award, Critics Choice, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit, and SAG Award.

65. Sara Mardini and Yusra Mardini

The Real Yusra Mardini Reacts To The Film Based On Her Life | The Swimmers

In 2015, sisters Yusra and Sara Mardini fled Syria due to conflict, making a perilous sea crossing from Turkey to Greece. When their dinghy’s engine failed, they jumped into the water, guiding the overcrowded boat to safety and saving everyone on board. Yusra, now a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, swam for the Refugee Olympic Team. Sara, volunteering in Greece, faced unjust charges along with other aid workers, later dismissed.

The 2022 movie “The Swimmers” shares their powerful story, shedding light on the challenges faced by displaced people. Yusra and Sara advocate fiercely for everyone’s right to seek safety, regardless of who, where, or when.

66. Shah Rukh Khan

Thoughts on humanity, fame and love | Shah Rukh Khan | TED

Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, started as an outsider but rose to the industry’s top spot with talent and hard work. His incredible journey began with the 1989 TV series Fauji and spans three decades. With over 80 movies, numerous awards, and a global fan base, SRK stands as an icon in contemporary cinema. He is among the most influential people in the world of 2023. He definitely should be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

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67. Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal: Extended Interview | The Graham Norton Show

Chilean actor Pedro Pascal gained fame for his roles in Game of Thrones, Narcos, The Mandalorian, and The Last of Us. Known for his diverse performances, Pascal has made a mark in both television and streaming platforms with memorable characters, showcasing his talent in various genres.

68. Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner’s story is a powerful tale of resilience. Despite spending almost 10 months wrongfully imprisoned in Russia, she never lost hope or her sense of humor. Beyond her inner strength, Griner’s situation shed light on issues like pay disparities for women athletes, leading some to risk dangerous situations for financial gain. Her case highlighted the plight of numerous Americans wrongfully detained worldwide, and she continues to use her platform to advocate for their release.

69. King Charles

Moment HM King Charles III is crowned in Coronation ceremony - BBC News

Britain’s longest-reigning monarch’s eldest son, King Charles III, succeeded Queen Elizabeth II, officially in 2022. Known for his charm, humor, and environmental advocacy, Charles values both tradition and adapting to the times. As king, he brings a rare ability to balance tradition and evolution, entering a new era with passion and understanding.

70. Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie, a renowned author, has written thirteen novels, including Midnight’s Children, which won the Booker Prize in 1981. His non-fiction works include Joseph Anton – A Memoir, and he co-edited Mirrorwork, an anthology of contemporary Indian writing. His contributions span literature, advocacy, and academia, holding honorary positions and prestigious awards globally.

71. RowVaughn Wells

RowVaughn Wells gained national influence after the tragic loss of her son Tyre Nichols, beaten by Memphis police in January 2023. Despite the pain of losing a child, RowVaughn has shown strength, asserting her voice to end unjust police killings of unarmed Black men. Her public advocacy led to national recognition and renewed calls for police reform from President Biden’s Administration.

72. Tracie D. Hall

TIME100 Honoree Tracie D. Hall Delivers A Toast at the 2023 TIME100 Gala

Tracie D. Hall, the first African American woman to lead the American Library Association, has dedicated her career to serving the public good. As a librarian, she strives for diverse book collections accessible to all. Hall champions the right to read amid censorship challenges, embodying her belief that “free people read freely.” She has achieved recognition as a prominent figure in the Time 100 most influential list of 2023.

73. Peng Lifa

In October 2022, Peng Lifa protested China’s restrictive zero-COVID policy and one-party rule in Beijing. Using blank A4 paper as a symbol, nationwide protests ensued. Today, Peng Lifa and many protesters are detained or missing. Their courage under authoritarian rule is a historic moment, symbolizing the struggle for truth and justice. Such resistance is rare but crucial for free expression.

74. Shannon Watts

Shannon Watts is dedicated to advocating for gun safety, aiming to end this uniquely American crisis in a generation. After the tragic 2012 shooting of 20 first-graders, she founded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, now a major grassroots organization. She encouraged people to share their stories, contributing to the ongoing change. A significant gun safety law has been enacted after three decades, thanks to efforts from individuals like her.

75. Haluk Levent

Massive earthquakes in February destroyed many buildings in Turkey and Syria. Haluk Levent, a beloved rock star, symbolizes hope through his nonprofit Ahbap. In the aftermath of the disaster, Ahbap worked on the ground, saving lives when the government faltered. Levent, known for his transparency, efficiently directed donations to aid families affected by the tragedy.

76. Imara Jones

Imara Jones asserts that transphobia is a choice, not inherent. In a world with anti-trans bills, her TransLash podcast redefines the narrative, envisioning a world we all deserve. Amid rising anti-trans violence and legislative threats, Imara passionately declares our right to a future filled with pleasure, abundance, and recognition of Black trans value.

77. Yvon Chouinard

Meet Yvon Chouinard: The billionaire who donated his entire company

Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the outdoor brand Patagonia, gave up being a billionaire by donating the company to a trust and nonprofit in September 2022. Patagonia, reflecting Yvon’s values, was admired for its uniqueness. Yvon surprised many the previous year, by giving away the company to protect the planet, making an unprecedented move aligned with his nonconformist approach. He definitely should be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.


Artists capture emotions, tell stories, and inspire. Through creativity, they bring beauty and perspective to our world, shaping culture profoundly. The most influential artists of 2023 are:

78. Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan on His High Expectations for the Met Gala | Met Gala 2018 With Liza Koshy | Vogue

Michael B. Jordan has been an actor for 24 years—longer than LeBron James played basketball and more than Tom Brady’s time in football. Even though he looks young, it’s impressive how he’s stayed successful in a tough industry. He’s worked on TV, movies, and big Hollywood films, always working hard.

Born in Santa Ana, California, and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Michael B. Jordan faced challenges growing up, with friends involved in risky activities. Starting as a model, he got his first acting gig at 12 on The Sopranos. Breakthroughs came with HBO’s The Wire and ABC’s All My Children. He earned acclaim in films like Fruitvale Station and gained fame in Creed and Black Panther.

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79. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Loves Getting Up Close and Personal with Her Talk Show Guests (Extended)

Drew Barrymore, born on February 22, 1975, in Culver City, California, comes from a family of actors, including her successful father, John. Beginning her career with roles in “Altered States” (1980) and “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” (1982), she became a famous child actor. Despite early success, her teenage years were troubled, leading to rehab and an autobiography, “Little Girl Lost.” From 1990 to 2010, she starred in hits like Charlie’s Angels and Scream.

Alongside acting, she founded Flower Films and ventured into cosmetics, wines, and clothing. Her autobiographical essays in “Wildflower” were published in 2015, and she currently hosts The Drew Barrymore Show. Her life is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit- a story of blooming through challenges, finding strength in vulnerability, and turning the page with grace and a smile.

80. Ali Wong

Ali Wong on Going on Tour with Her Ex-Husband, Shooting Her First Love Scene & New Show Beef

Ali Wong, born on April 19, 1982, in San Francisco, California, is a renowned comedian and actress who has significantly impacted the entertainment world. Celebrated for her unique humor, bold storytelling, and unapologetic approach, she’s known for her sharp wit and candid takes, especially on her life as an Asian-American woman.

Ali’s breakthrough happened with the Netflix special “Ali Wong: Baby Cobra” in 2016, filmed during her seven-month pregnancy. Showcasing raw humor and unwavering confidence, it earned critical acclaim, making her a comedy sensation. Covering topics like feminism, motherhood, and challenges women face in male-dominated industries, she creates a narrative that inspires and entertains, emphasizing that embracing your true self is the ultimate comedy.

81. Austin Butler

Austin Butler Shows Off His Elvis Impressions and Teaches Jimmy an Iconic Dance Move (Extended)

Born on August 17, 1991, in Anaheim, California, Austin Butler is an American actor, singer, and model. Discovered at thirteen during the Orange County Fair, he entered the entertainment industry with background acting gigs. After early roles, he gained prominence as James Garrett in Zoey 101 (2008) and starred in shows like The Shannara Chronicles (2015). He is among the most influential people in the world of 2023.

82. Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza Monologue - SNL

Born on June 26, 1984, Aubrey Plaza is an American actress, comedian, and producer. Starting with improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, she gained fame as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation (2009–2015) and featured in Legion (2017–2019). In 2022, Plaza starred in The White Lotus, earning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

83. Rian Johnson

American filmmaker Rian Craig Johnson, born on December 17, 1973, gained recognition with his debut, the noir film Brick (2005). He continued his success with the sci-fi thriller Looper (2012) and the blockbuster Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017). Knives Out (2019) brought him an Academy Award nomination. Known for his movies, including Glass Onion (2022), Johnson weaves intricate plots, delves into characters, and subtly addresses political and sociological issues. He really deserves to be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

84. Salma Hayek Pinault

Mexican actress Salma Hayek is a prominent figure in Hollywood and is thus mentioned in Time 100 most influential 2023 list. Best known for her role in the 2002 film Frida, she earned a Best Actress Academy Award nomination. Hayek’s acting prowess shines through her ability to empathize with characters, evident from her breakthrough as Frida Kahlo to her recent role in Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

85. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is a versatile American entertainer and model. Known for her powerful onscreen presence, she effortlessly takes on diverse roles, from action-packed performances in Guardians of the Galaxy to emotionally charged scenes in From Scratch. A pioneer in Hollywood, she advocates for diversity and representation, breaking down barriers for women and people of color.

86. Judy Blume

Born on February 12, 1928, Judy Blume, a best-selling author, is renowned for her acclaimed young adult, children, and adult novels. Writing since the 1960s, she courageously tackled taboo topics like body image and bullying, becoming an advocate against censorship. Blume’s influential work, exploring teenage experiences, paved the way for many onscreen adaptations. Due to all these achievements, she is placed in the Time 100 most influential 2023 list.

87. Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell Embarrassed By Terrible Haircuts - The Graham Norton Show

Colin James Farrell, born on May 31, 1976, is an Irish actor known for his roles in both big-budget and independent films since the 2000s. He has won two Golden Globe Awards and earned an Academy Award nomination. Farrell started in the BBC series Ballykissangel (1998) and made his film debut in The War Zone (1999). His breakout came with Minority Report (2002), followed by notable roles in Daredevil (2003), Alexander (2004), Miami Vice (2006), and Cassandra’s Dream (2007).

88. Lea Michele

Lea Michele Sarfati, born on August 29, 1986, is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and author. Known for her soprano vocal range, she’s earned accolades like a Screen Actors Guild Award, four Grammy nominations, and two Golden Globes. She gained fame as Rachel Berry on Glee, winning a SAG Award. In 2022, she received critical acclaim for her Broadway role in the musical revival of Funny Girl. She rightfully made it to the Time 100 most influential list for 2023.

89. Simone Leigh

Simone Leigh, born in Chicago in 1967, earned a BA in fine art from Earlham College in 1990. Trained in traditional ceramics, she interned at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, sparking her interest in challenging the misclassification of African diaspora objects. Her art, marked by elegance and powerful messages, transcends its form, celebrating Black bodies, particularly female bodies, challenging stereotypes, and empowering generations.

90. Wolfgang Tillmans

Born in Remscheid, Germany, in 1968, Wolfgang Tillmans developed a passion for photography as a teenager. Starting with Lacanau (1986), he captured moments like walking on a beach. In the late ’80s, Tillmans documented the emerging rave scene in Hamburg, and his work appeared in progressive magazines. His photography, once celebratory, took a somber turn after his partner’s death from AIDS in 1997. Exhibiting globally, Tillmans explores diverse styles, reflecting a new interest in abstraction in the past decade. He has received prestigious awards, including the Ars Viva Prize in 1995 and the Turner Prize in 2000.

91. Suzan-Lori Parks

Suzan-Lori Parks faced early discouragement due to poor spelling but went on to become a groundbreaking playwright. The first African American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama (2002), she’s known for historically conscious and linguistically complex theater. Parks explored African American life, winning the Obie Award for her debut play, Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom (1989). Her acclaimed work, Topdog/Underdog, earned her the Pulitzer Prize in 2002. Parks continued to break new ground, adapting novels, writing teleplays, and winning awards for her contributions to theater.

92. Neil Gaiman

Writing Advice from Neil Gaiman | Discover MasterClass | MasterClass

Renowned author Neil Gaiman is a versatile storyteller in various mediums. His career spans journalism, comics, screenplays, fiction, and more. Gaiman’s notable works include The Sandman series, collaborations with Terry Pratchett, and award-winning novels like American Gods and The Graveyard Book. Adaptations of his works include the film Coraline and the BBC series Neverwhere. He really deserves to be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

93. Shervin Hajipour

Creating a masterpiece is often unforeseen. In September 2022, Shervin Hajipour, in Iran, responded to protests following Mahsa Amini’s death. Shervin posted “Baraye” (Because of) online, incorporating Iranians’ grievances. The song became the anthem of the uprising, reflecting the sentiment of “Woman, life, freedom!” Shervin was arrested but later awarded the first Grammy for Best Song for Social Change in 2023.

94. El Anatsui

Ghanaian sculptor El Anatsui is renowned for his innovative art created in studios in Nigeria and Ghana. Using discarded materials like bottle caps and graters, he crafts sculptures that defy categorization. Anatsui’s work explores reuse, transformation, and connection to Africa, delving into colonial history and linking consumption, waste, and the environment.

95. Colleen Hoover

There has never been an author who has dominated the USA TODAY Best-Selling Books list week after week like Colleen Hoover. Three of her books, “Reminders of Him,” “It Ends With Us” and “Verity,” took the No. 1 spot in 2022. In the past decade, she evolved from a self-published newcomer to a powerhouse, selling over 20 million copies of her 24 books. She even outsold the Bible in 2022, and her influence extends to #BookTok, inspiring a new generation of readers to visit bookstores.

96. Steve Lacy

How The Internet's Steve Lacy Makes Hits With His Phone | WIRED

Hailing from Compton, California, Steve Lacy, a versatile musician, gained fame through his early music production on the iPhone. Joining The Internet in 2013, he co-produced tracks for their album “Ego Death.” Lacy’s solo hit, “Bad Habit,” from the album Gemini Rights, topped the charts in 2022, solidifying his stardom. Beyond music, he’s recognized as a style icon. He definitely should be on the Time 100 Most Influential list for 2023.

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With this, we have come to the end of the Time’s 100 most influential list for 2023. These individuals come from diverse fields and have made a significant impact on the world.

Source: TIME100: The Most Influential People of 2023

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