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18 Best Free High School Diploma Online for Adults

18 Best Free High School Diploma Online for Adults

Low-income adults are often left behind when it comes to educational opportunities and career advancement. Adults in the U.S. have to pay for online high school diplomas because there are little to no reasonable programs. Adults need to get their diplomas but can’t afford an online school or program that costs hundreds of dollars. However, there are free high school diploma online programs that one can utilize. In this article, we will go over the list of accredited online high schools for adults. 

18 Best Free High School Diploma Online for Adults

Education is important in today’s world, and it’s difficult for many people to find quality institutions to get educated in. With the advancement of technology, many online courses and programs have come up that have made things easier. These online diplomas are great for adults or students who have dropped out of school because of financial or health issues. Let us now begin our list.

1. Penn Foster

Penn Foster website

Located in Pennsylvania, Penn Foster is a private and nationally accredited online high school for adults. It is a great school for sending your child. They have various degree programs partnered with universities, career schools and job corporations throughout the country. And they typically cost less than most other educational institutions because they’re not-for-profit.

Students can get their high school diploma or vocational training from online assistants and trainers. They offer these programs in automotive, childcare, eatery, art, electricity, health, information technology, carpentry, pharmacy technician, plumbing and early college courses. The program costs $1,315. In addition, you will receive a $45 discount per accepted transfer credit.

2. Smart Horizons Career Online High School

Smart Horizons Career Online High School website

COHS is a branch of Smart Horizons Career Online Education, which offers qualifications and courses in healthcare and I.T. Apart from being taught the Diploma, students will also get a career certificate.

This is a great online school because it gives you various options for the future. Some of the career options available include office administration, general career prep, child care and teaching, and national security. Every student has a personalized academic coach to keep them on track with core academic areas and help them develop their collegiate future.

The school offers classes and special student programs and partners with corporations to offer scholarships. They include Walmart, Goodwill, and McDonald’s. The monthly instalment is $77, and there are 18 credits in each course. A full load of 3 courses can last 4 months, so paying the $1295 price for 3 courses can take about 1 year.

3. University of Mississippi High School

University of Mississippi High School website | Free High School Diploma Online

This online school offers free courses with professional accreditation from a university. The University of Mississippi registers it. You can earn a diploma once you finish the course. Students must complete at least 6.25 hours of homework or more in order to improve their grades. Students are offered a wide variety of elective subjects in schools today. The list below consists of Business and Technology, Social Studies, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, and English Language as just some of the many choices.

4. The Indiana University High School

The Indiana University High School website

Indiana University High School has a standard diploma pathway they offer their students. Online colleges for adults are now offering accredited online high schools with a limited number of courses for $250. The courses have been offered to students for decades and have helped them excel in their fields. Their staff includes teachers that are great at teaching and adapting to student needs.

5. The Excel High School

The Excel High School website

This school offers an online diploma program that is free for its students. The school offers all the standard credits a traditional school offers, with up to 21.5 credits from four to six courses per semester (mostly full-time).

You pay a flat rate of $99/month and are then allowed to take as many classes as you want per month. There are a lot of subjects at this school. However, one noticeable trend is that the school specializes in advanced courses. You can also find options for other subjects such as the A.P program, World Languages, and Health Sciences.

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6. James Madison Online High School

James Madison Online High School website | Free High School Diploma Online

One of the finest accredited online high schools for adults, this school offers many great programs, including online high school Diploma programs for students. Its location is Norcross, GA. Students can also get a year-round open enrolment for their diploma programs.

There are more than twenty-four courses offered during this time. If you’re under 18, you’ll be charged $1,799 once the high school credits are complete. Getting educated at this school is an investment in your future that’s worth it. A completed 9th Grade costs $1,439, and a completed 10th Grade costs $1,079. A completed 11th Grade costs $779.

7. The Franklin Virtual High School

The Franklin Virtual High School website

This high school offers free online high school diplomas and are some of the best classrooms. Some of their courses can be completed from home or office space that is available nearby. Franklin Virtual High School has an online delivery system called ‘Students Learn Everything.’

The software monitors students’ progress throughout their courses and provides other resources like support and tutorials. This school offers flexible online courses. You can freely choose whatever activities your child needs for their future development.

One of their best features is that there are plenty of different ways they’re accessed, including online resources and in-person opportunities. Tuition fees at Franklin school are now $330/month.

8. Orion High School

Orion High School website | Free High School Diploma Online

Orion High School is a completely online accredited school located in Midland, Texas. Students complete their schooling in an online environment with no time limits or constraints. Tuition for students of Orion High School can vary. The annual tuition fee is $1,750, and tuition discounts may be available when needed.

9. Middleton Academy

Middleton Academy section

This school is located in Woodbridge, Virginia and commits to supporting students. They offer different student-cantered, teacher-led programs designed to meet the State Performance Standards for students to succeed. In this school, students are divided into groups and different sessions are held so that every student gets proper attention. The school has also considered both 9th Grade and 12th Grade. The cost for the full credit course is $325. If you want to take half a credit class, it costs $200.

10. Texas Success Academy

Texas Success Academy website | Free High School Diploma Online

This school is located in Arlington, TX. They offer classes over a few sessions and send you to work independently. Texas Success Academy is a licensed and accredited online high school for adults. There is a $1,005 per month cost for students who have between 0 and 11.5 credits of tuition to take lessons for eight months.

The cost is higher if the student’s course of study has over 11.5 credits or their tuition lasts 9 months, which would total $910 per month. Available courses include Electrical Technology, Plumbing Technology, Business Information Management, Introduction to Accounting, Business Management and more.

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11. North Dakota Centre for Distance Education

North Dakota Centre for Distance Education website

This center offers students free online high school diplomas worldwide, including NVAT certificates. They are available in Fargo, North Dakota, and were founded in 1935. Students attending a course at the residential campus are charged $169, and those attending a class at the non-residential campus will be charged $250. Students can choose any course they desire from the wide range of courses they offer.

12. Clintondale Virtual School

Clintondale Virtual School website

This free online high school diploma course lets students across the country take high school classes with them all at once. To be eligible for the school’s course, students must be of 22 years. Students can sign up throughout the year. The lectures are delivered online. The tuition fee is between $200 and $250 for each course in this college.

13. The Whitmore School Adult Diploma Program

The Whitmore School website

As the first online high school, there aren’t many others that compare to its course quality and technologies. Students of the Whitmore School must have a certain number of credits to attend. Tuition is around $1500, and they offer payment plans over time. Philadelphia is one of the partner cities that local high schools can partner with. The school has more than just formal partnerships but also organizes various events like visiting a local green school or having a class abroad, etc.

14. Virtual Learning Academy

Virtual Learning Academy website

Located in New Hampshire, Virtual Learning Academy has both part-time and full-time online virtual learning courses for adults. Students are offered a range of courses such as Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, World Language, and more. You can check out the university plans to learn more about tuition costs. Please also refer to the course lengths because that will help you choose the cheapest option.

15. University of Nebraska High School

University of Nebraska High School website | Free High School Diploma Online

The University has recently been issued the state license and accredited online high schools for adults since 2002. There are hundreds of different options for incoming students at Nebraska to choose from!

Students can also take advantage of Dual Enrolment classes or earn their high school diploma online through the University of Nebraska. The tuition fees for non-resident students are $200 per course, while fees for residents go down to $150 per course.

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16. Brigham Young University Adult Diploma

Brigham Young University website

This school’s mission is to help people have a perfect and eternal life. The LDS Church offers free tutoring that helps high school students throughout the country get easy access right from their phones while they are in control of their education.

The school is home to many different courses. A few programs available here are fine arts, communication, human relations, and education degrees. They offer business, international studies, philosophy, and more. Each course of study by this accredited school costs between $148 and $170.

17. Liberty High School

Liberty High School website

The school received accreditation from the Brattleboro, Vermont State Board of Education and has been approved by the Better Business Bureau. This school is perfect for those who couldn’t attend an American school.

This program is for adults who are 18 and above. There are courses available for students at Liberty High School, including Mathematics, Science, English Language and Literature, Social Studies and History and other Exploratory courses. A $300 down payment is required.

18. Mizzou K-12 Online High School

Mizzou website | Free High School Diploma Online

Mizzou K-12 Online High School was created in 2001 and offers free accredited diplomas to students nationwide. Students choose to earn their high school diploma online by taking an entire grade or subject. The cost of Mizzou K-12 Online School’s class schedule varies greatly depending on the course level. It costs $500 on average and is usually discounted to U.S. and MO residents by up to 50%.

Here are some of the courses offered at MizzouK12 Online High School:

  • Science
  • World Languages
  • English Language
  • Electives
  • Fine Arts
  • Practical Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Health

Students nowadays have plenty of options concerning online schooling that have affordable courses. You should ensure the school you choose has an accreditation before going for it. These colleges can get you a free high school diploma online which can open up a plethora of opportunities.

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