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21 Highest Paid Police Departments with Salary

21 Highest Paid Police Departments with Salary

21 Highest Paid Police Departments with Salary

Police officers are government employees who take training courses to prepare themselves and are tasked with upholding laws, arresting criminals, investigating crimes, and protecting the citizens of the country, among many other duties. If you also wish to become a police officer, you have various options as a police officer and different departments to choose from. As their role is critical in society, they are paid handsomely. In this article, we will inform you about the highest paid police departments and which are the highest paying states for police officers.

Role of Police Officers

The role of a police officer demands honesty, an eye for detail, responsibility, patience, integrity, and much more. According to the bureau of labor statistics, a police officer makes $66,020 annually.

The primary role of police officers is to enforce the law by different measures and is responsible for arresting people who do not abide by the laws. There might be a lot of challenging tasks that come your way as a police officer, thus, you will have to be prepared for it as every new day will come with different tasks. In return, along with the remuneration, they get rewarded with much respect by the people of their country.

21 Highest Paid Police Departments with Salary

Knowing about the different department that provides higher pay can make your decision easier about where to apply to work in law enforcement. Working in a police department is tough and comparing salaries offered by different departments will ensure you get paid the right amount. Let us begin our list.

1. San Jose, California

San Jose police department website

The highest paid police department in the world is California. The salary of a police officer, on average, is around $93,550 which is 50% higher than the national average. The San Jose police department in California has around 1000 to 5000 employees, and it was founded back in 1849. They have 11 divisions and over 50 specialized assignments.

Some assignments worth mentioning are SWAT, school resources, traffic enforcement, etc. Other benefits the officers get besides salary are paid training, paid vacation and sick leaves, uniform allowance annually, 4-day a week and for 10 hours, medical insurance plans, and much more.

In fact, in places like Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and San Jose, their salary is around $114,520 annually, thus making it one of the highest salaries for police officers.

2. Alaska

Anchorage Police Department website | Highest Paid Police Departments

Yet another place where police officers get a good amount of salary compared to other states. As per the bureau of labor statistics, the average salary of police officers in Alaska is around $77,230 annually. In fact, the officers working in the northern metro areas get $81,890 annually.

You will be amazed to know that there are more than 7,00,000 law enforcement officers working in Alaska and comprises detectives. For working as a police officer in Alaska, it is mandated for them to graduate from the police academy and should also comprise of a criminal justice degree.

3. New Jersey

New Jersey State Police website

Who does not know about this beautiful place that is famous for its beaches, untouched nature, and entertaining boardwalks? With so many wonderful places to see, it has become a famous tourist place, therefore, here the responsibility of police officer becomes additional. New Jersey is located near New York and is a pretty crowded place.

Because of so much hustle-bustle, they get a pretty decent salary annually. The average annual salary of a police officer in New Jersey is around $89,160.

The salary differs from area to area, as officers in the Trenton area make $90,980, which is a little more than the statewide average. The top-level officers get $123,890, whereas senior-level officers get $105,490. Starting-level police officers earn $45,370, while junior-level officers earn $59,050 annually.

4. Washington, D.C. (Columbia)

Metropolitan Police Department website | Highest Paid Police Departments

The department of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia was founded in 1861. It is one of the 10 largest agencies in the U.S.; the salary of a police officer in Washington, D.C., is around $74,170. As per the WalletHub analysis, the state has the highest number of officers per capita. Also, it has a high rate of assault.

The highest paying areas are Bellevue, Seattle, and Everett, as the average salary there is $82,120, making it the highest paying states for police officers.

There are several job positions in different departments like police officers, detectives, police sergeants, etc. to help abide by the law and ensure safety in the country. They also provide training regularly to help the officers understand the law further. Besides a good salary, they get various added benefits, such as health insurance, retirement savings plan, employee assistance programs, rental assistance, and much more.

5. Nevada

Nevada Capitol Police website

The average salary of a police officer in Nevada is $71,330 annually. The salary varies in different regions in Henderson, Paradise, and Las Vegas; they get $76,000. The police officers there are committed to ensuring a safe environment, protecting the citizens, and preventing crime & any sort of disorder in the state.

A top-level police officer in Nevada makes $95,510, and a senior-level officer gets $85,050. The salary variation is because of the level of education, skills, and number of years spent in the profession.

The best part is that the department offers its officers assistance to prepare them for written, oral, and fitness preparation. This helps them stay educated and meet the fitness standards required as per the job. Apart from their salary, the additional benefits they get are paid holidays, retirement savings plans, education incentives, clothing allowance, and much more.

6. Illinois, Chicago

Illinois police department | Highest Paid Police Departments

The police department of Chicago was founded in 1830; it has numerous officers and law enforcement staff members who work to safeguard the country and help them. The average salary of a police officer in Illinois is around $69,910. The salary varies in different regions like in Elgin it is $75,270, in Cook country it is even more. The highest salary in the area is in Chicago which is around $84,623 annually.

The best and most highlighting part is that the citizens of Chicago can also use the website of the Chicago Police department. They can use the resources they offer on the website to get educated on how to prevent their vehicles from getting stolen, check the records of police arrests, submit a complaint online, and much more.

Other than the high salary the police officers in Chicago get various other benefits as well such as tuition reimbursement plans, retirement & pension plans, and much more.

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7. New York

NYPD website

The salary of police officers in New York is pretty good. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary of a police officer in New York is around $69,140; officers who reside near metropolitan cities make $77,000. Police officers working in Suffolk and Nassau get the highest salary which is $97,910.

New York has the fifth-largest number of police officers in the world as it is full of hustle and bustle and has many tourists throughout the year. The highlighting part is that the government gives a great hike to officers who complete five years in the department. Furthermore, along with a handsome salary, they are also provided with great perks, such as sick leaves, uniform allowance, retirement fund, holiday pay, and much more.

8. Connecticut

Connecticut State Police website | Highest Paid Police Departments

This is yet another highest paying states for police officers as it offers around $65,950 to police officers annually. The non-metro areas get higher remuneration which is around $68,810. The salary of top-level police officers ranges is $96,000 per year, and senior-level officers’ salary is around $88,000.

Connecticut is one of the safest cities in the world, which means that the officers are doing a great job of keeping law and order intact.

9. Oregon

Oregon state police website

This place also offers a handsome amount of salary to its police officers. The average annual salary of police officers is around $65,890, in fact, the officers are paid even more in the Salem region as it is $69,440 annually. The salary varies because of different factors, such as additional skills, experience, and qualifications.

All in all, police officers in Oregon have 47% more salary than others in the U.S. The higher salary implies that the cost of living is more than the states that offer lower salaries to their officers.

10. Dallas, Texas 

Dallas Police department website | Highest Paid Police Departments

If you are thinking of the highest paid Police Departments, this one must include in this list. The salary of the police officers in Dallas is around $65,717 annually and they work to safeguard, serve and help the members of their state. This department was founded in 1881, and the best part about this department is that they provide numerous career opportunities to the officers so that they can grow within the department.

The department or higher authorities also ensure that the staff members follow the code of conduct and act fairly while performing their duty. Apart from a good salary, the police officers in Dallas get added benefits such as retirement plans, language skills pay, tuition reimbursement, annual training programs, and much more.

11. North Carolina

NC Department of Public Safety website

It is the constituent state of the U.S., and it lies on the Atlantic coast midway between New York and Florida. North Carolina is famous for its technology, education, and high employment opportunities. Many people living nearby North Carolina shift here because of the excellent work opportunities and lifestyle. This state is one of the highest paying states for police officers.

In fact, the annual average salary of police officers in North Carolina is $47,340, which is higher than the nearby regions. The salary is decent for living here; thus, if you wish to start your career as a policeman, then this is a great place to start your career with.

12. New Orleans, Louisiana

NOPD website

The police department of New Orleans was founded in 1796, and its motto is to safeguard the city and its people by enforcing the rules and regulations. They work for both public and private events and patrol streets to ensure the community’s safety and to check if people are adhering to the traffic rules. The annual average salary of police officers here is $49263 per year.

They have their website as well, and the best part is that on their website, you will be able to see the salary calculator of the police department to calculate the estimate of their salary. Other than the excellent salary, police officers can avail of various other benefits such as free life insurance, uniform allowance, retirement plans, paid sick holidays, and much more.

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13. Canada

Royal Canadian Mounted Police website | Highest Paid Police Departments

When talking about the highest paid Police Departments, one cannot miss the Canadian police department as they pay pretty well to their officers. The average salary of a police officer in Canada is around $88,315 annually. Their salary is around 35% higher than the national average salary of different occupations in the country.

Canada has three levels of police services: municipal, provincial, and federal; thus, their pay also differs as per the experience, level, and department. The significant role of a police officer in Canada is to enforce the law, maintain public order & safety, and prevent, detect, and investigate criminal activities.

They get a good salary and along with that, they are also given various perks such as paid vacation, life insurance, pension plan, parental/maternity leave, family dental & medical benefits, and much more.

14. Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland police website

Police officers that work in Swiss, French, and English dominant zones earn an average salary of around 76,000 to 90,500 CHF annually. In fact, the salary is even higher in Zurich as the police officer there gets around 95 970 CHF annually. Apart from this, there are additional benefits as well, such as dental insurance, an employee assistance program, disability insurance, and much more.

The salary varies as per the experience and educational qualification, as the entry-level officer gets around 70,000 CHF; on the contrary officer with more than 8 years of experience can make around 1,15,000 CHF. The police officers there are divided into regional and federal police agencies.

The role of the former is to conduct an investigation against any crime that includes any financial crime, terrorism, criminal activities, maintaining law & order, and much more. The primary role of the federal police is the protection of the Swiss border.

15. Australia

Australia federal police website

The Australian government is nowhere behind when it comes to paying salaries to its police officers. They pay a pretty decent amount, as the average salary of an Australian police officer is $42,000 annually. The salary varies as per the state and the city the officer is posted in. But, as per the reports, the highest-paying cities are Sydney and Melbourne.

The duty of Australian police officers is to protect Australia and its residents from any criminal threats, security risk management, maintain public order, enforce the law, etc. The various perks that they can avail are four mandatory rests every year; maternity/paternity leave, 18 days of paid personal leave per year, paid extended service leave after 10 years of continuous Commonwealth service, and much more.

16. Georgia

Georgia State Patrol website | Highest Paid Police Departments

When making the list of highest paying states for police officers, Georgia is a must-include. Georgia is located in the Southeastern region and is majorly famous for generating peaches. Here, most people are involved in agriculture, and the good part is that the crime rate here is pretty low. Here the police officers are relatively fewer because of the decreased crime rate.

The average salary of a police officer in Georgia is around $45,000 yearly. It might sound less, but if you compare it with the salary of other professions in Georgia, it is pretty decent. Thus, if you stay in Georgia, opting for a police officer can be a great choice, and the good thing is that your salary increases as you move to a higher post. Plus, you get other benefits as well like pension, premium pay, overtime, insurance coverage, and much more.

17. Nashville, Tennessee

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department website

Around 2000 to 5000 employees are working in the Metro Nashville Police Department. This place is well-known for its beautiful parks and mountains. The Tennessee police department was established in 1963, and it aims to protect the city and its residents plus, they also ensure to provide safety at events and schools as well.

They also offer various other services, such as reporting a crash online, making fingerprint cards, and much more. Many people wish to opt for this profession as they wish to serve their country and find it one of the best ways of doing it. The average salary of a police officer is around $63,000 annually, and the salary gets increased as they get a promotion or experience.

With this amazing salary, they also get additional benefits as well like overtime pay, health, dental & life insurance plans, uniform maintenance & equipment allowance, holidays that include sick & vacation, and much more.

18. Alabama

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Website

Alabama is a beautiful place known for its scenic beauty, and the cost of living is relatively low here. The average salary of a police officer in Alabama is around $50,000 annually. It is among the highest paying states for police officers.

Alabama police department offers its officers various benefits, including dental insurance, retirement plan, sick and vacation leave, life insurance, vision insurance, educational incentive pay, and much more.

The main duties of the Alabama police department are to provide safety for the State of Alabama through the utilization of consolidated law enforcement, provide protection, investigate criminal activities, and support services.

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19. Kentucky

Kentucky state police website

This place is also one of the highest paying states for police officers as the average salary of a police officer here is around $55,000 annually. Kentucky also has a low cost of living, so the salary of the police officers is also paid accordingly. Their cost of living is 11% lower than the rest of the places in the U.S. It is one of the highest paying states for police officers.

The police department plays a major role in public safety, preventing, reducing, and deterring crime and the fear of crime, promoting highway safety by educating people, safeguarding property, and protecting individual rights.

20. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Police Department website | Highest Paid Police Departments

Baltimore is a beautiful place that comprises various historical places, museums, and parks that one can visit. It is one of the most populous independent cities in the U.S., which means it requires more protection and safety. Thus, it needs more police officers. The Baltimore Police Department was established in 1853 and is the eighth-largest municipal police department in the nation.

They offer its officers a program called Officer Safety & Wellness Section (OSW) in which they are provided tips on maintaining their physical and mental health. In fact, they have also created a team to ensure that the officers behave properly when on duty and abide by the rules & regulations.

The average salary of a police officer in Maryland is around $70,000 annually and they get additional perks such as retirement plans, medical & vacation leave, health, dental & vision insurance coverage, and much more.

21. Aurora

Aurora police website

Aurora has a small police department with officer bandwidth ranging from 500 to 1000. The Aurora Police Department was founded in 1907, and its aim is to serve the community by protecting them against any crime or legal activities. Apart from law enforcement, there are various other roles that police officers play, such as helping keep the city tidy, helping in private & public events, etc.

The average salary that police officers in Aurora get is around $68,500 yearly; along with that, they get various perks: paid holidays, uniform allowance annually, retirement plans, life & disability insurance, etc.

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