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The 10 Most Expensive Steak in the World

Steak is the favorite type of meat for most people. A good steak can make your day. Now imagine the steak coming from one of the finest places in the world. There are places that serve world class steaks which are made by the best chefs in the world. As you can imagine, these steaks are expensive and beyond the reach of common people. If you are wondering which is the most expensive steak then today you will get the answer. In this article, we will be covering the most expensive steaks in the world.

What makes a steak so expensive?

The 10 Most Expensive Steak in the World

Ever thought about why the price of the same food differs so vastly at different places? No, it isn’t entirely about the cooking process or Michelin Star Chefs who cook it. The main reason that steak can be really expensive is because of the cut and the way the animal was raised.

If you are lucky enough to observe, you will see that the texture, color, and marbling are of superior quality in well-bred cattle. For these kinds of steaks, you don’t pay according to size. Instead, you are paying for the quality of the meat, the region and the care with which the cattle was handled.

The 10 Most Expensive Steaks in the World

People with elite taste buds would roam the world in search of a quality piece of well-cooked steak. The price of the steaks mentioned in this list will blow your mind. You won’t believe that people spend this much to have a steak but their love for steak makes it worthwhile for them. Let us begin our list.

1. The Vintage Cote De Boeuf Rib Steak at Boucherie Polmard

You may have heard that wine tastes better when it is aged. Well, turns out it goes the same for beef as well. This vintage steak is made by a long process of aging.

At Boucherie Polmard, the beef is ‘hibernated. ‘Meaning it is aged approximately 15 years. The regular steak you buy from the market is generally aged about 20-22 days. The steak is kept in the Polmard food laboratory, at a temperature of -45 degrees. The meat has a richer and rare taste because of the aging process.

The price for the beef from Boucherie Polmard is whooping expensive, with just a rib-eye costing you around $3200. And that would be without the additional charges.

2. Gold Steak at Nusr-Et

You can be a gold lover, and you can be a steak lover too. But do you think you can combine the two? At Nusr-Et, Dubai, you can. This once-in-a-lifetime meal is something you cannot wish to miss out on. This is also one of those foods that make you think at first glance, Is this real? Oh, it is! And it will cost you a whopping $2,000.

Juiciness oozes from the signature ingot cut of the sirloin steak, wrapped in a thin layer of gold. The best part, however? The meat is then sliced at your table by the best of the best. Voila! There are two things you love on a plate.

3. Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

The 10 Most Expensive Steak in the World

Another super expensive and quality steak is the Japanese Wagyu steak. The A5 Wagyu is also yet another rarest steak in the world. You can easily distinguish Wagyu steak because of its distinct light color, marbleized texture and fatty composition. If you are wondering what the word ‘wagyu’ means, it literally translates to ‘Japanese cow.’ This steak is priced at $1000.

A5 grade steak is so rare because this grade makes up only 1% of Japanese beef production. Different types of Wagyu are also found in Japan, according to region and breeding. What is fed to a cow or bull plays a very important part in their healthy upbringing that helps enhance the taste of the steak.

4. Japanese A5 Kobe

The Japanese A5 Kobe is another type of steak that is really expensive and is of high quality. It is also one of the world’s finest and most pricey steaks. You will have to pay over $300 to get this steak.

You can identify the Kobe beef because of its extensive marbling and texture. The fatty meat, along with its richness, is one of the reasons behind the Kobe steak’s stellar reputation. Apart from that, the smooth buttery flavor is something you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

In Japan, grades are assigned depending on the quality of the beef. These are grades A1 to A5, where A5 is the highest. For these rationales, the Japanese A5 Kobe beef is one of the most expensive steaks in the world.

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5. American Wagyu Steak

Without many similarities to its Japanese counterpart, the American wagyu steak is also another most expensive steak native to New York. So how did Wagyu come to land in America? In the 70s, a few of those refined Japanese Wagyu cattle were exported to New York to breed with the native Angus cattle. And there you go- the American Wagyu came into existence.

You can get this steak for around $200-$300. Though it isn’t quite at par with the Japanese Wagyu in terms of quality, it is still far higher in quality than what you get at your local butcher’s. So if you are thinking of getting the American Wagyu, you best leave home with a loaded wallet.

6. Olive Wagyu

This special type of Wagyu is produced by feeding the Wagyu cattle a diet of toasted olive pulp. Because of this diet, the meat has excellent amounts of fat and generous amounts of Oleic acid. This Wagyu, in fact, won the title of the best beef fat in the Wagyu Olympics held in Japan. If you want to experiment, choose the Olive Wagyu Steak for an excellent and satisfying meal. This steak comes at $200.

7. Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon has a special place on our list of the most expensive steaks in the world. Considering that the average animal holds approximately a little over a pound of the filet portion, this one is bound to be expensive and widely loved.

Filet Mignon is people’s favorite because of its juiciness, texture and the many ways you can prepare it. There are no limitations to the ingredients you can take out of your shelf for the Filet portion. You can have this steak by paying $180-$200. As for the price, you can never regret having Filet Mignon, even for ridiculous prices.

8. Beef Tenderloin

The tenderloin is the part from where you get the filet mignon. And the tenderloin, by itself, is also one of the most expensive steak pieces you can get. A good quality beef tenderloin can cost you anywhere around $100 to $200. You already know it is worth it because of its super-rich flavors and delectable texture.

Even though the Filet mignon portion is way more expensive than the beef tenderloin itself, the tenderloin is a fantastic choice for the price as well. It is also a great option if you wish to diversify your diet.

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9. Porterhouse

Imagine a steak that is actually two steaks. Fun, right? Well, that’s what the Porterhouse steak is. The Porterhouse is a Tenderloin on one side of the bone and a New York Strip on the other. Imagine the richness of the dual flavors and texture on your plate and palate. Oh, to get the goodness of two steaks in one- Yum! To get this steak, you will have to spend around $100.

10. New York Strip

The 10 Most Expensive Steak in the World

Another most expensive steak, the New York Strip, is very popular across all butcher houses and steakhouses. The good thing about the New York Strip is that though it is expensive, you can find it near you. The cut isn’t a tender one nor quite similar to a rib-eye; however, people opt for this steak because of its flavors. This steak has different varieties and it can cost you anywhere from $50 to $100.

If you love grilling, get the New York Strip for a day full of flavors and experience. With their beautiful beefy flavors and great texture, they make for the best kind of grilling experience. All in all, their position in the list of the world’s most expensive steaks list is well justified.

If you have a refined palate or are simply looking for the best luxury meals around the world, then these most expensive steaks should definitely be on your list.

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