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100 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Kid

50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid

A lot of people wonder how to make money as a kid? In today’s time, everyone is keen to make more money, as gone are those days when it was virtually impossible to earn money as a kid. But, the kids do not meet the age requirements for getting a job, so you might be wondering what they can do to make money.

Because of the immense usage of social media platforms and technology advancements, there is no age to become famous and make money. The first thing you need to do is start with the idea you like and get to work. You can easily get your first customers from your friends, family members, and neighbors.

100+ Easy Ways to Make Money as a Kid at Home

Kids have several options to earn money nowadays; all they need to do is tap into their inner entrepreneur. Showing your kids the way to make money helps create a sense of independence and power over their financial future. Thus, here are the various opportunities for your kids that the older generation never had.

It can help them for the rest of their life plus they would also learn the value of a hard day’s work. The best thing is you would be able to buy a lot of things for yourself without asking for money from your parents.

As every kid is different and has a different skill set, here are a variety of methods mentioned, you can choose any or more as per your interest:

1. Babysitting

This is a real kid job as many kids, and teenagers love this job but struggle to find such jobs. If your child is interested in a babysitting job as a parent, you can help them find such jobs. This is a great option for kids who are 11 years old and above. For getting a babysitting job, you can advertise your services and rare on social media.

2. Create a YouTube channel

50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid

There are a lot of kids who are making money through YouTube channels. If you like making videos on any content, be it comedy, cooking, dancing, singing, or having any other talent, just make a video and post it on YouTube. The more views the video will have, the more money you will be able to make, plus you might also get ads in your video, which is the additional income that your kid will be able to make.

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3. Paid Online Surveys

Numerous people love taking online surveys as it can be fun, plus the kids these days are usually on their devices. Thus, they can fill these surveys and make money through them. All they need to do is share their opinion about the products to deliver better products and services. But, you would have to take a lot of surveys to earn a decent amount of money.

 4. Flip Products

Product flipping is one of the easiest methods to earn money. Yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets are the best markets for selling high-priced items at economical prices. These products are not new as they are used by someone else, but you can get them in good condition.

For making money through them, all you need to do is clean the products and sell them online at a higher price.

5. Pet sitting

You can offer all sorts of pet care services such as walking, washing, overnight stays, etc. If you as a kid love pets, then this can be a fun job along with that, you can earn a good amount of money. Moreover, pet owners treat their pets as family members; hence, they get the proper attention and care when they are not around, so they are ready to pay a good amount for their pet care.

You can either promote it online or create flyers and spread them around your neighborhood to get clients.

6. Start a Blog

50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid

This is the latest trend, and a lot of people are doing it. Starting your own blog can be the best way to earn money, as there are numerous ways to monetize your blog. If you upload interesting and informative content regularly, then in no time, you will have a large audience, and you can start earning a good amount of money through it as you can get ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

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7. Lemonade Stand

This is an evergreen method of making passive income. Owing a soda stand can help them learn the pros and cons of a product-oriented business and other things related to it, such as inventory management, cost control, customer service, and much more.

You just need a good strategy when you open it as it should be attractive plus the location should be good such as near a park or basketball court, etc. such place would help you get more customers.

8. Sell your crafts

If your kid likes creating crafts such as scarves, cards, etc., then selling those products online can be an excellent method of earning money. In fact, paper crafts are also in demand these days; if your kid is good at making intricate boxes or unique decorative things, then they can get a decent amount for it.

9. Organize a Garage Sale

If you want to earn money easily, then a garage sale can also be a good option for you. In fact, take help from your family members in doing it. Also, it would be great if you have some extra space as you can rent out to your neighbors to clear their old stuff.

If you also plan to do this, then advertise it on the internet and mention the products you are offering and the timings of the sale. There would be two benefits of doing this; firstly, you would get a lot of cash, and secondly, you would get rid of the stuff that is not required anymore.

10. Sell Baked goods

For making extra money, you can start a bake sale, it would help improve your skills in the kitchen plus you would learn a lot about business management as well. You can either sell the products at a farmer’s market or sell them at a public place or a local city event. In fact, if you do not want to do a physical setup, then you can also launch your own website and start selling the baked good there.

11. Start a Website

50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid

As a teen, this can be a fantastic method of earning money. You can start a website on WordPress and start making money; all you should know is to offer entertaining and informative content to people. In fact, you can create your own website by doing a little bit of research as it would be great learning for you.

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12. Mowing Lawns

You can start with a lawn mowing service if you like gardening or doing things related to farming. Doing this is pretty simple, and you can earn a good amount of money through it. Although this is not related to gardening, you would just need to mow the land. You can earn around $30 for one-time mowing the land.

13. Photography

If you have a good camera and other equipment related to it, photography can also be a great option. Taking good photographs of nature, people, or anything that he likes can be a great idea of transforming his hobby into a profession. Many sites are willing to pay good money for pictures; you can try and sell your pictures there and earn a fair amount of money.

14. Start Jewelry Business

Making jewelry can take out the hidden creativity in you and your child both. You can either sell it online or do a tie-up with a local store or can put an exhibition at your place or in the local market. Hand-sculpted beads and custom woven jewelry are in high demand these days, so you can try your hands in it and earn money through it.

15. Selling t-shirts

Design trendy and unique t-shirts and sell them either online or with the help of a local dealer. The best part is that making t-shirts have become pretty easy these days as you do not require a graphic designer and screen printer anymore. Several websites help in creating them; they market them for you and sell them as well. If you want, you can sell your designs to the local manufacturer as well.

16. Become an Influencer

50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid
50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid

This is one of the most lucrative and exciting works; teenagers love it. There are a lot of kids and teenagers who have become either fashion influencers, starting making videos on different platforms and posting them on social media platforms. This is helping them earn a massive amount of money every month. The more views your video or picture gets, the more brand sponsorships and ads you get which help you earn even more.

17. Car Cleaning Service

Washing and cleaning cars is a great method of taking out kids from phones and computers. Car cleaning not only helps them make money but is a good exercise as well for them. You can do car washing and clean the interior as well; this would help you earn a good amount of money every day if you are able to make a few clients.

18. Car Detailing Service

You can earn even more if you learn how to do vacuuming, polishing, and window washing. If you get well-versed with all these things, you can easily get $50 for one car service. You can start this by doing your parent’s car and posting the pictures of before and after to help get more customers and make publicity easier.

19. Become an Online Tutor

50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid

If you are good at studies or in a particular subject, online teaching can be the best way to earn money as a kid. In addition, you can use this knowledge as a skill to earn a lot of money. There are many tutoring sites where you can select the subject and time slot as well as your per convenience. Online tutoring sites pay a pretty good amount for an hour. The best thing is that you would not only help other students, but it will help you learn more about the topics while teaching.

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20. Start a Cleaning Service

This job might sound boring to you, but it can be a good method of earning money. There are many people who are working or have kids and don’t get time to clean their house properly. This job is very much in demand these days; you just need to go to your client’s place and clean their house. Make sure that you put in extra effort to recommend your service to their friends and family.

21. Rent your own stuff

This can be really beneficial as you just rent out your things and get money in exchange. Thus, when the question strikes in your mind that how to make money as a kid, this method should always come to your mind as it is pretty easy.

You can rent out the stuff that you don’t use daily such as gaming equipment, sports gear, or even clothes if you are comfortable. Then, all you need is to do good advertising for it, and you can do that through Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

22. Host a Kids Club

This is a very interesting job, and you can earn a good amount of money in just one night. All you need to do is contact the parents of few kids in your neighborhood and plan a mini summer camp for them just for a night. This way, the parents would get some alone time, or they can make different plans leaving their kids with you.

You can plan great activities and dinner for them and charge $20 a kid. This way, if you have even 10 kids in the camp, you will be able to make $200 in a night.

23. Start an Instagram account

There are many people who have earned amazingly well because of their Instagram followers and views on their Instagram videos. For making money through Instagram, all you need is to make entertaining or informative videos that people like, and as the views increase, you would get paid for it. In addition, you can get sponsorships that can be an additional income source for you.

24. Build an App

Coding has become a core part of the curriculum across the nation for a couple of years. In case if you have coding experience, then building an app can be one of the best options for you. You can earn a good amount of money if you know how to build an app. If you have a great idea in your mind, you can build an app for yourself. This method requires specialized knowledge, but the earning you would make through it would be more than you can think of.

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25. Have your kids work for your own company

If you have your own company or self-employed, you can also help your children with various tasks and pay them for doing so. You can ask your kid to do a lot of things, such as accounting if he is good in math, sorting and shedding mail, etc. This way you would also get to know about their skills well plus you can spend more time with them and teach them management skills as well.

26. Create Illustrations

If your kid loves making or creating illustrations, then it is possible to make money with these skills. You need to buy a good illustrating tablet and intuitive software, and through that, they will be able to make even better illustrations. There are many websites that help create illustrations; you can help them find some decent websites so that they will be able to create illustrations that you can sell at a reasonable price.

27. Making Music

Besides just listening to music, if your child loves making or creating music, that can be a nice way of earning money these days. There are many ways to make money through music, such as by playing at a friend’s birthday party and getting money from them, selling music that you have produced, and many more.

One of the great examples is of Justin Bieber, as he launched his first song when he was just 17, and there were millions of views. So, whatever hobby your kid has, you can turn them into a profession and make money through it.

28. Create Games

If your kid is too much into gaming and always gives you ideas to make them better, they might be interested in making and creating games. Ask them and search for great platforms through which they can create games, and then you can monetize them. Creating games might need specialized skills; hence you can help them get that training and then turn their passion into a profession.

29. Sign Up for Market Research

Neilsen is a market research company that has been around for decades. Their motive is to seek what does an average consumer does. It is a method for marketers to see how particular aspects influence their purchasing decision. If your kids are interested in research, then this can be a great opportunity for them.

You can just help them sign up to participate in market research studies. Many websites can help you do that, but it requires a parent to sign up, so the parent’s consent is important in these websites for signing up.

30. Invent something

Kids can be great inventors as they use technology more than us and are well-versed in their usage. Hence, they can develop great products and services using them. If your kid has a great idea for making a product or services them, there are numerous ways to monetize it. You can also take help from your parents to get investors for you. Many kids have invented apps, websites, and new products and made a lot of money through them.

31. Invest

50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid

Although many websites do not permit kids less than 13 years old to sign up, you can help your parents in doing that. Investing in stocks is pretty simple, and all this is because of the advent of the internet. All you need to do is select a broker online and invest your money in anything of your interest and wait. If you invest wisely, then you can earn a good amount of money through it.

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32. Repair Cracked Windshield

This job might sound a little unpleasant or something you cannot even think of doing. But, in case if you have great knowledge on how to do it and can go to customers’ homes for doing it, then you can earn a good amount of money through it. The reason behind it is that firstly they get service at home and secondly your price would be relatively lower than the dealers or big shops, hence they would any given day prefer you over them.

33. Clean Tile Grout

It is a very dirty and time-consuming job, so many people don’t want to do it. In this job, you would have to scrub between the lines of tiles and showers. You would have a great opportunity in this area as very few people want to opt for this job. The best part is that you can earn a fair amount of money through this job in a day.

34. Crowdsource

If you wish to earn money without doing anything, crowdsourcing can be a great option. Although it might not always work, it is a nice way of earning money for a fundraising event or a big trip. You can create a custom page by using any app, and your friends and family members will be able to donate there. The nice thing is that the donations are handled by the platform itself, making it easier for the kids.

35. Organize Closets

If you are gifted with a special gift of keeping things organized, you can make it a money-making opportunity for yourself. There are multiple people who do not have time to organize their closet, but they are willing to pay to get it done.

You can grab this opportunity, organize closets for others, and earn a fair amount of money every day. In addition, you can promote your business by sending flyers in your neighborhood or through social media platforms.

36. Paint

If you are creative and know how to paint well, this can be an excellent job opportunity. Painting the house is a very big task; hence, many people search for people who can do it for them. You can offer this service during your summer or winter break times, and the good part is that you can earn a lot of money from it as it is a time-consuming task, plus it requires a lot of effort as well.

37. Become a Party Entertainer

If you like becoming the life of the party and love getting dressed up, then this one is just for you. Thus, when the question comes to your mind about how to make money as a kid, the answer for you is by becoming a party entertainer. People pay a good amount of money to party entertainers. All you need is to create a website and advertise your services, and in no time, people will contact you for their kid’s birthday party or other such events.

38. Brush and Groom Dogs

There are various dogs that require getting brushed daily or taking a bath regularly. Thus, there are a lot of people who cannot do it frequently because of their job or lack of interest; hence you can use this as an opportunity for earning money. If you love animals and spend time with them, you will have no issues doing this job. You can earn a decent amount of money weekly if you have a lot of clients.

39. Enter Contests & Drawings

Because of the advent of the internet, many people have gained an advantage, and even kids as well. There are a lot of contests and quizzes that happen online, and they offer cash or gift cards to the winners. But, ensure that you let your parents know before you take part in any contest. The reason behind it is that they can check that if it is legal or not before you provide any personal information. This is a great method as it increases your knowledge along with earning money.

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40. Change Air filters

There are various older people and pregnant ladies who find it difficult to get to the high ceilings and change the filters. Therefore, they need someone who can provide them this service; hence, if you know how to do it and visit the client’s place, this is also a nice option. The good thing is that it does not take much time, plus if you do it nicely, they would always call you to do it.

41. Become a Mystery Shopper

This is a unique side business where you would have to visit the renowned stores near your local area. You need to act like a regular customer and provide your feedback on everything, starting from their customer service to their appearance. They mostly ask adults to do this job, but there are a lot of kid-centric stores and want young kids to shop at these stores. All you need to do is report back to the platform online and give honest feedback.

42. Collect and Sell Firewood

Everyone likes to sit near a fire surrounded by their friends and family members. But, collecting and cutting wood is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you like staying out and cutting trees like a professional, you can earn an excellent amount of money every month. But, several people spend an ample amount of money on buying wood and getting it split.

Thus, if you can do this for them at a relatively lower price, then they will choose you over others, and you can earn good money and buy all that you need.

43. Find a Social Media Job

Social media is over and above everything, these days for everyone, be it businessmen, kids, for marketing companies, for a layman, and for any other industry. There are a lot of companies and celebrities that look for people who can just handle their social media accounts.

So, if you are fond of spending time on these networks, then it can be a win-win game for you. You can charge them for creating posts, replying to the comments, and managing all the platforms on their behalf.

44. Collect & Sell Eggs

If you have additional space at your home, then you can keep chickens at your place and sell eggs. You can either make your own clients where you can deliver the eggs or sell them at a farmer’s market. This is a good business as you would learn a lot of new things such as managing chicken, giving them food and time management most importantly, you would be able to make a good profit from it.

45. Write Content for other sites

50+ Ways to Make Money as a Kid

In other words, it can also be said that you can become a content writer if you are creative when it comes to writing, or you want to say something but do not wish to start your website or blog. It is a great job to write for others, and they will pay you for that. There are many opportunities in this field as more and more companies are going online and looking for people who can write for them.

46. Sell Flowers

This is such a decent and clean job. If you know flowers and have a knack for arranging flowers beautifully, this is a great option for you. You can sell flowers either in your summer or winter break times or during the time of the year when there are many events as you can earn a great profit at that point in time. People love gifting flowers to their loved ones for every occasion, such as anniversary, birthday, retirement, etc. So opt for this business and make others happy while earning a great amount from it.

47. Sell Puppies

If you love pets and own them as well, then do not even think about how to make money as a kid at home. As the answer lies within your home, you can start a business selling puppies as well if you want. This is a nice and fun way to earn a lot of money sitting at home. There are a lot of people earning thousands of rupees every month by just selling pups.

Thus, ensure that you keep them properly and do not harm them. If you do this business seriously, you can earn more than a person earns in a full-time job.

48. Build a shed

This job is not new in the market, but now many people have started doing it. This is one of the methods how rich people earn money, i.e., by building storage units. It costs a lot to make storage units. Thus, if you have some space in the backyard of your house, you can build a shed and rent it out. In fact, if you have any extra rooms at your place, you can give them for rent and earn good money every month without doing anything.

49. Pest Control

The pest control business is increasing with time as various people don’t do it themselves because they are scared of the strong chemicals, plus it involves a lot of hard work. If you are well-versed in the process, you can start your pest control business as you would earn decent money in a day. If you can make many clients, then in a month, you would earn more than a full-time employee earns.

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50. Animal Control

This is pretty similar to pest control, but it is basically done in the yards for rodents such as gofers, mice, rats, squirrels, weasels, and raccoons. Many people spend thousands of rupees to get them removed and still cannot get rid of them. If you can do this properly, then market yourself to the neighborhood to let them know that you are the go-to guy for rodents.

Don’t worry; the list does not end here; there are some more innovative and great ways that can answer the question- How to make money as a kid?

51. Water plants

52. Yardwork

53. Streaming

54. Create an Online Course

55. Selling digital goods

56. App tester.

57. Become a Reviewer with Slice the Pie

58. Review Products

59. Pick up local gigs

60. Self-publish a book

61. Fix and Re-sell TVs and Computer Monitors

62. Teach others how to use technology

63. Digitize photos

64. Video Game Rental

65. Sell Collectibles Online

66. Sell your art

67. Party Facilitator

68. Personal Assistant

69. Billing and Collections

70. Second-hand consignment

71. Take advantage of Buyback programs

72. Become a video editor

73. Enter the world of eSports

74. Sell stuff at the farmers market

75. Get a paper route

76. Sell glow sticks

77. Video Rental

78. Lay Sod

79. Computer Maintenance and Repair

80. Start a fundraiser

81. Operate and repair sprinklers

82. Weed gardens

83. DVD and Blue Ray Digitizing

84. Run errands for moms

85. Dispose of Christmas tree

86. Shine Shoes

87. Homegrown Produce

88. Singing

89. Raffle

90. Clean Out Motor Homes

91. Install Fences

92. Farmhand

93. Offer Manicures or Nail Painting

94. Paint Fences

95. Farm Sitting

96. Hay Hauling Services

97. Paint Garages

98. Feeding Animals

99. Paint Window Frames

100. Wash Windows

101. Clean Furniture

102. Movie Conversion

103. Aerate Lawns

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