How to Earn Money from YouTube in 2021

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How to Earn Money from YouTube in 2020

YouTube has become an important part of everyone’s lives these days. Everyone is posting their videos and earning money from it. What are you waiting for? Follow this extensive guide to learn the steps and strategies to earn money from YouTube in 2021.

Making money from social media had become quite popular today. YouTube is one of the most common platforms used by people to make money. When we talk of money, ‘how much?’ is the question that immediately follows. Since supporting facts and figures always make a claim more believable, here are some statistics about how much one can earn from creating and posting content on YouTube.

  • Based on a report by The Wall Street Journal, PewDiepie earned $4 million in the year 2013.
  • In the year 2014, the production company PewDiepie Productions AB earned $7.5 million, a good part of their revenue coming from their YouTube channel.
  • To cite an example that’s closer to home, All India Backchod (AIB) featured in the Forbes list of the richest Indians alongside other Bollywood celebrities.

There are a few hacks, which can help any ordinary person become a YouTube celebrity. Along with these steps, patience and perseverance are important. Rome was not built in a day. Building a fan base takes time. Just remember that every YouTube celebrity was once a commoner. Every famous channel started small. Be patient and work your way up the popularity ladder. As long as you are innovative enough to create original content, you are on the right path. Let us dive right into the steps.

How to Earn Money from YouTube in 2021

a) Creating a YouTube Channel

In order to start earning from a channel, first, you need to create a YouTube channel. You may create your own channel by merely logging in to your Gmail account. However, this step alone will not help you in making money.

  • Open with your Gmail account
  • Click on the taskbar on the left-hand side of the website
  • Click on my channels from the drop-down menu
  • The heading “set up your own YouTube channel “will appear, click on it
  • Update the information and the channel.
  • Open YouTube studio after logging in to your Gmail account.
  • Select setting à channel. Here enter information that describes what the purpose of your channel is.
  • If you are a singer/musician, YouTube has a separate section called – ‘YouTube for Artists.’ You may check out that option as well.

Pointer: The default URL assigned by YouTube to your channel, looks something similar to…. Creating a custom URL improves your channel’s visibility in search results. A custom URL contains your brand name and is easy to remember, again aiding in increased viewership and popularity. These are the steps to create a custom URL – However, there are certain requirements and eligibility criteria to be met.

b) Finding a Niche for your YouTube Channel

What kind of content are you interested in creating? Would that be of interest to a considerably large population? Here are a few very common ideas that have made celebrities out of common people.

Selecting a niche means selecting the right audience and the right content to show to the viewers. The content should be related to your passion or hobby or your work. Thus, show whatever you love to do, this will help you earn money.

  • Music! Have you received appreciation for your attempts at singing the cover of a song? Do you write and compose your own songs? It is time to let the world know about it
  • Create video tutorials on various academic concepts that would help thousands of students learn something.
  • If you feel you have a good fashion sense, you could post make-up tutorials or ideas. You could also review popular brands and their products. Along with make-up, you may also give suggestions on how to dress fashionably.
  • If you want to show off your public speaking skills, you could post motivational videos that would help people with daily struggles in their lives.

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Here are a few YouTubers who had humble beginnings and are now extremely popular for the quality content that they create

The Storyteller

Nilesh Mishra had a passion for narrating stories. Today, he is a celebrity storyteller. He is getting calls from India’s leading radio stations who want to give him a slot. If you are an observant person who can turn any and every experience into an intriguing story, what are you waiting for? Become an online storyteller today!

The Mimicry Artist

If you are capable of making people laugh with your impeccable mimicry skills, make full use of your potential. Monetize your talent. You could take inspiration from BB Ki Vines, where Bhuvan Bam plays several unique characters. He uses these characters not just for comedy, but also to spread social messages that the society very much needs to hear.

Sharing Recipes on YouTube


Many of us want to eat delicious and tasty food but don’t know how to cook; therefore, cooking videos on YouTube are of great help. There is a higher chance for people who have a passion for cooking to earn a great amount of money through their cooking videos. They can guide people to make delicious food with simpler steps. Mallika Badrinath is a well-known name with a huge fan base because of her passion and creativity in cooking. A gas stove can be converted into a money machine with the help of YouTube.

Teach on YouTube 

This is a technologically advanced era that we are living in. Now, nobody waits for a professional teacher rather than searches the query on Google and is flooded with many images and videos within a second. There are many people for whom teaching is a passion and a way to add value to other people’s lives. Teaching can easily be equated with earning money via YouTube. One can teach people about graduation exams, IIT, bank exams, competitive exams, boards, etc.

Interviewing people is also a big flick

Is there someone who loves to ask questions to people? Can anyone bring out the inner side of people by asking them questions? Does anyone love to interact with people? Does anyone have someone who can shoot their videos while they are interviewing the people? If yes is the answer to all of these questions, then one can easily make a YouTube video of interviewing people. This is what Lakshmi Rebecca has been doing to earn a living.

Making profession a YouTube sensation 

A YouTube channel was started by Dr. Vikram Yadav in 2009. He started to make videos on his profession ‘Medical and Surgical education’ and posted them on his YouTube channel. He was passionate about this but had very few subscribers in the first few months. This was mainly because of the very different niche that Dr. Vikram Yadav had chosen. However, his passion, along with persistence, earned him around 264,596 subscribers.


Sing and make the audience of YouTube to fall in love 

Shraddha Sharma is a musical sensation on YouTube with 202,206 subscribers. Her journey started by singing with guitar strumming while she uploaded a self – recorded video on YouTube. When she started to become a YouTube heartthrob, she was a kid, and now she is a fame Youtuber.

What is that one thing that people praise about you? 

  • Think hard so that you can come up with good ideas to create content for YouTube.
  • You need to do your research so that you can find out that this niche provides money or not. Look up to the Youtubers who are successful in the same niche as yours. Ask them for advice.
  • Check if your chosen niche falls under the equation given below:
  • Your knowledge + Your interest + Audience Availability + Scope of scalability

If the niche chosen by you falls under this equation, then make a YouTube channel now.

To summarize, one can record their life to inspire others, review videos, motivate people, record their thoughts, make teaching-related videos, record stimulation of animals and humans, make song cover videos, perform in one way or another and almost anything that can monetize the talent that the person has.

c) Develop a Content Strategy for YouTube Videos 

It seems to be cool if a video goes viral. If anyone has plans to earn money through YouTube, then one should learn how a video goes viral. There is no expert definition of virality. And there is no way that it can have a constant definition since it is changing every single day. But the fact remains the same, which is: Content is the king of the viral kingdom. Good content is always going to rule. A video can be made viral if it is shareable. If a video is created by keeping the above points in mind, one has created a high-value video. Now comes the second step called promotion, which increases the pace of popularity of the content.


What are the tools that will help you in your YouTube journey to Fame?

Google keyword planner:

Google keyword planner helps the YouTuber to choose the keywords that are necessary, and people are searching on the search engines.


This will help you to note down what to speak while you are doing a video so that you don’t miss out on important points.

Text to speech application:

Sometimes, watching video is not sufficient for the audience to know what is it trying to say. Thus, YouTubers prefer using text to speech applications wherein whatever they say in the background is converted into text and is called a caption so that people can use it and understand the video better.


Picture editing tools:

Every video contains few images which are necessary for a better understanding of the video, but it may so happen that those images are not clear and is not able to show a clear picture of the scenario. For this, YouTubers are using applications such as PicMonkey, Canva, Pablo of Buffer.

Social media campaign:

Buffer is the application used for the social media campaign. People upload so many videos at a point of time, and this creates hassles while uploading. Thus, YouTubers can put their video on ‘buffer’ and schedule the time at which they want the video to get uploaded on their channel.

Tube buddy:

This tool helps in adding annotations or cards to the video.



An analysis is important after uploading any kind of video on your channel. For that, YouTubers can use applications like Socialblades- free, Vidooly- paid. This will helps in analyzing the traffic and finding out where exactly is the video being watched. This tool can also give you information regarding what’s the best time to tweet, post on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Now, the big question is ‘how to make money from YouTube?’

Making money on YouTube is no longer an exclusive job for all the musicians, influencers, actors, and dramatists. YouTube is a way wherein you can influence people by your own content. On average, 400 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every single minute across the world. Competition is very high as the market is already penetrated. People have not kept a single topic untapped. To earn money through YouTube has become challenging. People have to come up with creative and innovative stuff.

Powerful strategies which will help people earn money from YouTube are:

1. Become a YouTube partner and earn from advertisements:

Advertisements are the most important source of revenue for many YouTubers. This is consequential to facts that he/she becomes a YouTube partner.

A YouTube partner can earn money using several ways like advertisements on your channel, channel memberships, super chat features, etc. chats gives the user visibility among the viewers and can help in creating money.


For becoming a YouTube partner, there are some ground rules and prerequisites that YouTubers have to fulfill. Some of the ground rules are the YouTuber should have a minimum of 4000 video watch hours on his channel and 1000 subscribers within the last 12 months.

The 4000 video watch hours can be completed anytime there are no specifications regarding how to complete the 4000 video watch hours.

Some videos go viral, and people can complete the same prerequisites in just one video. For example, the famous song Gangnam style took only 5 months to achieve 1 billion views while Despacito took 97 days to achieve the same goal. Thus, it depends on your strategy and your content.

If you have achieved all milestones as expected by YouTube, then there will be a green symbol representing $, which means YouTubers can click on it and start earning money. This is referred to as YouTube monetization.

However, advertisements are not the only source of income for the YouTubers, there are various other avenues through which you can earn money as well.

Monetization can be done using any of the following sources:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Direct promotion
  • Paid videos
  • Crowdsourcing

2. YouTube Monetization: Using affiliate links on YouTube

Posting affiliate links are a source of income for the YouTubers in the form of commission. For example, an influencer is promoting a Zara product and has shared the link of the product in the description box. If the viewer clicks on the link, the company will give a commission to the YouTuber through YouTube.

Viewers will only be able to click on the link when you are a reliable source, and people trust you. Thus, your content should be appealing to the viewers.

There are several affiliate programs for people to join, for example, Impact, Shareasale, etc.

3. Make money through YouTube from fans funds:

It is always difficult because the YouTuber has to come up with innovative ideas to influence the viewers and make them like what is being uploaded. With the passage of time, YouTubers can build loyal followers. They help in crowdfunding your channel, which ultimately helps them to earn money and upload more videos to earn more profit.

Platforms like Patreon and Tipee help people earning money more seamlessly.

4. Master your YouTube SEO:

To get more views on your YouTube channel, individuals should work on their YouTube SEO. Research as to what people search on YouTube more, what people want to watch, what is the target audience, will your channel be more specific in nature or general.

YouTubers gives access to YouTube traffic source wherein YouTubers can check the statistics of the video they have uploaded to know where should they improve.

Factors to be considered for YouTube SEO:

  • Number of comments
  • Subscribers after watching the video
  • Thumbs up and thumbs down
  • Video length (time devoted to each video)
  • Click-through rate on YouTube search results

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5. Make the most of the YouTube marketing funnel:

The optimization of the YouTube channel is important for increasing sales. Choose the target audience, filter it, and start planning your YouTube funnel. The YouTuber can make more money while working in a union. That way, YouTubers can collect more email addresses and will have access to more viewers.

6. Become an amazon influencer:

Amazon Influencer program has become very popular among YouTubers. People join the program and earn money by reviewing the amazon products and influencing people to buy the product offered by Amazon. The YouTubers get a commission of 8 to 10% of the product.

But this program is not open to everyone but should have specific prerequisites, according to AMAZON.

7. Explore extra gains from YouTube Red subscribers:

Red YouTube allows YouTubers to earn 9.99 USD for advertisement free YouTube viewing. Without ads, YouTubers can still make 55% of the revenue they would have earned without advertisements.

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