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12 Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

The stock market is a renowned investment avenue to create money over time. But, stock market trading can be tough; hence, it requires a lot of knowledge on how things work and what actions to take so that you can earn more money.

Learning the Indian stock market can be complicated especially for people who are new to it. But, it can be made easy and straightforward by taking tips and advice through the best YouTube channels. The foremost step for beginners is to have complete knowledge about the basics of the stock market and how to begin investing?

By watching these videos on YouTube you can improve your stock market skills by just sitting at home. In today’s time, YouTube is one of the best and most visited websites on the internet which means it is completely reliable.

You would be amazed to know that around 300 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute, hence the quantity and quality of the video that you can get here are excellent.

What kind of content you can get on YouTube?

On YouTube, you can get the content for beginners, intermediates, and professionals as well. If you are a beginner you can search for the basics of the stock market and how and where to invest. If you already know all these things and want to become a pro in it can search for other videos that can be more beneficial for them.

You can get unlimited content on YouTube; in fact, it would be difficult for you to watch all the videos that YouTube has. There are various YouTube channels to which you can subscribe and get all the updates and information on the stock market.

Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

With the increased usage of the internet, self-education has become even simple. Just sitting at home and watching videos can train you well and the best part is that it is free. There are infinite education and content available on YouTube to learn what you yen.

We have made a list of some of the best YouTube channels where you can get a lot of information on the Indian Stock Market and become a pro. So, let’s get started, here it goes:

1. FinnovationZ

Finnovation | Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

They run a YouTube channel where you would be able to see videos on stock market investment, financial scams, mutual fund basics, book summaries, success stories, case studies, and a lot more things on the stock market.

They have more than 915K subscribers and is a Hindi channel that centres on stock market education for amateurs. Here you would see a lot of animated, graphical images video and whiteboard videos so that it becomes easy to understand for you.

Recently, they have also commenced a video-based course for their viewers called Stock Market Crash Course so that they can explain all the do’s and don’ts of the stock market in this course.

FinnovationZ has uploaded more than 300 videos on their channel and has got over 80 million views on their videos. If you are absolutely new to the Stock Market world then this channel is a must for you.

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2. Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal kamra | Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

He is one of the best YouTuber, he runs a YouTube channel where he uploads a video on investment strategy, stock market investment & learning, personal finance, career tips, how to become rich, and on many more topics. He has more than 1.25M subscribers as he has a unique way of explaining things which he calls “Kamra’s Finology.”

While making videos he ensures that he breaks down the tough market words and makes them understand in a simple language. It becomes easier for beginners to understand as they are new to the stock market world. He teaches you the value of investing and also how can you get better in trading.

His website is by the name “Finology. in” and here you can get all his videos.

He has uploaded over 130 videos related to the stock market, investing, mutual funds, and behavioural finance. On Pranjal’s YouTube channel you can also get information on the pros and cons of the stock, balance sheet of the stock, profit, and loss of the company, and other such important information.

As people loved his videos and as per their demand he has also started to take workshops, courses offer advisory & research services on his website. His channel is the most subscribed stock market YouTube channel in India as of now.

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3. Elearn Markets


It is one of the best YouTube channels for Indian stock market as it is a virtual world that offers complete training and information on financial markets. It has more than 230K subscribers and has uploaded over 550 videos on its channel.

Their subscribers are constantly increasing because they educate people in a distinct manner in which people find interesting and easy. Elearn markets have various renowned segments but one of their most preferred ones is “Meet market Rockstars.” This segment is popular because in this they talk to market high grosses about their journey so far.

They have uploaded videos on various stock market fields such as-

  • Financial literacy
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Stock market trading
  • Interviews

The nice part of this channel is that they upload videos in Hindi, Bengali and English, hence you can check out the videos in your preferred language. If you wish to learn about the stock market then this channel can be an excellent choice for you.

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4. Sunil Miglani

Sunil Miglani | Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

He is a well-known expert on behavioural aspects of stock markets. Along with this, he has also decided to apply these principles in life transformation and mentoring. On his channel, you can find a lot of videos on stock market basics, human psychology, valuations, Q&A with Sunil Miglani, etc.

He also has a lot of knowledge in analyzing stock chart patterns. Sunil has uploaded more than 350 videos on his channel and has over 400K subscribers. In fact, he has also done a lot of TV shows as well on the stock market which got a lot of fame.

If you are new to the stock market world and want to know about the basics of investing, then subscribing to this channel can answer all your doubts.

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5. Nitin Bhatia

Nitin Bhatia

He is both a blogger and YouTuber. He has more than 7.5 lakh subscribers and is said to be one of the best YouTuber. He uploads videos regarding stock market trading, investing, personal finance, real estate, and intraday trading.

Nitin is very regular in making videos; he uploads videos every day at 9.30 p.m. and has uploaded around 900 videos till now. All of his videos provide clarity on the stock market as they are to the point and very informative. If you are a beginner you can also get videos on trading rules, tips for beginners, tutorials, and more on his channel.

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There are more than 55 million views on his videos and they are increasing day by day because people love the way he explains everything about the stock market. All in all, his channel is one of the great YouTube channels to learn about the stock market.

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6. MarketGurukul

MarketGurukul | Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

It is one of the best YouTube channels for Indian stock market as it has more than 350 Lakh subscribers and they upload videos in both English and Hindi. This channel is managed by Mr. Edward, he has one of the best technical analysis of Indian stock market channel in India.

On this channel, you would be able to see videos on Indian Stocks, trading strategy, Money Management, Trading Psychology, etc. One good thing about this channel is that you can get all types of videos for beginners to advance level.

There are more than 200 videos on this channel and all of them are very informative plus easy to understand. Their channel started in February 2013 and since then their sole aim is to enhance the skill level to make and enable the viewer to become an expert in stock trading. You can also get a lot of learning material as well on their website.

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7. Trading Chanakya

Trading Chanakya

It is another great YouTube channel for learning technical analysis of Indian stock market. On this channel, you will be able to find both beginner and advanced videos on the stock market and other fields related to it. They have uploaded more than 700 videos, which means that you will get a lot of information on their channel.

They have more than 1.15 lakh followers and they upload around 3 videos in a week. You can get a lot of videos on strategies for trading; hence if you are looking for a channel full of quality content then this should be the first choice for you.

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8. Asset Yogi (Mukul Malik)

Asset yogi | Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

This channel is a complete finance package as here you would find all the videos related to stock, trading, real estate, personal finance, investment, strategies, tips, tutorials, and whatnot. Asset Yogi is run by Mukul Malik, this channel is a choice of more than 1.32 million people as they have subscribed for it.

The subscribers of Asset Yogi are increasing persistently because of the content it provides as it is crisp, easy to understand and the tips that he offers are very useful.

He breaks the technical jargon and uses easy and simple words so that the common man can easily grasp the information. He has uploaded more than 500 videos and has around 57 million views, which is a huge number.

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9. Manoj Kumar Jain

Manoj Kumar Jain

There is a lot know about Manoj Kumar Jain and his channel. He is not only a stock market advisor but is a Chartered Accountant and is also a National Talent Search Scholar, which was awarded to him by NCERT.

He has uploaded more than 850 videos on his channel and almost all of them are related to the basics of the Indian Stock Market. This channel is in the top 10 because he uploads quality content and you can watch all of them for free.

As per the reviews, his videos are better than the paid courses that people opt for on other YouTube channels. The point here is that the knowledge and content that he provides in his videos is fantastic. His videos cover basic fundamentals and advanced tips.

In fact, he also offers paid membership on YouTube where you can avail more videos and knowledge. He has more than 350K subscribers and has over 30 million views on his videos.

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10. Ghanshyam Tech

Ghanshyam tech | Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

On this channel, you would be able to watch new videos every week as they ensure that the new content is uploaded regularly. This channel is owned and run by Ghanshyam Yadav, he is a trainer and trader in the stock market, Mumbai.

This means that he can share his personal experience of trading plus can also educate you well on how the stock market works as he is a part of it. He has uploaded around 1500 videos which is a lot of content for you about the stock market.

On his YouTube channel you can watch videos on Technical Analysis, Nifty Trading, charting software, investments, mutual funds, and much more. Thus, if you are looking for a channel where you can get practical knowledge along with personal experience then you should subscribe to this channel.

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11. Yandnya Investment Academy

Yadnya investment Academy

It is one of the best YouTube channels for Indian stock market because of the great content that it provides on investment and the stock market. People like this channel because their videos are very easy to understand plus they upload videos in both English and Hindi. You will get a lot of videos on this channel regarding the stock market, mutual funds, taxes, tips for beginners, and much more.

They have uploaded more than 800 videos on their channel which has over 5.5 lakh views and has around 200K subscribers. Usually, they upload whiteboard videos as they are relatively easy to understand plus it gives more clarity.

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12. Mohd Faiz

Mohd Faiz | Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market

This channel is owned and run by Mohd Faiz and he has just one aim in his mind and that is to help create wealth. You would be amazed to know that they have uploaded over 4800 videos which have received around 96 million views.

On this channel, you can get videos on stock charts, investment, current news, technical analysis, trading, and much more. Therefore, if you want an in-depth knowledge of the Indian Stock Market then you should not miss subscribing to this channel.

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These channels were selected primarily for you to learn about the basics of the Indian Stock Market. As, if you do not belong to a finance or commerce background then it can be tough for you to master it by yourself.

With the help of these channels, you can make your journey easy as the mentors can help you with the basics and all your queries. So, which YouTube channel did you find the best?

Sushma Singh

Sushma Singh

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