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80+ Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

  • Aditya 
  • 78 min read
best affiliate programs for pinterest

If you’re an affiliate marketer, there are several lucrative options when it comes to promoting such programs on Pinterest within your niche. However, it’s important to understand that not all affiliate programs are of the same caliber – only a few present opportunities for authentic and mutually advantageous partnerships. Given the overwhelming variety, how can you identify the most suitable choice for your business? Don’t worry – we have curated a comprehensive list of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest to simplify your journey towards increased revenue generation.

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

Around 80% of brands have embraced Pinterest affiliate programs as a means to tap into fresh customer bases, allocating more than 10% of their marketing budgets towards affiliate marketing efforts. This thriving industry is valued at $8.2 billion, demonstrating how affiliate marketing has evolved into a strategy that brings substantial value with minimal risk. This approach effectively stimulates sales and brand visibility while also generating revenue for the affiliates involved. Let’s look at the list of 88 best affiliate programs for Pinterest:

1. Wayfair

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Interior decorators, both amateurs and professionals, are always on the lookout for fresh ideas to enhance their projects. Oftentimes, a little external inspiration is all it takes to stimulate their creative thinking. This is where Pinterest comes into play as a valuable resource.

On Pinterest, you can discover an array of Pins showcasing innovative home decorating concepts and related subjects. Notably, your Pins can seamlessly align with Wayfair – a prominent player in this industry. By partnering with Wayfair affiliate program, you can earn a commission of 7%.

What distinguishes Wayfair affiliate program is its comprehensive inventory, spanning everything from rugs to refrigerators. This diversity presents numerous opportunities to generate income through promoting their products, whether on your blog or directly through your Pins. Intriguingly, you don’t necessarily need a Pinterest blog to engage in affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

The platform boasts a readily accessible audience, offering a prime avenue to monetize your Pinterest marketing endeavors. Given the vast potential follower base, Wayfair affiliate program could easily be regarded as one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

2. Fine Art America

Fine Art America
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Pinterest hosts numerous art boards with audience sizes ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of followers. These boards engage in discussions spanning from classical art to the contemporary works of indie artists. Interestingly, many emerging artists consider Pinterest a valuable platform for showcasing their digital portfolios. Well, enter companies like Fine Art America – an excellent starting point. All you need to do is select a sub-niche within the art domain and leverage your affiliate pins to get started.

Fine Art America’s Pinterest affiliate program stands out in the art niche, providing an 8% commission on sales generated through your affiliate links on your website or in your pins. The impressive EPC (Earnings Per Click) serves as evidence that affiliates indeed earn income by promoting their offers.

3. Priceline

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Pinterest may not initially strike you as a platform associated with travel. However, this perspective changes once you consider the widespread habit of capturing vacation moments in photographs, a practice that has surged with the advent of smartphone cameras. The rise in snapshots is even more prominent among digital nomads who document their every experience.

Capitalizing on this burgeoning interest in travel, a strategy akin to Priceline’s affiliate program appears promising. By leveraging your curated Pins featuring picturesque destinations, you can assist individuals in discovering their ideal getaways. The gratification is a 3% commission earned for facilitating these vacation aspirations on this affiliate platform. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

4. B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video
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This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest, since Pinners demonstrate a keen interest in sharing captivating images. It suggests a significant overlap with an affinity for photography. It’s only logical to assume that a substantial portion of these individuals hold at least a fleeting fascination with photography. Consequently, there’s a golden opportunity to provide your followers with access to top-notch photography equipment. This strategic move is underscored by the fact that numerous highly successful Pinners prominently feature their own original photographic works.

However, it’s worth noting that the allure of Pins catering to camera equipment extends beyond just the photography niche; various Pinterest users across different categories would undoubtedly appreciate discovering Pins that lead them to a treasure trove of camera gear.

In this realm of affiliate marketing, your potential for earnings shines brightly. By collaborating with BH Photo Video, a premier hub for photography equipment across North America, you stand to gain an impressive 8% commission on all sales. This commission applies to both transactions directly facilitated through your affiliate Pins and those initiated via affiliate links housed on your website. BH Photo Video’s Pinterest affiliate program possesses an inherent appeal that practically markets itself.

5. Blick Art Materials

Blick Art Materials
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Pinterest attracts a diverse community of creative individuals, making it a hub for those who enjoy curating collages and engaging in various crafts. The platform’s appeal lies in its ability to cater to crafters’ penchant for showcasing their artistic creations online. This phenomenon is evident in the substantial following, often nearing a million followers, that some of the prominent crafter Boards have garnered.

From a business perspective, this dynamic presents an opportunity, as crafters consistently seek recommendations for their crafting supplies. To tap into this receptive audience through Pinterest affiliate marketing, Blick emerges as one of the most reputable names in the arts and crafts supplies sector. Their offerings span a wide spectrum, encompassing essentials like paints, brushes, and canvases, while also extending to encompass sculpting materials, framing necessities, and textile resources.

A straightforward approach to generating income on Pinterest through this affiliate program involves evaluating and sharing insights about diverse craft kits. While the commission rate of 3% might not appear extraordinary, it’s important to note that this particular niche fosters repeat orders from customers multiple times a year. This characteristic ensures a consistent level of engagement with your Pinterest affiliate links. Earning a profit in this context doesn’t necessitate complexity; rather, it capitalizes on the organic flow of the craft-loving community on Pinterest.

6. Sonos

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Sonos exemplifies the technological future you once envisaged: a seamless wireless streaming of music pervading every corner of your homes. This convenience extends to voice-controlled management, allowing for a holistic user experience.

This evolution dovetails intriguingly with the realm of affiliate marketing on Pinterest. The platform hosts a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts, totaling around 30 million individuals. Among them, a diverse array of affiliates thrives, promoting an eclectic range of products, from tech offerings on ClickBank to those available on Amazon.

Notably, this community encompasses prominent tech niche publishers and manufacturers. Sonos, for instance, offers a lucrative Pinterest affiliate program that grants an 8% commission on all sales generated through their website. Remarkably, this program stands as one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest. Affiliates associated with Sonos consistently reap financial benefits from this arrangement.

7. Home Chef

Home Chef
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Individuals have developed a penchant for capturing their culinary creations and sharing them on various online platforms, with Instagram leading the way followed closely by Pinterest. The latter has emerged as a significant hub, featuring a plethora of Pins dedicated to meal preparation, dietary plans, and healthy eating endeavours.

Within this context, there exists a receptive audience with a keen interest in embracing nourishing yet delectable food options, eagerly awaiting a conduit to introduce them to a reliable source. Enter Home Chef – a service that delivers health-conscious meals right to your doorstep, or more precisely, the doorstep of your potential visitor subsequent to their engagement with your Pin.

While the compensation stands at a modest $10 commission for all referrals directed from your website or Pin, irrespective of the total order cost, the program offers the added incentive of commission on every purchase initiated by a novel customer during the initial 30-day period. Notably, this initiative stands out as one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest, ensuring that generating revenue from it should pose little challenge.

8. Garden Tower Project

Garden Tower Project
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Gardening has transcended its traditional associations and is now embraced by a diverse range of urban and suburban individuals. The trend towards garden farming is on the rise, yet an equal number of people remain passionate about cultivating plants and flowers in their outdoor spaces. Even the smallest efforts contribute to a greener planet. In this context, vertical gardening emerges as a vital practice, enabling individuals to grow their own produce within confined areas.

This is where the Garden Tower Project comes into play, resonating particularly well with Pinterest users and enthusiasts. A plethora of Group Boards, boasting nearly 3 million members, are dedicated to this subject. They delve into every facet of gardening, encompassing advice on plant care, insights into urban farming, and an array of accessories. By promoting this initiative, you stand to gain significant profits, with each sale of a Garden Tower yielding a minimum of $40 in affiliate commissions, equivalent to 16%. If you can successfully drive substantial traffic, the potential for lucrative returns is evident.

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9. Embark Pets

Embark Pets
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With Embark, you have the opportunity to order a DNA test for your beloved pet, which can identify potential breed-specific health issues and help you proactively address them.

Engaging an enormous audience of over 20 million users who passionately share and engage with dog and puppy images on Pinterest, the platform also boasts a considerable number of affiliates actively involved in this niche. This establishes the credibility and appeal of the service.

By promoting Embark’s DNA testing through affiliate links on your dedicated website, you can earn up to $19 for each successful referral, that is 10% per sale. Given the fervent dedication of most dog owners, you can expect a remarkable conversion rate with this enticing offer. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

10. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone
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When referring to this platform, we’re not delving into academia; rather, we’re focusing on valuable resources tailored for children, educators, and parents. Rosetta Stone is a noteworthy educational platform that boasts an impressive compilation of over 80,000 Pins. In essence, Pinterest users exhibit a keen interest in a diverse array of educational subjects. Among these, language learning stands out as a particularly popular sub-topic.

What remains is the task of identifying a robust affiliate marketing proposition suited for this audience. An exceptional candidate for this role is the renowned Rosetta Stone, a premier language product celebrated for its effectiveness. At the core of Rosetta Stone’s approach lies the method of learning through visual association, aligning seamlessly with Pinterest’s visually oriented nature. This offers a harmonious blend that resonates with the platform’s users.

Affiliate partners stand to gain 7% commission for every successful sale generated through their affiliate link integrated into their blog. As a result, a lifetime subscription purchase of Rosetta Stone by one of your followers would yield a gratifying $20 in affiliate earnings for you. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

11. Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden
Image by

Approximately 20 million users within the Pinterest community have displayed a keen interest in matters of hair and beauty. This inclination is entirely understandable, given the widespread desire to present oneself in the best possible light. Within this context, numerous boards and profiles have garnered substantial followings, often reaching hundreds of thousands. Remarkably, beauty companies have recognized the potential here and established their presence on Pinterest.

Within this landscape, the Elizabeth Arden program emerges as an exceedingly fitting proposition for an audience of this nature. With its established brand identity and offerings of premium quality products, it stands to reason that your followers would genuinely find value in investing in them. As an affiliate, you stand to gain as well, with a generous 8% commission for every sale facilitated through your affiliate links. All things considered, this could very well be one of the most optimal Pinterest affiliate programs, particularly within this specific niche.

12. Amazon

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Amazon affiliate program stands as the global frontrunner in the realm of eCommerce and presents a lucrative platform for those engaged in affiliate marketing, offering a potential means of livelihood. The strategy involves crafting engaging Pinterest content aimed at suggesting premier consumer products to both one’s follower base and casual users. By adopting this approach, affiliates can secure a commission, reaching as high as 10%, from Amazon for every successful transaction facilitated through their unique affiliate link. Now you know how to use Pinterest for Amazon affiliate marketing.

What sets Amazon affiliate program apart is its simplicity, eliminating the need for affiliates to establish publisher accounts via external affiliate partners. Amazon takes direct charge of its affiliate initiative known as Amazon Associates. The process entails signing up using the aforementioned link and commencing the creation of innovative Pins. These Pins are then embellished with the affiliate links and shared across the platform to captivate users and encourage their engagement with the promoted products. Now you know how to make money on Pinterest with Amazon.

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13. Tripadvisor

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You can begin by joining Tripadvisor’s Pinterest affiliate program, which allows you to generate revenue through referrals for hotel bookings within the travel industry. By leveraging this affiliate partnership, you can enhance your content with top-notch travel destinations and reviews.

What’s more, the accessibility of its affiliate program is remarkable, as your referred individuals don’t necessarily have to complete actual bookings. Their simple action of using your provided link to explore hotels and other booking partners affiliated with Tripadvisor can contribute to your earnings.

But that’s not the end of it! There’s an opportunity for you to earn a portion of Tripadvisor’s commission from hotel booking partners, reaching up to 50% in some cases. Additionally, the program’s multitouch attribution model enables you to secure extra commission from repeat customers within 14 days of their initial interaction. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

14. Belle & June

Belle & June
Image by

Belle & June stands out as a premier home decor boutique, granting access to a curated selection of over 7000 products designed by top industry luminaries. Renowned names like Mode Living, Costa Nova, Pacifica Connections, Arte Italica, and Zentique contribute to their diverse catalogue. The boutique encompasses a range of categories including furniture, decor, bath accents, tabletop essentials, items for babies & children, as well as distinctive gifts.

For those engaged in Pinterest affiliate marketing, Belle & June emerges as a promising choice. This is due to their attractive commission structure within the home decor realm, offering a substantial 12% commission per sale. Notably, the boutique maintains an impressive average order value falling in the $250-$500 range. As a result, each successful referral translates to earnings of approximately $30-$60.

Moreover, the boutique maintains a dynamic inventory, regularly introducing new products on a monthly basis. What adds to the allure is that a considerable portion of their online offerings are exclusive and not available in physical stores. This exclusivity factor further enhances the potential of affiliate marketers to entice their audience and makes it one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

15. Canva

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Canva stands out as an exceptional web-based graphic design tool tailored for individuals without professional graphic design experience. Its user-friendly interface empowers even those without specialized skills to craft impressive graphics that rival the work of experts.

Upon successfully signing up for Canva’s free trial, you earn $6.95. Furthermore, if these individuals choose to upgrade to a premium subscription, you receive an additional commission, with options as follows:

  • $12.95 for each monthly Pro subscription
  • $30 for every annual Pro subscription

Canva’s strategic approach includes a free basic plan, effectively capturing initial interest and subsequently encouraging users to opt for more feature-rich plans. The brilliance of this strategy lies in the fact that you not only earn $6.95 for every referred free trial but also secure a commission for each conversion to a paid plan. This arrangement is particularly enticing considering Canva’s widespread recognition and its inherent conversion potential.

16. Travelpayouts

Image by

Travelpayouts serves as a digital intermediary, connecting travel brands, explorers, and content creators to enhance the convenience, delight, and memorability of global travel experiences. Within this framework, numerous brands turn to Travelpayouts to manage their affiliate advertising initiatives, entrusting marketing prospects to innovative content creators, much like yourself.

By setting up an affiliate publisher account on this platform, you can seamlessly forge partnerships with a plethora of brands. These collaborations encompass a wide spectrum of businesses including hotels, car rental services, flights, travel agencies, travel insurance providers, and more. The potential earnings can reach as high as 80%, with average commissions typically settling around 1.6% for flight bookings and 6% for hotel reservations.

Furthermore, Travelpayouts equips you with user-friendly affiliate tools, enabling the expansion of your affiliations with diverse brands. This empowers you and your team to channel your focus towards curating captivating content on platforms like Pinterest, while the comprehensive infrastructure of Travelpayouts takes care of all ancillary aspects. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

17. Expedia Group

Expedia Group
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Expedia Group has gained immense popularity as a travel metasearch engine and aggregator of travel fares. This platform is renowned for facilitating safe and budget-friendly global travel experiences, catering to both small businesses and individual travelers. For individuals who hold influence within the travel domain on Pinterest, partnering with Expedia Group through their affiliate marketing program could prove highly advantageous.

The Expedia Pinterest affiliate program presents an opportunity for partners to generate income by endorsing a wide array of travel services such as flight bookings, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and transfers, among others. Depending on the specific product being promoted, affiliate partners can secure commissions ranging from 3.5% to 7%. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Collaborating with Expedia Group to undertake their affiliate advertising initiatives not only provides access to their extensive network but also encompasses various travel brands and subsidiaries affiliated with this prominent travel technology enterprise. This strategic alliance also grants access to cutting-edge affiliate technology tools, including backend APIs, deep links, front-end widgets, cross-selling mechanisms, all of which contribute to the optimization of earnings potential.

Image by presents an excellent opportunity as a travel affiliate program that can seamlessly integrate with Pinterest’s platform. Under this affiliate initiative, you have the chance to secure a commission for every successful hotel booking, ensuring your earnings are tied directly to completed sales. Enrolling in the Pinterest affiliate program can be accomplished through any of the partner networks mentioned below:

  • ShareAsale
  • PeerFly
  • MaxBounty
  • AdmitAd
  • FlexOffers
  • CJ

In terms of compensation, most transactions yield a consistent flat fee of $14. This implies that, considering the average conversion rate hovers around 2.35%, the approximate earnings per click will fall within the range of $0.28 to $0.30. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the conversion rate often exceeds this average due to the trusted and globally recognized stature of FlexOffers tends to consistently offer one of the more attractive Pinterest affiliate programs.

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19. Agoda

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You now have the opportunity to generate revenue by becoming an affiliate partner of Agoda, a prominent platform catering to travelers seeking accommodations such as houses, apartments, hotels, and more. Agoda boasts an extensive array of options with over 250,000 properties worldwide, including hotels, resorts, hostels, private villas, bungalows, and apartments.

If you’re considering affiliate marketing on Pinterest, Agoda is a standout choice due to its attractive commission structure. The potential to earn up to 60% in commissions is complemented by the option to enhance your earnings by up to 300% through hotel power ads. As your booking numbers increase, your commission rates also improve.

Agoda provides seamless integration of its promotional tools, and its promotional content is available in 38 languages, making it a user-friendly and accessible platform for affiliate marketing endeavors. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

20. Semrush

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Semrush stands as a prominent SEO tool that provides valuable assistance to marketers and online enterprises in the realms of keyword exploration, optimizing search engine performance, and monitoring rankings. For those seeking to generate income on the internet, Semrush offers an appealing affiliate initiative. This program caters to a wide spectrum of individuals including publishers, agencies, experts in paid search, and creators of online courses.

Enrollment in this initiative occurs via the Impact Radius affiliate network. The rewards structure entails a commission of $0.01 for enlisting a new member. In addition, each successful subscription sale brings in a substantial $200 in earnings. What sets this initiative apart are the features it offers, such as a 120-day cookie life and a last-click attribution model. These aspects contribute to its uniqueness in the realm of affiliate programs designed for marketers.

Diversifying the promotional avenues, affiliates can leverage the potential of Pinterest by utilizing Semrush’s exclusive creatives. The platform provides specialized resources to assist in promoting Semrush effectively. To ensure a seamless experience, dedicated and experienced account managers are readily available to offer guidance and support throughout the affiliate journey. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

21. WP Engine

WP Engine
Image by

WP Engine stands out as an exceptionally affiliate-friendly platform, offering an extensive array of commissions and additional bonus incentives to its affiliates. The platform’s commitment to its partners is further demonstrated by providing tailor-made discounts that can be shared via a unique code, allowing affiliates to earn commissions.

For a comprehensive affiliate experience, WP Engine presents a unified program encompassing the promotion of both WP Engine hosting plans and StudioPress premium WordPress themes. This strategic approach streamlines efforts and maximizes potential earnings.

Equipped with a suite of customizable and integrated marketing materials, WP Engine equips affiliates with the essential resources for successful affiliate marketing campaigns. Whether opting for pre-designed landing pages and banners or opting for personalized co-branded assets, the platform covers a wide spectrum of promotional needs.

In terms of compensation, WP Engine boasts some of the industry’s most competitive standard commissions, ranging from $200 to $249. This aspect alone sets it apart as a lucrative option for affiliate marketers seeking substantial returns.

Adding to its appeal, WP Engine extends a selection of exclusive and personalized offers and discounts that affiliates can present to their audiences. Elevating the potential for earnings, the platform goes the extra mile by rewarding affiliates for driving multiple referrals each month, resulting in amplified payouts.

22. Tailwind

Image by

Tailwind stands out as a fantastic product to showcase and endorse on Pinterest. This tool serves as a scheduling solution for both Pinterest and Instagram, boasting robust analytics capabilities. For those who are dedicated to expanding their presence on either of these platforms, the inclusion of a scheduler like Tailwind becomes essential. This positions Tailwind as one of the premier affiliate programs for Pinterest. Notably, Tailwind reigns as the most widely used tool for social media sharing and scheduling within the realm of Pinterest.

Broadly speaking, alternatives to Tailwind are limited, leading potential customers who explore other options after clicking your affiliate link to often circle back and opt for Tailwind. This is facilitated by the efficacy of tracking cookies, ensuring you receive recognition for the sale. It’s worth noting that Tailwind enjoys the official endorsement of Pinterest, a factor that significantly contributes to building trust and subsequently enhancing conversion rates.

When targeting an audience keen on cultivating their Pinterest presence, promoting Tailwind holds exceptional promise for conversion. The offering of a recurring 25% commission on each purchase further sweetens the deal. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

23. HolistaPet

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This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest. HolistaPet stands as a prominent online retailer specializing in pet supplies, specifically CBD products. Collaborating with pet affiliates globally, the company aims to increase awareness regarding the advantageous attributes of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) for pets. By enrolling in the affiliate program, you can actively contribute to this rising movement, positively impacting pets and their owners while also generating substantial earnings for yourself.

Through a partnership with HolistaPet, you’re not just becoming part of an exceptional pet affiliate initiative; you’re also assisting pet owners in offering an optimal quality of life for their cherished companions. As customers click on the HolistaPet affiliate link found on your online platform or social media page, you’ll earn a commendable 35% from their total purchases. This serves to boost both your financial resources and your online presence. Meanwhile, the company continues its essential work, and pets flourish under improved care.

Our invitation extends to all individuals intrigued by the pet niche, encouraging them to seek a partnership within the pet affiliate program. HolistaPet is an ideal match for those who possess a fervor for pet well-being and a preference for natural wellness solutions. Strikingly, there’s no requirement for applicants to be pet owners or possess professional expertise in CBD or pet care supplies. In fact, participating in the pet affiliate program offers an exceptional opportunity to gain insight into these pivotal subjects and understand their significance in your life.

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24. Skillshare

Image by

Skillshare serves as an online learning community, offering an extensive range of courses covering subjects such as illustration, design, and photography. As a new member, you can enjoy a free trial that grants you unrestricted access to the complete array of available classes.

The affiliate initiative by Skillshare is open to anyone who possesses a demonstrable platform and audience that aligns with the Skillshare brand. These platforms include blogs, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter followers, as well as email newsletters. Participation in the affiliate program requires the creation of an account through the Impact platform, alongside holding a free Skillshare account.

Affiliates of Skillshare stand to earn 40% of revenue for each fresh customer who embarks on a paid membership journey. Through a customized Impact account, affiliates can seamlessly monitor their referrals in real-time. For the commission to apply, referrals have a 30-day window from clicking your link to sign up for a Skillshare membership.

Once referrals are locked in, affiliates will receive their earnings 30 days after the conclusion of the respective month. The selected payment method specified in the Impact platform will be used for these transactions.

Image by stands out as an excellent product to showcase on Pinterest due to its capacity for enabling individuals to generate supplementary income during their leisure hours. This application, available on both desktop and mobile devices, is not only free but also secure. It facilitates earnings for users by utilizing their idle bandwidth and participating in online surveys. The payout options include direct cash transfers through PayPal or the choice of gift cards, requiring a mere $5 earnings threshold.

The affiliate initiative welcomes participation without any membership fees, even for those without personal websites. In terms of remuneration, the program displays its generosity by extending up to a 20% lifetime recurring commission on the earnings of each referred individual.

With every individual who signs up via your referral link and utilizes the app to generate income, you stand to receive an enduring 20% share of their earnings. Worth noting, those who become app users through your link are also greeted with a $1 bonus—an enticing incentive that kickstarts their journey and aids in drawing in more referrals. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

26. Awin

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Awin stands out as one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest, with a primary goal of facilitating connections between affiliates and advertisers, catering to a wide range of business sizes. For those interested in affiliating, the platform provides the opportunity to apply for various affiliate programs and effectively market advertisers’ products via Pinterest, ultimately earning a portion of the generated sales.

Boasting an extensive array of over 21,000 advertisers, individuals have a wealth of options to select the most fitting match for their specific target audience and niche. What’s noteworthy is that Awin doesn’t mandate the ownership of a website as a prerequisite for becoming an affiliate, making it a viable avenue to monetize Pinterest even without a dedicated website.

Commission rates exhibit variability and are contingent upon the specific advertiser or program an affiliate opts to engage with. It’s important to note that a nominal $5 registration fee is applicable for the creation of an affiliate account on the Awin platform.

27. Swagbucks

Swagbucks website
Image by

Swagbucks stands as a renowned online rewards program that offers participants the opportunity to accumulate points, referred to as Swagbucks or SB, by completing various online tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and making online purchases. These earned points can be subsequently traded for rewards such as gift cards, cashback, and more.

Capitalizing on Pinterest to promote Swagbucks could prove to be a strategic approach to augment your affiliate earnings. By enrolling in Swagbucks’ affiliate initiative, you gain access without any cost and stand a chance to earn a singular commission of $2.20 each time an individual signs up through your affiliate link on their platform.

While the commissions might not be recurrent or exceedingly high, this option remains worthy of consideration, particularly if your target demographic comprises individuals seeking avenues for generating passive income.

28. Toluna

Image by

Toluna serves as an online platform dedicated to conducting surveys and facilitating market research activities. This digital space offers users the opportunity to engage in surveys, polls, and product testing. By participating in these activities, users can accumulate points, which can then be redeemed for various rewards including gift cards, cash, and merchandise. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

For those seeking to bolster their earnings, particularly within the realm of online income generation, leveraging Pinterest as a promotional avenue for Toluna could prove advantageous. Regardless of the nature of your blog or even if you don’t currently possess one, you have the ability to enroll in Toluna’s affiliate program at no cost. Notably, the program extends a one-time commission of $1.20 per successful registration referred.

29. Ipsos iSay

Ipsos iSay
Image by

Ipsos iSay stands as an online survey platform that extends an opportunity for individuals to engage in surveys and receive valuable rewards in return for sharing their viewpoints. By taking part in surveys, users can accumulate points which hold the potential to be exchanged for rewards including cash and gift cards. Managed by Ipsos, a prominent global market research company boasting a 40-year legacy, the platform’s credibility makes it an appealing choice for promotion on various platforms, including Pinterest.

Enrollment in Ipsos iSay’s affiliate program is open at no cost, granting participants access to a unique referral link that can be seamlessly shared on Pinterest or other platforms. When someone employs this link to register on the Ipsos iSay platform and subsequently verifies their email address, you become eligible for a one-time commission of $2.74. It’s important to note that the referrals you bring in must fulfill the requirement of completing at least one Ipsos iSay survey before the commission is awarded to you. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

30. Joybird

Image by

Joybird stands out as an online furniture retailer specializing in an array of customizable, furniture reminiscent of mid-century modern designs. Their collection encompasses a diverse range of items including sofas, chairs, beds, tables, along with complementary accessories like pillows and rugs.

What sets Joybird apart is not only the ability for customers to personalize their furniture selections, but also the brand’s generous return policies and comprehensive warranties. This combination makes it an exceptionally appealing choice for promotion on platforms like Pinterest. Enrolling in Joybird’s affiliate program is a straightforward process that comes at no cost, enabling individuals to effectively market it to their Pinterest followers, given that PayPal operates within their country.

Affiliates are poised to benefit from this program, as it offers an attractive 15% commission per sale, which stands as one of the most competitive rates within this niche market.

31. Udemy

Image by

Udemy serves as a dynamic platform providing a diverse array of up-to-the-minute courses spanning various high-demand subjects such as technology, business, personal growth, and more. Within its vast selection of thousands of courses, users can access exclusive promotions and leverage an array of tracking assets, encompassing course-specific, sitewide, and customized links that offer deep linking capabilities.

You have the opportunity to boost sales using promotional tools and assets furnished by Udemy. These resources can be seamlessly integrated into your online presence, be it on your website, blog, social media platforms, or email newsletters. This integration facilitates the potential to earn revenue through competitive commission rates for valid purchases that stem from your affiliate tracking links. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Comprehending your sales performance becomes more accessible by monitoring your achievements via your network account. Udemy’s commission rates remain competitive, providing a proportional incentive that grows with your promotional efforts. The more actively you promote, the greater your earning potential becomes.

32. Mister Art

Mister Art
Image by

Mister Art stands as a prominent online retailer, presenting an extensive array of art supplies and materials, all available at highly competitive prices. Their diverse product range encompasses paints, brushes, canvases, paper, drawing tools, and more, tailored to serve various artistic endeavours like painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking.

With its extensive selection of art supplies and materials coupled with its budget-friendly price points, Mister Art emerges as a premier destination for individuals engaged in the realms of art, DIY, and crafts. Given the substantial popularity of this niche on platforms like Pinterest, it’s highly advisable to contemplate becoming a participant in Mister Art’s affiliate program. This affiliation would allow you to earn a commendable 10% commission for each successful purchase made through your referral link.

Promoting their products becomes an effortless task due to the comprehensive product descriptions provided, and the alluring discounts are bound to exert a strong appeal, effectively drawing in potential customers. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

33. The Online Dog Trainer from Doggy Dan

The Online Dog Trainer from Doggy Dan
Image by

Doggy Dan Training stands out as an exceptional online dog training program conceived by the proficient dog trainer, Dan Abdelnoor. It serves as an invaluable resource for dog owners aspiring to enhance their furry companions’ behaviour and compliance through the implementation of positive reinforcement training methods. With an impressive subscriber base of nearly 60,000, this program has solidified its position as one of the most sought-after resources within the realm of online dog training.

Pinterest, with its colossal user base of over 20 million individuals passionately sharing images of adorable puppies and dogs, emerges as an ideal platform for showcasing the merits of Doggy Dan Training. Adding to its appeal is the program’s affiliation with one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the pet sector, offering a generous 70% commission on each sale. A noteworthy aspect of this initiative is its commendably low refund rate of 3%, ensuring that affiliates retain a substantial portion of their hard-earned earnings.

34. Sephora

Image by

Sephora stands as a renowned luxury label, celebrated for its premium makeup, skincare, fragrance, and hair offerings. Currently, the esteemed beauty retailer boasts a presence across 29 countries with over 1900 stores, including prominent locations in the US, Canada, and Europe. The brand curates an expansive collection featuring nearly 340 diverse brands, encompassing well-recognized names such as Dior, Fenty Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and its own Sephora line.

With a substantial audience of over 20 million Pinterest users exhibiting keen interest in hair and beauty, leveraging this social media platform emerges as a strategic avenue for bolstering affiliate earnings through Sephora. Participation in the brand’s affiliate program grants entry to an extensive array of more than 200 brands and a remarkable assortment of over 13,000 premium products. As an affiliate partner, you secure a 5% commission on each sale, along with exclusive newsletters, previews of upcoming products, and access to affiliate-exclusive special offers and promotions. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

35. AliDropship

Image by

AliDropship functions as an e-commerce platform that empowers entrepreneurs in establishing and managing their own dropshipping ventures. The platform equips users with an array of tools and materials to facilitate the creation of online stores, product sourcing, and overall business administration.

By enrolling in AliDropship’s affiliate initiative, individuals can effectively monetize various niches on Pinterest. This opportunity enables them to market a wide spectrum of products spanning diverse categories. Notably, the program boasts a substantial commission of up to 50% per sale, positioning it as one of the most lucrative affiliate programs accessible at present.

Furthermore, participants receive dedicated assistance and promotional resources. Notably, there are no limitations on the volume of products that can be promoted and sold. However, eligibility for AliDropship’s affiliate program excludes owners of coupon or deal websites and individuals engaged in pay-per-click advertising. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

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36. Rug Source

Rug Source
Image by

Rug Source, an established online retailer, specializes in offering a diverse range of rugs, including modern, antique, oriental, and Persian styles. Boasting an impressive inventory of over 30,000 rugs, the company has earned global recognition as a prominent rug vendor. Their affiliate program, available through ShareASale, provides an opportunity for promoters to join and collaborate.

The affiliate commissions offered by Rug Source are notably competitive for physical products, with affiliates earning a substantial 10% commission on their sales. One of the program’s strengths lies in the global reach of Rug Source’s rugs, enabling affiliates to attract traffic from various geographical locations.

Furthermore, content centered around rugs, interior design, and related subjects tends to perform exceptionally well on Pinterest. This combination of factors positions Rug Source’s affiliate program as a highly appealing option for potential affiliates to explore.

Image by

This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest. presents an excellent opportunity to become part of a noteworthy craft affiliate program, perfect for those looking to join the creative world. Their extensive range of crafts aligns seamlessly with Pinterest’s visual appeal. Notably, their store boasts internationally acclaimed brands, a factor that significantly bolsters conversion rates.

A captivating aspect is the wealth of content and educational resources available, including podcasts. This dynamic content serves as a magnet, drawing in potential customers who may be enticed to engage with the blog’s offerings and subsequently make purchases.

One of the most enticing features is their generous commission structure, offering rates of up to 20%, a remarkable figure particularly for physical products. For those seeking interaction and guidance,’s Facebook affiliate group provides a platform to connect with fellow affiliates and seek answers to queries. In essence, stands out as an exceptional affiliate program option for Pinterest, especially within the crafts niche. It’s certainly an opportunity worth exploring.

38. Fiverr

Fiverr Website
Image by

Fiverr, renowned as one of the world’s most recognizable freelance marketplaces, provides an often-overlooked opportunity through its affiliate program, which stands out as one of the most appealing and rewarding initiatives in the industry.

Surprisingly, many individuals remain unaware of Fiverr’s affiliate program, yet it boasts one of the most competitive and potentially profitable setups available. The program’s structure allows affiliates to earn substantial amounts, with the potential to rake in as much as $1,000 from a single successful referral, clearly demonstrating Fiverr’s dedication to rewarding its affiliates generously.

Affiliates can tailor their approach based on the Fiverr services they choose to endorse, selecting either a per-sale compensation model, offering payouts ranging from $10 to $1,000 per sale, or a percentage-based scheme with commissions spanning 10% to 50% per sale.

Notably, Fiverr introduces a revenue-sharing option for select services, a strategy that yields a slightly reduced initial commission. However, this trade-off proves worthwhile as it grants affiliates an additional income stream: a 10% share of their referred customers’ sales for a duration of 12 months.

This facet presents an intriguing opportunity for substantial earnings, particularly if the individuals brought into the Fiverr ecosystem continue to utilize its services consistently, potentially resulting in a lucrative income stream over the course of a year. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

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39. Clinique Online

Clinique Online
Image by

Clinique stands as a globally renowned brand in the realm of beauty, accompanied by an impressive affiliate program. Navigating their online store reveals an extensive array of beauty products, spanning from nourishing skincare essentials to captivating makeup items. These offerings serve as fertile ground for crafting engaging pins that can seamlessly guide potential customers towards making purchases via your affiliate link.

Clinique’s affiliate commission rates are notably attractive, averaging at 6% of the revenue generated. This proposition gains further appeal due to the tangible nature of the products and the brand’s substantial credibility, making these commission rates even more appealing.

40. BK Beauty

BK Beauty
Image by

The BK Beauty affiliate program presents an excellent opportunity within the beauty niche, with a focus on makeup brushes and an extensive array of choices. While not as universally renowned as Clinique, BK Beauty compensates with its enticing affiliate program terms.

A notable highlight is the generous 15% commission offered, coupled with an impressive average order value surpassing $100. This translates to potentially lucrative Earnings Per Click (EPCs), as the traffic you direct is inclined to make substantial purchases. Particularly suitable for promotion on Pinterest within the beauty niche, the BK Beauty affiliate program stands out as one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

41. Thrive Market

Thrive Market
Image by

Thrive Market stands out as an online grocery store dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of wholesome living. Its diverse array of nourishing food and beverages caters to individuals following various dietary preferences. The potential success of affiliating with Thrive Market on Pinterest is grounded in the perpetual quest for healthier eating choices.

Pinterest serves as a favored platform for those seeking inspiration in this domain. Through illustrative content, you can exhibit to users in search of ideas how Thrive Market can contribute to their healthier eating journey. Your efforts in driving such engagement can also translate into earnings, with commission rates spanning from $5 to $40 per sale. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

42. FarmFoods Market

FarmFoods Market
Image by

Farm Foods Market offers a unique platform for ordering farm-sourced meats that stand apart from mass-produced alternatives. Their core mission revolves around reintroducing authentic, nourishing, and richly flavorful meats to the market. Each product they offer is sourced directly from farms where animals are raised in humane conditions, reflecting their commitment to ethical practices. This ethical dimension provides a compelling angle to endorse this exceptional company.

Naturally, Farm Foods Market’s product line strongly resonates with individuals who are dedicated to ending the era of mass-produced meats and the mistreatment of animals – a commendable objective by all accounts.

Their affiliate program boasts a 4% commission rate, coupled with an impressive 4% conversion rate. Notably, the average order surpasses $120, indicating potential earnings of $16 per sale, a figure that shouldn’t be overlooked.

All in all, Farm Foods Market presents a robust affiliate program within the food industry. With favourable conversion rates and a range of high-quality, ethically sourced products, endorsing them is a rewarding experience. In the realm of food-related niches, unless your Pinterest audience is exclusively vegan, Farm Foods Market emerges as an ideal and harmonious choice.

43. Universal Yums Food

Universal Yums Food
Image by

You have the opportunity to become an influencer through the Universal Yums Food Affiliate Program. To get started, simply sign up for their affiliate program and provide some basic information about your business and audience. Follow the application instructions to complete the process.

To effectively promote Universal Yums products, it’s crucial to create content that not only captures your audience’s attention but also keeps them engaged. Begin monetizing your content immediately by integrating your Universal Yums link directly into your blog posts. Then, continue producing valuable content and let your audience click on your links. When they make purchases, you’ll earn $10 per sale.

As you incorporate affiliate links into your content and start earning commissions, consider methods to enhance your affiliate earnings. You can achieve this by incorporating appealing product displays, comparison tables, and compelling call-to-action buttons in your blog posts. The simplest way to boost your affiliate income and monetize your website with Universal Yums is by using Lasso. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

44. GoPro

Image by

GoPro stands out as a widely recognized global brand that enjoys immense popularity worldwide. This reputation serves as a valuable asset when endorsing the products, benefiting from the high level of trust they command. The line of action cameras offered by GoPro lends itself well to promotion on platforms like Pinterest, where the potential to showcase their capabilities is substantial. This presents an opportunity to pair such demonstrations with your affiliate link for effective marketing.

With the GoPro affiliate program, you can earn a substantial 5% of the revenue generated through your promotional efforts. This commission rate is particularly noteworthy given the brand’s international renown and its focus on tangible products. Additionally, participants in the affiliate program are provided with a dedicated affiliate manager, who can offer assistance and insights to potentially enhance your sales performance. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

45. Garmin

Image by

Garmin stands out as a prominent brand specializing in outdoor GPS watches, boasting an extensive array of options accompanied by an attractive affiliate program. By endorsing Garmin products, affiliates can enjoy a generous 8% share of the generated revenue – a favourable arrangement, particularly for a tangible product.

The Pinterest platform aligns remarkably well with this product, as its user base exhibits interests ranging from outdoor activities to fashion and beyond. This grants promoters a considerable degree of flexibility in their promotional strategies, which is undeniably advantageous.

46. Designer Living

Designer Living
Image by

Designer Living provides a diverse range of furniture and home decor items sourced from leading brands in various categories such as bed, bath, window, rugs, youth, outdoor, and pets. Renowned names like Bombay, INK + IVY, Madison Park, and Natori contribute to the selection.

With a competitive commission rate of 10%, this affiliate program is particularly appealing for those catering to an audience inclined towards a sophisticated lifestyle. It holds special value for Pinterest affiliates, as it empowers them to present a wide array of home decor products to suit different tastes and budgets.

What sets Designer Living apart and solidifies its position on the list of top affiliate programs is its commitment to price matching. This feature significantly enhances the potential for converting leads into customers, making it one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest if you are aiming to maximize your revenue.

47. Active Campaign

Active Campaign
Image by

This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest. Active Campaign stands out as a comprehensive software encompassing email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM capabilities, all seamlessly integrated into one exceptional solution. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, it undoubtedly holds the top spot among email marketing software options.

Beyond its software excellence, Active Campaign boasts a highly impressive affiliate program. With a commission structure of 20%-30% on a recurring monthly basis, affiliates have the opportunity to earn continuous income. This means that as long as the referrals they bring in remain active, affiliates will receive commissions each month. Furthermore, the commission rates are designed in tiers, allowing affiliates to enjoy higher earnings as their sales volume increases—an appealing prospect akin to receiving a substantial pay raise.

48. ClickFunnels

Image by

ClickFunnels functions as a versatile landing page construction platform that streamlines the sales process for businesses. Acting as an all-in-one solution, it aids enterprises in marketing and vending their products and services effectively.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program presents substantial opportunities for affiliate partners to expand their ventures. Affiliates are categorized into different tiers, each offering varying commission rates based on both tier levels and the specific products sold. Certain items even offer the potential for up to a 100% commission rate.

  • Tier 1: This initial tier accommodates all ClickFunnels affiliates without the need for a formal application. It allows for the earning of diverse commissions on items such as books, challenges, and summits, with commission percentages ranging from $1 per sale to 40% on upsells.
  • Tier 2: Aspiring affiliates must attain $1,000 in sales within any 30-day period to qualify for Tier 2. Upon achieving this milestone, access is granted to a wider array of products for promotion, accompanied by commission rates spanning from 30% to 40%.
  • Tier 3: Successful Tier 3 applicants can enjoy a 40% commission rate after successfully selling 40 ClickFunnels accounts on a monthly basis.

Advancement to higher affiliate tiers necessitates the fulfilment of specific criteria, either in terms of a set number of referrals or a designated minimum sales volume per month. Moving up the affiliate tiers not only unlocks improved commission rates but also enhances the overall benefits for affiliate partners.

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49. Wix

Image by

Wix stands out as a user-friendly platform for crafting polished websites, offering extensive design flexibility, robust search engine optimization tools, and seamless e-commerce integration. The Affiliate Program of this program is designed for website owners with the ability to generate significant traffic to Wix by creating unique content like online articles, instructional guides, and how-to videos.

When you refer individuals who click on your affiliate advertisement and subsequently buy a Wix Premium Plan within 30 days, you will be rewarded with $100 for each successful referral. Your earning potential as an affiliate is unlimited, as the more sales you drive, the more you stand to earn.

Simplicity is a key advantage here, particularly in terms of the commission structure. Solely dedicating your efforts to promoting Wix could potentially lead to a lucrative income stream. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

50. Zazzle

Image by

Zazzle stands as the ultimate platform for bringing your creative visions to life. It offers a vast array of possibilities, ranging from T-shirts, pillows, and stickers to banners, invitations, and blankets. The diversity of options extends to mugs, puzzles, playing cards, and beyond, encompassing millions of products that cater to every imagination.

Enrolled individuals in the Zazzle affiliate program are referred to as associates. The appeal of this role lies in its attractive commissions and substantial cookie duration. Beyond the enticing commission rate of 15%, associates also have the opportunity to earn a volume bonus that can reach up to 17%. What further sets this program apart is its user-friendly approach to linking to any product, making it a seamless experience for associates to connect customers with their desired items. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

51. Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club
Image by

Utilizing affiliate marketing on Pinterest, the Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club emerges as an optimal choice, effectively resonating with the platform’s user base. This opportunity caters to the aficionados of chocolate, granting them the chance to experience novel assortments every month from renowned chocolatiers such as Mayana Chocolates, Droga Chocolates, Four Brothers Chocolates, Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier, Torn Ranch, and more.

Distinguished by its exclusivity, this proposition possesses the potential to captivate a highly relevant audience. The array includes both one-time presents and subscription options, all while promising a satisfactory commission of $12 for each successful referral.

52. Dermava

Image by

Dermava presents an extensive range of over 4000 premium beauty and skincare brands, all available at budget-friendly prices. Their product categories encompass skincare, haircare, makeup, nail care, body care, and even options for men.

Dermava takes pride in offering the beauty niche’s most generous commissions and extended cookie durations. With a substantial 11% commission rate, their program stands out. What adds to their appeal is the remarkable 115% low price guarantee, ensuring customers get the best value. Should customers find a lower price elsewhere, Dermava refunds the difference, providing an unbeatable offer that resonates with your audience. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Apart from the initial substantial commissions, the platform also maintains ongoing commission payments to the original referring affiliate throughout its entire engagement with the customer. This establishes a residual income opportunity for its partners, enabling them to focus on delivering valuable and supportive guidance to their followers, rather than simply pursuing sales-driven recommendations for short-term gains. This approach encourages a broader perspective on their role.

53. Integrity Botanicals

Integrity Botanicals
Image by

Integrity Botanicals stands out as the leading online destination for indulging in natural and organic beauty products. Housing a diverse collection of over 60 brands, their offerings span across skincare, body care, hair care, makeup, baby & mommy essentials, wellness items, products for men, and thoughtful gift sets.

For Pinterest affiliates catering to enthusiasts of organic beauty, Integrity Botanicals presents an unrivalled affiliate program. Boasting an impressive commission rate of 10%, it emerges as an ideal choice.

Moreover, each order comes with the added incentive of receiving three complimentary samples, strategically designed to foster repeat purchases. This program aligns seamlessly with an audience appreciative of eco-conscious and health-focused beauty choices and makes it one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

54. Vital Choice

Vital Choice
Image by

If your target audience is health-conscious and interested in dietary choices, consider the following option: you can become a part of the Vital Choice Affiliate Program, gaining access to your unique affiliate link. To begin your journey as an influencer, the first step is to sign up for their affiliate program.

You’ll be able to promptly monetize your content by incorporating your Vital Choice affiliate link directly into your blog posts. Subsequently, all you need to do is continue producing valuable content and await your audience’s engagement with your links. The commission structure varies: new customers yield a standard reward of 4%, existing customers offer 1%, and each new Vital Box subscription earns you $15.

As you integrate a few affiliate links into your content and start generating commissions, it’s wise to explore methods for enhancing your affiliate earnings. Achieving this can be facilitated by including attractive product showcases, comparative tables, and compelling call-to-action buttons in your blog posts.

You’ll gain access to a comprehensive link management dashboard that enables you to oversee every post on your site containing Vital Choice links. Additionally, you can effortlessly craft eye-catching affiliate displays, grids, and tables without needing to write any code. These elements are poised to amplify your click-through rates, ultimately leading to increased earnings from your existing content.

55. Green Kids Crafts

Green Kids Crafts
Image by

This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest. Green Kids Crafts functions as a subscription service that provides engaging and educational crafts for children. Their offerings encompass regular subscription boxes, one-time boxes, and gift boxes. For bloggers and social influencers, a valuable approach to harnessing this program is to solicit a complimentary box. In return, an account of the encounter can be penned.

Compensation-wise, earnings comprise $10 for all recurring subscription sales, $8 for non-renewing gift subscriptions, and a 15% commission on all purchases from the shop. Additionally, the company furnishes enticement bonuses, promotions, contests, and sales opportunities that introduce an element of enjoyment and competitiveness to the task of promoting the brand.

56. Revelae Kids

Revelae Kids
Image by

Revelae Kids specializes in fostering wholesome lifestyles through inventive approaches to playtime, snack breaks, naptimes, and bathing routines. Their product range aims to simplify these moments for parents while enhancing the enjoyment for children.

Revelae Kids presents a truly distinctive offering that holds value for every parent and child. It’s a treasure trove for the parenting community, poised to captivate the interest of those seeking innovative products. Moreover, the commissions offered stand at an appealing 15%, that can climb up to 20%.

Payment is issued at the conclusion of every month. You are credited for all sales generated by customers who click on your link and make purchases within 30 days from their initial click. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

57. 7 Sisters Homeschool

7 Sisters Homeschool
Image by

Drawing from over two decades of homeschooling experience, 7Sisters offers a comprehensive range of homeschool programs encompassing coaching, curriculum, and invaluable encouragement. Undoubtedly, this stands out as an exceptionally profitable product within the realm of parenting.

Featuring generous 40% commissions and an extended 90-day cookie duration, this presents a lucrative opportunity to generate substantial earnings. Moreover, affiliates can leverage the advantage of promotional activities and seasonal offers to drive effortless conversions.

58. Fun and Function

Fun and Function
Image by

Fun and Function is a renowned provider of therapeutic toys and sensory tools that have received awards for their quality. These products are not only enjoyable but also affordable, aiming to aid various aspects of child development. Crafted by experienced therapists, each product serves a specific purpose, contributing to areas such as:

  • attention and focus,
  • auditory processing,
  • biting and chewing tendencies,
  • relaxation,
  • fine and gross motor coordination,
  • organizational skills,
  • time management,
  • smooth routines and transitions,
  • appropriate seating,
  • sensory integration,
  • sleep improvement,
  • social skill enhancement,
  • travel convenience.

In addition to their role as a top resource for exceptional child development items, Fun and Function presents an enticing commission structure. With an average transaction amount of $100, affiliates can earn a commission of 10% per sale. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

59. Organic Baby Food Shop

Organic Baby Food Shop
Image by

Organic Baby Food Shop retails a selection of five distinct variants of organic baby formula, which encompass goat’s milk, hypoallergenic, HIPP, Holle, and Lebenswert options. The majority of these variants are tailored across three or more stages to align with different growth phases. Their formulations are derived from grass-fed cows and incorporate probiotics and raw components, ensuring a product lineup devoid of chemicals and preservatives.

The offerings at Organic Baby Food Shop are characterized by their exclusivity, presenting items that are challenging to procure elsewhere. Individuals seeking this specific kind of baby formula are likely to view the shop as a valuable resource. Moreover, the commission structure in this sector is notably attractive, set at a competitive 10%. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

60. Shopify

Image by

Shopify serves as a comprehensive commerce platform that empowers individuals to initiate, expand, and oversee their business endeavours. Within Shopify’s framework, merchants have the flexibility to construct and personalize their online stores while simultaneously conducting sales across diverse platforms. These include websites, mobile applications, physical retail spaces, pop-up shops, and various channels spanning social media to online marketplaces.

The Shopify Affiliate program comprises a vast network of global content creators, educators offering courses, influencers, and review websites. These affiliates assist their audiences in launching prosperous enterprises on the Shopify platform. In return, they earn competitive referral commissions and bolster their reputations as authorities within the industry. Participation in this program is cost-free, offering experts the opportunity to monetize their followers and receive commissions.

By joining the Shopify affiliate program, members gain access to a diverse global creative repository, lead magnets, a monthly newsletter, and meticulously curated email content. These resources are strategically designed to facilitate content creation and enhance conversion rates. Remarkable performance and the quality of referrals can lead eligible partners to an exclusive invitation-only initiative known as the Commerce Coach program. This prestigious program offers elevated commission rates and a plethora of other exclusive perks.

Shopify extends commissions across its range of standard plans, which can amount to as much as $150 USD for referrals to fully-priced plans, contingent on the merchant’s location. To facilitate withdrawals, the Shopify Affiliate Program mandates a minimum balance of $10 USD. Affiliates can choose to receive payment once their balance reaches a designated threshold or on a bi-weekly schedule.

61. Rakuten

Image by

Rakuten functions as a cashback platform, rewarding consumers for their purchases made through its website. Rapidly gaining popularity, it has emerged as a prominent online shopping destination. In the second quarter of 2021, Rakuten recorded a revenue of $3.4 billion, marking a 15.8% year-over-year growth, and this upward trajectory is ongoing. Capturing a significant market share of affiliate networks, it holds the third-largest position at 7.85%.

Central to Rakuten’s ecosystem is its affiliate publisher program, seamlessly linked with over 2,500 diverse retailers offering a wide array of products – akin to the Amazon Affiliates model. As an affiliate, partnering with a brand and endorsing its products through Rakuten is straightforward. The affiliate program devised by Rakuten incorporates three commission types aimed at bolstering sales through your influence:

  • Dynamic commissioning: This facet offers insights into advertisers’ objectives and compensations, structured around escalated revenue.
  • Coupon commissioning: This stream enables efficient oversight and regulation of coupon code-related rules.
  • Multi-touch commissioning: This innovative element ensures acknowledgment of your contributions at any juncture along the customer journey.

The commission rate is variable, contingent upon the distinct commission rates set by individual merchants. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

62. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network
Image by

Established in 1995, eBay emerged as one of the pioneering online marketplaces that effectively connected buyers and sellers. Its prominence remains strong worldwide, encompassing not only traditional e-commerce but also forging affiliations within the realm of marketing partnerships.

Functioning as an affiliate program, eBay holds widespread appeal due to its capacity to cater to virtually any demographic. The platform’s extensive range of offerings means that virtually anything imaginable can find a place for sale. A remarkable instance of this was witnessed in 2015 when an individual managed to sell a bag of air from a Kanye West concert for an astonishing $65,000.

Regarding its commission structure, eBay’s affiliate program offers compensation in the range of $0.50 to $1.00 for driving users who haven’t engaged in purchases on eBay for over a year, leading them to initiate bids on products. Furthermore, affiliates also earn supplemental commissions based on successfully completed sales, with these rates differing based on the category of the item.

It’s essential to note that eBay Partner Network calculates commissions based on the profit generated from a sale. The commission percentages are not uniform but fluctuate depending on the nature of the product being sold. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

63. Leadpages

Image by

Leadpages stands out as a widely recognized website builder that aids small businesses in constructing effective landing and sales pages. One of its standout features is its top-tier affiliate program, which presents the opportunity to earn commissions on a recurring basis for each successful sale you bring in. This commission structure encompasses not only initial sales but also plan renewals, updates, and one-time purchases, ensuring a continuous stream of income.

The affiliate program is inclusive, welcoming both Leadpages users and non-users to participate. To empower its affiliates and help them excel, Leadpages furnishes a range of promotional resources, tutorials, and training materials. By utilizing these resources, affiliates can enhance their sales capabilities and unlock the potential for higher commission rates. The commission rates themselves can vary, spanning from 10% to 50%, offering flexibility to match the efforts and achievements of each affiliate.

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64. ConvertKit

Image by

This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest. ConvertKit offers a tailor-made affiliate program designed for content creators who target fellow creators. Its suite of email marketing tools simplifies the entire process of strategizing, dispatching, and overseeing email campaigns. Even individuals who are new to blogging or seasoned influencers can excel due to ConvertKit’s user-friendly interface.

Affiliates of ConvertKit are entitled to a substantial 30% commission for each successful sign-up through their unique affiliate link. This commission is a recurring payout, contingent on the continued activity of the referred customer’s account. The actual earnings are influenced by the monthly subscription plan chosen by the referral. Notably, opting for an upgraded plan by those with extensive email lists translates to higher commissions on a monthly basis.

65. Elementor

Image by

Elementor serves as a plugin enabling users to effortlessly fashion polished WordPress websites through a drag-and-drop approach, employing a range of diverse elements. The plugin features a free version with limitations, along with multiple subscription options, commencing at $49 per annum and escalating to $999 per annum.

With WordPress standing as a widely embraced content management system, Elementor stands out among the leading 15 plugins employed with WordPress. This underscores the substantial potential for individuals to garner substantial earnings via Elementor’s affiliate program. Notably, Elementor extends a fixed 50% commission on all sales generated through your referrals. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

66. Hubspot

Image by

HubSpot serves as a comprehensive CRM platform that seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, content management, and customer service within a unified interface. The current plans from HubSpot are available at a pricing range of $50 to upwards of $3,000 per month. Remarkably, many customers opt for multiple products simultaneously, opening up substantial earning potential for affiliates.

Becoming a HubSpot affiliate is a cost-free endeavor, welcoming individuals regardless of their familiarity with HubSpot’s software. Irrespective of whether you’re a newcomer to affiliate marketing or a seasoned pro, you’re encouraged to apply for the program.

Affiliate commission structures come in two variations:

  • A recurring monthly rate of 15%.
  • A flat rate equating to 100% of the revenue from the first month.

HubSpot’s reputation for offering a diverse array of educational materials extends to its affiliate initiative. Affiliates gain access to an extensive reservoir of valuable resources, streamlining the process of generating content for HubSpot’s diverse product lineup.

67. Constant Contact

Constant Contact
Image by

Constant Contact functions as an email marketing tool, aiding in lead generation and boosting web traffic. It presents a choice between two subscription plans: a basic email option priced at $20 per month, and an upgraded Email Plus plan available for $45 monthly. For businesses in perpetual search of fresh methods to promote their brand, Constant Contact stands ready to provide that additional impetus.

The affiliate program of Constant Contact is transparent and harbours the potential for substantial earnings. The structure involves a straightforward, one-time flat commission of $105 for each successful subscription sale. Additionally, a $5 commission is extended for every individual who enrols in a free trial of their email service, regardless of whether they proceed to make a purchase or not. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

68. Teachable

Image by

Teachable serves as a platform designed to enable individuals to monetize their expertise by offering and selling online courses. Utilizing Teachable allows anyone to profit from teaching courses aligned with their knowledge. By participating in Teachable’s affiliate marketing initiative, individuals become affiliated partners, opening doors to earning a 30% commission on each Teachable purchase. This commission can potentially increase up to 50% through bonus tiers.

In an added incentive, as long as the referrals you bring onto the Teachable platform remain subscribed, you continue to receive a 30% commission from their subscription fee. This presents the opportunity to generate an ongoing commission stream from a single initial sale. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

69. Bluehost

Image by

Bluehost stands out as a premier web hosting provider renowned for its affordability and user-friendly approach, particularly beneficial for newcomers aiming to establish their online presence, particularly through WordPress.

Under the wings of Bluehost’s affiliate program, individuals have the opportunity to earn substantial rewards. A generous $65 flat commission awaits affiliates for every referred visitor who not only clicks on their unique link but also proceeds to enroll in a hosting package. This commission appears even more substantial when considering that the entry-level Basic hosting plan is priced at just $2.95 per month for a 36-month commitment, while the Pro plan costs merely $13.95 per month.

Delving deeper into the affiliate structure, it’s evident that Bluehost has implemented a tiered system. This means that dedicated and thriving affiliates have the potential to reap even greater benefits, with the potential commission reaching up to $130 per successful sale. The ceiling for earning is limitless, a fact illustrated by affiliates like Ryan Robinson, who boasts a monthly income of $9,400 solely from their association with Bluehost.

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70. NordVPN

Image by

NordVPN stands as a VPN service renowned for furnishing users with a shielded and confidential avenue to the internet. This entails safeguarding online data through encrypted connections, a valuable feature particularly for individuals seeking tranquility when using public Wi-Fi. NordVPN not only ensures the secure access of personal data and work-related files but also ensures the preservation of one’s online identity.

The affiliate marketing initiative of NordVPN presents an opportunity for substantial and recurring earnings. The program extends an initial commission of no less than 40% for each sign-up, with an added 30% bonus commission applicable to any subsequent renewals made by the customer. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

71. Calendly

Image by

Managing schedules for all individuals within a business can pose challenges without proper assistance. Enter Calendly: a centralized platform designed to streamline the process of scheduling meetings in a professional and efficient manner, eliminating the need for prolonged email exchanges. Calendly provides both free and paid subscription options, with the latter priced at $12 per user per month.

By becoming a Calendly affiliate partner, you have the opportunity to earn a recurring commission of 15% on referrals for both monthly and annual subscriptions. This ongoing commission structure remains active for a duration of one year for each referred customer. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

72. Wordable

Image by

Wordable serves as a valuable application tailored to content managers and blog editors, streamlining the process of transferring information and articles from Google Docs to WordPress. This tool significantly simplifies the task of moving content from a collaborative workspace to your preferred publishing platform.

Diverse subscription options are provided by Wordable, ranging in cost from $49 to $999 per month. This ensures that businesses of all sizes can discover a suitable plan that aligns with their needs and capacity.

By participating as an affiliate partner with Wordable, you stand to gain a 30% commission for every fresh sign-up, in addition to a 30% commission for each plan renewal. This commission structure remains applicable for the initial year of customer acquisition. Subsequently, your commission rate will adjust to 15% for all subscription renewals.

73. Loom

Image by

Loom stands out as one of the most user-friendly video messaging platforms accessible today. This platform empowers users to effortlessly exchange video messages, capturing footage from their camera, microphone, and desktop activity simultaneously. Moreover, it facilitates rapid uploading and sharing of these videos with minimal delay. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Through Loom’s Creator Program, participants can secure a 15% ongoing commission for each new paying customer they bring to Loom during the customer’s inaugural year. This initiative equips participants with a range of promotional materials such as visual content, platform snapshots, and informative documents. The program utilizes cookies that remain active for a duration of 90 days.

74. AWeber

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This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest. AWeber serves as an email marketing tool that equips users with a comprehensive set of resources to foster the growth of their email list, engage their audience effectively, and ultimately enhance sales performance. The platform employs a subscription-based pricing model, determined by the number of subscribers within an account. For instance, if your user base consists of 500 individuals, AWeber would apply a fee of $19 per month. Should your subscriber count scale up to 100,000, the monthly charge would amount to $369.

AWeber extends an affiliate program that grants participants a 30% commission on recurring referrals. This commission is applicable as long as the referred customers uphold their subscription renewals. To put it in perspective, let’s consider a scenario: if you manage to refer five individuals to enroll in a Pro membership, priced at $19.99 per month, you stand to potentially earn $360 annually. This earning potential persists as long as those five referrals continue to renew their subscriptions, without necessitating any additional effort on your part.

75. ShareASale

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ShareASale stands out as an affiliate marketing network featuring a vast selection of over 2,500 programs for individuals to explore. One of its key appeals lies in its free registration and user-friendly interface, which proves highly beneficial for those new to affiliate marketing. Boasting a substantial number of merchant partners, ShareASale ensures that regardless of your chosen niche, you’ll discover pertinent products and services to endorse.

An attractive facet of ShareASale’s affiliate program is the diverse range of commission rates determined by the respective merchants. What adds to its allure is the platform’s collaborations with content creators and technology allies. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that ShareASale has a somewhat restricted array of payout options, and becoming an affiliate necessitates the ownership of a website.

76. Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction (CJ)
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CJ emerges as a prominent player among affiliate networks, commanding an 8.14% share of the industry market. The company has forged partnerships with major corporate names including Priceline, Overstock, and Barnes & Noble. Impressively, CJ disburses more than $1.8 billion annually in affiliate commissions.

Enrollees in CJ’s affiliate program, known as publishers, gain entry to a portfolio of renowned brands and valuable data that facilitate the profitable monetization of their online ventures. The commission rates are variable, contingent upon the rates established by advertisers. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Complementing these offerings, CJ furnishes an array of advanced tools and capabilities. These encompass features such as ad and content monetization, all-encompassing tracking across multiple channels, and a streamlined onboarding process that simplifies program participation and fosters effortless sales generation through a singular click.

77. Clickbank

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ClickBank stands out as one of the pioneering and best affiliate programs for Pinterest, boasting a global community of over 100,000 affiliates. Since its establishment in 1999, it has disbursed commissions exceeding $5 billion. The sign-up process for ClickBank is notably straightforward, bypassing extensive verification procedures. Upon registration, you gain swift access to crafting affiliate links and generating income.

Within ClickBank’s affiliate program, a diverse array of digital products is on offer, catering to various niches. While competition among affiliates is formidable, the platform allows you the flexibility to endorse multiple products, thereby amplifying your earnings potential. Commission rates tend to vary, although the prevailing average falls within the range of 50% to 70%.

78. Robinhood

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Robinhood operates an affiliate program within the Finance sector, offering commissions that can reach up to $20 for each funded account on the Direct track. In comparison to its competitors, both Robinhood and alternative platforms have distinct incentives for leads versus funded accounts. Leads are typically characterized as users who register an account using their email, while funding the account involves the step of linking a bank account.

Despite this, Robinhood’s user community continues to expand. The platform initiated the zero-commission trading trend and is commended for its user-friendly interface and extensive array of investment opportunities. It is advised to gauge your audience’s perceptions before endorsing Robinhood, to better understand the prevailing sentiments toward the platform.

79. Field Agent

Field Agent
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Another profitable app you might consider is the Field Agent app. This mobile application made its debut on April 17th, 2010, and secured 3,000 downloads in just 20 minutes. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Currently, the app boasts an impressive user base exceeding 1 million individuals. These users have the opportunity to earn actual money by engaging in straightforward tasks like becoming mystery shoppers, participating in quick surveys, carrying out product audits, and testing novel products.

These uncomplicated tasks offer a means for anyone to supplement their income, rendering the Field Agent app an excellent candidate for promotion on platforms such as Pinterest. To access your personalized referral link, all you need to do is download the Field Agent app and locate it within your account settings.

Regarding the referral program, you stand to gain a commission rate of 10% for every successfully completed job by your referred individuals. This commission can reach up to $10 per referral.

80. Ibotta

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This application serves as a cashback rewards platform for groceries and can be utilized at numerous major grocery store chains. It ranks high among my preferred options for promotion on Pinterest due to its impressive conversion rates.

There are eight distinct methods to generate income through it, alongside benefiting from grocery savings. For those eager to establish a strong presence on Pinterest from the get-go, you can craft a comprehensive blog post that outlines a wide array of money-making apps. Seamlessly incorporate your affiliate links where relevant and subsequently repin the article on Pinterest to facilitate effortless affiliate sales.

Upon downloading the Ibotta app, users gain instant access to a referral code, which can be shared with friends, family, and acquaintances. Each referred individual who downloads the app and completes a qualifying offer translates to a $10 referral commission for you.

Furthermore, there exists an alternate avenue for generating affiliate income through Ibotta—their Influencer program. By participating in this program, you can earn a $2 commission for every person who simply downloads the app, even without the necessity of redeeming an offer. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

81. SiteGround

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Established in Bulgaria in 2004, SiteGround stands as a prominent web hosting company offering a diverse array of services. With a current foothold in hosting just over 2% of global websites, SiteGround enjoys widespread recognition.

Given its significant revenue potential, the web hosting niche has attracted numerous affiliates over time. Entry into SiteGround’s Pinterest affiliate program doesn’t necessarily hinge on owning a website; rather, the requirement is having a viable method to direct potential SiteGround customers via your affiliate link. This approach could encompass channels such as email marketing, YouTube, Instagram, or other creative avenues.

The SiteGround affiliate program employs a graduated commission structure that escalates as your referred sales volume increases. This system benefits high-performing affiliates, boosting their online earning potential. The structure operates as follows:

  • For 1 to 5 monthly sales: $50 per sale
  • For 6 to 10 monthly sales: $75 per sale
  • For 11 to 20 monthly sales: $100 per sale
  • For 21 or more monthly sales: Customized commissions

Commissions are applicable for the following service categories: Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, and Reseller hosting. Notably, services such as domain name registration do not fall within this commission structure and will not yield affiliate earnings.

82. Hostgator

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HostGator stands as a prominent hosting provider renowned for its budget-friendly hosting plans. Currently, it empowers a vast network of over 2 million websites across the globe. The Pinterest affiliate program provided by HostGator for web hosting presents an excellent opportunity to monetize the traffic on your website by offering some of the most competitive referral commissions in the industry. You have the flexibility to direct potential customers to HostGator through your affiliate links placed on your website, social media platforms, email listings, and other channels.

Incorporating HostGator’s affiliate program into your strategy grants you access to personalized coupons and affiliate links. These tools can be effectively utilized to endorse the HostGator brand in your content. Collaborating with HostGator proves to be mutually beneficial: HostGator gains increased business, while you earn attractive cash incentives. This partnership involves a well-structured payment system that rewards performance, ensuring a starting payout of $65 for each eligible sign-up.

Within HostGator’s framework, the payout process is both transparent and easily navigable, allowing potential earnings of up to $125 per successful sale. Furthermore, HostGator boasts hosting plans that are not only exceptionally cost-effective but also compelling enough to persuade individuals to consider signing up for their hosting services. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

83. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting
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A2 Hosting offers a comprehensive range of features that align with the expectations of a premium web hosting service. This includes impressive uptime statistics and a team of friendly and well-informed customer service representatives. Notably, their hosting packages, particularly those designed for WordPress, stand out for their robustness, making A2 Hosting the preferred choice for anyone constructing a website based on the WordPress platform.

For those engaged in affiliate marketing on Pinterest, utilizing A2 Hosting brings forth numerous advantages. Affiliates are furnished with dedicated landing pages by the brand itself. The affiliate management system is highly proactive and responsive, ensuring a meticulous triple tracking process that guarantees commission for each and every referral made.

Attaining 21 sales within a month opens the door to potential earnings of up to $125 per sale, a value that can undoubtedly escalate with a track record of consistently driving more than 21 sales monthly. This places a significant emphasis on building trust and rapport, which can substantially amplify the potential for higher earnings. This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

84. Beautylish

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Beautylish is a renowned brand and online store that offers an extensive range of exclusive health and beauty items sourced from nearly 100 well-known and niche brands in the industry. Catering to various beauty and makeup needs, their product lineup encompasses everything from makeup and fragrances to hair products and tools. Despite the premium pricing of Beautylish’s catalogue, they also feature a diverse selection of affordable options from niche brands.

The Beautylish Pinterest affiliate program covers the standard categories of beauty and makeup products. However, what sets them apart is their knack for discovering emerging brands, fostering a dedicated community that appreciates alternatives to more established names. By becoming a partner in the Beautylish program, you have the opportunity to generate substantial profits from their upscale product offerings, backed by a generous commission structure.

Participating in the Beautylish affiliate program allows partners to earn commissions of up to 10% on each sale. This initiative incorporates a 30-day tracking cookie, along with an array of creative and marketing resources. These resources empower partners to enhance their conversion rates, swiftly integrate promotions into their blogs or campaigns, and effectively tap into Beautylish’s passionate customer base.

85. SocialPilot

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SocialPilot stands out as a prominent social media tool in the current landscape. It boasts popularity among professionals from various brands who utilize its features to tailor their posts, analyze their performance metrics, interact with potential clients, and foster teamwork among their colleagues. The exciting aspect is the availability of a 14-day trial period, enabling anyone to explore its offerings without committing any upfront financial resources to a subscription

The management of all affairs related to the Pinterest affiliate program occurs through PartnerStack, a dedicated network meticulously crafted for this very purpose. Unlike other platforms where manual search and enrollment into programs are the norm, it facilitates seamless communication and remuneration between brands and their affiliates.

You have the opportunity to earn a 20% commission from the purchases made by individuals you refer to the website. Significantly, this commission remains consistent and recurring throughout the entirety of the referred person’s subscription. This means that each time your referrals renew their plans, you continue to receive a 20% share.

While the commission rate might not be the most remarkable compared to some higher offers, the recurring nature of the commission is undoubtedly a strong advantage. This sets the program apart and makes it one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest, as not many affiliate programs extend their compensation to cover renewals.

86. Adobe

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This should be included in your list of best affiliate programs for Pinterest. Adobe, a prominent US-based software company, offers a range of services encompassing content and application creation, delivery, and optimization. Their globally recognized software includes video, design, photo, and UI/UX applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat, among others.

The affiliate program provided by Adobe presents a substantial avenue for monetization, supported by a well-structured commission system. This initiative enables affiliate marketers to promote Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Adobe Stock. Equipped with a variety of pre-designed banners, advertisements, and links, affiliates are empowered to effectively market these products. The program also features periodic bonuses and incentives, designed to uplift affiliate spirits. Additionally, real-time data is offered to refine and enhance affiliate marketing endeavours.

  • Promoting Creative Cloud and Document Cloud entitles affiliates to earn an 85% commission on the initial monthly payment made by the referred customer.
  • Should the referral opt for an annual subscription, the affiliate receives an 8.33% commission.
  • In the case of Adobe Stock promotion, affiliates can secure a $72 commission for each new monthly subscription generated.
  • An annual subscription leads to an 8.33% commission.

87. Rank Math

Rank Math
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The Rank Math SEO plugin, available for free, serves as a valuable tool for optimizing your content to achieve better search engine rankings. It provides comprehensive guidance on enhancing your posts for improved visibility. This includes the ability to optimize your content for up to five keywords, track your search result rankings, and seamlessly integrate with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These features collectively empower you to elevate your SEO endeavours effectively.

Similar to many other Pinterest affiliate programs, Rank Math offers compensation to affiliates who bring in new customers. You have the opportunity to refer acquaintances, fellow bloggers, clients, or peers to Rank Math and receive monetary rewards in return. It is advised to explore the free or PRO version of Rank Math before commencing your promotional activities.

By participating in the Rank Math affiliate program, you stand to earn a 30% commission for each successful sale you drive. The potential for revenue growth is substantial, as the more customers you refer, the more income you can generate. The payment structure involves monthly disbursements and operates on a first-click cookie attribution principle. This signifies that you will receive commissions for directing visitors to Rank Math, regardless of the specific referral link they use during their purchase.

88. Bob’s Watches

Bob’s Watches
Image by

Bob’s Watches operates as an online retailer specializing in pre-owned luxury watches. This platform caters to individuals with interests in fashion, vintage items, and overall luxurious products, making it an attractive option for potential affiliates.

Affiliate partners stand to gain a 5% commission on all successful watch sales. However, it’s important to note that commission earnings are capped at $1,000 for watches exceeding $20,000 in value. On a positive note, Bob’s Watches maintains an average customer order value of approximately $8,000. This is one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

To facilitate the Pinterest affiliate program, Bob’s Watches employs the Pepperjam affiliate network. It’s crucial to be aware that the platform enforces a minimum threshold of $25 in affiliate commissions before processing payments to your account.

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The above listed companies offer excellent programs for beginners as well as experienced affiliate marketers, through which you can maximize your potential earnings and engagement. The majority of these programs operate through reputable networks, with simple registration process, user-friendly interface and an amazing work experience.

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