The traditional marketing concept was going around the customer needs and desires and producing products or services that provide them with 100% satisfaction. Instead, marketing is all about beating your competitors or outer perform them. However, modern marketing is comprehensive and user-centric, which revolves around discovering or exploring to find potential customers by persuading them to buy your product, such as Best Affiliate Programs in India. Today, a lot of content is available online, and customers compare sites, products/services by reading reviews and checking recommendations.

Unlike the traditional approach where the products were manufactured as per the customer’s needs, the main area to focus on in contemporary times is the niche where you want to promote your product and identify the potential clients or target audiences who will buy your product. You can sell anything and everything; it’s just the matter of comprehending your customer’s requirements based on the product you deal in.

The extensive evolution of online marketing has made the concept of affiliate marketing intriguing. Research shows that a referred customer is 4 times more likely to buy the product your brand is producing and has a 37% higher conversion rate.

38 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Affiliate Marketing – Overview

The concept of affiliate marketing is not new; it was going around in the world for years since 1989. However, a pioneer in the history of affiliate marketing ‘William J. Tobin’ kicked things off in the stream of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing consists of 3 parties, including business, affiliates, and customers. An affiliate is a person who promotes a product of a business/industry, gets a commission on each sale of the product purchased through their links.

Being an affiliate, you must place the ads on your website for the readers to click on. When users click on your posted ad, they are redirected to the merchant’s site. If the user purchases the product, you get a commission.

Significance of Affiliate Marketing

Now you may get an idea why numerous companies are spending massively on affiliate marketing campaigns:

1. Grow Brand Awareness

Affiliate marketing is an efficient way of enhancing the brand value by increasing the user-base and informing the customers about products they may have never heard of.

Working in a particular niche can help you in having a knack for knowing your potential customers who will go for the purchase of your product. This will help you promote your brand to new leads and specific audiences, where the results are sure shot.

2. Increase SEO

Affiliate marketing can significantly improve your website’s search engine ranking with the help of various backlinks via your affiliate blogs, websites, and social media pages.

3. Access Foreign Markets

Are you looking to tap into foreign markets? Affiliate marketing is a tool that can help you start your journey of marketing products worldwide. Even the local knowledge to market your products will work while you are conquering the foreign markets; the only thing you need to create is robust strategies; tailored to the specific area and audiences.

4. Targeted Traffic

Affiliate marketing ensures the audiences your website acquires will be potential customers. It is because only the users who founded your brand’s product or services users will click on the affiliate link.

5. Low Cost and High ROI

As it is a commission-based program, the cost involved in affiliate marketing campaigns is not generally very high. The companies only need to pay the affiliates for the sales they bring in. It is one of the reasons why this innovative marketing method wins the heart of your target audience and influences them to buy your product or service.

Top Affiliate Programs in India

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

The name that does not need any introduction is Amazon. It is the leading e-commerce segment boasting high website conversion rates, as well as high commission rates.

Once you sign up with the Amazon affiliate program, you will be provided with multiple sets of useful tools. In addition, you can also use the Sitestrip to add links to your site with ease.

It is undoubtedly one of the best affiliate programs in India, offering ranges from 0.2% to 10% deepening on the category of the product you are dealing in. The program pays you a handsome commission when the product is purchased through your affiliate link.

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2. eBay Affiliate

eBay Affiliate

eBay is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in India. The average compensation it provides ranges between 50% to 70%. The best part about this affiliate program is that it is very easy to subscribe to and free of cost. An affiliate can earn up to a 12% commission for every sale.

Being an affiliate, you just need to promote the products/services through your links; if the customer/referral buys the product using your link, you get a commission. As simple as that!

All you need to do is Find, Share, and Earn. The URL age of this program is 1 year, and the tools used by the eBay affiliate program include ad groups, APIs, and Postbacks/Pixels.

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3. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart is a magnificent e-commerce platform that offers various products, be it household, accessories, clothes, furniture, etc. You can become an affiliate for Flipkart and earn enormously, up to 15% commission on the purchase made by your referrals or through your links.

Signing up to its affiliate program is hassle-free as it requires no signup fee. You just need to generate from different webmistress/apps/blogs to Flipkart and earn a commission.

Furthermore, the platform offers an extensive range of affiliate tools, including APIs, Widgets, and Banners for listing Flipkart products on your own app/website. It also provides you with an option to track the conversion with real-time reports and the performance of referral links.

4. Reseller Club

Reseller Club

Reseller Club is listed among the largest hosting companies in India; becoming an affiliate for Reseller club is straightforward.

The platform provides a lucrative opportunity to all the affiliates. Its affiliate program benefits not only the affiliates but also the visitors. Undoubtedly, reseller Club is considered a leading domain and hosting platform; it has a massive user-base. Therefore, it becomes easy for an affiliate to earn a decent amount of commission that is up to Rs 5000 on every conversion.

Just like all other top-notch affiliate programs, it does not include any signup fees or commitments, and you will also get a dedicated affiliate manager to guide you at every step.

5. vCommission Affiliate


vCommission is a leading affiliate network that is growing substantially every year. The platform delivers performances to top-rated brands through its growing network of more than 18000 affiliates.

The affiliate program was launched early as compared to many other affiliate programs catering to multiple marketing objectives. For example, an affiliate can earn through various ways such as lead generation, generating e-commerce sales, or driving app installs.

The minimum payment threshold on vcommission is Rs. 5000, which pays you every month.

In addition, the platform has collaborated with multiple e-commerce giants, including Myntra, AliExpress, Agoda, SnapDeal, and HomeShop18.

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6. Admitad Affiliate

Admitad Affiliate

Establishment Year:  2009

Founders: Alexander Bachmann

Admitad is a leading, global provider of innovative performance marketing solutions, headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany. The company offers a wide range of monetization-, partnership-, fintech- and media buying services. The portfolio includes Partner Marketing Network, Tapfiliate, GetUniq, TakeAds, Univibes, and ConvertSocial, among others. Admitad lists measurability, transparency, and fairness at the top of its priorities working in 20+ markets with more than 30K advertisers and +100K active publishers. Admitad has offices in over 10 countries, including Germany, the USA, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

Admitad India, founded in 2015 is a part of Admitad – a partner network with a worldwide presence. Since its foundation in 2015 Admitad India has achieved immense success and has on-boarded over 12000 publishers and over 500 brands such as Flipkart, Ajio, Croma, boAt, Myntra, Samsung, etc. including those working exclusively with Admitad. Admitad India is focused on providing the best-in-class service to its clients and partners thus achieving the status of the market leader in India and worldwide. Our latest service for publishers – Instant Payout Pro – disrupts the market making a withdrawal of funds possible within a few minutes and no longer than one day upon completion of a transaction.

7. GoDaddy Affiliate

GoDaddy Affiliate

One of the best affiliate programs in India, GoDaddy is a renowned name on the internet. The platform is popular for providing a variety of domains and web hosting plans to its customers. Besides, it also offers an affiliate program with a lucrative opportunity to affiliates if earning up to 15- 100% commission on every product billed through your registered referrals. Yes, you have heard it right; it even pays 100% commission on specific products or orders.

You can sign up for its affiliate program today free of cost. You can also register your account for the GoDaddy affiliate program through another affiliate network like Commission Junction or Zanox.

Once you create your account, you are provided with various tools required by a webmaster to grow their business online.

8. Hostgator Affiliate

Hostgator Affiliate

One of the leading domain registrar and web hosting service providers, Hostgator, also boasts about its beneficial affiliate programs for affiliates and buyers as they get great discounts and offers when they buy a product using an affiliate’s link.

The platform offers a flexible tiered payout increasing your chances of earning more commission on every sale. It takes 70 days to process the payment in your bank or PayPal account.

Notably, you will earn on every single purchase of any product or service that qualifies through your ad.

The affiliate program enables all affiliates to create custom codes and tracking links—furthermore, the affiliates also commission up to $125 per signup.

9. Bluehost Affiliate

Bluehost Affiliate

A popular web hosting provider is also known for letting affiliates earn a handsome commission. Bluehost is a platform trusted by millions of people across the globe. The best part is about its cookies duration, which is set up for 3 months, increasing the chances for an affiliate to earn immensely.

The affiliate program also offers WordPress setup and SSL Certificates. The company launched its affiliate program to drive traffic and convert them into leading customers. Plus, it does not impose any cap on the earnings you can yield as an affiliate.

For withdrawing the earnings, the platform utilizes Paypal to send the amount to affiliates.

10. Shopclues Affiliate

Shopclues Affiliate

Shopclues is categorized in the list of the largest e-commerce stores globally. The website provides a variety of daily utility things, clothing, electronics at an affordable price.

The affiliate program of ShopClues gets you paid a handsome commission, up to 10% for every sale processed through your affiliate link.

Once you sign up for the Shopclues affiliate program, they will review your application. You will get the approval within 24 hours. Once the application is approved, select the products you want to promote with the help of this affiliate program.

11. Planet Express Affiliate

Planet Express Affiliate

Planet Express is a promising company involved in freight and courier services. Besides, it also runs a successful affiliate program that is featured with various tips and tricks to yield the maximized return from their program, working as an affiliate.

Becoming an affiliate is very easy with Planet express affiliate program as you just need to sign up, which you can do free of cost. The next thing you need to do is make as many referrals as you can. The more your referrals, the more they buy the product, and you will make money. As simple as that

All the earnings can be withdrawn using the Paypal account, or you can also redeem them as their shopping credits.

12. BigRock Affiliate

BigRock Affiliate

BigRock, not only is the biggest domain registrar and web hosting provider but also hosts a lucrative affiliate program yielding high returns.

The affiliate program provides all affiliates with the tracking feature and award sales made on the affiliate URL. Simultaneously, the tracking cookie is valid for 60 days.

The platform also offers add-on services such as website building, email hosting, and digital certificates.

The program allows an affiliate to earn a 30% commission on selling products or services purchased by their linked referral.

13. OMG Affiliates

OMG Affiliates

OMG Affiliates is a recognized affiliate network spread across more than 30 countries, widely known as OMG India. The platform works with established brands, including Amazon, Samsung, PayTM, and Agoda.

OMG Affiliates program helps you broaden your reach and makes it easy to target potential clients. The website can boast about its excellent customer support services and performance.

The platform supports 1400+ premium advertisers, deep into categories like retail, telecom, finance, and travel.

This affiliate program is free to join. Moreover, the URL age of this program is 8.10 years, and the domain authority is 28.

14. DGM India

DGM India

One of India’s highest paying affiliate programs, DGM is a promising network helping numerous marketers build an extraordinary income by allowing them to promote products and services from recognized Indian brands.

The affiliate program hosted by this platform, ‘dg Perform,’ offers enticing commission rates with additional bonuses and rewards for top performers. All the payments for DGM affiliate programs are made through direct deposits.

You can join this program for free of cost as a publisher. Choose a suitable campaign, and start earning money. Isn’t it simple?

15. Cuelinks


Cuelinks is an ideal platform for the ones who are not able to promote and monetize their content. The Cuelinks website provides the users with Javascript code, making it very easy to monetize the content with the help of affiliate links.

The entire process Cuelinks follows is straightforward. First, you are just required to write an article with targeted keywords. Then, the platform links the article to the Amazon product page featured with its affiliate link. This entitles you to earn a commission on every purchase of that product.

Cuelinks has a massive community of more than 400+ advertisers with different products and offers. In addition, it uses several plugins facilitating affiliate marketing tasks.

16. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction (CJ) is a renowned affiliate network listed as one of the best affiliate programs in India. It has 14 offices globally and is partnered with esteemed brands, including Barnes & Noble, Go Pro, Office Depot, and many others.

The affiliate program hosted by CJ provides a substantial commission to the affiliate on the successful transaction for every sale of their products.

The primary focus of this platform is offering publishers to maximize the values of affiliate partnerships. It has an efficient and cookie-less tracking system that ensures seamless tracking and commissioning across all devices and environments.

17. Shopify Affiliate

Shopify Affiliate

Shopify is an incredible resource for e-commerce selling everything under one roof. You can sell digital products, event tickets, digital gift cards, memberships, services (appointments), consultations, experiences, classes, lessons, and workshops.

Shopify is best-known for providing its customers with exclusive opportunities, branding, and earning an impressive commission through its affiliate program. You can easily become a Shopify affiliate without paying any signup fee.

Once you join thousands of affiliates from across the globe, you will be able to help other businesses to increase their sales tremendously and start earning competitive referral commissions.

18. GreenGeeks Affiliate

GreenGeeks Affiliate

GreenGeeks is an impeccable platform providing eco-friendly and fast hosting. Apart from web hosting, it also provides WordPress hosting, VPN Hosting, and enormous commissions to affiliates on every sale of products made using their links.

The best part about this platform is its pricing. Numerous customers are connected to GreenGeeks just because of its astounding services at affordable prices.

Once you sign up for the GreenGeeks affiliate program, free of cost, you can start promoting an array of products.

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19. Nearbuy Affiliate

Nearbuy is a recognized local discovery platform widely known for providing one of the highest commissions to affiliates in India. As it offers many services to the customers, it becomes easy for an affiliate to earn huge commissions.

Thousands of customers are connected to this platform. Being an affiliate, all you need to do is make a robust content strategy and start promoting your Nearbuy affiliate links.

In addition, it offers enormous commissions on CPS on every sale coming through the affiliate link.

The platform is entirely free to sign up and has a good domain authority of 46, representing the better outcome.

20. Sovrn Commerce

Sovrn Commerce

Sovrn is a unique platform that does not work like other affiliate programs. The global affiliate network converts your normal outgoing links into affiliate links. The more the affiliate link will be used to purchase, the more the commission will be earned by an affiliate.

At the same time, an affiliate is not required to sign up for an individual affiliate account in all the networks.

It becomes effortless to monetize the content with Sovrn. Are you still thinking of joining this program? Go for it now.

21. Yatra Affiliate

Yatra Affiliate

The magnificent travel portal in India, Yatra, does not need any introduction. The leading online travel company tracks your affiliate link for a 30-day duration and pays you a substantial commission on the bookings made using the links.

The signup process is straightforward, and the best part is you do not need to wait for any approval. Just sign up, and start monetizing instantaneously.

The affiliate program helps many publishers looking to leverage their web properties and offers exceptional commissions paid upon booking.

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22. WP Engine Affiliate

WP Engine Affiliate

WP Engine hosts one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in India mentioned in this list. The cookie life for this program can extend up to 6 months, and an affiliate can yield substantial earnings by referring WP engine platform.

The platform manages a WordPress hosting affiliate program that allows marketers to earn a handsome commission on the purchase of every product made using the affiliate links.

23. Hubspot Affiliate

Hubspot Affiliate

Hubspot affiliate programs are a perfect match, especially for bloggers, content creators, and site reviewers who want to help businesses improve their sales and the traffic on their website and monetize their content.

The commission for this affiliate program may vary depending upon the product trier of each product your referral has purchased.

The platform is great for beginners as it also helps them know to nail down the fundamental of marketing. Simultaneously, it builds audiences through blogs, YouTube, or other social media networks.

24. Weebly Affiliate

Weebly Affiliate

Weebly is an excellent platform, especially for the ones who want to build creative personal websites. The program is featured in such a way it does not require the artists/web developer to program the whole thing; they just need to perform the basics. Rest Weebly manages everything. What else can one expect?

Weebly affiliate program allows every affiliate to earn considerable commission who is able to get their visitors to make a purchase.

The success rate for the program is higher, and the cookie duration is 4 months.

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25. SEMRush


Partnered with Impact radius, SEMRush introduced its affiliate program for quite a while.

Like other reputed affiliate programs, this program is based on revenue sharing. The affiliates promote a particular product or service and get paid for the purchase made using their affiliate link. Another way of earning commission is by promoting the SEMRush platform or trial activation mode through your promotions.

The cookie duration for the platform is 120 days, and the average compensation for the program is estimated to be 40$ per sale.

26. AWIN

AWIN | Best Affiliate Programs in India

Previously known as Affiliate Window, Awin. It is the premier platform for affiliate marketing and claims over 13,000 advertisers. An affiliate marketer must submit an application to network advertising merchants to create links. They require a signing fee of approximately INR 380, which is only repaid if you are authorized The  Cookie lifetime varies and is decided by the advertisers.  The minimum Payout is approximately Rs. 1500. For practically every market area, it offers marketing of various physical and digital products. The average commission rate and cookie duration are set by the advertisers. There is therefore a lot of opportunity to earn a lot of money.


CLICKBANK | Best Affiliate Programs in India

The platform provides a variety of physical and digital products to connect to your content. It leans more toward digital goods and includes a few more specialized deals that aren’t seen on other sites. They do not have a signing amount. Typically, cookies last about 60 days.  The lowest Payout enables users to make a selection starting at about INR 760. The costs are substantial and vary according to the particular merchant you work with. They even offer weekly payment options.

28. Optimise Media

Optimise Media | Best Affiliate Programs in India

Because it partners with some of the most well-known companies, including Agoda, PayTM, Amazon, and Samsung, Optimise has established itself as the premier platform for affiliate marketing. It is perfect for individuals whose websites receive visits from other nations. They do not have any signing amount. The cookie Timeframe is for 30 to 60 days.  The lowest Payout is dependent upon advertisers. It provides real-time updates on sales and commissions via its dashboards. They reveal information about your clients’ locations and identities. The rate of the commission is competitive. They have quick payouts.

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29. Cuelinks

Cuelinks | Best Affiliate Programs in India

It is an amazing platform as it provides a free WordPress plugin to make affiliate marketing simpler, it is the ideal platform for WordPress users. For the automatic insertion of affiliate links to the pertinent keyword in the user’s article, javascript is used. They do not have a signing amount. The  Cookie lifetime is of seven days, and the minimum payment can be 500 INR. It is ideal for reporting bulk data, it offers thorough audience insights and access to tools for managing links for all-time

30. AWeber

AWeber | Best Affiliate Programs in India

One of the top affiliate programs in India is AWeber if you want to get into newsletters and email drip marketing. Since it has been around since 1998 and offers the longest cookie life of a year, it is rather an oldie in this case. AWeber is a well-known option for you and has a user base of 1 million affiliates. The In-house program and CJ Affiliates are the two main programs offered by this platform. AWeber’s internal program offers a lifetime 30% commission with prices ranging from $20 to $150. Better commission caps can be found with CJ Affiliates because you can potentially make $300 per account.

31. ConvertKit

ConvertKit | Best Affiliate Programs in India

ConvertKit, a highly targeted email marketing tool, is the list’s black sheep for the top affiliate programs in India. Due to the fact that it’s quite innovative as a concept to allow its users to earn more from email marketing products than anything else, it’s quite popular among users. Everyone can join for free, and the cookies last for a month. Users receive a lifetime 30% commission for referrals or webinar attendees. ConvertKit’s entry-level plans cost at $29 a month up to $2,000.

32. GetResponse

GetResponse | Best Affiliate Programs in India

One of the top affiliate programs in India for marketing automation tools is GetResponse. It provides CRM, landing sites, webinar hosting, and email marketing. It comes in two varieties: the Self-Hosted Program, which offers affiliates a recurring fee of 33% and plans that range from $15 to $1200 per month; and the CJ Affiliate, which allows affiliates to make $135 for each referral. It is a perfect platform for developing a balanced, comprehensive marketing plan for your affiliate network. Users have a lot of options to try their hand at affiliate marketing because of the variety of the two schemes.

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33. Fiverr

Fiverr | Best Affiliate Programs in India

Another great affiliate scheme in India that you should take into account is the Fiverr Affiliate Program. In addition to being free for new sign-ups, it has a cookie life of one month. The commission cap for Fiverr is a little confusing because you may make between $15 and $50 through CPA and 30% on every order for a Fiverr course. In addition to promoting Fiverr’s main marketplace, you can also earn some additional commission from the exchange. With lifelong attribution and limitless referrals, users can start making money right away. To make the most of this, users will get access to free resources and an affiliate manager who will assist you at every turn.

34. Pabbly

Pabbly | Best Affiliate Programs in India

An excellent affiliate platform with full marketing integration is Pabbly. Pabbly provides an effective, slick dashboard for all your progress trackers, from business to email marketing, app connection, workflow management, etc. Pabbly has a cookie life of one month and reoccurring commissions of 30%. Therefore, this is one of the best affiliate marketing programs if you’re seeking a location to use all new-age marketing techniques for your products and services. Users can get money by marketing a product within 40 days of the sale of the launch. It provides a single commission of $183 for each sale!

35. Unbounce

Unbounce | Best Affiliate Programs in India

Unbounce is an affiliate scheme that allows you to design customized landing pages for your niche market. These landing pages are carefully planned out to guarantee better leads and earnings. It gives 20% recurring money as a reward for introducing new users and has a cookie life of three months.  When signed up, the consumers will receive savings totaling 20% for the first three months. While learning affiliate marketing with Unbounce, users will have a dashboard, a personal coach, and a whole new level of tools at their disposal!

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36. Constant Contact

Constant Contact | Best Affiliate Programs in India

Check out Constant Contact if you’re looking for the best affiliate programs for email marketing in India. It’s ideal for small businesses as an affiliate network because it handles Facebook and Instagram ads, email marketing, and new leads and users. You may effectively combine affiliate marketing with paid marketing in this way to test how your audience responds to it. With this platform, cookies last for two months. Additionally, it provides a $5 bonus for each referral. Even better, affiliates receive $105 when referrals pay to open a new account on the platform.

37. | Best Affiliate Programs in India is the finest for managing affiliate campaigns, email marketing, creating and maintaining online blogs, and so much more. It is one of the top-rated affiliate programs in India. 180 days is the cookie life span for There are 6 packages available, with prices beginning at $27 per month. Users can earn 40% commissions as an affiliate for the rest of their life based on sales and subscriptions. Users can take advantage of this program’s six pricing tiers and user onboarding materials.

38. Outgrow

Outgrow | Best Affiliate Programs in India

This top affiliate program, which focuses mostly on content, functions as a platform for content creation for your business. Users can select from categories of tailored content like polls, calculators, chatbots, amusing tests, quizzes, suggestions, and more. Because it is more organic through content development, it is one of the finest affiliate programs in India.  Outgrow has a cookie life of around a month. What’s even better is that affiliates have the opportunity to appear on the platform and can earn 20% upfront and 20% recurring revenue.

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Methods of Promoting Affiliate Products

It might be challenging for beginners to promote affiliate products as most of them are unaware of how to make the right start.

Many prominent brands and large platforms experienced declining organic reach, including Facebook, Instagram, eBay, etc. So, one thing is for sure that making money through affiliate marketing is not a piece of cake. Not only, you need the right advertising methods but also outreach strategies to drive users to your products or services and partner publishers.

There are certain ways that will help professionals to promote affiliate products and generate passive income:

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to communicate with the audience, gauge your potential customers, gain their trust, and convert inquiries into sales. Primarily, this method facilitates creating informative content, intriguing newsletters, including important links, and sending them to your subscribers.

One of the easiest methods to increase the list of your subscribers is by giving attractive offers or freebies to your new subscribers in return for entering their email addresses.

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2. Social Media Marketing

It is an effective tool for promoting your affiliate products. Social Media Marketing has become one common way for every business nowadays to increase the traffic on your business website or app. You can see the difference yourself by boosting your posts on social media on the platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Creating engaging posts and sharing them with multiple users/groups will also help you achieve the high sales target.

3. Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp marketing has become one of the iconic ways to promote your affiliate products. Today, Whatsapp messages are hardly ignored by anyone. On the contrary, whenever a new message arrives, people check the message at the earliest.

Thus, creating your Whatsapp business profile provides basic analytics that you can use to monitor the number of messages sent, delivered, and forwarded.

Once you build your business profile, add multiple people into different groups and promote your products in those groups. You can also use the status feature of Whatsapp to introduce the latest products or offers and share the same with your Facebook or Instagram profile.

4. Paid Advertisements

Advertising is one of the most effective methods of promoting affiliate marketing products. The methods of ads may cost you a hefty amount of money, but still, it is worth bearing all the expenses.

Once you start advertising your affiliate products, it will show instant results by boosting sales. There are various ways to advertise, whether it is PPC advertising, Google ads, Facebook/Instagram, or other social media networks sites to get heavy traffic.

5. Blogging

Blogging is one method that will help you establish expertise in your industry, build a community for readers, and become a go-to source for helpful information which are persistently looking for more content.

Another reason why blogging is a perfect method to promote your affiliate products is that blogs are informative and generate a lot of traffic if the information provided is useful and trending. Using a great piece of content to show the benefits of your affiliate products is a great way of improving sales.

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Other methods you can use to promote affiliate products and increase the sales for your product are listed below:

  • Webinars- An excellent way to get different types of customers and prospects on board while anticipating exciting changes. Webinars are a great way to establish a product in the market by aligning marketers to promote your product and the proposition of key value of your product.
  • SEO- Optimizing the search results for your product in the search engine will enhance its ranking. This will increase the number of clicks on your product and boost sales.
  • Coupons– Providing offers, discounts, and coupons will attract more readers and is considered one of the best ways of promoting the product.
  • Reviews– More reviews will gain the customer’s trust and help you achieve higher sales.

Supported Payment Methods to Make Payments to Affiliates in India and Worldwide

Before we inform you about the different ways to get paid in affiliate marketing, you should pay heed to the fees of receiving affiliate payments. It is recommended to choose the payment method that charges lower fees and conversion charges.

Network Name Transaction Fees
PingPong 1%
Payoneer 2%
PayPal 3-5%
Wire transfer 2-4%
Stripe NA

1. PayPal

One of the leading payment methods, PayPal, is also used for making affiliate payments by numerous companies. Creating a PayPal account is effortless and does not involve any maintenance costs. If you are thinking of starting your journey as an affiliate, creating a PayPal account is significant as no matter what company you choose to work with, most of them use this platform to process payments to their partners.

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is a reliable platform trusted by several Bloggers, Freelancers, Affiliates, and Amazon sellers for receiving affiliate payments. The platform made the entire payment process seamless, that too in lower transaction fees than PayPal.

3. PingPong

Ping Pong is a magnificent cross-border payment solution provider to multiple affiliates. It allows affiliates to receive cross-border payments hassle-free and charges only 1% transaction fees. The platform is also known for providing automated FIRC (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate), making the process more secure for sending or receiving payments

4. Bank Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers are one of the oldest and common methods used by thousands of companies even today, even by India’s highest paying affiliates programs.  However, the fees for wire transfers are higher than many other platforms mentioned in this list.

Some intermediaries follow their own rules and policies, which may lead you to pay an extraordinarily high transaction fee or screw your money.

5. Payza

Payza is a widely used payment method used by the best affiliate programs in India. It has more than 9 million user-base in 190+ countries. It is a user-friendly payment gateway for many businesses and industries, dealing in more than 20 currencies.

One of the best things about Payza is that despite its recognition in multiple countries, the platform still works by keeping minimal transaction fees, making of affordable for small businesses to process payments freely whenever required.

6. ePayments

The method of processing ePayments was introduced in 2011. ePayments is a seamless virtual payment method facilitating many tasks in the affiliate marketing industry. The cool payment method provides a prepaid MasterCard and e-wallet payment solution in 100+ countries.

One of the features provided by ePayments is that it does not include any transaction fees for incoming wire transfers. Sometimes, an affiliate is charged with no fee while receiving payments from affiliate networks.

7. Western Union

The oldest method mentioned in this list, Western Union, was established long ago in 1851 and is used by the highest paying affiliate programs in India. It is a renowned payment method spread across 130 countries and thousands of cities.

Western Union now supports a straightforward online transfer process (formerly, it was known for its cash-to-cash overseas transaction). It allows a money-sender to transfer money from an online interface to a Western union wallet effortlessly.

8. WebMoney

The payment method has gained utmost recognition, especially in Eastern Europe and countries that were formerly a part of the Soviet Union. Currently, the platform operates in 90+ countries with different local currencies, including USD, EUR, WMZ, WMG, and many others.

WebMoney is an ideal payment gateway if you are looking to purchase traffic, domain in any particular region, or a web hosting plan.

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9. Neteller

Neteller provides an impeccable customer experience while transferring and withdrawing payments anytime, anywhere. It has a wide reach in more than 190 countries and 22 currencies across various businesses or sectors. The platform does not charge a fee for making a bank transfer, while the transaction fee for other payment methods through Neteller may vary from 1.75% to 3.99%.

Modes of payments to Affiliates

There are 4 types of payments that affiliates receive, including:

  • Cost Per Sale- An affiliate is paid for every sale generated through their links.
  • Cost Per Click- An affiliate is paid when a user clicks on affiliate links.
  • Cost Per Lead- Some companies pay affiliates for adding leads, such as they may get paid even when a new user signs up to the merchant website.
  • Cost Per Action- An affiliate gets paid for a specific action. For instance, completing a form or survey.

Future of Affiliate Marketing

The future of affiliate marketing is immaculate and bright. With the evolving time, we have seen exponential growth in online sales not only in India but all over the world. Talking about the current situation, affiliate marketing drives between 15 to 20% online sales. These numbers will inevitably rise as the number of online shopping users is increasing day by day.

According to the International and Mobile Association of India report, it is estimated that the affiliate marketing sector will solely bring the business of more than $800 million within the next 3 to 4 years.

The difference in people’s lifestyles and approaches can be witnessed clearly. Today, people not only buy essential items online, but they have also started opting for online travel packages, hotel bookings, tickets, electronics, furniture, or even matchmaking on matrimonial sites.

Be it any industry, the scope of online services and affiliate marketing is constantly growing. However, you can opt for any method to promote your affiliate product or choose one of the platforms mentioned in this article to learn the concept of affiliate marketing extensively.


Q1. Do I Need to Invest Money to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Even if you face financial constraints or do not have money to invest, you can still start affiliate marketing. You can create your YouTube channel, use a free blog service, make the right use of Whatsapp, and other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest for affiliate marketing.

Q2. How to Start Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner?

Starting with affiliate marketing as a beginner has become easy. All you need to do is get a website, join a suitable affiliate program, and promote your affiliate products through the program you opted for.

Q3. How Much Money Can I Earn in Affiliate Marketing?

The amount of money you earn entirely depends on your own limits, the product you are promoting, the affiliate program you selected, and how well you have established yourself as an authority in a particular niche.

Building the community with potential audiences will help you increase your site traffic tremendously. Predominantly, traffic on your site and the conversions will be responsible for filling your pockets every month.

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You have gone through the entire list featuring the best affiliate programs in India; we hope it will become easy for you to decide what platform to opt for. However, make sure the program you choose deals with the products and services as per your target audience so that the visitors will not only have a look at the product but also go for the purchase.

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