Zomato Affiliate Program with High Payout

Food-related affiliate programs are the perfect way to diversify and expand your portfolio and expand your source of revenue. Food bloggers, social media experts, influencers in health and wellbeing, wellness bloggers, and even fans of interior design and appliances can benefit from food-based affiliate programs. One of the best ones that are offered in India is the Zomato affiliate program. In this article, we will learn about Zomato’s affiliate program and things like Zomato affiliate registration, commission and more.

Zomato Affiliate Program with High Payout

Zomato is a brand recognized by everyone. It attracts a high number of customers every day. Its affiliate program will provide respectable amounts of compensation, either in the form of a one-time payment or a solid percentage cut of each transaction. Before we go into more details like Zomato affiliate registration, let us learn more about the company.

About Zomato

Zomato website

Zomato is the most well-known restaurant directory and meal delivery website in India. Zomato receives a ton of traffic to its website, and the majority of its consumers purchase food online or are searching for a good place to have their meal in a city.

A renamed variation of the food directory platform Foodiebay was essentially what Zomato started as. In 2008, Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal, who were both IIT graduates and were at the time working as analysts at Bain & Company, founded Foodiebay. FoodieBay grew to be Delhi NCR’s biggest food directory in just nine months. The business changed its name to Zomato after two prosperous years, and since that time, there has been no turning back.

The majority of people would assume Zomato solely runs in India because it is an Indian startup. But, Zomato is present in even more than 10,000 places worldwide. The United Kingdom, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and more are just a few of the 24 nations where this is the only Indian food delivery app that is active. The business also owns various upscale eateries across the globe.

What is Zomato Affiliate Program?

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Zomato is a name that one cannot go wrong with within India. They have a huge reputation and popularity in the country. Therefore, it gives the perfect option for the blogger and influencers to attract customers successfully for the app. One of the best online affiliate programs in India is the Zomato affiliate program. You can post the affiliate link on your blog, social media page, YouTube videos, etc., and start earning directly.

All you need to do is register for the affiliate program. There are no hidden fees or costs to join. You have a fantastic opportunity to advertise the Zomato platform online and make a sizable profit from them thanks to the Zomato affiliate commission. By enabling the restaurant listings on the Zomato website, you may make money off of every sale you drive to Zomato by joining the Affiliate Program. Some details of this affiliate program are:

Affiliate Type CPS
Conversion Rate ~ 2.5%
Cost Per Lead Percentage 0% to 8.3%
3 Months EPC INR 57
Cookie Duration 30 days
Validation Time 30 days

Why join a Food Affiliate Program?

Food affiliate marketers or affiliates can make money through revenue-sharing in the performance-based industry of affiliate marketing. This implies that when a person visiting your blog or page clicks on the link of Zomato to download the app or to make a purchase, you are compensated with a predetermined commission. Food affiliate marketers work independently to promote any food-related app. You will have the option to select the methods or strategies you wish to employ as an affiliate marketer to reach the largest possible audience. Here are some of the reasons why one should join a food affiliate program:

  • Easy to Begin and Start from Scratch: There are hardly any obstacles to joining a food affiliate program. You don’t need to have a significant amount of funds on hand compared to other endeavors to earn money. A bonus is knowing how to create a website or blog from scratch. But being tech-savvy is not strictly necessary.
  • Best Way To Earn Money Passively: You don’t have to quit your work to use affiliate marketing. Unless you want to, that is. Simply utilize it as a side business or side project to see how much money you can make over time.
  • Good for Newbies: To succeed, you don’t have to be an expert in affiliate marketing. In this industry, practicing is the key to success. You have the freedom to select the advertising campaigns and educational strategies you wish to test to advance in your career as an affiliate marketer.
  • Huge Chance of Flexibility: Similar to the majority of passive income options, affiliate marketing enables you to work whenever and whenever you please. You are free to choose the atmosphere and flexible schedule of your work. Even after-sales customer issues are taken care of for you.

Who can join Zomato Affiliate Program?

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An influencer who recommends businesses and items to their audience in return for a commission when somebody makes a purchase is known as an affiliate marketer. The commission often represents a portion of each item that is purchased. Affiliate marketers are independent contractors. They have unlimited autonomy and are free to collaborate with any businesses they want.

Anybody can join an affiliate marketing program. One can promote the Zomato affiliate program in a variety of ways. You can utilize affiliate emails, develop online courses, advertise them on your blog, etc. You can also consider using social media as a tool for marketing. Most of the time you can get all the marketing materials you’ll ever need from Zomato itself. There is no need to create any more marketing materials.

If you are a blogger with a blog of your own, that is targeted towards the culinary and food industry, then your readers and audience, who are in search of food-related content, are prospective customers of food platforms like Zomato. Thus allowing you to earn steadily from your blog. Also, if you are a YouTube content creator or a social media influencer, you can use the affiliate links in your video and content, to divert your followers to the Zomato platform directly. All in all, there is no need for previous experience or a well-set marketing business to start affiliating. Let us now learn about Zomato affiliate registration and commission.

What is Zomato Affiliate Commission?

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Before signing up for any type of affiliate marketing program, the first thing that most marketers want to know about is the Zomato affiliate commission they will be paid for each customer they bring to Zomato. By joining this affiliate program, one can earn by referring new clients to install the Zomato app, and when the customers end up ordering something using the application. Here are the commission details:

Activity Commission
Ordering Below INR 279 Zero
Ordering Above INR 280 5% to 8% of the order value
Installing The Zomato App Zero

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Zomato Affiliate Registration

Now that you know what the commission that is paid for affiliate marketing is by joining the Zomato program, here are steps to follow for Zomato affiliate registration.

1. If you have an affiliate marketing plugin account, log in and continue with the following instructions.

2. Search for Zomato in the find & browse section.

3. If you’re interested, click the ‘Request Approval‘ button; to examine and accept your request.

4. Get the affiliate links.

5. Download the necessary marketing tools.

  • Banners
  • Cashbacks
  • Coupons
  • Text link
  • Deals
  • Native ads
  • Email (Text/HTML)

6. Start promoting on your page.

There you go! Affiliate marketing plays a major role in firms bringing in more customers through varied sources. If you have a blog or a YouTube channel, then you can easily join an affiliate program. Since you bring in more customers for the firm, they will pay you in form of a commission. The more leads you provide, the more you will end up earning.

Zomato affiliate program is without any doubt one of the trusted ones out there in the food industry. Register for the program using various marketing tools provided to you and generate leads for Zomato. For every order placed on the site, you will get compensated for it. This is an easy and time-effective way of earning some extra bucks without putting in a lot of effort.

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