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17 Best Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Today’s digital world is full of surprises and opportunities, wherein the internet is one of the prominent elements of the digital era.

Creating your vision and working towards achieving it will help you pave the path to success. But what can be the best way to earn a good amount of money? Earning a decent amount of money is really important to fulfill your dreams and survive in the competitive sphere today.

Though many earning sources need your prior investments first, with the zest for producing the best out of your earnings and skills, you can still earn really well in today’s time. There are several incredible ideas through which anyone can make money online without paying anything and without an initial investment.

The best part about all the ideas we are about to mention in this article is that they require no or minimal investment. Also, you do not need any official set up to execute these ideas and make money. The only thing that matters is your commitment, skills, determination, and experience.

Various companies are hiring or collaborating with freelancers to work for them because it becomes easier for them to pick suitable candidates as per the project’s needs. So, yes, even you can become a freelancer in a field you excel or have an interest in.

17 Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Want to make fast money without adding your money? You are at the right place. There are many lucrative opportunities that you can pick to make some quick cash. Hold your horses! This article will let you know how to make money online without paying anything effectively:

1. Online Tutor

17 Best Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Private tutors have always played a crucial role in teaching students and helping them prepare for exams and score well. Predominantly, all parents of today’s generation have opted for private tuition, no matter whether their child is brilliant or a failure. It implies that every student today needs a private tutor.

So, why not become a private tutor and grab this opportunity to make considerable money. Trust us; if you have good communication skills, tried-and-true resources to conduct, and know-how of cutting-edge learning techniques and theories, private tuition is the best option to earn well while serving society. Besides this, you are required to hold a decent education degree, and you are good to go.

To begin with, you need to choose the class that you are competent to teach and start with a batch of a few students. You can even advertise your classes on the internet through social media groups/platforms, word-of-mouth marketing, hoardings, and other ways to grab the attention of a broader group of students.

Private tuition also enables tutors with great flexibility as they can decide the batch timings and the duration of teaching each batch at their ease. This is an excellent way of earning money, and you can choose to make it a full-time profession or a source of part-time income.

2. Video Editor

Video editing is not for everyone. It is not because you need a studio to become a successful video editor or expensive equipment/tools to edit videos. You should be willing and interested in mastering your skills in this profession, including lighting, directing, and enhancing video effects by using artistic filters that give viewers a taste of what it takes to put a film together. As video editing is much more than merely cutting footage.

The video editor is a specialized professional course provided by many renowned institutes in India and abroad. But one with the zeal of interest and hobby can start it even as a part-time.

You would only need a powerful laptop, graphic card, some gigabytes of memory, decent video editing software/tools, and some creative skills.

Some video editors in the United States and many other countries are making millions. Let’s talk about the average payout of a video editor. It is roughly estimated at $10 per hour, depending upon the company you work for, your proficiency, and your experience in the editing stream.

3. Freelancer writer

17 Best Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

This is one of the most famous and easy options to make money online without paying anything at your comfort. It’s just that you should know some golden rules of writing content, which includes knowing your audience comprehensively and writing short and error-free sentences.

However, certain pro-level writers already working in this industry follow the inverted pyramid model (when the most crucial information is presented first), stick to an active voice, nix the jargon, mix up their word choice, and make content easy to scan.

So, to excel in this domain, you would have to have your identity as a freelance writer and prove to brands why they should hire you as a writer to write a piece of content for their website and blogs.

Multiple sites can enhance your skills if you are a true beginner and want to start your blogger journey, including ProBlogger, WriterAccess, BloggingPro,,, and many others to start your freelance writer journey.

Another way of availing of opportunities in the content writing journey is creating credibility on LinkedIn, Fiverr, UpWork, People Per Hour, etc., to get a chance to kick start your writing career.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

17 Best Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Many digital and content creators are earning immensely using YouTube by posting their video content on this biggest online video platform and second-largest social media site or search engine.

The videos created by renowned ‘YouTubers,’ are crafted in such a way that uplifts the viewers’ mood and serves as a great source of entertainment, knowledge, and connection. These people are generally known as ‘influencers.’

The niche and quality of the content are the most prioritized parameters on which videos are created. The thumbnails and headlines are yet another set to look for.

One can start earning this way as renowned YouTube personalities or YouTube creators are making ample money. And trust me, if anyone chooses to persist in their part-time/full-time career in this field, they can earn more than a person indulged in a regular 9 to 5 job.

However, it will require extensive efforts to set up your channel, upload quality content that attracts more viewers, and increase the shares/comments on your video. Remember, gaining your audience’s attention will help you make significant money, and this process is slow- and time-consuming.

So, never expect that you can start reaping benefits immediately after creating your YouTube channel; you will need to be patient and pursue a good marketing strategy to market your videos through the right platform to the right audience.

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5. App Developers

The IT industry has created a rigorous boom in India in the past decades. And now, due to the Covid pandemic, work ethics and business patterns are changing. The employees/ salaried individuals can now adopt the work-from-home culture and provide their services exclusively from home.

Medium and large businesses often spend a large sum of money on deploying proficient app developers. They know the potential time spent by more than half of the population is on smartphones, and one of the best ways to expand the market and audience reach is to develop efficient apps aiding in their business.

That’s why companies show their inclination to pay a lot of money to efficient developers. Being one of the app developers can let you earn money online without paying anything; up to Rs 500 per hour.

Even if you are not from a programming background, you can effortlessly start your career as an app developer. The initial understanding may seem difficult when you begin your career as an app developer.

All you need to do is build, design, and maintain applications. The pivotal role of an app developer is to translate software requirements into programming codes to utilize as per business & clients’ requirements.

6. Graphic designers

Graphic layout is a critical aspect of the advertising and marketing efforts of the company. Graphic Designers, additionally referred to as Communication Designers, construct visually attractive designs/concepts that guide the emblem’s message and evoke emotion from consumers. The visuals they create are used to communicate information and convey the message effectively to your prospects.

You need a strong base in image layout history, principle, and practical utility if you make it as an image fashion dressmaker.

You only need a degree or diploma in graphic design and a deep understanding of some important graphic designing tools to help you create an astounding web design. In addition, having a certificate in HTML, CSS, or Photoshop will act as an added advantage.

Graphic designers in India usually earn between 0.7 to 6 lacs annually.

7. Business Assistant

Want to make money online without paying anything? Business Assistant is yet another option to explore. Business is really the job of a team. Running a business is not a joke. The business is just like a roller coaster where an entrepreneur needs to find ways to thrive and survive their roller coaster ride.

Almost every business requires some assistance to look at critical matters. And this is the area where a business assistant would play a vital role. It is a great job that allows you to earn up to Rs.30,000 a month (for the entry-level analyst having less than 1 year of experience). However, proficient analysts having 1 to 4 years of experience can make up to Rs.6 lakhs annually.

You just have to follow the business requirements with basic knowledge of data entry, email management, and social media management. Also, a little know-how on how to reply to emails effectively can get your bag full of bucks.

So, what else do you need to become a successful business analyst? Majorly, you need to bridge the gap between IT and business using data analytics to determine business requirements, assess processes, and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to stakeholders & executives.

In the coming years, the demand for business assistants is going to increase. This is because there are many fast-growing small businesses today witnessing an exponential rise. You can assist those businesses and work on a flexible schedule.

8. Paid-to-click sites

Possibly one of the simplest methods for young adults to earn money online without paying anything is through completing online surveys. Many paid-to-click sites, such as Swagbucks, one of the most recognized websites, pay you well for filling out surveys & polls and completing other tasks such as playing games, participating in competitions, downloading other apps, and referral bonuses.

The best part about making money through these websites is that individuals need not hold a particular degree to be eligible to earn money through these websites. This implies that anyone can sign up to these platforms to make money.

Besides Swagbucks, other reliable survey-based sites that pay you a decent amount for completing surveys and other tasks include Toluna, Telly Pulse, Survey Junkie, YouGov, CashCrate, and Inox Dollars, Streetbees, and many others. Each website has a set range of surveys someone can try in a month.

These websites let you earn points for completing tasks, and you can redeem those points through PayPal or gift vouchers for cash. On average, you can earn Rs 1,000-2,000 INR a week.

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9. Blogging

17 Best Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Like every profession (Doctor, Lawyer, economic advising), there are special degrees of running a blog whose incomes range from $1000-$2 million a year. There are numerous techniques that you could use to monetize your blog.

You might be thinking about how to make money online without paying anything through blogging? Many ways enable a blogger to make money, including affiliate marketing, selling ad space, and their products/services, launching online courses, native advertising, upselling to the existing customers, etc.

Depending upon your blogging channel, the products/services you are selling, the type of blog you post, and your target audience, you can choose the technique that fits your style. A blogger initially can start with Rs.20,000-30,000 a month in a year or so.

Amit Agarwal, one of the pinnacle Indian bloggers, earns $30,000 to $60,000 a month.

10. Research

Still not able to find a perfect side hustle? How about doing some research to earn some good bucks? Sounds good, Isn’t it? Anyone and everyone can conduct research. That too, when they are getting paid for it.

There are many research opportunities that one can opt for. These opportunities may vary from simple tasks like verifying address or person’s identity to detailed and extensive professional research.

The best part about getting well-versed with this profession is its high earning potential, along with the flexible schedule, which means you can work from home or while traveling. All you require is a powerful internet connection and a laptop.

Some of the best sites that help you earn immensely for doing research include RWS, Wonder, Clickworker, etc. However, the tasks and earning possibilities on every platform may vary.

11. Data Entry Operator

One of the most typical professions in India that you could find is Data Entry Operator, which lets you make money online without paying anything.

The demand for data operators is very high in the market; as a matter of fact, you should not be paying anything to any website. Unfortunately, many scams are rising in this field as it is easy to offer data entry jobs to a person by asking them to buy a specific software and fix impossible targets to avoid paying you.

These jobs are straightforward. Primarily, your task is to take raw data from audio, video, or paper forms and fill up necessary details on templates provided by clients. You will be given a target to complete a minimum number of templates daily.

You can easily search for these jobs through online marketplaces, newspapers, and magazines. Some websites offering data entry jobs include Times Jobs, Glassdoor, Indeed, Shine, etc.

12. Become an Online mentor

You can become an online mentor on the topic you have expertise in. Having extensive knowledge on a particular subject and getting paid for giving advice or consultation to your clients is one of the best professionals you can opt for.

It is a perfect side hustle idea if you have problem-solving skills, patience, empathy, and excellent communication skills. Having a motivational personality and enabling people to achieve their goals also help them become successful mentors.

One can provide mentorship services in several areas, including relationship advice, health & fitness advice, spiritual & healing, food & nutrition, astrology & readings, gaming, fashion & clothing, etc.

Whatever you are good at, use those skills to earn impeccably. All you need to identify is the best niche that you excel in.

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13. Online Marketplace

Setting up an online marketplace might require you to invest some of your money in finding a great marketplace idea & validate it, building your marketplace MVP (Minimum Viable Platform), choosing your marketplace business model & pricing level, building your initial supply, and launching your platform to the customers.

However, you can reap millions if you are able to deliver the right product to the prospects, which will boost your sales and hence, revenue. Primarily, it is the first step that can help you achieve success in a short duration.

For instance, if you deal in apparel and accessories, the best place to sell such stuff is Instagram and Facebook. These platforms do not charge anything unless you want to boost your post. So, uploading the apparel and accessories on these platforms will easily help you meet your prospects and generate more revenue.

14. Play Games

17 Best Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Yes, many games today let you make money online without paying anything. You can download these games for free. They are a good source of entertainment and allow you to win real money prizes as per your competency in gaming.

You can participate in games and tournaments to fetch cash prizes according to your scores. If you are a pro gamer, you can easily earn ample cash rewards by playing reliable games that pay incredibly, including Fortnite, Blackout Bingo, Pool Payday, Solitaire Cube, and many others.

15. Social Media Experts

The power of social media is immense. It has become a magnificent way to earn a few extra bucks. Many small scale and upcoming businesses want to monetize their business idea on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to make those business owners’ money work for you by leveraging your time and skills to promote their products & services on social networking sites.

The rise of Instagram influencers and YouTube business moguls is evidence of the rising demand for social media assistants in this era. Many social media experts aiding businesses in managing their social media accounts and uploading their products/services with attractive captions & hashtags are helping businesses improve their sales. In return, they are making a good amount of money.

Being a social media assistant, you can also get paid for promoting branded content, earning from sponsored posts, licensing the content you produce, and advertisements posted on the content you posted on your personal social media profile by the time you get famous.

16. Compose Music

Are you a music lover and know how to produce music? Then, why not make your hobby a profession where you can make ample money.

You can sell your music or services online and get paid for them. There are many platforms on which you can upload your music, including Spotify, YouTube, and many others. Not only can you compose music, but you can also earn while mixing & mastering, recording podcasts or spoken-word editing, singing or songwriting, voice-over-recording, etc.

You can also create a music gig and sell it on Fiverr. Yes, it is a great idea to showcase your skills and start your online earning journey in the music stream.

17. Micro Tasking

Are you looking to earn money online without paying anything? This is the best profession one can opt for that does not require many skills. You will not be asked to hold a degree or diploma in any stream. All you need to do is complete small online jobs and get paid for completing those tasks.

The micro-tasks that help you fetch money include providing captivating captions to the images, detecting plagiarized published content, rephrasing or curating content, editing something short, or pulling out grammatical errors from the content.

Amazon is best known for providing micro-tasking services and allowing individuals to earn money by participating in and completing many micro-tasking jobs. The platform is called Amazon mTurk (Mechanical Turk). You can register on this platform for free.

Another website is TaskRabbit, which offers you many micro-tasking jobs to make money online without paying anything.

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How do Webinars Play a Vital Role in Making Money?

Showcasing your expertise through paid or product demo webinars is a good option to make ample money. You can even conduct an online course through a webinar or give a product demo to your audience, which will help you increase the sales of the products or services you are dealing with.

Simultaneously, live webinars are becoming a crucial part of many modern businesses. It is solely because live webinars provide your business with an opportunity to reach your potential clients. Moreover, these webinars facilitate entrepreneurs to have a greater impact on the message they deliver and expand their audience reach effortlessly.

Nowadays, there are many alternatives at no cost webinar software programs that may be used to run webinars. You can opt for these webinars if you want to capture a larger market share and engage more audiences than ever before. You can even conduct paid webinars to fetch admission prices from your audiences and offer them a paid product at the end. But always deliver a pitch that makes sense and does not sound too promotional.

With WFH (work from home) becoming popular these days, everyone is virtually accessible, and thus earning has become easier than before. The aforementioned are some incredible ideas you can opt for without spending any money. You can let us know which method you opted for to earn money online without paying anything in the drop-down section below.

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