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23 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos (2024)

Get Paid to Watch Videos (Watch Ads for Money)

Imagine a world where you are not only entertained by engaging videos, but also rewarded for your time. This is not a fantasy, but a reality that awaits you in “Get Paid to Watch Videos”. This comprehensive guide opens up a unique world of possibilities for earning income from an activity you already indulge in – watching videos!

If you’ve ever thought about monetizing your love for videos, then “Get Paid to Watch Videos” is the ultimate resource that will help you turn those streaming hours into hard cash. Explore the pages of this enlightening guide and start capitalizing on the potential of your screen time today!

23 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos (Watch Ads for Money)

Let us take a look into some of the best ways to earn money by watching videos:

1. Swagbucks


You can sign-up with Swagbucks to start making money for watching videos, browsing the internet, and filling online surveys. It is one of the most popular reward sites launched in 2010 and has paid more than $450 million to date. The more videos you watch, the more points you will earn; every point is worth around 1 cent.

The best part is that there is no minimum withdrawal amount, but most rewards begin at $3. You can redeem these points for over 100 gift cards or exchange your points for cash by using PayPal. You would be glad to know that they also provide a welcome bonus of $5 as soon as you sign-up with them.

For making money watching videos on Swagbucks, you can select from 10 categories of videos as per your choice and interest. They have $20 million active members, which in itself proves that it is a reliable and secure platform; thus, you can register on it for making money by watching videos.

2. Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel | Get Paid to Watch Videos

It is a paid-to-click website that enables users to make money watching videos. They have a minimum payout of £2, and you can request the cash out via PayPal or as gift cards. This online membership reward site pays for watching videos and offers various other activities such as surveys, online purchases, and bonuses for referring it to friends.

Their payment rate is around $7 to $10 per hour, which is pretty good, and it is available on iOS and Android both, or you can also use their website to watch videos. The additional benefits you get from this platform are a referral bonus and 20% points on referral’s earnings, raffle entries, paid competitions, and additional paid incentives.

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3. InboxDollars


This platform was launched in 2000, and so far, they have paid over $50 million to its members. They render users a swift and seamless method to earn money by watching video ads. They pay you in cash to watch movie previews, television shows, cooking commercials, etc.

They feature videos and content which you can watch on your desktop or smartphone, they update the videos every day, and you can watch up to 30 videos in a day. It is a well-known website and has paid around $59 million in cash rewards in the last 10 years. This platform is pretty similar to Swagbucks in various aspects as here also you can earn money from various categories like playing games, downloading coupons, and reading sponsored emails.

4. Appnana

AppNana | Get Paid to Watch Videos

Yet another amazing site that is easy to use and is 100% legit. You can easily earn money through it just by watching videos, but it is somewhat different from the old “press play” type forum. The first thing you need to do is install and play free apps for earning points which are called Nana credits.

The points that you earn can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, and affiliate points as well. Their payment rate differs based on the activity you opt for, such as it is different for watching videos, taking surveys, browsing the internet, and other activities that it offers. Its minimum payout amount is $1 and is available on iOS and Android. The additional benefits of Appnana are referral bonuses and additional paid incentives.

5. MyPoints


They pay you in points to take surveys, play games, watch videos, read emails, and print coupons. It has been in the market since 1996 and is run by the well-known market research company that owns Swagbucks. MyPoints is the leader of get-paid-to sites and provides an amazing package for earning cash.

They have a daily cap on videos; thus, you cannot watch unlimited videos like various other platforms; hence, you are going to make relatively less money through it. You can earn a maximum of 500 points a day by watching videos; you can redeem them through cash via PayPal, gift cards, and travel miles.

If you wish to make more money through MyPoints, you can earn by completing the other tasks they offer. Their minimum payout amount is $5, and the payment rate is 500 points per day for videos which are around $3.50. It is available on iOS, Android, and websites. The highlighting part is that you get a $10 sign-up bonus.

6. FusionCash

FusionCash | Watch Ads for Money

The registration process of Fusion Cash is pretty easy and quick, plus you also get a $10 sign-up bonus. You can earn with them in various ways, such as watching videos, playing games, referring friends, and taking surveys. This is one of the best sites where you get paid to watch videos as it is a reliable site and has paid over $3 million in awards in the last 12 years.

It is a relatively smaller site and has mixed to below-average reviews from users; one of the major drawbacks about this site is that the earnings expire if you do not cash them out within 180 days of being credited to your account. You can get paid through a check, PayPal, and direct bank transfer. Their minimum payout threshold is $25.

FusionCash offers various additional benefits: sign-up bonus, referral bonus for life, $1 per referral, $5 when referral cashes out, $2 when referral completes first offer, and various additional paid incentives.

7. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

This is yet another excellent platform to earn money by watching videos, as you can earn $50 a year for just watching videos. It is a global analytics company that gives TV ratings. To start earning, you need to download the app, create a username and password and mention some information about yourself.

You can select the option get paid to watch videos; after that, you will have to send them some information on your browsing data, such as the last websites you visited, time spent on them, etc. Apart from earning $50, you can also become eligible for monthly sweepstakes with up to 10,000 up for grabs.

People opt for this platform because they don’t have to change their viewing habits as here you can choose what to watch, such as YouTube videos, Netflix, or news. They pay you in the form of cash and small gifts. Their minimum threshold is $5, and their payment rate varied from $5 to $10.

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8. InstaGC

InstaGC | Watch Ads for Money

It is a get-to-paid site that rewards users with gift cards for watching ads, browsing the web, taking surveys, and shopping online. You can also earn passively through InstaGC by enabling their playlist to run in the background and can stop after a while as the numbers of videos you can watch to earn money are capped for each day.

The highlighting thing about this platform is that you will get the gift cards there and then as soon as you submit the payout request. You would be amazed to know that they have a huge network of affiliates that provides you with the option to choose from over 330 options for gift cards.

They claim to have distributed more than gift cards worth 1.3 million; this platform is certainly a must-visit if you want to watch ads to make money. Their minimum payout threshold is $1, and the payment rate is $5 to $20 per day. Some of the additional benefits you can avail of with InstaGC are a 10 points per referral bonus and 10% of referrals’ earnings, and various other additional paid incentives.

9. iRazoo app


They claim to update their video inventory every day, which means you will be able to get new videos every day and choose as per your choice and interest. They provide you an opportunity to earn regularly, which is why it has become one of the most well-known rewards programs on the internet.

You can earn points by watching videos on iRazoo TV and giving reviews on movie trailers and ads. Many advertisers contact them to get market trend information, which is where they earn from and pay you. Besides watching videos, they offer various earning options such as playing games, reading emails, and completing surveys. You get points for every task you complete or video you watch; iRazoo has more than 50 channels of content that you might not find on any other platform on the list.

As soon as you sign-up, they give 100 points as a welcome bonus, plus you can get 500 points if you refer it to your friends and family and can earn more if your referred friend refers their link to others.

10. Earnably

Earnably | Watch Ads for Money

It is a get-to-paid site where you can watch videos and earn money. They enable the users to get the points transferred from your account to Earnably account. You can also earn from Earnable by taking surveys and engaging with various other offers that they provide.

Just like other GPT websites, Earnably also has a points-based structure where you get paid based on the time spent against a particular type of activity. You get the points as soon as you finish the task; you can redeem these points for instant cash rewards via PayPal or gift cards with renowned retailers like Facebook, Amazon, and Dunkin Donuts.

The payment rate varies from task to task, but it is usually around $50 to $100 a month for regular activities. Their minimum payout is $1, and it is available on iOS, Android, and websites. The additional benefits that Earnably offers are a referral bonus for life, 10% of the referral’s earnings,s, and various other additional paid incentives.

11. SlideJoy

Earning money from this platform is pretty easy, and actually, anyone can do it without making any effort. This app is also known as a lock screen app because when after you register with them, you will see an ad on your screen each time you unlock your phone. After that, all you need to do is swipe left, right, or up as per your choice, and the points will be added to your account.

This app is just for Android phones that show ads on your device’s lock screen. The points you earn from watching videos on this platform are called carats; you can redeem them for gift cards. Here you not only get paid for watching ads but also get paid for passively advertising using your smartphone.

They provide you with various categories to select from; thus, you can select any category as per your interest. Slidejoy has been featured on various renowned websites such as CNBC, TechCrunch, CNet, and various other trusted publishers.

12. Ibotta

Ibotta | Watch ads and earn money

This amazing platform has paid more than $860 million to date as a gift to its users. They have a huge network comprising more than one thousand retail stores and are also called the leaders of the cashback program.

They provide an affiliate program for almost every product you can think of, such as clothes, sports goods, auto supplies, accessories, and much more. All you need to do is download the app or its browser extension and start earning by watching videos, taking surveys, or selecting from various other options they provide.

This app is pretty simple and easy to use; press on the play, and that is it, you will start earning money. With its bonus video ads, you can get high-dollar payouts that you might not find on any other platform. They pay through cash via PayPal and through gift cards. Their payment rate differs based on the options you select, such as % cashback or dollar value.

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13. QuickRewards


This is an excellent platform to make money from watching videos, plus you can do various other tasks like completing surveys, playing games, shopping online and referring friends. This site is pretty similar to iRazoo and SuccessBux as here also you get numerous ways of making money easily.

The major advantage of signing up with this platform is that you can cash out whenever you want, and their payment process is also very quick; your account will be credited within a couple of hours. There is no minimum cashout, and they pay cash through PayPal, or you can get gift cards.

One of the biggest disadvantages of QuickRewards is its relatively small inventory of videos. Their payment rate depends on the activity you choose, and you also get 25% cashback with them. The additional benefits of joining them are excellent customer support, fast payments, and $5 compensation for specific issues.

14. Viggle App

Viggle App | Watch ads and earn money

This is both a website and an app; also, it is a GPT platform (Get-Paid-To Programs) that focuses majorly on entertainment marketing. If you see a TV program using this app, you earn points that can be redeemed for getting gift cards. The Viggle app pays you through a redeemable points-based system for watching TV.

You can redeem these points for cash by using their prepaid debit card and Perk Plastik. You get access to their content through various sites just to make connections for the benefit of the entertainment industry. Their price varies from task to task, so you will have to check them out before performing any activity.

15. CreationsRewards


This is an amazing platform that offers several ways to make money, such as watching videos, taking surveys, browsing the internet, shopping online, and various other tasks. There is a tab called ‘Watch & Explore’ here; you will find the videos you require to watch for getting paid. You would have to watch the complete video to earn the points.

The good thing is that there is no daily cap on the number of videos you can watch; thus, there is unlimited potential to earn if you have spare time. You can also refer this app to your friends and family and earn 10% of their earnings. You can redeem all the points you earn for a free gift card. Their reward system is pretty generous as their payment rate varies from $0.25 to $1, and the minimum payout amount is $5.

16. AdWallet


If you are searching for a platform to earn money by watching videos, AdWallet is perfect. All you need to do is complete the registration process, and after that, they will send you a text stating the users to log in to the account for watching a hand-picked short ad or video. There are various other ways to make money on AdWallet, such as answering questions and taking surveys.

They have collaborated with numerous brands and streamlined the watching ads money-making process to funnel money into users’ pockets. Does it sound perfect to you?

Another reason why people like this platform is that you can earn up to $3 for watching every ad, which is way too much from the other platforms mentioned in the list. But usually, the amount varies from $0.50 to $3; it would depend on the type and length of the video.

17. Netflix Tagger

If you like watching videos and hold experience in this industry, you can also apply for a Netflix tagger job. The role of Netflix tagger is to watch the films on Netflix and tag them with the appropriate metadata. This is an added benefit as everyone loves Netflix as it offers hours and hours of enjoyment and fun, and when you get paid for reviewing the same content, what else can you ask for.

But, it is not as easy as the other jobs mentioned in the list as it requires you to be qualified and employed by the organization. This job comprises objective information such as the cast or how much violence is there in the movie and how compelling it is, plus the subjective information that will persuade people to watch the movie.

For applying for this job, you will have to go to the Netflix site and check out the ‘Careers‘ section, apply for the job, and be hired for any other standard jobs.

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18. Survey Junkie

It is a well-structured survey site and app that takes you to the hub of paid surveys. You get an option to survey multiple products and services by using a few different channels. Here you not only get paid to watch videos but they offer various other methods as well such as taking surveys, playing games and many more.

In fact, after watching a video, you will also have to participate in a survey as well. Without participating in the survey, you will not be able to translate the ad that you watched in cash. The best part is that the points you earn can be converted directly into cash irrespective of getting out off the site or the survey.

Their payment rate is around $1 to $45 per interaction, and their method of payment is through cash via PayPal, or you can get a gift card. Their minimum payout amount is $10, and Survey Junkie is available for iOS and Android users. Some of the additional benefits that you get here are 24 points as a welcome bonus, plus a profile survey bonus when you sign-up.

19. Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen TV Ratings

You would be amazed to know that they have more than 90 years of experience in the lea of collecting information regarding what people like watching, listening to, and purchasing. They do spoil their users by providing numerous options to make money through their website.

It is different from the ordinary survey and ad sites as they reach out to random people to join their survey teams. The unique thing is that they have no sign-up or registration process; they will contact you on your own. But, you need to keep a check for their email in case if you are lucky to get selected.

On Nielsen TV Ratings, you cannot only watch a video and earn money but there are various other ways, such as you get paid to watch TV or listen to music or podcasts. They pay you in cash and gift cards both, and their pay rate is around $10 to $15 a month. Its minimum payout amount is $10, and it is available on both Android and iOS.

20. You-Cubez


It is a PTC site that pays users to click ads and complete the offers. This website is 100% legit and has an easy user interface. Although their payment amount per click is not that impressive, if you opt for different tasks along with it, you will be able to make a decent payday.

There are majorly four ways to make money from this website: by watching ads, completing offers to earn cash, you can use You-Cubez as an ad agency for increasing traffic on your website, and last but not least is by referral commissions. Their mode of payment is cash, gift cards, and Bitcoin. You-Cubez’s payment rate varies from $2 to $10, and the online platform it is available on is just a website. The additional benefits that come along with it are up to 15% commission for referrals and using GBP as currency.

21. AppTrailers

If you want to watch ads and earn money, this can be a perfect platform. You can download this on Android and iOS and get ready to make money. They provide an array of ad categories, a few of them you can watch multiple times while you earn cash every time you view them.

The other methods of earning through this app are downloading free apps through their platform and doing various other activities. Their payment method is cash through PayPal, gift cards, and rewards points with affiliates. Their payment rate is based on the point system, 10 points equals $0.01, and you get around 2 to 5 points for watching one ad.

Its minimum payout amount is $0.50, and it is available on both Android and iOS. Joining With AppTrailers, you can get additional paid incentives and can watch ads for money repeatedly.

22. SuccessBux [Not Working]

They provide numerous ways to make money, such as watching videos and taking surveys. It is a GTP company that offers its users various opportunities to make money by doing simple tasks. They have over 1,70,000 members who earned over $26,000 to date for watching ads online.

You can also earn money on SuccessBux by taking surveys, listening to the radio, and referring it to friends. This platform is free to join, but you can upgrade to get a high commission rate. Their minimum payout is $1, and there is no daily capping or limit to how much you can earn. The payment method on this platform is cash through various platforms such as PayPal, Payza, Egopay, and Gift cards.

The payment rate for watching videos is around $0.0015 per ad, and it is available on both Android and iOS. The additional benefits with SuccessBux are sign-up bonuses and point rewards for referrals.

23. Vindale Research [Discontinued]

This platform is known for making money by watching videos and answering surveys. It is one of the largest online survey sites in the market. It renders users an opportunity to watch videos and then complete an accompanying survey; this way, they can earn more. The good part is that there is no charge to sign-up with them; it is absolutely free.

Once you sign-up, you need to go to the ‘videos’ tab on the surveys page to begin earning. Their payouts can be up to $50, and the minimum payout threshold is also $50. Their payment method is cash through PayPal, and it is available on iOS, Android, and websites. The additional benefits of joining Vindale Research are a cash sign-up bonus and $75 to complete additional tasks.

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Pros of using these apps

There are various benefits of these sites as all you need to do is watch the video and earn money plus there are various other advantages such as:

1. Make money in spare time- One of the biggest advantages is that you are making income in your free time. In fact, a lot of people these days like watching videos when they are free, so if you get paid for it, then it is like a cherry on the cake. So why miss such an opportunity

2. Easy to earn- All the apps and websites mentioned above have an easy user interface so that everyone can use it without any hassle and make money. They have a straightforward signing up process, so even if you are using these sites for the first time, you will face no problem using them and would be able to make money as soon as you sign-up

3. Economical- There is no or very little investment to make money from watching videos as all you require is a smartphone/desktop and a good internet connection. You do not need any expensive gadgets or machines to start this side hustle.

4. Instant Money- The good thing is that as you complete the assigned task, they will credit the amount instantly in your account or get the gift card. There is no paperwork or delay in the payment; they pay you instantly or within 48 hrs.

5. Numerous ways to make money- These websites not only pay you to watch videos but provide various other methods of making money such as playing games, taking surveys, installing and watching ads.

6. Work from home- The nice part is that for making money by watching videos, you need not go out to work as you can do that sitting at home or anywhere you want to. In fact, you can do this while traveling or in your office breaks, or anywhere you want. All you need to do is turn on your internet on your phone and start earning.

7. Secured Payments- Many people get concerned about payment security, but you don’t have to worry as all these websites and apps have secured payment gateways. These websites are 100% legit and trusted; therefore, you can use these apps without any worries.

8. Flexible payment options- They offer multiple payments methods; you can cash out your amount through PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, other online ways, and through gift cards as well.

Cons of using these apps

Through all these sits all you need to do is watch ads and earn money, but there are a few drawbacks of them which you should be aware of:

1. There might be a few apps among them which might not be available in your country.

2. Some sites offer pretty little amount for watching ads; therefore, you might have to complete various tasks to earn a decent amount of money.


Q1. How much money can you earn by watching videos?

A1. Earning varies from site to site and from task to task. But, on average, as per the sites mentioned above, you will earn around 50 cents in a day, which makes it $15 per month if you watch videos regularly.

Q2. Are these apps secure for data security?

A2. Don’t’ worry; all these apps are trustworthy, and you can use them without any concern.

Q3. How do you get paid for watching videos?

A3. You can sign-up for free on any of these websites. As you watch videos, they either pay you through cash or get a gift card in return for the points you earn.

Q4. Can you get paid for watching YouTube videos?

A4. There is no way you can get paid for watching YouTube videos directly. Only content creators can make money from the site or their channel. Therefore, no platform pays you for watching YouTube videos to date.

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Get paid to watch videos; this sounds like a dream job and is also an easy side gig if you like watching videos and have a lot of spare time while commuting or during office breaks. To earn more money through this method, you need to ensure that you check the websites for new videos every day. Make sure that you check for the videos on the site with the highest payout. So, by now, you know that all these sites are legit and reliable, so why not choose the best platform and start making money sitting at home.

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