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17 Best Mobile Affiliate Networks

Written By Sushma Singh

While you are into any profession or business, the primary focus is earning a good investment return. Isn’t it? We deeply understand and respect that approach. So, what should one do to maximize their ROI and generating leads in business? A comprehensive dashboard is needed with actionable insights to make future decisions. Otherwise, all your efforts and hard work will be in vain.

Are you also looking to promote and increase the downloads of your mobile app or game? Or you might want to draw traffic for your website to boost your business’s revenue? If this is what you are looking for, you are on the right page.

Being a mobile app developer will immensely help you reach direct advertisers or mobile affiliate networks that facilitate saving time and multiply your revenue in mobile affiliate marketing. The primary role of direct advertisers is to aggregate a pool of offers of various advertisers and provide you with the most feasible offer. The best part is you do not have to deal with advertisers yourself.

Top Mobile Affiliate Programs (CPI CPA and CPC)

What is Mobile Affiliate Network?

Best mobile affiliate networks are the mobile platform serving as a middlemen solution between mobile advertisers and affiliates. This network is a form of agreement between particular businesses or mobile app owners involved in selling a product or service online and affiliates engaged in posting links to the merchant site and earning a commission by sending these businesses great traffic.

This affiliate network can analyze and track different users’ actions being performed on their app, such as the total number of transactions, including purchases, lead sales, conversions, etc.

Mobile affiliate networks are not limited to promoting gaming apps and apps related to dating, utility, music, and many more. Primarily, the best mobile affiliate networks can drive traffic from ad networks seamlessly, allowing developers to get decent payouts by selling CPI traffic and Ad networks to drive CPI traffic.

Before we enlighten you with the list of top-rated mobile affiliate networks, let’s get to know the benefits of this affiliate network for mobile app owners and affiliates:

Benefits of Mobile Affiliate Network

1. For Businesses or Mobile App Owners

  • Reporting tools
  • Payment processing
  • Accessing the huge base of publishers
  • Tracking technology
  • Despite surviving in a highly competitive market, it is a relatively unsaturated market.
  • Easy to reach potential customers
  • Traffic grows rapidly

2. For Affiliates

  • Reporting Tools
  • Accessing to product API’s and payment aggregation
  • Facilitating the process of registration for merchant affiliate programs
  • Offer lucrative payouts on many different offers
  • A higher conversion rate maximize the returns

Drawbacks of Mobile Affiliate Networks

  • Time-consuming.
  • Unless you have strong business connections, it is difficult to grow initially because of tough competition in the market.
  • Affiliate networks may charge you for an initial setup fee or a recurring membership fee.
  • Affiliate marketers may or may not perform up to the mark leading to no improvement in the traffic.
  • Most of the tools are for desktop audiences and are not mobile-friendly.
  • On smaller screens, you will be able to display a limited number of affiliate ads.

17 Best Mobile Affiliate Networks (2021)

1. iCubesWire

iCubesWire | Best Mobile Affiliate Networks

The company is headquartered in Bengaluru and is a product of Quotient Four Technologies.

One of the fastest-growing mobile affiliate networks in this industry is iCubesWire. This network offers you various coupons and offers for different programs.

It also provides users with several CPA and CPS affiliate offers on e-commerce giants  including Amazon, Flipkart, etc. iCubesWire also offer mobile marketing services such as:

  • Push notifications
  • SMS marketing
  • In-app push mobile marketing
  • App installation campaign for iOS, Android, OEMs, and APK
  • Innovative mobile solutions
  • WAP and m-sites branding

The network is secure and reliable and makes payment within 60 days from the task completion date. You might be glad to know that it affiliates with more than 15000 publishers across the globe, including Go Air, Etihad, Honda, Ford, McDonald’s, Dominos, American Express, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Group, Tata Group, and many others.

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2. Mobiglide


Mobiglide is one of the best mobile affiliate networks having considerable experience in product development and advertising. This network has a wide-ranging specialization in various fields of E-commerce, Mobile Lead Gen, Cost-Per-Acquisition, Trial Campaigns, App Install, Innovation, and Creativity.

The primary objective of Mobiglide is to facilitate advertising on social media, especially for small-scale and local businesses.

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Mobiglide appoints proficient staff, including affiliate managers, business development managers, and account managers, that help you level up your portfolio, boost revenue, and widen your market reach. This mobile affiliate network emerged as the mobile pioneer in several parts of the world, including North America, Europe, LATAM, and APAC, for new product releases.

With Mobiglide, you can get quality traffic and a target audience crucial for your business. Moreover, it also provides more than 20 verticals, 3450+ registered publishers, and more than 6700 active offers on the platform.

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3. Leadbit

Leadbit | Mobile CPA Affiliate Networks

Leadbit is a leading CPA network of highly professional affiliate managers having expertise in developing and promoting a website, app, and blogs on various niches. The best part about Leadbit is that it allows you to work with traffic from all across the globe and does not bound you with restricted traffic.

It is an impeccable mobile affiliate network widespread in more than 50 countries of Europe, Asia, and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

The network also offers attractive affiliate schemes that are updated frequently. In addition, it also provides you with a personal manager and 24/7 dedicated technical support. Unlike other networks, it is easy to set up and does not require much support.

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4. ClickDealer

ClickDealer | Mobile CPA Affiliate Networks

Click dealer is a GDM group company that consistently provides performance marketing solutions for advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

ClickDealer is a renowned platform that can help you earn big bucks. You can increase your passive income with this network as it enables you to prepare all promotional files for you and translate them to any language. Plus, the company also offers different advertising services suitable for a particular set of KPIs for clients.

It has amassed partnerships with more than 1800 advertisers worldwide across 12 lucrative verticals, including Health & Beauty, E-commerce & Retail, Dating, Mobile Utilities, games, Software, Travel, Sweepstakes, and many more.

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5. CrakRevenue


Crakrevenue is a fast-growing CPA advertising platform best known for connecting publishers and advertisers. It provides a lucrative opportunity to earn a handsome amount of money by offering a 5% lifetime referral program to affiliates. It also allows affiliates to earn through other 3 plans, including:

  • VIP Affiliate
  • Active Affiliate
  • Elite Affiliate

All of the plans mentioned above have a Help Desk included and plentiful offers.

This affiliate network collaborates with ample advertisers across considerable verticals, including Adult Gaming, Health, Cam, Dating, etc.

This fully vertical affiliate network offers a dedicated affiliate manager and captivating deals and promotions if one opts for a VIP or Elite plan. However, an active affiliate plan also enables an affiliate to relish unexpected annual payout bumps.

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6. DGM

DGM is a magnificent international digital media platform offering numerous online marketing solutions, including marketing expertise, high-quality supply sources, advanced technologies, and unique processes. All these marketing solutions support email, social, and search functionality.

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This affiliate network has amalgamated with numerous clients to drive measurable results on the digital medium. Affiliates using this platform can deliver greater reach across different website genres, offer video content & video advertisements, and deliver audience on the internet & mobile based on demography.

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7. Komli

Komli | Top Mobile Affiliate Programs

Komli is an astounding platform that allows you to leverage programmatic buying power to make the advertising process transparent and seamless. It is a wide-ranging affiliate network collaborated with more than 4000 advertisers. Moreover, this leading digital media platform has vast experience of more than 7 years in this industry.

You can check out its reviews; the platform is labeled as one of the best mobile affiliate networks globally as it has helped many big and small brands widen their audience reach and meet their performance and provide them effective solutions.

The payment process of Komli is reliable; it pays the net between 30 to 50 days. The best part about this network is that it believes in working as a team where each employee’s voice matters. You might be glad to know the biggest entrepreneurs of the largest companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, MSN, and Mckinsey, today are leading this global affiliate network.

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8. MobxNetwork


MobxNetwork offers a great deal of immense payout GEOs with ample special offers. This CPI global network has a reliable partner base of more than 100 advertisers globally.

The leading network helps your app or website draw considerable high-quality traffic that brings new leads to your business. The unique thing about MobxNetwork is that it brings vetted traffic sources proven by experience.

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This platform’s efficient customer support team also assists you at every step, whether you are stuck with the integration process or payment delays. The app owners will get mannerly assistance, helping them analyze the traffic and instant feedback from the advertiser.

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9. PayV

PayV | Best Mobile Affiliate Networks

This network was formerly known as WapEmpire; later, the company switched its name to PayV.

PayV was founded 8 years back in 2013 and earned significant recognition for being a secure network and reliable partner to many Media Buyers, Webmasters, Affiliate Networks, and Affiliates.

The company is well-known for converting worldwide traffic on CPS, CPA, and RevShare basis.

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Furthermore, the platform makes timely payouts, provides full-proof customer support that helps you with all kinds of queries, enables affiliates to choose between various offers, along with an in-house tracking platform with detailed statistics.

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10. AdsMain


AdsMain is founded and established in 2010. Since then, this digital media platform has gained the trust of numerous business owners.

AdsMain is considered one of the best mobile affiliate networks that successfully developed a strong relationship between the publishers and app developers. Moreover, it has provided robust support to all affiliates that are partnered with this CPA network.

The primary focus of AdsMain is to generate revenue and make ample profits for both; advertisers and publishers. This network is easy to use and is equipped with a detailed tracking system allowing seamless payment transactions.

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11. OGAds


OGAds is one of the pioneers in mobile advertising.

Publishers earn a handsome amount through this magnificent mobile affiliate network. OGAds focuses extensively on mobile marketing and provides a robust support system in place.

They offer high payouts to the publishers as soon as they complete one campaign, which means you get paid as per the number of campaigns you complete in a duration. Another best thing about this affiliate networking is its widely accepted traffic streams. If you have considerable social traffic, you can start making ample money with OGAds.

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12. Clickbooth


It is one of the leading mobile affiliate networks in CPA marketing. Its been more than 15 years since this network is established. Moreover, it has made numerous publishers filthy rich as it provides a lucrative opportunity for the affiliates and the merchants.

It was also awarded as the best mobile affiliate network for being the top-rated CPA network many times. Its impeccable performance and dedicated customer support is also the reason for its utmost recognition in this industry.

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All these points signify that Clickbooth has profound experience and a close viewpoint of the business.

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13. Maxbounty


Maxbounty believes in balancing advertisers’ and affiliates’ needs by providing an effective 360-degree solution catering to their requirements.

More than 20,000 affiliates and over 2000 affiliates collaborate with this booming network.

It is a performance-based mobile affiliate network that has consistently worked since 2004 to draw high-quality traffic to the newly launched apps and websites and maximize their ROI.

This platform works on a code of ethics and uses customer’s feedback to enhance their user experience and provide them with a better future service.

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14. Avazu Mobile

Avazu Mobile is a giant CPI marketing platform with an extensive global reach and best-known for offering risk-free models. The company is a unit of Avazu Inc.

This platform has partnered with more than 100 advertising networks to target a larger audience and expand the business network.

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It is a tech-based platform that particularly works on helping businesses to get the maximum ad delivery.

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15. ClixGalore


ClixGalore enables advertisers and publishers to efficiently perform affiliate marketing strategies, draw extensive traffic, and yield plentiful revenue.

This global affiliate allows affiliates to advertise business owner’s websites to increase sales at their website. This network provides you with several affiliate offers, including CPI, CPS, CPA, and CPC. Furthermore, it allows earning a lot on affiliate offers such as mailing, shopping, payments, delivery, etc.

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YIELDKIT | Best Mobile Affiliate Networks

YIELDKIT is a mobile affiliate network allowing app developers, web admins, and media buyers to maximize their returns by monetizing their traffic. It covers a comprehensive range of CPC, CPM, and CPA offers, enabling you to meet the performance by the market’s highest standards.

The platform’s focus is to maintain the relation between publishers and advertisers by providing them with innovative advertising solutions and machine learning technology options.

The best part about YIELDKIT is that it lets you create quality content, native ads targeted on your on-site search traffic, and customized editorial campaigns for premium brands.

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17. Matomy (Discontinued)

Matomy is one of the best mobile affiliate networks that offer you three key tools catering to every type of affiliate, be it a beginner or expert. You can get approved on this platform without big worry. The best part is even if you are a newbie, you can sign up for the affiliate account.

It can be considered a Noob-Friendly network to go ahead, apply, and interact with an affiliate manager. You can try your luck with this platform if you are looking for hassle-free approval of an affiliate account.

It is highly possible that you may end up picking an inappropriate affiliate network and lose your shirt. Or far worse! However, this article will help you select the best mobile affiliate network and make plentiful money online.

So go for it, dive into the colossal ocean, and you won’t drown. As – ‘You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying.

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