Top 40 Infographic Submission Sites List (2022)

Written By Sushma Singh

Just like many others, do you also feel that this world is a strange place? Various incidents seem astonishing but can be explained with physics. One of the best examples of a strange development is a lever; the bigger the lever, the more weight you will be able to lift with minimum effort.

The same concept goes for marketing as well; it is very prevalent to use someone else’s audience to get more attention. This means that you need to put the right product or content in front of someone else’s audience. If you do it the right way, then it can be a super-effective technique.

But, how will you do it? One of the simplest ways of doing it is by putting it on top Infographic submission sites. These sites facilitate you to instantly get your infographic there while attaining SEO benefits like backlinks and social signals.

What is an Infographic?

It is a visual image that comprises information such as charts and other data. They can be very useful in SEO and can reach a huge audience if created properly and shared with the top infographic submission sites list. Infographics are made up of two words that are information and graphics.

When you make informative and creative graphic content, that is named as an infographic.

Why should you make an Infographic?

Let us understand this by an example, if you open a blog and see copious important information in the form of content, it would take a lot of time to read it. The possibilities are high that you might not read the complete blog and also might not share the content.

On the contrary, if you open a website and see an infographic comprising the same information, you would start taking interest and seeing the complete infographic. If you really like the information, then you would share it, and the site will earn a backlink.

Thus, it is always recommended to design an infographic but not in exchange for content as they do not work well in search engines if your site does not possess high-quality backlinks.

Top Infographic Submission Sites List

Benefits of creating an Infographic

Infographics are a very effective content format if it is used for the right purpose. Here are some of the benefits of infographics and why you should not ignore them:

1. The human brain processes visuals better than text: We are visual beings, and our brains process information presented in a visual format better than text. Putting images to the content means that readers are more likely to believe what they are reading. Also, as per reports, humans process visuals 60 000 times faster. People remember visual content more than the content, which increases the chances of remembering you or your brand.

 2. An excellent medium for telling a story: Customers love the storytelling component in marketing advertisements. Stories can really come to life when you present the data aptly in a visual way. Storytelling can help make an emotional connection with your audience and also convey’s your brand personality. By storytelling, you attract more and more customers to come back for more information. Your audience would for sure follow your call to action to learn more.

 3. Great for SEO: If you create engaging infographics, it can have a great impact on how you rank with Google. Visuals have more concussion than the traditional text content, and people are more likely to share them. Hence, people like and share it more, which leads Google to index your website higher.

 4. Easy to digest: In today’s time, people have no time to read big articles; hence using infographics supplements your other content offers. Infographics make understanding the content easy and also give context to the content. Use them together for driving engagement and present consumption offers for your viewers.

 5. They prove you’re an expert: The combination of numbers and graphics is just like a marriage made in heaven. By presenting the content through infographics, you show that you are an expert, plus it also increases your brand credibility.

For creating a compelling infographic, you need to give a lot of time, do research, and need experience. Your readers will acknowledge and trust you as an expert and visit your website next time the subject comes up.

 6. Infographics are linkable & sharable: The reason why people are using infographics a lot is that it has become an excellent technique to land links. They are also easy to share whether on social media channels, between team members or on blog posts/articles. As per a report, more than 80% of marketers are using visual assets in social media marketing, and they are receiving better responses than ever before.

These were some of the benefits of infographics; in fact, it has even more advantages. They can help increase sales, easily reach your target audience, are portable and easy to embed, and increase your brand awareness.

Now, let us look at some of the free infographic submission websites with the help of which you can reap all the above benefits.

Points to consider before creating an infographic

There are a few things that you should always consider before creating an infographic:

  • The first step is selecting a topic, and once you decide on it, after that, do thorough research on it.
  • Once you know the niche after that, find your target audience as it helps to find potential customers easily.
  • The next step is really vital as here you need to get your goals, compare, process, and see how to take them further.
  • Think of where and how you want to share it; this can be done easily by deciding on the medium.
  • Make charts and decide on the tone on how to communicate it to your readers.

Top 40 Infographic Submission Websites

Here is the infographics submission sites list that can help increase your reach-

1. Visual.ly

It is an excellent infographic site as it enables you to create, analyze, sell and submit infographics. It also offers an analytical tool that can be used to measure the reach of your infographic. Submitting it is very easy as all you need to do is visit their website and create your account for submitting an infographic.

This platform acts as a linking pin between animators, journalists, designers & developers, with clients. It is one of the most renowned platforms on the list, and submitting infographics is free on this site.

Submit Link: https://visual.ly/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 78
PA: 69
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 16327

2. Reddit

It has numerous subreddits that are dedicated to infographics. It was founded by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman in 2005 and is considered the perfect platform for making an engaging visual go viral.

One of the most well-known subreddit is /r/infographics, as it has more than 1 60 000 members, and the number is increasing every day. Each subreddit has its own terms & conditions for submission; therefore, you should read them rigorously before submitting your infographic.

Thus, if you have designed a fantastic infographic, you should submit it on Reddit without a second thought, as it will reach over 83K users in no time.

You have two options for submitting on Reddit: create an account or log in to the existing account, and submit the link in the correct subreddit. The second method is /r/infographics, or your own specific subreddit, connected to your topic.

Submit Link: https://www.reddit.com/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 90
PA- 90
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 14

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3. Mashable Infographics

It must be included in the top infographic submission sites list because of its excellent features. It was founded by Pete Cashmore and has become popular in just a couple of years. On this platform, you will be able to submit infographics related to current events, technology, social media, marketing, and entertainment-related.

Mashable has also become one of the top sources for fresh information and resources on what is going on the internet right now. You can submit it here as long as they are covered as a news story; thus, you should pitch your design at news@mashable.com.

Submit Link: https://mashable.com/submit/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 95
Alexa Rank: 1034

4. Daily Infographic

It is a great submission site as it curates some of the most exciting infographics on the internet on numerous subjects. A lot of users love this platform as it features at least one beautiful infographic every day. By using this strategy, they have made a following of thousands of readers every month.

You would see on their site that every infographic gets thousands of views. Infographic submission is pretty simple on Daily Infographic, as all you need to do is go to the “Work With Us” section and fill out the form. Once you get the approval that uses their contact page, you can submit your infographic.

Submit Link: http://www.dailyinfographic.com/contact/sponsorship

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 79
PA: 57
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 106,302

5. Infographic Journal

It was founded in 2011 and is an infographic archive that aims to demonstrate the best infographics in one place. Infographic Journals are different from the others in the list because they do not publish all the infographics they receive; instead, they are very selective and post just the best ones.

As per the users, it is a pure infographic site as here you get superior content and infographics. They have three options to submit your infographic:

  • Basic Submission- It might take a couple of weeks for your infographic to get approved and go live
  • Express Submission- You need to pay $25, and your infographic will go live in just one day
  • Features Submission- You need to pay $75, and your infographic will be displayed on their home page for 7 days.

Submit Link: http://infographicjournal.com/submit-infographics/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 55
PA: 60
Alexa Rank: 283,144

Price: Free for Basic Submission; $25 for Express Submission and $75 for Features Submission.

6. Slideshare

One of the biggest professional content-sharing communities launched in 2002 and is owned by LinkedIn. Slideshare is one of the best free infographic submission websites as here you can discover, share documents, PDF’s and present presentations & infographics.

People usually use it for sharing slides because of the potential views that it can get. It is a powerful place for infographic submission, and the submitting process is pretty simple as all you need to do is create an account. You can also use the LinkedIn account for submitting your infographic.

Submit Link: https://www.slideshare.net/upload

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 95
PA: 79
Alexa Rank: 174
Price: Free

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7. Pinterest

It is a huge platform that was founded in 2009. Here you can submit infographics and images. They have massive followers and visitors because of the great reputation it has built and the excellent features it provides. You need to create an account with them for submitting your infographic. The best part is that you can submit unlimited infographics with them for free.

Submit Link: https://www.pinterest.com

Additional Information-

Domain Authority: 94
PA: 94
Alexa Rank- 78

8. Cool Infographics

This well-known platform is owned by Randy Krum and was founded in 2009. It is one of the best examples of data visualizations and infographics found in newspapers, magazines, and the internet. In just a couple of years, they became one of the leading sites in the information design industry; they have around 7000 visitors a day and more than 300000 pages views every month.

For submitting your infographic on Cool Infographics, you need to go to their contact form along with a link to your infographic. If it gets approved, you will get an email. They get numerous requests every day; thus, you need to ensure that your application or infographic is unique and not very basic.

Submit Link: http://coolinfographics.com/contact

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 66
PA: 94
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 356,250

9. Fast Company

They have a huge audience and very quickly have become one of the biggest brands on the internet. It has earned a lot of names in web news and blogging, giving publishers millions of potential customers. You would not find a specific section for infographic submission; their process is relatively different from the others in the list.

For submitting an infographic, you will have to contact the editor directly by sending them an email. Ensure that your infographic is informative short, and valuable for successful publication. You need to email them at media@fastcompany.com for getting your infographic approved.

Submit Link: Fast Company posts tagged: Infographic of the Day

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 93
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 3096

10. Infographics Archive

A group of programmers and designers found this platform in 2011 with a deep passion for infographics. This one is not a free site, but you would have to pay them for submitting infographics. Their plan begins at $19.99, and if you wish to get your infographics promoted, you would have to spend some extra dollars for that.

The standard listings get published within 5 working days. All in all, it is a great platform as it is a completely reliable and well-known platform.

Submit Link: https://www.infographicsarchive.com/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 55
PA: 52
Alexa Rank: 508,774
Price: $19.99 for standard submission.

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11. Infographic Reviews

This platform is a must in the list of infographics submission sites list as here you can submit infographics and get them reviewed. While reviewing, they check the quality and integrity present in the data you present. They rate your infographics on a scale of 0 to 5, where 0 means your infographic is pathetic and will not get any readers, and 5 means the best one that will get viral in no time.

They use multiple factors and points with which the system reviews your data, and after that, it gives a rating to your infographic. There is also an active community on Infographic Reviews that regularly posts great infographics on the homepage. You can submit your infographic on their website, and once it gets approved, they will send you a confirmation email.

Submit Link: http://www.infographicreviews.com/review-my-infographic/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 24
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 1,014,979

12. Infographics Showcase

On this platform, you can get some of the best infographics on the internet with an interesting graphic design. They collect some of the most exciting infographics and data visualizations on the web. Submitting your infographic is very easy with them as all you have to do is send an email to the editor, and they will get in touch with you if they like your infographic.

Earlier, they had a free submission, but they no longer allow free submission. Their basic submission fee is $25, and your infographic will be live on their website for 7 business days.

Submit Link: http://www.infographicsshowcase.com/submit/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 42
Alexa Rank: 705,667
Price: $25.

13. Flickr

It is a Yahoo-owned site that was founded in 2003; the unique thing about them is that they unite pictures with social network channels, groups, chats, and a community of thousands of novice and professional photographers and designers. This platform is mainly used for photos, but it can also be used for submitting a piece you designed.

Submitting an infographic with Flickr involves just a few steps; all you need to do is create an account with them; after that, create a new album and submit your infographics.

Submit Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/upload/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 99
PA: 95
Alexa Rank: 371
Price: Free.

14. Best Infographics

It is one of the top infographic submission websites as they showcase superior quality infographics. This means they are more creative, experimental and possess content that is rarely seen. On Best Infographics, you can also get the infographics made for print media both for past and current; furthermore, they also include digital infographics made for today.

You can submit infographics for free on this platform, and they have no limitations. All you require to do is send an email to the editor attaching the details of your infographic.

Submit Link: http://www.best-infographics.com/product/first-day-service/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 33
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 1,062,414

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15. Infographic Bee

You can get some of the most beautiful and exciting infographics on this platform. You can submit your infographics for free or opt for the paid version for $7. Once your infographic gets published, it is given a description and a color palette with hex codes.

Submissions are pretty straightforward on Infographics Bee as you need to fill out the form and click on the “Submit Inforgraphic” link on the left sidebar. It might direct you to the payment page; if you would not like to opt for the paid version, then just click on the skip button and proceed to the free submission.

Submit Link: https://www.infographicbee.com/submit-infographics/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 25
Price: Free; $7 for express review
Alexa Rank: 929,523

16. Infographic Post

If you wish to seek some of the most interesting and informative infographics on the internet, this is the best platform for you. If you wish to post your infographics on this site, you must ensure that they are creatively designed and visually refreshing.

Submissions are pretty easy with them, plus they are free. The drawback is that there is no surety that your infographic will be approved and published or not. You can also opt for their paid versions, which cost $10; in this, your infographic will get published within 5 days, and if you opt for the $20 option, it will be published within 2 days.

Submit Link: Submit an Infographic | Infographic Post

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 29
Price: Free, two paid versions for $10 and $20

 17. All Infographics

They have a collection of top-quality infographics, which saves you time from reading lengthy and boring articles. If you are looking for a reliable platform with quality content, this is the first platform you should think of. The best part is that you can make the submissions free of cost, but it might take a few weeks for your infographic to get published as they review it before publishing it.

Submit Link: http://allinfographics.org/submit-infographics/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 31
Price: Free

 18. NerdGraph

It is an excellent infographic submission site that is operated by a team of three experts who are passionate about infographics. They also claim to be the leading source for best infographics. It is a wonderful site for sharing your content with the readers. The submission is free on this site, and if your infographic passes the review process, it is displayed on their homepage.

The submission process is very simple as on their homepage on the right sidebar, you will see the submit button, and after that, fill out the form they provide. If your application gets approved, you will get an email stating the time they will post your infographic, and you will receive another email at the time of posting.

Submit Link: http://www.nerdgraph.com/

Additional Information:

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Domain Authority: 45
Price: Free

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 19. Visulattic

This platform deserves to be on the list of infographics submission sites list as they aim to curate excellent infographics or visual data to the community. It is a great website if you want a lot of viewers to watch your content as it is a reliable platform with thousands of readers.

You can submit your infographics free of cost on this website, and the submission process is also very easy; all you need to do is click on “Submit Visuals” and fill out the form where you need to put some basic information like email address, the title of an infographic, source URL, etc.

Submit Link: https://www.visulattic.com/p/submit-your-work.html

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 45
Price: Free

20. Flowing Data

This platform works and analyzes how designers, statisticians, data scientists, and other people use visuals and analysis to understand the data. The founder of Flowing Data is Nathan Yau, who has done a Ph.D. in statistics from UCLA. He completed his thesis on personal data collection and how visualization can be used in an everyday context.

You can submit your post suggestion on suggestions@flowingdata.com, and it is recommended to provide links to graphics instead of using big attachments.

Submit Link: http://flowingdata.com/contact

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 76
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 62,241

21. I Love Charts

It is a Tumblr blog that is expert in highlighting and presenting some of the best visualization charts on the web, including infographics. For submitting the infographics on, I Love Charts, you will have to visit their submission page and attach it in a .png file with an alluring caption. Charts that were submitted might not be posted again until they are really different and good.

Submit Link: Submit | I Love Charts (tumblr.com)

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 48
PA: 75
Price: Free

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22. The Infographics

Tom Cumpsty launched this amazing infographics submission site. You would get some of the most interesting infographics on this platform as they are very selective about the infographics that they post on their site. They have a unique submission process as compared to others on the list.

For submitting infographics on The Infographics, you will have to connect the founder, Tom Cumpsty, on Twitter.

Submit: https://www.infographicreviews.com/review-my-infographic/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 48
Price: Free

23. Infographic Plaza

This one is an infographic blog that demonstrates excellent infographics, offers great ideas on making infographics and infographic inspiration. This platform was founded in 2013, and since then, they have maintained a great reputation in the market, which is why they have thousands of followers.

You can submit the infographics for free on Infographic Plaza, but their review process might take more than a month. If you want to expedite the process, then you will have to pay $10 for that.

Submit Link: Submit your Infographic for Free – Infographic Plaza

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 30
PA: 42
Price: Free, $10 for express publication

24. Media Caffeine

This platform was founded to bring excellent infographics into the light globally, irrespective of the topic or who created them. This site is made on two aspects which are quality and attribution. They strive hard and do everything to feature high-quality infographics and to offer acknowledgment to the creator.

For submitting your infographics on this platform, you need to go to their contact page and fill in the form and send a request for sending the guest post.

Submit Link: http://mediacaffeine.com/contact-us/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 32
Alexa Rank: 3,007,961
Price: Free

25. Infographic Portal

It is one of the top infographic submission websites with a great collection of infographics containing superior-quality information and data. This is why this is not a free platform for submission; you would have to pay $10, and if your infographic meets their quality guidelines, it would be published on their site within 24 hrs.

Submit Link: Express / Paid Infographic Submission – One Time Fee | Infographic Portal

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 36
Price: $10

26. Infographic Labs

This design agency is based in Japan; it has expertise in designing some of the most renowned infographics on the internet. They also own a blog that curates and highlights infographics on any topic, irrespective of the subject.

For submission, you would have to go to their contact page and pitch your infographic. It is recommended that you should try and keep your content unique to keep it different from others, plus it helps to make the approval quick.

Submit Link: http://infographiclabs.com/contact/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 54
Alexa Rank: 2,200,955

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27. Directory of Infographics

As the name suggests, this platform has a massive collection of infographics from numerous categories and niches. They have both free and paid versions for submitting infographics. But, the major drawback in the free version is that there is no guarantee whether your infographic will be posted or not. If you want your blog to be posted instantly, then you can go for the premium version, which costs $10.

Submit Link: Submit Your Infographic – Free and Paid | Directory of Infographics

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 14
Price: Free or $10 for instant publishing

 28. Infosthetics

It is also called Information Aesthetics; they explore the special and coactive connection between creating design and information and data visualization. Their major aim is to collate and present projects which portray data in unique and fun methods.

Infosthetics do not have a formal submission process; you can straight away contact the founders and share your infographic with them. Also, along with that, put your email address, name, and website URL.

Additional Information:

Price: Free.

29. Infographics Zone

It is a great platform that comprises a great collection of infographics and data visualization. You can submit infographics for free on this site; all you need to do is send them an email with a unique title and introduction of 200-250 words of the infographic.

Submit Link: http://www.infographicsonly.com/content-marketing-service/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 44
PA: 43
Price: Free
Alexa Rank: 1,698,199

30. News I Like

This amazing platform was founded in 2010 and is an excellent source for news in digital media, social media, technology, and web culture. You would be amazed to know that their monthly page views are more than a quarter-million, making it a great website for posting your infographic.

Along with submitting infographics on News, I like you can also create engaging reviews on it. You would have to go to their submission page, fill in the form, and mention the URL for your infographic for the submission. Once it gets approved, they will post it on their homepage, mention it to their RSS feed, update it on their Facebook page, and tweet on their Twitter account.

Submit Link: http://www.newsilike.in/contact/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 35
PA: 48
Alexa Rank: 1,055,390

31. uCollect Infographics

On this platform, they present some of the most high-quality infographics or data visualization worldwide. For submitting your infographic here, you will have to first create an account. They have both free and premium versions; the paid version costs $19. They have a few guidelines which your infographic should meet before it gets approved.

Submit Link: http://www.ucollectinfographics.com/submit-an-infographics/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 23
Alexa Rank: 1,059,239
Price: Free and $19

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32. Winfographics

It is a must include in the top infographic submission sites list; it comprises a collection of some of the best infographics. You cannot submit your infographics for free on this platform; they charge you a fee of $9.99 that you can pay through PayPal. Once the payment is done, you would have to fill out a form and put your infographic details. They post your infographic within a short span.

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 16
Price: $9.99

33. Graphs.net

It is an excellent resource for creating infographics and data visualization, was founded in 2000. They strive to provide their readers with the best and latest infographics on numerous topics like sports, education, health, travel, technology, and much more. They are divided into themes based on different categories and trending charts.

At the top of each category, you would be able to see the latest visualizations. They have published around 6000 infographics to date and get more than 300 submissions every month. For submission, they have three packages: express paid and sponsored.

If you opt for the free version, then it might take a couple of weeks for your infographic to be published. If you opt for the express version, it would cost you $25, and your infographics would be published within 1-3 days.

Submit Link: Infographics | Graphs.net

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 54
PA: 50
Price: Free; $25 for express publication

34. Infographic Website

This platform was created to support infographic creators so that they can get more visibility for their infographics. This is the reason why you can submit your piece here free of cost, and it will be published on their home page within a couple of days.

Submit Link: Submit Infographic – Infographic Website (infographicsite.com)

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 27
Price: Free

35. Submit Infographics

This platform has been running for the longest time as compared to the others on the list. This website is a great platform for both designers and companies where their hard work will be seen and critiqued as well. The major benefit is that along with appreciation; you also get feedback which can help you improvise.

You just have to fill out a form for submitting your infographic. Submit Infographics charge $15 for regular submission, and within a month, they publish your infographic. There are various other packages as well for submission; you can select as per your requirement.

Submit Link: http://submitinfographics.com/submit-infographics

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 45
Price: $15
Alexa Rank: 792,666

36. Infographic Database

This is an excellent platform for submitting your infographics as here they have a massive collection of infographics that they update persistently. They do not have a free version; you would have to pay $20 for submitting your infographic.

Submit Link: Submit your Infographic – Infographic Database

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 45
Price: $20

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37. Behance

This is one of the best free infographic submission sites mainly used by designers globally to demonstrate their work. If you have created a unique infographic that you are really proud of, you can present them here and earn a high-quality backlink. You can submit your infographic for free on this site; all you need to do is create an account, click on “Add Work”, and upload your piece.

Submit Link: https://www.behance.net/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 92
PA: 80
Price: Free

38. Visual Kiwi

One of the top visual content communities that enables you to post your infographics without paying anything. But, they have an approval process; if it gets accepted, then they feature your infographic in the visual community section of their site.

Submit: https://visualkiwi.com/submit-infographics-request/

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 20
Price: Free

39. Shit Hot Infographics

This platform was founded by David Eaves; his aim was to present some of the best infographics on the web. If you want to submit your infographics on this website, then you would have to contact the founder. If it meets their quality levels, then it will be published on their home page within a couple of days.

Submit Link: Submit Infographic for Free / Infographic Submission – Shit Hot Infographics

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 20
Price: Free

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40) Galleryr

This is a premium infographic gallery website that publishes only the best quality pieces which add value and render valuable and reliable information. On this platform, you can submit your infographics for free. If you want your infographic to be published and reviewed, then you will have to provide a description of a minimum of 100 words.

They also have a premium version for $10; your infographics will be reviewed and published instantly if you opt for this.

Submit Link: Submit your Infographic to Gallery

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 16
Price: Free. $10 for instant publishing

41. Amazing Infographics

On this platform, you will be able to find a decent infographics collection. For submission, you will have to send a short description along with your infographics. If it gets approved, you will get a confirmation email for them.

Submit Link: www.amazinginfographics.com

Additional Information:

Domain Authority: 33
Price: Free

Some more:

  • Infographic Posters
  • Infographic List
  • Photobucket
  • Infographics
  • Infographics Only
  • Infographics King

This was about some of the top infographic submission websites; they are a great tool to market your business cost-effectively online. They are one of the best ways to reach a large audience, but for that, you will have to publish them on well-known sites. You can also include them in your SEO implementation, as that would help you drive more traffic to your site.

But, remember that you should use a blend of different techniques that enable you to spread your efforts across multiple platforms for marketing your infographics. A captivating and visually rich infographic presents information straight away to your readers, encouraging social media shares and effectively advertising your business.

So, are you ready to promote your infographic?

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