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200+ Free Blog Submission Sites List

Blog Submission Sites List

Blogging is an important off-page optimization activity; you submit the blogs to blog submission sites, search engines, etc. This allows you to render new and fresh content to your readers regularly so that they keep visiting your website.

Free blog submission sites enable you to submit your content or blog post-free. It helps increase the Off-page SEO ranking with high DA, PA, and do-follow backlinks. These websites are a great way to promote your blogs and business websites as well.

200+ Free Blog Submission Sites List

200+ Free Blog Submission Sites List

What is Blog Submission?

Blogging is an ongoing process as you would have to write and post the blogs regularly. You need to keep in mind while writing that your content should be informative and unique to entice more and more readers and search engines. But what do these sites do?

High DA Blog Submission Sites help in making your blog visible to a huge audience. They help promote your blog; all you need to do is fill in some important information about your blog and submit them on these websites. These sites help in boosting the search engine ranking and the overall performance of your blog.

Benefits of Blog Submission Sites

If used correctly, then these websites can help you in various ways. Remember that you should submit your blog to High DA Blog Submission Sites and not spam blog submission sites. Here are some of the advantages of Blog Submission Sites:

1. Improves SEO- By posting blogs regularly, you can provide fresh and informative content to the readers. Search engines like to index new content where you can use nice keywords to get more exposure on SERP.

2. Quality Backlinks- You need to know that SEO is a vital tool for making a blog or online business profitable. Without quality backlinks, it is really tough to get a good ranking on the Google search engine results page. These sites help you generate quality links without charging you anything.

3. Relationship Improvement- These sites would help you connect with the readers easily as you can ask questions, feedback, or comments at the end of the blog.

4. Boost Domain Authority (DA)- This is one of the most important elements for a blog or website. Google easily ranks a blog post that has high DA. The major benefit is that it stays at the top of various searches. The Moz team gave the metric of Domain Authority.

5. Free Marketing- If your blog comprises useful information, the readers will share it with others. You can share your blog’s link on various social media platforms or email the information to others. This way, you are doing free marketing for yourself.

These were some of the significant benefits of blog submission. Now, let us learn how you can do it easily.

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How to make a Blog Submission?

There are a few steps that you would have to follow to make a blog submission. Let’s get started and know how you can do it quickly:

1. Focus on your blog- Before submitting your blog, first, check on your blog’s quality. Ensure that your blog is unique and contains such information that attracts customers. If you submit a poorly written blog on the site, you would also be able to submit it on the site, but the results won’t be that great.

2. Use the right details- When you submit the blog to the blog submission sites, you would have to fill in a few details about your blog. Various information needs to be filled in a description, blog title, email, homepage URL, etc.

Fill in all the details correctly and select the category of the blog accurately. You can utilize the description section of the blog to mention the purpose of the blog.

3. Confirm the submission- On usually all the blog submission sites, you would be asked to confirm the blog by sending a link to your email before submitting. Do remember to click on that link; a few people forget to impact the submission process.

List of Free Blog Submission Sites

You can use these sites to get backlinks and targeted traffic. Below is the list:

1. Alltop (DA 69)

Alltop | Blog Submission Sites List

The social media expert Guy Kawasaki started this site. It is one of the most well-known blog submission sites as it helps bring more exposure and quality links to your website. It has all the categories starting from education, technology, marketing, fitness, and much more.

In whichever niche you write, you would easily find a relevant topic to submit to your blog for free. Try and write attention-seeking headlines so that more and more people visit your blog. For example, pay less and get more, limited offers, etc.

2. Blogarama (DA 63)

This one is the oldest and most renowned blog submission site. This site is the largest of others; it began a decade ago and had more than 100,000 registered users. The results that bloggers get from this website are incredible.

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3. On Top List (DA 42)

It is another excellent blog submission site. On this site, you would be able to find a lot of technical information, business pages, and websites related to blogging from

4. Blog Flux (DA 53)

Many people opt for this website as it has a great reputation for increasing traffic to the blog. More than 1 50,000 blogs are featured on this website from various categories such as education, fitness, health, travel, and many more.

5. Blog Hub (DA 43)

Bloghub | Blog Submission Sites List

It is an online community for all bloggers to submit the blog without paying any fee.

6. Blog Listing (DA 29)

This site can be said to be the fastest-growing blog submission site. You can submit your blog for free here, and the good part is that you can get a lot of exposure by joining them. It is a high PR directory site along with a domain authority of 59.

7. Blog Engage (DA 45)

This site has a huge blog community which is why there are a lot of users who love this website. The best part about this website is that many bloggers and marketers are using this website in promoting their blog posts.

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8. (DA 51)

It is one of the largest Indian blogger communities, and registering with them can be of huge benefit. If you are an Indian and wish to submit your blogs for free, this can be a perfect blog submission site.

Once you are registered on Indiblogger, you would see that there are thousands of Indian bloggers there posting on different niches. You can also connect with them as it can help your site/blog gain more popularity.

9. Blog Adda (DA  53)

This blog directory is widely used in India. It has a huge network of bloggers to connect with, plus to get you more exposure, they pick editors’ best blog posts every single day.

10. Blogging Fusion (DA 37)

Blogging Fyusion | Blog Submission Sites List

It is a paid blog submission site, but you can access their free account by adding a link to their blog directory. It is a good place to submit your blog as a wide range of people use it.

11. Blogs Collection (DA 37)

It is a massive blog directory that collects all major blog new articles from worldwide. This is a very old blog submission website that was started more than nine years ago.

12. Blog Ville (DA 26)

You can submit any blog on this website as they have all the categories. It is one of the fastest-growing websites with a huge customer base. They review your blog manually before approving t for their blog directory.

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13. Blog Directory (DA 31)

This is an amazing free blog submission site where you can submit your blog, get links, and increase your content exposure. It shows the blogs under various blogs periodically. There are numerous categories of blogs that you can find on their website, such as real estate, computers, academics, etc.

14. Blog (DA 21)

This is another excellent site where you can add your blog for free. The unique thing about this site is that it puls your RSS feed and would show your information when you update your blog with new posts.

15. Boing Boing (DA 90)

Boing Boing | Blog Submission Sites List

This website is one of the highest domain authority sites. Its DA is 92, which is amazing for submitting your site or blog to it. Now, you will be able to add your blog to this highest DA blog submission site.

16. Fuel My Blog (DA 35)

Submitting the blog on this website is free, and this website has a lot of bloggers registered, which can help your content gain even more popularity. If you want, you can add your blog and image as well. There are numerous interesting and informative blogs to read as well on this website.

17. Cipinet Web Directory (DA 34)

This website was launched in 2002 and is one of the oldest markets. They have both free and premium versions for their users, which means that you have a choice to choose the one as per your requirement.

You can add top-level domains, individual pages, and they will review and approve your site within 24 hrs even if you opt for the basic version, which costs a one-time fee of $35). If you choose the free version, it might take a couple of days to approve your site.

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18. Entire Web (DA 52)

This website is used widely all over the words as it has more than 3.5 million registered users. Their services are really amazing, and people love this website because of the huge customer base, plus it is free.

As you submit your blog to this website, your site will start showing all the big search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.

19. So Much (DA 36)

This blog submission site is very good and is not like those random sites. So much is a friendly free link directory where you would get the best human edited links sorted by topic and category.

20. Blog Top Sites (DA 53)

Blog Top Sites | Blog Submission Sites List

You would be glad to know that this blog submission site is the highest DA blog submission site. This website has been since 2004 and has 82 DA. Submitting your site can be very beneficial for you as it is a reliable site plus has a massive customer base.

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21. Sonic Run (DA 33)

This website has a good domain authority to get a free link to your sites which is why many users are joining it. You can also submit your blog on this website as the response is really incredible.

22. Blog Roll Center (DA 38)

It is also a great blog submission site with a DA score of 77 that is pretty amazing. You can read blogs on various topics such as arts, fitness, beauty, travel, academics, etc. Make sure that you submit your blog in the most relevant category.

 23. Plazoo (DA 42)

This blog submission site has an excellent domain authority of 69; hence if you wish to add your blog or RSS feed, this can be a great website. The unique part about this site is that it supports numerous languages worldwide.

24. Bloggernity (DA 40)

Many people prefer this blog directory because it is a high submission DA site, plus they have a dedicated forum where you can interact with other bloggers. This helps to give your website more exposure plus gets more traffic towards your site/blog.

25. Top Sites Web Directory (DA 36)

Top Sites Directory | Blog Submission Sites List

This blog submission site is listed on every major web directory resource on the web. This site gets a lot of traffic and has a huge customer base which can even help you get the same. Through this website, many bloggers have got traffic to their website, which has made their blog and website pretty famous.

26. Pegasus Web Directory (DA 34)

It is a free general web directory, plus it is completely human edited; this means that you would rarely see spam links or websites on this website. These reasons make this website people’s favorite site as they do not have to pay anything, plus the response from it is also incredible.

27. 1Abc Directory (DA 34)

This site has been in the market for 12 years, and it is one of the oldest blog directories. It has a DA of 55, which is pretty good, and this website has a good reputation which is why people love adding their blogs to it.

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28. Gain Web (DA 31)

Gain Web

This website is also a human-edited blog submission site, and here you would find numerous high-quality websites from all over the world. Submitting your site or blog on Gain Web can be very beneficial as it has a good DA, plus there are no spam links or website on it as it is human edited.

29. Finder Master (DA 23)

While we are on the subject of finding a free blog submission site you might want to check out Finder Master Blogs website. You can create an account on this website and post your content here for people to read. The page is home to content that belong to categories like Advertising, Shopping, Construction, and Business stuff. If you write stuff related to these categories then this website might be a good starting point for you.

30. HowCube (DA 12)

If you are looking for a free blog submission site then you might not find many options better than HowCube. With a good and clear user interface, this website is built to look neat and welcoming to readers as well as publishers. The last article published on this website is almost a month old but that can be ignored when you look at the page of the website and see how nicely the images have been put along with the article headings and a small part of what is written in the article. You can head to this page to read articles that fit under how to sell or how to make money category. You can also create an account here and start posting stuff.

31. Blog Directory (DA 30)

This might not be a blog with the best organization or arrangement nevertheless it is a good one. Blog Directory is open to writers and publishers just as it is to the reader. You can head to this website and submit your blogs or you can look through their range of articles. The website has more than a handful of topics on which articles are available for reading. There must be 100-odd articles or so on this website and that shall tell you that the website is doing good and which is what helps it bag a place on this list.

32. Free Add Url (DA 23)

Free Add Url

If you want a professional-looking free blog submission website then you might want to check out Free Add Url website. It has no less than 20 headings neatly placed above below the other and they also offer the users with various tools that help them increase traffic on their website. The website has free as well as paid options that you can choose from and it also has a review of one happy customer that praises this website for help in creating traffic on their website. If not the beat this certainly might be one of the best names on this list.

33. Rapid Network (DA 24)

With more than 200 articles covered under 18 different segments, this is yet another free blog submission website that you should consider engaging with. While they have just 18 categories the dub category count of this page stands at 3532. The website also mentions the site of the day and that might be very helpful for a page that is looking to grow its audience. People who love to read about art will be delighted to know that this page has the most articles on this subject with the total number of articles in this section being the only one to cross 50 (51). This web directory has free as well as premium options for all its users.

34. Magazine the CGI (DA 28)

If you are looking to post content related tk finance or tech then this website should be on your list. Magazine the CGI site is another neat and well-maintained web directory where the articles are put up nicely. You have an image of the article, the heading, and the tags put up one after the other while you also have the first few lines of the article available to read without opening the article. News and business articles are also available on this website and are some of the other popular categories on this page.

35. WordPress Blog Directory (DA 22)

If you want to get access to tons of articles on various subjects then this website is the place to be. To be precise the page has 16 categories and 82 subcategories worth of articles. The page rank of the website is 5. You can submit your link with this page and they can take care of the rest. You can also submit your article and the website would go and get you the audience that you need for your page.

36. Add URL Guide (DA 22)

Add URL Guide

This page covers articles on general topics and travel stuff. The website has just the image of the article and its heading which helps them keep the page clutter free and clean for the visitors. While the page may not have as many options of content as other websites mentioned above it has a very well-maintained and user-friendly website that anyone would like and that is why this might be the website that you should choose for yourself when planning to grow your audience.

37. Cluboo (DA 20)

If you could come up with 10 of the most interesting topics for blogs then it would include stuff like sports, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. With Cluboo you get articles on these 4 topics as well as 5 more all of which contain multiple articles that readers can read. Writers like me or publishers can head to this website and post their content as it is yet another free blog submission website. The website probably belongs to someone in New York and it has no less than 1030 combined followers on Instagram and Twitter.

38. Home Page Seek (DA 17)

Created in 1999 this website claims to help find stuff that is hiding on the web courtesy of its 10+ article categories. Each category has further multiple subcategories that the readers can choose from or writers and publishers can post under. You can use the search bar to look for articles or you can link your website to theirs. You can post your content for free on this website or you can pay and get your link highlighted on their website. The website also provides users with news on various subjects.

39. Nexus Directory (DA 21)

It might not be the best website out there to post your content on but if you are just looking to increase your reach while posting stuff on free blog websites then this might not be that bad an option. This website is focused on business-related content and if you write on this niche or can write on business-related stuff then you might want to try putting up your content on this website.

40. Rock The Adored (DA 26)

Rock The Adored

Again if you want to submit your blog online for free to a website then you can do so at this website. The website hosts content based on things like Poker, Casinos, and other such stuff. While most websites have a white page this website has a dark page which gives it a good look and the arrangement of the article and images makes it an even nicer option for anyone wanting to post their blog for free.

41. Synergy Property Directory (DA 23)

If you are someone whose niche is writing articles on stuff like real estate, interior design, or homes in general then the perfect place to post their content would be this website which is home to those kinds of content bits. It is an active website and so you might indeed see your audience grow if you headed to a website like this and started putting out your content here.

42. Free Directory UK (DA 26)

From business to travel to shopping to education and more this website hosts various categories of content. The website is based in the UK and has social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms which shall tell you about the reach of this website and also why it is a good place to post your content at.

43. BloggerHQ (DA 19)

If looking for a free blog submission website that is too clean and provides cut-to-cut service without asking much of you then you should head to this website. You just need to put the title, URL, description, name, and email and select a category for your article. Then simply click Submit and your work is done. Now your work gets posted and it is no longer limited to your reading but now people around the world might be able to read it.

44. Bloggeries (DA 38)

If you are looking for multiple blog categories from which you can search for articles to read or post under, then you need to head to this website. This website can help you with category listing, blog listing, homepage promotion, or Bloggeries blog promotion. The website asks you to submit your blog if you want to increase your reach but at the same time, it can also help you improve your blog.

45. Bloggers Choice Awards (DA 45)

Bloggers Choice Awards

If your content is based on flowers or the flower industry then you can check out this website that is created by the owner of a flower business. As a reader, you can head to their page to read various tricks and tips related to flowers or you can submit your stuff or make suggestions or recommendations to the owner of the page.

46. Bloggers Directory (DA 12)

This website has no less than 16 categories to offer to the user of the website. You can simply submit your link to this website and they will take care of putting it out to the relevant audience. If you are visiting the site as a reader then you can check out the website and the categories or search for articles and read them to make sure that you have come to the right place. You can also check their listing success and page ranks.

47. Blogger Talk (DA 22)

Be it fun, health, or fashion this website has content related to all this stuff. The website is based in the UK and is a good place to post your content as a writer. The blogs have an image, their heading, and some lines of the blog visible on the main page. If you are a writer and want your content to reach a wider audience then posting stuff here might be a good thing to do as it may help you grow as a writer as well.

48. Top Blog – Top Blogger (DA 8)

If you are a writer and can write good content on various topics that fall under the general category. You can head to the write for us section and start getting your content published on this website. Looking at the way this page is organized and maintained one can say that it is a good and reputable website and that getting your content posted here will do nothing else but good for you.

49. Blogit (DA 29)

Of the one review available on the website the user mentions how they visited the website, wrote stuff, read stuff, enjoyed it, and stayed. If you too want to have an experience like this with more than a handful of categories available to you then this website is where you should be. The website has almost 10 lakh blog entries and 40 lakh plus comments which makes it one of the top free blog posting websites for people like me and you.

50. BlogLines (DA 86)


If you have content to contribute in the field of fashion, beauty, living, or culture segment then this is the website you need to post your content on. This free blog posting website has a neat and great content posting space where articles are nicely arranged with their images and headings. You could search for stuff you want to read about or you can contribute by sharing your articles with other readers. The website also has a trending articles section where you can find popular articles to read or where you can aim to have your article one day if you want to grow your reach.

51. Blog Listing (DA 39)

You might not find a lot of websites that are as good as this one when looking for free blog posting websites. This website has a video provided for writers with tips to help them get their blogs in the website’s directory. If you write content related to real estate, business, or other such stuff that is mentioned on their website then you must go ahead and try to get your work published on this website as it might help you reach a wider audience.

52. All for Blog (DA 25)

If you just want to read an article with general and basic stuff or write content related to such stuff and want a website to post it for other readers then you can try doing so at All for Blog. Apart from all this the website also hosts content related to business, family, health, house, and more stuff. When looking to push your content to a wider audience it is websites like these that may come to your aid.

53. All Top (DA 70)

Another website that you can head to for getting your site posted on the web is All Top. Not just that you can also use their page to create your own All Top page as well. Enter the name, and email and type the body. Once done select the I am not a robot option and then hit Submit. Just by doing this much you would have used the services of a free blog posting website and given your article the push it needed and the reach it deserves.

54. Blog Bar (DA 16)

From finance to gaming, from business to lifestyle, and much more this website is home to content from various categories and you can contribute too. If you write well and the genre of your content belongs to the niches mentioned on this website then you can simply post your content on this website and start getting yourself a wider audience. If you have been looking for a free blog posting website then you might not be able to find a much better one than this one.

55. Blog Certified (DA 26)

Blog Certified

If you write content on cryptocurrency, blockchain, marketing, and related stuff then this website might be the place where you should head to publish your content. The website has articles where their images are posted and their headings are mentioned. This minimalistic approach makes sure that the page looks neat and your content gets more attention and that might also end up being the reason that your article ends up having a greater reach and a wider audience, thereby benefiting you.

56. Blog Digger (DA 47)


Not many free blog submission websites on this list have offered content on food and that is what separates this website from those. You can also post content that beings to entertainment, food, health, family, or other such topics on this website. The website also has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, so you can expect your work to get more attention than it would anywhere else.

57. Blog Dir (DA 21)

From content on Dental stuff to lifestyle, this website is host to various kinds of blogs. It is a blog based in the UK and its aim is to cover topics based on all aspects of daily life and so if your work features that kind of content then this can be the website that you turn to when thinking of putting out your work for a greater audience.

58. Blog Dire (DA 23)

With almost 40 categories of content and multiple articles under each, this website is somewhat of a writer’s place to be. The website gives you the option to start your blog through their partner website. So far the website has had more than 60,000 posts and almost 700 blogs that it has dealt with and so with this website, you know you have a good free content publishing website.

59. Blog Directory (DA 7)

Head to this website if you want to submit an URL for free, unblur a picture, or do other such stuff. There aren’t many good websites that allow you to submit free blogs while being helpful to give your work the push it needs and deserves. And so for meeting this criterion and being one of the best websites of its kind, this option makes it to our list.

60. Blog Directory Submission (DA 63)

Blog Directory Submission

These were the top blog submission sites list; you can choose one as per your blog requirements as all of them are equally good.

If you have uncategorized content that you feel might have an audience and will be accepted by the public then you make your way to this website and submit your content here for free. The website aims to provide people with quality content and if your work is worth it then it might feature in the popular or trending section as well making it reach a wider audience which works out well for you.

Apart from the 60 mentioned above, more such websites allow you to publish content for free and help you and your work reach more people. These websites are mentioned below and you can take a look at any of them. As per your niche, you can choose the one that hosts a content category under which your article may fall. Once you have done all this it is time to post the article and reach more audience and make the world your oyster.

Other Blog Submission Sites

S.No. Blog Submission Site DA PA MozRank
1 95 78 7.8
2 Weebly.comin 94 82 8.2
3 93 69 6.9
4 93 71 7.1
5 93 70 7
6 93 75 7.5
7 92 57 5.7
8 92 88 8.8
9 92 69 6.9
10 92 69 6.9
11 92 74 7.4
12 92 67 6.7
13 92 63 6.3
14 91 74 7.4
15 91 68 6.8
16 91 77 7.7
17 90 87 8.7
18 90 56 5.6
19 90 64 6.4
20 89 73 7.3
21 89 74 7.4
22 89 61 6.1
23 89 63 6.3
24 88 63 6.3
25 88 63 6.3
26 88 61 6.1
27 88 62 6.2
28 88 66 6.6
29 88 92 9.2
30 87 75 7.5
31 86 65 6.5
32 86 65 6.5
33 85 73 7.3
34 84 64 6.4
35 83 68 6.8
36 82 47 4.7
37 82 51 5.1
38 80 99 9.9
39 79 62 6.2
40 79 60 6
41 78 61 6.1
42 77 61 6.1
43 77 62 6.2
44 76 60 6
45 75 71 7.1
46 75 62 6.2
47 73 59 5.9
48 69 64 6.4
49 69 64 6.4
50 68 53 5.3
51 66 65 6.5
52 66 53 5.3
53 66 52 5.2
54 64 54 5.4
55 64 61 6.1
56 63 56 5.6
57 63 75 7.5
58 63 55 5.5
59 61 53 5.3
60 60 68 6.8
61 60 53 5.3
62 60 50 5
63 60 53 5.3
64 60 55 5.5
65 59 52 5.2
66 57 57 5.7
67 57 60 6
68 56 62 6.2
69 56 50 5
70 55 55 5.5
71 55 49 4.9
72 55 46 4.6
73 54 49 4.9
74 54 62 6.2
75 53 54 5.4
76 53 51 5.1
77 53 54 5.4
78 53 53 5.3
79 53 52 5.2
80 53 55 5.5
81 53 56 5.6
82 52 54 5.4
83 52 48 4.8
84 51 51 5.1
85 51 66 6.6
86 51 74 7.4
87 51 55 5.5
88 51 53 5.3
89 50 50 5
90 50 49 4.9
91 50 58 5.8
92 49 51 5.1
93 48 57 5.7
94 47 50 5
95 47 50 5
96 47 45 4.5
97 47 47 4.7
98 47 42 4.2
99 46 54 5.4
100 46 54 5.4
101 45 50 5
102 45 46 4.6
103 wanna 45 58 5.8
104 44 49 4.9
105 44 49 4.9
106 44 46 4.6
107 44 50 5
108 43 48 4.8
109 42 50 5
110 42 57 5.7
111 42 47 4.7
112 42 47 4.7
113 41 43 4.3
114 40 50 5
115 40 42 4.2
116 40 49 4.9
117 40 42 4.2
118 39 44 4.4
119 38 41 4.1
120 36 48 4.8
121 36 51 5.1
122 36 48 4.8
123 36 46 4.6
124 36 44 4.4
125 36 44 4.4
126 36 48 4.8
127 35 49 4.9
128 35 45 4.5
129 35 34 3.4
130 35 47 4.7
131 35 42 4.2
132 34 44 4.4
133 34 49 4.9
134 34 48 4.8
135 34 51 5.1
136 34 45 4.5
137 34 54 5.4
138 33 45 4.5
139 33 43 4.3
140 33 39 3.9
141 32 46 4.6
142 32 43 4.3
143 32 29 2.9
144 31 44 4.4
145 31 46 4.6
146 31 46 4.6
147 31 38 3.8
148 30 43 4.3
149 30 44 4.4
150 30 41 4.1
151 30 41 4.1
152 30 41 4.1
153 30 44 4.4
154 30 44 4.4
155 30 44 4.4
156 29 46 4.6
157 29 39 3.9
158 28 36 3.6
159 27 42 4.2
160 27 45 4.5
161 27 54 5.4
162 27 41 4.1
163 27 38 3.8
164 27 38 3.8
165 27 37 3.7
166 26 41 4.1
167 26 45 4.5
168 26 45 4.5
169 26 42 4.2
170 26 36 3.6
171 26 45 4.5
172 25 39 3.9
173 25 43 4.3
174 25 43 4.3
175 25 42 4.2
176 25 39 3.9
177 25 45 4.5
178 25 33 3.3
179 24 43 4.3
180 blogdumps.comindex.php 24 37 3.7
181 24 39 3.9
182 24 36 3.6
183 23 34 3.4
184 23 41 4.1
185 23 39 3.9
186 23 40 4
187 23 40 4
188 22 42 4.2
189 22 39 3.9
190 22 35 3.5
191 21 39 3.9
192 21 38 3.8
193 21 33 3.3
194 21 38 3.8
195 21 35 3.5
196 21 37 3.7
197 21 37 3.7
198 20 42 4.2
199 20 38 3.8
200 20 36 3.6
201 20 44 4.4
202 19 40 4
203 18 39 3.9
204 18 39 3.9
205 18 35 3.5
206 18 28 2.8
207 17 40 4
208 16 45 4.5
209 16 25 2.5
210 15 27 2.7
211 14 40 4
212 1abc.orgsubmit.php N/A 1 0.1
213 blogdigger.comindex.html N/A N/A N/A
214 N/A N/A N/A
215 N/A N/A N/A
216 N/A N/A N/A
217 N/A N/A N/A
218 feedplex.comadd-url.php N/A N/A N/A
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223 blog.fc2.comen N/A 1 0.1
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226 N/A 43 4.3
227 N/A 26 2.6
228 N/A 43 4.3
229 N/A 41 4.1

Disadvantages of Blog submission sites

Although these websites offer only benefits to the users, there is one major disadvantage: spamming. The websites with spam comprise adult or illegal content that can get your site penalized in Google Search results; therefore, stay away from such websites and choose completely human-edited sites.

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This was the blog submission site list for you to create a quality backlink. Ensure that you choose a website with high DA that can help in increasing your search results and which in turn would raise the traffic of your website. Make use of this list appropriately so that it can help improve your business as you want.

Sushma Singh

Sushma Singh

Sushma is an expert in personal finance and business with lots of experience. She loves helping people understand how to make money online, build income without much effort, and become financially independent. Focusing on easy-to-use apps and fun games, she shows people the best ways to earn money online.

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  1. This information is useful for everyone mainly for blog builders .and this site is useful for creating quality backlinks. and use of this list appropriately so that it can help improve business as want.
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  2. I appreciate you sharing this great post about creating backlinks to improve your search engine rankings. All of the websites that we have listed in our directory of places to submit press releases are highly beneficial and of the greatest quality. Once again, thank you

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