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20 Best Link Tracker Software For Marketers

Are you not able to measure the efficacy of your market campaigns or advertising campaign links? Not sure how many people and what type of audiences have clicked your ads the most? We have got you covered if you are going through this hustle!

With the best link tracker software, you can evaluate your positive investment return from affiliate marketing strategies, advertisements, promotional links, and other marketing strategies. This is where link tracker software plays an imperative role.

What is Link Tracking?

Link Tracking facilitates you to set up campaigns for referral traffic. These links are created by providing a landing page or URL.

While you track the number of clicks derived by particular links on your webpage or other channels including emails, or social media platforms. Using these links is the most effective way of evaluating the results of your advertising campaigns: what number of people are clicking on your affiliate links or banner ads.

The link Tracking tool also allows you to calculate your conversion rates and CPC. In addition, you can also optimize your links to reap maximum returns on investment.

Significance of Link Tracking Tool

The appropriate link tracking software provides you with the valuable data and analytics that you need to promote your website or webpage in the long run. Primarily, it manifests the relationship between marketing activities and results.

The major benefit of using these tools is creating a unique URL exclusively for 1 particular marketing activity. That URL will direct your audiences to your brand’s product or services, whether posting an email newsletter, advertisement, blog post, or social media post.

The link tracking tool is no less than a blessing for a digital marketer as it is the gateway through which the potential audiences view the products/services and convert to your sales if they like them.

Thus, choosing the right link tracking tool is the key to determining what all marketing campaigns will prove fruitful for boosting your business’s revenue and achieving your long/short term business goals.

20 Best Link Tracker Software For Marketers

If you type best link tracking software on Google, it might be challenging to analyze which one is ideal for you and suits your needs. Thus, our proficient writers have penned the best link tracker software below, allowing you to accurately track your links and further helping you optimize the lead generation, marketing, and sales funnel.

1. ClickMagick


The cloud-based solution, ClickMagick, is the first choice of many marketers for a good reason, which is why it is the best link tracker. The tool offers outstanding functionalities that make it easy for the marketers to access any data within minutes, despite your location or the device used to access it.

The platform acts as a one-stop solution by facilitating you to track and optimize all your marketing in one place. The software is also known for its high flexibility as it can be used on any platform to advertise your content, be it Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, or Google AdWords. It also allows you to create link groups, sub-IDs for affiliate links, and link rotators.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe today. Still have a doubt! Go for its 14-day free trial and give it a test run first to ensure it suits you.

ClickMagick Features

  • Instant creation of tracking links is just a few clicks away.
  • It lets you track entire complex and elaborate sales funnels.
  • The platform comprises superlative link redirection tools that allow you to track minute by minute data with the help of sub IDs. Even the branded link helps with promos many times.
  • The tool can be of great advantage to advertisers looking to trace sales and conversions and curb fraudulent click activities by automatically filtering the fake bots.
  • Tracking pixels can be added to any link, and the same user can be retargeted across the web.
  • It will notify you when there is a winner by automatically creating split tests for your links.
  • The software also allows you to track different users across multiple platforms.
  • ClickMagick also enables you to add variations of pop-ups to your website and even track landing pages that you do not own.
  • The platform offers stupendous customer support and a knowledge base.

ClickMagick Pricing

The tool offers 3 paid plans and allows you a 14-day trial period. The Starter Plan starts at $37 per month and is ideal for beginners or new marketers. The Standard Plan is selling at $77/month, suitable for growing businesses. Whereas its Pro Plan is priced at $197/month, recommended for advanced marketers who require up to 1 million clicks per month.

2. DSLinker


If you are searching for a mobile-friendly tracker, DSLinker fits your requirement. The platform allows you to view everything seamlessly on your phone or any other device. Plus, you can also use it for free and effortlessly track and shorten links.

The leading software is primarily built for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, and bloggers who want to consistently grow and scale their digital marketing business with link tracking.

There are many reasons why it is on the list of best link tracker software. It allows you to view the geography and device information of the visitor, access IP address, browsers, and URL references, and manage traffic after evaluating all aspects.

DSLinker Features

  • The Pro link tracker software specifies tags for particular links into a group to stay more organized with your tracking links.
  • The tool allows you to target specific devices and particular locations to redirect users to different URLs.
  • With the help of tracking pixels, you can retarget users with ads on other platforms, leading to increased sales.
  • The users are allowed to track sub IDs dynamically, allowing them to see what type of content is working well and bringing in more sales.
  • It is a secure platform that allows users to create password-protected links to keep them hidden from unknown users.

DSLinker Pricing

The best thing about this software is that it is free of cost.

3. Voluum


Voluum is a URL tracking service that helps not only helps to track but optimizes and automates your advertising with affiliate tracking software. The platform is an appropriate choice for digital marketers who want to track domains with SSL. Many renowned companies also use this software to optimize their advertising campaigns and track important links.

The software is of great help to developers as it allows them to access data through the APIs (Application Programming Interface).

You can organize all the activities under one roof, such as managing traffic, marketing and other promotional campaigns, and A/B split testing.

Voluum Features

  • One of the best link trackers, Voluum, offers advanced targeting by letting you split the traffic and direct it to different landing pages.
  • Application Programming Interface can be used to connect reporting systems to its tracking application as the platform provides you with full control over any part of the Voluum account.
  • The application is mobile friendly and seamlessly works on Android and iOS. Plus, the tool gives you robust control over your link tracker data.
  • It also allows you to carry out A/B tests, which help evaluate the efficacy of all your marketing campaigns and which campaign performed the best to meet the business conversion goal.
  • It also discourages fake traffic and does not allow the owner to generate any revenue from it. It understands the legality and the consequences of dealing with fake traffic. Therefore, it is featured with an anti-fraud feature ensuring you do not waste money on bot traffic.
  • The tool is also equipped with a custom notification feature which implies you can receive notifications instantaneously even when the slightest change is noticed in the performance.

Voluum Pricing

You can choose among three paid plans offered by Voluum for Individuals starting from $89 per month (Discover plan), $149 per month (profit plan) and $299/month (Scale Plan). All the plans allow creating custom domains, active campaigns, and 3 to 12 months of data retention. For Businesses, they have separate plans starting from $499 and going up to $1999 depending on the requirement of the business.

4. ClickMeter


Looking for some extraordinary link tracking tool to help you track where the visitors are coming from and your audiences end up in your marketing funnel. Various advertisers, publishers, agencies, and affiliates are using this robust software, and its click-based link is tracking functionality.

The software allows you to track any link within seconds, use it in your marketing campaigns or advertisements, and watch real-time reports.

The platform is used by multiple businesses and collaborated with Payoneer, L’Oreal, at&t, and iStockphoto.

ClickMeter Features

  • The efficient tool facilitates creating a link rotator to A/B split test for different landing pages or sales funnels.
  • The platform makes it easy to track links for opt-ins, advertisements, etc.
  • Using tracking pixels, you can simply retarget users who clicked on your links.
  • You can use the custom domains to build links on any of the pricing plans.
  • The tool allows you to export link tracking sheets into an Excel spreadsheet hassle-free.

ClickMeter Pricing

The platform offers 3 types of paid plans, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The Medium Plan is priced at $29/month and provides you with 25000 Events every month, 2500 Data points, affiliate marketing tools, 1 Branded domain and 1-year data storage.

The Large Plan will cost you $99 per month but offers you 200,000 Events per month,20000 Data points, 10 sub-accounts, 10 Branded domains, Click fraud protection and 2 years of Data Storage.

The X-Large plan may be pricey, costing you $349 every month, but include a wide array of features such as 20,00,000 Events per month, 2,00,000 Data points, Affiliate Marketing Tools, 100 Branded Domains, 100 Sub Accounts, Click Fraud Protection and 3-year Data Storage.

5. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates | Best link tracker software

ThirstyAffiliates can’t be missed while mentioning the best link tracker. It is a powerful plugin that is used to cloak affiliate links on WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

Considering the wide number of features ThirstyAffiliates comprised, the tool is mostly suited to big players and can prove to be overwhelming for beginners at times.

ThirstyAffiliates Features

  • Detailed traffic stats and reporting.
  • Provides uses with nofollow option for affiliate links.
  • Built-in URL shortener.
  • Managing and segmenting the link management.
  • Reliable link fixer and Automatic 404 checker.

ThirstyAffiliates Pricing

ThirstyAffiliates offers 3 paid plans including the Basic ($99), Plus ($149), and Advanced ($199).

The Basic Plan is recommended for single-site owners/individuals and provides users access to automatic keyword linking, geographical redirects, CSV Import/export, Amazon API importing, etc.

The Plus plan is ideal for individuals or companies that own up to 5 sites. For organizations or individuals owning up to 10 websites, Advanced Plan is perfect.

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6. ClixTrac


Were you worried to track images and text ads? With ClickTrac, you do not need to worry a bit!

It is a free tracking service that features a unique tracking property allowing you to track the precise amount of time your ads and affiliate links are being clicked. This tool’s basic URL tracking service helps you set up URLs on your site and track them.

The powerful package offered by one of the oldest platforms available since 2001 is the most suitable option who cannot afford to spend a hefty amount. It offers affordable plans ensuring you do not go out of budget.

ClixTrac Features

  • The link cloaking feature offered by ClixTrac is a game-changer for most affiliate marketers today. This is a vital feature, especially for them, as they could lose all their affiliate commissions if they found a victim of by-passing commissions. So, the link cloaking feature curbs your affiliate commission to get bypassed.
  • The tool also offers an A/B testing split feature, helping you find a landing page that works efficiently with your business without any obstruction.

ClixTrac Pricing

One of the best link tracker tools for any marketing campaign, Clixtrac is best-known for its Free Plan, which offers all the requisite link tracking services. It includes easy to use dashboard, split-test traffic, download stat, tracking of clicks in real time and many other features.

7. RedTrack


RedTrack lets you track affiliate marketing links and SaaS performance efficiently. The platform is an ideal choice for all types of online businesses. Thus, numerous digital agencies, media buyers, and affiliate marketers use this tool to track links in bulk.

The software is also used to track media buys and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. The best part is that it allows you to opt for a 14-day free trial period, which enables you to test-drive the product and continue the subscription only if you like it.

RedTrack Features

  • RedTrack provides you with real-time and actual data.
  • It provides the ability to track the users’ journey and all major attributes to track conversion events.
  • Featured with data of clicks, unique clicks, and pro IP clicks.
  • Supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer), API integration, and 30+ attribution data points.
  • Allows you to create user-friendly and complex A/B split tests to improve the marketing campaign’s efficiency.
  • The tool enables you to collect data from reliable and organic websites, which in turn lets you run advertising campaigns with no redirects on Facebook or Google.

RedTrack Pricing

A) Affiliate

Although it starts with a 14-day free trial, if you want to opt for the paid plans, you need to choose among 3 options. The first one is Affiliate which is suited for individual buyers and groups. It includes:

  • Pro Plan – $99 per month (1 user)
  • Advanced Plan – $149 per month (1 user)
  • Team Plan – $249 per month (3 users)
  • Enterprise Plan – $749 per month (10 users)

B) Advertiser

This plan is for different types of e-commerce, brands etc.

  • Grow – $149 per month
  • Scale – $299 per month
  • Prevail – $749 per month
  • Custom – As requested by the business, the price will vary.

C) Agency

This plan is suited for maintaining accounts of various clients.

  • Umbrella account – $99 per month
  • All-in-one account – $499 per month

8. Improvely


Supporting over 6000 marketers, the tracking tool Improvely has proven its worth worldwide. The spectacular link tracking software allows you to track, test, and optimize online marketing, conversions, and detect click fraud, all under one roof.

The software also works with multiple networks, including Google Adwords, Adroll, Binge Ads, Facebook Ads, and many others. As a result, plentiful digital marketers use this software to source the conversion rate and where the traffic is coming from.

Improvely Features

  • Detects and prevents bots alongside the details of malicious clicks, including IP addresses and the location.
  • Allows you to import and export data from ad networks.
  • Featured with white label reports for agencies.
  • Facilitates tracking links by segmenting traffic and receiving a profile of viewers to the site.

Improvely Pricing

You can get the basic Freelancer plan by spending $29 every month on Improvely. This plan provides you with an opportunity to track 10,000 visitors every month, 1 team member, click fraud monitoring, affiliate marketing tools, and built-in A/B split testing.

The other package, Startup, is priced at $79 per month, providing everything a user gets in the Freelancer plan. However, this plan allows users to 50,000 visits every month and 3 team members.

The Small Agency plan starts at $149/month and empowers you to track 1,00,000 visits every month, unlimited team members, sub-accounts, and all the features you get in the Basic Plan.

The Large Agency plans are a set of plans suitable for large businesses and brands, they start from $299 per month, allowing you to track 2,50,000 to 1,000,000 visits every month and contain all the features of previous plans.

9. LinkTrackr



Looking for a set of tools to simplify your requirements of link and performance analysis? The hunt is over!

With this excellent link tracker tool, you can effortlessly track the source of your traffic and conversion rates. The software also provides you with a handful of features. Let’s check them below.

LinkTrackr Features

  • It facilitates link tracking analysis by allowing you to enter your destination URL and customize it to use the tracking link on websites and other marketing campaigns.
  • Featured with Link Cloaking feature making it easy for affiliate marketers to protect their campaign links and secure their payments/commissions.
  • Enables PPC tracking, Affiliate sub-id tracking, A/B split testing and Pixel Tracking Codes.
  • The platform offers you URL rotator software. Its primary function is to rotate traffic for an unlimited number of landing pages to filter the traffic and send only the quality traffic to your audiences.

LinkTrackr Pricing

The best part about LinkTrcker is that it includes a 30 day free trial period.

You can upgrade to any paid plan, starting with the Basic Plan for $17/ month. It will get you 100 tracking links, 10,000 clicks, branded links & domains, and advanced cloaking.

The Pro plan starts at $27/month, providing you with 500 tracking links, 50,000 clicks, conversion tracking and everything you get in Basic plan.

They also offer the Hyper plan which you can get by spending $47/month. It gets you with 1000 tracking links, 1,00,000 clicks and all Pro plan features.

If you want more then they have the Extreme Plan where you get all Hyper plan features along with 5000 tracking links and 5,00,000 clicks.

10. Qliker

Qliker | Best link tracker software

One of the newest link tracker platforms mentioned in this list, Qliker offers astounding features that make the work of digital and affiliate marketers very easy.

Qliker can also be considered one of the best alternatives to ClickMagick despite its few users.

The platform is relatively inexpensive as compared to many other link tracking tools mentioned in this list.

Qliker Features

  • Create a tracking link hassle-free.
  • Spam and click fraud detection.
  • Share public statistics URL with other people.
  • Allows A/B split testing, putting the process of tracking links at ease.
  • Featured with custom domain integration, link masking, and advanced rotators.
  • Provides you with access to IP blocking and filtration via the IP manager.

Qliker Pricing

You are offered the Starter plan, priced at $20 per month. Starter Plan provides you with 15,000 clicks/month, 1 year data retention, and 2 custom tracking domains. The Advanced Plan costs you $50/month and allows 1,50,000 clicks per month, 2 year data retention, and 5 custom tracking domains.

Lastly, there is the Professional Plan with all the features of the Advanced plan along with 1,500,000 clicks per month and unlimited custom tracking domains. All these plans can be tried out for free for 14 days if you want to check whether they will suit your requirements.

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11. Bitly


A link management and tracking software, Bitly is best known for running effective digital marketing campaigns.

The platform offers you link-shortening features and provides you full data on the number of clicks you get. It also authorizes you to access real-time data for research and branding.

Bitly Features

  • Improves conversion rates tremendously by allowing you to add your domain to enhance your brand value.
  • The software offers 20+ data points providing you with a deep insight on every click, including referring channels and geographical information.
  • The tool allows you to connect via API with 600+ platforms.
  • The platform is integrated with SSL (safe Secure Links) and encrypted with HTTPS, a secure protocol for managing user data.

Bitly Pricing

One of the best link tracker software for marketers can be accessed for free. However, it is available for only 1 user and the privilege of tracking and measuring audience interactions with your short links. You will get 50 links per month in the free plan.

The Basic Plan will cost you $35 per month, which provides the user with 1500 branded links per month, QR codes, link redirects, and much more.

They have a Premium Plan for high-end users starting at $300 per month. It will allow you 3000 branded links per month, mobile deep links, location and device type data, and all the features of Basic Plan.

They also offer a Custom Plan with features like 10,000+ branded links per month, 99.9% SLA uptime, expert account manager support, and customizable onboarding in addition to all Premium Plan features.

12. Rebrandly


Rebrandly is widely known for providing a custom domain even on their Free Plan. Isn’t that great? As very few link tracker tools let you avail of this feature in their zero-cost plans.

Another appealing aspect of the platform is its unique interface and click-tracking dashboard. In addition, the platform is completely reliable as more than 1 billion branded links are created through Rebrandly.

Rebrandly Features

  • The tool allows you to get custom analytic reports no matter whatever branded link you create.
  • Works on your tracking links efficiently with your business team.
  • Build easy-to-manage custom domain links from its dashboard.
  • Allows you to retarget the users after they click your links.
  • Facilitates traffic routing and deep linking by segmenting link clicks by device, location, and browser.
  • The tool helps you develop proficiency in setting up and importing your links into your account.

Rebrandly Pricing

The platform offers 5 paid plans including a Free Plan. Their Starter plan costs $29 per month, Pro plan is available at $89 per month, the Premium plan is priced at $499 per month and they also have an Enterprise plan; a custom plan whose price varies as per the requirements.

All the plans offer you unlimited fast redirects, 5000 to 15,00,000+ clicks tracked per month, and 1 to 20+ custom domain names. However, opting for the Premium plan will enable you to access 31 custom reports and 10 active teammates, besides all the features of other plans.

13. T2M


The advanced link tracker tool, T2M empowers its users with numerous features. The software allows you to manage multiple URLs from its dashboard, view detailed analytics, build branded links, and use the T2M API integration of all the clicks on your tracking links.

T2M Features

  • Provides you with branded custom domains, API keys, and free SSL.
  • Featured with a robust dashboard, superior password protection, editable short URLs, geographical targeting, UTM parameter forwarding, etc.
  • Facilitates managing tracking links, CSV import, using link tags, and export tool.
  • Offers you to access detailed custom analytics reports, dashboard reporting, and timeline charts.

T2M Pricing

You can opt for this tool and choose among the 5 paid plans it offers. The Basic Plan costs you $5 each month, Standard Plan is priced at $9.99/month, the Pro plan can be opted for $29.99/month and advanced users can choose the Premium plan at $89.99 per month.

There is also a Dedicated Plan, which is a customized plan that will cost you depending upon the features you add to it. All these plans offer a power dashboard and unlimited short URLs along with many other features.

14. ClickGum


Undoubtedly, ClickGum deserves to be on the list of best link tracker software. Many affiliate marketers have made ample money with this tool as it helps them track the link, and conversions and calculate ROI straightforwardly on all their marketing efforts.

Moreover, it also facilitates monitoring, organizing, and comparing your marketing links, along with optimizing your marketing mix. Finally, it also helps you track your traffic, so you know the source where precisely your customers are coming from.

Comparing its prices, that too is very low compared to other software mentioned in this list.

ClickGum Features

  • The software allows its users to track leads, clicks, and sales in your marketing funnel.
  • Provides you with detailed reports on every click. The reports primarily include Browser, Destination URL, IP, ISP, Timestamp, Device Type, Location, Referrer, Language, and Location.
  • ClickGum lets you cloak and track your affiliate links effortlessly with ClickGum. It implies you are not obligated to rely on affiliate networks to track a link. Simultaneously, it also enables you to consolidate your PPC ads and campaigns.

ClickGum Pricing

The 3 plans offered by ClickGum include a Free Plan, that features 3000 clicks per month, access to all modules, 12-month data retention, unlimited links and rotators.

The Manager plan is priced at $9/month, providing you with 20,000 clicks per month and all other features you get in Free Plan.

They also offer an Executive Plan for $29/month and Enterprise Plan for $49/month which allows 1 million clicks per month.

15. Pretty Links

Pretty Links | Best link tracker software

As the name suggests, PrettyLinks is an astounding WordPress plugin allowing you to track, cloak, shrink URLs, and manage your affiliate links under one roof.

You can easily use the tool’s free version; all you need to do is install the plugin in your WordPress dashboard. However, the free Plan of Pretty Links will enable you to access limited features. Opting for the free version is ideal for amateur marketers looking to test the performance and functionality of the tool.

Pretty Links Features

  • Helps you manage multiple links at once easily.
  • Link import/export available.
  • You can check the performance in real-time.
  • Allows you to optimize your marketing campaign results with the help of A/B testing.
  • Allows you to track, shrink, cloak, and share your links across different platforms.

Pretty Links Pricing

Pretty Links offers its Beginner plan for $129 per month that includes advanced redirect types, auto-link keywords, auto-create pretty links, use on 1 WordPress site, and 1-year of support and updates.

They have Marketers Plan at $149/month, providing you with all the features you get in the Beginner plan. On top of that, you get advanced Add-Ons and use them on up to 2 WordPress sites.

They also have a Super Affiliate plan which is available at $199 per month, allowing you to use up to 5 WordPress sites, Priority support, and everything you get with the Marketer plan.

16. TinyURL


There are several reasons why TinyURL is mentioned in the list of best link tracker software of 2021.

TinyURL allows you to seamlessly track links that won’t break the links you upload in the email marketing campaigns or email automation. Moreover, the platform comprises a shortened link that never expires and always enables you to track the links and geographical location.

TinyURL Features

  • The software allows you to track links fearlessly without worrying about their expiry.
  • Helps you create shortened links directly inside your browser’s toolbar.
  • The links you are provided with work with emails as well.

TinyURL Pricing

TinyURL offers a Free plan that you can opt for after verifying your email. The Free Plan is ideal for individual users as it helps them customize their links and track the link history.

If you are looking for more features, you can purchase its Pro plan which starts at $12.99/month and will give you 500 active TinyURLs. You can get up to 50,000 active TinyURLs in Pro Plan for $249.00/month.

The other plan offered by TinyURL is its Bulk 100k plan which ranges from $129.00 per month to $1,799.00 per month in which you will get 100,000 to 5,000,000 API credits depending on your choice.

17. My Click Boss Pro

My Click Boss Pro

The tool provides you with a bunch of options to trick different links and a dozen valuable features.

It is a self-hosted PHP-based link tracker software that is best known for offering impeccable service globally. However, the platform may seem to be complex, especially for the newbies or amateur marketers initially. Still, once you start using it, you will be able to host your own tracker and access detailed tracking URLs and click statistics.

My Click Boss Pro Features

  • Numerous mode rotators support multiple links at a time.
  • Export data in Excel format.
  • Tracks the performance of your campaigns using conversion pixel.
  • Enables crawler blocking or bot filtering.
  • Compatible with a comprehensive range of devices.
  • Facilitates the sharing of public statistics URLs with others.
  • Detailed reporting in map/text/graph view modes.

My Click Boss Pro Pricing

The platform is offered in 3 paid plans. First, the Script Only plan is available at $59, which is a one-time fee. The plan lets you access instant script download, standard support, free minor updates through 2.x and much more.

My Click Boss Pro Subscription is available for $89 (one-time) plus $5 per month, including script installation, Cpanel or Plesk hosting only, free major and minor updates, priority support, and free bot database updates.

My Click Boss Pro Plus Installation plan will cost you $89, a one-time fee, and provides you with Cpanel or Plesk hosting only, free minor updates through 2.x, script installation, and standard support.

18. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

One of the most reliable click tracking software, Google Analytics, is designed for small, medium, and large enterprises. The platform has gained recognition since it was launched in 2005.

The renowned web analytic service helps you collect data like B2B and track consumers’ patterns, interests, behavior, and insight.

Google Analytics Features

  1. The platform provides you with various free tools helping you analyze data for your businesses in one place.
  2. Offers you extensive insights and advanced machine learning capabilities to make the most of your data.
  3. Helps you understand your competitors better to gauge the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  4. Collaboratively working with Google advertising and publisher’s products/services to give you detailed insights.

Google Analytics Pricing

The standard version of Google Analytics provides you with more than enough insights to deliver the best output of your email campaigns or product advertisements. Plus, the best part about the standard version is that it is free. However, opting for the premium version of Google Analytics may cost you some money as per your requirement.

19. Adsbridge


AdsBridge has proven to be the best link tracker tool for any marketing campaign. The platform impressed numerous people worldwide in more than 160 countries and is best-known for growing your business presence globally.

The tool features highly scalable and flexible DNS servers. Predominantly, the software is used by CPA companies and publishers and offers several integrations that can be implemented swiftly.

AdsBridge Features

  • Optimize software with a robust SaaS platform (Software-as-a-service).
  • Building advertising campaigns are just a few clicks away.
  • Allows you to track everything from click links to costs incurred, be it any channel.
  • Obstructs and prevents fraud traffic with extensive reporting.
  • A/B split testing allows you to establish winning marketing campaigns.

AdsBridge Pricing

Confused about which plan to opt for? Apart from its free plan, AdsBridge offers several plans. They have a Starter plan, costing you $29/month. It provides you with free clicks & conversions and the visit limit is 100,000 visits each month.

Their Professional Plan is selling at $89/month, which includes all features of the Starter plan. In addition, the users get a personal account manager, unlimited custom domains, and 3,000,000 visits per month are the visit limit.

The Advanced Plan is available at $199 per month, allowing up to 7,000,000 visits per month and all the features of the Professional Plan.

They also offer a Business Plan at $379 per month with all the features of previous plans and a visit limit of 14,000,000 visits per month.

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20. ClickPerfect

ClickPerfect is an excellent web-based link tracker tool that serves as a one-stop solution. It allows you to track and optimize advertisements, marketing campaigns, affiliate links, and social media accounts. Isn’t it great?

The platform provides an amazing customer experience as it helps its users track and understand the marketing metrics in-depth and segment the links in real-time.

The tool also enables you to tag the traffic source and promote your URL links after analyzing your traffic.

ClickPerfect Features

  • Real Time Tracking & Reporting
  • Link Cloaking
  • Password Protected Links
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Advanced GeoTargeting
  • Mobile Redirect Countdown Timers on Any Page
  • Custom Domains
  • Click Fraud & Bot Monitoring
  • 2nd Click Redirects
  • Multi-link Rotators
  • Simple Conversion Tracking
  • Pixel Tracking & Retargeting
  • Blacklist Monitoring P
  • Public Stat Sharing
  • 404 Downtime Monitoring
  • Cloud Hosting (No Install Required)

ClickPerfect Pricing

The platform offers you 4 paid plans:

  • Silver: $19 per month for up to 10,000 clicks per month
  • Gold: $39 per month for up to 100,000 clicks per month
  • Platinum: $59 per month for up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
  • Enterprise: $99 per month for unlimited clicks

Listed below are some other best link tracker software for 2021, you can choose from:

21. ClickTool

22. Lnnkin

23. Affise

24. Linkly

25. LinkTrackerpro

26. Piwik Pro

27. LeadFeeder

28. Woopra

29. GoSquared

30. MixPanel


Q1. What are the Benefits of Link tracking?

Link tracking software is a crucial source to see the impact of advertisements and marketing campaigns and gauge the growth of your business. If you are using potent tracking software, you do not need to waste your time and energy analyzing where and what type of visitors are coming to your website. As you will be able to find this information through link tracking effortlessly.

Q2. How Do I Track a Link?

Once you have chosen your link tracker tool, which could be paid or free, you just need to put a URL or the links you want to track to the tracking dashboard.

This will enable the UTM parameters to add to your own URLs. Going forward, take the tracking codes and add them to your webpage, campaigns, sales funnels or landing pages. As soon as the visitor clicks that link, your tracker tool will record the information.

Q3. Can I Track a Link for Free?

Yes, even without paying any penny, you can track a link. You can use multiple platforms such as Bitly, Google Analytics, Voluum, ClickMagick, etc., that will allow you to track a link without incurring any cost. If you are a professional and need an advanced link tracker, you can opt for Voluum or ClickMagick.

However, if budget is the issue and you are looking to opt for an affordable link tracker, which is less complex, then Google Analytics and Bitly are some of the best options.

Q4. Can I Track The Location With Link Tracking Tool?

The link tracking tool allows you to track someone’s location straightforwardly. In addition, it also enables you to perceive the ideal location for your campaign and optimize the best results.

The best link tracker software also provides you with information about the device used by the individual who is clicking the link and their precise location. Another excellent aspect of the tool is that it helps you witness how much time visitors spend on your site after clicking a link.

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Q5. How Do I Know Who Clicked My Link?

Some of the best link tracker software for marketers, including DSLinker, Redtrack, etc, enables you to view all your analytics from one dashboard. It further lets you see who all clicked on links and what sources are converting to bring in more sales for your brand. Of course, the best part is using this data to build a new campaign to boost your conversion rates.

Q6. How Long Does a Tracking Link Last?

Once your tool tracks the link, it may never expire or may last for a few days. It entirely depends on the link tracking tool you are using. We always recommend you use a tracker tool that keeps the tracked links forever.

Q7. Is It Safe To Use Link Tracker?

All the link tracker software mentioned in this guide are totally safe to use across all platforms. You only need to make sure to use a reliable site that won’t delete the links after a particular amount of time.

Q8. So, Which One Should You Choose?

Well, that entirely depends on your budget and the features you are looking for, which might depend on your business model. You can choose among any of the best link trackers we have mentioned in the list. However, if you want us to name a winner for the best link tracker tools for any marketing campaign that beats the rest, it would be ClickMagick.

One of the major reasons is that you can access all the premium features that you get in other link trackers at a free price. So all you need to do is opt for its free trial; if it fits your needs, go ahead. As simple as that!

Let us know which software you opted for.

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