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33 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

Written By Sushma Singh

Refer and earn is a great method of making some side income. You do not need to do many efforts for making money, all you need do is refer the apps to your friends or family members. The other person could be a friend or an acquaintance or maybe your colleague. It has been observed that mouth-to-mouth recommendations are one of the best ways of marketing a product, and some firms use the referral system for marketing their products to a broader audience. There are various best refer and earn apps in the market that have unique ways of rewarding referrals or encouraging people to refer their services to another.

  • Sometimes the reward comes as a further discount on shopping or using the service, and
  • at other times, the reward is in the form of cash on an app.

One of the most attractive features of referral marketing is that it is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing your product and increasing brand awareness. With the right timing and the necessary software tools, you can flourish your business and along with that, you need to reward the people in the chain with a sound referral system as it can help get more business consistently.

What is marketing by referrals? 

Unfortunately, there are various misconceptions in the market about referrals and the refer and earning apps. So, let us first understand what it actually means.

A referral is described as when a customer refers the service or product to someone known to him. Referrals are a method of business promotion that helps make their business known and increase traffic on the website.

It is essential to have a system that tracks the referrals and their earnings. One of the drawbacks of the best refer and earn apps in India is the need to keep track of the transactions to reward the deserving referrer. With the coming of age of the smartphone and computer systems, creating referral networks has been relatively easy for most parts.

How does marketing by referrals work? 

At the very heart of any successful referral marketing network lays a system that incentivizes mouth to mouth promotion of a product or service. This system is successful because people trust a product if the recommendation comes from their friend or acquaintance.

Earlier, people used traditional ways of marketing the products by offering discounts on their next purchases or giving additional discounts for cash payments, etc. But now things have changed completely and people look for the current deal and discount, they will not buy your product today to get a discount on the next purchase.

One of the common methods that marketers use today is to reward customers in the system is to use the Paytm network to make a payment. It is to be noted that the Paytm payment system to relies on the referral system to propagate its use and hence this method attracts its customers.

When compared to other means of promoting a product, it is seen that promotion by referrals is one of the most cost-effective ones possible. There is no payment made unless a purchase is done, and this ensures that referral marketing provides one of the highest ROI over some time.

Why do referrals work so well?

In a way, referrals are nothing but helping friends and close associates acquire a product or service that has given the original customer much satisfaction. It tends to take advantage of the feel-good factor that a product creates in a satisfied customer.

The reasons why referral marketing has taken off in the marketplace can be condensed below-

1. Aims at the target customer: The best refer and earn money apps aim at reaching the end-user directly. Thus, the marketing is done at the micro-level, it targets the customers directly. If done in the right way, within just a couple of months your product can become well-known and you can get good number of conversions.

2. Need for social proof: One of the most substantial persuasive powers is to have someone else recommend a product because they have used it in the past. Since referral marketing, the user gets to promote a particular product; it makes a strong impression on the customer base.

3. Leverage social networks: Everyone in society is part of some social network or the other. In the past ten years, the use of social media has made it possible to leverage the networks that people are a part of, particularly with the entry of influencers on the platforms.

4. Quality customers: With referral marketing, it is often found that people tend to be more loyal to the brand than otherwise. Statistically, it has been found that the chance of repeat orders is more within a referral group, and the customers tend to keep using the product for more extended periods as well.

33 Best Refer and Earn Apps

Below are some of the most valuable and notable apps currently available to the customer for referral marketing. In most cases, the software applications they provide a dashboard where you can track all your transactions conveniently plus also keep an eye on your referrals and earnings.

So, here are some of the best refer and earn apps in India for you. This list has been curated after extensive research; therefore, you can be sure that all these apps are safe and 100% legit.

1. Paytm Money

Paytm Money App

It is a discount broker application with a good referral program and an attractive pricing structure. The best part is that their brokerage is fixed but relatively low, making it attractive for speculators and day traders. Paytm money would be the right place to start if you are a novice in investing and have little or no knowledge about the stock markets.

The procedure to use the app is relatively simple, all you need to do is open an account with the Paytm app. After that, you need to log in to the Paytm Money software using the same login credentials. Then follow the KYC requirements that enable you to trade actively in the market.

Steps to use the referral system 

  • Download and install the One Code software application.
  • Register by creating an account.
  • Click on the ‘Brands’ option.
  • Use the ‘Demat Account’ option to create an account with Paytm Money.
  • Undergo the familiarization steps and successfully answer the questions that follow.
  • Now tap on the ‘Share Now” button to generate the link to be shared with friends.
  • Done! Once the person receiving the link signs up for a trading account on Paytm Money, the cashback will be credited to the user’s account.

Additional terms and conditions 

  • The offer is valid only for new users.
  • The account and the mobile number from where the registration is done must be linked to the AADHAR.
  • The new user must complete the formalities and invest sums of money in the first 90 days to have 300 rupees earning.

2. Upstox

Upstox App | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

The Upstox software is used for trading shares and mutual funds in the Indian capital markets. In addition, it is possible to partake in the Upstox referral program by signing up for the product and sharing the referral code among friends. It is one of the best refer and earn apps in India

Upstox credits the referral commission, which is 200 rupees for each participant. The new trader has to complete the formalities and open a trading account for the first referral to receive the sum of money in their account.

The referral system 

  • Download the Upstox app and install it on your mobile phone.
  • Create a trading account by following the steps laid out and uploading the necessary documents.
  • Once the account has been created and uploads the necessary documents, the user has to navigate to the profile icon on the dashboard.
  • Click on the Refer and Earn tab.
  • It generates the referral link that is shared on Whatsapp numbers or groups or as an SMS.
  • Once your friends click on the link sent to them and create an account with Upstox, the 200 rupees will be credited to your account.
  • On an investment of sums of money in the new account, the original referrer gets to earn an extra 100 rupees.
  • The Upstox dashboard updates a user’s referral earning by going to the ‘Referrals’ tab.

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3. ySense

ySense Survey

ySense is an excellent refer and earn apps in India as it provides an opportunity to complete surveys and by referring others to their website or app. They have an attractive referral system as they pay a 30% commission to the referrals, which is pretty huge.

You can also make money on ySense by various other methods such as watching videos, signing up for various websites, and downloading apps under ySense offers. One of the best things about ySense is that there is no charge for participating in surveys or playing games. Thus, this app is absolutely free so you can use it without paying a single penny and earn a good amount of money.

4. IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities  | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

IIFL Securities is a leading stockbroker in the Indian Capital Markets. They have a referral program that encourages the existing customers to promote their services to earn some extra money. They render their users with equity delivery trading for free which means no brokerage for it but there is a charge of Rs.20 for all other tradings.

There referral program is quite lucrative as they pay Rs.500 as a referral reward for every successful referral. They sent you a gift voucher within seven working days and you can use it within 60 days of the credit of the voucher. You should know that you only get paid when the referred person opens a demat account, download the app and start trading on it.

5. PhonePe


This is a wonderful refer and earn apps that have an easy-to-use interface; with the help of this app, you can transfer money from your Bank to any account within seconds. You can make different kinds of payments through this app, starting from a bank transfer to bill payments, in-app purchases, investment or gold purchases, and much more.

It is the second most used UPI app in India; Google Pay is the first.

They pay you $125 in your PhonePe wallet for every successful referral. You can transfer your referral earnings to your account without any hassle within seconds. Download Phone pe for iOS and Android.

6. Google Pay

Google Pay

Earlier referred to as Tez, is now acquired by Google and called Google Pay. It enables the users to do financial transactions easily from their mobile phones. You can transfer money in numerous ways. Transferring money from one account to another has streamlined like never before because of this amazing app.

People opt for Google Pay because they allow users to earn a scratch card for every transaction they do for more than Rs.150. They have an excellent refer and earning scheme, but it changes from time to time. Usually, the referral commission amount ranges from Rs.150 to Rs.180 per referral, previously they were paying Rs.201 for a referral. Download Google Pay for iOS and Android.

7. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

Who doesn’t know about Amazon? Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer that sells everything you can imagine. Amazon Pay is an online payment service that makes the checkout on Amazon.com fast and secure. It is used by hundreds of millions of Amazon customers around the world. 

Amazon pay offers one of the best referral programs. If you refer your friend to Amazon Pay and they register using your link, then you will receive a ₹75 cashback into your Amazon Pay Balance. Please note that your friend needs to complete their first transaction using Amazon pay. And the best part is that your friend will also get a reward of Rs. 125 into their account.

It is important for you to know whether the person to whom you refer Amazon Pay already has an Amazon UPI account or not. If they already have an account or the first transaction is unsuccessful, you will not receive any payment. It is essential for them to complete their first transaction, which means making a payment.

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8. CreditMantri


This app provides its users with a reward of Rs.100 Paytm cash if they provide 3 successful referrals. The significant role of this app is to help check your credit score and make your credit score better. It aids users to bring the eligible loan amount and giver. On this app, you can compare the loan details from different providers and opt for the one that offers you a loan with the minimum interest.

There is no limit to the invites you can send, which means that you have great earning potential with them. Signing up with them is pretty easy as all you need to do is enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP, fill in your details, and that’s it; now, you can start referring your friends and make money.


Cred App | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

The app enables users to pay and manage their credit cards. People prefer Cred because they can keep a check on all transactions that are done from your credit card and monitor expenses. This app is absolutely free to use, and both iOS and Android users can download it on their phones.

This is one of the best refer and earn money apps because they also pay you rewards for paying your credit card bills timely. You can use these points for earning various items mentioned in the app.

Cred App also helps identify any unnecessary deduction from your account, which you might have missed otherwise. They pay 10 cred coins for every referral; you can redeem them from Amazon, Flipkart, and Uber gift vouchers. They pay vouchers worth Rs. 1000, 500, and 150, respectively.

10. TaskBucks


It is one of the oldest and most reputable refer and earn apps which was established back in 2015. This is the perfect app for people who wish to earn money online as they offer numerous ways compared to other money-earning apps. You can earn money using this app by completing quizzes, installing apps, playing games, completing small tasks, inviting friends & earning referral rewards, and earning free Paytm cash.

It supports both Android and iOS operating systems which means that all you need to do is download the app and start earning. They have a good referral program, all you need to do is refer it to your friends, and when they join TaskBucks, you are paid Rs.25 for every referral.

11. RozDhan


It is a renowned app that was established in 2018; they also provide free Paytm cash to users for watching videos, playing games, reading articles, referring it to friends, etc. They provide daily new and entertaining content to its users, such as viral videos or rending articles. They pay Rs.50 to sign up plus Rs.30 for free for the first-time login app. You can redeem the money only if you have a minimum balance of Rs.200. For every successful referral, you get Rs.12 in your RozDhan account, and the good part is that whenever your referral makes a payment through RozDhan, you will make money every time. You can withdraw the money instantly via Paytm or UPI.

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12. Pocket Money

Pocket Money | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

It is one of the most reliable and best refer and earn apps, with over 10 million app downloads, plus a good rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store. With this app, you can earn mobile recharge and up to Rs.500 cash by doing simple tasks. You will be amazed to know that they pay Rs.30 for every referral that downloads the Pocket Money app; the maximum daily earning limit is Rs.160.

You can also save money with the exquisite discounts and offers they provide on food, e-commerce, or traveling by using the coupons they provide. The various tasks you can do on Pocket Money and earn commission are completing daily challenges, playing games, watching videos, etc.

13. Cubber


This is not just a refer and earning app, but with the help of this app, you can earn cash back for making bill payments, doing mobile recharge, etc. Cubber is an online multi-purpose and socio-economic payment app where you can shop, purchase, do bus ticket booking and pay for many service bills.

The D&K group launched this app in 2016 with a vision of making it a multi-purpose online payment platform. For using this app, you need to first download it. After that, open the app and put in your details like mobile number, name, password, email address, and referral code, and your account will be created. You can start referring your friends and earn up to Rs.50 per referral. Download Cubber for iOS and Android.

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14. MobiKwik


It is a payment app that enables users to do various things such as online money transfers, bill payments, recharge, and invest money in digital gold, stock market & mutual funds. They have recently started with a refer and earn program in which they offer Rs.50 as a signup bonus and Rs.20 per referral if your referral starts inviting friends. If you refer your friends to transfer your MobiKwik wallet to your Bank, then also you will earn ₹100 cashback in your wallet.

They have set a maximum limit of Rs.1500 as maximum earnings. For using this one of the best refer and earn money apps, just download it on your phone, create an account using your mobile number, link your bank account and set up your UPI pin. Download MobiKwik for iOS and Android.

15. Groww

Groww App | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

It is a mutual fund app that enables you to open a free Demat account and trade BSE & NSE listed stocks in the share market at a very less brokerage on the stock orders. With the help of this app, you can invest money in the stock market, mutual funds, and digital gold. Opening a Demat account is pretty easy with them and can be done within minutes.

They pay Rs.100 for a new referral once they signup from your link and activate their stocks account. The best part is that the money is deposited straight away to both of your Groww wallets. If you do not make any transaction, then the referral money will automatically be deposited to the linked bank account within a couple of days. Download this one of the best refer and earn apps for iOS and Android.

16. Meesho

Meesho App

It is one of the best refer and earn apps in India where you can make money by referral and reselling products. It is also known as India’s number 1 reselling app; on Meesho, you can earn money by reselling products and by referral as well. On this reseller app, people can drop ship products.

The process is pretty simple; you sell Meesho products to your customers and get a commission. By referring the Meesho app to your friends, you earn a commission for every sale done by them. You can earn up to Rs.25,000 per month by selling Meesho products and also make money by completing daily tasks. Download Meesho App for iOS and Android.

17. My11Circle


It is a wonderful fantasy sports app where you can play football, cricket, carrom, and rummy. If you are a fantasy sports lover, you would be aware of this gaming application. My11Circle is also called Rummy Circle or Sourav Ganguly fantasy cricket app. This app pays a cashback of Rs.551 straightaway to your bank account.

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My11Circle, one of the best refer and earn money apps, has a fantastic referral program that helps you make real money. It is a better app than other similar fantasy apps that just offer bonuses on referrals, but My11Circle provides real money that you can withdraw from your bank account whenever you want. It is mandatory to verify KYC to withdraw the money from your bank account. Download My11Circle for iOS and Android.

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18. EarnKaro

EarnKaro | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

If you want to earn sitting at home, you can join their affiliate program as they have an easy approval process and various products that you can sell and earn a good amount of money. For joining their affiliate program, you need to first apply for approval. Usually, you get the approval within minutes; you will not have to wait long for it with this one of the best refer and earn apps.

Once you get the approval, you can start promoting products on your social media channel or website and start making money. You can also make money by referring the EarnKaro app to your friends and family; you earn 10% of your referral’s profit forever. They have a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs.10; you can withdraw your earnings directly from your bank account.

19. Vision11


If you are a fantasy sports lover, it is one of the best refer and earn money apps for you. It is a fantasy cricket app where you can play games like football, cricket, baseball, basketball, handball, etc. You can play matches and earn real cash. You can also make money by referring the app to your friends; it offers Rs.100 bonus that you can use for playing games.

They also offer a 20% commission on your friend’s deposit that will be credited into your winning wallet. You can withdraw the money from your bank account or can keep them in your Paytm wallet. Download Vision11 for iOS and Android.

20. Batball11


It is another fantasy app where you can play fantasy cricket and make real money. They provide different levels of fantasy games where you can play fantasy sports with exciting offers and unique features. They also provide a joining bonus of Rs.50in your Batball11 wallet. Furthermore, you can also make money by referring this app to your friends and family members.

People prefer this app because once referred users download the app and deposit a minimum of Rs. 20, you and the referred user will get 50 INR Rewards each in your wallet. There is no limit on the earnings which means an infinite number of referrals can be referred. And because of these features, it has become one of the best refer and earn apps in the market.

21. 5Paisa

5Paisa | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

It is a stock brokerage platform that charges a flat brokerage fee regardless of the commodity, size, or trade exchange. There are no account opening charges, but they take Rs.10 for every executed order for mutual fund investment. They have a wonderful referral program where you can earn Rs.500 for every referral and earn up to a 40% brokerage fee for a lifetime.

With 5Paisa, you can also purchase regular and direct mutual funds, but you will have to pay some AMC charges. The various benefits of this platform are: A Demat account can be created within 5 minutes, no brokerage on trading, and can invest in stocks, futures, commodities, options, currency, and MCX commodities. Download 5Paisa for iOS and Android.

22. EarnEasy


It is one of the best refer and earn apps as you can make money by completing various tasks. The tasks they offer are straightforward and simple, and if you have a couple of hours free, such as while traveling, etc., you can use this app to make money. They have an excellent referral program where you can earn Rs.15 for every referral.

There is no minimum withdrawal limit; you can withdraw in a Paytm wallet, UPI, or bank account. To start with their referral program, you need to download the app and create an account by providing your mobile number, name, and email address. Once the account is created, click on ‘refer and earn,’ share your referral code and start making money.

23. 11Challengers


It is a fantasy game app that offers numerous games which you can play at any time from anywhere. You can make real money from this app by playing online games and referring it to friends. They aim to provide the best gaming experience as it is a very well-designed application. The various types of games they offer are Football, Cricket, Basketball and many more.

In their referral program, you will be able to earn Rs.50 cash bonus when they register and verify their mobile number. Plus, you also get around 20% of their contest commission in winning for every cash contest they join.

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24. Winzo


It is a fun gaming application where users can play and win various exciting prizes and rewards. You will be amazed to know that they offer more than 70 games for you to choose from, such as fantasy cards, arcade, casual, racing, action, and many more. The player just needs to participate in a tournament or challenge and answer all questions correctly in the minimum time to become the winner with this one of the best refer and earn apps.

It has a great referral program in which you can earn Rs.100 for every referral who joins the network through your link. There is no limitation to earnings which means the more you refer, the more you will be able to earn. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs.3.

25. Zupee

Zupee App | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

This app enables users to choose from any topic they like and play tournaments with other players, and make real money. There are different types of topic categories such as Sports, Math, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hinglish, Capital, etc. You can take challenges and answer simple questions in the minimum time for winning the contest.

The first thing you need to do is download the app and sign up by providing your mobile number. You will also need to fill in some basic details like name, email address, bank account details, etc. As soon as you sign up, they provide you with a bonus of Rs.10. If you prefer the app to your friends, you get Rs.10 if they download the app.

26. BigCash


It is a fantasy game app and one of the best refer and earn apps that is trending these days amongst gamers because they are paying Rs.10 for playing games on their app. It means that there is an opportunity to earn a good amount of money by just playing games on BigCash. You can also make money through their referral program, as they pay Rs.15 for every referral.

To start earning through Big Cash, you need to download the app, log in with Facebook and earn Rs.10 joining bonus. Then enter your mobile on the nest page and get Rs.10 on Paytm. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.10, and you can redeem your earnings with your Paytm wallet. Download BigCash for iOS and Android.

27. OneCode

OneCode | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

It is one of the best refer and earn apps in India, where you can earn unlimited money by just referring to the app. They also provide a special coupon code to every user. So whenever users purchase your coupon code, you will get a certain amount of commission for that.

You do not need to invest any money as there is no joining fee, and the good thing is that you have unlimited earning potential.

There are numerous big brands associated with them, such as Dineout, Bewakoof, Mydreanstore, etc. By referring services or products to your friends, you can earn around Rs.200 to Rs.1000 in Paytm cash. The money gets credited to your account as soon as you earn it.

28. Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11

It is a leading and low competition fantasy app. Its brand ambassador is the famous cricketer Robin Uthappa. This app is just for playing games, plus you can also refer it to your friends and earn Rs.100 cash bonus and a 25% referral commission for a lifetime.

The best part is that each time they deposit the money into their account, you will get 25% of the amount in your winning balance. You can withdraw your earnings through a bank account or Paytm wallet.

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29. CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch Kuber

It is a crypto trading app that offers its users an Rs.50 signup bonus, and for every referral, they pay Rs.50. It is one of the most secure and reliable crypto trading apps in India. It enables you to trade in more than 100 cryptos at the best prices with the highest liquidity.

All you need to do is download the app, register your mobile number, and complete the signup process for using this platform. Download Coin switch for iOS and Android.

30. Frizza

Frizza | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

It is one of the excellent best refer and earn apps in India, especially for earning Paytm cash. You can complete numerous tasks for making money, such as watching videos, completing surveys, referring the app to your friends, and much more. For completing every digital task, they pay you Rs.25 and Rs.15 for every referral, but they should complete 7 offers for the amount to get credited into the account.

You can redeem a minimum of Rs.30 with Frizza. Overall, it is a great app and is perfect for you if you can complete different small tasks.

31. Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

Earn Talktime can be used to recharge your SIM daily for free. You can earn money, in the form of ETT balance, from the app by downloading apps, participating in surveys, inviting friends to earn ETT balance. You also get the benefits of purchasing vouchers, recharging phone and DTH and paying postpaid bills, getting live updates from cricket matches and their scoreboards in the app. While you are earning money, you can entertain yourself by watching trending videos, playing online games, reading news articles and much more.

Earn Talktime offers deals for earning at the most Rs.175 through referral programs. Below are given the steps for the same:

1. Download the app.

2. Open Invite and Earn.

3. Copy and share your invitation link with your Facebook or WhatsApp friends.

You can earn up to Rs.175 by following these steps. You can earn Rs.12 whenever your friend installs and registers on the app, Rs. 23 when they download their first app and earns from it, Rs. 50 when your friend recharges his/her mobile for Rs. 100. There is a chance to earn Rs. 115 for daily lucky users.

The ETT balance you earn can be redeemed by recharging prepaid DTH top up, paying postpaid mobile bill and through shopping vouchers.

32. CashBoss

CashBoss | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

CashBoss is a popular app that can be used to win free recharge by sharing it with your known ones and inviting them and downloading various applications. The referral bonus is Rs. 15 per individual. You can also take part in spin the wheel, that gives you the chance to win an amount in the range of Rs. 1 to Rs. 20.

You can also take part in daily contests, where you can win guaranteed prize.

33. mCent Browser

mCent Broswer | 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

This is just like any other regular browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. However, it is the first browser of the world that allows free talktime and data recharge up to Rs. 199 and postpaid plans payment.

You get the opportunity to earn rewards by registering your new account and using this browser. You can visit various sites, read news, and search for many things in the search bar and earn points. These can be then converted into money. The more points you win, the more money you can earn.

1. Download the app.

2. Enter your mobile number and complete verification using the OTP.

3. Now click on Invite a Friend.

4. Click Share Now and share your invitation link with your friends and family.

For each referral you can earn an invitation reward of Rs. 40, whenever someone downloads the app and registers their account using your link. To convert the points into money, you can do mobile recharge and postpaid plans payment and renewal.


Q1. What is earning through reference?

Earning through reference is a marketing method that helps companies promote their products and services to potential customers. The customers here, in this case, are referred by already existing people on the network and work as an effective marketing tool.

Q2. Can I really make money this way? 

It would be wrong to assume that vast sums of money can be made by the customer with this method. Most of the time, the referrers are paid a promotional sum which acts as an incentive and not as a prime means of earning an income. Thus, it is advised not to rely on earnings to meet expenses. Although, these best refer and earn apps are great to supplement your primary earning in a fun way.

Q3. Is it legit? 

Businesses see most referral programs as a legitimate means of promoting their business. But the user must be wary of certain pyramiding schemes that operate under the guise of referral systems. For example, suppose vast sums of money that are seen disproportionate to a person’s benefits from a system are promised. In that case, it is best to double-check on them.

Q4. Do the apps work all the time? 

One of the features of the referral system of marketing is that the benefits to the user vary depending on the period under consideration. Therefore, the apps often do work, but the payout could vary depending on how well the system is being promoted at the given point in time.

Today, a large number of businesses tend to use the referral system for marketing their products and services. The secret to making money in this method is to use as many products as possible that use the referral system for marketing itself. Then the small sums of money that come by getting total up to a large sum of money.

Another note is that as competition gets more challenging in every sphere of operations, businesses tend to try out options that would bring the most customers for the money spent on promotions. Referral programs are one of the most cost-effective in terms of return on money invested as this is a very direct approach to marketing products.

Like any other system, some folks also misuse the referral marketing systems. This leads to lesser pay-offs and, with it, sometimes the cost of litigation. The best refer and earn apps are the simplest to administer and monitor. It is best to keep them uncluttered as well.

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