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11 Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

Is investing in penny stocks worth it? This is one question that comes to the mind of a lot of people, are you also thinking the same? Well, it majorly relies on you as a trader. The cheaper the stock, the more the uncertainty, in numerous cases. Its reason is that small price alterations equate to bigger shifts in percentage.

Penny stocks represent the possibility of significant growth, and various well-established companies have traded for less than $1 in share, for example, Ford, Monster Beverage Corp, and many more. You can also find the best penny stocks under 10 cents for you easily.

Advantages of investing in Penny stocks

Numerous investors do not trade in penny stocks, but they can also be multi-baggers. Regular and institutional investors are also hesitant to invest in them because of various reasons, such as they worry that a lack of fundamentals might rattle their line of wishful returns or because of their low market capitalization.

This means that if you want to invest in penny stocks under 10 cents with potential, then as an investor, you would have to keep a close watch on the fundamentals of the organization and monitor their technical’s, which can create an opportunity to get amazing results.

Also, as the price is low, you can buy more shares, and there are chances that you might get significant results in a short span, but it is usually recommended for investors with a high-risk tolerance. Plus, low liquidity can also be a big reason to invest in penny stocks.

What to look for when selecting stocks?

Selecting penny stocks for investing needs a few well-planned steps, irrespective of the broker that you choose.  Some people see the price rise of the stock, and they invest in it, but it is not that easy and simple. It needs years of knowledge and planning to learn how and when to invest in this niche.

But, here are a few things you should consider before investing in penny stocks:

1) Product growth

This is a vital factor that you need to consider when investing in penny stocks under 10 cents. You should thoroughly evaluate the company’s prospects as this will give you a fair idea about the macro or internal issues that might affect its ability to flourish in the long run.

There are a few questions that you should look for before investing, such as what could happen if a chief patent expires? Also, how would the company react to a competitor launching a better product? Thus, look for viability as the more viable it is, the chances of growth aspects increase, which would make the performance of the stocks better.

2) Stocks with hype

You should also follow the trend at times but not blindly. Check for the stocks with hype as there might be a news catalyst that day, or maybe it is just a current hot stock. Do not forget to check the stock’s daily trading volume, as it should be high enough for you to get in and out easily.

 3) Potential company growth

Check the price action on the stock chart as this is a metric that must be considered. Checking the numbers can help you in choosing a perfect entry position. In addition, potential investors should always review the firm’s business model, business plan, and the functioning and reputation of the board of directors.

All these things directly impact the brand value, which also affects the movement of the share price.

4) Asset vs liabilities

Before investing in any firm, the first thing that you should look upon is their balance sheet. As, with time, assets increase the value of the enterprise, whereas liabilities are the debts that should be paid.

You can evaluate the strength of the firm’s balance sheet by looking upon a few things such as its working capital, asset performance, and capitalization structure. Thus, you should research and evaluate the balance sheet before investing.

5) Liquidity of the market

As per FS Investments, liquidity is “the ease with which an investment can be bought or sold without significantly impacting the price of the security.” This means that the stock you can seamlessly purchase or sell is said to be liquid, and if not, they are called illiquid. So, you should always check the market’s liquidity before investing in penny stocks under 10 cents.

Tips in trading Penny Stocks

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while trading penny stocks. These tips can help minimize the risk and in making wise decisions-

1) Invest money that you can manage to lose- This is the foremost rule of investment in general; this means that if you are not prepared to lose anything, you should not invest. Investment is directly related to risk, so make a decision after evaluating all the risks and do not put all your savings into it.

 2) Stay updated with news- Always keep yourself updated with the news surrounding your stocks, such as reading the industry report or checking. Every small piece of information is important for you before you invest. For example, if you see any update or news on economic growth or new employment, then it is considered positive for stocks.

 3) Never trust promotional pumps- There are times when you would see the price increase in stocks, but this can also be because of future expectations but with no real characteristics.

 4) Trade with volume- This is one fundamental that you should apply for sure, that when you trade in best penny stocks under 10 cents, trade with volume. It is considered essential because this is the only way you can make money through them else you would not be able to make much money through it.

 5) Do not over trade- Although every investor has their own strategy of buying and selling, in general, it is always recommended that you should never over trade. For example, if you are a beginner, your account may impose a few restrictions that might stop you from investing in highly volatile securities.

The reason why they do so is to keep you away from causing financial damage by overtrading without understanding the risks involved.

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11 Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

Here is the list of the penny stocks under cents, and this list has been curated after thorough research of the market and company’s balance sheet:

1) Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTCMKTS: MJNA)

Medical Marijuana Inc

This one is a low-priced marijuana stock and is engaged in the creation, sale, and distribution of hemp oil. This oil comprises naturally occurring cannabinoids that include cannabidiol plus other products containing CBD-rich hemp oil.

The products of this corporation are bought mostly by pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical enterprises. A few products made by this company are CBD Tinctures, CBD Capsules, Vaporizers, and Hemp foods. This is a great stock to invest in under 10 cents but be careful as it has major price fluctuations.

2) ToughBuilt Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBLT)

Toughbuilt Industries Inc - Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

They design, develop and manufacture home improvement & construction products for the building industry in the US and internationally. This stock has seen considerable growth for a couple of months, but then the fact is their price fluctuation is just another level.

Their management is striving hard to maintain its credibility with shareholders so that more and more people invest in it. But, overall, the stock is very economical at its current price, and the news of future opportunities in Latin America and Europe sounds interesting.

Thus, there are fair chances that the company can flourish even more given its pipeline of new products and bloating global reach.

3) World Series of Golf, Inc. (OTCMKTS: VAYK)

It is a sports entertainment company that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It entertains inexperienced golf tournaments and events, and recently it declared a new business direction by procuring a company called Vacaychella.

They focus on making branded products, media, games, and entertainment. In addition, this company aims to offer peer-to-peer lending services to short-term rental owners and investors. All in all, as per investors, this stock is seen as a huge winner, so investing in this penny stock can be of great benefit to you.

4) Great Panther Mining Limited (NYSEAMERICAN: GPL)

Great Panther Mining Ltd - Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

It is a growing gold and silver producer company that is focused on the Americans. In just the last couple of years, its share price has increased twice where it started. They own a diversified portfolio of assets in Mexico, Brazil, and Peru.

Great Panther focuses on building long-term stakeholder value by secure and sustainable production, pursuing acquisition opportunities to complement its existing portfolio, and reinvesting into exploration.

So far, this company is doing well, but due to some ongoing issues with permits in Mexico, the prices might dip if it is rejected and can increase if they get the permit. Hence, the chances are either you earn too much or fall, so the more the risk, the more profit you make.

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5) American Rebel Holdings (OTCMKTS: AREB)

American Rebel Holdings Inc

It is one of the best penny stocks under 10 cents as it has had impeccable growth in the last couple of years, and people have earned good profit through it. They deal in the requirement of gun safes and covered carry apparel and backpacks.

It is rightly said that penny stocks are risky, but you can trust them when it comes to AREB as they enjoy some fundamental justification. You would be amazed to know that from 2016 to 2019, they have seen a growth of 54X; thus, investing can be a great decision.

6) Elys Game Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: ELYS)

Elys Game Technology Corp - Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

They offer online and land-based gaming services in Europe and North America. Elys claims to be the fastest-growing sports betting Service Company globally. After this news, their stock price increased, and a lot of people invested in it.

Various leisure betting services are casino gaming, lottery, sports betting, poker, bingo, online casino games, and skilled and interactive games and slots. You would be amazed to know that their price raised from up to 50% in just a day. They are serving more than 1,00,000 online user accounts and 113 agency/data transmission centre locations.

7) Fiore Cannabis Ltd. (OTCMKTS: FIORF)

Fiore Cannabis Ltd

It is one of the best penny stocks under 10 cents with the potential of earning huge profit. Fiore was founded in April 2007 and is headquartered in Kelowna, Canada. They deal in the cultivation, production, and development of medical and recreational cannabis products.

They have various brands under their name: DIAMANTE, Weeden, Blunt Box, PURE CLOUD 9, FIORE TRIPLE CERTIFIED, and many more. They recently announced that they had restructured their debts and convertible shares, which has led to a great improvement in the share price. All in all, it has great potential, and you can consider it an excellent option to invest in penny stocks under 10 cents.

8) Ceragon Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: CRNT)

Ceragon Networks Ltd

This is a great penny stock to invest in as it has risen over 22% in the last quarter. CRNT sees a great movement, and as per investors, it has a huge potential. They are associated with various products and services such as mobile & telecom, maritime, oil & gas, public safety, regional carriers & ISPs, and utilities.

Its earnings per share are expected to see a rise of 833% by the coming year, so it can be a win-win deal for you to invest in it. Recently, there were rumors about Ceragon partnering with a big telecom, so its prices might increase.

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9) Virtual Medical International Ord Shs (OTCMKTS: QEBR)

Virtual Medical International Ord Shs - Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

They are in the business of medical education through the internet. It is a development stage company and offers patients with medical information with the help of web-based sites. They also have a virtual waiting room for patients where they can meet physicians for non-life-threatening consultations 24 hrs a day.

They run various programs online to convey to patients the risk and advantages of medical treatments in an easy way. Its benefit is that when patients get all this information, it will become easy for them to make wise decisions about their care and treatment. This would help lessen the risk of a misinformed malpractice suit against any hospital, physician, or medical service provider.

10) Navios Maritime Partners L.P. (NYSE: NMM)

It is one of the riskiest shares on the list, but still, a lot of people are trading in it. This company offers marine transportation services globally and owns a fleet of crude oil, refined petroleum products, and chemical tankers.

They are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Navios aims to offer quality transportation services and create and maintain long-term relationships with its customers.

Investing in them can be beneficial for investors as its fleet consists of 46 double-hulled tanker vessels, aggregating around 6 million deadweight tons that comprise 13 VLCC’s, 2 bareboat chartered-in VLCCs.

11) Caduceus Software Systems (OTCMKTS: CSOC)

Caduceus Software Systems Corp - Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

It was founded in December 2006 and is headquartered in Johnston. It is a development stage, the company is one of the best penny stocks under 10 cents. CSOC makes cloud-based products and sights at cloud innovation and collaboration networking systems.

They used to focus more on the fishing industry, but later they shifted to storage and software solutions for healthcare. They strive to market their software suite in healthcare patient information management,  electronic medical billing systems, contact management, electronic healthcare recording; and appointment scheduling and booking.

This was about some of the best penny stocks under 10 cents with potential. Of course, it depends on your requirement and research which one you choose to invest in.

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Q1. Can you get rich by investing in penny stocks?

A1. The answer is yes. But, it would depend on the amount you invest in, as the more the risk, the more the chances you will earn. Penny stocks are very risky, but investors believe that their advantages outweigh the disadvantages, so you can make a good amount of money by investing in them.

Q2. Investing $500 is safe in stocks?

A2. As per the expert traders, this is an apt amount to invest in stocks as a beginner. Try to gain experience from it and learn as much as you can. The golden principle that you should keep in mind is patience, so do not opt for losses, wait and watch for the prices to get back, do not panic.

Q3. Which is the best stock trading site for penny stocks?

A3. You can try out some of them before picking one, as online brokerages have a lot in common. People usually opt for a reliable platform, plus the brokerage charges are as few as possible. As penny stock trading is short-term, no one would want the commission fee to be so much that it takes away a big portion of your profit.

These were some of the best penny stocks under 10 cents, but while investing, one thing that you should keep in mind is to cut losses quickly. If you keep the losses smaller than your profits, these small profits would add up over time and cover your losses.\

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Thus, before investing, always ask yourself if you can afford to lose the entire investment. If the answer is ‘No,’ then you should invest in stocks whose value is over $10 or $20. But, the reality is that the gains from penny stocks can surpass the profit in other stocks if you choose the right stock.

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