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20 Best Gumroad Alternatives (2022)

20 Best Gumroad Alternatives

20 Best Gumroad Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Gumroad alternatives to sell your digital products? Then your search ends here as we have listed some of the top alternatives to the Gumroad platform in this article.

Gumroad is an easy-to-use popular online store builder. It is a great platform for making money online by selling products. For a couple of years, it has helped numerous creators in commencing and running their online businesses. In addition, there are a lot of bloggers, designers, artists, etc., using this platform for selling their products and work.

Therefore, for people who think of selling their creative work over the internet, the first name that comes to their mind is Gumroad. Over the period, various Gumroad alternatives have created a good market and have distinct features, yet many people prefer Gumroad because of its reliability and fame.

About Gumroad

It is an affordable and excellent option for professionals who wish to sell their products online, such as digital goods, subscriptions, physical goods, etc., straight away to the customers. Gumroad is one of the biggest examples of cyber world advancement as people can directly sell their products to customers.

It enables the creators to take complete control of their careers by offering an all-in-one solution for expanding their creative businesses. The process of doing this is very simple; you just need to build your product, upload it and start selling it on Gumroad by using the link they give.

The good part is that they offer flexibility n terms of payment; customers can pay through credit cards and PayPal. All in all, it is very easy to use and is safe for people who wish to sell their products through it. In addition, the model is easy to understand, and every individual can use it without taking any help.

It renders numerous features such as personalizing your landing page, gaining insights on your audience and sales, can take pre-orders, and much more. Let us take an insight into its features in detail.

Drawbacks of Gumroad

Along with the benefits come some disadvantages as well. Here are some of the cons of Gumroad and the reasons why people switch to Gumroad alternatives:

  • Their support is pretty bad as there is no live support available; only email support is available.
  • You would be amazed to know that the ‘Download All’ button is faulty. YOf course, you would rarely need this button, but still, they should either fix it or remove it.
  • They do not have many upselling features, although they are a must for online businesses.
  • You would see an option of VAT when you checkout. however, it confuses the people as they have not mentioned it on the pricing page. It is only mentioned on the terms and conditions page.
  • Their panel is relatively slow; at times, it takes more than 20 seconds to load the admin panel.
  • The worst part is that they do not offer any free trial option
  • Lacks A/B split testing plus the date formats are also not consistent
  • If you upload any content with video, ensure that it works as a lot of people complain that the sound does not play
  • Restricted tracking and reports
  • The mobile app does not have the feature of seller panel

These were some of the cons of Gumroad now; let us look at Top Gumroad Alternatives in 2022 so that it becomes easier for you to choose the right platform as per your business.

20 Best Gumroad Alternatives to Sell Digital Products

1. Sellfy


This is one of the best alternatives as you don’t even need a website to sell your products on this website. It is an e-commerce platform where you can easily sell your physical goods, subscriptions, and digital products. With the help of Sellfy, you can create a complete online store for selling your products.

You get all the necessary tools to sell your products, such as flexibility in payment, discount codes, and email marketing. You can either use the Sellfy storefront, but you can also embed the Sellfy checkout to market your products if you have a website.

Some of its amazing features are:

  • You can customize and personalize the storefront page without any coding knowledge.
  • Provides you the feature to add your own logo, customize the colors and layouts as per your requirements that help to increase the conversion
  • They have a cart where you can add several digital products simultaneously and can also make multiple purchases in one go. This makes the shopping experience easy and hassle-free
  • You can also enhance your earnings by doing upsells or offering discounts
  • Great experience for mobile users who love shopping through their phone
  • Faster payment through PayPal and Stripe
  • Supports multiple languages

Additionally, Sellfy comes with email marketing built with its help; you can manage newsletter subscriptions and send emails to customers.

Sellfy started in 2011, and since then, it has supported over 2,70,000 creators globally for selling their products to potential customers. They have an excellent team that handles almost everything, starting from hosting to payment collection.

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If you get into pricing, the first good thing is that you get a free trial of 14 days. If you like its services, then you can opt for its premium plan. They have three plans:

1. Starter plan: Their basic plan starts from $19 a month, and in this plan, you get to add unlimited products to your store. You also get access to their On-Demand platform in which you can sell digital downloads, customize your store, create discount codes, and maintain advanced VAT and tax settings.

2. Business plan: This plan is for $39 a month; along with the benefits you get in the starter plan, there are many additional benefits in this plan. Some of the extra features are product upselling, abandoned cart recovery, remove Sellfy branding, and free migration and credit of 10000 emails.

3. Premium Plan: It is priced at $89 a month, and you get access to their priority support plus an email credit of 50000. (it also includes all the features of a business plan as well.)

You should opt for Sellfy if you need a storefront for selling unlimited products and you want to pay fixed monthly charges and do not like paying any additional transaction fee.

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2. Sendowl


It is one of the best Gurmoad alternatives as their major motto is to increase the conversion rates for their users plus ease of use. You can opt for this option as you can easily sell your products, membership, and subscription here. The unique thing that they did is linking their product’s value to conversion optimization.

The mode of operation of Sendowl is relatively distinct from the other platforms because here, you cannot create a hosted storefront on Sendowl. instead, it just serves as an eCommerce back office for exiting websites.

There are various good features such as 1-click upsells, free trial options, shopping cart, and service selling. You will also see a video tutorial on the home page where they have explained how to use the product through a video.

Here are some of its great features:

  • Easy and quick checkout. Irrespective of the device your customers use, the checkout would always be seamless and responsive.
  • A conversion-friendly online platform that provides good capabilities like upsells, cart abandonment, seamless and friction-free checkout, discounts, pay what you want pricing, etc.
  • Supports multiple languages
  • It comes with a cart abandonment feature.
  • They have a unique feature called Drip Functionality; with this feature’s help, you can release your product in parts o keep the excitement alive in your customers.
  • Complete security, swift delivery, and professional services, all in one platform
  • You can also be free from various other activities like tax management, fraud prevention, EU VAT rules, regulations, etc., as Sendowl takes care of all these things.

So, other than desktops, it offers a great user experience as it works pretty well on mobile devices and tablets. Another good thing about it is that it provides multiple payment options, such as you or your customers can pay through a credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin.


The good part is that it comes with a free trial for 30 days. So if you like the platform, then you can continue and opt for any of the three pricing plans, and that is based on the number of products and subscriptions:

1. Standard Plan: Their basic plan begins at $15 a month with 30 products. In this plan, you do not get any upsells or subscriptions. This plan goes up to $39, and the price you pay would decide the number of products you can add, storage, and other features.

2. Self-Hosted Plan: Sendowl does not store the products; you would have to host the products yourself. This plan is comparatively less expensive as you would not have to pay for the bandwidth. It starts with $24 a month, and you get 100 products, upsells, and one subscription.

3. Subscription Plan: This plan starts from $49 a month, and you get access to several advanced features such as multiple users for the store, 250 products, upsells, and 3 subscriptions.

So, this was about Sendowl, and you can opt for it if you need instant payouts and want to sell digital products and services. It is also recommended for people who prefer fixed charges and do not need a storefront to sell the products.

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3. Podia

Podia | Best Gumroad Alternatives

People who are aware of Gumroad also know Podia as it is also a well-known platform for selling online courses, membership, and digital products. IIn addition, it is usually used by artists, creators, and teachers to create a website that enables them to sell their work without getting too much into tech.

The best thing about this platform is that it is very easy to use as you just need to build your website, target your audience and start selling your products on Podia. People recommend Podia because it offers amazing services. They not only provide you a platform but is a place from where you can run your business.

On Podia, you have an option to embed the checked-out pages on the website; its benefit is that customers would be able to make transactions without leaving the page.

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Some of its excellent features are:

  • Enables you to make product bundles and upsells to raise your earnings
  • You get unlimited bandwidth and hosting; hence you do not need to opt for Vimeo or Wistia to host your video files
  • You can easily create a landing page as per your requirement
  • They also provide you with an option to create and share blogs to reach out to your target audience
  • Can use the email marketing of Podia to promote your products by email or choosing automated drip campaigns
  • You can run your online shop to sell digital products
  • The best part is their affiliate program, as with its help, you can motivate your audience to promote your products and earn rewards in return

Thus, Podia is an efficient program to sell your digital products. You can also integrate Podia with Google Analytics and other tools to track your results.


The good thing about Podia is that you get to use their 14 days free trial, and if you think that it is good for your business, then you can continue with their premium plans else opt for some other platform. Here are its premium versions:

1. Mover Plan: This plan is for $39 a month, and in this plan, you can sell digital products, webinars, and online courses as well from the website that you host on Podia. You would also get the privilege to use their in-built marketing tools and get 24*7 support.

2. Shaker Plan: You get multiple advanced features if you opt for this plan. This plan is for $79 a month, but it is worth it as you get a lot of advanced options such as you can sell memberships, build your affiliate program, integrate zoom meetings with the Podia store, and much more.

They have to migrate plans as well, which means that if you are using any other platform and wish to switch to Podia, you can do this easily as they take care of all required to migrate.

Hence, if you are looking for a customizable storefront platform on your domain, this is the best option for you.

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4. Selz


Whenever a person enters any business, their prime motto is to grow their business as much as possible, and the same is the case with any online business. Selz is a great online selling platform, and they possess a team of experts who make e-commerce a lot simple and easy for creators.

The good thing about Selz is that you get fantastic control over your products and services that help raise your sales immensely. Additionally, it also aids in building freebies for customers, and you can share it with your email list.

This is one platform that markets itself as an ‘e-Commerce platform to start and grow your business online.’ By opting for Selz, you can have various benefits, such as creating your online store and can sell products from your own website and social media platforms.

Here are some of its features:

  • Setting up an online store is pretty easy with them as they have a drag-and-drop store builder that has made the complete process very simple. The good part is that every store comes with an SSL certification.
  • It also enables you to create a custom domain name and then register it from Selz.
  • They provide payment flexibility as well. For example, elz accepts all big cards, and payments through PayPal are also accepted.
  • They have a super-smart checkout as you can buy multiple products in one go. The nice thing is that they also send emails to people who have products in the cart but have not purchased them.
  • They have a feature called ‘custom fields’ that collects useful customer information for future marketing purposes.
  • Their customer support is amazing. There are many guides and articles to understand the product, plus they have a help center as well, which you can contact if you are stuck somewhere.

It is an amazing platform; along with these features, additional benefits like tracking your sales, growing your sales through promotional messages, and much more.


They also have a free trial for 14 days in which you can try everything, but it is usually recommended for people who want to sell five products or less. In the free plan as well, you would have to pay a 2% transaction fee and 2.9% + 30 cents processing fee. The other premium plans are:

1. Lite Plan: This plan starts at $17 per month, but it is billed annually. It allows you to create a store and sell unlimited products. however, you would have to pay a 2% transaction fee and a .9% + 30 cents processing fee on every successful transaction.

2. Standard Plan: For this plan, you have to pay $23 every month, and it is also billed annually. If you yearn to earn regular income through Selz, then this is the best plan. You can use various features in this plan, such as adding advanced cart functionality to your site or store.

They also provide you with the option to set a custom domain name plus send abandoned cart emails. however, you would have to pay a 1% transaction fee and 2.9% plus 30 cents processing fee.

3. Pro Plan: It is for $35 a month, and you get all the benefits mentioned above, plus the major benefit is that there is a 0% transaction fee.

If you want to get excellent support at every step with such great features, then choose Selz.

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5. PayHip


It is an e-commerce platform that helps sellers sell digital products straight away to their customers. The best part is that on PayHip, they enable you to sell your downloadable goods as well. You can build a hosted storefront and start selling. A lot of users love this platform because they do not ask for any upfront value for your product. It can also be called a perpetual free tier. This does not mean that they are selling their services for free PayHip charges 5% on each sale you make.

PayHip is not one platform where you get a lot of customizing options. The options to customize the storefront are very limited as you cannot custom any theme or add any plugins or apps.

Some amazing features of PayHip are:

  • Pretty easy downloads and memberships
  • It is a reliable and safe platform, as are more than 1,30,000 sellers are using it worldwide.
  • They handle all the technical work for you, which means that you can just focus on selling, leaving everything on PayHip.
  • No threshold for payouts
  • Free online store builder


Their pricing is very simple and easy to understand. They have three plans free, plus, and pro.

1. Free Plan: You would have to pay a transaction fee of 5% on every sale in this plan. The good part is that you get access to all the features and unlimited products.

2. Plus Plan: This plan is for $29 per month. The only difference between the free plan and plan is that the transaction fee is 2% on every sale you make; the rest of everything remains the same.

3. Pro Plan: This plan is for $99 per month. If you opt for this plan, you would not have to pay any transaction fee; it would be 0%. The features in all the plans remain the same.

PayHip is best for people who prefer instant payouts and do not like any threshold for payment.

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6. ThriveCart

ThriveCart | Top Gumroad Alternatives

It is one of the best Gumroad alternatives as they have many features that others do not offer. ThriveCart is a great platform for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to sell their products, services, and memberships.

There are numerous areas where it is better than Gumroad, such as 1-Click bump offer, 1-Click upsells, A/B testing, Funnel Builder, Autoresponder integrations, Webhooks, Auto-followup, Coupons, and Advanced trial support. TIn addition, they have a lot of advanced features that can help make the conversion rate better.

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Here are some of its features:

  • Offers conversion-optimized templates that can work on desktop, mobiles, and tablets as well.
  • Enables A/B split testing that helps increase your ROI and analyzing what works best for you and what are the weaker spots so that you can work on them
  • Seamless integration
  • Flexible payment options
  • They also provide you with funnel builders
  • It comes with a built-in sales tax calculation that saves you a lot of time.

There are multiple integrations, plus their interface is also good and user-friendly.


They have just one standard plan in which they cost $95 for a month and $1950 for a year. At the time’s ThriveCart have a lifetime deal as well in which they charge just $495.

Thus, if you are looking for a plan in which there is no transaction fee and has a built-in sales tax calculation feature, then you can opt for ThriveCart.

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7. SamCart


It is an e-commerce cloud-based product selling platform that is particularly created for authors, course creators, influencers, etc. Basically, it is for people who wish to present and sell their products online.

It is a reliable platform, and many people are joining it because of the excellent services it offers. As per the data collated in 2022

, it has helped more than 17000 businesses to grow and sell their products. Also, they have sold over 9.7 million products to various customers.

Let us have a look at the features of SamCart:

  • 1-Click upsells and order bumps
  • Drag & Drop editor
  • Payment plans
  • Marketing automation
  • Integrates easily with numerous applications such as WordPress, email marketing tools, membership platforms, etc.
  • Coupon codes
  • Reliable platform as they offer SSL certification for making your checkout page safe and secure
  • Customizable checkout pages and popups
  • Offers several add-ons such as cart abandonment, affiliate center, and subscription saver
  • In-depth dashboard and analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Subscription saver (dunning management)

All its features are amazing, plus they also excel in marketing automation as well. You can also automate the checkout process with SamCart by adding tags and connecting them with other automation tools such as Infusionsoft, Hubspot, etc. But, one major drawback of this platform is that it accepts payments from Stripe and PayPal only.


They offer three paid plans to their users. The good thing is that they also offer 14 days free trial for the customers to have complete knowledge about the product before switching to the paid version.

1. Launch plan: This is the basic plan that starts from $49 a month, and if you take a yearly subscription, you just have to pay $39 a month.

2. Grow plan: This plan would cost you $99 a month, and if you opt for the yearly subscription, you would just have to pay $79 for a month.

3. Scale: This plan is quite expensive, but you get many advanced features along with it. You would have to pay $199 a month for this plan, but if you wish to take the yearly subscription, it will save you a lot of money as you would just have to $159 for a month.

You get many features such as webhooks integration, affiliate management, dunning management, A/B split testing, and cart abandonment in this plan.

If you are looking for a plan with no transaction fee and has live chat support, you can choose this platform without any doubt.

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8. Hyax

Hyax Sell Digital Products

It is an awesome tool as it helps you create your online e-commerce store in just a couple of minutes. With the help of Hyax, you cannot only sell physical goods but can also sell membership, digital products, etc. You can also create your course without even putting in your card details.

Although it was launched lately in 2020, it has gained a lot of success and fame because of its ease of usage and security. In addition, it has such fantastic features that even some of the old and bigger platforms cannot provide.

Features of Hyax

  • All-in-one platform to sell digital products, physical goods, courses, and membership from a hosted storefront
  • Eradicates the requirement of having distinct apps or plugins to run your business
  • It can help create product bundles and offers.
  • It does an A/B test of your product pages easily and quickly
  • With the help of Hyax, you can upsell and cross-sell products effectively
  • It also aids in running and managing affiliate programs for your store
  • The best part is that it can set up custom taxes and VAT
  • It makes it easy for you to build sales funnels and landing pages to capture leads.

You can run your very own online store on the infrastructure of Hyax and get a free SSL certification as well, which makes the checkout page and payments all the more secure.


Just like Gumroad, Hyax does not offer any free trial for its customers. But the good part is that it lets you try any of its plans for free for an unlimited time. This means that they offer your unlimited time to set up your products and store; once everything is ready, you can choose the payment plan and accept orders. Here are its three premium plans:

1. Beginner Plan: This plan is $49 a month, and you get a lot of features in it. Some of the things that it comprises are that your store can have up to 100k views per month, up to 10 products and courses, have 3 projects, have up to 10k contacts, and the good thing is that your store will have minimal Hyax branding.

2. Advanced Plan: The cost of this plan is $99 a month. The features that it comprises are unlimited page views per month, have 6 projects, up to 40 products and courses, 25K contacts, and your store will have no Hyax branding.

3. Enterprise Plan: This is a fabulous plan, and it is a custom plan as per the features you opt for. Various things that it includes are unlimited page views per month of your store, unlimited products, and courses, can have up variable contacts, includes 9+ projects, and your store will have no Hyax branding.

A few things that all the plans would comprise of are:

  1. 0% transaction fees.
  2. You will be able to create membership and blogs.
  3. You can possess multi-step funnels.
  4. You can sell courses, physical goods, and digital products from a hosted storefront.
  5. You also have an option to create courses with quizzes.

Opt for Hyax if you require instant payouts and want an all-in-one platform with powerful features to sell your products effectively.

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9. CartFlows

CartFlows | Best Gumroad Alternatives

It is a unique filter as compared to the other platforms mentioned in the list. It is a WordPress-based sales funnel builder that you can use to get more leads that would, in turn, increase conversion and profits.

For using CartFlows, you would need a WooCommerce and WordPress hosting installed to make the checkouts. however, people love using CartFlows because it makes their work pretty easy and simple, as it offers several templates to create conversion-friendly funnels.

The templates provide workers with many page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Thrive Architect, and Gutenberg. In addition, you can split test the templates to check which one suits your business needs the best if you want.

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Some of its excellent features are:

  • Offers great deals and unlimited upsells/downsells for increasing your sales
  • Provides dynamic linking and global checkouts
  • You can monitor and track your business progress within its dashboard. It helps to understand the strong and weakest sides so that you can work on making them better.
  • It supports all the eCommerce payment methods.
  • CartFlows is compatible with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.
  • Renders cart abandonment feature
  • Seamless checkout


There is a free version of CartFlows as well, but it comes with limited features and elements. They just have one paid version called Pro Plan, which is for $299 for a year, and it comprises all the features mentioned above.

CartFlows is a great eCommerce platform that offers unlimited upsells and downsells, plus is also compatible with your existing page builders.

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10. Shopify

It is one of the best Gumroad alternatives as it is a complete hosted e-commerce platform where the interface is pretty easy and is also a reliable platform. Moreover, its ecosystem is pretty impressive, and it comprises more than 3000 apps and numerous themes.

If you want, you can also add an extra feature to your store, but you need to check that the app should be listed on the Shopify app store. It has a powerful API that helps create any custom extension that you may require, but these apps are paid extensions.

Other exciting features of Shopify are:

  • Provides you with the unlimited capacity to create, customize, and run your online store
  • You have an option to use any free or premium themes by Shopify for your store and can even customize them.
  • You can sell not only physical goods but also digital products, pre-orders, subscriptions, memberships, courses, and services.
  • Shopify has no limitation on the number of products or customers, bandwidths, or sales volume that you want to do.
  • It also provides you with reports and inbuilt fraud analysis systems.


They also provide you the option of 14 days free trial period, which means that you can try the platform and know well about its features and if it is suitable for your business, then opt for its paid versions.

But, apart from the fixed fee, they also charge the transaction fee as well. This transaction fee would depend on the plan that you opt for. Here are the three plans in detail:

1. Basic Shopify- This plan is for $29 a month, and in this plan, you can sell unlimited products from your hosted storefront. They also offer SSL certification for your store for more security. Using the Shopify platform, you can also run a blog for your store.

They also provide you the feature wherein, if you want, you can give discount coupons, gift cards and use the abandoned cart recovery system as well. You can also create manual orders in this plan, plus you can have up to 2 staff accounts.

Above $29 a month, you would have to pay a 2% transaction fee.

2. Shopify Plan: This plan is for $79 a month. Along with the features you get in the basic plan, the additional features are that you get access to professional Shopify reports. Again, the transaction fee is just 1%, and you can keep up to 5 staff accounts.

3. Advanced Shopify Plan: This plan is recommended for large businesses, and it is for $299 a month. In this plan, you get all the features mentioned in the above plans, plus they would provide you access to Advanced Report builder and shipping rates that are calculated by third-party applications.

The transaction fee in this plan is 0.5%. Plus, in all the plans, you get Shopify’s round-the-clock support system.

3. Shopify Lite Plan: This plan is relatively different from the plans mentioned above. It is for $9 a month, and you would not get a hosted storefront in this plan, but you have the option to sell the products from your site, blog, or social media.

These were the pricing plans of Shopify; if you want to create a distinct and branded online presence, then opt for this platform.

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11. PayKickStart


The name itself is very interesting of this platform as its features are. This Gumroad alternative has a powerful checkout platform and provides you with amazing affiliate management that is pretty effective for selling your products, services, and memberships.

There are various fantastic features that PayKickStart offers which are important to know:

  • Offers coupon codes, 1-click upsells, and order bumps for increasing conversions.
  • For making the checkout process easy, they have a feature that auto-completes the address and pre-fills the checkout page so that making transactions become quick and simple for the customers.
  • If you want, you can also use exit-intent popups and retargeting popups
  • PayKickStart also provides you the feature of integrating Google Analytics and Facebook retargeting for turning the visitors into customers
  • W9/W8 Tax Form Collection
  • There is a unique feature that they offer is dunning management; the benefit of using this feature is that the transactions become secure, and it recovers the recurring payments. Additionally, it also sends emails or SMS to the subscribers about the new billing methods, subscription reminder renewals, cart abandonment, and much more.

A few more must-know elements of PayKickStart are:

  • Instant & Delayed Commission Payouts
  • Lead & Sales Tracking
  • Lifetime Commissions
  • Built-in Marketing Materials
  • W9/W8 Tax Form Collection
  • Automated Bonus Delivery


PayKickStart offers a 14 days free trial to understand the platform well, and if you like the features, you can choose their premium version. They have three plans:

1. Basic Plan: This plan is for $29 a month. It is restricted to 5 products, plus it does not comprise the major and the powerful features needed. The good part is that there is no transaction fee above the fixed monthly cost.

2. Professional Plan: This plan costs $99 for a month and includes numerous advanced features mentioned above. There is no transaction fee in this plan as well, and this plan provides unlimited products.

3. Premium Plan: This plan costs $149 per month and includes all the above-mentioned features, plus you get unlimited products. You do not have to pay any transaction fee in the premium plan as well.

You can make the payments through PayPal, Stripe,, Braintree, and Easy Pay Direct.

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12. WooCommerce


This is an open-source e-Commerce platform, and the good part is that it is free of cost. Although the core software is free, you would have to pay for the servers and any additional premium that you want. It is a very famous e-commerce plugin for WordPress CMS.

WooCommerce is installed in a self-hosted WordPress website for transforming it into an online shop. The price of running WooCommerce varies from person to person as it depends on the themes, plugins, and servers you choose.

There are many people who run their WooCommerce shop by using the free themes and plugins, but you would have to pay for the hosting and domain. for that as well.

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It is a feature-rich e-commerce platform; let us know more about its advanced features:

  • Provides complete control over your online store
  • They have a nice and big ecosystem that comprises numerous themes and plugins.
  • Access several themes for free for your store and customize your storefront
  • It helps raise the capability of your store
  • It integrates well with mainly all the big e-Commerce tools such as Payment Gateways, email marketing tools, dropshipping platforms, etc.

The nice part is that you can sell anything through WooCommerce, such as physical products, videos, courses, membership, digital products, services, etc., and that too without paying any transaction fee.


There are no fixed and transaction fees that you need to pay. However, the pricing in WooCommerce would depend on the add-ons or plugins you choose; plus, if you opt for a paid theme, you have to pay separately.

Hence, if you wish to restrict the cost of running your business and require complete control over your data, server, and storefront, then choose WooCommerce for your business.

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13. Buy me a Coffe

Buy Me A Coffe

This platform is slightly different from Gumroad but has great results and provides you with ease of transactions. Buy Me A Coffee does not offer any storefront; instead, they give you a short link to share with your audience and followers.

When anyone purchases your product using your link, Buy Me A Coffee would process the payment and transfer it to your bank after deducting the transaction fee of 5%.

Hence, if you just require a shareable link for selling your digital products, then Buy Me A Coffee can be the best option for you as it is free of cost. They just charge a transaction fee of 5% on every successful sale.

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14. Ko-fi shop

Ko-fi shop

Initially, they started as a renowned platform to accept donations, but lately, they have also started offering a unique platform wherein you can sell online in the form of Ko-fi shops. Moreover, they enable you to sell physical goods and digital products straight away from your Ko-fi page.

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You would be glad to know that they do not charge any fee for listing the products. They have two plans:

1. Basic Plan: If you choose their free-tire program, you would have to pay a 5% transaction fee, but they would not charge anything to list the products.

2. Gold Plan: If you choose the Gold plan, the transaction fee would be 0. The subscription to this plan is $6 a month, and you would get a lot of Ko-fi features to enhance your sales. They allow one-time payments, and in this plan, you can also accept commissions through their site.

Another highlighting part about Ko-fi is that their payouts are instant. As soon as the transaction is completed, they transfer the money immediately to your PayPal or Stripe account.

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15. platform

This is another best Gumroad alternatives as it is a powerful platform to sell your products online. is new in the market, but it has gained a lot of fame in a very short period.

Some of its must-know features are:

  • Allows express checkout of your products
  • They provide you the feature to add widgets on any static site, blog, or another eCommerce platform.
  • io also provides you with an option to get a custom mobile app for your online store.
  • If you want, you can also share the checkout links with your customers
  • It also enables you to sell or accept payments using QR codes. This feature is present on very few platforms, and its major benefit is that it makes the payment process easy for the customers.


You would be amazed to know about their free tier. You can use their services free for up to $1k of sales each year. If you are on the free plan, you would be able to access all the features that you get in the basic plan. has three paid plans:

1. Basic Plan: This plan is for $25 a month and is best for people looking for basic e-commerce to sell their products. The features that this plan comprises of are that you will be able to share the check out links to your customers as it helps speed up the checkout process, you would be able to set up a simple online store in this plan, get access to Android and iOS apps plus get web widgets to sell your products on your static sites.

Also, in this plan, they provide you with the feature of accepting payments through QR codes.

2. Pro Plan: This plan is for $95 a month and is perfect for beginners who wish to make customer relationships better and improve the sales experience.

Along with the features that you get in the basic plan, the other elements that are included in this plan are no branding, have the option to release your own white-labeled Android and iOS apps, plus you would not have to worried about the app store publishing of your apps as takes care of it.

3. Unlimited Plan: You would have to pay $195 a month for this plan. It is best suited for businesses that need a full-fledged solution for selling their products and communicating with their customers.

Various features that this plan includes are that you get an option to start a loyalty program, launch a reward program, get advanced analytics, and be able to upload the cash in the wallets before making any purchase; furthermore, you can also manage custom KPIs.

You get a nice discount if you want to opt for the unlimited plan.

The good thing about is that there is no transaction fee above the fixed charges. You can make the payment through Stripe as it integrates with it for payment processing. is the most suitable platform if you wish to have mobile apps for your online store.

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16. DuckSell

DuckSell | Best Gumroad Alternatives

This platform might not be as famous as other platforms on the list. Still, it is an excellent platform to easily upload the product to the website and get it delivered to the customers with utmost security.

The highlighting part about this website is that they have an open-source PHP script that automatically creates unique codes and secure downloads, particularly in cases where the location of downloads is not mentioned.

If you want, you also can generate a new license key that can expire if required. Again, it is a great Gumroad alternative as it serves you with the best of their services.

Features of DuckSell:

  • It renders the users with numerous plugins, which you just need to download to your website and begin selling products online.
  • Auto-generate Buy Now buttons.
  • There are a lot of things that you can sell with the help of this platform, such as e-books, programs, courses, PDFs, templates, music, or any other digital file of your choice.
  • Use your existing domain name.
  • Easy user interface plus converting sales have also been made simple
  • Multiple languages supported
  • They have a great tracking ability tool that helps the users to understand the target customers better.
  • Invoicing supported

Thus, if you are looking for a platform that is simple to set up and easy to manage then, DuckSell can be a good option for you as you need not install any software for using it.

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17. Zipsell


It is a great platform that helps you set up your online store to sell digital products like e-books, videos, and much more. Their main motto is to deliver the products to the customers and take care of their security in terms of payment.

It is a perfect Gumroad alternative as it is self-hosted, plus you receive payments directly and do not require paying commission to any third-party marketplaces.

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Some magnificent features of Zipsell are:

  • It has a great layout
  • Aids people in following the site with interest quickly
  • Their performance is excellent
  • The support that Zipsell offers is useful and good
  • It uses secure S3 URLs so that there are no security issues


The good part is that you do not have to pay any transaction fee for any sale that you do. They have different plans to buy; once you opt for their plans, you can begin branding and selling all your products with a fully automatic system.

It has two plans:

1. Free plan– As of now, they are offering services free of cost, so you can enjoy the Zipsell software without paying anything.

2. Guide Plan- Yet to launch

Therefore, if you wish to opt for self-hosted software and renders you complete control over everything, choose Zipsell.

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18. Sello


This platform is best for marketplace and webshop sellers who wish to optimize their e-commerce performance and increase their sales channel. Sello also helps people to connect with automated integration to a third-party platform as well.

It is a Swedish-based company with all sorts of clients, starting from small businesses to giant companies. The best thing about this e-Commerce management platform is that it serves customers with amazing management and maintenance of e-Commerce activities.

All the connections on this platform are automated and have a very short response time. The best part about them is that their system is highly scalable and grows with you.

It has some great features, such as:

  • Powerful product management helps keep track of your products and where they are sold. It helps them choose the right target audience for your product.
  • They collect all order management for your sales on one order page or synchronize it back to your webshop system.
  • It has multi-channel management, which helps connect all your sales channels and other e-commerce services.
  • You can analyze all the connected marketplace sales to increase performance and to raise your customer base.
  • You can see it excellent as it sells more than 6,00,000 products every year.


They have two plans:

1. Free plan- You would not have to pay anything is this plan. They have a risk-free commission-based business model with a no-sale-no-cost guarantee.

2. Premium plan- In this plan, you just need to pay 19 pounds a month, and you get all the features mentioned above in this plan.

Thus, if you wish to have complete control over the product selling but want no burden on your shoulder, you should opt for Sello.

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19. Chirpify

Chirpify | Top Gumroad Alternatives

It is one of the best Gumroad alternatives as it is a white-label platform for conversational conversions. They started their e-commerce services in 2011, and since then, they have been supporting millions of brands.

They render their user’s numerous social media monitoring functions like keeping tags on related hashtags, check-in, pictures, and locations. The good thing about Chirpify is that they offer services with guaranteed ROI and have complete transparency.

They ensure that you have a high NSP score for retail businesses and offer great branding. YIn addition, you would be glad to know that they help their users listen, respond and reward your customers in real-time, which helps increase the trust in them even more.

Some of the fantastic features of Chirpify are:

  • Helps automate social media posts and messaging for their customers
  • They also analyze and track growth from data and CMR
  • The highlighting part is that they build a variety of programs
  • With them, you can rely on the safety of the payments and commerce activity
  • You can also begin safe campaigns, social media sampling, and other such programs with them.


There is a free trial available, but there are no fixed costs as of now. They charge you as per the subscription that you opt for.

Thus, if you are looking for a platform in which you can launch campaigns such as voting, utility management, contests, content gating, and much more very easily and without any trouble, then you can choose Chirpify.

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20. Cleverbridge


It is an e-commerce and subscription management solution to sell your digital goods, services, and SaaS. With this platform’s help, you can easily do recurring billing; it increases the customer experience and provides comprehensive global compliance.

It has some great features, such as-

  • Fast setup and ease of transactions
  • Great custom shopping carts
  • Maximizes contract renewals
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Flexibility in payment methods
  • Multi-period recurring billing
  • Self-service portal
  • Recurring invoicing

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They are relatively cheaper than the other big platforms. Their pricing begins at $0.01 per feature. For people who want to try the platform before purchasing, there is good news that they offer a free trial. unfortunately, they have no free version; if you like the platform, you would have to only pt for their premium version.

Thus, if you are looking for a platform that is easy to use and offers amazing customer service, then you can opt for Cleverbridge.

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Gumroad is a great e-commerce platform, but Gumroad alternatives are no less. Thus, ensure that you choose a platform that suits your business requirements, is economical and keeps in mind the safety and SSL certification. Plus, the platform you select should gain traffic to your site and attract more people to your brand.

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