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What do Public Utilities Jobs Pay? Full List of Jobs

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What do Public Utilities Jobs Pay? Full List of Jobs

The public utility sector helps shape the way commoners have access to and utilize energy. As it continues to develop and offers a promising career, the job market will grow significantly and take a larger shape. In this article, you will learn what do public utilities jobs pay and about the jobs in this sector.

What is Public Utility?

Public utilities refer to the significant production and supply of goods and services which are considered to be essential. It includes the sectors like gas, electricity, telephone, water, and other sources of communication systems. It is very clear from the definition that public utility is vital for the economy.

Working in these sectors can be very tough and also financially rewarding. So here is one answer for those still in a dilemma about what do public utilities jobs pay, which are the public utilities jobs, and how to get one. For your information, a public utility job salary is around $150,000 per annum.

What do Public Utilities Jobs Pay? Full List of Jobs

Public utility sector services are a day-to-day job that is vital for life. It has the best paying jobs available, including communication, water supply, and even electricity. These services are essential for regularizing the entire process on which the world unknowingly depends. Let us begin our list.

1. Control Room Supporter

workers in control room

A control room is a space where a substantial physical facility is observed with the distributed services that are enacted, operated, and even monitored. The role of the Control room supporter is pivotal in handling distribution-related services along with monitoring and operations. PU controls the companies to hire the control room supporter to ensure that the program is carried on in systematic order.

You need to have a high school diploma certificate to be eligible to get a job. The Control Room Operator is simply responsible for everything in the control room. It includes monitoring the check calls, responding to the calls, and email queries, scheduling security officers, and similar ones.

If you are wondering how much these control room supporters get paid? Here is the answer, the average salary of a control room supporter is around $150,000 per year. It is undoubtedly a challenging job that is also considered one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

2. Power Systems Engineer

The demand for a power systems engineer is pivotal for every company. The notable responsibilities include electric metering, evaluating the transmission feasibility, designing the parts, working on the wind or solar business, and assessing and managing the entire distribution of the electric power. Every stage requires an expert to handle the job efficiently.

The power systems engineer is the one who determines the power generating facility and its installation. The engineer needs to work effectively with the team’s other junior members to ensure that the work is running seamlessly.

As a power system engineer, you often need to aid the project manager in identifying the optimal locations for future utility infrastructure like substations or wind farms.

The power system engineer gets an average salary of $126,719. It is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities and has potential growth over the years.

3. Nuclear Licensing Engineer

The most popular and highly demanding job role, Nuclear Licensing Engineer, is the person who takes care of nuclear power plants. In this role, you have to investigate the system and equipment for perfect functioning.

Their primary role is to monitor and oversee the nuclear power plants by reinvestigating the system and equipment. In addition, you need to help with licensing and regulatory matters and collaborate with regulatory specialists and NRC organizations to ensure compliance with the applicable regulation.

The average salary of a Nuclear Licensing Engineer is around $120,814 per year. You need a solid technical background to apply to this dynamic job type.

As a nuclear licensing engineer, your job would be to create a design, license documents, write safety analysis reports and conduct the regulatory investigations for the entire process to run smoothly.

It is one of the most fast-paced, high-pressure jobs that might put you in emergency situations for the workers to be able to reach out within a few hours. In addition, you might have to design the legal and technical study, whereas the licensing of the plants is predominant. Undoubtedly it is an advantageous career option for all who want to explore public utility jobs.

4. Power Plant Engineer

The role of the power plant engineer is highly significant, and it is a daily activity. The primary responsibility of this job is to conduct the operational tests and maintenance of the machinery for smooth functioning.

As a power plant engineer, your duties will encompass inspecting thermal systems and working with the other plant personnel. It is highly in demand, and anyone with strong technical, communication, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork skills works best.

This is one of the best jobs in public utilities as their average salary is around $96,000 annually. If you are excited to get into such roles, get your graduation degree and get started. It would be best if you have some technical knowledge as it makes the job easier.

5. Pipeline Controller

Pipeline worker

The role of the pipeline controller is to take care of the pipeline structure. As a designated pipeline controller, you will look for leaks, ensure that the flow of liquid like oil or natural gas is consistent, coordinate with the emergency responses, detect problems, handle responses and even maintain the occasional records.

In this profile, you need to work in the electricity plant, oil refinery, and fuel facility, which are all of primary importance in the workplace. You should control the drift of oil, natural fuel, and diverse substances that depend on where you work. It belongs on this list of best paying jobs in public utilities.

The average salary of the pipeline controller is $94,937 per year. You are required to have a solid knowledge of the financial processes. As a pipeline controller, you can be paid really well, and the growth prospects are also high, all you need to do is handle your work perfectly.

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6. Utility Engineer

The main work of a Utility Engineer is to provide gasoline, power, water, and even sewer services. It is the best paying job in public utilities if you are certified or a mechanical or civil engineering graduate. The work of a utility engineer is to assist and enhance the processes and services to deliver to the respective houses.

As a utility engineer, you might have to engage with public works, projects where new groups are identified, and improved services to update the technology and high-quality purchase.

The responsibilities come with the most financially rewarding career where the utility engineer is the best paid. The average salary of a utility engineer is $93,010 per year.

7. Electrical Engineer

One of the most demanding and best jobs in public utilities is the role of the electrical engineer. Your job role is demanding, where you need to design, develop, test, and supervise the electrical system. It includes electric-powered motors, radar, communication structures, navigation systems, and electricity generation systems.

The job role is highly dynamic, and there is a considerable growth possibility for the electrical engineer to explore the best options. Electrical engineers additionally design the electric system of automobiles and aircraft as well.

You can work in industries where engineering services, telecommunications, manufacturing, and even federal government work are appreciated. The electrical and electronics engineering work is pretty complicated, but the demand is highly significant, and so is their salary.

Overall electrical engineering employment is estimated to grow by more than 7 percent per the statistics by 2030. The average salary of an electrical engineer is around $92,000 per year, which makes it very demanding across the globe.

8. Power System Dispatcher

The job role of a Power System Dispatcher is to control the energy flow via the transmission lines of the customers. You need to manage, monitor, and even effectively take care of the electricity distribution among the devices.

You will be called power dispatchers who are in a position to speak with the other dispatchers, electricity stakeholders, and even operators. This is conducted to ensure safety and evenly distribute the energy generated from the plants.

You need strong communication skills to help you get acquainted with the regulatory standards for making the plant operations as per the guidelines. It is a physically staining job where you must associate with the work on the ground and move from one place to the other.

The power dispatchers do work on a non-stop basis to make the flow of the work perfect. The average salary of the Power System Dispatcher is $82,871 per year. As a Power System Dispatcher, you will have ample opportunity to expand your job role and become successful with an excellent salary package.

9. Water Engineer

One of the best jobs in public utilities is Water Engineer. Only some people are well aware of this fascinating job role, but it is one of the most in-demand jobs. As a water engineer, your work involves developing new equipment and systems for water resource management centres throughout the town.

You must take care of the systems well to ensure that the residents enjoy a non-stop supply of soft water for drinking and other necessary utilizations.

As an engineer, you need to design plumbing structures, pumping stations, pipelines, force mains, and even sewers for wastewater collection in one place. You are liable for the recommendations, remedies, and even preparing the proper structure for a smooth water supply.

If you are interested in becoming a water engineer, then you need to study water use data to forecast water demand. The engineer must perform the mathematical models for the underground and surface water resources.

The average salary of a water engineer is around $67,000 per year making it one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. You can make more money with your promotions and career growth. There is a never falling market for water engineers.

10. Energy Auditor

Factory Auditor

If you are an energy efficiency and conservation expert, then Energy Auditor is the best role. However, to carry on with the role, you need to be specialized in assessing residential and commercial buildings that estimate how much energy must be consumed and improved.

As the energy auditor, your work is to pay visits to inspect the building layouts, scrutinize the utility bills, assess the insulation levels, and find out the magnitude of the place and premises.

You also have to make detailed reports of your findings and recommendations on the same—the average salary is $60,495 per year. You will get more once you show up your skills and talents for better structure and functioning.

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11. Solar Energy Systems Installer

Another significant job role and one of the best paying jobs in public utilities is Solar Energy Systems Installer. You will be solely responsible for installing and servicing the solar panels at the home or land. There is consistent work and efforts to be made for the conversion of solar power into renewable electricity.

It would be best if you were technologically sound to get into such roles. The solar energy systems are made out of computerized operated inverter panels and controllers managed and maneuvered by the expert Solar Energy Systems Installer.

There are numerous ways to crack this job role to become a Solar Energy Systems Installer. If you have a relevant qualification from a top university, then there is no looking back; you can apply for this role and make an appropriate career as a Solar Energy Systems Installer.

The average salary is around $46,470 per year. The demand for this job role is notably high and is considered to be increasing in the public utility industry daily.

12. Wind Turbine Technician

The job title clearly states the role of a wind turbine technician. It is one of the most popular job roles with a higher demand in salary structure.

As a wind turbine technician, you need to monitor the turbines from the ground so that they do not impact the environment. You also have to maintain the wind techs and install, maintain and repair the wind turbine whenever required.

There is no specific certification you need to do to get a job as a wind turbine technician. To be eligible for such roles, you need to understand, maintain and troubleshoot all the turbine’s mechanical, braking, hydraulic, and even electrical systems to make it perfectly operative.

It is one of the best-paid and highly demanding jobs currently. The average salary is around $50,000 annually, which increases with experience and work responsibilities.

13. Asset Protection Specialists

The role of the asset protection specialists is full of responsibility. They are the ones who safeguard the organization’s assets and property. If you are looking for best paying jobs in public utilities try this one out.

In this role, you need to work with the employees, the general public, and even the customers to protect the assets from damage or any risk factor. It is one of the most reputed and high-paying public utility job roles everyone wishes to crack.

As an asset protection specialist, you need to take care of many things, including conducting audits, training employees, developing security plans, monitoring the security camera, responding to emergencies, writing reports, and similar roles. The average salary of an asset specialist is around $50,000.

14. Regulatory Affairs Specialist

One of the best jobs with high salary in public utilities, the Regulatory Affairs Specialist ensures that the company’s products comply with government regulations.

The sole responsibility is to maintain and develop the relationship by tracking regulation changes, providing approval on submission, and even taking care of the agencies working together.

As a regulatory affairs specialist, you have to interact with the regulators (the government), other industries, and the consumers to supply good products to the market and prevent bad products from being sold.

The average salary is around $50,000 for the Regulatory Affairs Specialist in an entry-level position, which goes higher with experience. Companies even pay around $100,000 for experienced regulatory affairs specialists for their dynamic roles and management skills.

15. Human Resource Specialist

Insurance agent

The most demanding public utility job is of a Human resource specialist. They are responsible for recruiting, selecting, and placing employees in the organizations.

As a human resource specialist, you are responsible for administering to the employees and understanding their requirements. In addition, you are responsible for the organization’s overall development based on employee growth, conduct, and organization development in every respect.

If you are interested in such a dynamic role, you need a bachelor’s degree in business and development or related to the field. The salary structure is quite impressive. The average salary of a human resource specialist is around $70,000 per year. It goes higher with experience and expertise.

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16. Communication Specialist

The most in-demand and dynamic job role is of a communication specialist. If you choose this role, you must manage and execute the vital aspects of the communication strategy. You will be entrusted to develop and produce content, generate intensive research, and coordinate with the teams to manage events or similar programs. There is a lot of pressure for such job roles, where deadlines are strict.

The profile of a communication specialist is budding, and it is one of the most loved job roles for those who like to speak in public. Having a presence of mind, excellent communication skills and smartness are a few skills required for this job profile. It is one of the best jobs in public utilities as its average salary is around $45,000 per year.

17. Substation Engineer

This is yet another best-paying jobs in public utilities is that of a substation engineer. The role is to create the design plans for the power substations. As a substation engineer, you must collaborate with the other project leaders and stakeholders to finalize the schematics and the entire process.

The main job is to determine the substations’ size and types of cables. You must coordinate and facilitate the tasks using the engineering application software and manage the team members.

The average salary of a substation engineer is $50,000 per year. If you are willing to become a substation engineer, you need a technical degree. An engineering degree will help you get this job which is among the best paying jobs in public utilities.

18. Operation Specialists

An operation specialist has nothing to do with medical operations. This job role is for the public utility sector, where you need to be responsible for the day-to-day operations happening in the company.

This job role has sparks to handle overseas production processes and even take care of the products accordingly. You need to check the process with minute detail and take care of the entire operation without fail.

The average salary is $65,000 per year and goes even higher. It would be best if you had a bachelor’s degree to execute this job role perfectly, as it requires training and expertise to handle many things.

19. Safety Specialist

Another significant job role in the public utility sector is as a Safety specialist. You must develop and implement the safety process, programs, and policies in this job. It is to minimize accidents on the street.

You have to investigate the accidents and their root cause to prevent them from happening again. As a safety specialist, you need to conduct regular inspections and audits to prevent hazards from occurring.

You will get $67,500 per year to perform such a crucial job role. It is important for you to have experience as a field engineer for a few years to get this job role. The salary for this role increases based on experience and expertise in the field.

20. Environmental Specialist

Person examining a plant

As an environmental specialist, your sole responsibility is identifying and mitigating environmental issues. Your work is to protect human health and the environment, where cleaning hazardous waste sites is crucial to keeping the environment clean.

Various research and investigations need to be done, as it will help you make strategies required for creating a healthy environment. We had to include this job on this list of best paying jobs in public utilities.

The average salary of an environmental specialist is around $69,120 per year, making it the best paying jobs in public utilities sector. If you are interested in this position, search for job openings and fit the skill sets and qualifications based on it.

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What are the Requirements to Get a Public Utility Job?

Most of the best jobs in public utilities sector require trained professionals who are eligible to handle challenging situations with their clever wit and knowledge. There are some strict guidelines and regulations that an expert public utility job holder should follow for the best functioning.

Some roles require a graduation or high school degree. Remember, these are all entry-level requirements. If you are willing to get into higher position jobs, you should hold a high school diploma or equivalent degree.

It will be even more beneficial for you if you have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a relevant field, along with pertinent skills in diagnosis and communication. Having formal qualifications and practical field experience is an add-on to getting the best jobs in public utilities sectors.

Factors Affecting Salaries of Public Utilities Positions

Various factors keep on affecting the salary of public utility positions. It depends on various factors like experience level, education, location, and specialization. A few pointers are listed below;

  • Experience: It is one of the biggest factors affecting your job and compensation. The experience plays a huge role in getting you a new opportunity to advance in your chosen field. Employers prefer someone with experience who is acquainted with the technicalities and operations.
  • Education: Another significant factor is education. Anyone with a good educational background can apply for jobs; the more qualified you are, the more the chances of getting a job position with a high salary compared to those who are less qualified.
  • Locations: Mostly, the top locations are in the USA, including California, New Hampshire, etc., where the deregulated utility market and job positions are open for all. The competition is higher, yet, you can get into these top places.
  • Specialization: If you have a specialization in a degree, it is like icing on the cake. You will surely secure a good job in the public utility sector with a hefty salary. Having a specialization will help you get better positions and companies to work in.

How to Find the Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities?

Person using laptop

If you are interested in knowimg what do public utilities jobs pay and the best jobs in public utilities, there are a few steps to take.

  • First, research the field of public utilities and its various specialties, such as energy management, water treatment, wastewater treatment, or power plant operations. This will help you determine which job is best suited for your skills and experience.
  • Review job postings online to find out what salaries are typically offered for the positions you are interested in. This can be done through websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor. You may also want to check with local public utility companies and inquire about their available job openings and salary ranges.
  • Once you have identified a few positions that you think would be a good fit, research about the employers to ensure they are reputable and offer competitive pay. You should also check their social media profiles to see how they present themselves online and if they have any reviews from employees or customers.
  • Finally, apply for any positions that interest you by submitting your resume and cover letter. Once you land an interview, be prepared to answer questions about your experience with public utilities and how you can help the company. With some hard work and dedication, you could soon find yourself working in one of the highest-paying public utilities positions.

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Here are some commonly asked questions about public utility jobs.

1. Which field pays the highest salary?

Of all the fields, the IT sector pays the best salary. The demand for public utility jobs is high. In the long run, these jobs have security and excellent facilities for the employees.

2. Which is the most satisfying job on this earth?

After research, it is stated that human resource jobs are the most satisfactory to employees. However, even the job of a therapist is also ranked in the second position.

3. Which job is currently in high demand right now?

According to research, Data Scientists are in high demand for jobs. They are fetching a good salary with a highly rewarding career.

To get the best jobs in public utilities with high salary, you need to search online portals for the job posts. There are numerous job search sites where you will get relevant information. It is advised to read the job description before you get into the role. Then, prepare your resume, highlight your skills and qualifications to crack and nail public utility jobs with a high-paying salary.


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