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12 Best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers

Want to enjoy greater security after minimizing potential risks? VPS hosting gives you root access to install software and scripts, facilitating customization to meet your needs. With so many VPS hosting providers available online, you might get confused about which one to opt for. We want to simplify your hunting by letting you choose the best VPS hosting service providers. However, VPS hosting comes for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. So, which one to choose? Of course, it will depend on the operating system you are using.

VPS is a robust yet reasonable option for website hosting. It can also be said as a bridge between shared hosting and owning a dedicated server. It also provides you with an option to share your server with other users. But, the resources are dedicated to every plan separately, and all the credit goes to virtualization.

VPS server gives you more control, such as installing the desired OS and server administration. It holds more significant sites efficiently because of the dedicated environment. Therefore, it can be beneficial for your site. So, if you have a limited budget, you can opt for cheap Linux VPS hosting with numerous features.

In this article, we will talk about the cheap Linux VPS hosting stimulating the experience of a dedicated server, even when you share the physical server with other users.

What Exactly is VPS Hosting and How does it work?

VPS refers to a virtual private server. It is a type of hosting in which a physical server is split up into a couple of virtual machines with dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, and storage.

VPS Hosting uses visualization technology to provide dedicated resources on a server with several users. Whereas shared hosting does not provide you with dedicated server space, VPS hosting is considered a safer and more reliable solution.

Primarily, VPN hosting combines the best of shared and dedicated hosting, giving you more control like installing the desired Operating System and server administration at reasonable prices. The best upgrade options for your site are either VPS hosting or managed WordPress hosting when your website outgrows shared hosting.

Due to the dedicated environment, a VPN server can conveniently hold bigger sites. Although VPS servers are shared among multiple users at once, there are fewer users on the entire server compared to shared hosting.

Some of the best Linux VPS hosting providers include HostGator, InMotion, iDrive Compute, A2 Hosting, iPage, etc.

Types of VPS Hosting

In general, there are 2 types of VPS:

1. Managed VPS

Managed VPS is a hosting that offers a managed environment similar to the shared hosting accounts. However, being a developer, you will explore the VPS plan that suits your needs.

2. Unmanaged VPS

This VPS hosting is only recommended if you are a professional or have expertise in using a command-line interface.

Other VPS hosting include OpenVZ VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, Xen VPS Hosting, Multi VPS Linux Hosting, VPS Reseller Box, Multi VPS Linux Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Multi VPS Windows Hosting.

Significance of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting provides you with complete freedom. The best part about VPS hosting is that it lets you manage your server the way you like, plus you will have access to everything so that you can install any software you need. In addition, VPS is not dependent on traffic or audiences. Most of the cheap Linux VPS hosting providers mentioned further in this article gives you the freedom to regulate your VPS server without any hurdles.

Listed below are some unique benefits possessed by the VPS server:

  • Cost-efficient server
  • Provides the highest uptime and breakneck speed resources like the dedicated server, providing you root access to modify the operating system.
  • Facilitate scalability and allow resources to be added simply by navigating to the control panel.
  • Ensure greater security and enhance reliability.
  • It cannot be interrupted by neighbor VPS as a segregated environment is allotted to each user.
  • Every user has dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage.
  • You get an option to choose between managed or unmanaged VPS servers and much more.

You might be wondering that getting so many features with VPS hosting will make its price expensive. Guess what! Indeed, its price is reasonable. Moreover, all the VPS hosting we are going to mention in this article will not hurt your pocket as all of them are the best Linux VPS hosting and are cost-efficient.

12 Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers

Looking for cheap Linux VPS hosting that runs efficiently on Linux operating system? This list of cheap Linux VPS hosting is made after doing proper research. The Top 12 VPS hosting compatible with Linux will provide you with greater security, flexibility, and reliability. So, you have come to the right place!

Let’s dive in to know the 12 best Linux VPS hosting providers:

1. Kamatera


One of the most renowned and best Linux VPS hosting providers, Kamatera is backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructure similar to Hostinger. It is a reliable company that has been in the hosting market for more than 20 years. The platform topped the list because it provided top-notch quality to its clients.

The cloud hosting provider is featured with high-end servers, multiple cutting-edge data centers, and a bunch of other tools available at reasonable prices. What more can you expect, huh? You can even try Kamatera for free and opt for its 1-month free subscription. The best part is there is no commitment, and no hidden fees, which means you can cancel the subscription without paying anything if you do not find the hosting provider suiting your needs.

The hardware and infrastructure of the platform are frequently updated to ensure their customers get the best exposure through Kamatera. Plus, the company has 13+ high computing data centers worldwide, contributing comprehensively to its performance and scalability.

The servers of this magnificent hosting provider are loaded with the capability of VOIP servers, daily backup, loT servers, DDoS protection, POP3, instant deployment of server app server, SMTP, IMAP services, and many more. In addition, the servers they offer can improve efficiency once you integrate them with load balancers.

Kamatera Pricing Range

Kamatera Pricing Range

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2. Hostinger

Hostinger | 12 Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers

What if someone tells you that you can build a website for free? How would you feel? Good, right! Hostinger is generous enough, which helps you do so. Although the free account comes with limited access, it will allow you to set up a fully functional site if you can get this.

Besides this, Hostinger is also known for providing its users with cheap Linux VPS hosting plans. In addition, a dedicated IP address is also permitted to map custom ports through IPv6 or IPv4 for the basic package.

The platform also offers a massive range of distros, including VestCP control panel, CentOS with cPanel and WHM, CentOS 64 bit, Webuzo Panel, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. The users can get varied distributions to set up the preferred hosting environment for their businesses or upcoming projects.

The VPS servers of Hostinger are built with SSDs and state-of-the-art hardware, implying that you will get blazing fast speed. As SSDs work 20x faster than traditional hard drives and deliver higher I/O speed even during traffic surges.

The only disadvantage with Hostinger you may experience is that it does not provide phone support. Plus, it offers maximum 800GB bandwidth, which is relatively lower than other VPS hosting providers, having 1TB as a minimum.

Hostinger Pricing Range

Plan Name RAM Storage CPUs Bandwidth Monthly Price
VPS 1 1GB 20GB SSD 1 Core 1TB $3.95
VPS 2 2GB 40 GB SSD 2 Cores 2TB $8.95
VPS 3 3GB 60GB SSD 3 Cores 3TB $12.95
VPS 4 4GB 80 GB SSD 4 Cores 4 TB $15.95
VPS 5 6 GB 120 GB SSD 6 Cores 6 TB $23.95
VPS 6 8GB 160GB SSD 8 Cores 8TB $38.99
VPS 7 12 GB 200 GB SSD 8 Cores 10TB $57.99
VPS 8 16 GB 250 GB SSD 8 Cores 12TB $77.99

3. Vultr

Vultr | Best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers

Vultr is an excellent cloud service that offers a sophisticated, powerful, and affordable infrastructure with efficient, super-fast tools alongside reliable resources at a flexible price. Moreover, it has an excellent customer support team which is very helpful and solves all your queries effortlessly.

The hosting provider is mastered to run different Linux distros and apps, allowing custom ISOs to be installed.

Whether you are a blogger, webmaster, or developer, you will get incredible hosting plans fitting your needs at the cheapest prices. Plus, Vultr’s data centers (spread across 17 locations worldwide) are built-in with robust servers that are featured with enterprise-level hardware, Intel CPUs, SSDs, and advanced infrastructure. It has millions of users all across the globe and deploys several servers every minute.

Opting for this platform will allow you to access its tools and services, including fast cloud servers, customized control panel, dedicated IP addresses, one-click deployment, power API, SSDs, storage, block storage, high security, and advanced cloud computing. The catch here is you get all these services and features at budgeted prices.

This cheap Linux VPS hosting provider helps developers increase their productivity by letting them spend more time coding and less time managing their servers. In addition, the platform facilitates deploying any operating system, tools, and applications required by the developers to start working. For example, if you are using a Linux OS, you will be able to deploy servers within seconds.

Vultr offers you to pay hourly or monthly if you do not want to opt for its long-term plan. However, if you want to avail of significant discounts, a yearly plan is the best option to go for. Their billing system is unique, unlike many other platforms, as it calculates the used resources and creates invoices as per the used resources.

Vultr Pricing Range

Vultr offers 8 public cloud servers and 4 dedicated cloud server plans. For the latest and most up-to-date prices, visit Vultr’s website.

Plan Name RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly Price
Compute Instance 1 vCPU 1 GB 25 GB 2 TB $6
Compute Instance 1 vCPU 2 GB 50 GB 3 TB $12
Compute Instance 2 vCPU 2 GB 60 GB 4 TB $18
Compute Instance 2 vCPU 4 GB 100 GB 5 TB $24
Compute Instance 4 vCPU 8 GB 180 GB 6 TB $48
Compute Instance 4 vCPU 12 GB 260 GB 7 TB $72
Compute Instance 8 vCPU 16 GB 350 GB 8 TB $96
Compute Instance 12 vCPU 24 GB 500 GB 12 TB $144
Dedicated Cloud Intel E3-1270v6 32 GB 2 x 240 GB SSD 5 TB $120
Dedicated Cloud Intel E-2286G 32 GB 2 x 960 GB SSD 10 TB $185
Dedicated Cloud Intel E-2288G 128 GB 2 x 1.9 TB NVMe 10 TB $350
Dedicated Cloud AMD EPYC 7443P 256 GB 2 x 1.9 TB NVMe 10 TB $725

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4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

Want to manage your hosting program efficiently and professionally? InMotion is an easy-to-use and secure hosting service provider that lets you access its wide range of tools.

This best Linux VPS hosting provider is featured with state-of-the-art infrastructure and keeps upgrading to make its services excellent.

InMotion offers free server management services and other impeccable features, including free OS updates, security patches, intuitive control panels, and site migration services. It also facilitates email, domains, and database management incredibly.

They offer many site hosting tools, dedicated servers, free e-commerce tools, DDoS protection, PHP7, solid-state drives, low latency networks, secure VPS hosting, super-fast processors, custom firewall, full server snapshots, etc.

The platform makes it easy for newbies by offering a one-click app installer and a free drag & drop builder. Beginners or professionals can quickly deploy apps, websites, or servers through these tools. Plus, the control panel of InMotion allows its clients to manage their billing and DNS straightforwardly.

The customer support team of this best Linux VPS hosting provider usually replies within 5 minutes. Moreover, the staff is proficient in solving customer queries. The best part is they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee so that you can cancel your subscription and get your refund in case you feel InMotion is not competent in meeting your business requirements.

InMotion Hosting Pricing Range

Note: The below VPS server prices are only applicable when you purchase any of the mentioned plans 12 months in advance.

RAM Cores Storage Bandwidth Price
2GB 2 CPU Cores 45GB SSD Storage Unlimited $26.99
4GB 4 CPU Cores 75GB SSD Storage Unlimited $34.99
6GB 6 CPU Cores 105GB SSD Storage Unlimited $56.99
8GB 8 CPU Cores 140GB SSD Storage Unlimited $83.99

5. Bluehost


Bluehost is a powerful hosting provider known best for WordPress hosting, offering a wide variety of plans to their colossal customer base. Plus, they have a vast VPS range and provide VPS hosting compatible with Linux. All plans of the Bluehost are featured with a free SSL certificate and a 1-year domain.

In addition, the users also get unlimited subdomains and email accounts that are equipped with an intuitive control panel too. You can also opt for domain privacy, protection, and SiteLock as add-ons; however, you need to pay extra if you want access to these add-ons.

The platform provides you with 24×7 customer support to help you if you encounter any problematic situation. You will be able to call them any time in the day.

The best part about the hosting provider is that it is ideal for both beginners and advanced users, so you can definitely give it a try and sign up for this magnificent platform.

With Bluehost, you also get to enjoy a great perk: the free domain that you get on purchasing its hosting plan. The plans of this platform do not scale up just like other providers, but this is reflected in the lower price range. You have an option to move to a dedicated server provider if you want to outgrow the VPS plans offered by this platform.

Bluehost Pricing Range

Plan Name RAM Bandwidth Cores Storage Monthly Price
Standard 2 GB 1 TB 2 30 GB SSD $19.99
Enhanced 4 GB 2 TB 2 60 GB SSD $29.99
Ultimate 8 GB 3 TB 4 120 GB SSD $59.99

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6. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb | Best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers

One of the best Linux VPS hosting providers, LiquidWeb offers a 100% secured network and power uptime guarantee. In addition, it provides its users with instant provisioning and easy scalability. Apart from Linux VPS hosting, it also provides VPS hosting to Windows.

Every VPS plan offered by LiquidWeb is fully managed with cPanel support, which makes it one of the cheapest and most useful Linux VPS hosting providers. Red Hat Linux, Windows, and other certified administrators are available for you to get any kind of help 24/7/365.

LiquidWeb also owns its own data centers, which have 25.000+ servers that provide services to over 30,000 customers. They offer excellent customer support, and customers receive advantageous features like virtualized CPUs, bandwidth, abundant storage, memory, etc.

They also provide White Glove Migration Service to the customers, helping them move the data from existing servers to the LiquidWeb servers with the help of a Dedicated Migration Team consisting of trained migration specialists ready to cater to your needs. Generally, the migration takes 2 to 7 days to complete, with customers getting updates at every turn from the specialists handling the process.

LiquidWeb Pricing Range

Note: The below prices are only applicable when you purchase any of the mentioned plans 24 months in advance.

Plan Name Storage Bandwidth CPU RAM Monthly Price
2GB RAM Linux 40 GB SSD 10 TB 2 vCPU 2 GB $25
4GB RAM Linux 100 GB SSD 10 TB 4 vCPU 4 GB $35
8GB RAM Linux 150 GB SSD 10 TB 8 vCPU 8 GB $45
16GB RAM Linux 200 GB SSD 10 TB 8 vCPU 16 GB $105
2GB Value Bundle Linux 40 GB SSD 10 TB 2 vCPU 2 GB $40
4GB Value Bundle Linux 100 GB SSD 10 TB 4 vCPU 4 GB $50
8GB Value Bundle Linux 150 GB SSD 10 TB 8 vCPU 8 GB $65
16GB Value Bundle Linux 200 GB SSD 10 TB 8 vCPU 16 GB $145

7. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 is a very cheap Linux VPS hosting provider that gives customers an enormous range of features as a part of their services. It is considered one of the finest hosting service providers among all mentioned in this list.

The platform offers managed, unmanaged, and Core VPS hosting packages. Plus, the servers are empowered with SSD storage which provides you with a blazing fast speed advantage.

The unique part offered by this hosting provider is that the users get an option to trigger the Turbo Boost in the checkout process for boosting the speed. In addition, A2 Hosting users are also enabled to access Core VPS plans with the exact costs if they want root access to manage VPS services.

All the unmanaged plans of this platform are configurable, which helps you select the CPU Cores, RAM, Bandwidth, Storage, etc. With the basic unmanaged plan, you get 1 core, 20 GB storage,2TD data transfer, and 512 MB RAM. You can choose the cPanel option while completing the tasks via command lines, costing $19.95.

Besides all these spectacular features, the hosting provider will also provide Guru-level customer support, which implies it is 24×7 and solely maintained to solve customer queries. Moreover, the platform also offers free site migration services and a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. How cool is it that you are getting so much with the robust, reliable, and stable hosting provider?

A2 Hosting Pricing Range

Plan Name RAM Storage Cores Monthly Price
Runaway 1 1 GB 150 GB SSD 1 $6.99
Runaway 2 2 GB 250 GB SSD 2 $12.99
Runaway 4 4 GB 450 GB SSD 4 $16.99
Supersonic 8 8 GB 150 GB NVMe SSD 2 $49.99
Supersonic 16 16 GB 250 GB NVMe SSD 6 $83.99
Supersonic 32 32 GB 450 GB NVMe SSD 8 $114.99
Lift 4 4 GB 150 GB SSD 2 $49.99
Lift 8 8 GB 250 GB SSD 6 $69.99
Lift 16 16 GB 450 GB SSD 8 $84.99
Mach 8 8 GB 150 GB NVMe SSD 2 $89.99
Mach 16 16 GB 250 GB NVMe SSD 6 $119.99
Mach 32 32 GB 450 GB NVMe SSD 8 $145.99

Note: Runaway 1 to Supersonic 32 are Unmanaged VPS servers, whereas Lift 4 to Mach 32 are Managed VPS servers.

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8. DreamHost

Dream Host

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth with DreamHost, with a starting price of $10 per month, making it a very cheap Linux VPS hosting provider. You will find very few VPS hosts offering unlimited bandwidth; Dreamhost is one of them.

The provider grants you root access. However, you will not get any free domain, just like Bluehost, or a money-back guarantee, but the storage is consistent with other providers. And repeating it- unlimited bandwidth is a great advantage! In addition, it also offers up-to-date, fast processor, open-source solutions, cloud hosting, WP website builder, automatic backups, one-click installations, VPS hosting, free SSL certificate, 100% Uptime, etc.

The platform has no 24×7 customer support, which does not mean there is no help available. You can raise tickets and ask for help via the callback option.

Thinking of migrating to this platform, providing you with unlimited bandwidth? You can move your website onto its servers after paying a fee of $99.

DreamHost Pricing Range

Plan Name RAM Storage Monthly Price
VPS Basic 1 GB 30 GB SSD $15
VPS Business 2 GB 60 GB SSD $30
VPS Professional 4 GB 120 GB SSD $60
VPS Enterprise 8 GB 240 GB SSD $120

9. TurnKey Internet

TurnKeyInternet | Best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers

One of the best Linux VPS hosting providers, TurnKeyInternet, serves numerous companies and clients every year. The platform boasts about using high-performance hardware, SSD storage, and advanced processors ensuring the 24×7 availability of the services provided by this hosting provider.

Equipped with the latest hardware solutions, 100000 IOPS, they proudly offer KVM-Based virtualization, automated reboots, dedicated resources, RAID-10 Ultra Fast Disk system, 50+ operating systems, automated OS reloads, 32 dedicated IPs, unlimited bandwidth, 56 CPU cores equipped with 384 GB RAM, VNC/KVM Console access, and an extensive range of cPanel solutions.

If you are looking for a comprehensive set of high-end features and tools at an affordable price, this premium hosting provider is an ideal choice. Hence, if you build a website with this magnificent VPS hosting, it is unlikely that your website will go down, and you are going to miss any opportunity to boost your revenue.

The hosting provider uses intrusion detection software and a firewall that helps detect any malware issue. If your privacy is breached for any reason, their skilled team is responsible for protecting and recovering your servers. In addition, they have a policy of free contract buyout.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can get your money back in case the services offered by this platform do not meet your requirements or you are unsatisfied with the quality of their services. Still, thinking about whether you should opt for this hosting provider or not? Then, Sign up with it and try their VPS hosting compatible with Linux.

TurnKey Internet Pricing Range

Plan Names CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly Price
Custom Cloud VPS 1 1 GB 5 GB SSD UnMetered $4.99
T40 Cloud VPS 4 4 GB 40 GB SSD UnMetered $14.99
T80 Cloud VPS 8 8 GB 80 GB SSD UnMetered $24.99
T120 Cloud VPS 12 12 GB 120 GB SSD UnMetered $34.99

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10. InterServer


InterServer has provided users with high-performance VPS hosting compatible with Linux services for the last 2 decades. The platform has won innumerable awards to provide 20x fast server speed, unparalleled customer support, and dedicated resources.

This Linux VPS hosting provides its impeccable services to more than 500 established companies. It is fully committed to providing them with robust cloud hosting and expertise to ensure its clients get optimal uptime and performance.

The platform boasts about offering valuable features and tools to all its users, including self-healing hardware, 2x fast server, SitePad website builder, global content teaching, unlimited storage and email accounts, dedicated source, 24×7 customer support, free migration service, 99.9% uptime, secure infrastructure, and remote backup service, development solutions and much more.

The platform uses the finest hardware and resources to provide high-end service around the clock without interruption. Moreover, it also provides one-click deployment of servers and applications, including Joomla, Dolphin, PHP-Fusion, etc. One of the unique tools offered by this platform is SitePad, which enables users to build their website in any way they like.

It also offers a wide range of control panel solutions to facilitate casual users. At the same time, it also caters to its professional users’ requirements and the developer by providing them with a Bead basket script. You should definitely give this cheap Linux VPS hosting a try.

InterServer Pricing Range

Plan Name RAM Storage CPU Monthly Price
Plan 1 2 GB 30 GB SSD 1 CORE $6.00
Plan 2 4 GB 60 GB SSD 2 CORES $12.00
Plan 3 6 GB 90 GB SSD 3 CORES $18.00
Plan 4 8 GB 120 GB SSD 4 CORES $24.00
Plan 5 10 GB 150 GB SSD 5 CORES $30.00
Plan 6 12 GB 180 GB SSD 6 CORES $36.00
Plan 7 14 GB 210 GB SSD 7 CORES $42.00
Plan 8 16 GB 240 GB SSD 8 CORES $48.00
Plan 9 18 GB 270 GB SSD 9 CORES $54.00
Plan 10 20 GB 300 GB SSD 10 CORES $60.00
Plan 11 22 GB 330 GB SSD 11 CORES $66.00
Plan 12 24 GB 360 GB SSD 12 CORES $72.00
Plan 13 26 GB 390 GB SSD 13 CORES $78.00
Plan 14 28 GB 420 GB SSD 14 CORES $84.00
Plan 15 30 GB 450 GB SSD 15 CORES $90.00
Plan 16 32 GB 480 GB SSD 16 CORES $96.00

11. HostWinds


HostWinds offers impressive configuration options with a wide range of plans to all its users. Unlike some VPS hosts that focus on big businesses or first-time users, this VPS hosting is best known for its flexibility and compatibility as it fits everyone’s requirements. It implies it offers both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plans.

The users are charged with hourly or monthly billing on cloud hosting. The system of being charged with hourly billing proves immensely beneficial for users with low usage.

Furthermore, you get access to instant upgrades without downtime and free around-the-clock monitoring. Isn’t it what you were looking for? The platform has also received recognition and was honored with many awards. It also boasts 99.99% Uptime and provides exquisite services to its clients as the VPS hosting features a robust infrastructure.

The wide range of users accessing HostWinds enjoys a broad set of services such as nightly backups, enterprise hardware, SSD storage, enterprise hardware, dedicated resources, VPS hosting, cloud control panel, impressive scalability, dedicated resources and hosting, I Gpbs Ports, firewall protection, and much more.

Simultaneously, the customer support team of HostWinds is always willing to help and solve all queries related to Linux hosting. The VPS host has appointed technical experts proficient in Linux VPS servers. The best part is reaching skilled professionals through calls, tickets, emails, and live chats with this platform is hassle-free.

Moreover, a feature named ‘Server Monitoring’ is solely responsible for managing all servers. Once they detect any technical issue in the server, the support ticket is automatically created for you. These features make HostWinds one of the best Linux VPS hosting in the market.

HostWinds Pricing Range

Linux Managed VPS Hosting:

CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1 CPU 1 GB 30 GB 1 TB $ 8.24/mo
1 CPU 2 GB 50 GB 2 TB $ 16.49/mo
2 CPU 4 GB 75 GB 2 TB $ 29.99/mo
2 CPU 6 GB 100 GB 2 TB $ 38.24/mo
4 CPU 8 GB 150 GB 3 TB $ 59.99/mo
4 CPU 12 GB 200 GB 4 TB $ 74.99/mo
6 CPU 16 GB 300 GB 5 TB $ 110.24/mo
8 CPU 32 GB 400 GB 6 TB $ 168.74/mo
12 CPU 64 GB 500 GB 8 TB $ 274.49/mo
16 CPU 96 GB 750 GB 9 TB $ 395.24/mo

Linux Unmanaged VPS Hosting:

CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1 CPU 1 GB 30 GB 1 TB $ 4.99/mo
1 CPU 2 GB 50 GB 2 TB $ 9.99/mo
2 CPU 4 GB 75 GB 2 TB $ 18.99/mo
2 CPU 6 GB 100 GB 2 TB $ 28.99/mo
4 CPU 8 GB 150 GB 3 TB $ 38.99/mo
4 CPU 12 GB 200 GB 4 TB $ 49.99/mo
6 CPU 16 GB 300 GB 5 TB $ 76.99/mo
8 CPU 32 GB 400 GB 6 TB $ 124.99/mo
12 CPU 64 GB 500 GB 8 TB $ 214.99/mo
16 CPU 96 GB 750 GB 9 TB $ 328.99/mo

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12. HostGator

HostGator | Best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers

Looking for a reliable hosting provider in terms of Uptime guarantee? Hostgator is an efficient VPS host packed with valuable features. However, the platform offers specialized hosting plans exclusively for Linux users, not Windows. Also, it does not provide the user with a free domain, unlike other platforms mentioned in this list.

Offering the Uptime guarantee of up to 99.99%, Hostgator is also known for providing its users with high storage limits, ranging from 120 GB to 240 GB. You can also enjoy heavy discounts on the first purchase of any VPS hosting plan on this platform.

The platform offers a free website builder allowing users to create their own website. The website builder is also featured with plentiful pre-built themes and sections available that can be used to build a compelling website.

The VPS hosting provider offers a diverse set of tools and services, including one-click installations, 99.99% Uptime guarantee, WordPress hosting, free domain for 1 year, free SSL certificate, dedicated hosting, 45-day money-back guarantee, 24×7 customer support, free migration, and much more.

It is a cheap Linux VPS hosting that starts at $79.95 per month. Therefore, it is an ideal price to match the requirements of individuals on a tight budget.

How to choose the right VPS hosting?

Searching for a trustworthy and cheap Linux VPS hosting can be time-consuming as it takes a lot of research and effort. But, do not worry, as we will inform you about the factors to consider while choosing the VPS hosting provider. It will help you save the time, effort, and resources you spend searching for the best Linux VPS hosting provider for your brand.

1. High Bandwidth

Thinking of finalizing your VPS host? Wait, before you select your VPS provider, did you ensure it offers plenty of bandwidth? Bandwidth is a crucial element responsible for controlling your site’s traffic and maintaining good load speeds.

If you experience a massive spike in traffic, your website will be able to sustain the heavy load only if you have enough bandwidth. As sites with low traffic do not need to worry much about the bandwidth.

Ensure the VPS host you are about to select is offering the highest Uptime guarantee. Most renowned VPS providers offer a 100% Uptime guarantee, which means your site will be down for the least amount of time.

However, some secured and reliable VPS hosts offer 99.99% Uptime. That 0.01% can amount to a couple of minutes or hours, so you can select those platforms if you think your site can sustain this outage. However, in case you think this kind of outage would be devastating for your site, always ensure to opt for the VPS providers offering 100% Uptime.

2. Customer Support

Good customer support is imperative. You may not ensure the help and support team of the VPS provider before selecting one. However, if you face any challenging situation with your website, you will regret your decision of not giving it a thought. Prefer opting for platforms that offer 24×7 live chat or phone customer support to immediately solve your queries. Some of the cheap Linux VPS hosting providers have great customer support.

3. Storage

The size of every website may hugely vary. It depends upon how many high-resolution images or self-hosted videos your website is featured with. You can get an idea of the storage by accessing the Webpage Size Checker Tool. It will multiply the space with the number of pages on your site and let you know the tentative total size of your website.

It is better to go for the VPS hosting plan offering high storage so that even if you want to upgrade the website in the near future, you can easily fit your upgraded website in the same amount of storage space.

4. Migration Services

It can be immensely beneficial if you need to migrate your site. Choosing a VPS service provider letting you migrate your site for free is what everyone wishes for.

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Q1. Why Should I Choose Linux VPS Hosting?

If you are looking for an affordable virtual server, find one that can run on Linux or is compatible with Linux. You will find the best Linux VPS hosting providers and expect the utmost reliability, the ones compatible with Linux.

Q2. Is VPS Worth?

You will never regret investing your money in VPS hosting services, as you will receive a dedicated memory plus greater reliability and security. The allocated memory will ensure the success of your site. VPS hosting is an excellent idea for all businesses, whether you have more extensive or fast-growing sites for small, medium, or large businesses.

Q3. What is a Virtual Server?

A pretend computer running inside a physical computer is known as a virtual server. As we all know, the power of servers is immense, and the demand of the servers is different from the desktop PC; even multiple virtual servers can effortlessly run on a single piece of hardware.

Q4. Which VPS hosting is ideal for small businesses or startups?

The answer to this question may vary as there are several cheap Linux VPS hosting providers which are also mentioned in this article above. As it depends upon the nature of your business, what type of products/services your business deals in, and the purpose of your business website. However, many startups and numerous small businesses use InMotion to host multiple websites. InMotion allows access to its wide range of features and gives them unlimited email accounts, which tends to be an excellent bonus for employees.

Q5. What can you use a VPS for?

VPS can be used for multiple purposes. For example, some businesses use VPS to run a single website. However, they may also access VPS to manage their multiple websites hassle-free.

VPS can be used for anything requiring internet access, such as creating your virtual private network to secure your device’s internet connection or running your Dropbox alternative with web applications like Owncloud.

Q6. What is the difference between VPS and a dedicated server?

So, how does VPS work? Primarily, VPS is a virtual environment running on dedicated hardware that is further shared with several other clients/users. On the other hand, a dedicated server provides the users with exclusive access to the hardware. Predominantly, dedicated servers are an idea for massive websites as the cost of a dedicated server is extensively high compared to VPS or shared hosting.

Q7. What is the difference between VPS hosting and Cloud hosting?

VPS is hosting based on a single physical server. In contrast, the cloud is hosted on a virtual partition consisting of multiple physical servers to maximize scalability and widen its reach to a large group of users.

It was all you need to know about VPS hosting compatible with Linux. You can ask any question related to VPS Hosting in the comment section below. We strive to provide the best content on the web and are here to help you in all the possible ways.

Nikita Sikri

Nikita Sikri

Nikita Sikri is a content creator and marketer who simplifies complex ideas and structures words to make them easy to understand for all audiences. She is a professional writer and editor- currently running a content writing agency, Aim2write, in Gurugram, India.

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