20 Successful Home Based Business Ideas in India

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Working from home or starting your own venture from home has gained popularity for a couple of years. There are many people who, along with their jobs so their own business, can earn more for living a better lifestyle. But, the best business idea comes from the intersection of passion, skills, planning, and timing.

The reason behind the increase of people working from home and starting their own home based business in India has risen after the increased influence of the Internet on all the sectors. The Internet has changed the trend of the work that was just limited to 9 to 5 jobs as now people are doing freelancing or starting their own business by seeking help from the Internet.

What makes a home based business successful?

Whenever you think of commencing a new business, the first thing that comes to mind is renting a place for opening the office or for manufacturing the good, etc. If you are worried about paying rent, relax as there are many businesses that you can start from your home itself.

Some businesses might need one spare room, or others might solely operate from the Internet. You can start these businesses with less investment, and these businesses would also not require much experience. All you would need is an idea, maybe one room, desktop, and raw material as per the work you start, and you are good to go.

Who can start a home based business in India?

A lot of people think of this question when they plan to do a home based business in India. The answer to this question is that anyone can start this business as there are no eligibility criteria or experience required for starting these businesses.  People like:

  • Housewives
  • Students
  • People looking for additional income
  • People who hate 9 to 5 job and want to start something of their own
  • Individuals looking for a job

Hence, anyone willing to earn extra income or wish to do something of their own can opt for this idea. They just need to search for what they are good at or interested in before choosing any business plan.

Advantages of Home Business

There are a plethora of pros in home based business ideas as you can pick any online or offline business idea as per your comfort. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Few Overhead costs- If the business plan you pick requires low investment, then their overhead costs will also be low such as rent, warehousing fee, electricity bill, etc.
  • Working hours- When you opt for a traditional job, you have to spend around 8 hours every day in it, but you have the flexibility to work as per your convenience and availability in your own work. Additionally, you also have personal freedom as you are not answerable to anyone, and there is no one to control you.
  • Earn more money- Along with a flexible work environment, you can earn additional income by starting your small business at home. You can also continue your job along with this business. Once your business works well, then if you want, you can solely focus on your business.
  • Time with family- Another significant advantage is that you can get to spend more time with your family. In fact, you can also take help from your wife or children if needed, this would make them happy, and you would get a helping hand.

Disadvantages of Home Business

Along with the pros come some cons too. Hence, it is essential to evaluate both sides of the coin before starting a new business. Thus, here are a few disadvantages of home based business which you should consider before taking any decision-

  • Disturbance at home- There might be a slight disturbance at your home as you might need some space, and for that, you might have to fix that stuff somewhere else.
  • Monotonous- When you work in your office, there are a lot of employees whom you talk to and discuss your work problems. But, while working from home, you might feel lonely and boring after a certain period.

20 Successful Home Based Business Ideas in India

There are several home based business ideas, but here we have mentioned some of the best and most approachable paths for creating a home business:

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

If you are an organized person, then being a virtual assistant might be the home based business idea for you. There is a personal secretary position in every company, which is also called a virtual assistant when it is done from a remote place.

A virtual assistant’s role is to help the entrepreneurs and business owners with scheduling appointments, doing the hotel and flight management, administrative work, answering emails, designing basic graphics, and offering technical assistance.

The only requisites for this position are good communication skills, self-confidence, knowledge of excel, and word. For starting this work from home, you would need a desktop, website, Internet with high speed and spare time of at least 2-3 hours a day. A beginner can earn around $20 an hour, and an experienced virtual assistant can earn up to $50 for one hour.

2. Web Design and Development

In today’s time, every business has gone online, and because of this, the need for website designing and development has increased tremendously. You can start a business of designing websites or updating the existing ones.

If you have some knowledge or expertise in web technology, then this can be the best option for you. Several forms are looking for creative website designers who can create an attractive and useful website for their organization.

Starting this business would require some up-front investment, especially in software, and you might need one or two people to work with you. While creating this business, you would have to be careful while choosing the target market and offer something unique to which your clients are impressed.

3. Event Management

A lot of people are into this business, but not everyone becomes successful. The reason behind it is that in this work, you should have a passion and should know well how to coordinate things.

This is a profitable home based business for young aspirants or even housewives who have creativity. There are various types of events, such as anniversary parties, weddings, birthdays, business meetings, cultural events, fairs, etc.

You can earn 1 Lac for an event, and even more, the income in this business depends upon the event and the client you are working for. For starting this business, you would need to get contacts as you would need to be in touch with people who do decoration, lighting, catering, music, arrange goodies, and much more.

4. Freelance Content writing

Since most of the businesses have become online, there has also been an increase in demand for content writers. If you have excellent writing skills, then this can be a perfect option for you. Freelance writers work from all around the world, and you can do this sitting at home or anywhere in the world.

To be a successful writer, you should have a good command of grammar, know to edit, know how to do proper research on the content before writing, and possess knowledge of MS Word.

This type of job is best suitable for students, educated homemakers, and people who have a passion for writing. You can earn a decent amount of money in this job as people pay around .30p to .50p per word to the beginners.

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5. Catering services

If you love to cook, then this home based business can be the best option for you. The only difference would be that you would have to make food on a large scale.

You might not be able to do this work alone as you would need some help in organizing, marketing, planning, and cooking. Therefore, you would have to hire 1-2 people who can assist you. This side business works well when people refer your food to their friends.

This business would not require much capital as just some staff and maybe a commercial kitchen if you plan to open it on a medium scale. The income potential is good from this business; all you need to ensure is that your quality remains intact.

6. Photography


Clicking pictures has become a trend these days but if you have a passion for photography, then go for this business. Remember, professional photography is much more than clicking pictures on your smartphone.

There is a lot of competition in this business plus the demands of the clients are very high. Thus, you would have to be on your toes if you want to succeed in this business. There are various forms of photography; it depends on you whether you wish to open a studio, take pictures and use as stock photos or sell your photographs.

Starting this business is slightly expensive as you would need a good DSLR, lenses, stand, and lights, which are all very expensive. You can earn well in this business by doing shoots for weddings, birthdays, etc., or going for a portfolio or product shoot.

7. Home Bakery

Baking can transform into various business ideas; you can earn a tremendous amount of money by mastering the oven and kneading the dough. It is an approachable business idea, and you can bake anything you want, be it cookies, cake, brownies, and whatnot.

There are a lot of baking experts who have already turned this passion into their bread and butter. Depending on your experience and clients, you can start this business at home without leaving your day job.

You would only need an oven and some raw materials along with your perfect recipe. The startup cost is less but consider the fact that you might have to deliver the products to the customer’s doorstep for that; you might need a delivery person for that.

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8. Become a tutor

Competition has increased immensely, and parents are ready to pay a reasonably good amount of money for tutors to get their kids into the top universities. If you have great knowledge on a few subjects and have teaching skills, then without a doubt you should opt for this home based business.

You can either do online teaching or give home tuitions as well. If you are not a subject expert, then you can also teach students from small classes as they require a lot of patience and good teaching skills. This business is suitable for homemakers, school teachers, lecturers, and professors who want to earn extra income.

You can make $10 to $50 per hour in online tutoring, depending on the subject you teach. In-home tuitions, it depends on the city where you are based plus the class you teach.

9. Affiliate Sales & Marketing

Various people love this business idea as it has decent money plus does not require much experience. It is a performance-based business model; in this, you earn by selling other products.

It is a great way to make passive income as whenever you sell their product; the seller would give you a fixed commission on it. If you are good at sales and make a good target market, then you can earn around $1000 every month.

For starting affiliate business, first, you should create a blog and then make an affiliate account with renowned companies like Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareASale, etc. If you do not have a blog, don’t worry, as you can do this through social media influence as well.

10. Travel Planner

This would be the first choice of people who love travelling as they would know well about the places, this knowledge would be helpful in planning trips for others. Being a travel planner is not as easy as anyone can book flights and hotels, but there are a lot more things that need to be taken care of.

If you have in-depth knowledge of places and travelling, then you can explain to the client about the good and hidden places to visit. Plus can also advise them about good ad traditional food they should try, etc. These small things would leave a good impression on the client and can gauge more and more clients.

This business requires very little investment, and you can easily start it from home. Initially, it does not require any workforce, but as the work expands, you can keep more people and make a proper office.

11. Cleaning service

This might seem a very different idea to you, but yes, then it can be a reasonably profitable business for you. Cleaning a house is not an easy job; hence, you must consider this option if you are good at it. Well, this is not a home based business idea as you or your team would have to go to someone else’s home to clean it.

The demand for this has increased tremendously because these days both the partners are working and they do not have time to clean the house. Hence, they prefer someone who can clean their house nicely along with maintaining proper hygiene.

In this business, the investment is meager as you would just need a few pieces of equipment to clean the house, plus you might need one helping hand. Depending on your work, you can earn a fair amount of money as people are willing to give $25 for one hour.

12. Beauty Parlor

If you have the talent to help people look their best and know well how to mesmerize with liners, lipstick, blush on and other makeup, then pursue this business as it would help you earn a handsome amount of money every month.

With the changing lifestyle of people and the upcoming of western culture, there have been a lot of changes in the beauty and cosmetics industry as well. There has been an increased demand for beauty parlours as everyone wants to look pretty and get them groomed.

The investment to start this business is not huge, but you can increase the products as your business starts to flourish. Expansion in this business is only possible if you use high-grade products and people promote your work if they like it.

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13. Selling handmade clothing and garments

If you have good knowledge of clothing and know how to stitch, then you should consider selling handmade clothes and garments online. You can make designer clothes or open a boutique. If you do not want to open a designer boutique, you can also opt for repairing or fitting clothes.

Opening a tailoring shop can also be a profitable business as there you can stitch clothes along with that do the repairing and alteration work as well. The investment in this business is less as you would just require a sewing machine.

This work is more about talent, skills, and hard work. If you deliver your work timely and of good quality, you will have more clients, and people would love to come again.

14. Rent a spare room

Various people are doing this business as it requires no or very less investment but has an outstanding return. If you have extra space at your place, then you can put it on websites like Airbnb, vacasa, etc., on rent. They pay a decent amount for a room.

If you live in a place where there is a lot of tourism, then there can be no better business than this for you. People would search for a room on these websites, and if they like it, they will contact you. It is a straightforward process; all you need to take care of is the room’s hygiene and cleanliness.

Ensure that you offer generous hospitality so that they give good reviews on the website and more and more people approach you. This is a very simple and easy business as it does not need much effort; thus, if there is an extra room at your place, then this is the best way to make extra income.

15. Child care

Child care

If you have enough space, you can also commence a daycare business by managing a couple of children. This business is flourishing as nowadays both husband and wife are working; therefore, they need a safe place to keep their children.

This business can run well in places where there are a lot of companies. It can be easy for you to run this business if you already have teaching experience or already have your own kids. In fact, this can be a lucrative business idea for people who love being around kids.

Before you start this business, always plan about the age-group of kids you want to look after. If things go well, you can expand this business and keep more staff for managing the kids. The investment in this business is also minimal, so funds should not be a problem if you plan to open a daycare at your home.

16. Handmade craft business

If you are creative and good at art and craft, then this is the first home based business idea that should come to your mind. People love handmade products as they are unique and can also be customized as per demand.

You can opt for various things in handmade crafts such as basket making, home décor items, jewels, cards, scrapbooks, and much more. The options are endless, but you should pick one which you are best at and then expand your work as per the demand.

This work is not about investment but is all about creativity and hard work. This business is best suited for college students, homemakers, or people who are searching for a part-time job. You can either sell it online or go to the local market and sell your products in bulk.

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17. Petsitter

If you have a love for animals, then only you can come into this business line. This business requires more time than money. If you have some space at home, then you can make a proper arrangement for the pets you would keep.

This business is growing as people give their pets to a pet sitter when they go out for work or a vacation. The primary role would be to take care of the pets and take them for a walk twice a day.

The easiest way to gain expertise in this business is by following the pet owner’s instructions as he would tell you better about them, and it would make your job simple and would become more comfortable to handle them.

18. Personal trainer or wellness coach

If you are a gym freak and love training people on fitness, then why to consider any other option. If you become a personal trainer, you can either let people come to your place if you have the required equipment, train them online, visit a gym, or can also give training at their home.

The startup cost would be under Rs.1 00,000 only when you buy some equipment. If you visit your client’s place or go to a gym, then there would be no investment at all. For becoming a fitness trainer, you require to have precise knowledge about exercises for different body types.

This business needs expertise and experience; not everyone can jump into this field. You can earn a fair amount of money being a fitness trainer as people pay a lot of money to the trainers who visit their home. Rest, it also depends on your experience and the clients you get.

19. Interior Designer

Interior Designer

If you have a great sense of composition, organization, and feng shui, then this is the perfect business for you. Either you can make your own clients or partner with the local furniture and design businesses to help you get good deals.

Perfection is the only key to success in this business. If you want to gain more and more clients and desire to have a significant market, you need to ensure that your work is up to the mark. There is a massive potential in this business as people look for interior designers when they make a home, office, restaurant, hotel, etc.

The investment might be low in this business, but there are many skills and expertise required in it.  Not everyone can succeed in this field; hence, if you think you have creativity and skills, then only opt for this field.

20. Create a YouTube channel

There is a considerable rise of live streaming videos and video on demand because of which YouTube has grown from just a video hub to a content-on-demand powerhouse. Many people are unaware that they earn also earn money by uploading videos on YouTube.

There are numerous categories of videos on YouTube, and everyday end number of videos are uploaded and viewed by thousands of people. The procedure of earning money on YouTube is first to think of a niche in which you wish to create unique videos. Your video can be in the context of entertainment, funny, tutorials, informative, or anything that you like. Then make your own YouTube channel and post the video on it.

It is said to be the advanced version of blogging and is called Vlogging (Video-blogging). Once you get a minimum of 10 000 views and 1 000 subscribers, after that you are eligible for displaying Google Adsense Ads on your videos. If someone clicks on that ad, then also you get paid for it.

Tips for starting a Home Based Business in India

Having an own home based business in India is a dream of various people as it is not an easy task. But, if you plan things well in advance, things can be pretty simple and straightforward. If you are already working from home, you might be aware of some of the marketing skills required in the business.

Here are a few points that you should always consider before starting your own home based venture:

1. Make a business plan- The foremost thing that one should do is to craft a solid business plan. Think about the company’s purpose, the business you wish to do, and set your targets & goals beforehand.

2. In case if you are short of capital, then think of the sources to raise funds from. Also, ensure that you regularly follow up on the business plan so that you do not miss anything.

3. Plan about the workspace- Once the business plan is ready, the second thing to consider is a workspace. If you have enough space at home as per your business, it is great as you would not have to take any place on rent. You would have to manage the things at your accordingly and ensure that you choose a room where you do not get distracted by the daily home affairs. If there is no space at your place, try and set up your workspace in your bedroom.

4. Research- There are end number of business strategies and plan in the market, but you would have to first think of what you wish to do. Once the niche or product is selected, then do proper research and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.

5. Weigh your options- If you have many choices in your mind, then make a list of their pros and cons and check which seems more profitable to you, and then choose the best one.

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When you plan for a home based business in India, try and opt for the one which is cost-effective, has less investment, fits your skills, and should also motivate you. If possible, try to find a strategic business partner who can take a financial stake or pitch your idea to an angel investor. So, what small business are you planning to start?

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