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80 Best Small Business Ideas in India

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India for 2020

Who does not want to own a business? No matter if it is commenced as a small scale or done through huge capital investment, it is still considered a business. Even if you do not want to invest ample amount into a business you can still run a profitable small scale business. We will brief you about all the best small business ideas in India.

We understand it could be hard for beginners to find the right business idea for opening any new business. One wrong decision could ruin all your investment and time. It is therefore always suggested, to explore as many options as you can and then depending upon your current financial status, demographics, local demand in the same field, expertise, and experience, choose the viable option that matches all your needs.

The Indian business is constantly seeking growth in all a wide array of areas due to numerous factors which include government stimulus, international trade, and a strong developing and evolving economy. There are tons of business opportunities available in various sectors due to the rapid increase of youths that are rising to technology and leadership driving innovation and growth.

You can easily start a small scale business requiring low investments with the boost in technological advancement, and creativity. It is just that you need to possess some special skills for performing specific tasks. You can even operate some businesses from your home, while some of them may require you to lease or rent out small premises.

Crucial aspects to be considered before the commencement of a small business

2 significant factors should never be ignored when you are about to open your new business:

  • Business Funds- This is the most important is to arrange the funds. You can procure a loan to fund your small business idea either from the banks, community organizations, and cooperative credit societies. However, a small business can also be started up with whatever little investment you may have.
  • Planning Prior- One has to plan well for success. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Hence, it is very crucial to plan the entire business strategy in advance before the launch. Study the whole market for the product or service you are about to deal in.

Also, make a comprehensive report and get acquainted with all your competitors and their offerings. There is always a scope of improvement, so always seek advice from the people you trust. Never forget to build a complete database on the potential customers for your product or service you are offering.

80 Best Small Business Ideas in India

80 Small business Ideas to start in India

The business ideas which we are going to talk about below have certain opportunities behind it which you need to match as per your needs, and requirements. Let’s dive in all the business ideas to check the compilation of all these opportunities in India that can be started with very low investment-

1) Content Writer and Blogging

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India (2023)

If you have a strong command over your writing style and reading skills, you can very smoothly utilize your skills to get yourself earn a decent income. It has become a profitable business not only in India but across the world. You get paid on every word you write for your clients. The best part of being a content writer is you can start is without investing a single penny as if you are confident in your writing skills, you can start your carrier as a content blogger or a writer.

2) Digital Marketing

There are ample opportunists available in digital marketing. As you can launch your own startup, do a freelance business, promote several products and earn well. Before taking any of the above steps, you need to have a robust command over your digital marketing skills, which you can learn by joining a digital marketing training center or you can do a course online.

3) Mobile Apps

As we all know the demand for mobile phones is rapidly increasing every day and so is for mobile apps. The scope of making mobile apps has a huge potential in India. For a mobile app maker you need to have technical knowledge about all the tools related to its development (tech-savvy), understand the needs of the customer and design the app accordingly. Also, ensure before it is developed whether it is serving the purpose of the potential users or not.

4) Pollution masks

With the rapid increase in pollution in all metropolitan cities especially Delhi, in upcoming years the scope of manufacturing and trading these pollution masks would be like selling hotcakes. The demand for these masks will keep on increasing due to the massive hazardous air pollution effects.

5) Network Marketing

For establishing yourself into the network marketing with less investment, you need to tie up with putative brands that offer proficient products. In order to search for the brands, you can check it on Google whose products are always in demand.

Mostly, these days people have become very conscious of nutrition, health, and supplements, beauty, and skincare products for which you can boost your marketing and networking with the distributors already dealing in this field. You can grow and expand your business by promoting your products to your relatives, friend circle, and doing online business by building a website.

6) Dropshipping

One of the best aspects of this business is that you can start this by building your own e-commerce website without even investing a considerable amount and without stocking any product. As you do not need to purchase any product until you get any order from the customer. You have an opportunity to earn a profit as high as up to 3 times the price of the seller.

There is a straightforward process that you need to follow in order to start your Dropshipping business:

  • The first thing that you need to do is that find a supplier such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc and tie up with them
  • Build up your e-commerce website and prepare a list from what you want to sell from these suppliers
  • Promote your website on social media networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, or other online marketing channels
  • Once you receive orders from the customers, place the order with suppliers and ask them to deliver the products to the address of the customer.

7) Fashion Designing

It is not a difficult industry in which you can make a career if you have a keen interest in fashion and clothing. Moreover, you will have an upper hand if you are residing in urban or semi-urban cities as you have an opportunity to be cognizant of what is in the trend. This way, you can be the trendsetter and rule this industry without investing too much.

8) loT Home/ Builder Consultant

Many latest government policies have been launched to support this opportunity for creating a startup that services in this area. If you want to commence this business, you need to existing homeowners and developers to transform their living space into what they actually want as per their liking. This way you can turn their regular home into a smart home.

This idea involves a very low investment to start as the parts for loT installations are reasonable and the best part is that you will find the clients who will pay you the upfront cost for the services they get.

9) TV Advertisement company

As you, all know TV ads have become a great platform for all the companies in order to promote or launch their products in the market. It is the best way to market your product or service. Due to the rapid increase in Advertisements, creating and managing TV Ad companies is a business idea that can be considered.

To begin with this business plan, you can approach your competitors who don’t have TV ads and convince them that they can be your client, or you can approach a company who is already running Television Ads. The initial investment would include studio space, cameras, green screens, and lighting effects.

10) Customized Gifts

You can start this business even at home. Nowadays, everyone wants to give their loved ones a memorable gift on special days or occasions. Starting the business of customized gifts can be much profitable and it even does not require much investment. You just need to buy certain gift items and accessories used for customization.

11) Blogger

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India (2023)

You can start your career and there is a wide scope in India for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, travel bloggers, music bloggers, and many related fields. If you have abundant knowledge about a certain subject like traveling and you have traveled a lot, you can share your experiences and write blogs related to it. Once you have posted the blog, all that is left is the battle of likes and shares. More your blog will be read, the more money you will make.

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12) Social Media Consultant

As mass media has become a crucial aspect of marketing. Be it any business, company/organization, and authority figures, they all are pretty much concerned about their goodwill and reputation which opens up a wide scope for social media consultants.

Their goodwill and reputation can pre-dominantly be impacted (positively and negatively) by social media platforms which are handled by consultants. This way they earn a lucrative income by charging a hefty amount from the renowned companies.

13) Aquariums and Fish

This is a very low investment project in which you can start at your home as well. You just need to buy a few aquariums of various sizes and distinctive varieties of fishes. For breeding of fishes, you can keep special tanks. This way you just need to buy fishes one time, and thereafter you can multiply them by breeding.

On top of that, you can also sell fish foods, air pumps, and decorative stuff for the aquarium which will boost your profits. The only thing is you should have the knowledge and be well versed in handling different types of fishes.

14) Coins and Stamps

There is an array of non-existent Stamps and Coins. However, there are already many stamps and coins collectors around the world but not in India. There is a wide scope of this lucrative business.

In order to initiate this low investment high return stamp business, you need to register yourself with postal departments of various countries. As you need to buy the latest stamps, you have to pay some advance money to purchase those stamps. For starting up coins business, you need to take permission from a special government that runs bureaus internationally. Once you are registered with them, these departments will send you the coins and stamps which can be sold at a very good premium depending upon the buyer/client.

15) Pet Care and Pet Food

This business is becoming popular in India as everyone who is having pets, love them. Pets become like a family member for the ones who are their caretakers. When the people handling pets go on a vacation or a business tour, they are unable to take their pets along. Then they look for services that can take proper care of their pets while they are elsewhere. If you well versed and know how to handle pets, this business is an apt choice for you with low investment.

You can keep pet food as well. The people who will leave their pets may also buy their pet’s food from you which will increase your profit margin.

16) Beauty Salon

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India (2023)

It is one of the most trending retail business ideas that many people are considering to earn a spectacular income. It enhances the client’s physical appearance and provides mental relaxation due to which everyone comes to the beauty salon. The profit margin is relatively good as compared to many other businesses if you get a good clientele.

However, there are certain aspects that you should be taken care of before initiating this business such as the location, efficient and skilled manpower, and the right promotion or marketing strategy to increase your clients and the overall sales. You can take a place on rent and start this business on a small scale with not such a huge investment.

17) 3D Printing

3D printing is even replacing prototype printing technology as it has gained much popularity in India. If you are thinking and you have considerable knowledge in the digital printing industry, 3D printing is can be a kickstart for your career. You need to invest in buying 3D printing machines, which does not involve a high investment if you go for a small machine purchase.

18) Renewable Energy

Apart from making considerable money for you, this business is also good for the environment. The government is also promoting and giving subsidies to the companies that are converting themselves into alternative energy business ventures. If you are an environment lover, this business is a perfect fit for you.

With the increase in the global warming effect, many individuals are willing to try their hands in this field. They are using their empty or unused land and even their rooftops for installing solar panels which are helping the environment and also provide them an opportunity to make money.

19) Cyber Security

If you are tech-savvy with profound knowledge of hacking, programming, software, and hardware, you can start up your own cybersecurity company or provide these security services to well-reputed companies. The top-notch companies will pay a huge amount to keep their system secure and to avoid any unauthorized access to their database. Many cybersecurity companies are being launched in India and all the big corporate companies are buying their highly paid packages to ensure their data remains safe.

20) Photography

If you are well versed with the camera functioning and very good with clicking pictures, you can think of this option as to become a photographer you need to buy a professional camera. And you are all set!

These days everyone hires a professional photographer for their weddings, birthdays, events, festivals, etc. There is a huge scope of this profession at present and an optimistic business idea for the future.

21)Share Market

You can try your hand in the stock market if you are good at speculations and plentiful economic understanding. However, it is not like other businesses as it involves more risk but it can be a quick way to earn money. If you are willing enough to take the risk and you are well informed about the working of the share market, then you can go ahead and try your luck.

22) Courier Services

In order to open a courier service company on a small scale, you can tie up with other brands who are already working as a courier service provider. The need for courier service has emerged in India due to the numerous shopping online apps being launched each day. It is a low investment business if you tie up with other brands and keep your specific share as a partner.

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23) Chocolate Making

It can be a really good home-based business venture from which you can earn a lot. Candy making or chocolate business is very popular in India and many people make several types of chocolates and sell it under their own brand name.

If people can’t stop drooling when they see your homemade candies, you should get into this business. You just need to target a local market that has potential customers to buy chocolates. The other thing is to contact a dedicated team or person to deliver your chocolates.

24) Wifi Installation Company

With the evolvement of time, the need for wifi internet solutions is increasing day by day. Customers demand internet everywhere, be it their home, office, shop or even a small retail counter. Consequently, the demand for wifi installation has augmented.

You need to invest some portion of your amount in buying supplies to install wifi routers. Once you buy the routers and maintain your stock, you could begin by approaching places where there is a huge footfall such as malls, departmental stores, hygiene stores, etc. You need to talk to their owners and set up a deal to install the wifi hotspots.

25) Web Designer

Nowadays, almost all businesses have their own websites. This is has led to increasing demand for a web designer as every business is keen to create a website for their products or services they are dealing with.

The startup does not require a high investment as you would just need a computer and learn some web designing skills from a training center or an institute. You can also learn web designing online to execute. Once you know how to design websites, you can approach local new or existing businesses to check whether they are looking for building up a website or modifying an existing one.

26) Bakery

It is also one of the lucrative businesses in India for the people who are competent in making cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins, bread, and all the other bakery items.

You can open up a bakery at an appropriate location in a market where there is huge customer traffic. Moreover, it has a wide scope of growth and expansion that too without investing a big amount. You just need to be armed with an excellent oven and require great skills in the preparation of these baked delicacies.

27) Fitness Centres

People are becoming significantly health conscious. With this increasing fitness awareness, the demand for fitness centers or gyms has seen a major hike. It has even become a part of numerous people’s lifestyles. You can buy a few low-cost equipments at the initial stage. You can buy equipment henceforth when you evaluate your profits and analyze the customer’s responsibility.

28)Extracurricular Activities Centre

Due to provided platforms of many reality shows in the Television and film industry, there has been observed a significant rise in the scope of dancing, acting, singing, etc. It has become one of the promising careers.

Launching an Extracurricular academy to train students in such fields is a lucrative opportunity in India to catch hold of. Not only in metropolitans and big cities, but even these activities are seen widespread in rural areas and people are will to spend on learning such services.

29) Restaurant and Cafe

The schedule of people is very hectic usually is busy cities. All they want is to have peace of mind along while having delicious food. Many individuals do not even get any time to preparing food for themselves. This has resulted in a constant increase in the demand of all the food chains and outlets. It’s a sure-shot business idea to start with low investment. The only thing you need to ensure is to have skilled staff primarily chefs.

30) Handicrafts

If you are creative enough to use this platform for your business, you can start manufacturing your own handicrafts. Making handicrafts is a superlative low investment business that you either do trading of. If you do not want to involve yourself in the making process, you can buy and sell them at places where it is non-existent.

Glitzy showrooms charge an exorbitant price for these handicrafts which are used for home and office decor. These showrooms purchase it from the local manufacturers and sell it to the customers at an extraordinary price. You can tie up with these showrooms or can target local market shops, and sell the customers these handicrafts directly at a reasonable price as compared to the one customers get in showrooms.

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31) Packing services

Usually small and medium-sized businesses do not have a dedicated department that deals with packing their product. They often hire individuals or outside companies who do it for them. In the case of an individual, they can often be unreliable.

So, if you open up a packing service company whose primary role is to deal with providing packaging services, you can be spotted easily and the need for this business is augmenting.

You can also tie-up with some businesses that deal with selling their products online. You just require appropriate fine quality packing material such as strapping machines, cartons, cutters, and experienced manpower. This is one of the low investment high return businesses.

32) Tutoring

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India (2023)

Every parent wants to provide the best education to their children while they are going to school. The need for a qualified and dedicated tutor for every child has become a requisite. It has led to an increase in demand for tutors. If you want you can also opt for an option of online tutoring, as many students these days are excelling in their education by availing online tutoring facilities.

If you are educated and have profound knowledge of teaching, you can start off with this business with having no capital investment.

33) Catering business

Be it any wedding, event, or any formal get together, caterers are in high demand these days. If you have excellent interpersonal skills and you can work under pressure along with managing your staff, a catering business can fetch you a decent amount of money.

However, you need to be experienced as there are many big shots already in this field. For becoming a renowned caterer, you need to be an all-rounder, that is being good in staff management, aware of different serving recipes, different cuisines, and all the trendy culinary that is being liked by people according to the gathering.

34) Make Religious Items

India is a devout country. People have faith in religious items such as pictures of deities, idols, incense sticks, holy candles, prayer beads, cotton wicks for lamps, and other paraphernalia. You can start making these items even at your home without investing much in this business. The best part is there is no lack of customers in this area as people are willing to spend on religious stuff without concerning much about the price of the product.

35) CCTV and Surveillance

Every new homeowner is demanding a security camera’s connections these days. Not only them, but even the existing or old homeowners are also becoming security-conscious and are ready to spend an additional cost on CCTV or Security cameras for ensuring safety. This has boosted the demand for CCTV and surveillance cameras that are getting installed at homes as well as commercial offices. You need not do a high-cost investment to start this business. Commencing this business has an extensive scope at present and in the future.

36) Delivery Services

Best Courier Service for Ecommerce Shipping | Shipping & logistic Solution | Cheapest Shipping India

Ample shipping companies are facing issues while delivering their products to some backward and rural places. You can sort this issue out for those shipping companies and avail the benefit of making greater profits by becoming a last-mile delivery service provider. You need to set up a warehouse (on rent) on the edge of the city where you want your distribution channel to be powerful.

With better connectivity options, you can handle the final miles of the trip. You ought to predominantly focus on the places where regular shipping companies are not willing to go. You can charge extra for your delivery service at these places and make profits.

37) Mobile Wallet Payment

Till the time online payment solution apps were not launched, people were more comfortable using cash than other payment options. But since the inauguration of these mobile payment solutions become a part of the Play Store and App Store, many people have shifted using mobile wallets instead of cash. There are many reasons why people have inclined towards its usage which are listed below-

  • No need to manage cash in your pockets
  • One-click hassle-free payments sitting at your place
  • More secure and safe as you have a record/proof that you have made the payment

An enormous portion of the population is using smartphones which help them to do research, communicate, and use it as a source of entrainment. In order to set up this business idea, you need to have complete knowledge of how programmers and coders work while processing these types of payment solutions. You can also tie-up with professional programmers and coders for making the startup costs lower and bringing down the capital investment.

38) Travel Services

Time has changed as people have started traveling often for personal and business purposes. You can make huge profits by dealing with traveling services such as booking flights, trains, bus, accommodation, entire tour and travel packages, cruise packages, many more. You need to have a tie-up with hotel chains at various destinations, long-distance bus services, railways, and flight companies.

You also have an option to collaborate with major travel agents and service providers if you want to play safe and are not willing to take any kind of risk. In this way, you can get commissions for every reservation you make.

39) Ice Cubes

Although it is not a very easy business that you might think. It requires to be asserted with specifications prescribed by FSSAI (Food Safety And Standard Authority Of India). If you have, clean water and appropriate packaging provisions, proper equipment, you can enter this big industry starting with a minimal investment. The pre-requisite before commencing this business is to get your product listed under FSSAI certification.

40) Fragrant and Regular Candles

How To Make Scented Candles | DIY Aroma Candles | Small Business Ideas Ep -1

The use of candles is not limited to illuminate houses during power cuts or religious centers, they are also used for interior decoration in restaurants, showrooms, offices, homes, weddings, and other events.

Making a candle is not difficult. With some training and experience, and with the use of fragrant oils you can make fragrant candles of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Fragrant candles are also extensively used for meditation and relaxation purposes in religious and spiritual retreats.

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41) Crowd Funding Business

One of the most sensible financing options for modern startups and rising businesses have been regarded as crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the process of raising money for a project or company from a large group of people as opposed to just one or two significant investors. Different aspects of crowdfunding, including gift, equity, real estate, and reward-based, are all possible.

To attract a vast number of investment supporters and persuade them to invest in your project, you must have strong sales and marketing abilities to run a successful crowdfunding firm. The key advantage of a crowdfunding business is that there is very little danger to the firm’s finances and that it can be launched with very little money. read on to know more about best small business ideas in India.

42) Tailoring Shop

As far as profitable company concepts go, this one is based on a different fundamental need for survival, clothes, thus the market is, well, everyone. Tailoring and needlework have been established enterprises for many years, and the majority of them operates from homes and takes orders from tiny stores. But having a tried-and-true business model does increase the likelihood that it will succeed in the future, particularly in bigger cities where there is a huge demand for tailoring services. To increase one’s chances of success in this small company endeavor, one has to complete the necessary training and, preferably, should have adequate experience.

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43) Small Asset and Wealth Management Company

Due to their flexibility and agility, independent small wealth and asset management businesses are outpacing the big players and is easily one of the best small business ideas in India. If you have a good network and a strong financial foundation, you can establish a smaller company. You can outsource the other administrative duties because your business is small.

An investment advice service called wealth and asset management combines various financial services to meet the demands of high net worth and wealthy customers. A specialist with the financial know-how to manage an affluent client’s money holistically for a defined price is a wealth management adviser who works independently and for themselves.

44) Juice Corner

Fruit Juice corner business | StartupYo |

Fresh juices without preservatives are becoming more and more well-liked among Indians as their health consciousness increases. Due to its potential for success, the modest juice bar has been included on our list of small business ideas for India. While one is at it, expanding into similar beverages, particularly (and perhaps less healthily) summer drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, and lassi, could be beneficial for this tiny company.

Of course, one might choose to go all out and begin with a food truck that is completely loaded. As long as the food and beverages offered are of a good caliber and all necessary permissions are in place, it shouldn’t be too difficult to ensure this company idea’s success.

45) Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are an option for skilled professional cooks who do not want to toil away at a restaurant or food truck company. The creation of tasty yet nutritious food is a novel concept that is gaining popularity in India among urban and semi-urban households. Additionally, these programs may be delivered both in-person and online, or someone can start a vlog to instruct others in the finer points of culinary arts. By using the web classes, one has a far greater opportunity to reach and profit from market groups that they may not otherwise be able to. Read more to know about the best small business ideas in India.

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46) Takeaway Corner

Since food is one of the essentials for survival, it is a popular choice for individuals to enjoy and start an F&B (Food & Beverage) business. Because of this, restaurants as a small-scale company concept that will always have clients as long as they offer delicious cuisine. Of course, a new company does not always need to be a restaurant right away. One can start with only a few essential foods, such as a filling traditional breakfast with add-on snacks. Or one can create a takeaway corner for bigger meals like lunch and dinners are thalis with a pre-decided menu of the day. This will attract a lot many customers who do not have much time in their daily routine to cook or are students who need a fulfilling meal at a pocket-friendly cost.

47) Daycare or preschool Services

Pre-schools and childcare centers are booming industries in India as the country’s working population grows. Preschools have a history of producing high yields of revenue, making them one of the more lucrative industries to invest in. All you need is a well-written, comprehensive business strategy, as well as valid registration and licensing.

This is a tiny company that women may start from home or a modest location. Opening a babysitting, daycare, or preschool business requires relatively little capital and is one of the best small business ideas in India. You can invest in a few toys, cribs, and beds to get started. Include a first aid kit, several packages of disposable diapers, antibacterial creams, etc. to the daycare center too. However, if one wants to open a preschool, then one might need more facilities and more capital as well to run a successful business.

48) Ice Cream Parlor

You changed my life. Now we’re opening an ice cream store!

Even though it’s a seasonal industry, the ice cream parlor is a popular choice for small enterprises. Purchasing the franchise of any certain ice cream brand is the first investment needed to start this manufacturing business. The second investment is having a shop where the counter may be placed. One cannot ignore the fact that ice cream remains one of the most demanded desserts among folks. Keeping the parlor open late at night for those who like to grab some ice cream during hot summer nights can be a good way to create a customer base.

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49) Wedding Bureaus

Marriages are planned in heaven but are performed on earth. Wedding bureaus are more common in small cities and villages than marriage websites. Before making a decision, families think about personally meeting other families. In light of this, having a small office, 1-2 employees, a registration certificate, and contacts can help you become a successful businessperson.

Without making significant financial commitments, one can quickly expand their marriage bureau business. All that is necessary to engage in discussion with the clientele is having solid connections, local knowledge, and people skills. Read on to know about best small business ideas in India.

50) Driving School

Driving lessons can be given to individuals if one has decent driving abilities and can afford a vehicle like a car. The individual may instruct 10-15 people each month with the same car and make a respectable income with no outlay. Getting a car and a small business loan may not be that tough. It is possible to pay back the loan in part using the money the driving school makes. With the money saved, the fleet of vehicles could be increased, additional driving instructors could be employed, and the company could grow. A new automobile can also be purchased with a small company loan.

51) DJ Services

DJs are a top consideration for every occasion, whether it is a wedding or a party. The DJs’ ability to draw a crowd is wholly contingent upon the business establishment. If you run your DJ business properly, it can be quite successful. You can maximize your business revenues if you have the necessary information and abilities. To start this type of business as a full-time profession, one needs a strong vision and skills.

You must do market and geographic research. Make a list of the locations you want to target where people frequently have fun and what kind of music they enjoy. Streamline your options and draught music industry business ideas. A DJ can make money in a variety of ways, including promotions, advertisements, social media accounts, and YouTube.

52) Flower Shop

Jenny Joseph: The florist turned entrepreneur whose life blossomed in the UAE

You may start a flower shop now if you’re seeking a profitable venture that requires very little capital. This type of business is one of the best small business ideas in India and it can be launched in a variety of ways. You may sell several flower varieties by displaying them in a store and giving them a bouquet-like arrangement, or you can alternatively sell them to a major retailer too. If you’d want, you can also make money by selling flowers on specific days, perhaps by selling the same flower each day.

In addition, you can accept orders for flower arrangements for weddings and other special occasions and benefit from this company. You can either get the flowers for a flower farm or can grow flowers yourself.

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53) Real Estate Agency

You should have a sufficient understanding of the location in which you want to establish your real estate firm before you can build your small business concept. A real estate firm manages, purchases, operates, sells, or invests in land, buildings, and offices. The market for real estate is huge. There are several factors to take into account if you want to launch a profitable real estate firm. Consider what precise specialty is best for your company when beginning a new business to offer yourself an advantage over the competitors.

To prevent disappointing all of your prospective consumers, make sure you build up your real estate firm to fulfill the needs of a certain niche. You can assist individuals in finding their ideal house or piece of property as a real estate agent.

54) Computer Training Classes

There is a high need for computer knowledge and expertise in the current period. One’s chances of landing a job are significantly improved if they have a fundamental understanding of how to use a computer and simple applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from the Microsoft Office suite. As a result, there is a high need for people to understand computer science, programming, and the rapidly developing fields of technology like artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, the Internet of Things, etc.

If so, you can open a training facility with a few PCs, an internet connection, and teaching tools like projectors and whiteboards. Since information drives the company’s operations, ongoing investments after the initial capital outlay are minimal. Learn more about best small business ideas in India.

55) Organic Farming Business

Whether you farm or not, farming is very necessary for your survival.  Our health is negatively impacted by the pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture.  It is getting more widely known. They recognize the value of chemical-free food.  Future years will see a significant increase in the importance of organic farming. You may do organic farming if you own a farm. You can sell them to different whole foods and grocers that focus on organic food.

56) Organic Food Store

Is Organic Food Really Worth It?

Our health is negatively impacted by the pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture.  It is getting more widely known. People recognize the value of chemical-free food.  Future years will see a significant increase in the importance of organic farming. You can now go to different whole foods and grocers that focus on organic food. People are gradually becoming aware of it. This opens a large opportunity for those who do not want to farm organic food but has a knack for selling.

Because there is such a high demand for organic fruits and veggies, you can sell them. You have the option of starting as a small vendor. Finding a farmer who grows organic fruits and vegetables is all that is required.

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57) Medical Sample Service

Another low-investment and one of the best small business ideas in India, with explosive growth is medical sample service. It implies that you get patient samples of their blood, feces, urine, and sputum at their residences. Delivering these samples to pathological labs will allow them to be tested and provide medical reports. The consumer must get the reports at their residence. You will need a car or bike, tools for storing biohazardous material, and knowledge of how to draw blood samples. Before starting this firm, contracts with pathological labs are required.

58) Financial Consultation

You can work as a financial consultant and start one’s consultancy if you have an understanding of finance and investments and a degree or certification in the field. The majority of individuals lack basic financial and investing knowledge. They are unable to choose where to invest and where not to. People often desire to organize their finances. They want to prepare for their financial future or wish to invest their money wisely. You need to have sufficient expertise and experience to launch this business. You can gain experience by working anywhere before establishing this business.

59) Mobile Garage Service

Everybody has witnessed automobiles, scooters, and motorcycles malfunction amid crowded streets. The unlucky owners of these automobiles frequently struggle with the question of where to receive repairs. You might offer a mobile garage in such cases. It is one of the innovative and best small business ideas in India. You will need a car, a cell phone, and all the tools necessary to fix a stalled vehicle for this low-investment business. Simply head over to where the car is parked and start making repairs there.

60) Jams and Pickles Business

Local business makes jams, candy from Florida citrus

People in India regularly pair their meals with a variety of pickles, jams, and papads. People love homemade fruit jams since they don’t contain preservatives and they taste great. With the help of several organizations, you may turn this venture into a lucrative one with minimal capital. Making pickles and papads is another excellent idea for a home-based company that women have been doing for a long time.

You can launch this business either part-time or full-time, depending on your preferences. The business owner may progressively raise their supply and production capacity as the company starts to take off in terms of clients and popularity. This way one can expand their business.

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61) Address Verification Services

Customers’ reported addresses are frequently subject to physical verification by banks, credit card firms, and mobile phone providers. They take this action to avoid defaults and fraud.  This low-investment industry is once more in demand today. To visit the client addresses that banks, as well as other service providers, have supplied, however, you will need a car and perhaps additional staff to run a verification business. Learn more about best small business ideas in India.

62)T-Shirt Printing Business

Young people today choose to wear T-shirts with fresh patterns and vibrant full prints. If you want to establish a small business and make some money, you may do it by printing T-shirts. T-shirt printing has grown to be a popular business option, especially for company owners searching for a startup with a minimal startup cost.

If you sell printed t-shirts online, you do not need to get a license.  Simply contact a reputable T-shirt supplier and manufacturer, develop and approve the designs, and begin collecting orders. Minimum staffing and equipment are needed for this. This company can be operated with small capital and little space.

63) Dry Fruit Business

Everyone enjoys eating dry fruits, whether they are young or old, and everyone uses them in their homes since they are so healthy. Due to the health advantages of dry fruits, dry fruit sales have been expanding in India through wholesale, home-based, retail, and internet channels. People choose to purchase dry fruits for adding to homemade delicacies and to enjoy the health benefits. They are now frequently given as gifts during holidays, making this a very successful business.  The dessert, baking, sweets, catering, dairy and confectionery, online grocery stores, and cosmetic sectors are some examples of the target markets for your dry fruits.

You may set up this one of the best small business ideas in India as a retail store, a home-based business, or an internet store depending on the availability of your location, your capital, and the scale of your operations.

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64) Pest and Fumigation Service

Fumigation Services Pest Control | AgriTech India 2018

Pest control and fumigation services are steadily rising to the top of the metro cities’ industries. Everyone desires a healthy lifestyle free from illnesses brought on by insects and mosquitoes. Thus, the pest control industry is a viable choice in major cities where people tend to hire pest control services for their homes and offices.

Gaseous insecticides are sprayed or poured into the affected region using fumigation services to get rid of bugs. Pests in the region are poisoned by fumigants or insecticides. This allows removing pests and insects from the premise which in turn is useful in preventing diseases and pest-related issues. To operate this firm, one must have a comprehensive understanding of the chemicals utilized in the process. One can hire a few staff and invest minimally to run a small business with limited investment.

65) Laundry Shop

Everyone enjoys dressing in clean, fragrant clothing. This company is for you if you are effective at offering quality washing services. With various residential setups, you may focus on a certain neighborhood and attract a regular flow of consumers. Several laundry services may be offered, including dry cleaning and ironing. To manage the task, you may also hire a few untrained laborers.

66) Cleaning Services

One of the best small business ideas in India that one can start with a low investment requirement is cleaning services. While everyone enjoys keeping their homes tidy, not everyone can do so. There may be a variety of causes for this. Because they both work in cities, the husband and wife do not have time to tidy their home or they may have any kind of physical inability to do the cleaning. To satisfy this demand, you can launch a house cleaning business. This type of company is generating significant income for a lot of people.

You might also launch a cleaning service for corporate offices and commercial spaces. You can offer cleaning services to small businesses and manufacturing facilities in addition to offices. Every organization has a lot of everyday responsibilities and work, which makes them quite dirty. You can make big money from a cleaning service if you start one and approach the right clientele.

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67) Landscape Services

This is the most recent market and demand trend. Lawn care and landscaping can easily be on the list of successful small business ideas for startups and entrepreneurs with minimum capital investment.  Less equipment is needed for the landscape firm, which means lower costs. The majority of bungalow gardens or farmhouses focus on landscaping. They wish to have a well-planned garden on their land. Making these property owners call for professionals as and when needed.

They wish to have a well-planned garden on their land. Making them call for professionals as and when needed. Government projects also require a lawn designer. Therefore, there are many opportunities in this industry. If done correctly, running a landscaping business can be quite profitable in recent times as it is one of the best small business ideas in India.

68) Sign Boards Business

Cheapest Customised Neon Light & Name Plates Sign Boards | Neon Light Wholesale Market in Delhi|

Businesses and stores often utilize one of two types of signboards: painted or neon. Signboards are necessary for any type of commercial and small business enterprise. They play a significant role in promoting one’s company on a crowded street. The more appealing the board is, the more consumers it will draw in. There is a need for innovative, reasonably priced signboards that effectively promote the company. Creating and providing signboards of every kind to customers’ demands is a company that is in high demand all year round.

69) Mobile Phone Repair Shop

By the end of 2022, India has more than 800 million smartphone users. Furthermore, when more brands and less expensive alternatives hit the market, this number will rise tremendously shortly.   The need for stores and individuals that provide mobile phone repairs is thus anticipated to rise significantly. There will be a huge demand not only for repair work but also for the accessories for mobile phones like chargers, phone cases, headphones, etc., one can start a small business to meet this demand, which will provide complete servicing and repair along with an accessories store.

70) Tele Health and Medicine Service

Healthtech is another sector that is expanding quickly, much like finance. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, telehealth and virtual medical services, which are an essential component of health IT, have truly taken off. These services now offer comprehensive remote care services from appointments to prescriptions to drugs and follow-ups, all from a single platform. They are no longer merely limited to video conversations or video meetings between doctors and patients.

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest and most lucrative business prospects for startups and small-scale business owners. Whatever telehealth services you choose to offer, pay close attention to compliance with laws and rules. Learn more about telemedicine regulations, and then develop a practical business strategy by taking everything into account.

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71) Horoscope and Palm Reading

It makes sense that this is one of India’s most popular low-investment enterprises. To print the horoscope, all you need is a computer with the necessary software, a printer, and beautiful paper. But in a country where superstitions are common, the demand for computerized horoscopes is still quite strong. The explanation is straightforward: People do not depend solely on computer findings. They demand a variety of horoscopes from various sources.

One can expand their business by offering palm reading services. In the practice of palm reading, a person’s destiny is foreseen by looking at his or her hands. A person with the expertise of palm reading can make a respectable income when paired with a horoscopy. Read on to know about best small business ideas in India.

72) Home Care for the Elderly

Seniors in need of care and patients in hospitals need carers. Especially when their family members are either out at work or are unable to meet their demands. In India, carer services are quickly gaining popularity. Home health care is exactly what it sounds like: a variety of medical treatments and/or services delivered from the comfort of the patient’s home rather than at a hospital bedside.

In general, home health care is less expensive and more practical, especially for elderly patients who prefer the convenience and comfort of receiving care at home. Elderly family members frequently choose to stay in their own homes but may require help due to a disability or physical limitations. This might be the elder care enterprise for you if it sounds to be something you’d like doing.

73) Interior Designing

Top 10 Interior Design Trends You Need To Know | Latest Home Ideas & Inspirations

You can work as an interior designer if you have a degree in architecture. India’s real estate market is expanding rapidly. By 2030, it’s anticipated to reach $1 trillion. Interior designers will always be in great demand in a market this young. This company might work wonderfully if you’re talented and have creative ideas for turning a house into a home. One can start small, choose more modest clients, and discover clients within their social circle as well. And over time, the firm might grow steadily.

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74) Yoga Classes

Yoga is extremely popular these days, and a profession in it might help you start a successful business with little money invested. Yoga is said to provide both physical and mental calm. These days, a large number of individuals all around the world have switched to this practice due to its health benefits. It is a technique that promotes inner calm on a mental, spiritual, and bodily level.

More and more individuals are becoming health concerned in today’s hectic environment. In recent years, yoga has become quite popular both domestically and internationally. The moment is ripe to choose this business. To become a yoga instructor, one must first learn the techniques so that one can be a teacher. In India as well as internationally, yoga instructors are highly-paid and in high demand. To establish this business, a minimal investment and a good premise to hold the classes are required.

75) Stationery Shop

As we all know, there is a great deal of public awareness nowadays about the importance of education, and most boys and girls are now attending schools and universities to further their knowledge. By taking advantage of this chance, you may open a stationery business in your community for a very minimal initial cost that can operate anywhere.

Additionally, stationery includes items other than simple notebooks, sheets, and pens. Even in the era of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, papers and pens are still widely used in schools, universities, and companies. It is still preferable to print paper-based documents like resumes and holiday cards. You can easily establish a stationary store business if you wish to make money with very little investment. All you need to do is find the right location for the store where the number of probable customers is high.

76) Alternative Therapies Centre

Everyone’s lifestyle has altered in the modern day. People are experiencing a wide range of health issues as a result of the changes in working practices. People are engaging in less physical activities, which is contributing to health issues like back discomfort, neck pain, migraines, and stomach-related illnesses. You can open a center for alternative therapies as one of the best small business ideas in India. You can provide remedies for people’s health issues.

Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, and Sujok are just a few examples of the many different kinds of alternative therapies. You should have the required training, education, and expertise in these Therapies to launch this business. Additionally, there are a lot of courses available. All these methods of treatment are teachable.

77) Corporate Gift Printing Service

Cheapest Corporate Gifting Items | Customised Joinee Kit, Promotional Gift | Corporate Gift Supplier

India has a vibrant corporate giving tradition. It goes on all year long. Pens, wallets, mugs, and a broad variety of other items are presented as corporate presents to employees and business partners.  These goods often have the name and logo of the business printed on them. You can start this business with little capital if you have access to sufficient samples and contacts.  To show them a variety of your items, you will require their samples.

78) Women’s Store

Women utilize a wide variety of items and accessories, many of which they use regularly. You may open a store selling women’s goods and accessories. This type of products has a huge market. Indian women are always looking to purchase new and distinctive goods and items. In your store, you can sell a wide range of goods, including women’s bags, women’s scarves, beauty items, hair clips, hair bands, and other hair accessories.

One can also open a business selling women’s apparel. This market is predicted to grow to 170000 Crores. This market is expanding pretty quickly as in this industry, both supply and demand are enormous. You can also open a specialty shop, such as a wedding attire shop, saree store, traditional fabric store, etc. This can be a good way to earn money.

79) Used car and bike selling business

Everyone aspires to own a bike or a car, but not everyone has the money to purchase a brand-new vehicle. However, their earnings or savings might not be sufficient to purchase a brand-new car or bike. However, because used cars and bikes are less expensive, they may purchase them. To satisfy this market need, you may launch a firm selling used motorcycles and automobiles.

All you need to do is launch your business, and people who need to sell their used vehicles will approach you. Anytime a person wishes to purchase a used motorcycle or automobile, they can contact you. You can sell the bike or get a nice commission and can also make a good profit out of this idea of best small business ideas in India.

80) Fish Aquarium

Making $45K/Yr By Farming Fish in My Apartment | Side Hustles

Yet another modest company concept for Indian businesspeople. You may also start an aquarium company, which is lucrative. Fish serve as a lucky and financial sign.  People now want to have aquariums in their homes for luck and money, while some do it out of pleasure and as a pastime.

Depending on their budget, some people choose a little arrangement while others opt for a huge, fashionable one. Folks may put a wide variety of fish in the aquarium. The sale of aquarium components is another avenue for substantial financial gain. Customers spend a lot of money on aquarium décor, including aeration equipment, substrate, tanks, decorations, and fish food. If you’re interested in starting a fish aquarium business, simply learn the ropes and talk to some experts.

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81) Game Zone

The demand for game zones is highest among children and teenagers. It is an original small business concept for up-and-coming businesspeople. The hefty cost of these games prevents parents or guardians from spending so much money. Therefore they choose to bring their kids to gaming zones where they can play the games for a few hours costing much less comparatively.

You can choose to open a gaming parlor with a large initial investment or a low first investment and still make a decent profit afterward. Before starting this business, you must research the industry and understand what is popular with children. Before you start this business, you need to keep a lot of key factors in mind, such as the type of machinery, the market, the procedure, the licensing and registration requirements, business risk, etc.

82) Common Service Centre

The Indian government offers a wide variety of services. These services are widely available online. Therefore you can set the CSC or common service center to help people complete these services. This is one of the best small business ideas in India which comes with a government backup. This is a place where you can provide a wide range of online services to other people, including Aadhar Cards, PAN Cards, train ticket booking, electricity bills, government schemes, government documents, some licenses, insurance, agricultural services, etc.

In India, this is a very lucrative low-investment business idea. At, you can discover all the information you need to open a CSC center and for registration as well.

83) Manpower supplying business

Every firm needs extra workers practically every day. This is especially true for restaurants, which have significant worker attrition rates. Cooks and waiters frequently quit unexpectedly or just stop working. The proprietor of the firm is severely inconvenienced by this. On occasion, homes also need help with cleaning. With a little creativity and little capital outlay, you may assist restaurants in solving their labor issues and generate respectable revenue virtually every day.

84) Personality Development Classes

Top 10 Personality Improvement Skills | Ranveer Allahbadia

Everybody desires a positive personality. Both personally and professionally, having a positive attitude is tremendously advantageous. You can start a class for personality development. Such courses are highly sought after in the industry and hence one can say that these classes are one of the best small business ideas in India. This program will prepare you for your interview if you are looking for work. This course might be useful for business and marketing professionals as well. You can teach a variety of skills in this program, including public speaking, stage daring, and communication skills. Find a space for the classes or you can also choose online teaching mode to save more money.

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There are several other low investment business opportunities that you might consider to start a business in India. Even plentiful investment in a small business might not be enough if your strengths and skill set do not match your criteria. After analyzing and evaluating these aspects, choose a business to run.

It is advisable to know all the legalities and licensing procedures before jumping into the pool. Always remember, a very little experience may also help.

Now that you have all the above mentioned small but high return business ideas, are you still waiting for something?

Best wishes for your new startup!

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