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16 Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollars

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16 Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollars

The silver Kennedy half dollar, made by the U.S. Mint, is among the most coveted coins for coin enthusiasts. Since their first circulation in the 1960s, they have regularly featured in American coinage. The value of Kennedy half dollars depends on their present condition, the mint that produced them, and the silver composition. If you want to buy one for your coin collection, you should know more about them and their valueThus, learning about the most valuable Kennedy half dollars comes into play, and we will discuss the same today.

16 Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollars

Jan23 Kennedy half dollar 1996

The Kennedy half dollars are an American series which are quite popular among collectors because of its prominent production figures and high value compared to other coins. They were produced in 1964, the year following President Kennedy’s death. The obverse depicted the portrait of a young John F. Kennedy facing right with heavy brows and grey eyes, while the reverse showed a heraldic eagle surrounded by fifty stars above 13 rays. Let us begin our list of rare Kennedy half dollars.

1) 1964 SMS SP 68 Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1964 SMS SP 68 Kennedy Half Dollar is one of the most recognizable American coins and was minted in Philadelphia in 1964. It is a popular collectible coin with a shiny luster and mint mark. The SMS (Special Mint Set) category is what makes a 1964 Kennedy Half-Dollars rare. Their typical cost fluctuates from $9 to $19.

This piece is also one of the series’ rarest non-error Kennedy 50 cents. The vivid reflective satin surfaces make it a truly attractive specimen in its own right. It was sold in 2019 in an auction at $156,000.

2) 1964 D MS 68 Kennedy Half Dollar

Among the most famous Kennedy half dollars in American history is the 1964 D MS 68 variety. The coin was minted in Denver and was followed to Philadelphia after a week, awarded a grade of MS 68 by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

Another thing that sets this coin apart from others related to the Kennedy half-dollar series is its condition. It contains 90% silver; hence it has been worth $9-$17. Every collector wants to add this coin to their collection, one of the coins was sold for more than $20,000 at an auction because of its grade and excellent condition. This will let you know about the value of Kennedy half dollars.

3) 1964 PR 68 DCAM Kennedy Half Dollar

1964 is among the most critical years for Proof American coin collectors. That isn’t just because it was the year Kennedy coins were released, but also because of all the different Kennedy Half Dollar Proofs struck during this period.

The PR 68 DCAM, produced in Philadelphia in 1964, is among the most valuable Kennedy half-dollars of all time, with an average price for any piece of $46. Coins with a particular highlighted hair characteristic present a unique set of circumstances. They are the variation of the series that people want the most.

4) 1964 MS 68 Kennedy Half Dollar

The MS 68 Kennedy Half-Dollar coin is another valuable coin of the year 1964. It was produced at Philadelphia Mint in 1964 during the run of this coin which comes with a mintage limit of around 270 million pieces making it a relatively rare coin. No wonder it is on this list of rare Kennedy half dollars.

Although the halves from this year can vary significantly in grade, condition, and value, most coins range in value from $9-$17. However, in 2019, a high-grade, one-of-a-kind specimen was sold via eBay for $12,500.

While manufacturing the coins, only the 1964-era coins were created with 90% silver. The U.S. Mint lowered the silver percentage the next year and changed to a less expensive model. Collectors search for these pieces in excellent condition to appreciate a coin with a silver content that surpasses its face value.

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5) 1964 PR 70 Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1964 PR 70 Kennedy half dollar is another most sought-after coin collectors are willing to pay a high price for. This can be attributed to its rare original design, uncirculated condition, and popularity when it was issued.

There are few half-dollars as famous as this one. With a beautiful pre-experience of the Kennedy family and politics in America, it’s not surprising that collectors still pay a high price for this remembrance. The first coin was struck in 1964 when Jacqueline Kennedy decided to make some transformations to the President’s hair details.

The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar has a mintage of only 39 million. This Half-Dollar silver composition coin has an average price of $19. The auction house paid an astounding $9,400 for this piece in 2013 because of its exceptional condition. This is one of the rare Kennedy half dollars.

6) 1965 MS 67 Kennedy Half Dollar

1965 is another crucial year in U.S. coin history, marking the creation of the Kennedy Half-Dollars. These rare collectibles are highly sought after by collectors and investors due to their historical significance, aesthetic appeal, and value.

The 1965 MS 67 Kennedy Half Dollar is one of the most valuable specimens in this particular grade. With a mintage of around 60 million pieces, this coin is one of the rarest circulating U.S. Mint coins.

This coin is captivating because of its attractive golden tan, lavender toning, and detailed design. This exceptional piece captures the element of rarity and desirability that makes many collectors put aside $9,000 to make their dreams come true.

7) 1966 PCGS MS68 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy Half Dollar is another valuable coin in the Kennedy series. This Kennedy half dollar was produced in 1966 during the time of high mintage for the Kennedy Half Dollars series.

It’s beautiful and has a high quality finish, which makes it even more appealing. The coin was graded MS68 at PCGS, and many collectors consider it one of the best Kennedy Half Dollars ever. Determined buyers raised the pricing to $16,450 at the sale in Jan 2016.

Its thick coating and the fields’ flawless, mirror-like gloss made it obvious. The date, mint mark, and other details are all visible on this coin.

8) 1967 NGC MS69 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar

This 1967 Kennedy half dollar is a fairly unique coin. What makes this coin special is its quality. Obverse portraits of Presidents are becoming scarcer, graded by NGC with a near-perfect 69.

The NGC MS69 was auctioned in 2019 in a Heritage. Heritage used this coin to launch the entire Kennedy half-dollar collection with a final price of $32,000. This will let you know about the value of Kennedy half dollars.

9) 1968 S PR 70 Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1968 Kennedy Half Dollars are also the most valuable in their series. Their San Francisco-minted 1968 S PR 70 grade is also a scarce piece. This sample is at the very top in terms of quality and condition. It is a solid coin with a grade of 70 by PCGS. The collection of this series is worth around $9.

It also features the highly sought-after deep cameo label. They can sell for an astounding amount of money if certified by one of the top grading services. At Heritage Sales in 2017, this one was purchased for $21,600.

10) 1969 D MS 67 Kennedy Half Dollar

Jan23 Reverse side of Kennedy half dollar | 16 Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollars

The 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar is also considered one of the most valuable coins in the world. This was minted in Denver and graded MS 67 by PCGS, a grading service that processes and identifies U.S. coins.

The 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar is a powerful collector’s piece, especially with its attractive coloration. On both sides, concentric patterns are formed by the colors yellow, blue, violet, and green.

This Kennedy Half Dollar has a mintage of only 120 million, making it one of the rarest coins minted. One enthusiast spent $15,600 at Heritage Auctions in 2019 for this item, which has a value of only $4.36 to $28.

11) 1970 D MS 67+ Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1970-D half dollar was among the most valuable Kennedy half dollars at the U.S. Mint. The coin was created in 1970 in Denver with a composition of silver with some percentage. It is worth a great deal to collectors, and it was sold in 2020 for $6,300 at a Heritage auction.

Only 21 million coins were produced that year, making it possibly the rarest Kennedy coin on this list of rare Kennedy half dollars. Today, most coins are worth between $6 to $10.

12) 1971 D MS 61 Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1971 D Kennedy half dollar is another of the most valuable U.S. coins in history. It was minted differently from the ones minted from 40% silver in 1964 to 1970. However, what makes a 1971 Kennedy half-dollar rare is that they were converted to copper covered in nickel that year, which brought about a shift. Most of the pieces, which have a pure copper center and were primarily constructed in a 75%: 25% ratio of copper and nickel, are worth $2.28.

This coin is a fantastic example of a mint error. It’s very unusual, which is why it sold for such a huge price. The rarity and condition of this piece add to its appeal, making it highly collectible. In April 2018, the highest bidder purchased it from eBay for $13,000. This is one of the rare Kennedy half dollars.

13) 1971 S PR 69 DCAM Kennedy Half Dollar

1971-S PR 69 DCAM is another most valuable Kennedy Half-Dollars issued by the U.S. Mint with a pure copper core covered in a combination of copper and nickel. This will let you know about the value of Kennedy half dollars.

Collectors were after this deep cameo specimen because of its subtle golden tone. It’s worth over $5.70 and can bring a high price when you sell it at auction. These coins have become highly collectible, with some of them selling for more than $10,000. The San Francisco Mint struck 32 million 1971-S halves that year.

14) 1974 MS 67+ Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy half dollar is another popular U.S. coin. The 1974 M.S. 67+ Kennedy half-dollar coin was made from copper and nickel. This half-dollar from 1974 is a shining specimen of the U.S. Mint’s skills in producing a superb coin.

The Philadelphia Mint produced 20o million of these coins in 1974. Their surfaces are smooth, brilliant, and lustrous. Each of the 1974 Half Dollar value coins varies. This particular coin has been graded MS 67 by PCGS, among the high grades. This is one of the most valuable Kennedy half dollars.

15) 1976 D MS Genuine Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1976 D Kennedy half-dollar is another valuable coin on the market today. The 1976 D MS Genuine Kennedy half dollar was produced at the Denver Mint. Only 280 million were struck in this grade.

This coin has all the qualities you want from your rare collectibles, including heavy frosting and high-quality toning. It’s also in fantastic condition with near-perfect eye appeal. The coin reached $10,000 on eBay in 2021 due to its excellent condition, striking and large size, making it easy to recognize.

16) 2020 D MS 69 Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy half dollar was minted in 2020, with mintage amounting to 61 million pieces. It was graded MS 69 by NCG. These coins can be found today in uncirculated condition at an average price.

The average value of these copper and nickel coins is $2.28, but there are moments when you can strike it rich. One such coin, however, sold on eBay in 2021 for a whopping $9,995. This will let you know about the value of Kennedy half dollars.

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Characteristics of Kennedy Half Dollars

The popularity of the Kennedy Half Dollar is well known among collectors. They’re easy to acquire and cherish for their scarcity, historical significance, and collectible value. The characteristics of rare Kennedy half dollars are as follows.

  • Heads (Obverse): The obverse of a U.S. coin is the front or crown side of the coin. Gilroy Roberts created the sculpture on the side, which features a profile of President John F. Kennedy taken from a portrait created for his presidential honor.
  • Tails (Reverse): Frank Gasparro sculpted the Kennedy Half Dollar’s reverse side. It features a heraldic eagle grasping a shield, an olive branch, and a group of 13 arrows. Although the olive branch symbolizes peace, the arrows signify conflict. The artwork is surrounded by a ring of 50 stars that stand in for the 50 states.
  • Heads inscriptions: The things inscribed on the obverse side are YEAR, LIBERTY, and IN GOD WE TRUST.
  • Tails inscriptions: The things inscribed on the reverse side are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HALF DOLLAR, and E PLURIBUS UNUM.
  • Mint Mark: There were three distinct mints where the Kennedy half dollars were made of. San Francisco (S mint mark), Philadelphia (P mint mark or no mark), and Denver (D mint mark).

These were some of the most valuable Kennedy Half Dollar and can also be said to be the most desired United States coins. The value of Kennedy half dollars is affected by several factors. Its mintage determines its price range, and its demand will increase its worth.

The condition of your coin, the date, and the mint mark determine it. The value of Kennedy half dollars had gone down since 1964, when they were initially minted and released into circulation. With as many coins in circulation today, it is challenging to look around. If you are looking for one, there is no better place than online sites. Online auction sites are a blessing for collectors as they offer a wide range of coins and currency items.

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