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How to Become Paytm Service Agent – Earn up to ₹30000 per month

Who would want to miss an opportunity to bring in some cash sitting at home? You can effortlessly become a Paytm service agent and earn up to 30K per month, with minimal effort.

This article will brief you on all the nuances and fundamental data about Paytm Service Agent. Although you would know this, getting to know the brand value of this magnificent digital payment, e-commerce, and financial services app, Paytm will entice you to become one of the Paytm service agents in India today.

Paytm is one of India’s most recognized payment apps, used by more than 30 crore Indians today. The platform offers full-stack portions and financial answers for its clients, offline merchants, and various online platforms. Paytm is a forward-moving brand for many minor and major traders in India. Due to its comfort, big popular brands also utilize it the small merchants. It is quite possibly the most trusted brand across India.

Any Paytm client aged 18+, possessing an Aadhaar Card and required academic qualification, can apply and begin their career as a Paytm Agent. Once you join the Paytm Service Agent Program, you can make ample money without investing a single penny through participating in surveys and quizzes, earning commission on transport or flight ticket booking, winning free mobile recharge packs, and getting rewards by sharing your opinions, options to choose from 160+ brands, and numerous other ways allow you make money.

What Exactly is a Paytm Service Agent?

How to Become Paytm Service Agent – Earn up to ₹30000 per month

Paytm specializes in financial services and digital payments systems, where you have an opportunity to acquire commission every time you deal with your clients who haggle over price. What’s more? It is also seen as an assistant job, so you can be versatile with the timings and sell enormous products or services. The more clients and vendors you draw towards Paytm, the more cash you can earn. Paytm says an agent can make up to ₹30000 or considerably more through the Paytm Service Agent program. The best part is that you are liable to minimal responsibilities compared to your monthly earnings.

The more you refer, the more you earn, as simple as that! Suppose you join a Paytm vendor across the QR code to 10 shops in a day, then you can make up to ₹3000 in a day. By and large, your month-to-month payment will effectively reach ₹30000-₹50000. Your first payout will be delivered after the initial 30 days. This is saved with Paytm as a security store. After this, you will start getting weekly payouts. E.g.: If you begin working with Paytm on 1st February 2022, your first payout cycle will be 7th March 2022.

Services being provided to clients

Every member who joins will be given an All-in-One QR code, a Paytm soundbox, a Paytm EDC card machine, and a Paytm FASTag. Notwithstanding that, you can make additional income:

  1. Making a decent commission through booking flights, trains, transports, and films.
  2. Earn cashback on paying cable bills, power charges, landline bills, and various post-paid bills.
  3. Getting rewards on paying insurance premiums, gold advances, and financial balances.

So, how to be a Paytm service agent? You must fulfill 3 conditions before you start making a handsome amount of money by becoming a Paytm Service Agent on this spectacular platform:

  1. Being a Paytm Service Agent is not for kids or underage individuals. You must be 18 years or above.
  2. You should own and know the functionalities of the smartphone device.
  3. You should be well-versed in your communication skills and have compelling networking administration abilities.

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Prerequisites for becoming a Paytm Service Agent:

There are specific requirements that will help you know how to become a Paytm service agent, which are as follows:

  1. You should have a registered account in Paytm.
  2. You should have government certified identity proof, i.e., Aadhaar card
  3. You should avail your highest education certificate.
  4. Any member who applies to become a Paytm service agent needs to be an adult, 18 years of age or older.

Why become a Paytm Service Agent?

Paytm is a renowned platform known by millions of people today, and what’s better than collaborating with a brand like this. The best part is that becoming an agent for this reputed payment app helps you gain extensive experience, which will add as a stepping stone for your career and forthcoming plans.

You will be approached to join an online course that will show you how to do administration deals. Paytm realizes that in this era, information is power; that’s why it provides information that benefits users as a whole.

Finally, as you become a Service agent, you will have a choice of:

  • Onboarding retailers for Paytm by setting a QR code at their shop
  • Up-selling their items, for example, Soundbox, Card machines.
  • Earn commissions by re-energizing cell phones, covering power bills, and booking train, flight, or lodging tickets for the clients.

If you are looking to earn extra and you are above 18 years old, you can apply for this program and make significant money. Almost everyone owns and is acquainted with the usage of mobile phones these days as they have become a medium of communication and keep us connected through the Internet, whether it is a social media platform, shopping at any eCommerce store, or making seamless online payments. An extra benefit will be on the off chance that you have earlier deals insight and are fine with traveling. The sales onboarding process is pretty easy and is not that time-consuming.

It is a good side hustle business idea for those who are already employed or students who want to increase their savings other than their usual pocket money. Another good part about becoming a PSA is that you can always reap the benefits of flexible timings.

Paytm opens a potential door for earning more. You can undoubtedly earn up to Rs.30,000 each month and even more if you utilize your time efficiently and make the most of it.

How to be a Paytm Service Agent?

How to Become Paytm Service Agent – Earn up to ₹30000 per month

Want to know how to be a Paytm service agent? The answer is straightforward.

As you decide to become a Paytm Service Agent (PSA), you can start by applying to the Paytm administration specialist through your Paytm account, even from your mobile phone or desktop. Here you are required to upload your Aadhaar card, highest education certificate, and your photo. So kindly keep these necessary records close by and follow the means to turn into a Paytm Service Agent. Once you download the Paytm App and Sign in to your Paytm Account; you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Paytm App on your mobile.
  • Search Paytm Service Agent or Click Here option visible.
  • Tap on the Apply Now button or Click Here option provided.
  • Enter all essential information accurately (Name, Email, Educational Qualification, and so forth)
  • Then, at that point, select online course timing to learn instructional exercises regarding Paytm Service Agent.
  • Upload Aadhaar Card Image (front and back), Highest Education Certificate, and your latest photo to complete the process of registration.
  • Now you will have to take a selection test which will contain 5 questions of which you will have to answer at least 3 correctly. Each question will be of 10 marks.

Once you have enrolled successfully, a merchandising kit will be sent to your location within 7 working days. It will contain these things

  • 1 – ID card, Paytm bag, tape, and marker (black)
  • 10 – Sun packs and Standees
  • 50 – MHD, Paytm accepted, and QR code sticker

If you want to make money by working for Paytm as an Agent then you need to join PSA Webinar. This program will assist you in comprehending this PSA Program in a better way. In addition, this online course will teach you how to talk, impress clients, get in your clients’ shoes, and so forth.

Paytm Service Agent training Webinar Timings for agents are as follows:

  • Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 11 AM

Timings of the webinar to learn about Paytm Service Agent program

  • Each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – 11 AM

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Types of commissions you can earn

You can earn a commission for recharges, charge installments, ticket booking (transport, train, inn, air), and great rewards through PSA buyer administrations. You can also earn by placing Fastag on vehicles. In contrast, you will get compensated for appending Fastag on vehicles. Additionally, if the vehicle proprietor makes an installment through Fastag, you will likewise get compensated once more.

Paytm Merchant onboarding and Fastag commission is one of the ideal ways to bring in additional cash from the Paytm Service Agent Program. You will get an opportunity to get compensated for connecting to Paytm through your contact, and scanning QR codes to different types of stores. For this, you will get ₹150. Simultaneously if the retailers fetch the payments through the QR code, you will get ₹150 more. So altogether, you can generate up to ₹300 per shop through the PSA dealer onboarding commission.

Paytm Service Agent application

Paytm Services Agent application is the portable application for PSAs that permits Paytm Services Agents to perform different tasks regarding vendor enrollment, protection, and other kinds of administrative work.

Paytm Service Agent application helps Paytm specialists:

  • To plan all enlisted POS Machines.
  • To take into work more specialists for the Paytm organization.
  • To make QRs for shippers.
  • To give Fastags.
  • To sell EDC of the machine through a locally available specialist
  • Locally available vendors make QR codes to facilitate digital payments.
  • Issue Fastag for a different class of vehicles available to be purchased.
  • Offer the soundbox to the enlisted vendors.

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Beware of scams, know what is legit

Becoming a Paytm Service Agent is a great monetary decision. However, it may vary depending on the number of dealers you have been effectively associated with. The more vendors you support, the more cash you become eligible to earn. PSA’s work profile is entirely adaptable, and you can maintain your side hustle lucratively.

You can likewise acquire commission from distributing portable numbers, covering bills, and utilizing other Paytm administrations. The Paytm Service Agent is a work-from-home occupation given by the Paytm organization. The client support specialist of Paytm assumes an imperative part in serving clients and settling their inquiries. However, if any member is invited for becoming a Paytm Service Agent by an outsider or third party company then beware. It can be a trick by some shady extortion organization.

You should apply for PSA from only the official site of Paytm. However, assuming any outsider offers you this work, do not just accept it without doing extensive research. Also, enquire about the supplier by calling the Paytm helpline organization and ensure they are legit.

In most cases, the proposition might be genuine, yet there is no way to truly identify tricksters and they can fool you into an uncalled bargain and take advantage of your situation.

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