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How to Earn Free Paytm Cash Online? Watching Ads, Surveys, etc

How to Earn Free Paytm Cash Online

Doesn’t it sound interesting if you would earn free Paytm cash online on every transaction you make? You might be keen to know that is this information true? You have absolutely heard it right, you can effortlessly earn free Paytm cash online by doing nothing.

Paytm is one of the most renowned apps that is used in India. It offers numerous features that are useful to carry out significant tasks. For the most part, it is has become a common medium to transfer and store your cash. It is also used to pay off your bills of all kinds, be it electricity, water, phone, DTH, etc. You can also make offline transactions at the click of a button.

Some of us have started using the tricks to earn free Paytm cash online and rewards in your wallet. However, many of us are still not aware of the ways to earn free Paytm cash online. Don’t Worry! This guide will brief you about everything you would want and need to know about earning Paytm cash online for all your future transactions which will help you save lots of money.

15 Ways to Earn Free Paytm Cash Online

You might be thinking that is it a complicated process? You will be glad to know this process does not involve any complexities. Earning free Paytm cash is instant, just a click away. You need a smartphone and a list of your online and offline shopping plans. One of the best parts about the earned cash is that it is not limited to particular transactions; you can use it for any transaction online.

We can understand you cannot resist knowing these ways. Let’s get to know the ways which will enable you to earn free Paytm cash online and increase your savings effortlessly:

1) CashNGifts


It is one of the best websites that offers you a chance to win Unlimited free Paytm cash by performing simple tasks such as completing offers, friends referral, attending surveys, trying available offers, and logging in daily. If you prefer this website to your friend or for each referral, you can earn a decent Paytm cashback that is up to 130 points or 15% of the total amount whichever is less.

This website conducts various contests that allow you to participate and stand a chance to win a bonus. You can even publish unique posts, creative banners, and upload them to this website’s live feed to earn more points. You can then redeem the points you earn or convert these points into cash, then transfer it into your Paytm wallet.

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2) Ludo

Ludo | Earn Free Paytm Cash Online

You can easily earn cashback by installing this app on your smartphone. You can install it by going to the Google Play store and sign up using your Email or Facebook ID.  You can earn money through this app by completing simple tasks, including viewing ads/videos, sharing content on social media, and installing other apps such as Droom app, IMRB app etc. For every task you perform, you will get a fixed Paytm cashback as a reward.

The money earned through Ladoo can be used for various other purposes such as doing recharges, or you can even transfer it back to your Paytm wallet. However, transferring it back involves a 10% fee of the total amount you earned, which will be deducted when you transfer the amount.

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3) Pocket Money

Pocket Money | Earn Free Paytm Cash Online

Why not grab this opportunity to earn free cash by performing straightforward tasks? You have a chance of earning cashback by installing the other apps recommended by Pocket Money such as the Amazon app, Savan, and many others. You will be glad to know that installing the Amazon app through Pocket Money allows you to win up to Rs.80. To earn an additional daily bonus, you can spend some of your daily data limits on this app by visiting it daily.

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As compared to many apps, it is one of the best apps which allows you to earn free Paytm cash online handsomely. Whatever money you earn, you can transfer it into your Paytm wallet after deducting a certain fee or redeem it for various other tasks such as recharges, depositing bills, etc.

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4) Cash Panda

Cash Panda | Earn Free Paytm Cash Online

You can effortlessly earn money through the Cash Panda app by watching videos, filling surveys, clicking on advertisements, and completing several other simple tasks. Once you install and sign up for this app and complete the designated tasks, it allows you to earn free Paytm cash online which you can redeem or transfer into your Paytm wallet. There are certain apps like Flipkart on which Cash Panda lets you earn 400 points, and PhonePe allows you to earn 150 points in which 10 points equals one rupee.

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5) InstaCash

InstaCash | Earn Free Paytm Cash Online

It is also one of the apps which allows you to earn Paytm cashback. InstaCash allows winning handsome cashback as per the tasks completed by you. You need to install this app and verify your mobile number. You can earn Rs.4 Paytm cash after completing each task that you can redeem only if you invite at least 5 friends to download and use the app. You can 2 referral points once you signup. There should be at least 250 points to redeem it, which means you cannot redeem less than 250 points.

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6) Databuddy

Databuddy | Earn Free Paytm Cash Online

Databuddy app lets you earn Paytm cashback. This is one of the coolest android apps that offer you ample tasks for which you get a chance to earn free cash on every task you complete. It is also ingrained with incredible games that you can play. You need to refer to this app to some of your friends, and you will earn Rs. 5 instantly. If your friend has made his first recharge through this app, you can earn Rs.10.

The money you earn through this app can be further used to recharge your mobile operators or pay off the bills. However, you need to ensure Rs. 50 in your Paytm wallet to earn free Paytm cash online through the Databuddy app.

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7) Share It

Share It

Did you know that you can earn money through Shareit? It is one of the most renowned apps for transferring media content: photos and videos as it does not require any internet connectivity. In fact, there is a great possibility for you to earn high free cash as it has started conducting a trivia game once in a day. This game can let you win up to Rs. 4 lakhs and more. Yes, you have heard it right up to 4 lakhs!

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When you install this app, you need to click on ‘Lakhpot’ icon. Once you click that icon, it will ask you to fill an ‘Invitation code’. You have a chance to win from Rs. 4 to Rs.50 at every referral.

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8) Slide


Could you ever think of in your wildest dreams that you can get paid to unlock your phone? If not, then you ought to know about the Slide app. When you install this app, you get Rs.10 as sign up points. The coolest thing is that it pays you 0.15 INR each time you unlock your phone. However, the mobile number should be registered to earn free cash. You also get a chance to earn Rs.5 as referral points only when your friend downloads this app from the referral link you have shared.

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9) TaskBucks


Participating in daily contests and referring this app to your friends lets you earn free mobile recharges for all service providers. It offers you to win task bucks, and you can transfer them to Paytm wallet.

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10) Qureka


If you have profound knowledge, you have a wide scope of earning bountiful free cash through this app. It conducts live trivia quiz game shows that test your general knowledge and pays you off for all the right answers you provide. You can play up to 7 games per day and win Paytm cash for all the correct answers. You can also earn more by referring this app to your family and friends. One of the other advantages of this app is that apart from earning free cash, it will also embellish your knowledge.

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11) Dream 11

Dream 11

This is an ideal platform for you to earn free Paytm cash online if you are a sports enthusiast. You can play NBA, kabaddi, football, and cricket on this app. You might be wondering how you can earn free cash through this app? When you register with this app and share details like email id, phone number, and PAN number, it gives you a joining bonus of up to Rs. 250. For every valid friend referral, you can earn up to Rs.50. Furthermore, for every cricket or football game that you play and win, you get Rs.50 as free cash that you can redeem to make a recharge or fill in your Paytm wallet.

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12) Genie Rewards

Genie Rewards

Genie Rewards is an app that lets you earn free cash for exploring and downloading specific apps. Not only by this, but you can also earn free rewards points by watching specific videos, clicking on ads or sponsored links, taking surveys, and participating in campaigns or contests. It also makes you eligible to earn cashback for referring it to your family and friends.

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13) Panel Station Survey

Panel Station Survey

Panel Station Survey is one of the best survey websites that allow you to earn additional money by attending and filling surveys. Numerous users all over the world are already making money with this app. What are you waiting for?

First, you need to create a free account and fill in the registration form. Then you need to verify your email address and phone number. To get survey invitation mail, complete your basic profile surveys. As soon as you complete the survey, you get free cash. Easy, isn’t it?

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You get between 50-1000 rewards points for each survey you fill. The rewards points vary as per the survey length. As you know, every 10 points are equal to one rupee. You can redeem the earnings by making recharging your mobile or DTH connection, transfer the money back into your Paytm wallet and also as Flipkart, or Amazon gift vouchers.

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14) Frizza


It is a popular app known for recharging mobile operators plans, DTH plans, Paying electricity and water bills, and many other tasks. It also provides you with an opportunity to earn free cashback.

Like all the other apps, it is also equipped with a referral feature that lets you earn referral bonuses through this app. For instance, you have made a recharge of Rs.50 on your number; you will see a pop-up menu appearing ‘refer to a friend’. You need to share the same referral code with your friend. Once the recharge is successfully processed, you and your friends both can earn a referral amount.

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15) Rozdhan


Once you signup with this app and enter this code (09BZ0Q), you get R.25 as free cash. This app lets you earn coins which are converted into cash. Later, it can be redeemed to Paytm, doing recharge or paying bills. It offers you a variety of tasks which you need to complete. More tasks you will perform, more additional cash you become eligible for. However, there is a condition that not less than Rs.200 can be redeemed.

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These were the top 15 ideas that are legitimate and will help you earn free Paytm cash or money by not making any extra efforts. Although there are other apps and websites, these are the most trusted ways you can consider if you are looking for a lucrative online revenue.

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