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30 Best Jobs For Women In India

30 Best Jobs For Women In India

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30 Best Jobs For Women In India

The growth of women in our society is remarkable, with females breaking stereotypical shackles and rising from the ashes like the phoenix. In the past, women were forced to quit their careers for their families or after marriage, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, women are making significant strides in nearly all sectors, and their full and equal participation in all facets of society is a fundamental human right.

However, there are a growing number of jobs in India that are well-suited for women, providing good pay, flexible schedules, and opportunities for growth and advancement. From technology and healthcare to education and creative industries, there are many fields that welcome and empower women to succeed.

In this article, we will explore some of the best jobs for women in India, taking into account factors such as salary, job growth, flexibility, and work-life balance. Whether you are just starting your career or looking to make a change, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and resources to help you achieve your professional goals.

Empowering Women: Top Jobs for Women in India

Benefits of doing a job for a female

There are arrays of benefits that the women would have if they start working. They don’t need to go out to work as there is numerous work from home options as well these days. Whatever career type you choose, you would see a lot of changes in your personality and confidence. Here are some of the benefits-

Happier and satisfied

A lot of people assume that working women are more stressed and depressed, but it is not true. As per the studies, it has been observed that working women are less stressed and anxious than non-working women. If you start working, you will be in a happier state of mind. 

A role model for kids

Working women who balanced well between their personal and professional life can act as role models for their children. This would indirectly leave a positive impact on kids as when they see their mother managing things between office and home so well; you automatically become an ideal for them. 

Financial Independence

This is one of the most significant reasons why women should work, as earning would improve their quality of life and make them financially independent. Earning money would increase your confidence, give you a sense of accomplishment and make you more independent. 

Support family financially

By earning money, you would be able to bear your expenses and support your family. The money you earn can also be spent on your kids’ education, pay loans (if any) plus it would improve the standard of living as well.

Better old age

Working ladies who had a successful career tend to have a better old age than non-working females. Females who have worked all their lives would have money, social circles, and other things to look upon. But homemakers would just center around their children and husbands and always have to ask them for any sort of vacation or expenditure.


This is another significant point as except being a mother, daughter, or wife, you can make your own identity. In various cases, once a woman gets married, she loses her identity and individuality. It is essential to have your own identity, as it is necessary for your growth and confidence.

Create social connections

Justfinding the best jobs for women in India is not enough; it is also vital that you build social relationships. As being a wife or a mother, you might have some busy days, but there can be times when you can feel lonely as you might not have any social connections. 

If you work, you would contact people from different backgrounds, interact with them and make friends who can improve your knowledge.

Are there any specific fields just reserved for women?

Women stand shoulder to shoulder with the males when it comes to career options, growth, and competency. There are numerous job opportunities for females in all types of industries. Women are equal to men, and there is no ground for discrimination.

You can see it in only the sectors starting from the political arena, corporate battlefields, Defense services, entrepreneurship, etc. Hence, there are no specific fields that are just reserved for females.  

30 Best Paying Jobs for Women in India

Despite facing societal and cultural challenges, women in India are carving out successful careers in a variety of fields. Here are some of the best jobs for women in India today:

1. Teaching

30 Best Jobs For Women In India

This profession has always been considered as the best career option for females as they get a lot of respect here along with that a decent salary. In this job role, women get a chance to play an important role in shaping people’s life. There are both options available for teaching today, such as in schools and online as well. 

You can opt for the class you want to teach as per your skills and qualification. There are various options you can choose from such as-

  • Primary teacher
  • junior teacher
  • high school teacher
  • TGT teacher
  • PGT teacher
  • assistant professor
  • professor

The number of job opportunities in India’s education sector has been increasing tremendously since the last decade. For females who have done B.Ed. they can also apply for the job in the Government schools and colleges as well. They pay an excellent salary; you can earn from Rs. 35,000 to Rs.1,00,000  as per your experience and job position. 

Professors and senior professors earn even more than this. Therefore, teaching can be a fabulous option for females as it is a peaceful job along with good earning and a lot of respect.

2. Medical Practitioner

Becoming a doctor or nurse is considered one of the top career choices for women in India. In the past, women were discouraged from pursuing this field due to the lengthy education and stringent requirements. However, times have changed, and many women are now pursuing these careers and excelling in them.

Women are born caregivers; therefore, this can be an excellent profession for them. It has been observed that female physicians take better care of the elderly and kids both and had fewer patients died compared to male physicians. Hence, women can excel in the nursing and doctor profession. 

Initially, it might be tough to create a balance between work and home, but gradually things do settle down. This profession gives more stability and employment opportunities for females. There are many career options in this field as well; you can work in a private or government hospital, open your clinic, or work under other doctors. 

A career in pharmacy and diagnostics have seen a rise in women professionals. Hence you have multiple options in this profession as well. No fixed salary can be defined in this profile, but yes, you can earn a fair amount of money if you treat your customers well. 

3. Cabin crew and hospitality

This one is a women-dominating profession as various airlines prefer to hire women for this. In fact, several women also like joining the hospitality sector as they inherently have this element in them. This sector makes them financially independent and gives them a chance to travel and see the world.

This profession is very attractive because of this reason a lot of females are entering into this career. One important thing required in this field is good communication skills as in both hospitality and cabin crew jobs you need to communicate with people. The earning in these fields is pretty good, your package can start from Rs.5,00,000 and go up to Rs.8,00,000 depending on the experience.

4. Human Resource

These job roles are particularly suitable for women, as they require emotional intelligence skills and the ability to identify talent that would fit in with the company’s culture. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are also essential for this type of work.

If you wish to apply for a bigger post, you would need a master’s degree in human resource management. There are a lot of HR professionals who do not possess an advanced graduate degree. Still, nowadays there are various online certifications that can help you enhance your HR Skills and prospects.

Human Resource people are one of the organization’s most valuable assets, no matter whichever area or industry it is. It can be a lucrative job, but it would solely depend on the company and the industry in which you work in. 

5. Beautician and makeup artist

30 Best Jobs For Women In India

The demand for women in the beauty industry has been increasing lately due to the growing awareness of fitness and beauty. Starting a career in this field can be accomplished by enrolling in a beautician course at a reputable beauty school.

There are a lot of options that you can choose from in this profession, such as-

  • You can either start your own studio 
  • can work with any known artist
  • create your own YouTube channel related to beauty
  • can choose to become a celebrity makeup artist
  • can also join the film industry as a makeup artist

If you render good services with quality products, you will be able to establish your own market quickly.

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6. Banking & Insurance

The finance and banking sector offers excellent career opportunities for women due to the need for patience and people management skills. Additionally, women are attracted to this profession because working in a bank is considered a respectable job, with promising career prospects.

Both the banking and insurance sectors are flourishing of the Indian economy, and women are known for their significant role in shaping retail banking in India.  The banking sector of India is tremendous and has proved to be resilient. Banking jobs in India have been increasing both in government and private sectors; hence, females have an excellent opportunity to get into this field and earn a decent amount of salary.

For banking and insurance jobs, you would need excellent communication skills, good knowledge of the industry you are joining, and customer handling skills. Other than the bank, there are other finance-related jobs as well, such as-.

  • Financial Analyst
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Relationship Manager
  • Customer Services Executive
  • Capital Market Trader/Broker

7. Yoga or Fitness Trainer

Awareness of fitness and health is increasing immensely because of the growing pollution, unhealthy food, inactive lifestyle, and other such factors. People are gaining weight due to which various lifestyle diseases are growing.

Because of these reasons, the opportunities in this field are also increasing; you can become a fitness trainer, yoga instructor, dietician, nutritionist, or clinical nutritionist. These job profiles would not only keep you fit, but you can earn a fair amount of money in this.

There are various types of yoga classes that people opt for, such as prenatal yoga and post-natal yoga; you can offer yoga training online. If you do well as a fitness trainer, you can also plan to open your gym or yoga center. 

8. Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing jobs require excellent communication skills, multitasking abilities, and an understanding of people. This profession offers a variety of roles, including sales head, marketing manager, chief executive officer, and more. One of the best things about these jobs is that they typically offer a fixed basic salary, and the incentives for sales and marketing can be quite remarkable.

These jobs will make you learn a lot of new things that would help the various areas of your life as well, such as in planning, implementation, execution, negotiation, follow-up, and decision making.  There are a lot of things that a woman can gain from these jobs, most notably selling.

9. Fashion Designing

Fashion has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life today. This industry has been flourishing for a couple of years now. If you have a great fashion sense and are creative, you can opt for this field.

Designing is one of those industries that can offer many options for girls, such as jewellery designing, apparel designing, textile designing, and much more. If you are well-versed with other work types such as embroidery, handloom, etc., you can even start this business from home.

If you provide good work, then you can make a lot of money in this industry. It might take a little time to make your name in the fashion world, but there is no looking back once you do it. In this profile, you need to leverage the desire of your clients to own the trendiest clothes. 

10. Journalism

Journalism is an excellent career choice for women in India, as it not only helps build confidence in facing the camera but also strengthens one’s character. It involves gathering and presenting news and information on various platforms, such as TV, radio, and newspapers. Although it can be a challenging, adventurous, and slightly risky job, many women are drawn to this profession.

A couple of years back, this job was gender-biased, but with the advent of a few females who made their name in journalism, a lot of females got inspired. But now, Indian women have outnumbered the number of males. 

You can earn a handsome amount of salary in this job along with decent incentives. Numerous women love this job as here they get a chance to enlighten the public and increase the awareness of pressing social issues. 

All you need is good communication skills and confidence to do this job. If you possess these two elements, then there are a wide range of opportunities for you in this field. You not only get creative freedom but job satisfaction as well. Some of the job options in this profile are-

  • Reporter
  • Copywriter
  • Sub-editor
  • Research Analyst
  • Writer
  • Content Writer

If you wish to be the driving voice of social change, this can be the best profession.

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11. Law

In the past, the Justice Department of India had a shortage of women, but today, there are plenty of job opportunities available for women in this sector. Many law firms now have women lawyers who are doing an exceptional job. Furthermore, there are several female judges in the Honorable Supreme Court of India, such as Indu Malhotra and R.Banumathi

Although the ratio between men and women is still low, as per a report of 16,000 judges in the lower judiciary, only 27.7% are females in India. If you have a law degree and want to establish your name, then there are a plethora of opportunities for you. 

Once you make your name in this industry, you can earn really well, and you also get a chance to shape society. Lawyers and Judges play a vital role as they ensure that the country heads in the right direction and people get justice if something wrong happens.

12. Professional Sports

There was a time when sports were considered a male-dominant field. But, now the time has changed and so has this trend. There are a lot of areas in sports where the females have left males behind such as Sakshi Malik, PV Sindhu, Mary Kom, and many more.

If you are skilled in any sport, you can play at the state, national, and international levels. This would not only help you gain income, but you would get a lot of fame, and you would also become an idol for so many people across the globe. 

Now, you can not only earn from sports, but you get a lot of advertisements, endorsements, people call you for openings, and much more. Hence, if you are good at any sports, you should practice and try and make your own in it.

13. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated field, and many people still hold this belief that men are better suited to starting businesses with innovative ideas. However, times have changed, and nowadays, many women are starting their own ventures and making substantial profits.

Entrepreneurship is not simply about starting a business; it involves taking calculated risks and multitasking. Women possess a natural talent for these aspects, making entrepreneurship one of the best career options for them in India. It is not necessary for women to start a large-scale venture; they can start with a small store, a home-based business, an innovative startup, or even join their family business.

In fact, you might have seen many companies where the CEO is a female, or they are handling the entire company. Thus, if you have any such idea and want to start your own business, then do not stop yourself. Make plans, calculate the risk and start your own business.

14. Career Counseling & Psychological

Research has shown that women possess superior communication skills, active listening abilities, and display more empathy. These qualities make counselling an ideal profession for women, and many companies prefer female counsellors as the job demands excellent interpersonal skills, which women tend to excel in.

Also, females can guide better in the path of education as they can help them find the right way through life. There is a big responsibility in this profile as you will have to assess the student’s personality, interests, behaviour, and aptitudes before guiding them on anything.  

By analyzing everything, you can tell them about what they are good at and which career is best for them. You can get career counselling jobs quickly with schools, NGOs, or set up your independent practice.

15. Interior Designing

This industry has been blooming for years as several people think of redesigning their homes and making a new house. Women are often seen decorating their house and plan on how to set up their house. All this requires a lot of observation, creativity, and a great sense of designing, and this is what is needed in this profession. 

You can start this work along with your day job as well (if any) as initially, it might not require that much time. Once you make your reputation in the market and people start liking your work, then you would have to give a lot of time to this profession. 

To become an interior designer, you would require a diploma/degree in interior design or interior architecture, or Interior and Furniture design to get a job. If you want, you can also start your work and make clients.

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16. Indian Air force

The traditional belief that only men can serve in the Indian Air Force has been shattered, and women are now an integral part of the Defense. The Indian Air Force (IAF) is a critical component of the nation’s air arm, and despite its challenging nature, many women have joined the IAF and brought honor to the country.

They give training before selecting any candidate and ensuring that the person they choose should be ready to put their life at stake to protect the nation’s skies against external forces. Hence, joining the Air Force as a pilot would make you financially independent and make your family and country proud.

17. Civil Services

The civil services sector is an excellent opportunity for women to build a successful career while serving the nation. However, to secure a job as a civil servant, you need to clear the competitive Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, which demands rigorous preparation and hard work.

The primary role of the civil servants is to influence the decision making of the government. The best part of this job is the status and powers that come along with it are tremendous. There have been various female Civil Servants who have made their name and have become a source of inspiration for many such as Kiran Bedi, Dr Sanjukta Parashar, and many more.

18. Digital Marketing

Nowadays almost everything has become online as people have started liking online shopping because of their ease and convenience. Thus, every organization wants to make their identity online as well, and for that, they need the help of digital marketing companies.

There has been a rise in employment in this sector; therefore, women can take up digital marketing courses online or offline and choose this as their career. 

This option can be best for females looking for work from home options as you can do this work sitting at home without any trouble of leaving your family or kids. The earning is good, and the nice thing is that you can work at your convenience.

19. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is a fascinating and glamorous world that offers numerous job opportunities and a decent salary. It might interest females who wish to be a part of this industry to know that it has a net worth of more than Rs. 1440 billion and has employed more than 3.4 million people directly or indirectly. The entertainment industry is a field of employment related to television, theater, film, and music.

There are multitudes of jobs for you in this sector if you look attractive and beautiful. You can get work as a:

  • Female model
  • Anchor
  • Stylist
  • Cinematographer
  • Actor
  • Singing
  • Videography
  • Choreographer

The job options in this field are infinite; all you need is to focus on what you are good at and wish to make your career in. Numerous females have made their names in the industry such as Ekta Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and many more.

20. Online or Freelancing

30 Best Jobs For Women In India

With the increase in internet usage, the options for working online have multiplied. There are various types of work-from-home options for females, which are considered some of the best jobs for women in India. Here, women can work as per their convenience and do not even need to leave their kids or home. Working from home has many benefits, including more flexibility, accessibility, and no commute time.

There are several online job opportunities such as blogging, content writing, virtual assistance, typing, transcription, and translation jobs. The type of work you choose will depend on your skills, interests, and capabilities. Freelancing websites are available to help you find legitimate online jobs without charging any fees.

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21. Customer Service & Support

When it comes to hearing grievances, women are considered to be more empathetic and understanding. They can listen to the customer’s complaints with patience and guide them well. You can easily find a job in a BPO or KPO and become a customer service professional there.

If you wish to become a customer support executive, you would need good communication skills, be a great listener, and know how to handle any type of complaint professionally. You would need a Bachelor’s degree for applying for this job; no advanced qualification is required. 

22. Website & Software development

30 Best Jobs For Women In India

This can be one of the best paying jobs for girls if they are well versed in software development. There are a lot of options in IT jobs, both offline and online; you can choose any as per your convenience. Software developers can work from anywhere and connect with their team, so there is a lot of flexibility in this job role.

If you are not well versed with website or software development, you can learn it by taking online classes. There are a lot of career options that you can choose from in the IT sector, such as-

  • Coding
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Robotics and AI
  • Website development

You can puck any profession and start the training, within a couple of months you will be ready to take a job or start a venture of your own.

23. Accounting

This profession is ideal for females who are skilled in accounts and bookkeeping. It requires a lot of vigilance and attention to detail. If you have a B.Com, CA, MBA in Finance, or a management degree, this can be a perfect profession for you.

You should have good knowledge of Excel and Tally as it would be required to make and file GST, TDS, and Income tax returns for your clients. It is imperative for you to maintain a good relationship with your customers to easily understand their business goals and objectives.

There are various working options in this job profile such as you can take up a job or work as a freelance accountant, also if you want you can start your own office if you have a good number of clients.

24. Caterer

If you share the same passion for cooking as many other women and aspire to turn it into a career, there are numerous options available to you. You could start by taking on part-time catering jobs or even launch your own business. Additionally, online cooking classes can be a great way to improve your culinary skills and gain knowledge about the catering industry.

Marketing is an important factor if you wish to start your own business. You need to ensure that the food you prepare is made of high-grade quality products and should be prepared hygienically. A catering business is much more than cooking as you would need to transport the food to the venue plus serving food at parties; hence, remember that you would need a team to start this business.

25. Government Jobs

Government jobs are often considered to be one of the best jobs for women in India as they offer job security, stability, safety, and various other benefits. In fact, it is often observed that both men and women in India prefer government jobs over other career options.

There are a lot of government job options such as railways, air force, municipal, accounts, in banks, navy, teacher, and many more. The best part about these jobs is that they are permanent plus you get a pension, and along with that you get many perks like medical facilities, the railway is free, etc.

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26. Blogger

30 Best Jobs For Women In India

Blogging has become a popular and fascinating job in recent years. In this profession, you share your experiences and opinions on a specific topic with your audience. The topic can be anything of your choice, such as food, entertainment, clothing, cooking, beauty, or traveling.

It is a very comfortable job for women as they can do it from home and as per their time convenience plus the good thing is that you write on a topic that you like the most. Establishing the name in this business might take a little time, but once you make your name, you can earn a lot of money through blogging. 

27. YouTuber

30 Best Jobs For Women In India

In the present time, people spend a lot of their time online, browsing through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most significantly, YouTube. It might be surprising to learn that YouTube is the second-most-visited website globally. If you have the interest, you can turn making videos into your profession.

You can become a YouTuber by making videos on anything you like, such as cooking, travelling, fun videos, dancing, makeup tutorials, etc. The more people like your videos and as the views increase you get paid for that accordingly. There are a lot of people earning lakhs every month by just making videos.

Therefore, as per your interest and skills, you can also start making videos, and if the number of viewers increases, you will earn more and more. 

28. Interpreter

Interpreting can be a good career option for women as it offers a good annual income, and there are many job opportunities in this profession. Getting a job as an interpreter is not challenging, and all you need is to be well-versed in any language such as French, Spanish, German, Japanese, etc. Interpreters and translators have a median annual wage of $49,110, and the pay depends on your level of expertise.

If you know any foreign language, you can easily get an interpreter job. In fact, you can get a job in an embassy, or various government job options are also there as they need interpreters to converse with other nations. Also, if you want, you can start online or offline coaching of the language that you learn. 

29. Reputation Manager

Due to the increased pressure of creating a business online and competing with big brands, the job of public relations specialists is in high demand. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in public relations, and it is relatively simple but productive. There are numerous chances to grow in this field, but you need to give the best outcome to the company.

This job is in demand these days of the increased pressure of creating a business online and competing with the big brands. This is one of the highest Public Relations jobs; this job is relatively simple but productive. There are numerous chances to grow in this field, but you need to give the best outcome to the company. 

In this job profile, you would have to build the company’s reputation through different media channels like the web, print media, and other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. You would be delighted to know that you can earn more than Rs. 50, 000 a month as a reputation manager.

30. Digital Strategist Play

Online tech support is one of the most profitable job options for women in India. Although it may be a new concept for some, this job provides a straightforward and stable income. As an online tech support agent, you will be responsible for helping clients improve their online presence and will be available during work hours to provide assistance.

You would not require showing any particular degree for applying for this job, all you need is in-depth knowledge about modern technology and should know how to use the social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Why should women work?

Have you ever wondered why there is an increasing trend of job hunting for girls, searching for the best-paying jobs for women in India? There are several reasons why it is essential for women to work and become self-dependent:

You will raise stronger kids

It might not be the first reason that comes to your mind, but it is an essential factor. When you work, the kids would automatically tend to become more active, responsible, and self-sufficient. The best thing is that your kids would not have to suffer from the ill effects of over-parenting as except for your kids there would be other things as well to look after for.

A Bigger sense of purpose

Many females think that the only thing left is motherhood and their family after marriage. But, this makes them feel unsatisfied and unhappy. If you start working, it will give you a more significant sense of purpose and personal fulfilment. You will be able to live life on your own terms; furthermore, it increases your self-esteem as well.

You Value time

Another reason that the females learn is valuing time as they would have to make the right time balance between office and home. They would know how much essential it is to value time plus they would teach this well to their kids as well.

Make better decisions

Working not only gives experience but along with that, it gifts you with better decision making sense as well. When you work, you have to take a lot of decisions as per your understanding which comes within you for all the aspects of life; hence when women start working, they can take better decisions for their family and kids as well.

Change in views

When a woman starts working her view changes for many things in life. As they become independent, they realize its importance and understand that for their kids as well. They connect with various people, interact with them and exchange views which improves them not only personally, but it changes the lives of the persons around them as well.


Today’s Indian working women are breaking through traditional boundaries and are prepared to take on a wide range of professions, whether it be piloting, civil services, entrepreneurship, or any other field. The Indian job market is rapidly evolving, with more opportunities for women to excel in their careers than ever before. From healthcare and education to technology and creative industries, there are many fields where women can thrive and make a meaningful impact. By pursuing these top jobs and breaking down barriers, women in India can achieve their professional goals, inspire future generations, and help build a brighter and more equal future for all.

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