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Best Homes Under 100K

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Best Homes Under 100K

The dream of owning a home is within reach for many individuals, even on a limited budget. If you’re looking for a place to call your own, there are plenty of affordable options available. These homes may vary in size, location, and features, but they all share one common characteristic: providing an affordable path to homeownership. In this article, we will explore some of the best homes under 100K, catering to the needs and aspirations of budget-conscious buyers.

Best Homes Under 100K

By exploring the unique characteristics of each property and considering factors such as proximity to schools, shopping centers, and transportation, you can make an informed decision about the best home that suits your needs. Let us start with some Eco Prefab homes.

Eco Prefab Homes Under 100K

Eco prefab homes, also known as eco-friendly prefabricated homes, are a sustainable housing solution that combines environmental consciousness with the convenience of prefabrication. They are designed to be energy-efficient, utilizing renewable energy sources, and incorporating green building techniques. Let us check out some of the best ones.

1. Deltec Home’s 360° Collection

Deltec Home's 360° Collection
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If you are looking to get eco prefab homes under 100k then you should consider Deltec Homes which specializes in these kinds of homes. They have 1 million different designs that you choose from.

If you are going with a smaller square footage then you can get a maximum of 912 Square feet or a minimum of 328 Square feet of home which would set you back by 51,000 to 94,000 dollars only. The home would have 2 bedrooms and it would be a round home which would be able to deal with harsh weather conditions.

2. KitHAUS K5 & K6 Series

KitHAUS K5 & K6 Series | Best Homes Under 100K
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KitHAUS has been around since 2005 and they can turn an open space into whatever you want from them including a reality escape pod. They pre-engineer the home at their factory and then build it on the site.

The K5 and K6 series homes are not only sophisticated but also have modern designs. When you choose these models, you can get a home ranging between 235 and 330 Square feet. The price you are paying for this home would range between 66k and 100k dollars.

3. Kodasema KODA Loft

Kodasema KODA Loft
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If you are looking for a tiny but modern-looking home then Kodasema’s KODA Loft might be the best option for you. It is one of the best homes under 100k and this home aims to have dynamic spaces.

It is a simple cube-shaped home. Since these homes are modular and stackable these homes can be assembled in as less as a day.

4. Avrame USA – The Solo

Avrame USA - The Solo
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This home has an A-frame structure and they are built with prefabricated parts but are a traditional stick-build property rather than being fully prefab. Their systems are designed in Estonia and such is the design that the home can be DIYed. The home is available in three models named 100, 75, and 87.

The area you will get is between 140 and 250 Square feet and your home will have a bed and bath. The price you will be spending on these houses ranges between 10,000 dollars and 38,050 dollars.

5. Able Nook

Able Nook Website | Best Homes Under 100K
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If you are looking for eco prefab homes under 100k, then 85k dollars Able Nook home might be one of the best options that you could go with. It is a yacht-like 40′ long house.

The cost to set up this home is just 1,500 dollars if you have certified contractors working. However, you can also assemble this house in 2 hours or so if two people worked together on it.

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Steel Prefab Homes Under 100K

Steel prefab homes are a type of prefabricated housing that utilizes steel as the primary structural material. These homes are constructed off-site in a factory setting, where steel frames and panels are fabricated and then transported to the desired location for assembly. We have compiled a list of the best ones for you.

1. Qhaus

Qhaus Website
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Looking for steel prefab homes under 100k? Qhaus might be what you need. The HVAC system, windows, water heater, etc. will be taken care of in this home. There are tons of design options to set up this house.

It is not only a good and simple looking home but also comes with all comforts you could wish for. From guest rooms to office spaces, these homes could host several features that you may want in your home.

2. Pratt Homes

Pratt Homes Website
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If you are looking to get a spacious home with 500 to 2,300 square feet of area then Pratt Homes should be the company you should take a look at. Their homes come with highly customizable designs and vaulted ceilings. You also get to have spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets. You also get to choose from a range of floor plans. The home will set you back by 70 to 100 dollars per square foot.

3. Stack House Container Homes

Stack House Container Homes Website | Best Homes Under 100K
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When we talk about homes under 100k then Stack House Container Homes is one of the best options that you could go with. This home has a sleek and modern design and it would reduce waste, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These homes are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and are also corrosion-resistant. This home would cost you between 175 and 400 dollars per square foot.

4. Meka Modular

Meka Modular Website
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If you are looking to get an environment-friendly adorable home then Meka Modular might be the best option for you. Their homes meet local building codes and they allow you to choose from various materials and finishes so that you can add a personal touch to your house.

Their homes are built to last so they can hold their own during natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, and more. The price of these houses ranges between 170 and 390 dollars per square foot.

5. Cocoon Modules

Cocoon Modules Website
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Cocoon Modules are one of the best options for steel prefab homes under 100k. They are small living spaces that are not just affordable but a sensible choice as well.

The homes are made out of shipping containers, they are energy efficient and offer high-performance insulation. You can get your home additional stories or even expand/extend it. It is also easy to move this home from one spot to another. The 40ft module cost less than 25 dollars.

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Homes for Under 100k in Florida

House in Florida

While Florida is known for its desirable climate, beautiful beaches, and vibrant cities, it is also a state with a diverse range of housing prices. Homes in this price range provide an opportunity for budget-conscious buyers to own property in Florida and enjoy its many attractions. Here are some of them.

1. 3902 Oakcrest Ln, Zephyrhills South, Pasco County, FL, 33541

If you are looking for homes for under 100k in Florida then you are at the right place. For just over 70,000 dollars you have this residential property that you could buy.

The single-story home is located in the Greater Zephyrhills neighborhood. This home comes with 2 bathrooms and 2 baths. It is not only an affordable place but also belongs to a pet-friendly neighborhood. There are a lot of activities taking place in this area and it is a short distance away from various interesting places.

2. 3110 Holiday Springs Blvd., Margate, Broward County, FL, 33063

This 958 Square foot property is a condominium that comes with 2 beds and 2 baths. It is almost priced at 90,000 dollars. The home was built in 1974 and is single-story. You can get a virtual tour of this home that is located in Holiday Springs Village. If you buy this home, you get access to a clubhouse, fitness center, reserved parking, and a few other facilities as well.

3. 12345 Zephyr Lane, Annutteliga Hammock, Hernando County, FL, 34614

If you are looking for spacious residential homes under 100k then you must check out this listing. This is a home with 2 beds and 2 baths and it is 1,025 square feet in size.

It is a single-story home that was built in 2002 and it is located in the Annutteliga Hammock neighborhood. The neighborhood is pet-friendly and the people living here get access to local swimming pools, clubhouses, and other such advantages. The home costs a little over 70,000 dollars.

4. 497 lake circle dr, Plant City, Hillsborough County, FL, 33565

For just under 80,000 dollars this property with 2 beds and 2 baths feels like a bargain. This residential property is 1,600 square feet in size and is a single-story property.

The property is located in the Hillsborough County School District. The property has got the feel of a retirement home and its location is prime. If an affordable home is what you are looking for then this property is what you deserve.

5. 7914 Sesame Street, Hudson, Pasco County, FL, 34667

This 1,139-square-foot-long home comes with 2 beds and 2 baths. Priced at just below 70,000 dollars it is one of the best homes for under 100k in Florida. The home is located in the Greater New Port Richey neighborhood which is a pet-friendly area and has a dog park.

You get access to a swimming pool with this property. Other included benefits consist of getting access to the library, fitness rooms, pool tables, etc. Also, a lot of community activities are held in this neighborhood.

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Houses for 100k in Texas

House in Texas | Best Homes Under 100K

Texas offer an affordable housing market for individuals and families looking to establish roots in the Lone Star State. Texas is known for its diverse landscapes, booming economy, and vibrant cities, making it an attractive place to live. Additionally, Texas boasts no state income tax, making it an even more attractive option for those seeking affordable home ownership. Here are some great homes in Texas under 100k.

1. 205 Hughes St, Houston, TX 77011

For a price of just over 70,000 dollars, this has got to be one of the more affordable houses for 100k in Texas, category. It is a single-family residence and the home size is 320 square feet. The home comes with two parking spots and the location of the property is close to downtown Houston. It is a 40ft container home with 2 beds and 1 bath and it is a new construction which was built in 2022. There are also quite a few schools close to this property.

2. 8034 Antoine Dr APT 241, Houston, TX 77088

For a price of close to 70,000 dollars, you can get this property with 2 beds and 2 baths. The home is 1,122 square feet long and it was built in 1979. The home comes with a cozy fireplace, a spacious kitchen, and plenty of cabinets. It is a second-level unit. This property gives you easy access to various interstate highways and is located just minutes away from restaurants and shopping centers.

3. 5521 Pine St, Houston, TX 77081

If you shell out just under 80,000 dollars then you can get one of the best homes under 100k in Texas. The property comes with 2 beds and 2 baths and is 1,018 square feet long. The property was built in 1978 and has hardwood floors. It is a small condo that can be used as a primary property or can be rented out as well. The monthly cost of living in this home would be less than 500 dollars.

4. 5625 Antoine Dr #1503, Houston, TX 77092

This property has recently returned a 15,000 dollar price cut which has made it more affordable at a value close to 70,000 dollars. This home is 1,025 square feet in size and comes with 2 beds and 2 baths. This property was built in 1972 and has a lot of benefits to it.

Not only is this place close to shopping places but also you get access to public transportation here. The Condo is a part of the gated community of Oakwood Gardens Condo. With freshly painted walls, renovated kitchen, new plush carpet, and upgraded flooring this property might be a steal.

5. 7402 Alabonson Rd UNIT 502, Houston, TX 77088

If you are looking for houses for 100k in Texas then this property priced at close to 90,000 dollars might be a good option for you. The property has 2 beds and 2 baths and is 884 Square feet long. This home was built in 1984. The property gets you access to a swimming pool, laundry facilities, and much more. The monthly cost to live here would set you back by a little over 800 dollars but it would be worth it.

Owning a home is a significant milestone, and the availability of affordable options makes it more attainable than ever before. The homes under 100K featured in this article present an opportunity for individuals and families to embark on their homeownership journey without stretching their budgets.

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