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45 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India

30 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India

These days, everything around us seems to be getting expensive by the day. Be it education, automobiles, real estate, or even simple household items; we have witnessed an exponential growth in prices in the last few years. On the other hand, our paychecks do not grow at the same pace as the prices. Therefore, to live a comfortable life nowadays, we all need multiple streams of income. Thanks to the internet and technology, we can now earn extra income from the comfort of our homes without having to juggle between two jobs.

We have put together a list of jobs that you can do to earn that extra income for yourself or your family.

45 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India

1) Freelancing

30 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India

Becoming a freelancer is one of the most popular ways of making money from your home. A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers his/her services to clients for a short period and gets paid for them. If you are good at writing articles, designing websites, digital marketing, or graphic designing, you can find a lot of paid work online. As a freelancer, you will have the added advantage of choice. You can pick and choose your own projects and clients. You can work at your own pace.

To become a freelancer, you should have a primary skill and build a strong profile around that skill. It might take a while before you can find clients, but patience and willingness to improve yourself will take you a long way. A freelancer is usually paid per task, so, your income is directly proportional to your hard work.

2) Blogging

If you are particularly passionate about writing and creating content, you can consider starting your blog. It is one of the best ways to earn extra income from home in India. Blogging is not one of those who make quick money methods. It takes time, effort, and patience to set up your blog and build an audience. However, once you manage to find your audience, you will be able to make enough money to support your family and even more.

From fashion and lifestyle to travel and business, you can blog about anything under the sky. As a blogger, you can work for yourself and be your boss. One common way through which bloggers earn is money is by placing ads on their websites. You could also include affiliate links on your website or earn money by selling your products. On average, a successful blogger makes around Rs.70,000 – Rs.1,00,000 a month.

3) Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. If you are passionate about entertaining or educating others, you could consider starting a YouTube channel. Just like blogging, your YouTube channel could also be about anything under the sky. You have to know how to present your topic properly in the form of a video. Once you start a channel and build an audience for yourself, you can monetize it.

YouTubers usually earn through ads that run on their videos. Apart from this, you can also make through brand integrations in your videos. You can also create your merchandise and sell it to your audience. Apart from money, YouTube also gives you a public identity and an opportunity to interact with thousands of people across the globe.

4) Airbnb Hosting

Airbnb is an online platform where you can host travellers in your house for small durations of time and get paid for it. If you have a spare room at home, you could put it to great to use by hosting travellers from all over the world.

If you do not have spare space at home, you still can make money by hosting an experience for travellers. You could take people on a walking tour of your city, give them a taste of your local food and culture, teach them how to cook some of your local dishes, take them on a hike or give them the experience of your city’s nightlife. Travellers these days are willing to spend any amount of money for a memorable experience. Airbnb experiences are a creative way of earning money and do not require a lot of experience to get started with.

5) Tutoring

Are you passionate about teaching others? Do you have expertise in a particular subject? If yes, you could earn substantial income by tutoring students. Share your subject expertise online or with students in your locality. There are several websites online where you can find online tutoring jobs. Promote yourself enthusiastically and follow the best teaching practices to get better visibility and eventually higher-paying jobs.

6) Become an Online Consultant

A consultant is someone who has expertise in a particular field and can provide advice to individuals or even businesses. If you have expertise in the field of business, marketing, finance, engineering or even health care, you can earn an ample amount of money by sharing this expertise with those in need of it. The advantage of doing this online is that you can build your schedule and offer your services whenever you have some time to spare.

7) Start Selling on E-commerce Websites

Thanks to technology, now we have several businesses that you can start and run from your home. E-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon are the most viable platforms to start selling your products and kickstart your business.

Selling on e-commerce websites is slightly competitive, but good marketing can help you stand out.

8) Earn from Social Media

We all spend hours scrolling through social media, then why not earn from it. Social media is not just for consuming content but also for creating content. If you are interested in doing this, then all you have to do is pick a niche that excites, research on it, create a suitable page on social media and start posting your content. It might take some time and a lot of effort to build a follower base. But, once you have a sizable audience, you can start earning money through sponsored posts and affiliate links on your page. You can also use social media to support your blog or YouTube channel.

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9) Rent Out Some of Your Household Items

Most of us have a ton of items in our houses that we rarely use. You could make a decent side income by renting out some of these items. Some items you could rent out are furniture, vehicles, books, DSLR cameras, and musical instruments. If you have any of these items sitting at a corner in your house, go ahead and put them to good use. You can list these items for rent at many websites like Olx and Quickr.

10) Babysit/Petsit

If you love babies or animals, you can earn a stable income just by taking care of them at your home. Start off by asking your neighbours or friends to drop off their babies or pets at your place while they are busy. Just make sure that you are prepared and have some experience looking after babies/pets. Let the local pet shop owners, pediatricians and veterinarians know that you are in business. You might get your first few clients from there.

11) Publish Your Own Book

This one is again for the writing enthusiasts. Could you write your book and publish it? You can write about anything that interests you. Be it fiction or short stories, self-help books, or autobiographies, there is a market place for everything. Once your book is published, you have to market it properly, and you earn money every time someone purchases your book. If you have trouble finding publishers for your book, you could also publish e-books on websites like Kindle.

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12) Direct Sell

Another foolproof way of earning extra income is by directly selling products that belong to various companies. It is one of the best ways to earn extra income from home in India. We have all seen this with Tupperware and Avon. Most companies require agents who can take their products and sell them to people in their locality or city. The companies pay you a fixed commission for every product that is sold. From household items and pet products to insurance and beauty products, there are hundreds of companies that offer direct-selling opportunities.

13) Tax Preparation

30 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India

If you have a fair understanding of tax laws and regulations, then, you can earn a considerable amount of money by helping individuals and small businesses file their taxes. You can market your services online and find suitable clients.

14) Start a digital marketing agency

A digital marketing agency is one of the most profitable businesses that you can comfortably set up and run from your home. If you have a fair understanding of digital marketing and SEO techniques or if you are willing to learn, you can consider starting this business. You can start by helping startups or small businesses increase their online visibility and rank higher in search engine rankings. Once you establish yourself in the market, you can work with bigger companies and clients.

15) Home Baker

Are you someone who loves baking? Do you spend most of your free time trying out new recipes, then why not sell your delicacies and earn some cash out of it. If you love baking, then you probably have all the equipment required to get started. Start with one or two of your favorite recipes and then expand. Sell your delicacies in your locality or list them on food delivery websites and apps.

16) Take Surveys Online

Your opinion matters. There are many websites out there that are willing to pay you for sharing your opinion on various products and services. Toluna, ValuedOpinions, iPanel, and YouGov are some trusted websites that you can check out.

17) Build Passive Income Streams

Working for money is not enough, sometimes you have to make your money work for you. If you have excess capital or a large amount of savings and are willing to invest it, you can earn a good amount of money from it. You can build passive income streams by investing in stocks or mutual funds. You could also buy and rent out single-family homes.

This definitely takes a lot of upfront investment and nurturing from your side, but once established, these sources can make money for you even while you sleep.

18) Buy and Sell Domains

Buying and selling domains is a wonderful business you can do from the comfort of your house with very little effort. It is as simple as it sounds. Go to websites that buy or sell domains. Buy popular domain names for a particular amount and sell them to those in need for a profit. Make sure that you buy domain names from popular and trusted websites. Also, while buying a domain, make sure that is good in SEO perspective.

19) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers are paid for referring new customers and clients to other businesses through webpages, linked posts, emails, or social media posts. Affiliate marketing is a viable source of income, but, it might not be for everyone. You must have a website or social media account with an active audience that trusts you. You have to spend months and sometimes years nurturing your relationship with your audience. But, once you have an audience that trusts you, you could start working with brands or with e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Every time a purchase is made using your affiliate link, you get paid a portion of the money.

20) Start a Podcast

A podcast, in general, is nothing but an audio blog. If you have something to talk about and are not good at writing, then you could consider starting a podcast. Each episode of your podcast is like a blog post. Even without technical skills, almost anyone can start a podcast. All you need is a topic you are passionate about and some equipment like a microphone and a PC.

Once you start your podcast, you can monetize it by adding affiliates into your episodes or by doing sponsored episodes. Just like blogging, you can eventually start selling your products or courses to your podcast followers.

21) Create and Sell Your Own Courses

Gone are the days when books were the only sources of passing on information or learning something new. In this age of technology, we have online courses. Most people prefer online courses for learning or teaching, as they are more fun and engaging. If you have expertise in a particular field, you can make money by creating courses and selling them online on websites like and Every time someone decides to buy or subscribe to your online course, you make money. This could create a profitable source of income over time.

22) Product and Website Testing

This one is for the techies out there. A lot of products and websites that are launched require testing. Testing is a full-time career, but you can earn some extra bucks on the side by doing it from time to time. This job requires you to test websites for bugs and report them. In product testing, you will have the opportunity to try out beta versions and various prototypes and give feedback on it.

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23) Professional Gamer

30 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India

Are you someone who loves playing video games? Are you an expert at playing certain games? Then this could be just the right option for you. A professional gamer is a full-time player who is paid to play games.

A pro gamer’s main source of income is the prize money from winning tournaments. If you manage to build a good fanbase over time, you could also earn from brand sponsorships. A great example of that would be Ninja, who gets sponsored by Redbull.

Another pretty common income stream for pro gamers is donations and subscriptions on streaming platforms like Twitch or Mixer. You could also start live streaming on YouTube and earn a substantial income from it.

24) Online Technical Support

Are you tech-savvy? Do you experience working as a technical support executive? Then why not help people solve their technical problems from the comfort of your home and earn extra money on the side. This job requires you to be on call with customers and help solve their technical issues by guiding them. 

If you are willing to learn more and spend more hours on the job, you can make this a viable source of income.

25) Virtual Bookkeeping

Small and medium-sized businesses have limited resources and limited office space, and hence they prefer outsourcing certain tasks. Bookkeeping is one of them. A virtual bookkeeper is a professional who works remotely and with the help of current technologies manages bookkeeping, tax compliance, and other similar financial tasks for clients. Most people usually mistake a bookkeeper for an accountant. But, the roles of a bookkeeper and accountant are quite different. A bookkeeper does not need a formal degree. They usually carry out tasks like paying bills, collecting payments, etc.

Generally speaking, a bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of all credits and debits of the business. Bookkeeping is one of the most profitable online businesses. You can earn up to $40,000 a month. Keep an eye on websites like Indeed for virtual bookkeeping gigs.

26) Online Counselling

Online counselling is simply a substitute for a traditional face to face counselling. Most people these days prefer online counselling to traditional counselling as it is comfortable, convenient, and in most cases affordable. If you are a qualified counsellor or someone who has experience counselling people, you can earn some extra cash by doing it online too. Counselling, however, requires you to be an extremely empathetic person and a good listener. You will be dealing with people who suffer from various mental health issues including anxiety and depression. Apart from this, people with family, marriage, and career-related issues might also need counselling. Therefore, there is a huge scope for earning.

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27) Remote Customer Support Agent

If you have good communication skills and are a persuasive talker, you will find plenty of jobs in the customer support department which can help you earn extra income from home in India. Due to the lack of office space, a lot of companies these days prefer having remote customer support executives. A headset, PC, and a decent internet connection are all you need to start off with this job. You can work full-time or part-time depending on your need and convenience.

28) Video editing

On a daily basis, we see a lot of videos online and we all can agree that some of them stand out from the others. This is because of the production quality. Everyone who owns a channel on YouTube or makes videos of any kind spends hours or sometimes even days editing the video to increase its quality. Nowadays most of them prefer outsourcing this tedious task. If you are good at editing videos, you can try your hands at this gig.

Before you start looking for jobs, decide which space (YouTube channels or films) you want to serve and design your offerings specifically to that space. If you have some completed projects, use it wisely to market yourself. The paycheck for video editors only gets fatter with experience.

29) Tailoring

Are you someone who loves sewing? Do you have a decent sense of fashion? Then you can make a decent side income by making dresses for people. All you need for this is a good sewing machine. You can start off with something as simple as clothing alterations and then depending on your interest and skills, you could consider making gowns, sarees, custom curtains, tapestries and even bags. You could start selling your work within your locality initially and then expand further. Tailoring might not be a fast track to riches but it definitely counts for a valuable source of income.

30) P2P lending

Peer-to-peer lending is usually the practice of lending money to an individual or business in need, for a certain rate of interest. This is also called crowdlending or social lending. There are several P2P lending platforms that connect borrowers with lenders. 

If you have some excess capital with you, you could donate it on any of these platforms and earn a substantial income in the form of interest.

31) Virtual Assistant

We all know what a personal assistant is and the task they perform in an office. But thanks to technology today all jobs or at least most can be done via devices like PC, laptops, phones, etc. from any corner of the world. Because of this a lot of options have opened up for people who are interested in taking up work that earlier wasn’t open to everyone. So anyone can now be an assistant to a person or a company, virtual assistant to be specific. You would earn the title of real-life Siri, Cortana, or other bots nevertheless you would have a good job on your hands.

32) Online Teacher

Built a successful online teaching career using these

If you are good at a subject or possess a skill that you can teach others then you could start an online class. It could be study subjects that you teach or something like Dance, Guitar, painting, or other stuff that you teach your students. Earlier your options were limited to running a physical class which also required you to get a place and invest in various other stuff increasing your cost. Today you can set up a device and start recording or streaming via it directly to your students and so online teaching has become simpler and more relevant after the pandemic.

33) Content Writer

If you just have a good hold over the language and can speak and write well in your local or certain global languages then you could become a Content writer and write stuff for magazines, articles, or companies as a second job. Most times you would also have to have some research skills or knowledge of various subjects to be able to write about them. Other times just good language skills might be enough to get you through. Writing jobs are also easily one of the easiest jobs to find on the internet and in most cases, you might also be able to complete your work very quickly which is what makes it an ideal second job.

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34) Proofreader

In the line of Content, it is not just writing that you can pursue. If you have a good hold over a certain language even if it is limited to reading then you can go ahead and get yourself a proofreader’s job. In this job profile, your task would be to read stuff and find out mistakes in the text. It can be spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, or any other thing of this kind that you have to spot and report. If you also have writing prowess in the language that you can speak then you can go one step ahead and be an Editor plus proofreader at the same time.

35) Financial Advisor

If you belong to the finance or accounting fields then there is a good chance that you know various things that not every common person can boast of. Taking advantage of this skill or knowledge of yours you can sign up to be a financial advisor to people or companies. Not every individual has good knowledge of the financial scenario nor do they understand various policies and schemes introduced by governments and that is where you come in and help them understand stuff like this whole and also help them make decisions. As for companies, we all know that they have a finance or accounting department and sometimes both. So you could be a part of that team or also one man responsible for looking after their finances and accounts.

36) Internship

Listen Up Interns

Let’s say you have a full-time job but even then you went ahead and learned a skill or know something else that you could make money from. It could be a skill learned in the past or a freshly learned skill or anything else that could come of use. You could sign up for an internship based on your other skills. Let’s say you got a Digital Marketing certificate from Google. If you now have the time and dedication to go after extra income then you can sign up for an internship with another company (provided that it is allowed in both companies) and start making extra money on the side.

37) Research

Do you find yourself sitting at home often scrolling through your phones for hours? While it may be a worrying thing to do you can turn it into a desirable skill. Right from the comfort of your home, you could sign up for a job that asks you to scroll your phone endlessly while paying you for it. To put it in a better way, you are supposed to go ahead and get yourself a second job as a researcher. Usually, brands or other companies ask you to go out on the internet, social media forums, or other such places and gather data for them that can help them come up with better products and services.

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38) Car Renting

You went ahead and got a car because of society’s pressure but do you want one? If you have a car that is lying around aimlessly then why not make some money from this depreciating asset by renting it? You could sign up your car for Uber, Ola, or other cab services and get someone to drive it for you while making money for themselves and you. Or you could go one step further and list your car on a platform like Zoom Cars. Here you will find people who want to rent your car for a few hours or days at a stretch. Unlike the cab options here the hirers will be people like you and me who want a car just for recreational purposes or so.

39) Entrepreneur

Most people who sign up for jobs have business knowledge or at least a passing interest in the field and usually, they also have a good idea to get them started. If you are someone who is this person with good business knowledge and a knack for it then you can pursue it on the side and make extra money from it. Let’s say you build a tool at home that can help with various household tasks. You can show this product around your neighborhood and ask your neighbors if they would be interested in having it and then you start taking orders and creating it for them as well. And slowly you turn it into a full-time gig if it works for you.

40) Resume Writing

Write an Incredible Resume: 5 Golden Rules!

Not everyone has to do jobs or at least enjoy them. But a lot of people like the process of getting jobs where you write resumes, send them, give interviews, etc. If you already have a job there is no reason to go ahead and get another job. You could keep enjoying the job process simply by becoming a resume writer. Yes, that is right. You can start asking people to send their data or information to you and you can craft their resumes for them right from your home. Writing one resume a day or week can also go a long way in getting you some valuable extra income.

41) Refurbisher

If you are that guy with the tool or tool kit then you must be knowing what we are getting at. Old phones, furniture, basically any good that can be reused after being given a little makeover can be made worth it. All you have to do is not throw away your old stuff and instead work on making it better or bringing it to a usable condition. Such products have a market out there and people are willing to bug used goods in decent condition for a reasonable price. So by reinstating used goods and selling them you can again make a good amount of money on the side.

42) Online Reviewers

Word of mouth is a very powerful advertising tool. And for this reason, reviews hold a lot of value. If you want to make extra money on the side while sitting at your home then you don’t have to do much as you can simply start by reviewing stuff online. You can write reviews for movies, games, products on a website, or just about anything you like as long as you have a niche figured out or know that the topic will have a sizable audience. You can either work as a freelancer or get hired by individuals or companies to work in this capacity if your writing and reviews make sense.

43) Investing

Today it is impossible to imagine a thing in the world that you can invest in. Earlier it was just the stocks that you could invest in or the precious metals. But today you have crypto, NFTs, real estate, art, and whatnot options to invest in. If you have even a basic knowledge of how markets work and have spare money that you can put into markets then you might want to try investing in some of the stuff mentioned above. This way you could sit right at your home and make some extra money on the side.

44) Play Money-paying games online

Earn 1Lakh Per Day From Home By Playing Games - Income Proof 100%?💰🔥🔥🔥

On the internet, you have a lot of these games where you are paid real cash or prizes that have cash worth when you win them. Unlike professional gamers who stream their games to make money from them, people who play these types of games usually make less money and the games they play are not as adventurous or fun as those played by streamers. However, as long as it is about making extra money on the side while sitting at your home this option is not only a valid way to do so but also one of the more fun ways.

45) Paying apps

Just like you have games that pay you money for winning you also have games and apps that pay you to download and use the app or for referring it to others. You could find one new such app for each day of the year and comfortably make a good lump sum chunk of money just by downloading and referring such games and apps to friends and family members. As dry as it may sound this option lets you stay at home while also helping you make extra money and so it is a genuine option.

Whether your goal is to build a full-fledged passive income source or to just earn some money on the side, there are plenty of opportunities nowadays. With patience, a strong work ethic, and determination anyone can earn extra income from home in India even with very little experience. 

If there are any other means of earning money that we may have missed, please feel free to let us know.

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