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How to Earn Money by Playing Games

How to Earn Money by Playing Games

Nowadays, gaming has become more than just a pastime. The idea of turning a hobby into a source of income is no longer a distant dream but a feasible reality for those in this field. In this article, we will discover how to earn money by playing games and the diverse methods available to monetize your skills. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated gamer, you can transform your passion into a profitable venture.

How to Earn Money by Playing Games?

In a world where fun and money mix together, making cash by playing games has become really interesting and profitable for a lot of people. Turning a favorite hobby into a way to earn money is something that gamers all over the world find appealing. This article explores the exciting realm where fun and financial gain intersect, offering insights into various avenues for gamers to potentially earn some extra cash.

1. Livestream

If you’re good at gaming or have a fun personality, you can earn money by livestreaming your game play. People watch for various reasons: to learn tips, enjoy exceptional game play, listen to entertaining commentary, or connect with the gaming community. Ways to make money include donations, paid subscriptions, ticket sales for special events, sponsorships from gaming brands, advertising revenue, affiliate marketing commissions, and selling your own merchandise. To succeed, be interesting – whether skilled, funny, or a good storyteller. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, DLive are great for livestreaming. So, if you’re engaging, you can turn your gaming passion into a source of income!

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2. Create Game Guides on Video Platforms

Create a money-making gaming channel on YouTube by making guides for gamers. People watch game guides for various reasons: to check if a game is cool, learn how to play, get expert tips, stay updated on gaming news, be entertained, and connect with other players. Your channel should feature popular game reviews, beginner tutorials, pro tips, industry news, and fun commentary on game play. Make money through viewer donations, subscriptions, brand advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. To start, you’ll need a camera, microphone, video editing software, and your gaming setup. Record yourself playing, edit the footage, add effects, and share your videos. Get ready to turn your passion for gaming into a rewarding venture!

3. Write Gaming Guides for Your Website

Person holding a gaming controller

Make money by creating video game guides, either in writing or through videos, and sell them on your website. Your guides should cover basic walkthroughs, tutorials on game features, and advanced tips, supported by screenshots and graphics. Include video content on your site to complement written guides. Promote your content by offering some guides for free to entice people to purchase your premium content. Alternatively, monetize through advertising or affiliate marketing on your website, even if you provide free tutorials. Start by building and promoting your website as a platform for gamers to access your valuable content, allowing you to generate income through guides and other strategies.

4. Offer Game Coaching

Make money by becoming a video game coach! Help players boost their gaming skills through services like reviewing game recordings, giving tips, and live play guidance. You can coach individuals or groups, setting your own prices based on your expertise. To start, be a skilled gamer with updated game knowledge and teaching abilities. Create a website or YouTube channel to showcase your skills or join platforms like Gamer Sensei or Fiverr to find clients. Whether you’re a beginner coach or aiming for competitive players, your earnings increase with your expertise. This side hustle complements other gaming-related income streams like streaming or creating guides. No formal education is necessary, just your gaming passion and coaching skills!

5. Become a Video Game Journalist

If you love video games and can write well, you can make money as a game journalist. This involves writing reviews, covering gaming news, interviewing industry figures, and reporting on events. Strong writing skills are crucial; a journalism degree helps but isn’t essential. Start a blog to gain experience and make money through ads and affiliates. You don’t have to stick to gaming—blogging on other topics can build a writing platform. Look for freelance opportunities by studying submission guidelines, networking on social media, and checking sites like Video Game Journalism Jobs. Specializing in a niche, like a specific game, can make it easier to break into the field.

6. Playtest Video Games

Playtesters help game companies by playing games and giving feedback. They check if players understand the game, if controls work, and where players face challenges. Playtesters observe what players like, what they find easy or hard, and overall thoughts. They help developers fix problems and make the game better. Playtesters can be volunteers, freelancers, or employees. To become a playtester, love for gaming and a good work ethic are important. You need to follow instructions, meet deadlines, and share feedback. Look for playtester jobs in ads or contact game companies directly. Create a resume highlighting your gaming experience, especially any playtesting background.

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7. Do Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

QA testers focus on the technical side of gaming, fixing issues that affect user experience. They’re regular employees, not freelancers like playtesters, but the terms can be interchangeable. QA testers play games, report bugs, document crashes, and share feedback with the development team. Some specialize, like automated testers or game play reviewers. Having International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification is preferred, and a degree in computer programming or graphic design can be beneficial. Good writing skills for bug reports are crucial. You can gain experience by volunteering as a beta tester, helping review almost-ready games. This could lead to networking and job opportunities in the gaming industry.

8. Become a Video Game Developer

If you love making games, you can earn money as a game developer. Developers turn game ideas into code and also test games. Knowing programming languages like C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, or Python is crucial. While a degree in software engineering or computer science helps, practical coding skills matter more. Understanding math, physics, 3D graphics, and animation is useful. Gain experience by creating your games, starting simple and progressing. Build a portfolio to show employers. Look for game developer jobs on LinkedIn, job boards, and game company websites. Starting with smaller or independent companies increases your chances, especially for freelancers.

9. Host a Gaming Podcast

Woman hosting a podcast

If you love gaming, hosting a podcast can be a profitable venture where you discuss various gaming topics, such as game play, game reviews, industry news, interviews, audience Q&A, and humor. To monetize your podcast, you can ask for listener support through crowdfunding or donations, sell premium content like tutorials, host paid exclusive events, generate income from advertising, secure sponsors, and promote affiliate products. Starting a podcast requires a microphone, audio editing software (e.g., Descript), and a hosting platform like Buzzsprout. Effective promotion through strategies like search engine optimization and social media marketing will help you reach a wider audience, increasing the success of your gaming podcast.

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10. Participate in Gaming Tournaments

Make money playing games by entering esports competitions or online tournaments. Skilled players can win cash prizes in physical arenas or online. If you’re good at organizing events, host gaming tournaments, attract sponsors, and charge entry and promotional fees. Use your marketing skills to sell products for yourself, sponsors, or affiliates during tournaments. Investors can also put money into gaming tournaments. Gain experience with platforms like GamerSaloon for online tournaments and find local events on Battlefy or attend major ones like The International (TI). Check out resources like the University of Esports to learn more about the world of gaming tournaments.

11. Apply for an eSports Scholarship

Getting scholarships for playing video games, known as esports scholarships, is not very common, but it is possible. The University of Roehampton in the UK, for instance, provides £2,000 per year to skilled student gamers through their esports scholarships. They even have a special scholarship for women interested in esports to encourage more diversity in the gaming industry. Not all universities offer these scholarships, so if you’re already in college, it might be challenging to find one. However, if you’re applying to universities and dreaming of a career in esports, keep an eye out for such opportunities when deciding where to go.

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12. Become a Gamer on Social Media

If you’re passionate about video games and social media, you can turn that love into a money-making opportunity as a gaming influencer. It’s not for everyone, though – you’ll need to be comfortable sharing content regularly and skilled at building an online following. Whether it’s on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, you can make money by sharing your gaming experiences. This could include game tips or funny videos that resonate with gamers. Explore other gaming influencers for inspiration on each platform and see what type of content connects best with the audience. It’s a fun way to combine your interests and potentially earn some income.

13. Write Video Game Reviews

Being a video games journalist is a fantastic way to blend your love for gaming and writing while making money. You can do this as a freelancer or go full-time. Making cash through reviews can be tough initially, so starting a gaming blog is a smart move. Share your game reviews, industry insights, and thoughts on the latest news. Once you build a readership, you can make money from your blog. This blog can also be a great portfolio when pitching ideas to magazines or applying for journalism jobs, showcasing your writing skills and passion for gaming.

14. Design Video Games

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own game and have the technical skills for app or website development, it’s a fantastic way to make money and boost your CV. Being an avid gamer yourself can enhance your game design. While building the game takes time, the potential earnings come from selling it, in-app purchases, or incorporating ads. Consider what monetization method suits your game by comparing it with similar ones in the market. This venture may not be about playing games for money, but it’s a rewarding way to turn your gaming passion into a lucrative opportunity.

15. Write Blog Posts about Gaming


To generate income beyond gaming, consider delving into video game blogging. Focus on a niche within your expertise, crafting insightful posts about studied or ongoing gaming experiences. Begin by securing a host and domain, with WordPress as a user-friendly platform for non-coders. Establishing your blog is a gradual process, but persistence pays off. As your audience grows, anticipate perks like game review copies and sponsorships. Transforming your gaming passion into a lucrative venture involves patience, but the rewards can be substantial. Don’t view the website setup as a tedious task; instead, embrace it as a step toward your calling.

16. Start your YouTube Channel

For dedicated gamers looking to monetize their passion on YouTube, it’s crucial to leverage the platform effectively. Begin by establishing your channel, consistently uploading engaging content, and building a substantial audience. While the journey to substantial earnings may take time, the effort is worthwhile. Focus on creating captivating content that aligns with audience interests. As your channel gains momentum, explore sponsorship opportunities with gaming companies and industry affiliates. The key is to cultivate a streaming persona and connect with your viewers. Ultimately, with persistence and quality content, you’ll pave the way for potential revenue streams through sponsorships and YouTube’s monetization features.

17. Create and Sell NFT

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets on a blockchain representing various items like videos, art, and game assets. To earn money creating NFTs, leverage graphic design skills to craft digital art or participate in NFT games. In NFT games, claiming ownership involves creating a character, buying digital items, or unlocking new assets, which can then be sold. Learn about NFTs through courses or videos. After designing a character, sell it within the NFT game or on platforms like Verify details and pricing before publishing. Essentially, NFTs provide a digital avenue for creators to monetize their skills and assets.

18. Sell Gaming Merchandise Online

Join the multitude of gamers exploring online avenues for their favorite gaming merchandise. Whether it’s coffee mugs, clothing, or mousepads, the demand is soaring. To capitalize on this trend, consider selling gaming-themed t-shirts. Begin by hiring a designer or using online platforms to craft designs with potential appeal. Once designs are ready, effortlessly integrate them onto various products and obtain shareable links. Leverage social media and YouTube channels to promote your merchandise effectively. While initial earnings may be modest, anticipate a lucrative profit margin as your popularity grows. Seize the opportunity to turn your passion for gaming into a thriving online business.

19. Sell Digital Items or Accounts

Another avenue for earning money through gaming involves selling digital items like Steam trading cards, especially suitable for skilled players. Profits from these transactions can offset gaming expenses. Alternatively, selling secondary or Smurf accounts to players seeking advancement is viable. Skilled players might even receive payment for improving others’ ratings on gaming platforms. However, not all games permit the sale of digital items, necessitating a review of each game’s terms and conditions. It’s essential to note that repetitive game play to acquire cards may not be appealing unless one excels at the game. Careful consideration of personal skill level is advised before pursuing this option.

20. Become a Gaming Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing

Game affiliate marketing offers a hassle-free way to earn money online from the comfort of your home. Without any upfront investment, you can become an affiliate marketer, promoting popular gaming programs from companies like GameFly, Howzat Fantasy Cricket, Rummy Circle, and more. By joining affiliate networks, you can share gaming deals through platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, earning commissions when users purchase products or download game apps through your unique affiliate links. Additionally, leveraging YouTube to promote games allows you to monetize your content through affiliate marketing, providing an additional avenue for income.

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Best Type of Games that Pay Real Money

Playing video games doesn’t often result in direct monetary rewards, but various avenues exist for gamers to earn real money. Engaging in video game tournaments, selling leveled-up characters, or becoming a Twitch streamer are ways to monetize gaming. A prime example is Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, who has amassed around $10 million through his online gaming endeavors, complemented by a thriving YouTube channel and a strong social media presence. Ninja has even authored a book sharing insights on mastering gaming skills.

The world of eSports offers substantial cash prizes, with over $156 million distributed across 3,500 tournaments last year. Notably, one top player secured a substantial $4.2 million in earnings. Another avenue is game testing, where players collaborate with developers to test beta versions, earning compensation for their expertise on platforms like PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo consoles.

For those seeking monetary gains, online slot machines present an opportunity. Accessible through mobile apps and websites, some may require an initial buy-in, while others offer deposit bonuses upon sign-up. Approximately 8% of smartphone users engage in online casino games, although discovering profitable game apps can be challenging due to restrictions on real-money gaming apps in both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

While online poker faces regulatory challenges in some regions, it remains a viable source of income in specific locations. Take, for instance, a couple who, in just a few years of playing, earn an average of $3,500 monthly, covering their rent and showcasing the potential of online poker as a lucrative pursuit despite regulatory hurdles.

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How Do Games Pay Out?

Make Money

In adherence to industry norms, professional gamers have the potential to earn annual incomes ranging from Rs. 70 to 85 lakhs. Earnings are derived through various avenues such as playing online games, creating video game content, pursuing a career in game journalism, participating in live professional gaming events, and live streaming game play. The amount one can earn is contingent on factors such as the types of games played, the quality of gaming content produced, the platforms utilized, and the time invested in the endeavor. Additionally, engaging in tournaments and promotional activities promoted by gaming apps can serve as additional income sources. According to Glassdoor, the average monthly salary for a professional gamer in India is Rs. 21,418.

It’s important to note that different gaming platforms may have varying payment structures, so it’s advisable to familiarize oneself with the rules before participation. Payment types may include gift cards, online currency, prepaid credit cards, checks, or a combination of these. Moreover, payment schedules can differ, with some platforms offering on-demand payouts, while others follow weekly or monthly schedules. Certain sites may also necessitate reaching a minimum earnings threshold before allowing cash withdrawals.

The evolving landscape of the gaming industry offers lucrative rewards in the digital age. By exploring various platforms and opportunities, gamers can turn their leisure into a source of income.

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