10 Best Indian Credit Card for Free Airport Lounge Access

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10 Best Indian Credit Card for Free Airport Lounge Access

Want free access to airport lounges? Let your credit card do that for you. Please scroll through our list and compare the 10 best Indian credit cards for free airport lounge access and choose the one that best suits your needs.

10 Best Indian Credit Card for Free Airport Lounge Access

Credit cards offer a lot of eye-catching discounts, rewards, and benefits to customers. Travel facilities provided by credit card is one of the well-known offers. Among travel facilities, free airport lounge access is most important, and the number of free airport lounge access varies from card to card. Some credit cards provide a limited number of visits from 4 to 8 visits per year. A few super-premium credit cards only provide the benefit of unlimited access to the airport lounges.

There are many other features, offers, and benefits provided by the credit card. If you wish to explore the world, then you need to think once and choose the best cards among all which suits you best.

In this article, you can find all the basic information and benefits associated with each card to choose the card that suits you the best.

1. HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card:

HDFC diners club credit card

HDFC is most popular among all credit cards as the unlimited domestic, and international airport lounge facilities are peerless. Free access to more than 700+ lounges in India and worldwide without the need for a separate priority pass is provided by them, which makes HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card exceptionally preferable. The only limitation is that because of being a super-premium credit card, its requirement is also extravagant, and it demands a monthly salary of Rs.1.75 Lacs or an income not less than 21 Lacs per annum. Special balance is also added to the account upon spending.

  • 5 rewarded point worth rupees 5 is added on spending every 150.
  • The reward rate is 3.3%
  • The annual fee for the first year is Rs.10,000, and for consecutive years, i.e., for the second year and onwards, it is Rs.5,000. For the first year, if you spend Rs.5 Lacs, and your renewal fee will be waived.
  • The welcome gift provided by these cards is enormous and elegant. For the first year, a welcome gift equal to 10000 points is provided, and upon renewal, a welcome gift worth 5000 points is given. These points are equal to its annual fees and thus provides unlimited benefits to enjoy without bothering much about money.

There are many long term security benefits which are also covered under this card:

  • Rs. 2 Crores of air accident insurance covering both domestic and international tours.
  • Rs. 50 Lacs for Emergency medical expenses for both domestic and international tours.
  • Rs. 9 lakh is to be provided for the credit card liability.
  • Rs.55,000 Travel insurance on baggage delay is an additional benefit.
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2. HDFC Infinia Credit Card:

HDFC Infinia Credit Card

HDFC Infinia Credit Card is another elegant and used credit card offering maximum benefits, ranging from basic lounge access to extravagant golf courses within the credit limit. They provide unlimited access to more than 1000 airport lounges across the globe, covering both domestic and international ones. Supplementary cardmembers are also provided with unlimited lounge access. The only thing they need to do to avail such lavish free facilities is to present your priority pass.

  • The minimum credit limit for Infinia credit card is Rs 10 Lacs.
  • To avail, the infinite credit card minimum of 45 Lacs INR is required.
  • Annual fees demanded by Infinia credit card is Rs.10,000.
  •  On spending 8 Lacs or more, the annual fee is waived off.

Extra benefits provided by Infinia credit card :

  • 10 reward points are credited for every Rs.150 spent by you on hdfcbankinfinia.com and dining or flight booking on airvista.com. Spending Rs.150 on any other thing will give 5 reward points.
  • 2%markup fee over foreign currency, 15% off across 3000+ restaurants, 1% off on fuel surcharge.
  • Another important benefit is no cash withdrawal fee.
  • Many insurances are also covered under Infinia credit card like accidental death insurance worth Rs. 3 Crore, medical emergency during abroad travel up to Rs. 50 Lacs, accident death and permanent disability worth Rs. 9 Lacs.
  • Card liability up to Rs. 9 Lacs is also covered under Infinia credit card benefits.

For the first year, complimentary Vistara gold membership is provided, which covers many benefits like:

  • 10 start point for every Rs.100 spent on all Vistara flights along with guaranteed economy class reservation, additional 10 kg baggage allowance, and priority airport service benefits.
  • For further availing this gold membership, you need to contact HDFC customer care.
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3. Citi Prestige Credit Card:

Citi Prestige Credit Card

Citi Prestige Credit Card is most popular and preferred among frequent travelers who access lounge across the world due to gradual tours. And it is one of the best credit card for free airport lounge access in India. Both primary, as well as secondary cardholders, get unlimited priority pass access at more than 800 airports.

  • Annual fee demand by them is Rs.20,000.
  • Welcome gift of 10,000 bonus air miles & Taj Group or ITC vouchers of Rs.10,000 is given and is renewed every year.

It also offers many captivating benefits like:

  • For every Rs.100 you spend, you will be given 2 reward points.
  • Over 30% of an additional bonus point is provided for preexisting Citigold or Citigold private clients.
  • 4 complimentary golf rounds with additional golf lessons along with 2 complimentary luxury airport service and meets and assist service.
  • One complimentary night with benefit of stay for a minimum of 4 nights at any hotel across the globe gives the extra luxurious comfort.
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 4. Yes First Exclusive Credit Card:

Yes First Exclusive credit card

With this credit card, you will get unlimited free airport lounge access in all domestic and international. The main advantage which gives it an edge over other credit card is that not only the primary cardholder but the add-on cardholders will also get the benefit of the unlimited lounge access. The prerequisite condition to opt for this card is that the person must have a monthly income of 4 Lacs.

  • The annual fee for this credit card is Rs.10,000.
  • The welcome card offered by them is extremely profitable as the welcome gift worth more than the annual fees you need to pay. As a welcome gift card upon your first transaction within the first 3 months, you will be rewarded with an additional 50,000 reward points. Upon renewal, each time 40,000 points are credited as a gift.
  • On spending INR 20 Lacs or more in one year 25,000 bonus reward point worth Rs.6250 is added to the account.

Along with these benefits, some long term benefits offered are:

  • Each time on spending INR 100, 10 rewarded points are added to your account.
  • On new registration through Yes pay, each time 1000 reward points are added to your account.
  • Special exclusive complimentary Taj Innercircle epicure membership benefit is also provided.
  • Foreign currency markup of 1.75% is availed under the benefit Yes Preferred Exclusive Credit Card.
  • There are many captivating offers covering lifestyle benefits like 25% off on movie tickets up to Rs. 250 per month, if booked through the BookMyShow app. Additionally, a golf lesson is also given each month.
  • You are also given the extra benefit of a 1% discount on fuel surcharge.
  • Life insurance and medical insurance are also covered under the Yes Exclusive Credit Card. For death due to flight accident INR, 3 Crore is given as a penalty, and for traveling outside the country, medical insurance worth INR 50 Lacs is given.
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5. Yes First Preferred Credit Card:

Yes First Preferred credit card

The bank understands every aspect and needs of people. Apart from Yes Bank Preferred Exclusive Credit Card, it also provides Yes Bank Preferred Credit Card, which suits those best who are not a frequent traveler. It offers access to 3 airport lounge across India in every four months. With priority pass membership, an additional benefit of 4 complimentary airport lounge visits is also provided. If you wish to extend the number of visitors, you will have to pay an additional $27 for every visit.

  • The annual fee for this credit card is Rs.25,000, which makes it more popular among folks.
  • The main requirement is that you need to have a monthly income of Rs.2 Lacs, and the alternate option is that you can make a fixed deposit of Rs.3 lacs to get this card.
  • As a welcome gift, 15000 points are added to the account, and 20000 milestone points are credited upon spending Rs.7.5 Lacs or more. Additionally, 1000 points are credited upon Yes Pay Now registration. The rewarded points can be used for easy flight and hotel booking.
  • Welcome gift of 15000 points is credited in the first, and for the following consecutive years, 10000 points are credited to the account.

Along with these benefits, some additional key benefits are also covered under this card:

  • On every spends, 4 rewarded points are added to the account; additionally, 8 rewarded points are credited on spending on either travel agency or tour operator and dining.
  • Foreign currency markup for Yes Bank Preferred Credit Card is 1.75%.
  • For any flight accident, a life insurance cover of Rs.1 crore is provided to both domestic and international visitors.
  • For people traveling overseas medical insurance worth Rs. 25 lacs is provided.
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6. HDFC Regalia Credit Card:

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

If you are not a very frequent traveler and don’t want all these unlimited facilities to go in vain, then you can opt for HDFC Regalia Credit Card. Under this card, you will get the opportunity to acquire 12 domestic airport lounge. Under complimentary priority pass membership, you get 6 complimentary visits to more than 1000+ airport lounges around the world. If you want to expand the visit further, then $27 will be charged for each visit.

  • Its annual fees are only Rs.2500, which makes it easily accessible for everyone and is extremely appreciated among middle-class people.
  • As a welcome gift, 2500 reward points are added to the account every year whose value is equal to Rs.1250. This benefit is not only for the first year, but upon renewal every year, 2500 reward points are added as additional benefits.
  • It also relies on the policy of spending more, gets more. On spending Rs.5,00,000 annually, 10,000 reward points are provided, and on spending Rs.8,00,000 or more annually, 15,000 reward points are provided.

Some major key benefits are also covered under the HDFC Regalia Credit Card

  • On every Rs.150 you spend, 4 additional reward points will be given, and each point is worth 50 paise.
  • 2% foreign currency markup, which is higher than another credit card, it also gives it an edge over others.
  • Some instant regular daily life benefits it covers is, it gives a 15% discount on dining at premium restaurants.
  • Medical emergency protection act covering all health issues with a value up to Rs. 15 Lacs is covered under this credit card.
  • Air accident for both domestic and international visitors with a value up to Rs.1 Crore is covered.
  • Credit liability with a value up to Rs.9 Lacs is covered under the benefit of this credit card.
  • Along with them, special travel insurance up to Rs.55,000 on baggage delay is also covered under the benefit of these credit cards.
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7. ICICI Jet Privilege Sapphiro Credit Card:

ICICI Jet Privilege Sapphiro Credit Card

ICICI Jet Privilege Sapphiro Credit Card gives complimentary access to 8 domestic and 2 international lounges every year. The domestic visit is limited to a maximum of 2 visits per 4 months. Special 2 spa sessions at the domestic airport lounge are availed through complimentary Dragon pass membership every year.

If you are a regular jet traveler, then this card will be the best for you. Under the benefit covered by this credit card, you will get an extra 5% discount on the original fare for all domestic and international air ticket booking. It covers both domestic and international air ticket booking through jetairways.com.

  • To enjoy the benefit of the card, you need to pay Rs.5000 as an annual fee.
  • On spending Rs. 100 on jet airways, you will get 10 JPMiles as an additional benefit.
  • As a welcome gift for the first year, an air ticket voucher along with 12,500 bonus JPMiles is offered, and upon renewal, after the first year, an air ticket voucher along with 5000 bonus JPMiles is offered.

Other special benefits mainly for jet airways travelers provided are:

  • On every domestic and international spend, 5 and 7 JPMiles are offered respectively.
  • On opting and insurance and any utilities, 1 JPMiles is offered.
  • Baggage extension benefit of extra allowance of 10 kgs for premier and 5 kgs for economy class.
  • 4 complimentary golf lessons every month are provided as a benefit along with Rs.500 off on the second movie ticket twice every month through the BookMyShow app.
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8. ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card:

ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card

ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card covers American Express card and Sapphiro Mastercard under itself. Under the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card, you get access to 16 domestic and 2 international airport lounges.

  • Annual fees required to avail the benefits of ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card is Rs.6500 for the first year, and for renewal, you need to pay Rs.3500.
  • If you spend more than INR 6 Lacs, you didn’t require to pay the renewal amount.
  • As welcome gift voucher worth Rs.10,000 is given provided.
  • On spending Rs. 4 Lacs payback point equal to 4,000, and after that on spending, INR 1 Lacs or more 2000 playback points are added.
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9. SBI Elite Credit Card:

SBI Elite Credit Card

With the SBI Elite Credit Card, you get 2 complimentary access to 8 domestic and 6 international airport lounge each quarter.

  • The annual fee you need to pay is Rs.4999.
  • You will be provided with a welcome gift worth Rs.4999.
  • On spending more than INR 8 Lacs, you will get 50,000 bonus reward points.
  • Other benefits are that for every INR 200 paid international, departmental store and grocery, you will be awarded 10 points and for other spend you will be awarded 2 points.
  • 1% fuel surcharge discount and 1.99% foreign currency discount are covered.
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10. Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card:

Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card

If you need to travel only across India and thus want to save your annual fee, then it is the preferable one. It provides access to 8 domestic air lounge.

  • You just need to spend Rs.999 as annual fees, and upon spending Rs.1 Lakh, you don’t require to pay the annual fees.
  • As a welcome gift, 2 BookMyShow vouchers are provided.
  • On spending INR 4 lacs or more 10,000 bonus points are added, and upon spending INR 8 Lacs, 30,000 points are added.
  • 1% fuel surcharge discount and 2.5 Lacs credit card stolen benefits are covered under this card.
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This article will give you a basic idea about all the credit cards and their prevailing benefits to help you decide the best and most suitable credit card for free airport lounge access for you.

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