7 Best SBI Credit Cards In India Review 2023

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Scroll through the range of best SBI credit cards and find the perfect match for you.

In India, SBI is the most popular bank because of its status, its services & its all over India approach. It has many branches and ATMs in all the states of India. Even many of the small towns and villages have them. This bank provides numerous options in terms of credit cards, which are customer-centric and aims to provide as many benefits as possible to the customers.

7 Best SBI Credit Card In India Review

Since the credit cards belonging to SBI, no one can doubt on its reliability. The use of the card is simple & easy. Payments can be made in one go with this card. Types of cards that SBI offers are shopping & travel cards, classic cards, premium cards, & exclusive cards. All these cards have different attractive offers. So, now, let’s have a look at some of the best credit cards offered by SBI. This would help you in deciding which one is the best for you.


People who are always online are going to love this card. Salaried employees would consider this card as the best if they make a lot of payments on some popular brands such as Zoomcar, OLA, Foodpanda, Cleartrip, etc. If you get this card issued now, then you would get an Rs.500 Amazon gift card. This scheme is for a limited period of time and would be covering the first-year fee.

With SBI simply click credit card one can easily win reward points up to 10 times more if the card is used to the fullest. The sites permitted here are UrbanClap, Zoomcar, BookMyShow, etc.

The annual fee of the card is just Rs.499, and this can be nullified by spending Rs.1 lakh in a year from the date of the issue of the card.

Key Benefits-

  • 10x reward points if you spend on brands as specified by the bank.
  • 5x times points on other spending made through the card.
  • If you spend Rs.100 anywhere, you will get 1 point
  • Amazon is giving a voucher worth Rs.500 with the card
  • Whenever your transaction at the fuel station is between Rs.500 and Rs.3000, you would get a 1 percent fuel surcharge waiver.

This is a very good option for online shoppers. You can earn 5-10x rewards on particular spends.

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This card helps you in saving money in different aspects. You can save at dining, grocery shops, movies, etc. The major feature of the card, which is the highlight is the option to pay for the outstanding card balance through accumulated reward points. Hence you would not be forced to spend these points on some unwanted treats.

Watch movies and save, buy groceries and save, enter a departmental store and save is the aim of this SBI card.

Key Benefits-

  • Whenever you spend just Rs.100 in stores, grocery shops or restaurants, and movies, you would be awarded 10 rewards points.
  • A fuel surcharge waiver of 1 percent is also provided.

If you want to redeem your accumulated points on dining, departmental stores, movies, and grocery, then you would get Rs.25 discount for every 100 points. But, if this redemption is on the not specified categories, then this discount is of just 0.25 percent, which is not attractive.

The annual fees charged by the bank for SBI SimplySAVE credit card is Rs.499. This fee can be reversed if you spend Rs.90,000 in the first year. Then this fee would be reversed from the second year.

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As the name suggests, this card offered by SBI is the one and only card available in India for the people who love to or have to travel by railways frequently. You can avail discounts on train tickets and other spending that you do through this card.

You get 350 points are given as a welcome gift, and these points are worth Rs.350 when redeemed.

Key Benefits

  • When you receive the card, withdraw some money from ATM, and you would get Rs.100 as cashback on the first transaction.
  • On spending Rs.125 on the retail purchases excluding fuel, you would get 1 reward point every time.
  • The fuel surcharge waiver is 1 percent whenever you spend between Rs.500 and Rs.3000 on fuel stations.

The fee for the first year on this card is Rs.500, and after that, the renewal fee every year is Rs.300.

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The people who make their ticket and hotel reservations through Yatra can save a lot by this card. Some of the common discounts available are- Discount on domestic flight bookings, international flight bookings, and a 20 percent discount on domestic hotels.

You are eligible for these discounts if you use the promo code TRAVEL while making the reservations. This discount is available only 6 times every year.

The annual fee for the card is Rs.499. The welcome gift of this card has 7 vouchers from Yatra. These vouchers, in total, have a huge worth of Rs. 8250. While redeeming the accumulated points, 100 points are equal to Rs.25.

Key Benefits-

  • You get a 20% discount for domestic hotel bookings of Rs.3000 and above.
  • 2 complimentary lounge access at any domestic airport every quarter
  • Complimentary Air insurance worth Rs. 50 lakhs
  • You can transfer pending credit from any credit card to Yatra SBI Card through ‘Balance Transfer.
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This card is valuable in all domains, like dining, shopping, travel, etc. Hence this card can be called an all-rounder. If you take this card, you will get an e-voucher from some big brands like Bata, Marks & Spencer, Shoppers stop, pantaloons, etc. The worth of this voucher would be Rs. 3000. This is equal to the amount of annual fee of this card.

You can celebrate your birthday to the fullest with this card because it offers 20 points when you spend Rs.100 on your birthday, particularly.

Key Benefits-

  • While paying bills, you would get 20 points for every Rs.100 that you spend.
  • A fuel surcharge waiver of 1 percent is also allowed at the petrol pumps
  • On spending Rs.100 at some particular brands, you can earn 15 reward points. Some of these brands are Reliance fresh, reliance trends, big basket, etc.

If you can spend Rs.3,00,000 in a year, then you won’t have to pay the annual fee, which is otherwise Rs.2999. If you get this annual fee waived, then this card is free for you, with a whole lot of benefits being offered.

SBI Prime Credit card is a must-buy for the high spenders, and this card attracts everyone towards it with its benefits. It has many more complimentary benefits too for the customers.

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This card lies in the category of travel cards & is among the best travel credit cards available in India. The card gives reward points on a regular basis, one welcome gift each year, and other rewards yearly. The people who often travel by Air India flights can enjoy benefits and offers through this card.

Key Benefits-

  • As a welcome to you, 20000 reward points are credited in your account in the first year of card purchase
  • If you can spend more than 20 lakhs within a single year, you will be rewarded with 50,000 points.
  • Whenever you book tickets through Air India, you will get 10 points per Rs.100.
  • A fuel surcharge waiver of 1 percent is also allowed.
  • If your card is lost, a lost card cover is provided worth Rs.1,00,000.
  • You can visit the International airports’ lounges through this card. Over 600 airports are open for you to access through this card besides the priority pass program.

The annual fee for the first year & the renewal fee to be paid every year is the same for this card at Rs.4999.

If you are a frequent user of the Air India flights or you can spend a lot of money within a year, then this card is recommended for you. But, unfortunately, if you cannot do any of these things, then this card may not be so beneficial for you.

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This card is a very good choice for the beginners who also do not have any CIBIL score as of now. If a person has a fixed deposit of Rs. 25000 with SBI, then such a person is eligible to apply for the card. The benefits and Reward points advantage for the customers are- after spending Rs. 50000, 500 is returned as cashback, for every Rs.100 spent, you would get 1 reward point, and many more.

The biggest feature of this card is that there is no fee for the first four years from the issue date. After that, its just Rs.499. All the reward points you earn in the initial four years are your direct savings through the card.

Key Benefits

  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver for spending Rs. 500 to Rs.3000.
  • No annual fee. (waived off for first 4 years)
  • Rs.500 cashback for spending Rs.50,000 per year.
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* To apply for this credit card you need to visit your nearest SBI branch.

Final Words

So, these were the best SBI credit cards with their key benefits and features. SBI offers credit cards offering discounts in all different fields for different types of people all over the country. You can choose your type of credit card from the above-mentioned cards by analyzing and comparing the benefits of every card. Through this, you would definitely save a lot of money in the coming years.

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