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Mahesh Babu Net Worth, Salary Per Movie, Property

Mahesh Babu Net Worth, Salary Per Movie, Property

Mahesh Babu is one of the most celebrated actors in the Indian film industry, particularly in Telugu cinema. With his charming looks, versatile acting skills, and magnetic screen presence, he has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. During his impressive career, Mahesh Babu has also amassed significant wealth, standing as one of the highest-paid actors in the country. In this article, we delve into Mahesh Babu net worth, salary per movie and property owned by him.

Mahesh Babu Net Worth, Salary Per Movie, Property

Regional movies are more popular than ever before because of OTT and pan India releases. Many actors of the south are now recognized worldwide. Mahesh Babu is one such name. His fan following is insane, and he has given hit after hit. His net worth has increased two folds in the recent years. Let us learn more about him.

About Mahesh Babu

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Mahesh Babu’s full name is Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu, and he was born in 1975 on the 9th of August. He is most famously known as an actor who predominantly works in Telugu cinema and who also recently came under the spotlight for openly rejecting Bollywood. However, the actor is not the only credential enjoyed by this actor as the media personality has also worked as a Producer and is also a well-known Philanthropist as well outside of his work.

The actor also owns the production house G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment, and he is one of the highest-paid Telugu film actors. The actor was born in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India and he has been working in the industry since 1979. The actor has so far starred in close to 30+ movies and this reminds us to mention that we will also shortly look at Mahesh Babu salary per movie.

Mahesh Babu Net Worth

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It is difficult to give a perfect number and so we will go by the roughly estimated figures. And these figures tell us that Mahesh Babu income per month is around 2 crores or more and that means he earns around 24 crores or more each year.

It is numbers like these that have helped Mahesh Babu nicely in growing his net worth which today is assumed to stand at 256 crores or so. If we convert it into US Dollars then the amount changes to 33 million dollars, no matter how you look at it, it is a huge and impressive figure.

Since Mahesh Babu is an actor first most of Mahesh Babu net worth comes from his work in movies and brand endorsements. One of Mahesh Babu’s homes itself is worth 28 crores which makes up 10% of his net worth.

Mahesh Babu’s car collection is not any less impressive as it includes cars like Audi, Mercedes, and more which are collectively worth 9 crores. The actor’s wife is also a former actor and model and so it is safe to assume that she also must have contributed handsomely to Mahesh’s net worth.

Mahesh Babu Salary Per Movie

Mahesh Babu salary per movie might be assumed by people to be above 100 crores because recently various actors from the South have been reported to make that kind of money after the success of movies like Pushpa, the KGF franchise, RRR, and more. However, barring Prabhas and a couple more actors, the fees for others are not as high as it is thought to be. For Mahesh Babu, the amount charged per movie is estimated to be 35 crores.

Mahesh Babu has a film for which he is about to team up with SS Rajamouli who is a star himself these days after the stellar success of his film RRR.

The reason why Prabhas or other stars from the South boast a 100 crore plus salary is that they work in multiple industries or act in Pan-India movies, unlike Mahesh who predominantly works in the Telugu industry. Mahesh Babu property, net worth, salary, income, etc. all of it varies as compared to his peers because of distinct factors like this.

Mahesh Babu Income

Depending on what source you believe in Mahesh Babu income will vary between 20 to 80 crores. No actor goes out revealing their salary and so we have mentioned above that these are estimated and assumed figures, however, he is said to earn no less than 24 crores plus a year and 35 crores per movie.

Since his fee is not that high it has always been a mystery for people as to why he didn’t feature in Bollywood projects even after delivering hit after hit only for him to reveal he had no interest or plans to feature in any Bollywood project and had indeed turned down quite a few roles in the past.

Mahesh Babu didn’t start with a 30-plus crore salary per movie right from day 1. Nor was Mahesh Babu Net worth this huge in the initial days of his career.

Today the actor has more than 30 films that have his credentials and many more brand endorsements to go with them that help him bag an impressive 30 crore plus salary per movie. This has also significantly helped Mahesh Babu net worth skyrocket as well.

Mahesh Babu Property

As mentioned above Mahesh Babu property includes a property worth 28 crores in Nandi Hills in Jubilee Hills. This is the house where he, his wife, and their two kids live. Apart from that he is said to have reportedly purchased a property in Bangalore recently while also having made significant investments in real estate in Pune.

Mahesh’s car collection features a Range Rover worth 1 crore, a Mercedes Benz worth 1.3 crore, and an Audi worth 1.5 crores. Mahesh Babu salary per movie being 30 plus crores has also enabled him to get his hands on a private jet and a super luxurious vanity van.

This vanity van comes with an entertainment unit, living space, restroom, bathroom, rehearsal room, and more. The actor also owns an exclusive designer brand for men, The Humble Co. He is also the co-owner of AMB cinemas in Hyderabad.

NAME Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu
Net worth $33 million
Monthly Income Rs. 2 crores
Yearly Income Rs. 24 crores
Wealth Rs. 256 crores
Properties owned and their valuation Rs. 28+ crores
Miscellaneous assets and their valuation Rs. 85+ crores

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Personal Life

Mahesh Babu has no time for Bollywood

Mahesh Babu was the fourth child of 5 that his parents conceived. Mahesh Babu was shooting B Gopal’s film Vamsi in Australia which is when he started dating his now-wife then co-star Namrata Shirodkar.

They dated for four years before getting married in Mumbai’s Marriott hotel on 10th February 2005. Their first kid was born on 31st August 2006 in Hyderabad and was named Gautham Krishna while their second kid, a girl named Sitara was born on 20th July 2012.

Mahesh Babu salary per movie is 30 plus crores and that is also the percent of his earnings that he donates to charity every year. Over the years the actor has associated himself with campaigns and been an ambassador for various good causes.

He has also donated a good sum of money to various relief funds. However, he doesn’t like speaking about his philanthropic side. He has also adopted a whole village and has taken care of getting their basic needs sorted.

Before Mahesh Babu net worth and career had taken off like they have today, he was a young person prone to making mistakes, one of which was attending a rally to promote a film.

The events of the rally spun out of hand, and he ended up getting himself booked under IPC sections 448, 427, and 366. Although he was later cleared of the charges it didn’t happen before his father, delegates of Telugu cinema, and a few others got involved. The actor also had to go to court before the case got dropped eventually.

So that brings us to the end of Mahesh Babu net worth article where we also saw his salary per movie. Being one of South’s top-paid and most favorite actors has surely worked out well for Mahesh Babu. His property reflects the kind of success the actor and his films have enjoyed and continue to enjoy even today, and his fans must surely be excited for his upcoming project hailed by SS Rajamouli.

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