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Top 10 Drone making Company in India listed in Stock Market

Top 10 Drone making Company in India listed in Stock Market

Drones have made several things easier not only in the defense industry but in other areas as well. It is another robot introduced in our lives to simplify and make it better. E-commerce companies are already counting on drones to make delivery services more efficient. The demand for drones will only increase and the company that makes drones will likely get huge investments. Investing in these companies can generate high returns in the future. In this article, we will inform you about drone companies stock and drone making company in India listed in stock market.

What are Drones?

A drone is an aerial vehicle that can be controlled using a remote control. Regular drones have a range of 5-8 Km which means they can work at that distance away from the controller. This range varies according to the price of the drone. Drones are powered by batteries that can be charged regularly. Given below are some areas in which drones are used.


Drones can be of help in exploring mines before putting humans into them. That way a plan or strategy can be framed down to work accordingly and that reduces the chances of being hurt less too. Mining was really a life treating thing since the beginning. Drones are a blessing to the mine workers as they are at least at risk if they have scanned the whole mine already. Even drones can do basic things like drilling and blasting too in order to avoid hazards to humans.

Topographical Mapping 

Even if today humans are searching for life on other planets there might be some of the earth untouched by humans. These places can be so high or so deep that they can be huge mountains, coastline etc. Here, Drones can be used as a study to find new areas by scanning the whole topography of the location. With the camera/video feature in drones 3D maps can be created to study obscure areas in a better way.


There has been a special scheme going on with the name of Kisan drones to help farmers observe the condition of the crops and threats to them. If you are wondering if that will be quite a costly affair then the answer is no. The Rotor drones are multipurpose drones which will make them cost effective in the long run. To make it worth it there is planning going on and also R&D occurring to make it the best way out for farmers.

Journalism, filming and videography

In the world of graphics and virtual reality cinemas, Journalism and videography have to go to another level too. Drones are there to bring revolution in such areas and capture perfect shots for people. They are not in human form which means they do not even possess limitations like physical beings.


Drones can help the army in defense mitigating the risk of soldiers being harmed due to the unavailability of the information ahead. Even the US and UK forces are using drones for security and training purposes. They are working with drones that have surveillance features. Also, drones can be used in scanning explosives and other security threats too.

Security and Safety

For industrial units needing top-notch security drones are of real help – companies that have high-value materials, or jails that might require really good security. Even security cameras have their limitations, which drones can overcome and provide extremely beneficial solutions.

Top 10 Drone making Company in India listed in Stock Market

More companies will likely invest in manufacturing drones in the future. Many startups are busy finding creative ways to use drones. For now, some of the best drone making companies in India are listed below.

1. Infoedge India

Infoedge homepage

It is an internet-based company in India that is also a large cap public company. 99acres, Naukri, Jeevansathi, all are subsidiaries of this parent company. Info Edge spends a lot on R&D and is always wagering to spend money on the future, might it be in any area.

Share Price Rs. 4260 per share
Market cap Rs. 50329.60 crores
1 year return (39.27%)
Net profit FY 2022 Rs. 12759. 57 crores
Revenue Rs. 15399.46 crores
PE ratio 3.93
Headquarters Delhi
IPO date Oct 30, 2006 to Nov 02, 2006
IPO Price Rs. 290 to 320 per share
Issue Size Rs. 170.36 crores
Listing price – opening Rs. 480 per share – BSE

Rs. 451.05 per share – NSE

2. Zomato

Zomato homepage | Drone making Company in India listed in Stock Market

If till now Zomato was only on your mind as a delivery agent then trust us you were wrong. Zomato was a company incorporated by name DC Foodiebay Online Services Private Limited. Later they switched it to Zomato. And yes Zomato is a delivery app only but they are ambitious and have a dream of delivering food by drones. To do that, they have acquired TechEagle Innovation, a drone making startup.

Share Price Rs. 59 per share
Market cap Rs. 52318.27 crores
1 year return (52.2%)
Net profit FY 2022 Rs. (1208.7) crores
Revenue Rs. 5038.1 crores
PE ratio (44.35)
Headquarters New Delhi
IPO date July 14, 2021 to July 16, 2021
IPO Price Rs. 72 to 76 per share
Issue Size Rs. 9375 crores
Listing price – opening Rs. 115 per share – BSE

3. Paras Defense and Space technologies

Paras Defense and Space technologies homepage

Paras Defense and Space technologies has been serving in the military and Space for more than 40 years. It is working on drone projects with foreign UAV manufacturers. This company is considered the best drone making company in India listed in stock market.

Share Price Rs. 710 per share
Market cap Rs. 2710.50 crores
1 year return 16.65%
Net profit FY 2022 Rs. 27.04 crores
Revenue Rs. 186.1 crores
PE ratio 76.8
Headquarters Navi Mumbai
IPO date Sept 21, 2021 to Sept 23, 2021
IPO Price Rs. 165 to 175 per share
Issue Size Rs. 170.78 crores
Listing price – opening Rs. 475 per share – BSE

Rs. 469 per share – NSE

4. Zen Technologies Ltd

Zen Technologies Ltd homepage | Drone making Company in India listed in Stock Market

Zen Technologies are into developing stimulators that are required for weapons and defense equipment. It was incorporated in 1993 and is a small cap company. Zen technologies have received orders from Indian Air force for supply of counter unmanned aircraft systems worth Rs. 1.6 Billion.

Share Price Rs. 208 per share
Market cap Rs. 1521.82 crores
1 year return (6.61%)
Net profit FY 2022 Rs. 1.99 crores
Revenue Rs. 86.58 crores
PE ratio 142.02
Headquarters Hyderabad

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5. Solar Industries India Ltd

Solar Industries India Ltd homepage

Founded in 1995, Solar Group are in the business of creating explosives and machines to produce controlled blasting for public work. They are also involved in making products for the military. They also manufacture industrial explosives including detonators.

Share Price Rs. 3330 per share
Market cap Rs. 33857.76 crores
1 year return 76.8
Net profit FY 2022 Rs .441.28 crores
Revenue Rs. 4007.32 crores
PE ratio 65.94
Headquarters Nagpur
IPO date March 09, 2006 to March 13, 2006
IPO Price Rs. 170 to 190 per share
Issue Size Rs. 83.6 crores
Listing price – opening Rs. 286.90per share – BSE

6. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd homepage | Drone making Company in India listed in Stock Market

HAL was incorporated in 1940 to engage in the business of aircraft and helicopters. It has also announced plans to launch India’s combat UAV with an operational range of 1000 km. When it comes to drone making company in India listed in stock market, this one is certainly up there.

Share Price Rs. 2271 per share
Market cap Rs. 77434.11 crores
1 year return 70.9%
Net profit FY 2022 Rs. 5080.04 crores
Revenue Rs. 25012.65 crores
PE ratio 14.05
Headquarters Bangalore
IPO date March 16, 2018 to march 20, 2018
IPO Price Rs. 1215 to 1240 per share
Issue Size Rs. 4144.06 crores
NSE Symbol HAL
Listing price – opening Rs. 1169 per share – BSE

Rs. 1152 per share – NSE

7. DCM Shriram Ltd

DCM Shriram Ltd homepage

This is a multi-product portfolio company with products like sugar, alcohol, fine chemicals, fibre for industrial use and other engineering products. Recently this company announced its agreement with a Turkish UAV company. After this it made an investment of $1 million and acquired 30% shareholding in that company.

Share Price Rs. 1049 per share
Market cap Rs. 15687.02 crores
1 year return (0.75%)
Net profit FY 2022 Rs. 1067.35 crores
Revenue Rs. 10348.09 crores
PE ratio 13.44
Headquarters New Delhi

8. RattanIndia Enterprises Limited

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited homepage

It Is a grand entity among Rattanindia group which announced the launch of its drone business with a wholly owned subsidiary named Neosky India Limited in Sept 2021. In addition to this, strategic investment in US based urban drone logistics has been made by Rattanindia enterprise Limited.

Share Price Rs. 51 per share
Market cap Rs. 6496.67 crores
1 year return 5.62%
Net profit FY 2022 Rs. 553.86 crores
Revenue Rs. 592.99 crores
PE ratio 19.16
Headquarters New Delhi

9. TartanSense

TartanSense homepage | Drone making Company in India listed in Stock Market

It was founded in 2015 by Jaisima Rao. It is an AI based robotic company that is on a mission to empower small agriculturists. Its first product was a robot made to help farmers in the cotton harvesting process which was named ad Brijbot. That was a replacement for high-cost equipment and was between Rs. 4k to 5k.

10. Idea Forge

Idea Forge homepage

Idea Forge is a startup. It has manufactured a product by name Netra V series which is a pro version of Netra series. It in comparison with Netra series had no standby time and is only 3 kg heavy. This drone made by Idea Forge is currently being used by the police department. This company can become the top drone making company in India listed in stock market.

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Drone Flying Guidelines in India

There have been some restrictions by the Indian government on flying drones to protect the interest of the general public and prevent illegal activities. Every technology can be misused and so can drones. To keep them from malpractices these rules are made.


Every drone is required to have a registration as it is a vehicle and in India every vehicle should be registered to find out who is the maker and who is the owner of such a vehicle. The Registration process will be taken by Digital Sky platform, which DGCA operates.


Every operator should have a license to operate this vehicle like any other vehicle. To obtain such a license one should be 18 + and should have undergone the training program by DGCA. Also, one needs to clear a written examination too. Once issued, the license will be valid for 10 years.

Banned areas

There are several areas in which drones are not permitted. Such as airports due to them being densely populated. Anyone Breaching any such regulation will be penalized with a fine.

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