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CZN Burak Net Worth

CZN Burak Net Worth

Burak Özdemir, popularly known as CZN Burak, a prominent internet personality, has obtained significant attention through his culinary creations. Known for his charismatic presence and engaging content, he has built a substantial fanbase as well as a strong financial standing. In this article, we will look at CZN Burak net worth, his monthly income and the assets he owns.

CZN Burak Wiki

CZN Burak, a Turkish culinary expert and TV personality, has been honing his culinary skills since 2009. He gained significant fame through his notable presence on the renowned cooking program, MasterChef Turkey.

Birth Date and Age March 24, 1994; 29 years
Birthplace Yayladagi, Turkey
Residence Istanbul, Turkey
Education Anadolu University’s Faculty of Open Education, Turkey
Debut Video Ekrem abinin payını koparttım 🙂 | Czn Burak
Most Popular Video Czn Burak vs Khaby Lame
Accolades Best Chef, GQ Turkey Men Of The Year Awards, 2017

CZN Burak Net Worth, Monthly Income, Assets

CZN Burak, a culinary sensation and social media icon, has carved a distinctive niche in the world of gastronomy. With a dynamic online presence and a flair for innovation, this culinary maestro has captivated audiences globally. Known for a unique blend of creativity and authenticity, CZN Burak continues to redefine modern food culture, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

Net Worth $12 million
Monthly Income Rs. 41 lakhs
Yearly Income Rs. 5 crores
Wealth Rs. 99 crores
Properties Owned and their Valuation
Miscellaneous Assets and their Valuation $681,800

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Personal Life

Born on March 24, 1994, in Yayladagi, Turkey, CZN Burak hails from a Syrian background, with parents named İsmail Özdemir and Didem Bozbura. Growing up in Istanbul, he shared his childhood with two siblings, Uğur and Aylin. The spark for Burak’s culinary journey ignited through his grandfather, Zeytindali, whom he started assisting in the kitchen at the age of 13, nurturing his deep-rooted passion for cooking. Following his high school education, he pursued higher studies at Anadolu University’s Faculty of Open Education, successfully earning his degree.


The Most Viral Chef CZN Burak #Dubai

CZN Burak’s culinary journey commenced during his early years, sparked by a genuine passion for the art of cooking. Sharing his gastronomic creations with close friends and family marked the outset of his culinary venture. His fascination with Turkish cuisine deepened, inspiring him to experiment with traditional recipes. This passion soon transformed into a profession, as he ventured into sharing his recipes and cooking expertise through online platforms. Presently, he commands a massive following on social media, and his videos have garnered millions of views.

Burak’s career is characterized by an unwavering commitment to preserving the authenticity of Turkish cuisine, valuing traditional ingredients while infusing his distinctive cooking style. He has earned a notable reputation within Turkish gastronomy and has been prominently featured in numerous publications. CZN Burak is most renowned for his iconic dish, the Oversized Turkish Kebab, showcasing his mastery of Turkish culinary arts.

On 8th November 2019, Burak embarked on a journey to share his culinary wisdom with the world by launching his YouTube channel. He also ventured into TikTok for the same purpose, rapidly amassing a devoted following with tutorial videos guiding viewers in preparing a diverse array of dishes. With time, he diversified his channel’s content to encompass travel videos and engaging vlogs.

In the contemporary landscape, Burak stands not only as a thriving influencer in the realm of social media but also a prosperous restaurateur. His CZNBurak restaurant chain boasts multiple establishments across various regions. His hard work and dedication have yielded impressive results, amassing a fan following of 53.4 million on Instagram, 73.5 million on TikTok, and a subscriber base of 13.1 million on YouTube.

CZN Burak Net Worth

CZN Burak Net Worth, Monthly Income, Assets

CZN Burak boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $12 million, equivalent to a staggering Rs. 99 crores. His surging popularity has propelled him into the realm of a prominent social media influencer, engaging in brand collaborations and endorsing various products across his platforms.

CZN Burak Income and Salary

CZN Burak, a prominent figure in the social media realm, generates a substantial monthly income of approximately 50,000 USD, equivalent to around Rs. 41 lakhs. The primary source of this income is attributed to his flourishing restaurant business, amplified by his widespread popularity on platforms like TikTok and other social media channels.

Burak frequently receives invitations to feature on well-known TikTok and YouTube channels, contributing further to his earnings. As a social media influencer, he effectively promotes a variety of products through his online presence, enhancing his overall income. Cumulatively, CZN Burak income is estimated to be approximately 600,000 USD per annum, translating to about Rs. 5 crores.

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Czn Burak Home Tour 🏠 TOYS IN MY HOUSE

CZN Burak owns a lavish residence located in Istanbul, Turkey. He currently resides there with his family. Burak is also the founder and proprietor of the Hatay Civilizations Table restaurant chain, boasting six establishments situated in Etiler, Taksim, Aksaray, Doha, and notably marking its first international venture in Dubai.

CZN Burak Assets

CZN Burak boasts an exquisite array of automobiles, including:

  • Mercedes Maybach S600, valued at $135,900.
  • BMW X7, with a price tag of $110,000.
  • Rolls Royce Cullinan, a luxurious addition worth $335,900.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS, a stylish ride valued at $100,000.


CZN Burak has garnered a plethora of prestigious awards for his exceptional cooking prowess. One notable achievement was clinching the esteemed Best Chef award at the 2017 GQ Turkey Men Of The Year Awards.


Burak Özdemir has allegedly filed a lawsuit against his father, accusing him of fraud and exploitation. Local media sources have reported a rift between the chef and his father. The situation surfaced during the unfortunate earthquakes in Turkey when the chef made efforts to provide assistance.

When CZN Burak shared a picture of himself in a hospital on his social media, his fans were filled with worry and apprehension regarding his well-being. The speculation about a potential brain tumor added to their concerns, considering his unexpected illness. Nonetheless, in a recent update, CZN Burak clarified that he had not received a diagnosis of a brain tumor, providing some relief to his anxious fan base.


Even amidst legal struggles and personal hurdles, CZN Burak remains deeply committed to philanthropy. He has been actively engaged in extending humanitarian assistance to victims impacted by natural calamities, notably the severe earthquakes that ravaged Hatay in February. This compassionate facet of his character has garnered him widespread appreciation.

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CZN Burak net worth reflects his success in the world of cookery, due to his significant digital media presence. His entrepreneurial achievements reflect his influence in the industry.

Source: CZN Burak Controversy

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