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23 Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market to Follow

23 Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market to Follow

Looking to enhance your stock market knowledge and stay ahead of the game? Look no further than Telegram, the popular messaging platform that offers a wealth of information and insights through its diverse range of channels. In this article, we will explore the best Telegram channels for stock market, where you can find expert analysis, trading tips and market trends.

Note: We do not endorse any such channels/apps that offer content from paid subscription services due to copyright infringement issues. So, use these services at your discretion. Moreover, these channels might eventually get blocked or deleted.

23 Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market to Follow

One of the best ways to stay updated on the latest trends and opportunities is to join some Telegram channels that focus on the stock market. In this list, we have mentioned some of the best Telegram channels for stock market that you can follow to get crucial information and alerts from experts and enthusiasts of stock market.


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From the name itself, you get a feeling that this might be a professional channel with all experts under one chat sharing tips and tricks of the Indian stock market. It is said that 90% of calls made in this group end up happening which makes it the place to be for market tips as they also have a 1:1 to risk-to-reward ratio which is more than favorable.

In this group, one can find suggestions for 3 to 5 equity stocks and options calls regularly while their accuracy is also high. Apart from that you can get high-quality live training classes on this platform, and they also offer calls and resources for educational purposes. You also get regular updates on the international market here in addition to the national market.

2. Profits Everyday

Profits Everyday Telegram Channel
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You hear a name like that, and you know why it is on the list of best Telegram channels for stock market. If you are interested in stock options trading, then you will be able to find analyzed-based tips on this group for the same. Every day there is at least one free post on a stock options call and also advice on holding or selling a position is shared.

You can pay to get premium services the fees for which can be recovered in 2 or 3 days as per the people who run the channel. On this channel people with small sums to invest are also welcome and the members also get support over Telegram with any issues that they might be having.


NSE STOCK PRO 🇮🇳 Telegram Channel
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As the name suggests the group is created especially for people who trade on a day-to-day basis. It happens to be one of the best Telegram channels for stock market as tips for both equity and options trading are provided in this group.

Members of this group get 3 to 4 highly accurate trade calls daily, daily market news updates, and premium trading calls among other things. The group members find themselves bagging profit more often than not as the information regarding stuff like stop loss and take profit price level are also shared in addition to the entry price.

4. Shree Tech Analysis

Shree Tech Analysis telegram channel
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This group caters to those that are interested in the index as well as options trading. The group has a success ratio of 90% when it comes to making regular free calls, open targets, and BankNifty call options.

The group also offers premium service to its members wherein 2 to 3 intraday tips are shared with the members, or they are even given personalized assistance. To get the premium service you just need to open a Demat account using Shree Tech’s referral code.

As a member of this group, you can make profits from small amounts, and you also have the privilege of getting help from the customer support team over Telegram.

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5. Honest Stock Marketer

Honest Stock Marketer telegram channel
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On this channel, you don’t just get premium services on stock and commodities but also are given 1 or 2 free trading calls. It is a group that specially caters to intraday traders. It belongs on this list of best Telegram channels for stock market.

They make a lot of trading calls, especially on BankNifty and stock options. Members of the group also get updates on calls as well as profit booking now and then. It is among the best Telegram channels for stock market.

Stock market analysis and predictions can be found on this channel. However, to be a part of this channel you need to make sure to be ready to invest 20 to 30k in the market. For a reasonable price, the members of the group can buy a premium subscription.

6. StockPro Online

StockPro Online telegram channel
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Another one of the best Telegram channels for stock market is StockPro Online. The channel is run by Dr. Seema Jain who happens to be a SEBI registered research analyst which adds more credibility to this stock market-based channel.

From authentic knowledge to market tips to educational content all of it can be found on this channel. You can find trade calls, strategies, market trends, chart analysis, free courses and webinars, or even YouTube videos on this channel.

The channel has a 98% accuracy when it comes to making trade calls and you can also find the finest equity calls and positional stock updates here. There are special morning sessions held in this group for discussing various topics. If you trade in BankNifty or options then you need to be a member of this channel.

7. BankNifty Masters

BankNifty Masters Telegram Channel
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BankNifty happens to be popular amongst traders which is why we have another top channel dedicated to it on Telegram. You can be an expert trader, or a beginner doesn’t make a difference as the aim of this channel is to help either set of people achieve profits via options trading.

There are 1 or 2 can’t on BankNifty daily while a professional view is also provided on stock options along with the former. The group also shares frequent updates regarding holding or exiting a position. Interested people have the option of paying to get special services.

The tips shared in this group have an 85% accuracy and the members of the group get transparent reports on P&L regularly while paid members get premium service and personalized support.


20PAISA.COM telegram channel
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20PAISA.COM is another Telegram channel that caters to BankNifty traders. It is a reliable channel for market news and trends and has been around for more than a decade.

On this channel, you can find expert advice on stuff like BankNifty options, Equity options, stock options trading, and future and options trading. The tips shared in this group are said to have 95% accuracy which is by no means a figure to be taken lightly.

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9. Stock Gainers

Stock Gainers Telegram Channel
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You can be an experienced trader or a beginner no matter what, both are welcome to this SEBI-registered stock market group. Here you get proper guidance on stuff like stop loss and targets.

The accuracy of the calls made by people in this group is too high. Every day there are at least 7 to 10 calls in Futures, Option, Commodity, and other stuff.

The group is home to more than 60,000 traders and if you can. Just spend a few hours on this group daily then you can end up making huge profits in the short run.


JACKPOT TRADEX Telegram Channel
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If you are looking for a good and reliable trading platform, then your search can take a halt at this particular channel. Here you will get daily Nifty intraday calls in addition to equity calls. It is one of the best stock tips telegram channels.

Beginners can benefit from this group and learn about portfolio management. The best thing about this group is that they also share pre-market updates that may help you plan your move. It is a group of more than 45,000 subscribers and it’s easy to see why they boast such a large following.

11. StoxMaster Advisory

StoxMaster Advisory Telegram Channel
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If you want to become financially independent, then you might want to consider joining this group. SEBI registered analysts and stock market traders run this group and these people have knowledge worth a decade to share with its members.

Here you can get insights into methods and techniques that have proven successful in the past and can help you achieve your stock market goals. There are live webinars and stock market courses on offer for the members of the group.

12. TradeOnomics

TradeOnomics Telegram Channel
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People who are interested in options trading need to go and check out the TradeOnomics channel on Telegram. They give free calls related to BankNifty and have a 90% accuracy rate.

People who wish to get premium service can pay for the same or they can keep using the free service. Under premium service, a user can get 2 to 3 intraday tips and receive personalized support.

Beginners can use the channel referral code to open a Demat account which is enough to get them premium service. The channel offers customer support over Telegram and is good for people with small sums to invest.

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13. Bombay Trader

Bombay Trader Telegram Channel
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Like many other channels in this article, this is a top stock market channel on Telegram and that is because the calls made in this group are professional and accurate more often than not.

The channel specializes in BankNifty and Nifty Index options. Every day there is at least one free call shared in the group. It is a growing group and has as many as 6,000 subscribers so far.

Their 90% accuracy and transparent services are their USPs. A premium member can get 3 to 4 calls daily while users will also be informed about the right entry and exit levels.

14. StockPro Index Trading

StockPro Index Trading Telegram Channel
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A stock market channel that doesn’t just have tips to share with you but also courses for you to learn from has surely got to be a top channel. Here you don’t just get the best stock marketing tips but also professional courses for beginners.

Through these courses, you can become a professional trader and learn a lot about the stock market. You can also sign up for premium services where you will get info on BankNifty trade setups, positional trade ideas, swing trading setups, long and short-term stock views, and more.

The channel is for beginners with small capital as well as high net worth individuals with big capital. The channel provides customer assistance 24/7 and every morning views on the market are shared as well.

15. Vision Trading

Vision Trading Telegram Channel
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If you want trading tips and stop loss targets for free, then Vision trading is where you need to be. It is a channel, especially for people interested in options trading.

There are free calls daily on various items from the stock market. If you sign up for their premium services, then you can get 3 to 4 tips daily. However, to be a part of this group your capital needs to be anywhere between 15 to 25 thousand rupees.

You can then earn at least 7 to 10 thousand as a guarantee by just being a part of this group and following their tips. This is one of the best stock tips Telegram channels.

16. Usha’s Analysis

Usha's Analysis Telegram Channel
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One of the best Telegram channels for stock market is Usha’s Analysis. It caters to those interested in options trading. Being a part of this group can get you an idea on a variety of market-related topics like F&O investing recommendations, short-term stock ideas, long payback ideas, and more.

There are 2 to 3 free calls shared daily on the group. This channel can help you manage and develop your portfolio and so if you can’t look after your portfolio continuously then they will do it for you.

The channel offers free as well as premium services and is suitable for small as well as big capital investors.

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17. Bulls Bear Traders

Bulls Bear Traders Telegram Channel
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This Telegram channel is certified by the National Institute of Financial Management and you can find market tips and recommendations on this platform. The channel offers a wide range of premium services that the members can sign up for.

You can be a beginner with small capital or an HNI with large capital. It doesn’t matter, the channel is open to both kinds of people. There are market updates shared in this group every morning and support is available for customers 24/7.

18. Nifty 50 & Stocks

Nifty 50 & Stocks telegram channel
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Nifty 50 & Stocks is one of the best Telegram channels for stock market out there. Their call accuracy is around 90% even with a risk-to-reward of a minimum of 1:1.

They are currently leading the list of best stock market Telegram channels with a following of over 40K. They offer live training classes for beginners to learn more about the stock market.

Nifty 50 & Stocks regularly updates about Indian and international markets making it one of the best Telegram channels for Indian stock market. They often have 3-5 Equity and Options calls. They offer highly accurate calls and also provide high-quality live training classes.

19. Intraday TradeX

Intraday TradeX telegram channel
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As one of the best Telegram channels for stock market, which is also very popular, Intraday TradeX marks its place. They offer you a team of professionals who do in-depth research to provide you with premium trading calls and with no time in hand, Intraday TradeX got popular solely due to their hard work. This is a good sign to choose a good quality channel for your stock market.

They offer you daily market news and updates. Intraday TradeX provides 3-4 highly accurate trading calls daily. Along with entry price, they also provide stop loss and take profit price levels.

20. Growth Stock

Growth Stock telegram channel
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If you are looking for something new like the stock market, Growth Stock is the one for you. Why, did you ask? It is because they provide highly accurate option calls and are always at a good pace. This allows you to easily generate a good profit from their calls.

They have more than 90% accuracy. Their risk-to-reward ratio is great. Users are provided with one call at a time. They have a following base of over 75K subscribers.

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21. Trade Phoenix

Trade Phoenix telegram channel
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Another rising Telegram channel for the stock market is Trade Phoenix. This channel offers great opportunities for BankNifty trading and provides its users with regular updates.

The constantly profitable client base is another reason why it is a great choice. They provide updates on a daily basis. The channel offers in-depth market research. They also provide 3-4 regular BankNifty calls. This is the most profitable BankNifty calls group.

22. Kingline Stocks 

Kingline Stocks telegram channel
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Kingline Stocks is another trading calls provider group that serves its clients with daily equity option trading signals. They provide you with a team of highly experienced traders who sit, analyze and pick the right stock for you. It is among the best stock tips telegram channels.

This team full of experienced traders also provides their clients with daily market updates. They provide 4-5 research-based trading calls. The stocks and derivatives trading tips are also available for the clients. The channel has a strong client base. 

23. Stox Master Advisory 

Stox Master Advisory telegram channel
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Stox Master Advisory is one of the trusted Telegram channels that you would love to join. With a mission to make everyone financially independent, Stox Master Advisory has a team of SEBI-registered analysts and stock market traders with a decade of experience trading stock in the share market. If you are looking for telegram channels for stock market, then check this one out. 

Offering the best-proven methods and techniques for successful trading in the stock market, they are undoubtedly one of the best stock market Telegram channels out there. They offer free calls daily. You can get expert tips on nifty, bank nifty, intraday trading, futures & options, and positional trading. You will be provided with live webinars. They offer stock market courses. 

The world of stock market investing is filled with opportunities and challenges, and staying informed is crucial to make informed decisions. The best Telegram channels for the stock market offer a treasure trove of insights, analysis, and expert opinions to help you navigate this dynamic landscape.

Whether you’re interested in technical analysis, fundamental research, trading strategies, or staying updated with the latest market trends, these Telegram channels provide a valuable resource for investors of all levels.

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