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What Companies are in the Basic Industries Field?

What Companies are in the Basic Industries Field?

The basic industries sector includes a wide range of companies involved in the production and distribution of essential raw materials and commodities. These companies form the backbone of various industries, providing the necessary elements required for economic activities. This diverse sector encompasses both large multinational corporations and smaller enterprises operating across the globe. In this article, we are going to see what companies are in the basic industries field since they play a crucial role in supporting economic growth by supplying essential inputs to other industries in global supply chains.

What Companies are in the Basic Industries Field?

Basic industries are having a revival. As the competition increases in the IT sector, more and more job seekers are looking towards the basic industries for employment. These industries offer a variety of jobs which means there is something for everyone. Let us learn more about this field.

What are Basic Industries?

Basic industries are those industries that provide raw materials to other industries to manufacture their goods. These industries play an essential role in the economy of the country.

This sector includes iron and steel works, metallurgy, mining, oil and gas corporations, etc. Such a sector is heavily dependent on all types of natural resources. Agriculture, coal, crude oil, etc., are a few focus points of these industries.

These key industries are responsible for employing millions of people and are also heavily invested in. Basic industries account for more than 300 index funds, stock mutual funds, and ETFs.

With a basic industry sourcing and delivering the raw materials, it would get easier for secondary industries to manufacture their products.

What is the Importance of Basic Industries?

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Basic industries are the primary key to many finished products we use and rely on. Imagine having poor-quality steel in your car parts; that could be a significant reason for an easy accident.

Basic industries make sure that manufacturing companies receive good quality raw materials for quality production. These industries are also responsible for employing individuals in various types of jobs across several countries. These jobs range from transportation to drilling engineers, environmentalists, supervisors, etc.

These are a few best paying jobs in the basic industries field. All these roles require strenuous hard work and proper training for individuals before starting on the field. Because basic industries are not like regular jobs, workers have to be extremely focused and both physically and mentally healthy.

Types of Companies in the Basic Industries Field

Companies in these basic industries are primarily involved in one subcategory. For example, a company that is involved in forestry and logging focuses on that particular category. Along the same lines, a basic industry company focused on agricultural raw materials is an agriculture-based company.

There are many such companies involved in the basic industries sector. They sustain business in different fields; so here are the types of companies in the basic industries field:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining and metal extraction
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Basic chemical production
  • Paper and Pulp Companies
  • Specialty Chemical Companies
  • Forestry and Logging
  • Steel Industry
  • Utilities Manufacturing

What Companies are in the Basic Industries field?

Are you still thinking about what companies are in the basic industries field? Depending on the subcategory type, there are usually well-known companies in this sector in different countries. Here are a few companies that are in the basic industries field by category:

1. Agriculture

With the world’s population rising every hour, the need for food and agricultural supplies is also increasing. Agricultural companies work to meet these demands every day by expanding and growing their supply chain.

One such company in this field is Cargill. Founded in 1915, the company is today the largest supplier of feed ingredients and refrigerated food.

Using advanced technology to aid smart farming, the company is now one of the most well-known names when it comes to basic industries in the agricultural sector. With the increase in efficiency and smart cultivation, Cargill is one of those companies focusing on helping the world thrive today.

2. Mining and Metal Extraction

The mining sector is probably one of the biggest when discussing basic industries. If you talk about the top 40 mining companies, you refer to approximately $1000 billion in revenue.

Globally, each country has its own needs for minerals like iron and copper. Mining companies take the credit for fueling this need and deliver quality raw materials that end up in your homes and cars.

Newmont Mining Corporation is one of America’s biggest mining corporations. They explore as well as produce minerals for other industries. This company began in 1967 when five former mining businesses merged.

There are different extraction methods for different minerals seabed mining, surface mining, well operation, etc. currently; the company has 21 mines under development at different stations in America.

3. Oil and Gas Extraction

Oil and gas platform

Fuel needs are increasing globally every year. Even though the resource is expected to deplete, the need continues to grow. And so, global oil companies extract oil using advanced technologies and are also involved with producing crude oil and recovering hydrocarbon liquids.

Chevron Corporation is one of the USA’s largest and most well-known names in the field of oil extraction. This corporation’s primary goal is to meet the transport-related fuel needs of the present generation. They are also trying to tap into renewable sources of energy.

The global dependency on natural fuel makes the oil and gas basic industry one of the leading industries. At the same time, corporations like this one give employment to thousands and millions of people across the globe, making it an indispensable part of the global economy.

4. Basic Chemical Production

The chemical industry is a fast-growing sector in today’s world. What makes a basic chemical industry different from chemical producing companies?

These companies extract and develop basic chemicals that other companies can use to manufacture advanced products. These companies develop and extract inorganic and organic raw chemical compounds.

One of the world’s leading chemical manufacturing companies is Dow Chemical Company. This company produces basic polymers, monomers, sealants, adhesives, and plastomers. With a reach in almost 160 countries and an extensive global workforce, Dow Chemicals is one of the fastest-growing basic industries in this field. Now that you know what companies are in the basic industries field, let us understand some other aspects of this field.

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Do Basic Industries pay well?

Getting a job in a basic industry can be challenging as well as satisfactory. These companies make sure to keep you on your toes and train you rigorously for the things you might have to face at work.

Often, a job in a basic industry means you might be posted at a remote location or far away from home. Companies make sure that the pay and incentives are lucrative enough for their employees. There are numerous best paying jobs in the basic industries, you can choose any as per your expertise and skill set.

So the answer is a definitive yes. Basic industries pay their workers exceptionally well. Below are a few of the highest-paying jobs in these basic industries.

Best Paying Jobs in the Basic Industries field

The pay might vary slightly with multiple companies in each field of the basic industries. It also depends on the countries where these companies operate in. Generally, these are some of the highest-paying jobs in the basic industries:

1. Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum Geologists are crucial in the functioning of the oil and gas basic industry. These workers are among the highest paid in this industry because of their work.

These people are responsible for studying and detecting the earth’s surface and determining where oil deposits can be found. They use technological equipment called indicators to determine these sites.

A company can only begin mining when these geologists are sure of the sites where drilling needs to be done. On average, a petroleum geologist can earn about $100,000 annually.

2. Drilling Engineer

Drilling engineers are considered almost equally important as petroleum geologists. They are also the highest paying job in the basic industries sector.

While petroleum geologists locate the sites for oil extraction, drilling engineers plan, supervise, and execute the whole process. It is a very challenging and lengthy task that takes months. A drilling engineer has an annual income of $102,000 in the USA.

3. Metallurgist

Metal recycling

What is the mining industry without metallurgists? These people are also among the most important people in the mining industry. With someone who knows their metals, the mining industry can smoothly function.

Metallurgists regularly need to visit the processing sites and study the minerals and ores being extracted. This job needs an expert level of knowledge and is highly regarded in the field. Annually, a metallurgist makes around $85,000. When people ask what companies are in the basic industries field, this is one of them.

4. Synthetic Chemist

Chemicals are required in almost every manufacturing industry. Some compounds are similar and essential in many products, from the agricultural sector to healthcare and domestic products.

A synthetic chemist works on developing valuable compounds that can be used across sectors. As a synthetic chemist, you stand to earn $80,000 annually.

5. Health and Safety Officer

Across industries, there are risks of getting injured or exposed to something harmful while you are on duty. Especially in the basic industries sector, the risks of mining, extraction, and the physical strain that comes with it can be overwhelming.

As such, health and safety officers are a given in every industry. These officers are there to assess, check, heal, and treat employees on the job. While it may usually be a relaxed atmosphere, in case of emergencies, these officers have to manage and treat people in chaos.

On average, a health and safety officer in the basic industries earns around $77,000 annually.

6. Transportation worker

Every industry needs to meet its transportation needs. In basic industries, the raw materials need to be transported for further processing or purification.

Transportation workers take care of this. Truck drivers and people who carry out maintenance and monitor the goods are involved in this job.

Transportation is one of the most critical parts of any industry; transportation workers are pretty close to essential workers and are paid well. In the USA, on average, a transportation worker in the basic industry can make around $65,000 annually.

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7. Agronomist

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Agronomists are required in the basic industry companies that deal with agriculture. Being in a field that needs dealing with people from various walks of life, agronomists also need to have basic management abilities on the job as well.

Their work profile mainly involves collaborating with farmers for large-scale production of specific crops and plants. An agronomist makes about $60,000 annually in this field.

These were some of the best paying jobs in the basic industries and hopefully, you now understand what companies are in the basic industries field. While many industries exist to manufacture and deliver finished products to you, the sector that brings in the raw materials for the same remains unnoticed.

Basic industries are the backbone of every other manufacturing industry and the global economy. These industries need to bring in quality raw materials by extraction, mining, and purification so products from manufacturing industries can reach us. The oil and gas exploration sector is among the most important basic industries.

Companies like DuPont, Chevron, BHP, Dow Chemicals, etc., are a few of the most important companies in the basic industries. On average, these basic industries employ nearly millions of people across the globe. In every country, the basic industries employ the best in all positions, especially in higher posts like drilling engineers and geologists.

In conclusion, the basic industries field encompasses a wide range of companies from various sectors, contributing to the foundation of the global economy. These companies play a crucial role in providing essential raw materials, manufacturing goods, and supporting infrastructure, thereby serving as the backbone of numerous industries worldwide.

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