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Vijay Mallya Net Worth, Income, Properties

Vijay Mallya Net Worth, Income, Properties

Vijay Mallya is an Indian business magnate and former politician who is widely known for his flamboyant lifestyle and business acumen. With a career spanning several decades, he has built a vast empire that includes interests in liquor, aviation, and real estate. In this article, we will take a closer look at Vijay Mallya net worth and how he makes his money.

Vijay Mallya Net Worth, Income, Properties

Vijay Mallya was an Indian business tycoon back in the day but today he is a fugitive seeking refugee in the UK. Remembered for holding titles such as former Rajya Sabha member, ex-chairman of United Spirits, and other such posts today the ex-businessman owes multiple thousand crore rupees to almost 20 Indian banks.

Mallya left India back in 2016 and more than half a decade later he is still being tried to be extradited from the UK.

Net Worth 1.2 billion dollars
Monthly Income Depends on allowances permitted
Yearly Income Depends on allowances permitted
Wealth Undisclosed
Properties Owned Homes in India, UK and other countries
Other Assets Cars and Stock Investments

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Vijay Mallya Net Worth

Vijay Mallya Lifestyle 2022, Income, House, Cars, Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Private Jet & Affairs.

Vijay Mallya was not someone who fits into the idea of a traditional businessman. From his style to his personality and lifestyle he always stood out from Ambani, Adani, or any other top business tycoon from India. There was a time when Vijay was among India’s richest men. This was the time when he had 1000s of crores of property and cash, unlike today when he owes that kind of money.

If we talk about Vijay Mallya net worth today then you would be surprised to learn that he is still said to have a net worth of no less than 1.2 billion dollars.

It is also claimed that the businessman had more than 7,000 crores in 2017 and that he was eligible to pay back all the money that he owed Indian banks. Having that kind of money and spending it lavishly is what earned him the title of King of Good Times.

Vijay Mallya House

Vijay Mallya house list is long for someone with that kind of loan on him. He has multiple properties in India as well as in the UK. When he lived in India his Indian properties were highlighted, however, since he moved to the UK his foreign homes have come to get more attention and mention.

  • The businessman has a very expensive home in northern California’s Napa Valley. To add to it he has a condo on New York’s Trump Tower and a home on Nettleton Road in Johannesburg.
  • Since Mallya left India some of his property has been auctioned off but even after all that he has quite a few more to boast of.
  • One of the best properties Mallya still owns is the Cornwall Terrace property in London. This home is said to be worth millions of pounds and may also soon be signed off to banks that gave Mallya money.
  • Next up Vijay Mallay owns the Ladywalk Mansion London. This large country house is located in Hertfordshire which is 40 kilometers away from London.
  • One of the most prominent houses in Sausalito, California belongs to Vijay Mallya. The 11,000 sq ft property is worth millions of dollars.
  • Having had a Cape Town mansion worth millions of dollars in his portfolio could only spell more good news for Vijay Mallya net worth. It is referred to as the best house in Cape Town, however, Vijay purchased this property in 2010 and got rid of it in 2014.
  • Vijay Mallya has a condo in Trump Plaza and it again is worth millions of dollars.
  • For over 50 million dollars Vijay also purchased a property known as Le Grande Jardin in France. The property is located on the Island of Sainte-Marguerite.

To complete Vijay Mallya house list, allow us to mention his Keillour Castle located in Perthshire, Scotland, his house named Devika in New Delhi, sea facing bungalow Niladri in Mumbai, and the famous Kingfisher Villa in Goa.

Vijay Mallya Loan

Exclusive — Vijay Mallya, fugitive billionaire, breaks his silence

Vijay Mallya loan amount is 9,000 crore rupees. Almost 20 banks have contributed the collective amount over the years to the ex-businessman.

He ran away to the UK on 2nd March 2016 but it is said that between 2008 and 2017 Vijay had sufficient funds or properties to repay his loan. However, he chose to go ahead and get more property worth millions of dollars in different countries rather than making an effort to repay the sum.

A few of Mallya’s properties have been auctioned off over the years which have helped to reclaim some of the money that was thought to be lost forever.

Attempts to extradite Mallya and auction off more of his properties have been going on forever. The result is far from being known at this stage but it is safe to say that the Vijay Mallya loan fraud case will go on for many more years.

Vijay Mallya Property

Above we have mentioned some of the most well known and popular Vijay Mallya property. While many may find their prices to be the most eye-watering thing there is something even more showing about most of his properties to be understood. The Mallya empire didn’t fall in a day.

The decline started in the late 2000s and continued for years. However, even when he was facing problems managing and running his multiple businesses he didn’t stop living a jolly life. Instead of damage control or other measures the businessman signed for loans and got most of his foreign properties.

Just between 2015 and 16 he purchased properties worth 330 crores. Apart from that there were a lot of other claims of more atrocious things going on behind the scenes at that time which further tarnish his image but it won’t affect Vijay Mallya property.

And it is a piece of good news for Indian banks as well since the increased property values might be a good thing when we consider his properties being auctioned off to repay his loans.

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Siddharth Mallya Net Worth

Sid Mallya: Mental Health Doesn't Discriminate

Before we look at Siddharth Mallya net worth let us tell you here we are talking about Vijay’s son Siddharth. In a way Vijay’s downfall is somehow linked to his son. KingFisher Airlines is where things took a turn for the worse for senior Mallya and it turns out that the airline was a gift for his son Siddharth.

However, the downfall surely affected both parties differently. Today both father and son are still living a life that is much better than that of an average Indian, however, Siddharth is not doing as well as his dad is. As opposed to the 1 billion dollar net worth of his dad, Siddharth Mallya net worth is just 380 million dollars. He has worked for corporate companies as well as in the entertainment industry. Today Siddharth is doing just fine even though he or his dad no longer own a big business empire which would have seen them being valued much more than they currently are.

We now know Vijay Mallya loan amount and we all can see how huge the sum is. Vijay Mallya house and a few other properties have been sold to help repay the loan over the years. Just like Vijay Mallya his son Siddharth lives a different life too. To give you an idea of the same we also have covered Siddharth Mallya net worth in this article so that you can look at both father and son’s recent condition.

Source:  Vijay Mallya House, Vijay Mallya Property

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