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Sonu Sharma Net Worth, Vestige Income, Property

Sonu Sharma Net worth, Vestige income, Property

When we think of the sharpest businessman the country has produced, personalities like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani come to mind. But many names go unnoticed. Sonu Sharma is one of those names. He has managed to capture the attention of many with his verbal and management skills. In this article, we will inform you about Sonu Sharma net worth and monthly income.

Sonu Sharma Net Worth, Vestige Income, Property

Sonu Sharma is a famous name. His following is enormous and his videos go viral regularly. He gives advice to all kinds of people which can make them successful. Let us learn more about him.

About Sonu Sharma

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A man of many talents, Sonu’s credentials include being a motivational speaker, network marketer, and most importantly an Indian business consultant. That’s not all he is also credited with having founded and owning Dynamic India Group.

Born on 11th November 1981 in Faridabad, Haryana, Sonu got his schooling done at Dayanand Public School, Faridabad. Later he studied at the DAV College, Chandigarh, and got his graduation done. He got married to Swati Sharma on 30th April 2006. He has two daughters with his wife.

So that’s as personal as we could get but it is now time to move towards more important things as we look at Sonu Sharma vestige income and other stuff that tells us how much money this famous business and social media personality has.

Sonu Sharma Net Worth

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Sonu Sharma turns 41 in 2023 but even at such a young age, he boasts a massive net worth. Sonu Sharma net worth stood at 9.1 million dollars. His net worth is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 30%. His YouTube subscribers list is just a bit short of his net worth as he has 7 million loyalists on YouTube.

While his net worth is massive because he has multiple channels of war in income, what is even more impressive is that his net worth was just 1.2 million dollars in 2017 and in just six years he has multiplied it more than 7 times.

91 lakh US dollars or 70 crore rupees is not a small amount and most people don’t earn that much in their lifetime so Sonu’s achievement should not be underrated.

He is said to bring home 7 crores a year or so, most of which he makes from his YouTube channel, network marketing, or by holding live sessions. His vehicles alone are valued at 5 to 6 crores. To say that this is a man that failed his 8th grade, 11th grade, and first year now seems unbelievable.

Year Net worth
2017 1.2 million dollars
2018 2 million dollars
2019 2.8 million dollars
2020 4 million dollars
2021 6 million dollars
2022 9.1 million dollars

Sonu Sharma Vestige Income

Some other ways that Sonu Sharma makes money include authoring books and he has written a handful of them while he also recently joined Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. as a consultant. This move was not exactly met with happy responses but little does it matter to a man who makes crores of rupees a year.

Sonu Sharma vestige income remains to be disclosed but it’s safe to assume that he earns some big bucks from his recently acquired role. His earnings from the company might be in lakhs of rupees provided that he charges 5 lakh rupees and upwards for a live show.

Sonu is also a philanthropist and helps people with food and clothes and so if he makes good money doing decent work then we can surely brush away any issues which don’t have any real substance.

Sonu Sharma Monthly Income

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Sonu Sharma has no less than 5 to 7 income sources and it is not normal. Due to multiple income channels, Sonu has been able to amass such a huge net worth in less than a decade.

This is the same man who didn’t have even a hundred rupees at one point in time and today he has established himself successfully in the business world and has succeeded in the field of network marketing which has a 95% failure rate. Exploits like this are the reason for Sonu Sharma net worth being this high.

It is estimated that the man earns 6 to 7 crores or even more every year and Sonu Sharma monthly income is safely estimated to be more than 50 lakhs.

Having 7 million subscribers on YouTube who watch his motivational videos must surely be great for him as these many people are more than enough to contribute to a good chunk of money earned by Sonu.

On top of this, consider the fact that he has written quite a few books, works as a consultant for Vestige, has his own company, and takes live sessions for which he charges upward of 5 lakhs.

All of this adds up to make even a monthly income of 50 lakhs look like a dwarf figure. In the past 5 years, he has made at least 1 lakh rupees or more every week. And with his YouTube subscribers list growing he is estimated to start making 1 crore a month shortly.

His car collection includes Audi A6 worth 60+ lakhs, BMW 520D worth 70+ lakhs, Range Rover Sports worth 1+ crore, Porsche Panamera worth 1.5 crores, Honda City worth 10+ lakhs, and Mercedes Benz C class worth 1+ crore.

Sonu Sharma House

During the introduction, we mentioned how it was as personal as we could get and that is because Sonu Sharma unlike most sportspeople or famous personalities is not a name that makes many headlines in the newspaper or TV.

Just as we don’t know Sonu Sharma vestige income we also don’t know anything about his house either. It might be down to him being shy or wanting to hide such sensitive information from the public and it is understandable.

While we may not know anything about Sonu Sharma house it is safe to say that the man must have a luxurious flat or bungalow that has top-class interior work done in it.

These guesses are fueled by the massive net worth of his that he has. If his cars alone are worth so much then it isn’t hard to imagine his house being worth multiple crores.


Having 5 to 7 income sources has worked out well for Sonu Sharma and his case has been helped further by amassing tons of followers around the world.

While his YouTube channel has 7 million plus followers who have the potential of helping him earn 1 crore a month, his workshops have been heard by a combined total of 500 million people on YouTube.

NAME Sonu Sharma
Net worth 9.1 million dollars
Monthly Income Rs. 50 lakhs
Yearly Income Rs. 6-7 crores
Wealth Rs. 70 crores
Properties owned and their valuation
Miscellaneous assets and their valuation Rs. 5+ crores

These figures are just from the past 4 years and these people belong to 114 countries showing just how far his words of wisdom and videos reach.

In-person, more than 10 lakh people have heard his live sessions in India in the past few years. If we bring his Facebook viewership and following into consideration then his videos have been watched by 2+ billion people or as many times and his following is over 20 million people.

He has been in the Direct sales industry for 21 years and his research and understanding of this field have helped him help other companies to achieve growth and fulfillment.

Sonu Sharma has achieved substantial financial success through his ventures, including significant earnings from Vestige. His investments and properties further contribute to his overall net worth, solidifying his position as a financially prosperous individual.

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