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35 Legit Ways to Become Rich in India

How to Become Rich in India Without Investing Money?

India is a country with a rapidly growing economy, and as such, there are many opportunities for people to accumulate wealth. However, not all avenues to wealth are legitimate, and some can even be harmful or illegal. In this article, we will explore legitimate ways to become rich in India, focusing on strategies that are legal, ethical, and sustainable. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or professional, this guide will provide you with actionable tips to help you achieve financial success in India.

If you want to increase the value of the money you have earned, there are several effective strategies to consider, including reducing unnecessary expenses, investing wisely, and adjusting your lifestyle. While these tactics can be helpful, they may not be enough to propel you towards true wealth. Achieving financial success requires more than just smart investments – there are additional factors that play a crucial role in building a path towards abundance. In this article, we will explore these other key ingredients and provide you with actionable tips to help you reach your financial goals. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the most appropriate strategies to achieve financial success and live the life you desire.

35 Legit Ways to Become Rich in India

Listed below are 35 legit ways which can help you build an empire and become wealthy:

1) Create an App

If you are a tech-savvy, then this can be one of the best ways for you to become wealthy. For creating an app, you would need expertise in it, but apps are an excellent source of regular income if it becomes successful. By building an app you can reach out to a vast audience of smart-phone users.

Yes, you would need to invest a lot of money and time initially, but if it gets successful, then no one can stop you to become rich in India. If you think that you are not good at it, in that case, if you have an idea, then you can hire people who can create the app for you.

The first thing that you need to do is do thorough research as to what app is required in the market and then come to a decision. Such as many people have created apps for cleaning homes such as UrbanClap which has become very famous.

Also, an Indian who created Byju’s app for education, he has become a millionaire, and his app is running in many countries such as Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, Malaysia, and 4 other countries. Thus, if you as well have some unique plans in your mind, then create the app today.

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2) Blogging

Various people want to become rich but do not know the right path. Blogging is one of the steps that you can take to become rich in India with the utmost ease. The best thing about blogging is that you need not go to the office or set up an office; you can sit back at your home and become rich without any investment.

There are a lot of people who have made it their full-time profession and earning a lot of money from it. There is a big confusion in some people’s minds that blogging needs fluent English and should have knowledge of web-designing.

This isn’t true, as now you can do blogging with less or no knowledge of web-designing or without knowing much English. In today’s time, all that matters is that you should know how to express your feeling and pen it down, irrespective of any language.

One of the main things to be taken care of in blogging is hosting and domain, you should be vigilant while choosing them. Make sure that you do not select any free version as it has many restrictions, instead opt for an annual subscription. Starting a Blog is one of the most dignified ways of earning money, which does not require any degree or any such career background. So, if you think this profession is for you, then start blogging today!

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3) Rent your Home on Airbnb

How to List Property on Airbnb India | Airbnb se paise kaise kamaye | Airbnb room rental | Guide

If you have a property, then you can rent it on Airbnb and earn a lot of money from there. There is an increased demand for home-stay these days, and you can rent your entire home or just a few rooms on Airbnb.

It is a straightforward and simple way to make money in a short span of time. You might not get filthy rich, but yes, this is an excellent way of earning a lot of money every month. You can make more money if you live in a sought-after vacation destination.

You just need to do proper research and see what others are charging and put the rate accordingly. It might be tough for you initially as there would be no reviews; you just need to ensure that you take good care of guests so that you get good reviews. Hence, if you have a nice property, then renting it out through Airbnb can be a great business for you.

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4) Create Video Tutorials on YouTube

How To Start A YouTube Channel & Earn Money In India [2019-20]

It might be a long-term strategy, but it can help you earn a lot of money and fame both. You would require to make useful and entertaining video tutorials; your income would depend on the views that you get.

You can also promote your videos through other social media channels too. For making a video, you just need to select any topic which you are good at such as cooking, humor, relationships, education or any other niche and create videos. If people find it useful and entertaining, you would not only earn a lot of money from the views, but you would also become very famous too.

Creating videos does need good content and you would need to invest a lot of time in it, but its end result is magnificent if you keep uploading videos regularly and maintain the good content.

There are a lot of Indians who have earned in millions from this such as Tanmay Bhat, Amit Badhana, Bhuvaneshar Bam, Nisha Madhulika and there are dozens of names who became reach by starting their YouTube channel.

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5) Recycling Business

Top 10 awesome RECYCLING BUSINESSES with high profit in future

If you have an idea in mind to get the best out of the waste, then no one can stop you from becoming rich as this business in need of the hour. In India, there is a massive demand for people who can recycle metal, paper, and plastic.

If you have any unique idea to recycle it or making something useful from it, then it can be a great opportunity for you. Things that are useless for one person might be useful for others; thus, waste can make you the best and help you earn a lot of money.

Particularly in India, there are a lot of campaigns going on for not using plastic or proper plastic disposal, so you can also start with this business. Plus you can also make eco-friendly bags that people are willing to buy.

Also, there are a lot of stores that might need jute bags or paper bags, so you can start that business too as it has a huge demand. Hence, you can earn in the recycling business without investing much.

For example, there is one person from Kerala who started the business of straw that are made from bamboos instead of plastic. People loved his idea and started using them instead of plastic straws. Thus, an idea can change your life.

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6) Put money in the stock market

Stock Market For Beginners | How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market | Hindi

Investing money in stocks, bonds, equities, etc. can give you a great return on investment. Trading is one of the most assured methods of becoming rich. You can even trade for silver, gold and anything else.

Thus, investing in the stock market can be lucrative for you if you know how to do it properly and safely. You might suffer losses if you do not take it seriously; also you should never get enticed by the traders who would tell you that it is very simple to earn money from it.

Everything requires time and knowledge and so does trading. You should also invest in the long term; also opt for the stocks which consist of solid fundamentals and excellent leadership in industries. You should let your stocks sit and do not worry about its ups and downs. If you invest wisely in a good company, you will get a good return over time.

You should always try to invest in stocks that are reaching new heights and try to cope up with the losses quickly, do not pile them up. Also, try to stick with highly traded stocks or liquid stocks as it will help you earn great profits.

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7) Invest in Real Estate

How to invest in Real Estate? | Ankur Warikoo | My experience with Real estate investing

This is one of the best ways of becoming rich in India, but you should invest wisely. You can buy any property and give it on rent and can also sell it after a period when its price increases. It is an intelligent way to build money as you buy an asset, plus it gives you additional income.

There are numerous people who have made a lot of money through investment as this is one investment whose value increases with time. For example, there are a lot of people who know if they buy a home in Mumbai at a good location, in the coming five years its price would multiply for sure. Hence, if you have money, you should always invest in real estate as it gives you a massive profit in one go.

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8) Good education

Education and knowledge can lead to great salaries which can easily make you rich. You would have to invest time in it, but once you are qualified and have a good education, you can use it in your field and become better than others.

But while you choose any profession, ensure that you check the average salaries of specific professions, your dream of getting rich might lessen if you opt for the wrong profession. Also, the next thing you should be careful about is to choose the location where the jobs are good.

For example, if you want to become a dietitian, then you should choose big cities for that instead of small towns as the opportunities are more in big cities for a dietitian.

Another thing you should do is give a lot of interviews and choose the best one out of the options. Once you get a good job, stick to it and get the desired experience that would help you in the future. You can switch the job for a better salary when you get some experience.

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9) Email Marketing

Email Marketing se 5 Lakhs per month kaise kamaye

It is the core of every successful endeavor on the internet. People who are serious about making money online, they would need to do email marketing for achieving the milestone they dream of.

It has to be done after a lot of planning as before doing email marketing, you should ensure that they are people who have subscribed. As, if they have not opted for you directly and you just do the marketing, the results would not be that great.

People or subscribers who directly follow you and are interested in what you have to say, then the result would be great and you would get more success rate. This as well as a fabulous way of earning money as the more followers and viewers you would have the more money you would earn.

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10) Go in a show like “KBC”

If you have knowledge then there are a lot of platforms for you like Kaun Banega Crorepati or Who wants to be a millionaire. You can earn a lot of money in one go, just in a couple of hours. There are two things that are substantial here one is knowledge and second is luck.

There are a lot of people who have earned so much money through this show and it changed their life immensely. So, you can also try being a contestant in this show if you have good knowledge and education. It is a great platform for becoming rich as it shows that education pays.

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11) Bring a Fresh Idea

This philosophy works in almost every sector and field. If you introduce something new in the market which people actually wanted, then no one can stop you from becoming rich. It is not essential that you think of an idea to make money, but you should think of ideas which can solve problems in people’s life.

There are a lot of renowned and rich people who became rich by understanding the common issues such as Graham Bell introduced telephone, which made communication super easy. Larry Page & Sergey Brin introduced Google, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and there are a lot of people like them who made money by just an idea and then working towards it.

It is not important to always think of such big ideas, but you can also start with small business ideas like a food truck, renting clothes, healthy breakfast service and much more. So, even if anything small comes to your mind, do not hesitate to make it big and become rich in India.

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12) Shift focus from spending to investing

This is something that every rich person does, so if you as well wish to earn more than you would have to invest more rather than spending. You would never be able to make more money if you have nothing left in your wallet at eth end of the month. This is important for salaried people who wish to become rich in India.

It is not vital to have more money to become rich; instead, what matters is what you do with that money. Rich people ensure that they do not spend the whole money instead they invest in a place where they can multiply it. You should also follow this fundamental and invest every penny and put in somewhere productive.

If you want to become rich in India, then stop buying luxurious things and just buy the necessary items. You can plan your income and make a budget for investment and expenses.

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13) Natural and Organic products are the love of people

How to Start Organic Products Business/Startup और कमाए करोड़ो हिंदी मे

Natural and organic products have become the love of today’s world. Everyone wants to eat and use products that are chemical-free and are made & grown naturally. People love themselves but do not have time to take care of them.

You can take this advantage and use natural products and create products that can help them maintain their health & beauty. People love using herbal products as they not only make them beautiful but also helps their skin breathe.

There is a huge demand for these products these days, so if you offer these products, then you can earn a lot of money. As there is a huge demand for these products and supply is less; thus it can help you earn a decent amount of money.

Everyone is worried about their health, skin quality, skin tone and everything and these products helps them get the best results as they are made naturally, so it can be a great platform for you.

Cross-reference: Shailesh Mehta & Rahul Kumar’s Rs 60 lakh organic products venture

14) Break up with your credit card

There are numerous people who spent more than their income because of the credit card. They think that they can repay the amount next month from their earnings and this goes on which does not let them save or invest.

Thus, for becoming rich, the first thing is to keep a credit card just for using it for emergency purposes. Parting with cash is tough but paying through credit card seems easy. If you stay away from your credit card, then you would be able to plan your monthly expenditure accordingly that would let you save money and invest eventually.

Cross-reference: Mark Cuban: ‘If you use a credit card, you don’t want to be rich’

15) Aim big

For becoming rich, you should dream, aim and see the big picture. You should always turn your short-term goals to bigger ones. Once you know where you want to reach, then only you would be able to take the right path towards it. You should plan towards your goal and achieve success step by step and this is only possible if you set bigger goals for yourself.

Small goals do not keep you motivated, dream big and strive hard to achieve it, so that you can enjoy the success. Aim for something which is not easily achievable and that makes your faculties stretch to the maximum. The bigger you plan, the more you would work towards it, thus for becoming rich, the first step to be taken is aimed big.

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16) Add Value

Every person who is rich has one thing in common that they are valuable in specific ways. You need to find an appropriate niche in which you have the expertise and can get your hands on be it related to finance, marketing, investing budgeting, or any other. Just hold that particular stream of business robustly and keep on contributing to it. It will absolutely give you fruitful results and make you rich sooner or later.

Cross-reference: The Story Of A Man Who Thought Ambitiously And Made It A Reality -Gautam Adani

17) Begin with your own venture

If you check out the world’s top 10 richest person’s list, you will find all of them are businessmen. No one is doing a job. So, if you want to become rich, looking to expand and want to grow, you need to leave your job immediately. However, it is very important to have a proper business plan after scrutinizing all the pros and cons related to the business you want to get yourself established in.

Be your own boss and turn out to be an entrepreneur. It is only possible when you start your own business and do not work for anyone else, but for yourself. You will see a massive change in your lifestyle if you are committed, focused, and lucky of course.

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18) Passive Income is Imperative

It has become a requisite to build another stream of business today. As everything is getting expensive day by day due to which it has become very important to start another line of business that you can operate in your spare time. This way you can fully utilize your time and able to boost up your income which might help you become rich in India.

There are numerous options that you might adopt to earn passive income such as starting a blog, building, your own website, refinance your mortgage, investing in the stock market, annuities, sell leads, display ads, create a digital product, YouTube ads, sell a business, etc.

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19) Write and Publish Books

Have you ever heard of J.K Rowling? If not, then let’s inform you that she is one of the most famous and competent writers all over the world. She was born poor but she will never die rich. How? It became possible when she started writing and publishing books. Although, it did not happen overnight. It took years but she started earning in Billions now. Yes, you have heard it right, in ‘Billions’.

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If you have got the skills and proficiency in writing, you can also go for publishing e-books these days. As e-books have a huge demand on all the websites such as Amazon, and Flipkart. If your book becomes popular, you can even earn a royalty.


20) Take Calculated Risks

It is truly said that ‘you cannot make money until you take certain risks’. Even if you start a new venture or invest in the stock market, it certainly involves risks. However, one should know up to what extent, the risk should be taken. It is vital to ensure that all the possible outcomes are comprehensively gauged and painstakingly analyzed before you take any. Not losing your money, and maximizing your ROI will definitely make you become rich one fine day.

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21) Maintaining Stable Standard of Living

This means dealing with debt and planning your expenditures. This may act as the first step for achieving your financial goals, successfully accrue money and grow rich. The biggest hurdle is multi-national companies trapping individuals to buy items that are not even need. Learning to live within our means leads to a freer life. Whereas debt can be a burden. We need to learn to save first and spend second.

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22) Maintaining Emergency Fund

Maintaining emergency fund is always a smart monetary move as money may be needed anytime for daily expenditures. You can keep some part of your savings in liquid assets, that can be withdrawn anytime. Keeping some part of your savings in bank account might also be a considerable option.

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23) Mutual Fund Investments

Risk-averse investors who find studying stock market time-consuming can take the mutual fund route to invest in stocks. By carefully choosing the best mutual fund, an investor gets the benefit of diversification and liquidity as some of the mutual fund schemes are highly liquid and advantage of professional management. Through mutual funds, one does not have to put in a lump sum amount, instead he/she can start off with as low as Rs 1,000/month via SIP. Mutual funds can offer returns of around 12%-15%.

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24) Savings should be greater than Spending

One might think about how to become rich in India quickly without any hard work all alone. It is always important to remember that a mountain is made up of small stones. Saving more and spending less is the key to having more money in your hand at the end of every month. Saving is very important for salaried people who always stumble upon how to become rich in India.

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25) Online Restaurants and Food Delivery

Earn Money from Zomato | Two Ways to Earn | Add Restaurant | Delivery Boy | Salary

There has been a recent boom in the food delivery and online restaurant industries as people seek affordable and high-quality meals delivered to their homes or workplaces. It is the best business to become billionaire in India. Because of the high costs of starting and maintaining a restaurant, it is a more profitable business for those who have always wanted to open their eatery.

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26) Legal Services

Legal assistance is something that everyone requires at some point in their lives. It’s a safe bet that if you’re planning to start the best business to become a millionaire, you’ll be playing in the big leagues of the legal services industry. You can open a legal services firm and appoint lawyers who can generate income for your firm.

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27) Maintain a budget

A budget is a smart way to make progress fast. The budget ensures you to move smart as per plans. One should have a proper monthly budget to spend, as it ensures no unwanted spending. A budget acts as a map to save more, spending only on necessary items.

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28) Spend Less on Unnecessary Luxury Stuff

It’s a habit of middle-class individuals to buy luxurious goods like expensive smartphones, luxury watches, costly accessories, out of budget homes, luxurious cars and gadgets. These expenses can dig a hole in your pocket and stop you from becoming a crorepati. You can look for a budget-friendly car, mobile or accessories which can help you save some money for the future. The worst part of these expenses is the EMI and loans, that never really spares you in a short span.

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29) Focus on Diversification

Almost every rich individual will agree to the fact of investing in a diversified manner. The diversification is equally an important aspect of investing right. It gives you exposure to many options like real estate, stock markets, mutual funds, a commodity like gold and silver, government schemes, bonds, debentures, etc. This way, if one investment option fails, at least the others will give good profit.

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30) Seniors Citizen Savings Scheme

Seniors’ Savings Plans are a form of retirement savings plan designed specifically for seniors (SCSS). SCSS’s contract is for five years with a three-year extension option.

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This program is for retirees and senior persons who have reached the age of 60. If you are 55 years old and looking forward to retirement, you can open a SCSS account within one month after receiving your government pension. The amount invested in this case should not exceed the retirement income obtained.

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31) Gold Investment

Buying Jewellery IS NOT the only way! | Gold Investing in 2023 | Ankur Warikoo Hindi

Gold is one of the best investments option available to become millionaire in India. It has safeguarded investors through periods of economic hardship brought about by the conflict. Apart from pure gold and gold coins, investors can benefit from gold paper and gold exchange-traded instruments (ETPs).

In contrast to mutual funds, gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) invest client money in physical gold, with fund units reflecting the fund’s holdings.

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32) Fixed Deposits in Banks

Customers seeking to accumulate money while minimizing risk have traditionally used bank fixed deposits. This is one of the simplest and risk-free investment to achieve your objectives on how to become millionaire in India.

A fixed deposit with a respected bank or financial organization that is not a bank is considered secure. This is because it is low-risk and guarantees a return on investment. FDs generally pay an annual interest rate of 6 to 7% on their principal. It is more suited to cautious investors.

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33) PPF – Government Sponsored Scheme

Despite the availability of other investment vehicles, the PPF (Public Provident Fund) remains one of the most popular. Individuals may create a PPF account online with any major bank.

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Investors with a 15-year investment horizon can potentially quadruple their gains. After 15 years, the president may seek another five-year term extension. The initiative pays a yearly interest rate. The plan’s interest and maturity distributions are tax-free.

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34) Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin terminology become popular by many individuals interchangeably. Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are just a few examples. Cryptocurrencies are intentionally difficult to forge. Now a days you can achieve your dreams on how to become millionaire in India by investing in bitcoins.

Bitcoin’s price has progressively increased over the years. Money creation is feasible, but unlikely. By 2014, the same amount would need a $24,000 investment. By January 2018, a $450,000 Bitcoin investment would have grown to $1.2 million. In March 2022, ten dollars in Bitcoin equaled one and a half million dollars.

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35) NPS (National Pension System)

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority is in charge of this system (PFRDA). Fixed deposits, stocks and bonds, corporate bonds, government funds, and liquid funds can be utilized for retirement planning.

The National Pension System (NPS) is a government-sponsored secure investment option. Individuals may participate in such a program according to their risk tolerance and financial capability. Profits earned through this plan will be deductible.

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Wrapping Up

This blog must have motivated and given you a lot of legit ideas on how can you become rich in India. Having a lot of money to start is not essential for becoming wealthy, but you must spend and invest wisely. To become successful, it is paramount to work hard and grit, you should also have the ability to risk and make the best out of opportunities that come your way.

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Thus, there are numerous ways of becoming rich in India, which one you choose depends on you! So, good luck with your new start today.

Sushma Singh

Sushma Singh

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