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Bhushan Kumar Net Worth, Income, Property

Bhushan Kumar Net Worth, Income, Property

Bhushan Kumar is a prominent name in Bollywood behind the scenes, famous for his association with the well-known company T Series. Provided that it is the most subscribed YouTube channel, one can only assume what Bhushan Kumar net worth must be. In this article, we will inform you about that, along with his wealth and net worth of T Series.

Bhushan Kumar Net Worth, Income, Property

Bhushan Kumar is known for his contributions to the Indian music industry, having produced and composed music for numerous Bollywood films. He has also produced several successful films under his production banner. Let us learn more about him.

About Bhushan Kumar

Born on 29th November 1977, Bhushan Kumar is an Indian personality that needs no introduction. You can say T Series as his name will be a synonym for it. Bhushan is a film and music producer who is also the chairman and managing director of T Series. He was born in Delhi and has been active in Bollywood since 1998.

He is the son of the famous personality Gulshan Kumar, the person responsible for founding the T Series. He is married to a famous Bollywood personality in Divya Khosla Kumar and has one kid, he also has two famous sisters, Tulsi Kumar and Khushali Kumar both of whom also work in Bollywood in various capacities.

Bhushan Kumar Net Worth

Hurun’s 2022 rich list placed Bhushan Kumar at number 175 in terms of being the richest Indian. Bhushan Kumar net worth stands at towering 1,000 crores rupees which tells us why he is ranked so high in that list.

A lot of other sources claim that his net worth is close to 350 or 400 crores which may be almost one-third of the figure mentioned above but it is still an eye-catching sum to have to your name.

Most of Bhushan’s net worth comes from T Series net worth and that is something no one can deny. It has got to be one of his biggest income sources. He belongs to a family of Indian personalities and his father was also a well-known businessman who established the golden egg-laying chicken, T Series.

Bhushan’s impressive car collection boasts names such as Rolls Royce Cullinan, Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder, Mercedes-Maybach S500, and more and it’s easy to see why.

About T Series

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited, popularly known as T Series is an Indian music record label and film production company. It has been in Bollywood since July 11 1983 when businessman Gulshan Kumar founded it.

It is not just India’s largest music label record but also the world’s most subscribed and viewed channel on YouTube. It is more popular in the music industry as compared to the film industry. The company headquarters are in Noida and it has had a YouTube presence since 2006.

T Series Net Worth

Just like Bhushan, T Series net worth is also humongous. It’s now been around for 40 years and in that time it has reached a valuation of 3,500 crore rupees. T Series is present in Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Hindi, and other popular language music industries and over the years has been associated with hit movies such as Aashiqui 3, Jab We Met, Kabir Singh, Dabangg, and more.

The YouTube channel T Series has more than 200 million subscribers which is no mean feat. Gulshan Kumar used to sell juice on Delhi streets before he opened this successful venture.

And even though he was a great businessman it’s his son Bhushan who has taken the company to great heights ever since he got the reins of the company.

T Series Income

Now since T Series net worth along with Bhushan’s net worth is so high the fingers point to the income that the music record label helps bring in.

Both the head of the company and the company itself have eye-catching net worth and that is all thanks to T Series helping bring in no less than 200 crores a year just from the YouTube channel which they have at least 30 in total.

That’s not it, T Series income also includes another 40 crores or so a month from the ad revenues. If we look at the other stuff that is music production, film, production, remaking songs and capitalizing on it by selling it to new movies and other stuff then the figures made by them can easily be said to go to 500 or even 1,000 crores a year.

Bhushan Kumar Family

We know T Series net worth and income but what about Bhushan’s family? While we made a passing mention above we now get into some details.

  • Gulshan Kumar, an Indian film and music producer who was also a businessman is Bhushan’s father. His mother’s name is Sudesh Kumari.
  • Indian actor and producer Krishna Kumar Dua is Bhushan’s uncle.
  • Famous Indian playback singer, radio jockey, musician, and actress Tulsi Kumar is her sister.
  • Khushali Kumar, an Indian actress is also Bhushan’s sister.
  • Actress, producer, and director Divya Khosla Kumar is Bhushan’s wife.

Bhushan Kumar House

For a person with that kind of income and net worth, it is safe to assume that the house owned by them is also going to be something to match the huge figures. Bhushan Kumar house is a four-story, five-bedroom home where he lives with his wife and kid. If that has left your jaws on the floor, wait till we get into the details of the house.

Just as Bhushan Kumar net worth is boosted by multiple sources of income, his house also has multiple things that we can only imagine having in our homes.

  • For starters, his house has a huge terrace, which is a dream for so many especially in a city like Mumbai.
  • To add to that his home also has a personal gym and a great view of the city, something which we only dare to dream of.
  • Bhushan’s room is colored purple because that is the color his wife loves and their kid’s room is colored orange.
  • Their dining area is nothing less than a grand palace that has a crystal chandelier that was specially designed for them.
  • Also, they have multiple balconies while most of us can’t imagine even having one.
NAME Bhushan Kumar
Net worth $47 million
Monthly Income Rs. 3 crores
Yearly Income Rs. 35 crores
Wealth Rs. 350-400 crores
Properties owned and their valuation Rs. 167.50 crores
Miscellaneous assets and their valuation

Bhushan Kumar Career

Bhushan Kumar made his entry into the world of Bollywood in 1998 after his father passed away in 1997 and left a company for him to run along with his uncle.

He was the one who diversified the company’s business and took Indian music’s popularity to foreign lands. For this feat of his, he was honored by the Government of India’s Electronics and Software Export Promotion Council.

Film Production

In the field of movies, T Series is associated with hits like Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Patiala House, and more such films. Bhushan ventured into production in 2001, however, his biggest success came in 2013 when his film Aashiqui 2 became a hit.

Bhushan Kumar has also produced Punjabi, trilingual, bilingual, and direct-to-OTT films for Netflix, Amazon, ZEE5, and Hotstar. His solo onscreen appearance came in the song Happy Ending in the movie Tees Maar Khan.

Between now and the end of 2024 he has at least 5 to 7 projects lined up all at different stages of production.

Bhushan Kumar Awards

Apart from helping T Series net worth grow, Bhushan Kumar has also earned recognition and won awards for his work in various fields over the years. Of those, some of the most recent wins and nominations for him came for films such as Hindi Medium, Thappad, Tanhaji, and Ludo. He won awards for the first two and was nominated for the next two.

So with that we have not only covered Bhushan Kumar net worth but also T Series net worth and they both are humongous, to be honest. But all that money and success has come from all the hard work done on the foundation laid by his father. By taking the T Series to new heights, he has not only made his family proud but India as well.

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