10 Best Mutual Fund Apps to Invest Online in India (2022)

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Looking to invest money in mutual funds? Invest and grow your money fast with the help of these 10 best mutual fund apps in India. Download now and start investing.

When you want your money to grow, or you want to increase your income in the medium-term or long-term, then mutual funds are the best for such purpose. The houses offering mutual funds have begun their operations through mobile apps also these days. They are constantly enhancing their services with an aim to make it more user-friendly.

What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are investment options in which you can invest to get returns in the long-term (majorly). They are professionally managed, and the total money that is collected from different investors is pooled together. This sum of money is then invested in shares and other investment instruments.

The two ways in which an individual can invest in mutual funds are:

  • Lump-Sum Payment – Here, you can invest the entire sum you want at once. Therefore, it is called a one-shot payment.
  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) – In this case, the individual invests a certain sum of money regularly. It can be weekly, daily, monthly, yearly, etc. This sum of money is pre-determined and is a small part of the total investment.

10 Best Mutual Fund Apps In India 2022

However, these days, everyone has a mobile in their hand, and hence, the mutual fund houses have made it easier to invest and track through the mobile apps. This ease that the apps provide the investors to give them the feel, “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai.” Now, below are the top mutual fund apps available in India, which you may consider before selecting one.

1. MyCams Mutual Fund app

MyCams Mutual Fund app

This provides you a single gateway through which it becomes easy for you to access investments made across more than one mutual fund. This app provides different functions like purchasing, redeeming, or switching from one to the other, etc. You do not have to pay any brokerage charges on this platform.

Here, you can invest in both a lump sum amount or through a systematic investment plan. It also allows you to do eKYC based on Aadhaar. There is an option to create a watchlist in which you can directly track the schemes and funds that you want to invest in the near future. A great thing about this app is that it is available for both the Android and the IOS platform.

Download MyCams Mutual Fund app for IOS User and Android User

2. GoMF App by MF Utilities

GoMF App by MF Utilities

The people who have invested in mutual funds can have an account number in common here. Through this, they can transact online, and they also have an option to know about the units that they hold. An individual is free to purchase and sell mutual funds using this app. It enables an investor to invest through different mutual fund houses.

This app allows you to create SIP, STP, and SWP in mutual funds.

Lastly, both Android and IOS users can download this app too.

Download GoMF App by MF Utilities for IOS user and Android user

3. Karvy Nivesh App by Karvy

Karvy Nivesh App by Karvy

Redemption or switching of mutual funds from one to another is possible through this app. Karvy offers this app as a personal manager for mutual funds. The distributors who want their clients’ portfolios to be at one place can also track them here. Both lump sum and SIP schemes are available in this app for the investors.

To date, the company has not launched its IOS version, which is sad because of the increasing population of IOS users these days. Over 20 mutual fund houses can be accessed through this app to invest in mutual funds.

Download Karvi Nivesh App by Karvy for Android User

4. IPRUTouch App by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

IPRUTouch App by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

The users of this app are mainly the people who have invested in ICICI mutual funds already. However, new investors can also use this app easily. Also, if someone wants to invest in these mutual funds, then they can do it through this app. They have complete access to their accounts or gains that they would earn in this app.

Investors are free to purchase or sell, and they can even make SIP, STP, or SWP through this app. Some of the mutual funds that the investors can invest in through this are ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip Fund, ICICI Balanced Fund, ICICI Pru Infra Fund, ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund, etc.

Download IPRUTouch App by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund for IOS User and Android User

5. InvesTap Mutual Fund App from SBI

InvesTap Mutual Fund App from SBI

SBI mutual funds are the sole runner of this app. You can go through the funds, or you can invest/redeem, or you can switch from one mutual fund to another, and you can also track the schemes that you have invested into.

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Focus on your financial goals and then invest accordingly through this app. Your PAN number proves to be handy here. You can use it to start with your investing process. You also get real-time tips and notifications from the app. Some of the mutual funds from SBI that you may be interested in investing in through this app are SBI BlueChip, SBI Balanced funds, etc.

Download InvesTap Mutual Fund app for Android User

6. FinGo app by Aditya Birla SunLife Mutual Funds

FinGo app by Aditya Birla SunLife Mutual Funds

This app gives complete information on all the products offered by Birla SunLife’s mutual funds. An investor can also post their queries regarding something in this app. Real-time account statements are available in the app, along with the allowance of investing and transacting. You would be updated regularly on NAV and dividends through the app. The mutual fund schemes offered by Aditya Birla Group for the investors are Aditya Birla SunLife Frontline Equity fund, Aditya Birla top 100 Fund, Aditya Birla Tax Saving plan, etc.

Download FinGo app by Aditya Birla SunLife Mutual Funds for  Android User

7. HDFC MF mobile app from HDFC Mutual Funds

HDFC MF mobile app from HDFC Mutual Funds

You can go through your personal portfolios through this app. This app also has options for investing, redeeming, and switching the schemes offered by HDFC. You just need to do a few simple steps to check your folios and NAV on your mobile. Some of the mutual fund schemes offered by HDFC mutual funds are HDFC midcap opportunities fund, HDFC Hybrid Fund, etc.

Download HDFC MF mobile app from HDFC Mutual Funds for Android User

8. Easy App from Axis Mutual Funds

Easy App from Axis Mutual Funds

The investors of mutual funds can easily purchase, redeem, or switch between the schemes in this app. They can start from SIP through internet banking. The latest information on NAV, NAV history, and some calculators are available on this app. The mutual funds from Axis bank are Axis Long-term Equity Fund, Axis Liquid Fund, etc. These all are beneficial schemes offered by Axis Bank and can be invested in through this app too.

Download Easy App from Axis Mutual Funds for Android User

9. FundsIndia Mutual Funds app from Funds India

FundsIndia Mutual Funds app from Funds India

A potential investor can invest in both equities and mutual funds through this app. Just the Aadhar number is required to sign up on the app. The app would also recommend you for the Money Mitr and Robo-advisory, and all these recommendations are genuine and would be based on your financial goals particularly.

Investment advisors are available on this app to whom you can talk after fixing an appointment with them through the app only. Funds India, who is providing this app, has won the National Online Advisory Service Award by CNBC TV18 for three consecutive years. They won it in 2014, 2015, and 2016. This is not a small achievement to consider the app amongst the top apps in India.

Download FundsIndia Mutual Fund apps from Funds India for Android User

10. Simply Save app from Reliance Mutual Funds

Simply Save app from Reliance Mutual Funds

A potential investor can seek to invest in the Reliance liquid fund- treasury plan through this app because Reliance Mutual Funds itself offer this app. Investors can easily use this app without difficulties because the app is very user-friendly. It allows an investor to invest from just Rs.100, and further, they can invest in multiples of 1 rupee.

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When you want to redeem your investments, you can do so in 30 minutes, 365 days, and 24*7. You will also get extra returns if you invest your idle money through this app. Therefore, this can be a great choice. However, a major downside of the app is that one can invest only in the liquid funds using this app. There are many other mutual fund schemes that you cannot invest in through this app.

Download Simply Save Reliance Mutual Fund App for Android User

There are multiple apps available for investing in mutual funds offered by different mutual fund houses, but the choice is yours. The complaints regarding lack of time would be no more after the launch of such apps that allow you easy access to everything that you need. They have various functions of investing, redeeming, switching, portfolios, tracking, appointments with advisors, and what not? Therefore, it is recommended for you to open the play store or apple store and just download any mutual fund app that you like after going through the above article. You would not be disappointed, nor would you regret your decision once you go through the above article. Just compare the pros and cons of every app and get the best one for you. Happy Investing!

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