What is Average Salary in India by State, by Age, and by Occupation

Do you know how much does a person working in India earns? Do you have any idea about the average salary in India in 2024? The average monthly salary is around ₹32,800. If you found this shocking then read this article to find out more about how does India compares to other developed nations in average salaries, what is the hourly wage, what is the earning percentage, and salary comparison by cities.

India is developing at a steady pace and with the development, the income of the working class is increasing too. This steady growth is also reflected in the average salary in India. There are fluctuations, however, based on different sectors and factors though. Today, let’s take a look at the average salary of India as a nation in terms of state, age, and occupation.

What Is The Average Salary in India By State, By Age, And By Occupation (2024)?

Salaries to a great extent depend on education, city, gender, age, experience and obviously the country too. According to the research done by the experts, it was reported that 57% of regular Indian employees earn less than Rs.10,000.

Before we talk about the average salary in India let’s have a look at what is the average salary of the world. The world is divided into three categories. The first world is of developed countries and the third world is of developing countries.

Country/Region Annual income
Monaco $186,080
Bermuda $125,210
Norway $95,520
Switzerland $95,490
Luxembourg $89,200
Ireland $79,730
United States $76,770
Denmark $73,520
Qatar $70,120
Iceland $68,660
Singapore $67,200
Sweden $63,500
Australia $60,840
Netherlands $60,230
Austria $55,720
Israel $55,140
Finland $54,930
Hong Kong * $54,370
Germany $54,030
Belgium $53,890
Canada $52,960
United Kingdom $49,240
United Arab Emirates $49,160
New Zealand $49,090
France $45,290
Macao * $43,680
Japan $42,440
Italy $38,200
South Korea $36,190
Spain $32,090
Slovenia $29,590
Saudi Arabia $27,680
Estonia $27,120
Czechia $26,100
Portugal $25,950
Lithuania $23,870
Slovakia $22,070
Latvia $21,850
Greece $21,810
Hungary $19,010
Poland $18,900
Romania $15,570
China $12,850
Russia $12,750
Malaysia $11,830
Argentina $11,590
Mexico $10,820
Turkey $10,640
Brazil $8,140
Thailand $7,230
South Africa $6,780
Colombia $6,500
Ecuador $6,300
El Salvador $4,720
Palestine $4,610
Indonesia $4,580
Ukraine $4,260
Egypt $4,100
Vietnam $4,010
Iran $3,980
Philippines $3,950
Algeria $3,920
Morocco $3,670
Sri Lanka $3,610
Bolivia $3,490
Bangladesh $2,820
Nigeria $2,160
Cambodia $1,690
Cameroon $1,640
Pakistan $1,560
Nepal $1,340
Myanmar $1,270
Sudan $760
Afghanistan $380

Source: worlddata.info

This was about the average salary around the world, you must have got an idea about the average salary around the world and you would be able to compare it easily with India. We would now have a look at the average salary of India and how it has been rising over since a few years.

Average Salary in India

As per the article published by The Economic Times, India’s monthly average salary is $437 which amounts to Rs 32,800. 

What is Average Salary in India? (2022)

What is the Average Income in India Per Day?

Income in India is different for different individuals, however, when an average is taken out the per day income in India is calculated in the bracket of Rs 300 to Rs 500. This is derived from various sources like Periodic Labour Force Study. This is also in accordance with the daily average income of rural and urban areas.

What is the Average Hourly Wage in India?

Considering the conclusive studies, it is found that on average the hourly pay in India is approximately Rs.180 per hour.

What Is Considered a Good Salary in India Per Month?

A salary is considered to be good enough when it can take off the basic needs as well as a few leisure’s. Considering the average salary and the expenses, a good salary is around 3 lakhs per annum.

As per that, a good salary per month is around Rs 25,000.

The average salary in India is comparatively less when compared to the west but as it is persistently rising which is a good sign.

When we talk about the average salary, it is also vital for us to know about the average hourly wage in India, as it would give you a clearer picture about the economy and career growth in the country.

Average Hourly Wage in India

Hourly wage means the salary paid in on the working hour. Mostly, the jobs are categorized into two sections, one is salaries and second in hourly. In salary, you get a fixed income and in hourly jobs, you get paid according to per hour. For calculating average salary into hourly the formula used is:

Assume 5 working days in a week and 8 working hours every day and then we calculated the average hourly wage.

It has been reported that an average hourly wage for all jobs is around Rs.96, which means that in India a person on an average earns Rs.96 for each hour worked.

Earning Percentage

Percentage of People Earn this salary or more
99% Rs. 118,710
97% Rs. 231,250
87% Rs.449,880
66% Rs.877,730
20% Rs.2,094,020
12% Rs.2,702,760
5% Rs.3,876,320

What is the Average Salary in India By State?

State Average Salary
Uttar Pradesh Rs. 20,730
West Bengal Rs 20,210
Maharashtra Rs 20,110
Bihar Rs 19,960
Rajasthan Rs 19,740
Madhya Pradesh Rs 19.740
Tamil Nadu Rs 19,600
Karnataka Rs 19,150
Gujrat Rs 18,880
Orissa Rs 18,760
Andhra Pradesh Rs 18,520
Jharkhand Rs 18,430
Kerala Rs 18,290
Punjab Rs 18,120
Assam Rs 17,860
Chattisgarh Rs 17,570
Haryana Rs 17,330
Uttaranchal Rs 17,140
Delhi Rs 17,100
Jammu and Kashmir Rs 17,010
Tripura Rs 16,760
Himachal Pradesh Rs 16,640
Manipur Rs 16,420
Meghalaya Rs 16,260
Nagaland Rs 16,120
Pondicherry Rs 15,620
Arunachal Pradesh Rs 15,590
Goa Rs 15,540
Mizoram Rs 15,390
Sikkim Rs 15,130
Chandigarh Rs 14,940
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Rs 14,630
Andaman And Nicobar Islands Rs 14,350
Daman and Diu Rs 14,290
Lakshadweep Rs 14,260

The state of Uttar Pradesh has the highest average salary which is Rs.20,730 while Laksadeep ranks the lowest with an average salary of Rs.14,260.

Reference: Forbes

What is the Average Salary in India By Age?

Age is also a major determinant when it comes to the salary that is given. The reason is that as you grow older you get exposure and experience through which you can earn more.

Below is the classification of average salary from different age ranges:

Age Range Average Salary
Below 25 Rs 5,905
25 to 34 Rs 10,780
35 to 44 Rs 13,777
45 to 55 Rs 11,932
Above 55 Rs 10,365

What is the Average Salary in India By Occupation?

The field or sector in which you work plays a vital role in the remuneration that you will receive as some occupations are more rewarding than others. Below is the list of average salaries based on the sector of work/occupation:

Note – The average salaries mentioned in the table below are on an annual basis:

Occupation Average Salary (Annually)
Medical Professionals Rs 10 Lakh
Data Scientist Rs 9.5 Lakh
Machine Learning Professionals Rs 6.9 Lakh
Full Stach Developer Rs 6.7 Lakh
Management Consultant Rs 11 Lakh
Investment Banker Rs 9.6 Lakh
Marketing Professional Rs 7 Lakh
Block Chain Developer Rs 8 Lakh

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Keeping the current developments in different fields in mind, it is suggested the average salary in India will see a substantial rise in the coming years. This increase will not only help the individuals but also the nation in the long run. Stay tuned for other interesting articles on finance with a fresh perspective.

What would be the Future?

As mentioned above in the blog, that the average salary in India is increasingly growing year by year. Salary for a few sectors might remain the same and for few, it might boom because of market and government policies. Thus, you have to be vigilant and wise while selecting any specific career because a lot depends on how much you get paid.

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