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30 Profit-Making Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

30 Profit-Making Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Do you want to start your own manufacturing business but don’t know what business it should be? Then, here are 30 small scale manufacturing business ideas to help you kickstart your journey!

Do you want to start an aspiring business? Also, do you have a mind-boggling idea to start an ideal business with low investment on a small scale? If yes, then you are on the right page. We will enlighten you about the best small scale manufacturing ideas in India after considering all aspects, that too with a minimal investment. Yes, you have heard it right! Minimal Investment.

30 Profit-Making Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Even many large-scale industries have initially started their manufacturing unit on a small scale. This is also the smartest thing to do as it is pointless to invest in a business at the initial phase without even knowing the response of your product in the market. Once you know and assured with the customer’s positive response, you can then go ahead and establish a big venture after proper planning and execution.

You might be having some ideas in your mind but giving your thoughts the right direction is indispensable in order to execute and implement your business idea effectively. This is the most crucial period where even aspiring founders struggle to balance themselves when they are about to launch their business. For a start-up, you need a small manufacturing unit, basic equipment, machinery, and raw material. In a developing country like India, there is a huge scope of small scale manufacturing business in India.

Advantages of setting up a small scale manufacturing business at home

You have to be assertive about the idea based on which your business will be embarked. These small scale businesses play a significant role in the countries economy by generating more employment opportunities for unemployed people. This is the concept behind boosting and promoting more small scale manufacturing businesses as apart from growing the country’s economy, it increases the number of employees.

There are ample advantages of setting up a small scale manufacturing business

  • It may flourish the financial condition of the owner or individual
  • Increases the possibility of employment
  • Boosts the entire economy and give a chance to the surrounded people of your society to grow
  • Strong income tax returns will help the whole nation to prosper

1) Coconut Oil Production

30 Profit-Making Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

It is a very low investment business that you can easily start at home. This is one of the most profitable small-scale business ideas that you can start from your home. This will not require you to take much space.

The scope of coconut oil is becoming wide as people are becoming more aware to use oils that are manufactured from a natural source such as coconut oil. You can sell 1KG of your manufactured coconut oil for about Rs.250 in the market and increase the price as per the demand and quality.

There are certain essential raw materials that you would need to extract coconut oil such as dried coconut. You can sign up for an agreement with a local farmer who is owning a coconut tree farmland and start producing coconut oil which can be further used to apply on hair or body. The total investment ranges between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000.

2) Jeans Manufacturing

Denim or jeans have a high demand not only in the Indian market but all over the world. Denim is one of the popular apparel that is worn by almost every man, woman, and kids on informal occasions. Although, getting your hands on with this business requires basic knowledge of textile designing and current trends.

Many large scale denim brands manufacturers launch their new product with substantial investment. However, you can capture low-grade customers by manufacturing average quality jeans and keeping the low price, in the beginning, to jump into the market.

3) Designer Lace

Laces are usually used for craftwork and in garments. You just need to follow the trend. As fashion keeps on evolving, you cannot just stick to one design. With the emerging fashion trends, the demand for designer laces has increased quite a lot from the past few years. If you are able to capture your market well, in the long run, you can even think to export it to other countries as many people are doing it.

You just need to buy a bobby machine or a computerized machine once you decide that you are entering this small-scale business. These machines are not expensive.

4) Exotic Soaps

India is a diversified land of exotic spices and herbs with a wide variety of medicinal qualities. You just need to have a little bit of knowledge about herbs and spices that what and what not to blend in the soap making the process. You can buy these herbs and spices from local farmers who are producing it.

The scope of this small scale manufacturing business is bright as there are not many exotic small-scale soap manufacturers. Thus, there is a high possibility that your product will be able to grab the customer’s attention.

5) Folder File and Envelopes

It is also one of the easiest businesses that you can start with a very low investment. The folder files and envelopes are used in numerous post offices, schools, private offices, and in the entire corporate sector. You would need to have paper folding hydraulic press and raw materials needed to manufacture both folder files and envelopes.

You can manufacture the folder files and envelopes in 2 ways. The first way is to do it manually. This process is very time-consuming and a bit complicated. The second way is to do it by machine. This method is recommended as it will make a file or envelope rapidly and it is a straightforward process. The machine is a low investment purchase.

6) Cottage Butter, Paneer, and Ghee

Cottage butter is derived from churning buttermilk. The demand for cottage items such as paneer, butter, and ghee is rapidly increasing. As people are becoming more health-conscious and it has several health benefits, due to which this is the right time to set up a small scale manufacturing business to produce cottage butter, paneer, and ghee.

many manufacturers have entered this field of business.

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There is a wide scope for this business as homemade ghee or clarified butter has easy to capture the market in India. If you have a small vacant open land where you can keep a couple of cows or buffaloes, this business has the potential to make you earn enormous profits.

7) Pickles

Who does not eat pickles? Pickle is one of the oldest food items in India which is not only famous but widely loved by everyone as it is a food enhancer. Pickle business is one of the safest and easiest options in which you can get your hands on. Although profit margins are not that great, however, you can easily get a market or vendors for pickles.

8) Candle Making

Candles are widely used in festivals, celebrations, parties, and occasions as a decorative item. It is also used to light up homes during a power failure. Candle making business is suitable for housewives as you can earn well by working in your free time. You can tie up with local small manufacturers who need a franchise to grow their business. This way you can easily get a hold over the market.

You do not require any big setup or investment to manufacture candles. You just require to have a wax molding machine, dye and other pieces of equipment along with raw material. All this will not cost more than R. 30,000.

9) Paper Manufacturing

You do not require a heavy investment to manufacture papers. You can easily start this low-cost business at your home. As you know the paper market has great potential not only in India but all over the world. It is used in educations and other industries. If you have good marketing tactics and promote your product through social media, mouth to mouth publicity, newspaper, pamphlets, etc, you can earn handsomely.

Once you have decided paper volume and size, based on which space and equipment need to be selected. You need to but paper making equipment, raw material, and chemicals.

10) Fruit Pulp Manufacturing

Million tons of high-quality food in India gets wasted every year. If there would be an advanced cold chain logistics system, this wastage possibly not occur. The warehouses and refrigerated trucks are not available in adequate quantity to store surplus produce. You can produce a high-quality fruit pulp from your home hassle-free.

There is a huge demand for fruit pulp not only for fruit juices but also for large scale ice-cream manufacturers, restaurants, sweet makers, individual customers, and luxury hotels. You just require to have an extracting fruit pulp machine and certain preservatives to increase its shelf life.

11) Incense Sticks

30 Profit-Making Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Incense sticks are also known as Agarbatti in India. There are bountiful customers for Incense sticks in India not only use them in festive season or during meditation but also for fragrance and positivity. From the past few years, the demand for agarbattis has geared up in abroad as well.

If you have opted for this manufacturing business at your home, you just need to buy bamboo sticks and essential oils with fragrances such as Champa, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, etc. A coat of these oils is layered on these sticks and are dried. There are automatic and semi-automatic incense sticks making machines available in the market which you can but if you want to produce in bulk. Agarbatti manufacturing is one of the small scale manufacturing businesses that have a huge scope in the future.

12) Vermicompost Production

Having a backyard and still seeking for manufacturing business options? If you like gardening, this is a perfect business that can help you earn well. Vermicompost is organic manure that is produced from cow dung. You would need some earthworms, cow dung, and crop stubble to start with this organic manure production.

You can get a good price for this manure as it is organic and it is excellent for the plant’s growth too. If you are producing good quality manure, you can sell it for about Rs5 per kg. You need not invest a big amount in this business. Spread the word and distribute it in the local market.

13) Automobile Parts

The automobile sector is a booming sector in India. It is one of the industries which has seen incredible sales due to the exponential increase in demand from the last 20 years. As compared to the above businesses, this might require a bit of investment, but if you have good finance to invest and skills, this industry is worth entering into. You should also have considerable space available at your home or take space at rent as it requires you to have sufficient space.

You can start with motorbikes, and scooter automobile parts. This business would require you to buy a few high tech machines. You might also need to have a franchise offer from OEM manufacturer to keep on producing and selling the automobile parts in your local market.

14) Toys Manufacturing

All the children admire toys. You can manufacture toys of various types at your home. It is one of the safest businesses as there is a massive market for toys. You would not require any big machinery or investment to start this business, you just need to buy raw material, plastic molding machines, and certain molds to manufacture toys. Toys manufacturing is a great example of a small scale manufacturing business to earn money.

15) Artificial Jewellery

It is one of the most profitable businesses that you can operate from your home without investing a heavy amount. This business has massive clientele be it women of any age. Especially teenage girls are becoming more fashion-conscious due to which they buy imitated jewelry in various colors to match them with their clothes. This has extensively increased the demand for artificial jewelry. Thus you can also get a piece of the action by opening a small manufacturing business of jewelry.

You would require a piece of jewelry making machine to imitate the jewelry. You also need to buy raw material from which you want to manufacture the jewelry.

16) Staple Pins

Staple pins are extensively used in government institutions and offices, schools, colleges, corporate and private offices. The demand for these pins can never go down as the work of all the above institutions requires ample staple pins. You can manufacture these pins from white galvanized iron wire. The only thing you need to ensure is that the iron your using is of good quality. Otherwise, the pins might frail and not solve the purpose for which they are being used.

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You need to buy an automatic staple pin-making machine which will facilitate the production process by flattening the iron wire round in shape and producing the pins in prearranged lengths.

17) Detergent Powder

More than 70% of the synthetic detergent powder are manufacturing it in small scale sector. You can start with this business at your home without investing a considerable amount in this by installing a unit of blue detergent powder as per the demand in your local market. Once you start with the production, conduct proper marketing campaigns to promote your product better and boost the sale in the market in which you are selling.

18) Ball Pen Refill

It is one of the most straightforward and recommended businesses that you can easily start instantly at your home. As you all know the ball pen’s demand is never-ending. Ball pens are used in numerous government and private offices, institutions, colleges, schools, corporate sectors, etc.

YOU just need to buy an ink filling machine, nozzle fixing machine, hot sampling machine, and the punching machine. The total investment of the project is not huge. You can start earning from this business by investing Rs. 50,000 initially.

19) Bed Sheets and Blankets

To name a few places in India like Ludhiana in Punjab, Panipat in Haryana, Solapur in Maharashtra are famous for manufacturing high-quality blankets and bedsheets. The bed sheets and blankets in India are substantially required and the market is ever-growing. Hence, manufacturing bed sheets and blankets is a profitable business in India.

You can launch this business at your home. All you need is skilled manpower and the looms which are required in its manufacturing. You need a minimal investment to enter into this business.

20) Jute Bags

Not only the government, but many people have banned plastic usage which is truly good for the environment. Due to which the demand for plastic bags is decreasing and the use of biodegradable bags is boosting. Thus, jute bag manufacturing is an excellent idea to enter into a business.

The jute bags have gained popularity from the past few years and are being used for multiple purposes. The process of making jute bags is very easy and straightforward. You can even embark on this business without buying any machine if you want to supply it to a limited number of vendors in the local market. However, you can also buy a jute bag hemming machine that will facilitate your manufacturing task, if you have to supply it to a couple of vendors.

21) Iodized Salt

You might be thinking it is hard to enter into this field of business. But the truth is that the manufacturing process of iodized salt is uncomplicated. Normal salt is the residue left after the evaporation of seawater. However, iodized salt is made after the proper salt treatment with potassium iodate 50 to engender the right proportion of iodine.

Once the treatment is done, the salt is ready to be sold in the market. Make your label, do packaging and create a brand for enormous profits.

22) Jam Jelly Making

It is considered to be one of the most profitable small scale manufacturing businesses in India which can be started and operated from home. Jam jelly is broadly used for making cookies items and cakes in numerous bakeries, restaurants, star-rated hotels and at homes for personal use. Furthermore, Jam jelly is admired by kids.

The process of making jam and jelly is not complex and you need a few preservatives, citric acid, fruits, sugar, food-grade color, chemicals, and jars. Jam jelly making requires nominal investment as compared to many other small scale manufacturing businesses.

23) EyeGlass or Frames

Eyeglasses and frames have a comprehensive market in India. With the evolution of time and technology, kids at a very small age become well-versed with computers, smartphones, and tablets. Although it has become imperative for the kids to be updated with the latest technology. However, this situation has led to a troublesome situation for the kids as it is a detriment to their eyes.

The demand for eyeglasses and frames are increasing. You do not need to invest a very high amount to start this business. But it solely depends upon the number of eyeglasses or frames you are manufacturing in a day. In order to manufacture it, you need to purchase die-cut machines, metal or plastic, and glasses.

24) Readymade Chapati

It is a prospering business especially in metropolitans where their people do not get time from their hectic schedule to cook and consume homemade food. The departmental stores and confectionaries have a huge demand for these readymade chapatis. Before packaging, the chapatis are half cooked and cooled at room temperature which increases its shelf life.

Many manufacturers are involved in these types of pre-packed chapati business. Starting this business does not involve heavy investment, you just need to purchase the packaging machine, appoint women staff who are skilled in making chapatis which you can get easily.

25) Spice Powders

Indian cuisine is all about the blend of spices. You can indulge in a spice manufacturing business as per the local taste in your neighborhood. In this way, you will be able to compete with the big brands who have already jumped into this pool of business as the taste of their spices is generic.

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One could only enter into this field of business if you have profound knowledge about the proportion of spices to blend with the powder. The size of the packaging depends upon the type of customer and the market you are targetting. You can keep a bit lower price than the big brands in order to draw customer’s attention towards your product. Also, you would not need to invest a hefty amount for manufacturing spices.

26) Disposable Paper Plates and Cups

Disposable plates and cups are predominantly used in events, weddings, concerts, occasions, parties, etc. These plates are available in general, departmental stores and local confectionaries. You can start manufacturing these plates and cups and start distributing them to these stores. As plastic usage is diminishing for the sake of the environment, you can manufacture paper plates that have emerged as an alternative to plastic.

Paper plates and cups can be manufactured by acquiring local scrap shops at low rates. The only investment required for this business is to buy a disposable plate making a machine that is not expensive. This is the best small scale manufacturing business idea to earn money while helping to preserve the environment.

27) Noodles

Noodle comes under Chinese cuisine which is predominantly admired by several people not only in India but all over the world. Manufacturing noodles are way too easy. It involves procuring a space, raw materials and noodle making machine to initiate the production. Then supply it to local vendors and start promoting your product through social media platforms, pamphlets, displaying your product in local newspapers, etc.

28) Nail Polish

Nail Polish making is a lucrative small scale business at a low scale. If you are looking to enter into a cosmetic business, nail polish manufacturing business is one of the best options you could opt for. You just need to buy specific chemicals used in manufacturing nail polish such as nitrocellulose and plasticizers. You can either combine them manually or purchase machinery if you want to supply it to a couple of vendors.

29) Honey Making

30 Profit-Making Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Honey making business is also known as beekeeping or bee farming. The only thing you require in this business is a procured space that is vacant, open and can be used to keep honey bee boxes, hive bodies, and honey supers. The bees inside the box will collect the flower nectar once you let them go outside the box. The collected nectar is stored inside the honeycomb which is broken down into simple sugars. You can easily extract honey from those honeycombs.

As honey is a blood purifier and is known for its numerous health benefits. The demand for honey has increased astonishingly from the past few years. This is a profitable business. You can start the packaging of your product with your label to establish it in the market.

30) Concrete Blocks

The construction industry is considered to be one of the most profitable industries out of all the sectors. This is one of the businesses which comes under the construction industry that has seen a rapid boom and constant growth. As rural areas are developing briskly and the roads are also getting constructed be it any village or society.

These blocks can be used for individual homes, bungalows, and commercial purposes such as schools, colleges, Societies/Apartments, malls, industrial units, etc. This is a lucrative business that can double up your earnings if you are able to find a good share in the market or tie-up with a well-established building contractor. You can easily setup a small scale manufacturing business of concrete blocks to get assured high returns with minimal investment.


All the above mentioned are the top-rated profit-making small scale manufacturing business ideas which could help you to enhance your lifestyle and boost your income.

Did all these ideas help you to start your pint-sized business? We hope that it will guide you to establish your new business and act as a driving force to the economy.

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