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Kiara Advani Net Worth, House, Monthly Salary

Kiara Advani Net Worth, House, Monthly Salary

Kiara Advani, the talented and charismatic Bollywood actress, has taken the industry by storm with her stunning beauty and her remarkable performances in movies. She has managed to captivate the hearts of millions with her acting skills and has become one of the wealthiest actresses in the Indian film industry. In this article, we will look at Kiara Advani net worth, house, and monthly salary.

Kiara Advani Net Worth, House, Monthly Salary

Kiara Advani, a highly acclaimed actress, has captured the affection of millions with her exceptional acting skills and captivating smile. She stands as one of the most sought-after newcomers in the film industry, earning widespread recognition for her remarkable performance in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. Kiara has consistently amazed her fans with her stellar work in various projects and her unparalleled sense of style.

Net Worth $4 million
Monthly Income Rs. 30 lakhs
Yearly Income Rs. 3 crores
Wealth Rs. 32 crores
Properties owned and their valuation Rs. 85 crores
Miscellaneous assets and their valuation Rs. 60 lakhs

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Personal Life

Kiara & Sidharth | Ranjha | The Wedding Filmer

Alia Advani, professionally known as Kiara Advani, was born on July 31, 1992, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She was born to Jagdeep Advani and Genevieve Advani. Her father is a businessman belonging to the Sindhi Hindu community, while her mother works as a schoolteacher. Kiara grew up alongside her younger siblings, a brother named Mishaal Advani and a sister named Ishita.

She attended John Connon School for her high school education and earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Jay Hind College. Kiara Advani married actor Sidharth Malhotra in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan on February 7, 2023.


Prior to the release of her debut film, Fugly, in 2014, Alia Advani made the decision to change her first name to Kiara. Despite not receiving much recognition from her fans initially, her fortunes changed when she landed the role of Sakshi Dhoni in the 2016 film MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. The movie became a massive hit, capturing the hearts of fans and emerging as the highest-grossing film of the year, amassing a total collection of 2016 crore.

Her career took a significant leap in 2018 with the release of the anthology film Lust Stories on Netflix. Directed by Karan Johar, the movie further catapulted her popularity. Additionally, her appearance in the Telugu film Bharat Ane Nenu alongside Mahesh Babu proved to be a game-changer, becoming one of the highest-grossing films in Telugu Cinema.

The pinnacle of her career arrived in 2019 when she starred opposite Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh. This film propelled her to the top, solidifying her position in the industry.

Kiara Advani Net Worth

Kiara Advani net worth has seen a significant surge over the years, thanks to her successful career in the film industry. As of the latest estimates, Kiara Advani has a net worth of around Rs. 32 crores in 2023, which is equivalent to $4 million. Her impressive net worth can be attributed to her successful movies, brand endorsements, and other business ventures. The combined net worth of Kiara Advani and her husband, Sidharth Malhotra is estimated to be Rs. 125 crores. Her net worth, including her luxurious house and impressive income, reflects her hard work, dedication, and success.

Kiara Advani Salary and Income

Kiara Advani salary and income have witnessed a steady rise along with her growing popularity. She has been a part of several commercially successful movies, which has contributed to her earnings. Her annual income is around Rs. 3 crores.

Apart from her film projects, Kiara Advani also endorses several popular brands, adding to her income. Furthermore, she has also ventured into the digital space, starring in web series and shows, which has further boosted her earnings. Kiara Advani charges around Rs. 2-3 crores per film, earning Rs. 30 lakhs each month.

Kiara Advani House

Kiara Advani | On The Move | Anupama Chopra | Kabir Singh | Film Companion

When it comes to her personal space, Kiara Advani resides in a luxurious house befitting her stardom. Her house is located in Mahalaxmi, one of the posh areas of Mumbai, reflecting her taste for elegance and luxury. She lives with her parents in a lavish apartment in the Planet Godrej Skyscraper worth Rs. 15 crores. The house boasts of modern amenities and stylish interiors, providing her a comfortable and lavish lifestyle.

Additionally, Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani owns a luxurious house in Pali Hill, that is worth Rs. 70 crores.

Investments and Assets

In addition to her successful career in the film industry, Kiara Advani has made wise investment decisions, further contributing to her net worth. She has invested in various properties and assets, including real estate, which has proven to be a lucrative choice. Kiara Advani also endorses several high-profile brands and has invested in start-up ventures, showcasing her business acumen.

Kiara is often spotted behind the wheel of her Mercedes Benz E220 D, a luxury car with a price tag of approximately Rs. 60 lakhs.

Brand Endorsements and Collaborations

Kiara Advani’s popularity and influence have attracted numerous brand endorsements and collaborations. She has been the face of several prominent brands and has appeared in captivating ad campaigns. These brand endorsements have not only added to her net worth but have also solidified her position as a fashion icon and trendsetter in the industry. She makes a lot of money by endorsing brands, and she easily makes Rs. 30 to 40 lakhs every month by promoting brands and running paid advertisements.

Charitable Initiatives

Kiara Advani: Like to take up risks when it comes to investment, will soon venture into startups

Apart from her professional success, Kiara Advani actively participates in charitable initiatives and social causes. She uses her influence and platform to raise awareness and support various philanthropic endeavors. Kiara Advani’s philanthropic efforts contribute to the overall positive impact she has on society and further establish her as a role model for her fans.

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Kiara Advani has undoubtedly carved a niche for herself in the Bollywood industry with her remarkable talent and charming presence. With her rising popularity and continuous growth, she is set to achieve even greater milestones in her career. As she continues to mesmerize audiences with her performances, Kiara Advani net worth is expected to soar even higher, cementing her status as one of the most promising actresses in Bollywood.

Source: Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani net worth

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