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How To Update KYC EPF UAN online?

How To Update KYC EPF UAN online?

Updating your KYC for EPF UAN online may sound like something too hard for an individual, but it really isn’t. Here in this article, we have mentioned all the steps you would need to take to update your KYC for EPF UAN online.

Ever since the UAN – Universal Account Number was introduced in 2014, all the processes that are related to or are associated with Employees’ Provident Fund have become much easier & quicker. The UAN is a 12-digit unique code that links the PF accounts of the PF members. It has literally sped up all the processes that earlier used to take days & months to be completed. Now, an employee by using the UAN can transfer funds, make withdrawals & check his PF balance.

How to update KYC EPF UAN online?

Before the digitalization, the process of updating was cumbersome, complicated & prolonged wasting a lot of time. One had to visit personally to submit the physical documents at the nearest EPFO office.

The government of India has now made it compulsory for the employees & others that their EPF accounts must be linked with their Aadhar & other documents. EPFO has made good provisions for the people so that they can easily update their KYC details through the online system. It is necessary to update the KYC information for EPF.

KYC can be updated online via the UAN EPFO portal. For updating or changing ‘Know Your Customer (KYC)’ details on this portal, Universal Account Number credential is required. The KYC information that is updated includes various details such as PAN card number, Aadhar card & bank account details. If one has not yet updated the details mentioned above on the EPFO portal, then he must do it immediately.

Updating KYC in EPF provides certain benefits which can be:

  1. If the KYC EPF UAN is completed, one will never face any problems or delays during the transfer or withdrawal of EPF money.
  2. Without updated information with UAN, online EPF withdrawal is not allowed. Hence, if a person updates his KYC, he/she will not face this.
  3. If bank account details are not updated the claim can get rejected.
  4. SMS alerts are not available for the EPF members who have not updated their information.
  5. TDS rate gets higher on withdrawal if the PAN card detail is not updated.

On the UAN portal under KYC section, a person can update the following information-

✓ Bank account number


✓ Passport


✓ Driving license

✓ Election card

✓ Ration card

✓ National population register

An important point to know is that updating all the information above is not mandatory. Instead, only three crucial information is a must which is- bank account number, PAN & Aadhar on the UAN portal. Before you can update your KYC details on the UAN portal, your UAN account must be activated. So, please check for this & if you find that it is not activated, you can do so by visiting in your browser that you prefer.

Update EPF KYC on UAN Online portal, which is very simple:

Step 1: First, you have to log in to the EPFO UAN portal using UAN credential. In the ‘Manage” tab of the website, there you will see the menu ‘KYC’ & contact details.

Step 2: Now, you can select the KYC information that you want to be updated.

Step 3: Once you select the required information, the system allows you to enter your document number & the name that is written on the document. While updating the bank account, you must know the IFSC code to be provided. The expiry date is mandatory for updating Driving license & Passport.

Step 4: After completing entering the data, press the save button to submit the updates. A pop-up message will appear saying “KYC data update completed successfully.” If fortunately, the work has been done without any error or mistake then, you can see “KYC Pending for Approval” written in the Pending KYC section. Till the time employer approves the details submitted, the status of KYC will be shown as pending. In case you have not entered your KYC details correctly or you wish to make changes, you can press the button appearing below the “Delete column.” This will delete the submitted KYC information immediately.

Step 5: Once the employer will approve the changes, the status will be changed to Approved By Employer & a message would be received for the same. In front of the document, you will be able to see the details as verified.

Apart from KYC, modifications are also possible in contact details on the portal. For this, you need to go to “Manage > contact details” from the menu. Here, you can change your mobile number & e-mail address. The details will not get changed immediately; rather, an OTP will be sent to the new number for verification.

Once you complete all these steps, your KYC details will be updated. These steps would make your life easier in updating the KYC details on the UAN portal.


# Is it compulsory to update the KYC details?

The answer is No. It is not a thing to be done necessarily. However, updating the KYC details have certain benefits that can help you like it can help you in processing your claim faster. You can also get regular updates on your mobile via SMS alerts.

# Can you update the document online directly?

Again, the answer is no because you need not upload any document. The site only asks for the document number & the exact name as per that document. If you are updating using either your License or your Passport, then the correct expiry date of the same is required.

# How long will it take to change the approval status?

Once you have uploaded and updated your details, it is your employer’s duty to approve the KYC. He needs your digital signature to authorize your KYC. So, for all this to be done, it generally takes approximately 48-72 hours to change to approval status. The system shall verify the information from the appropriate authorities concerned.

# What can be done if the employer is not approving KYC?

Usually, this doesn’t happen & the employer approves the KYC details on the portal. But, even then if it happens that the employer is not doing so, then you can directly approach the administration or HR department with the request. If by chance, the matter isn’t resolved here or takes more time, you can escalate it to higher authority available in the organization. If no one listens to your request & no response is there from the authorities, then you can approach the EPF Grievance via the link-

# How one will get to know that the employer has approved the KYC details that he updated?

Once the KYC is updated & approved, the status will be shown against the updated KYC document on the same page where you did everything. Also, you will receive a message on your mobile number informing you about the approval.

Feel free to ask queries & questions about this system at the following contact details:

HELP DESK NUMBER – 1800118005


There is also a provision of linking UAN with Aadhar, i.e., through the Umang App. One can easily link his/her UAN with Aadhar through this beautifully designed app. For this, firstly, you have to download the app, which is available both on Google Play store & App Store. You have to register on it to link your UAN with Aadhar.

Link UAN with Aadhar

Step 1: You must first select the ‘EPFO’ option under the ‘All Services’ Tab.

Step 2: Then, under the EPFO option that you selected, select eKYC services as your choice. Under this head now, you must select the Aadhar seeding option.

Step 3: The third step is to enter the UAN that you want to link & then select the Get OTP button visible on the screen.

Step 4: After tapping the ‘Get OTP’ button appearing on the screen, you will get an OTP on the mobile number that you registered with the account.

Step 5: After the OTP verification is done, you will have to enter your Aadhar details carefully and correctly.

Step 6: Then, it can be noticed that another OTP is received on the Aadhar card registered mobile number, which has to be put in again on the portal for verification.

Step 7: After the second OTP verification, your Aadhar gets linked with the UAN where the Aadhar card & the UAN details would be matching each other.

The facility that is now available with the employees is helpful, i.e., the facility of linking their UAN with Aadhar & keeping the details updated online. This brings many benefits to the EPFO subscriber. Therefore, they must update their KYC details on the EPF UAN online portal to avail them. All the transactions, withdrawals, transfers, etc. will get speedier saving much of your time. Hence, it is recommended for everyone that, who hasn’t updated his/her KYC details yet, go & do it as soon as possible for your own benefits.

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